The God Murders Trial

The God Murders website is the Atheist’s best friend.

“Intelligence is categorical”.

“Insanity is contagious”.

“A high percentage of stupid is stubborn.”

Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man.

Thomas Paine

“The God Murders” website put the Biblical God on trial by evidence of Bible Chapter & Verse.

“In The Beginning” of this trial, the invisible Biblical God was asked if He was guilty of these Biblical Chapter & Verse crimes. God refused to answer. The Biblical God’s defense stated whether God was guilty or not was not relevant. God was to be determined innocent – because He is God.

Please jurors, stay alert! Awareness indicates that most Christian believers are unable to pay sustained mental / emotional attention to exposed, negative Bible C&V facts that are associated with their Biblical God.

Ask yourself, what moral or legal motive or reason did the Biblical God have to murder and mass murder all those named and documented nations, tribes and individual Human Beings? By your knowing what the Bible documents, Chapter & Verse (C&V) its God to have done, if the prosecution is factual and correct, why do good people still believe in, worship, support, promote and finance this murderous character?

God’s plan never works for His own pleasure – unless pain, misery and murder was for God’s own pleasure. The prosecution can not accuse the Bible of being any more monstrous and insane than its own Chapters and Verses document. Documented, Biblical facts are this trial’s prosecution. The personal questions are: Do you know the selected Bible C&Vs that document the murderous deeds of the Biblical God? Do you want to know them? 

The “Easy English” Catholic Bible, the Jewish Torah, the King James Version (KJV) Companion Bible are the three main research sources where this documented Chapter & Verse “evidence” came from.

The prosecution supports every Human Being’s right to have their own personal views and values – as long as they do not imperialistically or authoritatively infringe their heavy-handed ideological and authoritative beliefs on others.

To the honest and realistic Human Being – please – be just and fair. If you are going to believe in, worship, promote, support and finance the Biblical God, at least know what this God is documented, by Bible C&V, to have done. If you argue against this Biblical C&V evidence, are you confronting Bible C&V?

Please, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the United States of America is not a country governed by Gods nor by men. The United State’s Constitution documents that the United States of America is a country governed by laws. No one is above the law.

Murder is murder no matter who commits it or why. The “because He is God” defense does not fly in a land governed by laws. It has seemed that, concerning God, one is free to abandon not only common sense and science, but also the documented Bible C&V facts. This is the time to listen to and to learn the facts. Then, question everything! The highest form of thought is the question. Check your Bible’s C&Vs to verify the prosecution’s charges.

The Biblical God is herein charged with about 200 counts of “The God Murders” and God’s commands for His followers to murder other Human Beings – to fulfill God’s personal agendas. There may be many definitions of murder that courts support. No court can exclude: To take a Human life to fulfill a personal agenda is murder. The Biblical God is documented to have murdered Human lives to fulfill His personal agendas 

The ancient Hebrews / Israelites / Jews had no afterlife (dust to dust) no Satan nor Savior, no Heaven and no Hell. Concerning their blessings or their destruction, they claimed that their God did it all.

Their Biblical God (the one God of Abraham) had one extreme theme throughout the Old Testament: If you do not obey Me – I will kill you.

The Biblical God is documented to be the most miserable, frustrated, hateful, jealous, discriminatory and murderous character in the entire Bible.

Judeo-Christian believers have righteously claimed that God created Human Beings so “God had His reasons and the right” to murder anyone He chose to murder. So does every murderer on death-row have his or her insane reasons for being there. Under fair and just law (blind justice) in determining guilt, one does not peek nor discriminate to see who is accused of the crime.

Again, remember that in this trial against the Biblical God, the witnesses are the documented Chapters and Verses of the Bible. 

 Imaginary Sidebar

Visualize / Imagine: “The God Murders” – The Most Hated Movie Ever – 2023! The most controversial movie ever – deemed blasphemous and boycotted. Who best depicts the character types of the judge and the defense lawyer?
  • 1st Choice: Judge: Sean Connery. (Deceased) Defense Lawyer: Gene Hackman.
  • 2nd Choice: Judge: Televangelist Reverend Jimmy Swaggart. Defense Lawyer: Televangelist Pastor Arnold Murray. (Deceased) 
  • 3rd Choice: Judge: Morgan Freeman. Defense Lawyer: Tom Cruise.
  • Humorous Choice: Judge: Rodney Dangerfield. (Deceased) Defense Lawyer: Sam Kennison. (Deceased)

Writer / Director / Prosecutor: Gary DeVaney

God On Trial

Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session.

Judge: (gavel) The prosecutor is to give his opening statement and, a careful warning sir, as I suspect that you will be quite often in contempt of my “God-fearing” court. I am a Christian and unless you provide hard, legally bound, documented evidence, I will not tolerate insolent charges, nor will I entertain any disrespectful, inflammatory nonsense.

Prosecutor: Thank you, your honor. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m Gary DeVaney. It is impossible to be critical of evil while you praise it. It is improbable for you to defeat what you defend. As the prosecutor of “The One God of Abraham”, the God of the Bible, I take legal issue with selected Bible C&V charges that the defense will attempt to discount, avoid, defend and support. The jury is to judge the innocence or guilt of each count of murder as required by law. Judging all sides of each controversial, legal issue is important. Emotion has no play here. This is a court of law. As a juror, you have a legal oath to rule on the evidence. I ask you to do exactly that.

The question is the highest form of thought. This is the time for you to think and for you to question. Most believers can not question what they believe. When a believer can not question, thinking does not take place and he or she remains mind-set. The no-win paradox for the believer is – if they do question what they believe – they prove not to believe it. That alone usually paralyzes the believer’s ability to judge the murderous God of the Bible as evident and documented by Bible C&V. Please, do not believe me or any other man. Judge, for yourself the evidence – the selected Bible C&Vs. You are the only thinker in your sense of reality.

Judge: Counsel will approach the bench. Sir, if you think that you can chip-away at the sacred mind-set of hope, faith and belief in my courtroom, you will be in contempt of my court, and I will see that you spend eternity in jail. If I want the jury to think – I’ll tell them what to think. You understand me?

Prosecutor: Uh, yes, your Honor.

The Specific Bible C&V evidence and the counts of “The God Murders”:

Genesis 6:7 The Biblical God said: (CONFESSION) I will destroy man. (MOTIVE) I repent that I have made man.

1. Genesis 7:21-23 All creatures, outside of Noah’s ark, that stirred on Earth, (including men, women and babies) the Biblical God murdered by drowning.

Additional Bible testimony: In Luke 17:27 Jesus Christ testified: Noah entered into the arc, the flood came and destroyed them all.

Prosecutor: I charge the Biblical God with murdering almost every Human Being on planet Earth. You must find God guilty if you choose to accept Bible documentation and especially if you will accept Jesus Christ’s testimony as an expert witness.

Defense: Objection! Your honor, the defense objects to the prosecutor’s insolent charge that God’s cleansing the Earth of human filth was murder, and we will always accept Jesus Christ’s testimony as an expert witness.

Judge: Due to sacred Bible C&V documentation, I will have to allow it. Proceed.

Prosecutor: Friedrich Nietzsche wrote: “The Christian resolve to find the world evil and ugly has made the world evil and ugly.”

Defense: Objection! Hearsay.

Judge: Sustained.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, the Biblical God kills people He is not pleased with, yet fear-based religion converts new people to serve and worship this God.

Judge: Proceed.

2. Revelation 4:11 God created mankind for His Own pleasure. Then, God destroyed (murdered) men, women and their babies when He wasn’t pleased.

Prosecutor: Lew Paz’s book “Pushing Ultimate’s“: This warmongering, tyrannical, Biblical God does not qualify as a God that could have created the Universe, of even the Earth.

Defense: Objection! Hearsay!

Judge: Sustained.

3. Genesis 19:1-26 God destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. God murdered all the people, including all the innocent children. Lot’s wife turned to look at the carnage. God murdered her by turning her into a pillar of salt.

Prosecutor: Additional testimony, your honor: Expert witness, Jesus Christ, testified in Luke 17:29: Lot went out of Sodom and it rained down fire and brimstone and destroyed them all.

Prosecutor: I charge the Biblical God with the murders of all the Human Beings in Sodom and Gomorrah except for Lot and his two daughters.

Defense: Objection! Those Children were evil or God would not have destroyed them – and Lot’s two daughters are irrelevant!

Judge: What relevancy does Lot’s two daughters have to with God’s murdering anybody?

Prosecutor: Your honor, Lot, God’s chosen by virtue, went on to impregnate his two daughters.

Defense: Objection! Irrelevant! Your honor, we don’t want the jury to know that.

Judge: Neither do I. Sustained. The jury will disregard Lot’s two daughters.

4. Genesis 38:9-10 Onan, when he had sex with his brother’s widow, would waste his seed on the ground. What he did offended God. God murdered him.

Prosecutor: I charge the Biblical God with the murder of Onan. What man on this jury has not “wasted his seed” outside of a woman?

Defense: Objection! Irrelevant! Out of Context!

Prosecutor: Does the defense object because he has personally never wasted his seed outside a woman?

Defense: Your honor! Please!

Judge: I’m not going there.

Prosecutor: The jury is directed to remember that the prosecution’s charges of murder concerning each count listed in “The God Murders”.

Defense: Objection! The jury’s job is to believe that God is innocent of each count.

Judge: Continue.

Prosecutor: Judge, George Orwell, in his famous novel “1984”, called something “the memory hole”. It was Winston Smith’s job at the Ministry of Truth to make disappear all facts embarrassing to Big Brother.

Defense: Objection! Judge, the prosecutor is referring to a George Orwell novel – which is pure fantasy. The Bible is not fantasy. The Bible is pure reality!

Prosecutor: Thank you, sir. If that is the case, the Biblical God is guilty of all these murders. On the other hand, how realistic is someone who believes in a human “virgin birth” and then believes that the same man, who is dead supposedly for 3 days and 3 nights – which later turned out to be about a day and a half – then comes back to life?

Judge: I won’t argue trivial nonsense. Objection sustained.

5. Exodus 9:23-25 God murdered by hail every man that was outdoors.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, if you support this God, you support all these documented murders. Do you support murder? By supporting, worshiping, praising and promoting this murderous God, believers’ normal moral and legal inhibitors are erased. By legally accepting God’s murders, all the average believer needs is an excuse to murder or to support murders. It is no wonder that 8% or about 1 out of 130 US citizens are in the U. S. prison system for breaking one law or another.

Defense: Objection! Believers have to support and love God with all their heart and soul no matter what God does! Believers have no right to murder unless God or God’s appointed authority over them orders them to kill to serve God’s interests. Believers must conform to and obey God’s laws – no matter what they are.

Judge: Prosecutor, you are again very close to being held in contempt.

Prosecutor: Your honor and ladies and gentlemen of the jury: Supreme Court Judge William Hubbs Rehnquist wrote: At the heart of the first amendment is the recognition of the fundamental importance of the free flow of ideas. Freedom to speak one’s mind is not only an aspect of individual liberty, but essential to the quest for truth and the vitality of society as a whole. In the world of debate about public affairs, many things, done with motives that are less than admirable, are none-the-less protected by the first amendment. 

Judge: (gavel!) How dare you threaten this court with a ruling by: The Supreme Court.

Prosecutor: (pause) May I continue, your honor? 

(The Judge glared at him – a long silence – and finally nods.) 

6. Exodus 12:29 God murdered all of Egypt’s firstborn.

Defense: (jumping up!) Objection! My God, your honor!

Judge: Objection sustained! Any further visual graphics will be disallowed. The jury will disregard the prosecution’s graphic. Recess, 10 minutes!


Bailiff: Court is back in session.

7. Exodus 14:6-28 God forced the Pharaoh and his army to chase the Jews. God parted The Red Sea for Moses’ people. God collapsed the sea and murdered the Pharaoh’s Army who had followed the Jews into the sea.

Defense: Objection! If God did that, it is not mass murder.

Prosecutor: Let’s let the jury decide that. 

8. Exodus 21:15 God commanded: Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. 

9. Exodus 21:17 & Leviticus 20:9 Whoever curses his father or mother shall be murdered.

10. Exodus 21:20-21 If a man strikes his male or female slave and they die immediately, the man shall be punished. But, if the slave lives a day or two and then dies, the man will not be punished because that slave is his own property. Catholic

Prosecutor: Judge, in my legal judgment, based on this Bible, C&V, the Biblical God’s documented sense of justice is corrupt. Aren’t all the slaves in the Bible and throughout history also God’s children? How does God prove to love them? God does not prove to love them. God does prove to have them suffer and to kill them.

Judge: I am the judge here. I will decide what is to be judged. For the record, God has no favorites. God is just and fair. So am I.

Prosecutor: But, your honor, what is just and fair about a slave dying after a day or two of his master-inflicted injuries?

Judge: Enough! It is a dead issue. Move on.

11. Exodus 22:18 God directs to murder witches. KJV

(The Catholic Bible version is in Exodus 22:17)

Prosecutor: I submit that the Biblical God is guilty of murders, throughout history, of witches and psychics.

12. Exodus 22:20 God commanded: If you sacrifice to any God other than the Lord, you are to be murdered.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the Biblical God proves to be the master of a master – slave relationship. I ask you, the jurors: Is this God the God that you love, believe in, worship, promote, support and finance? 

Defense: Objection. The prosecution is referring to the God I love!

Judge: Sustained. The prosecutor will refrain from defaming God.

Prosecutor: Sir, if there is any defaming of God, it is documented within controversial C&Vs of the Bible. I did not write the Bible, Sir. I’m not responsible for what the Bible documents. I am not responsible for how people feel about what the Bible says. 

13. Exodus 22:29 God said: Give Me the first-born of your sons.

Prosecutor: The Biblical God proves not to condone democracy. In a democracy, we elect our leaders to represent us, not to rule over us.

Defense: Objection! God is God. You have no vote with God!

Prosecutor: Exactly!

Judge: Move on.

14. Exodus 22:30 A first-born animal may stay with its mother for 7 days, then you must sacrifice it to Me.

Defense: That is out of context!

Prosecutor: Each Bible C&V has a context and an importance of its own. Combined C&Vs may build more of a context and an importance, but rarely will the combined context produce less of an importance. God already claimed the firstborn of Humanity. This charge is the foundation for the next relevant charge.

Judge: Sustained! I will decide the importance of these Bible C&Vs. You sir will be careful concerning the C&Vs you select. You are again close to being in contempt.

Prosecutor: Acknowledged, your honor, but again, it is foundation for the next relevant charge.

15. II Samuel 12:13-18 God murdered David and Bathsheba’s first-born son, a human being, after 7 days of his life to punish the parents.

Prosecutor: Here is documented evidence that the Biblical God murdered an innocent child for the sins of the parents. If you believe this Bible C&V evidence, you must find its God guilty as charged.

Defense: Objection! God owns us and God can do what He wants to with us.

Judge: Sustained. (authoritatively) And, for the record ladies and gentlemen of the jury, (schmoozing) God would never punish a child for the sins of the parents. Anyone who would think so doesn’t know their Bible. Besides, who knows if that child was innocent? Now that I’ve handled that, the prosecutor will proceed.

16. Exodus 23:22-32 God said: If you obey Me and do what I say, I will hate your enemies and attack your foes. I will annihilate (murder & destroy) them. You will serve your God.

Prosecutor: In Malachi 1:3 and Romans 9:13 God had said: I loved Jacob and I hated Esau. These Bible C&Vs project the Biblical God’s character as one of hating Human Beings. It is a far cry from the defense and some jurors claiming this God to be a loving God. Does the defense and the jury need any more evidence as to God’s admission of His capacity for hating Human Beings?

Defense: Objection! Nonsense! God never hates. He is a loving God.

God said in both Malachi 1:3 and Romans 9:13 “I hated Esau.” Obviously, the defense does NOT believe the Bible.

Defense: Objection, damn it! 

Judge: Move on.

17. Exodus 31:15 God commanded: Anyone who dares work on the Sabbath day shall be murdered.

Prosecutor: This breaks God’s 4th finger-written commandment. Has anyone in this courtroom not done work on the Sabbath?

Defense: Objection! No one here is on trial – although the prosecutor should be.

Judge: That suggestion is being considered. Proceed.

18. Exodus 32:27-28 Moses (Levi) ordered all the sons of Levi to slay their own family, friends and neighbors; Moses murdered about 3,000 of their own relatives. 

Prosecutor: God ordered or allowed Moses to murder about 3,000 of “God’s own chosen people”. God did not punish Moses for doing so. 

19. Exodus 35:2 God (again) demands that we kill everyone who worked on the Sabbath day.

Prosecutor: Again, this is another Bible C&V that confirms the Biblical God wants you dead if you work on the Sabbath.

Defense: Praise God!

Prosecutor: Does the defense approve of murdering Human Beings for working on the Sabbath?  

Judge: Move on! (Under his breath: “Arrogant bastard”).

20. Leviticus 10:1-2 Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu offered incense to God, by unauthorized fire. God murdered them both, by fire.

Defense: Objection! That was probably just an accident. But, God is entitled and God does have the right to be worshiped the way He wants!

Judge: Sustained.

21. Leviticus 10:6 Bare your heads or tear your clothes and God will murder you and bring His wrath on the whole community.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you a learned, educated, well-known character witness:

Richard Dawkins wrote: The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticide, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.

Defense: Objection! No believer wants to hear Richard Dawkins, an Atheist, take on our Holy Father.

Judge: Sustained!

22. Leviticus 15:31 Anyone unclean defiling Gods dwelling, God will murder.

Side-note to reader: I select and expose Bible Chapters and Verses as they depict the character and deeds of the Biblical God. Believers mostly react in hostile, insulting and threatening manners as if they feel that they are being insulted and wronged. It is their Bible, and their God who is being depicted by their sacred Bible C&V source – isn’t it? Why do they feel insulted and wronged when their own Bible C&V is accurately exposed? Again, I did not write the Bible. I am not responsible for what the Bible says. I am not responsible for how “God-addicted-egos” feel about what the Bible says.

23. Leviticus 20:9 God commands: Anyone who curses his father or mother shall be put to death.

24. Leviticus 20:10 God commands: If you commit adultery, you shall be put to death.

Prosecutor: Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, any Jewish Rabbi can be an expert witness in the verification that in the Jewish Torah – what Christians call the first 5 books of The Old Testament – there are 613 commandments. If you believe that the Biblical God is real and if you have committed adultery, the Biblical God commands that other Human Beings murder you. How many of you believe that you should die due to “God’s word” concerning adultery? How many Christians hypocritically “pick and choose” which of the 613 commandments to believe in, promote, support and obey – and which to ignore?

Btw, the Old Testament contains 613 commandments, not just 10. Including the New Testament, there are a total of 1,003 commandments in the whole King James Bible.

Defense: Objection! Relevance?

Prosecutor: I hold these “truths” to be self-evident and relevant.

Defense: Objection! Bias opinion.

Judge: Sustained. Again, I will choose and decide what is relevant and true in my courtroom.

Prosecutor: Albert Einstein wrote: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Defense: Objection! Hearsay! Einstein’s testimony has no relevance in this case. 

Judge: Sustained.  

25. Leviticus 20:11 A man who has sex with his father’s wife – uncovered his father’s nakedness – shall be put to death.

Prosecutor: Pastor Arnold Murray, a Bible C&V expert witness, claimed that this is what Ham did to his father, Noah. Ham had sex with his father Noah’s wife, Ham’s mother, and she bare Ham’s son, Canaan. Noah did not curse Ham but Noah did curse Canaan.

Defense: Objection! Irrelevant! Ham, Noah’s son, did uncover his father’s nakedness by having sex with Noah’s wife, his mother – but Ham was not murdered by God.

Judge: Sustained. (The judge rolled his eyes.) Defense, approach the bench! (The judge whispered): You moron! You validated the prosecutor’s damaging point that one who God chose to save from the flood then had sex with his father’s wife, his mother. Do not make me allow the prosecutor to make these damaging points.

Prosecutor: It is obvious, Judge, that the defense proves to know his Bible. As the defense points out, God does not deal out blind justice. God does discriminate and often God does not murder His favorites.

Defense: Objection! God has no favorites!

(The judge just sighs and remains silent.)

26. Leviticus 20:12 God commanded: If a man has sex with his daughter-in-law, murder them both.

Defense: Objection! Judas impregnated Tamar, his daughter-in-law, and God did not murder either Judas nor Tamar!

Judge: Sustained. (Whispers to himself): Ah Jesus, help me.

Prosecutor: But that’s correct Judge! Tamar sold sex to her father-in-law, Judah, and they, and their offspring, were in Jesus Christ’s bloodline / lineage.

Defense: Objection! Misinterpreted!

Judge: Over-ruled. I admonish the defense for bringing up Judah and Tamar. The jury does not have to know these things. They are – ah – irreverent.

27. Leviticus 20:13 God commands to murder gay men.

Supporting Biblical Evidence: Romans 1:24-32 God let them do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. They did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies.  God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Women indulged in sex with each other. Men who burn with lust for each other must suffer the death penalty. 

Prosecutor: Gay marriage is now legal in the United States of America. Having faith and belief in murdering gay men is promoting evil while authoritatively calling it good – and – denial is automatic.

Defense: Objection! According to the Bible, gay marriage should not be legal in the USA. 

(The Judge shrugs in anger and silence.)

Prosecutor: Friedrich Nietzsche said: Faith means not wanting to know what is true.

Defense: Objection! More irrelevant hearsay!

Judge: Move on.

28. Leviticus 20:14 God commanded: If a man marries a woman and her mother, murder them by burning all three of them to death.

Prosecutor: Would you expect less from a God who would punish you in His Hell, where you are going to be fried, baked, sizzled and burned forever?

Defense: God will send you to Hell – but not me – because God loves me!

(The jury murmurs.)

Judge: Gavel: Order in the court!

29. Leviticus 20:15 God commanded: If a man has sex with an animal, murder both of them.

30. Leviticus 20:16 God commanded: Murder women who have sex with animals.

31. Leviticus 20:27 God commanded: If a man or woman acts as a fortuneteller, murder them.

32. Leviticus 21:9 God commanded: A priest’s daughter who fornicates – burn her to death.

Defense: Objection! Satan is behind all evil!

Prosecutor: Robert M. Price asked: Who needs Satan when you have a God like this?

Defense: Blasphemy!

Prosecutor: Isaiah 45:7 God (said): I, the Lord, make peace and I create evil.

Defense: God! Help me!!!

Prosecutor: Albert Einstein said, “Morality is of the highest importance – but for us – not for God.”

Defense: Objection! 

Judge: Sustained! I’ll decide what’s moral in my court.

33. Leviticus 21:17-21 God commanded: Anyone with a handicap shall not profane God’s sanctuary.

Defense: Objection! Irrelevant! Judge, the jury doesn’t need to know God’s personal feelings toward the handicapped!

Judge: Sustained. (schmoozing / baby talk) The members of the jury are to remember that God loves you very much – and so do I love you – if, you come to the God-fearing verdict that holds commitment, mercy, compassion and that you accept God and love your God with all your heart.

Prosecutor: You honor, if you are not going to let the jury decide for itself, why don’t you dismiss the jury altogether?

Judge: How contemptible you are!

Prosecutor: Acknowledged, your honor.

34. Leviticus 22:9 God commands: Obey my rules or I will murder you.

Robert Ingersoll: There can be but little liberty on Earth while men worship a tyrant in Heaven.

Defense: Objection! Hearsay! Man’s purpose is to become God-like. 

Prosecutor: Lew Paz’s book Pushing Ultimate’s states: Absolute power to reward and punish does not make the Judeo-Christian God any more superior to other gods, nor any more deserving of reverence, obedience, worship than any tyrannical emperor or dictator.

Defense: More hearsay! No one can accuse God of being a tyrannical emperor or dictator! Atheists like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were evil dictators.

Judge: (knowing and frustrated with the defense) Oh, my God!

Prosecutor: Being the defense brought up Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler was raised Catholic and sang in the church choir. Joseph Stalin attended a religious seminary. Both men were evil and together, through war, were responsible for about 50 million deaths. If the Biblical God placed them in authority, as the Bible claims in Romans 13:1-7, their murderous behavior can be explained – as they followed God’s documented, murderous model.

(Dead silence)

35. Leviticus 20:27 God ordered: A man or woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be stoned to death.

36. Leviticus 24:10-16 God commanded: Anyone who blasphemes God’s name must be stoned to death by the whole community. 

Prosecutor: The Biblical God ordered the whole community to murder someone. God’s commandment: “Thou shalt not kill” must mean – except on My terms. 

Defense: Objection! It is blasphemy to interpret God’s own words or to use them against Him.

Judge: (glaring at both the defense and the prosecution) Move on.

38. Leviticus 26:27-31 God stated: If you persist in disobeying and defying Me, I will punish you until you begin to eat the flesh of your own sons and daughters.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, based on your religious upbringing, how do you now feel about these documented Bible C&V charges against your Biblical God?

Defense: Objection! Asking for a conclusion.

Judge: Sustained.

39. Jeremiah: 19:9 God said: I will have them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters; they shall eat one another’s flesh…

Defense: Objection! If God wants stupid people to eat their sons and daughters, it is just, fair and correct – because He is God!

Prosecutor: Your honor! The defense fails to defend God, his client, other than to say that He is innocent because He is God. The defense fails to articulate any other defense for God.

Judge: (courtroom commotion / gavel) Order in the court. Move on.

40. Ezekiel 5:10 God said: Fathers shall eat sons and sons shall eat fathers.

Prosecutor: A simple question in reality – if the Biblical God made you eat the flesh of your own children, would you judge God to be “evil” or “a loving God”?

Defense: Objection! Calls for a ridiculous conclusion.

Judge: Sustained.

41. Numbers 1:51 & 3:10 God commanded: Any “stranger” (KJV) “layman” (Catholic Version) who comes near God’s dwellings will be put to death.

Prosecutor: God can’t stand for you to come near His dwelling? Are you really one of this God’s children? 

42. Judges 1:4 God delivered Judah the Canaanites and the Perizzites into their hand and they slew 10,000 men.

43. Hosea 13:16 (KJV) or Hosea 14:1 (Catholic): Samaria, who rebelled against God, will fall by the sword. The little ones shall be dashed to pieces, expectant mothers shall be ripped open.

Prosecutor: The Bible has constantly depicted God to be miserable, angry, jealous, selfish, wrathful and possessive. Think for a moment – Who in the entire Bible was more miserable? But believers claim that this God is omnipotent and knows-it-all. This obviously is false. The Biblical God did not know how to win over Human Beings nor did this God know how to successfully manipulate them for His pleasure. If God did know how to win Earth’s people over for His pleasure, He would have no excuse for not handling His murderous anger and jealousy.

Defense: Objection! God does not need to make excuses – nor to answer to man! God is boss! We are nothing!

Judge: Sustained.

Prosecutor: Big deal. Boss over nothing.

Judge: What? One more wisecrack and you will be in contempt.  

44. Numbers 1:51 God said: Anyone else who goes too near the Tabernacle will be executed.

Prosecutor: Can anyone explain this?

45. Numbers 3:13 God said: Every first-born of man and beast became Mine the day I murdered all the first-born in Egypt. I am God.

Prosecutor: Could the Biblical God’s murderous confession be any clearer?

Defense: Objection! An absurd misinterpretation!

46. Numbers 4:17-20 claims whom God would murder if they looked at the sacred objects.

47. Numbers 5:1-3 God moves all the sick, suffering people away from the camp, as God can’t stand to dwell near them.

Euripides stated: If the gods do what is shameful, they are not gods.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen, the human being has little conscience when it comes to God. The constant, traditional threat of Old Testament “Death” and later New Testament “Eternal-Torment” has erased the conscience of most gullible minds. If you fear your tormentor, you will not judge Him. It’s time to break that re-cycled hypnosis. The God of the Bible is NOT a good God, and the Bible is NOT a good model for Humanity.  

Defense: Objection! The prosecutor is delusional if he thinks he can judge the Holy Bible and our Almighty God. Without fear and belief, scum and low-life people would do whatever they want. 

Judge: Holy Jesus… Proceed. 

Prosecutor: Nonsense! Enforced civil and criminal law keeps sane people from doing whatever they want that’s illegal. If all children could be taught law and its consequences just one hour per week from grades 1 through grade 12, there would be no need for religious threats.

Defense: Objection! If everyone knew the law, we lawyers couldn’t make a living.

Judge: (whispers) Idiot!

48. Numbers 11:1 The people complained, so God murdered many of them.

Defense: Sidebar, your honor! I’ve got a major complaint that I wish that you or God would listen to right now.

Judge: Sidebar! (Angrily whispering to the prosecutor) I’m tired of warning you. Tread lighter or you will face my wrath! If God doesn’t get you – I will.

Defense: You tell him, Judge!

Judge: Shut up.

49. Numbers 11:18-20 God made them eat meat until it came out of their noses. They died.

Prosecutor: Concerning all of God’s murdering, documented by Bible, C&V, how many believers are totally ignorant, brain-washed and mind-set concerning the distinction between good & evil / right & wrong? If God did something damaging to someone that you would not want done to you, you would probably consider it evil and wrong. If you do have empathy and compassion, you do not have to be a victim to judge something to be wrong.

Defense: Objection! It is not the jury’s business to judge the deeds of God? If God does something – it is legal, moral and perfect!

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, ask yourself: Is the Biblical God moral, just and legally correct in murdering each of these Human Beings to fulfill His personal agendas?   

Defense (frustrated): Objection. I’ll answer for the jury. Yes! If I was God, I would murder all those God Dammed Human Beings.

Judge: (grimace) Oh – Jesus Christ!

Prosecutor: Why?

Defense: Because God did what the Bible says, and God cannot be wrong!

Judge: The court will reconvene in one hour. (Gavel)


Bailiff: All rise. Court is reconvened.

Judge: (Gavel) Continue.

50. Numbers 14:2-23 God said to Moses: How long will this nation continue to provoke me? I will murder them! I will murder all the people who saw what I did in Egypt and in the desert, but who still don’t obey.

Prosecutor: Is there any doubt that the Bible depicts a vicious, murderous God? God’s main threat in the Old Testament is: Obey Me or I will kill you. 

Defense: Objection! Again, where is your proof?

Prosecutor: Let me remind the defense that these selected Bible C&Vs are your evidence – your proof.

Judge: Continue.

51. Numbers 14:26-38 God spoke to Moses and Aaron: You will not get to The Promised Land. Everyone, over twenty years old, who was counted is going to die in the desert. The only exceptions will be Caleb and Joshua. Your corpses will fall in the desert. They will die.

Prosecutor: What! God said that everybody God took out of Egypt over 20 years old is going to die in the desert!

52. Numbers 14:36-38 Men who explored and gave a bad report about The Promised Land were murdered immediately. Only Joshua and Caleb remained alive.

Prosecutor: It is religious hypocrisy when Judeo-Christian-Islamic believers attempt to separate his or her God from the programmed deeds of the God of the Bible? Do you still proclaim that the Biblical God – who is documented to have done these insane, murderous deeds – is your God?

Defense: Objection! Did you just include Islam with Jews and Christians? Why the Hell did you do that?

Prosecutor: Did you not know that the religion of Islam also worships the same “One God of Abraham” as the Jews and the Christians?

Defense: What?

Long, awkward silence.

Judge: (Gavel.) 15-minute recess.

53. Numbers 1:45-46 The total number of men 20-years-old and up able to fight war was 603,550. KJV

Prosecutor: Out of the 603,550 soldiers that left Egypt, none over 20-years-old made it into “The Promised Land”. Only Caleb and Joshua do get into “The Promised Land”. Yes, but only after they steal, torture, mutilate, and slaughter the current inhabitant owners and their babies for the land. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the Biblical God murdered all of His own people who God took out of Egypt over 20-years-old except for Joshua and Caleb.

Side Bar: The Torah Notes state: It was estimated that it would require a population of about three (3) million people to produce 600,000 + men to soldier that were over 20 years old. Again, according to these Bible C&Vs and Bible notes, God Himself, ended up killing most of His “chosen people” that He took out of Egypt – except for Caleb and Joshua. If this is true, The Biblical God murdered most of His own “chosen people”! Except for being a believer who lives in hopeless fear, how can anyone sane support this insane “character” – real of fictional?

Defense: Objection! Judge, I’m going to have a heart attack! 

Prosecutor (ignoring the drama): Remember, when one takes the life of a Human Being to fulfill one’s personal agenda, the legal term is murder.

Defense: (screams) I’ve got a murder agenda for you!!!

Judge: Bailiff, restrain the defense… I’ll warn the prosecution yet again, proceed with caution.

54. Numbers 15:32-36 They found a man gathering sticks on The Sabbath Day. God commanded Moses to have the whole congregation murder the man.

Prosecution: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do you or members of your family ever work on the Sabbath? Do you view that God’s punishment fits the crime? Did the Biblical God order all of His people to murder a man? 

55. Numbers 16:1-35 Korah and 250 Israelite leaders stood up to Moses. Dathan and Abriam disobeyed Moses. God opened up the ground and sent Dathan, Abiram, their wives, sons and babies down to the nether world. God then, burned alive, by fire, Korah’s 250 men, who had made an offering to God.

56. Numbers 17:6-14 Then the whole Israelite community complained against Moses and Aaron. God appeared and said to Moses: Depart, that I may consume (murder) them at once. God murdered 14,700 more of His own “chosen Hebrews”.

(Note: The 14,700 deaths are in the Catholic version only. In the KJV, there is no Numbers 17:14 as the KJV stops at C&V 17:13. There are not many differences between the KJV and the Catholic version – but this is one specific difference.)

Prosecutor: Based on the documented evidence in the Catholic version, I charge God with murdering 14,700 people just for complaining.

Defense: Prosecutor, you had best repent for your absurd charges.

Prosecutor: Why should I repent for my prosecution of a “God / Character”, real or fictional, who is documented to have done many times more evil than everyone else in the entire Bible?

Judge: Prosecutor! I have had enough of you for today. Court will re-convene at 10 AM tomorrow morning.


Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session.

Judge: Resume.

Prosecutor: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Judge: Do not go smoozing my jury! 

57. Numbers 18:7&22 God ordered: Any layman coming near the alter will deserve death (murder).

Prosecutor: Insanity is a legal term that, through behavior, exposes those who are incapable of distinguishing good from bad / right from wrong. If you and I are legally sane, then we can determine if the Biblical God is good or evil by these selected C&V deeds.

58. Numbers 21:5-6 The people spoke out against God and Moses. God sent poisonous snakes against his people. They were bitten and they died.

Prosecutor: The Biblical God sent poisonous snakes to kill His “chosen people” in the desert. In Numbers 21:8 God ordered Moses to make a snake wrapped around a pole so all seeing it would not die of snakebite. In modern time, a “caduceus” (snakes wrapped around a pole) serves as a healing, medical symbol. Also note that in “The 10 Commandments”, God commanded Moses to not make an idol nor graven image. In Numbers 21:8 God broke His own commandment. When God had ordered Moses to build the Ark-of-the-Covenant, God broke His own commandment.  

Defense: Objection! Where is your proof?

Prosecutor: Don’t these selected Bible C&Vs serve as documented proof? You do believe those C&Vs – don’t you?

Judge: Continue.

59. Amos 9:3 God said: Though they hide from My sight in the bottom of the sea, I command the serpent and he shall bite them.

Prosecutor: If someone, on trial, put poisonous snakes in a room full of children – and many of them died – would you judge that someone to be guilty of murder?

Defense: Objection! The prosecutor is being dramatic to stir Human emotions. This is God we are talking about – not just “someone”. If God wants to take some of His children to Heaven, that’s God’s right.

Judge: Shakes his head and waves his hand. 

60. Numbers 21:33-35 God ordered Moses to do to the King of Og as he had done to others. Moses struck down the King’s sons and all of his people until none were left and Moses took possession of the King’s land.

Prosecutor: Any God who is documented and judged accurately to have slaughtered men, women and children to fulfill his personal agendas is criminally insane and evil. By documented Bible C&V evidence, this God is definitely guilty of the murder of men, women and children. Why would any sane Human Being worship, praise, serve, support, promote and finance such a God – fictional or real? Reflect, is your personal God this insane, murderous Biblical God?

61. Numbers 22:33-35 God said: Had your ass (donkey) not turned away, I would have murdered you; but I would have spared your ass. 

Prosecutor: The Biblical God confessed to a situation where God would have murdered.

62. Numbers 25:4 God said to Moses: Take all the heads of the people and hang them up before the Lord against the sun, that the fierce anger of the Lord may be turned away from Israel.

Prosecutor: The Biblical God ordered Moses to hang Human heads of murdered Human beings in the sun so this psychopathic God would turn away His anger from His “chosen” Israel.

63. Numbers 25:6-9 Phinehas (KJV) or Pinchas (Torah), a grandson of Aaron the priest, taking a lance in hand, drove the lance through both the man’s and the woman’s groin, murdering them both. That pleased God, so, God stopped His murdering men women & children after He had murdered 24,000 more of “His Own chosen Hebrews”.

Prosecutor: I charge the Biblical God with murdering 24,000 more Human Beings just because two people got married without God’s consent.

64. Numbers 25:16-17 God ordered Moses: Treat the Midianites as enemies. Crush them.

Prosecutor: If you believe Bible C&V, this is documented evidence that the Biblical God ordered Moses to murder Midianites, a tribe of Human Beings sired by Abraham (Genesis 25).

Defense: I object! Judge, please stop the prosecutor from demonizing the God I love!

Judge: Sustained! For the record, the prosecutor is again admonished.

65. Numbers 31:7-34 God declared war on Midian, murdered every male including its 5 kings, kept 32,000 virgins, then ordered Moses to execute thousands of others including mothers and babies.

Numbers 31:17 God specifically ordered: Kill every male among the little ones and kill every woman that has had sex with a man.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I can only offer Bible C&V documentation as evidence. To disbelieve this evidence is to disbelieve the Bible.

Defense: (screaming) Objection! This is a demon devised witch-hunt and the prosecutor proves to be the Devil’s disciple!

Judge: (Whispers: Jesus Help me.) Proceed.

66. Numbers 32:11-13 God said: Because the Israelites didn’t wholly follow Me (didn’t want to kill and die for any more land) God displayed anger against Israel. God made them wander for 40 years in the desert until they all died out.

Prosecutor: This is hard and irrefutable evidence that the Biblical God is an insane, psychopathic killer – even of His own “chosen” Israelites. What does it take for a juror – even if he or she is a believer – to see a psychopathic killer?

Defense: (exhausted groan.)

Prosecutor: Is the Biblical God a psychopathic killer – purely for the love of killing – or did God murder all of His victims simply to fulfill His personal, control-crazy agendas?

Defense: Objection! The prosecution only offered two God-damned choices.

Judge: Sustained.

67. Numbers 33:4 The Egyptians buried their first-born that God had murdered.

68. Numbers 33:55-56 God said: If you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, I will do to you what I thought to do to them. KJV 

God has murdered all these Human Beings by Bible C&V evidence. Isn’t God saying here: You murder them, or I will murder you? God’s murders are evil and premeditated. Like any terrorist, the Biblical God promotes fear.

Defense: Objection! I don’ like it when you speak of God in these hurtful tones. God is not evil! 

Prosecutor: Yes! It is documented that God created evil. 

Defense: Satan created all the evil. God didn’t!

Isaiah 45:7 God said: I, the Lord, make peace and I create evil

Defense: Objection! Misinterpreted! Out of context!

Prosecutor: Again, the Defense proves to not believe the Bible as documented. 

Judge: Moving on…

69. Deuteronomy 2:14-15 Thirty-eight (38) years later, God had destroyed, murdered and consumed the whole generation of soldiers.

Prosecutor: This all-knowing, all-powerful Biblical God destroyed a whole generation of His own soldiers. Other than being evil, why would the Biblical God do that?

Defense: Objection! God is God and can do whatever He wants! The prosecutor is the only one in this courtroom who cannot see the big picture. 

Judge: Sustained.

Defense: Prosecutor, please stop insisting that God is anything but good, moral, righteous and just.

70. Deuteronomy 2:24-25 God said to His chosen: Begin the murdering occupation. Provoke him into war. Today, I am beginning to make all nations dread and fear you.

Defense: (weakly) Objection. God does nice things for those He loves.

71. Deuteronomy 2:30-34 God made stubborn and obstinate of heart King Sihon so we could murder him, his sons and all his people. God’s army destroyed all this King’s cities and utterly destroyed all the men, women, and murdered all the little ones. God left no survivor. 

Prosecution: The Biblical God is a tyrant who promotes war and orders fearful terrorism. Because the Bible documents this terror and fear, the Bible qualifies to be a terrorist handbook. God used a Human army to murder men, women and all their little ones. God left no survivor.

72. Deuteronomy 3:1-6 God delivered Og to us and we killed until none remained, utterly destroying all the men, women and children of all 60 cities.

Prosecutor: Like O. J. Simpson, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, a hero, who had many fine performances, can be destroyed by just one bad act. How many bad, murderous and insane acts did the Biblical God do?

Defense: Objection! O. J. is in not on trial here. 

Judge: Sustained. Get your facts straight, counselor. Mr. O. J. Simpson was brought down by more than one bad act.

Prosecutor: Thanks for the acknowledgment, your honor.

Judge: (gavel!) That was no acknowledgment! It was the straightening out of a technical point that the man had been charged with two murder crimes and a later theft! Let the jury be reminded that – concerning Mr. O. J. Simpson’s two murder crimes – O. J. was acquitted! Concerning the O. J. Simpson murder trial, I do not want the innocent judged to be guilty in my courtroom.

Prosecutor: Your honor, O. J. Simpson was NOT tried by a jury of his peers. O. J. was tried by a jury of his fans. I am concerned that is what is happening here. Your honor, your guiding comments to the jury may be grounds for a mistrial.

Judge: (Gavel!) Silence! Both counsels will meet with me in my chambers.

(The Judge’s rage, in chambers, was more mind-set {believer to Atheist} ass-reaming and typical “Eternal-Torment” threats.)

(Later – the prosecution continues):

73. Deuteronomy 4:21-22 Moses said: God displayed anger at me due to your words. God swore that I would die in this country, not making it into “The Promised Land”.

Prosecutor: God also broke His promise to Moses. God took Moses’, Aaron’s and Miriam’s lives before the three of them could get into the Human blood-soaked “Promised Land”.

Defense: Objection. Miriam did not count in those days – because she was a woman.

Judge: It is common, accepted knowledge that God takes whoever’s life God wants to just because God chooses to do so. No one knows the perfect and just mind of God.

74. Deuteronomy 4:25-26 God commanded: If you make a statue or image, making God angry, you will then be utterly destroyed (murdered).

Prosecutor: Let’s review that The Biblical God was hypocritical about graven-images because after God sent poisonous snakes to kill His chosen people in the desert, God ordered Moses to make a “caduceus” – a snake wrapped around a pole – so all seeing it would not die of snakebite. God had also ordered to be built “The Arc-Of-The-Covenant”. If those two items do not qualify as sacred “graven-images” – what does? And why is the Catholic Church so full of graven-images?

Defense: I don’t know, and I do not care! I am not Catholic.

75. Deuteronomy 7:16 Without pity, murder all the people who God delivers to you.

Prosecutor: God redundantly ordered and got bloody, no-prisoner war. Whatever the Biblical God’s mental / emotional condition is or whatever His murderous motives are, the Bible exposes and documents, C&V, all of “The God Murders”. If you are thinking, are you starting to realize that the Biblical God proves to be a cruel, remorseless murderer?

Defense (Jumping up): But God is good to us believers when we obey Him!

Judge: Sit down!

76. Deuteronomy 7:20-24 God will send hornets to destroy your surviving enemies. You will take these nations little by little; you cannot exterminate them all at once. You will rout them utterly until they are annihilated. No man will be able to stand against you, till you put an end by murdering them.

Prosecutor: Here is evidence that God personally assists His army in destroying His enemies. 

77. Deuteronomy 8:20 Like the nations God destroys before you, so shall you too perish and be murdered, if you do not obey God.

Jean-Paul Sartre said: I hate victims who respect their executioners.

Defense: Objection! Sartre is an Atheist whose testimony this court does not need to hear.

Judge: Sustained. The jury will disregard Sartre.

78. Deuteronomy 9:3 God, a consuming fire, will reduce them to nothing and subdue them before you, so that you can drive them out / destroy / murder them quickly.

Prosecutor: If God is a “consuming fire” what is Hell described to be?

Defense: Blasphemy!

79. Deuteronomy 17:12 God commanded: Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents God must be put to death.

Defense: And let that be a warning to you mister arrogant prosecutor.

80. Deuteronomy 20:10-14 The Biblical God ordered: When you come to a city to war against, first proclaim peace to it and all the people found there shall serve you. If the city will not make peace with you, but will make war against you, then you shall murder them to make them surrender to you. When your God has delivered the city into your hands, you shall then murder every male with the edge of the sword. But, the women, the little ones, the cattle, and all that is in the city, you shall take for yourself. You shall eat the spoils of your enemies that your God has given you.

Prosecutor: This Biblical God is the mentality of war, murder, and theft.

Defense: Your opinions are blasphemous! 

81. Deuteronomy 12:2 God said: You shall destroy (murder) places God chooses.

Prosecutor: The Biblical God scores at the top of the scale of psychopathic behavior.

Defense: Objection! You are a lawyer not a psychiatrist. There is no such scale for God!

Judge: Sustained. The jury will disregard any such scale – not in evidence.

Prosecutor: The Bible best serves as a scale for psychopathic behavior.

Defense: Objection! Argumentative. 

82. Deuteronomy 13:1-5 God said: Prophets among you who say: Come, let us worship the gods of foreign nations, do not listen to them. God is testing you to see if you love him with all your heart and soul.  Serve only God and fear him alone.  Obey his commands. False prophets who try to lead you astray must be put to death. You must execute them. God commanded: Anyone who dreams or prophesies anything that is against God, or anyone who tries to turn you from God, is to be put to death.

Defense: Our God is a jealous God, your honor. A certain prosecutor is fortunate God is not here today. 

83. Deuteronomy 13:6–10 God ordered: If your brother, son, daughter, wife or friend entices you secretly to serve other Gods – murder them. Your hand shall be the first raised to kill them. The rest of the people shall join in killing them with you.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury: The Biblical God commanded: If your daughter said: Let’s serve other gods – you shall murder her. You are to get everybody to help you kill her. The Biblical God demands right here that you are to murder members of your own US Presidents do it all the time. family if they do not serve this fanatically jealous and tyrannical God. Furthermore, this murderous God commands that everyone is to join in and also become murderers. Who remembers: “Thou Shalt Not Kill”? The Biblical God distinctly orders others to join in on the murdering! Does God want vigilantes? This is one example whereby the Biblical God documented His command to murder one’s family members. Islam calls it “Honor Killing”. Under US criminal law – it is called murder.

Defense: Objection! Islam is an evil, false religion! How dare the prosecutor mention it on this court.

Judge: The jury will disregard Islam.

84. Deuteronomy 13:13-19 If a town that God is giving you worships foreign gods, attack that town and destroy all its inhabitants and livestock. Then, pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it as a burnt offering to God. God will only be merciful if you obey and keep all of God’s commands.

Prosecutor: Is it any wonder that hypnotized believers become frightened when someone speaks out against this monstrous God?

Defense: Hypnotized? Objection! Irrelevant!

Judge: Sustained.

85. Deuteronomy 17:2–7 Kill any who worship a different God. Stone them until they die. The witnesses shall be first him to put them to death, and then all the people are to stone them.

Defense: Objection! Believers are not vigilantes, although, I am confident that in the prosecutor’s case, we’d like to be.

Judge: (sadly) Over-ruled.

Prosecutor: It seems that man has altered God’s 10 commandments. “Thou Shalt Not Kill” obviously came from “Thou Shalt Not Kill – Except On My Terms.” Due to all of God’s, chapter and verse, commands to murder and to steal, some of this Biblical God’s 10 main commandments must have been altered and edited.

“The God of the Bible is NOT a good God, and the Bible is NOT a good model for humanity.”

It is time to retire this heinous God and the corrupt religious and political Bible that humanity has painfully followed and fearfully promoted.

Defense: Objection! The prosecutor is forming a conclusion!

Judge: Sustained.

Prosecutor: Judge, we have formed a conclusion, or we would not be prosecuting.

(No response.)

86. Deuteronomy 17:7 God said: At an execution, the witnesses are the first to kill the condemned; then, all the people are to join in murdering him or her. Catholic

Prosecutor: Again, God orders all the people to become a mob of murders.

87. Deuteronomy 17:12 God commanded: Any man who has the insolence to refuse to listen to God’s priest or Judges shall be murdered.

Prosecutor: Judge, we now understand your sense of control, power and authority. To promote strict obedience is the Biblical God’s and any assumed authority’s agenda. 

Judge: Sir, I am the authority over this court, and I am getting sick and tired and totally fed-up with your arrogance.

Prosecutor, Judge, if for any reason, you stepped down as judge of this trial, you would cease to assume authority and another assumed authority would step in. 

88. Deuteronomy 18:20-22 God demanded: Any prophet who claims to give a message from another god or who falsely claims to speak for Me must die.

89. Deuteronomy 20:10-17 God said: When you attack a city, first offer it terms of peace. If it agrees, all of its people will serve you in forced labor. If they refuse, destroy them by murdering all their males; but, the women, children, livestock worth plundering, God has given to you. That is how you deal with a distant city. But the cities God gives you as your heritage, you shall not leave a single soul alive. You must doom (murder) them all.

Prosecutor: What does “you shall not leave a single SOUL alive” mean? Don’t Human Souls live forever – or does God want selected Souls dead?

Defense: Objection! Irrelevant questions based on bias hearsay.

Judge: Sustained.

90. Deuteronomy 21:18-21 God commanded: If a father has a stubborn, rebellious son, murder the boy.

Prosecutor: This insane command is what you can expect from a “father” who planned, arranged and carried out the torture and crucifixion of His “Only Begotten Son”.

(The defense and the Judge are tense – yet remain quiet.)

91. Deuteronomy 22:20-21 God ordered: If a woman wasn’t a virgin on her wedding night, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her father’s house and there her townsman shall stone her to death.

Prosecutor: Members of the jury, if your young daughter proved not to be a virgin, would you have her murdered? No wonder, Jesus Christ remained a virgin and didn’t have children – or did He?

Defense: Objection! Jesus Christ was all man – a virgin man – and Jesus did not have children – dammit!

Judge whispers to himself: “Eli Eli Lamasabachne!” (“My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me” – the same words Jesus spoke to God while dying on the cross.)

92. Deuteronomy 22:22 God commanded: If a man has relations (sex) with a married woman, murder them both.

Prosecutor: Did your God create you to yield to love and lust – and then condemn you for it?

Defense: Objection! One’s personal relationship with God is private and no one else’s business.

Prosecutor: Then, why do practicing Christian believers push their God on others?

Judge: Proceed.

93. Deuteronomy 22:23 God commanded: If a man has sex with a betrothed virgin, murder them both: She, because she didn’t cry out; he, because he humbled his neighbor’s wife.

Prosecutor: The Biblical God demands murder under illogical circumstances. Why would God demand that the virgin die if she could not cry out? 

Defense: Scripture is sacred. You are to believe and obey it – or else!

94. Malachi 3:16-19 A record book was written of those who fear Him and trust His name. God said: You shall see the distinction between the just and the wicked between who serves and doesn’t serve God. The day is coming that all the proud and all evildoers will be set on fire and murdered.

The Notorious Deuteronomy Chapter 28

If you do not obey God – these things will happen to you:

95. Deuteronomy 28:20 God will defeat and frustrate every enterprise you undertake until you are speedily murdered, destroyed and perish.

96. Deuteronomy 28:21 God will make disease attach to you until you are consumed / murdered.

97. Deuteronomy 28:22 God shall murder you with consumption, fever, inflammation, extreme burning, with the sword, with blasting and with mildew until you die. KJV 

98. Deuteronomy 28:24 God will make your land dust until you die.

99. Deuteronomy 28:25 God will cause your enemies to murder you.

100. Deuteronomy 28:51 God said: They will eat your animals and crops until you are destroyed.

101. Deuteronomy 28:53-55 You will eat the fruit of your womb, the flesh of your own sons and daughters while begrudging your relatives any share of your children that you, yourself are using for food.

102. Deuteronomy 28:56-57 God said: The most refined and delicate woman will refuse her husband and children her afterbirth and her infant, that comes out from between her legs, as she secretly eats them for food.

Prosecutor: If you don’t obey the Biblical God, He will make you secretly eat your child? Could you acquit your God for doing this to you and your infant? Can you visualize the monster of monsters within the pages of the Bible?

Defense: Objection! Blasphemy!

Judge: Sustained.

103. Deuteronomy 32:42 God said: I will make my arrows drunk with blood, my sword shall gorge itself with flesh with the blood of the slain and captured, flesh from the murdered heads of the enemy leaders.

Finis: Deuteronomy Chapter 28…

104. Joshua 5:6 The Israelites wandered 40 years in the desert until all the warriors that came out of Egypt died off because they had not obeyed the command of God. God swore that He would not let them see the land of milk and honey that God promised their fathers He would give them. The Hebrews fled Egypt to escape Egyptian tyranny. God promised them “The Promised Land”. By leaving, they became subjected to God’s tyranny. Because they would not obey God’s orders to murder all the men, women and children in “The Promised Land” in order to occupy it, God wanted them dead. God murdered / destroyed them.

105. Joshua 6:20-21 God ordered Joshua to attack Jericho’s mighty walled city. God knocked the walls down with sound. Joshua’s army slaughtered all the men, women, young and old.

Prosecutor: What sane reason did the Biblical God have to brutally exterminate all of these Human Beings. They are all supposed to be God’s children, aren’t they?

Defense (jumps up): No! God is going to send them all to Hell! Praise God!

The judge just stares at the defense – then closes his eyes.

106. Joshua 6:23-25 The “harlot” (hooker / prostitute), Rahab, and her family were spared by the spies. They burned the city and everything in it except for the silver and gold, which was placed in the treasury in the house of God.

Prosecutor: Rahab-the-Harlot married the Israelite, Salmon. Rahab-the-Harlot was King David’s great-grandmother and showed up in Jesus Christ’s bloodline lineage.

Defense: Objection! How dare you infer that Jesus Christ had a harlot in His pure, sacred bloodline!

Prosecutor: Rehab was not the first. Remember Tamar who sold sex to her father-in-law, Judah? 

Judge: Mumbling and shaking.

107. Joshua 7:19-25 A’chen took some spoils of war against God’s ban. God gets mad. Then, the Israelites lose a battle. Thousands of Israeli soldiers are killed. Israel stoned and burned Achan and his children.

Prosecutor: God, again, murdered children due to their father’s deeds.

108. Joshua 8:1-2 God tells Joshua to get his army and to go murder the city of Ai; to do to the King of Ai what they did to Jericho and its King, except that they may take its spoils and livestock as booty.

109. Joshua 8:8 God said to Joshua: When you have taken the city, set it on fire in obedience to God’ command. These are My orders to you.

Prosecutor: God again ordered murder and permitted theft. 

110. Joshua 8:9 & 24-29 (by ambush) God murders all 12,000 men and women, the entire population of Ai. Joshua hanged their King.

Judge: Enough! Court will re-convene at 10 AM tomorrow morning.


Overnight an alternate juror replaced a juror who had cried out: I cannot judge God because I serve God.


Bailiff: Court is now in session.

Judge: Resume.

Prosecutor: Good morning, Judge – ladies and gentlemen.

111. Joshua 10:10-11 God slew a great slaughter at Gideon and other cities. When the victims fled, God cast down great stones from Heaven. More died by God’s hailstones than the Israeli soldiers killed by sword.

Defense: God has the perfect right to exterminate anyone He chooses.

Prosecutor: Then, you admit that God murdered all these people.

Defense: No! If God does it – it is not murder!

Prosecutor: You are a lawyer; sir, and you know what murder is.

Defense: (Whispers) Go to hell.

112. Joshua 10:12-13 Joshua ordered God to make the Sun and the Moon stand still so Joshua could finish God’s murdering.

Prosecutor: What? God obeyed the voice of a man who murdered for Him. 

113. Joshua 10:22-26 The five kings remained alive Prisoners Of War. Joshua said: Put your foot on their necks. Do not be afraid, be firm. Joshua struck and murdered them. He hanged the 5 Kings (P.O.W.s) on 5 trees.

Defense: Objection! Those evil Kings were just in the way of God’s “Promised Land” agenda. Again, it is all God’s land to give to whomever God chooses.

Prosecutor: So, you agree with God’s murdering and thieving?

Silence, along with the defense’s hard and long, despising glare.

114. Joshua 10:28-42 Joshua captured, and God slaughtered the cities: Makkedah, Libnah, Lachish, Gezer, Eglon, Hebron, and Debir and murdered every person leaving no survivors, not even their Kings.

Defense: Objection! Joshua did the slaughtering – not God!

Prosecutor: Again, the defense does not believe the Bible as documented. God slaughtered the cities – so God is guilty.

115. Joshua 11:20 God hardened the hearts of the people God wanted killed for their land. God made them war with the Israelites so that God could kill them.

Defense: Objection! You might condemn God’s actions, but you cannot condemn God!

(Everyone paused in silent bewilderment.)

Prosecutor: Well, that is absolutely true – unless it isn’t.

(Someone laughed.)

The Judge used his gavel and shouted: Order in the court!

116. Joshua 12:7-24 Joshua captured and murdered over 30 countries and their Kings.

117. Joshua 24:5 God boasted: Then I, God, sent Moses and Aaron and murdered Egypt.

Prosecutor: If the Bible is to be believed at all, doesn’t this Bible C&V serve as God’s documented confession?

Defense: Objection! God did not write the Bible. So, no! That C&V does not serve as God’s confession.

Prosecutor: Then, was the Bible “God inspired”? What is your ruling, Judge?

Judge: (sigh) For the purpose and consequence of this trial, I declare that not all of the Bible was God inspired.

118. Joshua 24:7-14 God said: After you witnessed what I did in Egypt, you dwelt in the desert for a long time. I brought you to this land and I destroyed it before you. I sent hornets ahead of you and drove them out of your way. It was not your sword or bow. I gave you land that you did not till and cities you did not build. Therefore, fear God, obey, and serve Him completely and sincerely.

Prosecutor: God admitted here to murder people and to steal their land for His chosen people. God murdered, stole and gave them land that they were not entitled to.

Defense: (weakly going through the motions): Objection. Ah, out of context?

119. Judges 1:4-6 God slew 10,000 men and cut off Adoni-Bezek’s thumbs and big toes.

120. Judges 3:31 Shamgar (God’s savior) slew 600 Philistines.

121. Judges 8:10 God murdered 120,000 men that drew sword.

Prosecutor: Are you numb as to numbers that God has murdered?

Defense: Objection. Leading the jury.

Judge: Sustained.

122. Judges 9:1-5 Abimelech, God’s chosen, murdered his 70 brothers.

Prosecutor: As documented, Abimelech is the type of murderous character that the Biblical God chooses to fulfill His agendas?

123. Judges 10:7 The anger of God was hot against Israel and God sold them out.

Prosecutor: Here is documented proof of God selling out His “chosen” people. Was God loyal to others or is it only loyalty to Him?

Defense: I have loyal faith in my God!

124. Judges 11:30-39 God had Jephthah murder 20 cities for Him. Then, God had Jephthah’s 13-year-old daughter first to come through his door, to happily welcome her father home. Jephthah gave his virgin daughter 2 months to mourn her virginity in that she couldn’t live long enough to bear children. Jephthah then sacrificed his only child by burnt-offering to the Biblical God.

Prosecutor: Robert Ingersoll has documented: “It is impossible for me to conceive of a character more utterly detestable than that of the Hebrew god.” Ingersoll’s Works: Vol. 2, p. 237

Defense: Objection! Atheist hearsay.

Judge: Sustained! I will not let your expert witness testify against God. The jury will disregard that atheist, that heathen, that sinning low-life, Robert Ingersoll.

125. Judges 13:1 The Israelites again offended God. God sold the Israelites out to the Philistines for 40 years.

Prosecutor: Here is another documented example of the Biblical God “selling out” His chosen people. Hark! The know-it-all Biblical God made many documented errors. God’s promises to His people are false and bogus. 

126. Judges 14:1-4 Samson saw a Philistine woman that orchestrated God’s plan to go against the Philistines. God had Samson be born and become a weapon to destroy and murder the Philistines.

Prosecutor: This Bible C&V evidence documents the Biblical God’s motive, means and intent to murder selected Human Beings. Any Bible C&V mention of a Satan or Devil so far?

127. Judges 14:11-20 Samson bet 30 men 30 tunics to solve a riddle. Upon losing the bet, the Spirit of God inspired Samson to murder 30 men in town for their tunics to pay the debt off. Samson’s wife, who had just married Samson, made him lose the bet. Then, she married Samson’s best man.

Prosecutor: It is hereby documented by Bible C&V that the Spirit of God inspired Samson to murder 30 innocent, Human men so that Samson could steal their tunics. Do the jurors sense God’s guilt by inspiring Samson to murder these 30 men and to steal their clothes?

Defense: Objection: God has the right to do what He does. How dare you take issue with Almighty God!

Prosecutor: The defense admits to and supports God’s guilt, your honor.

Judge: Sidebar! (Whispering) You two are totally pissing me off. Now, stop making it difficult for this court and carefully do your job. (Addressing the jury): The jury will disregard the defense’s comment.

(Some jurors looked relieved.)

128. Judges 15:15-16 God released Samson’s hands; he found a jawbone of an ass and murdered 1,000 men. Samson said: With the jawbone of an ass, I have slain a thousand men.

Prosecutor: The Biblical God released Samson’s hands so Samson could kill 1,000 men.

129. Judges 16:29-30 Samson killed more men and women bringing down the temple than he had murdered during his entire lifetime and died himself.

Prosecutor: God created Samson to murder all the Human Beings documented by this Bible C&V evidence. The Biblical God proves to be guilty of motive, intent and the actual murdering of these – more than 2,000 – Human Beings. How did Samson, God’s killing machine, make out?

130. Judges 18:27 They attacked Laish, a quiet and trusting people. They murdered them and destroyed their city by fire. Catholic

Prosecutor: Do you think that any good children died in a city of “quiet and trusting people”? Does this Bible C&V alter your view of the Biblical God’s mass-murdering? Do these questions matter to any thinking juror today?

Judge: You are again in contempt of court! And, your crime, sir, far surpasses any punishment you will receive!

Prosecutor: As prosecutor, I am doing my job, your honor. Can the defense provide any sane defense of this mass-murdering God?

Judge (Whispers to himself) God-Damned Atheist.

131. Judges 20:22 The Israelites asked God: Should I again engage my brother in battle? God said they should.

Prosecutor: The Biblical God condones His “Chosen Israelites” to mass-murder each other.

132. Judges 20:24 But, when they met for the second time, God had His Benjamites kill another 18,000 of His Israelites.

133. Judges 20:26-28 The Israelites offered sacrifice to the Lord and God said to them: Attack tomorrow and I will deliver them to you.

134. Judges 20:35 On the 3rd day the Israelis killed 25,100 Benjamites.

Prosecutor: Are you adding up the mass death tolls?

135. Judges 20:48 The Israelites murdered the inhabitants of the Benjamite cities they chanced upon. They destroyed, by fire, all the Benjamite / Israelis they came upon.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is the Biblical God in control? Did God have a legal, mental intent to kill all these people? Is there any evidence that proves that people died who God did not intend to die? Have you personally seen the result of this “One God of Abraham” direction to those who worship Him to murder each other? How about Protestant and Catholics murdering each other? How about Muslims and Christians murdering each other? All this killing takes place because of the insane, murderous demands of this Biblical God – who is currently on trial.

Defense: Objection! How dare you presume to know the mind of God!

Judge: Sustained.

136. Judges 21:10-11 Twelve thousand (12,000) soldiers were ordered to Jabesh-Gilead to murder those who lived there including women and children.

137. Judges 21:12&16 Except for 400 virgins, God murdered all the Benjamite women.

Prosecutor: It is obvious that any Human Being, who gets in the way of the Biblical God’s agenda, God has them exterminated. By what criteria can the Biblical God be considered good, just and fair?

Defense: (jumps up!) He is God! He is innocent because He is God. Praise God! If any juror finds God guilty, he will face God’s holy wrath on judgment day!

Prosecutor: (jumps up!) Your honor, I object to the defense threatening the jury!

Judge: Sit down – both of you!

(Long, silent stare.)

138. I Samuel 2:6-7 God kills and makes alive; God makes the rich and the poor.

Prosecution: Hummm, The profit, Samuel, documents that God kills. And, that God makes the rich and the poor. Ecclesiastes 10:19 states that: “money answers all things”.

Defense: Objection! Sidebar, your honor! (privately): “Judge, you and I, know about money. This layman jury should not know that the Bible says this about money.”

Judge: Agreed. The jury will disregard Ecclesiastes 10:19.

Prosecutor: Judge, you would have the jury disregard a Bible C&V?

The judge looks away angrily as his jaw muscles tighten.

139. I Samuel 2:22 & 34 God’s priests are misusing tithes and having sexual relations with women who serve at the meeting tent entrance. God will put them to death which will give rise to the priest, Samuel.

140. I Samuel 4:2 God had the enemy Philistines murder about 4,000 Israelites.

141. I Samuel 4:10-11 God killed 30,000 more Israelites and the 2 bad priests.

142. I Samuel 6:19 God slaughtered 50,070 men who looked into the Arc of God.

(This is one of the few sizable differences between Bibles. The KJV documented 50,070. The Catholic version documented that God slew only 70.)

143. I Samuel 15:3 God said: Go smite Amalek, utterly destroy all that they have, spare them not; slay (murder) both man and woman, babies and suckling.

Prosecutor: I again charge God with ordering the murdering of men, women and children.

144. I Samuel 15:8-11 Saul killed but spared King Agag, alive. Then, God said: I regret having made Saul King. He has not kept My command.

Prosecutor: God’s command to Saul was to murder all whom God wanted dead.

145. I Samuel 15:18-19 Samuel, God’s prophet, said: Saul, go exterminate / murder them. Why have you disobeyed the Lord?

Prosecutor: This is evidence that Saul did not kill all whom God wanted dead.

Defense: Objection! That’s your interpretation!

Judge: Over-ruled.

146. I Samuel 15:23 God’s prophet, Samuel, said to Saul: Rebellion is sin. Because you have rejected God’s command to murder them all, God has rejected you as ruler.

147. I Samuel 15:32-35 Samuel commanded to bring King Agag to him, and Samuel cut Agag to pieces before God. God regretted having made Saul King. KJV

Prosecution: Here is Samuel, God’s prophet, cutting a King to pieces before God.

148. I Samuel 18:25-27 (God’s chosen) David is given task to deliver 100 Philistine foreskins for a dowry. David murders 200 Philistines, circumcises their corpses and counted them out before Saul to win Saul’s daughter, Michal. Catholic.

149. I Samuel 19:9-10 An evil spirit from God came upon Saul and he tried to nail David to the wall with a spear. David got away. Saul commanded: Bring David up to me in bed so that I may kill him.

Prosecutor: An “evil spirit” came from Who? Let it sink in. An “evil spirit” came from God to make Saul try to murder David. Israel’s God did it all. 

Defense: Objection: The prosecution proves to be Biblically ignorant as no “evil” could ever come from my perfect God.

Judge: Move along.

150. II Samuel 5:17-20 The Philistines searched for David. David asked God if he should attack them. God said: Attack the Philistines! I will deliver them to you. David attacked and defeated them.

151. II Samuel 6:1-8 David assembled 30,000 men of Israel to move the Arc of God. Uzzah guided the Arc and reached out his hand to steady the Arc for the oxen were making it tip. That angered God. God murdered Uzzah. David was disturbed because God murdered Uzzah.

Sidenote: God had the Israelites build, by God’s specifications, this “Arc” which is an idol to God. The “Caduceus” and the “Arc” are both God-ordered idols. In God’s 10 Commandments, God forbid idols. 

152. II Samuel 7:9 God told David: I have been with you wherever you went and have destroyed / murdered your enemies before you.

153. II Samuel 11:2-17 King David knocked-up Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba. David ordered Uriah, (Bathsheba’s husband), one of David’s officers, Joab’s armor bearer, to be killed in battle so that David could have Bathsheba.

Prosecutor: It is well documented that King David, who had Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, killed, was one of the Biblical God’s favorite characters in the entire Bible. David, who lied, cheated, stole and killed was almost as evil as his God.

Defense: Objection! (Smoozing) God is good, just and fair, and God loves all His children.

154. II Samuel 12:13-18 David shall not die. God, instead, murdered David’s and Bathsheba’s baby at seven days of age.

Prosecutor: This is raw documented evidence of the “just and fairness” of the Biblical God.

155. II Samuel 24:15 God offered David 3 punishments to choose from. David chose # 3, pestilence. God stopped murdering, by plague, His own Israelites at 70,000 dead.

156. I Chronicles 21:12-14 God used a destroying Angel and (God) sent pestilence upon (His Own Chosen) Israel and 70,000 men died.

Prosecutor: I charge God with murdering 70,000 more Human Beings by plague. Btw, they were God’s “chosen Israelites”. 

157. II Chronicles 13:15-18 God killed Jeroboam and all Israel. God delivered them and Abijah and his people slew them. It was a great slaughter. 500,000 chosen men of Israel were slain.

Prosecutor: I charge the Biblical God for the murder of another 500,000 of His own chosen Israelites.

Mark Twain wrote: “These people’s God has shown them by a million acts that he respects none of the Bible’s statutes. He breaks every one of them himself, adultery and all”.

Defense: Objection! Mark Twain was an Atheist slime-bag just like the prosecutor!

Judge: Sustained! I told you about your “expert witnesses”! The jury is to disregard Mark Twain.

158. II Chronicles 15:9-13 God murdered 1 million Ethiopians.

Prosecutor: I charge the Biblical God with the mass-murder of 1 million (black) Ethiopians. Hummm, God chose the Jews over all other races. In Matthew 15:24 Jesus said  that He was sent by God only for the Jews. God murdered 1 million black Human Beings. Is the God of the Old Testament and Jesus Christ of the New Testament documented by Bible C&V to be racists? 

159. II Chronicles 15:12-13 Everyone small, great, man or woman, who would not seek God will be put to death.

Prosecutor: Behold, by Bible documentation, the egocentric, jealous and insane mind of a psychopathic mass-murderer. 

160. I Kings 18:19&40 God had Elijah murder 450 prophets of Baal.

Prosecutor: Elijah, one of God’s prophets, murdered 450 Human Beings.

Defense: Judge, God took Elijah to Himself in Heaven without Elijah ever dying. God definitely loved his prophet, Elijah, no matter what he did.

161. I Kings 20:35-36 God caused a prophet to say to his companion: Strike me. The companion refused. God’s prophet said: Since you did not obey the voice of God, when we part a lion will kill you. When they parted a lion killed him.

162. II Kings 2:23-24 Elisha went up to Bethel. Some small boys jeered at Elisha: “Go up bald head.” Elisha cursed the small boys in the name of God and two she-bears came out of the woods and tore 42 of the children to pieces. Catholic

Prosecutor: I charge God with tearing apart 42 children just for calling His prophet “bald head”.

163. II Kings 17:26 & 36 God sent lions to kill people because they did not know how to worship and sacrifice to God.

Prosecutor: I charge that God sent lions to kill people because God wanted specific worship and sacrifice. This proves that this narcissistic character is insane and egocentric.

Defense: Objection!

Prosecutor: I’m sorry, your honor! Please withdraw my last statement as I do not want this heinous, evil character to get off on an insanity plea.

Judge: Request denied! The statement stands.

164. II Kings 19:35 God’s Angel murdered 185,000 Assyrians.

Prosecutor: I charge that God used His “Hit-Angel” to murder 185,000 more Human Beings.

Note: Satan is not assumed to be God’s “Death Angel”.

165. Job 2:3 God said to Satan: You (Satan) enticed / moved / tempted Me (God) against him (Job) to ruin him (Job) without cause.

Prosecutor: In Job 2:3, God confessed that He, God, was ultimately responsible for the murders of Job’s children and his servants. God also confessed that Satan successfully enticed / tempted / moved God – as documented in various Bibles. Why would a “just” God send Human Beings into Eternal Torment for being tempted / enticed / moved by Satan if God Himself was successfully tempted / enticed / moved by Satan? Believers do believe God’s sacred and inerrant words in Job 2:3 – don’t they? Christian believers claim that Satan is “the evil one”, who tempts them to do evil, don’t they? Why then, in “The Lord’s Prayer”, do believers pray to God: “Lead Us NOT Into Temptation”?

166. Psalm 135:10 God, who smote great nations and slew mighty Kings…

167. Psalm 137:9 God’s inspired Bible documents: Happy shall he be that take and dash your little ones against the stones.

Defense: Objection!

Prosecutor: If this isn’t the Biblical God’s confession of murder, what is?

168. Isaiah 13:18 God said: Have no mercy on infants, no compassion on children.

Prosecutor: The Biblical has no mercy or compassion for infants and children.

169. Isaiah 14:21 God said: Prepare a place to slaughter his children for the sins of their ancestors.

Prosecutor: God ordered / inspired Isaiah to make ready to slaughter the sons for the guilt of their fathers. This documents that God orders to kill children for the guilt / sins of their fathers – just like David’s and Bathsheba’s 7-day-old infant son had to die for their sin.

170. Isaiah 47:9 God said: You will be overtaken in a moment, on a single day: loss of children and widowhood.

171. Isaiah 63:3-6 God said: I trample people in My anger and My wrath. The people’s lifeblood spattered on My garments and stained all My robes. Vengeance was in My heart. My arm brought Me victory. My wrath sustained Me. I trampled down people in My anger. I crushed them in My wrath. I poured out their lifeblood on the Earth.

Judge: I’m exhausted. Court will re-convene at 10 AM tomorrow morning. (Gavel)


Bailiff: All rise. Court is now in session.

Prosecutor: Good morning your honor; ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

172. Jeremiah 48:10 God said: Cursed be he who holds back his sword from blood.

Judge: Mister Prosecutor, I’ve had a couple sleepless nights because of you. Yes, my ego is attached to God. I serve Him with every breath. Your charges don’t matter and as a judge, I’m compelled to testify to this jury and my court that God depends on me to support and promote Him – to keep Him alive in the hearts of believers. Now – you may resume.

Prosecutor: Judge, according to Lew Paz’s book “Pushing Ultimate’s”, your testimony is similar to the statement of Angelus Silesius who said: “I know God cannot live one instant without me; were I to become nothing, he (God) would give up the ghost”.

Lew also wrote: “The Kabala clarifies the need God has of humanity to fulfill “His” own enigmatic existence.”

Prosecutor continues: Judge, and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I submit that EGO and GOD are synonymous. Without your EGO, no GOD could exist to you.

Judge: You really are looking forward to some hard jail-time and Eternal Damnation, aren’t you? Resume.

173. Jeremiah 50:21 God said: Slaughter, doom them. Do all that I command you.

174. Jeremiah 51:20-23 God said: With you I shatter man and woman, old and youth, young man and woman. You are My weapon of war. With you, I will murder nations, kingdoms, horse and rider, chariot and driver, man and wife, old and young, youth and maiden.

Prosecutor: For believers, this is evidence that the Biblical God has served as the murderous model for the tyrants in Human history.

175. Ezekiel 5:10-1 God said: Fathers shall eat sons; sons shall eat fathers. I’ll inflict punishment on you and scatter you in every direction.

176. Ezekiel 5:11-15 God said: You have defiled My sanctuary. I will cut you down, no pity, no, mercy. 1/3rd of you shall die of pestilence. 1/3rd of you will die of the sword. I will scatter and pursue 1/3rd of you with the sword. I will send famine against you and rob you of your children. I have jealousy, anger and fury. I God have spoken in My jealousy. I will wreak My fury upon them until I am appeased. They shall know I am God. I will make you a waste among nations. I God have spoken.

Prosecutor: This shows God’s motivation, means and agenda for murder.

Defense (weakly): Objection.

177. Ezekiel 9:4-10 God said: Pass through Jerusalem. Mark an X (Catholic, actually a T / Tau) on the forehead who complain of abominations practiced in it. Do not look at them with pity or show any mercy. Slay utterly old and young, both maids, little children and women. Wipe them out. Do not touch any marked with the X. Defile the temple. Fill the court with the murdered. I (Ezekiel) cried out: God, will you destroy all that is left in Israel? God said: I will not show any mercy.

Prosecutor: Do rational believers, who know what this God has done, love or even like this God?

Defense: I love my God with all my heart and soul. Praise God! You Sir are going to Hell!

Judge (Court-room commotion): Order in the court!

178. Ezekiel 18:3-4 God said: All souls (KJV) lives (Catholic) are Mine. All sinners shall die.

Defense: (Frustrated) Damn-it! All sinners should die, starting with you, you Atheist Son-Of-A-Bitch!

Judge: Order! There will be order in all of my court!


Prosecutor: May I continue, your honor?

The judge coldly stares at the prosecutor.

179. Ezekiel 20:25 God said: I gave them statutes and ordinances that were not good so they could not live.

Defense: Objection! Your honor, the prosecution is constantly twisting the evidence to say what he wants it to say.

Prosecution: To the defense, if you find, in evidence, a Bible C&V error, please, submit your correction.

180. Ezekiel 20:26-33 God said: I let them become defiled by their gifts, by their immolation (sacrifice) of their first-born. They offer up their sacrifices. Their offensive offerings sent up appeasing odors by making their children pass through fire. As I live, says God, I will be King over you. Catholic

Catholic Bible Note, Pg. 740: God permitted them to sacrifice their newborn infants to Him. God loved to smell the children’s burning flesh. 

Prosecutor: I charge that God wanted them to sacrifice their newborn and that they did so. God is not the type of character to permit something He didn’t want. God again is shown to love to smell of burning fat – that the on-fire burning children – produced.

Defense: Objection! That is too gross for any jury. Besides, the prosecution cannot assume to know the mind, preferences and passions of almighty God!

Judge: Sustained.

181. Ezekiel 20:33 God said: I will claim the first fruits of your offerings. As a pleasing odor, I accept you.

Leviticus 1:9, 18 & 3:5 In sacrifice, the fragrance of the burning fat is God’s.

Prosecutor: Behold, ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. God is again referring to His loving the smell of burning fat around Human organs; ergo, it concerns your children’s burning guts and fat. Isn’t it time to get this evil, brutal character off the streets? It was Jephthah’s daughter provided this fragrant smell for God as God accepted Jephthah’s burnt sacrifice of his daughter in Judges 11:30-39.

182. Ezekiel 21:8-36 God said: I draw My sword and cut off from you the virtuous and the wicked. Everyone shall know it shall not be sheathed again. The sword has been sharpened to work slaughter. I have put a sharpened sword in the hand of a slayer. I will pour out My indignation and fiery wrath on you. I hand you over to ravaging men. You shall be fuel for the fire. Your blood shall flow throughout the land.

Prosecutor: These are the words of an insane, mass-murderer.

Defense: Objection. Interpretation!

183. Ezekiel 23:22 God said: I will stir up your lovers against you from all sides. I will let loose My jealousy against you, so that they will cut off your nose and your ears; they will murder you and burn you. I will hand you over to those you hate. They committed adultery with their idols. To feed them, they sacrificed children they bore Me. They slew their children for their idols. Men shall punish them with the sentence melted out for adultery and murder. God said: Deliver them to terror and plunder.

Prosecutor: The Bible proves to be a handbook for terrorism.

Defense: My God, man, God has to put fear in the hearts of man so that man will obey God.

184. Ezekiel 23:36-47 God said to me: Hack them to pieces and slay their sons and daughters. Catholic

Prosecutor: I charge that God ordered stupid people to slay their sons and daughters – and some obeyed God’s heinous order. Would you do this onto others? Would you have others do this unto you? You can ask these questions concerning all of these “God Murders”, just to figure out who you are. If you condone, worship, promote, support and finance this God, you must condone these murderous deeds that this God is documented to have done. Is this really the God you love? Can you define “hypocrisy”? Evil harms people. Good does no harm. Which, between good and evil, best describes the Biblical God?

185. Ezekiel 25 God said: I will stretch out My hand against you. I will execute great vengeance on them, punishing them furiously. They shall know I am God when I wreak My vengeance on them. Her daughters shall be slaughtered on the mainland by the sword; thus, they shall know I am God. I bring King Nebuchadnezzar against Tyre and he shall slay your daughters. He will slay your people and pull your pillars to the ground. Never shall you rebuild. God has spoken. I will thrust you down with those in the pit. I will make you dwell in the nether lands, in the everlasting ruins, so you may never return to take your place in the land of the living. I’ll make you a devastation. You shall be no more. You’ll be sought, but never found again, so said God.

Prosecutor: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, if the Biblical God’s own diary, the Bible, has any merit with you, you do not have to be a Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) to produce more damaging evidence that the Biblical God is guilty of all these murders.

Defense; Objection! Premature conclusion!

Judge: Moving on.

186. Ezekiel 28 God said: I will bring against you enemies that will murder you. They shall thrust you down into the pit to die a bloodied corpse. Will you say: I am God when you face your murderers? I have brought out fire to devour you to dust. You shall be no more. I am God and I inflict punishments and pestilence to manifest My holiness. Blood shall flow in the streets.

Prosecutor: Can you identify a terrorist when you hear one?

187. Ezekiel 29 God said Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, I am coming at you. I give Egypt to Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar. He shall carry off its riches, plundering and pillaging it for the wages of his soldiers, who did it for Me. As payment for his toil, I gave Egypt to him so they will know I am God, says the Lord.

Prosecutor: I charge that God murdered people just to let them know He was God. King Nebuchadnezzar was an enemy of God’s chosen Hebrews. God turned on His chosen people and used this King to capture and put His Hebrews into captivity. God inspired King Nebuchadnezzar to write portions of His diary, the Bible.

Defense: Of course! Human Beings are not too smart. God had to get their attention.

Judge (reaction from the crowd and the jury): Order in the court! There will be order in my court!

188. Ezekiel 30 God said: I will murder the multitude of Egypt by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. His people, the most terrible of the nations, shall destroy the land. They shall draw their swords against Egypt and fill the land with the slain. They shall know that I am God when I set fire to Egypt and break all who help her. My command to terrify unsuspecting Ethiopia is coming. I shall put an end of Egypt by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar. He and his most ruthless people shall be brought in to devastate the land. They shall fill Egypt with the slain. Everything I hand over to the foreigners to devastate. I, God have spoken. I will inflict punishment on Egypt that they may know that I am the Lord. I will break Pharaoh and strengthen the King of Babylon by putting My sword in his hand. They shall know I am God.

Prosecutor: God is documented to have said in Ezekiel 30: My command to terrify unsuspecting Ethiopia is coming? What? God, again, just qualified His Bible to be a terrorist textbook. Are you sure this insane God / Character, fictitious or not, isn’t called Allah 9/11? In depicting murderous evil, Islam’s Qur’an has nothing over the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Defense: Objection! That heathen book, the Qur’an, has absolutely nothing to do with God and the Bible.

Prosecutor: Your honor, and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, again, the Judeo- Christian God and the Koran’s Allah are the same exact Character – the “One God of Abraham”. If you say something against Allah – you are saying something against your Judeo-Christian God.

Defense: Objection! Blasphemy! Blasphemy. Your honor!

Judge: I’ll see both counsels in my chambers.

(Court continued:)

Judge: For the purposes of this trial, the jury is directed to disregard the fact that the Judeo-Christian God and the Koran’s Allah are the same character.

189. Ezekiel 39:17-19 God said: You shall have flesh to eat and blood to drink. You shall drink blood until you are drunk.

Prosecutor: Consider this – each of you. How does your personal god resemble the God of the Bible?

Defense: Objection! Personal gods are of no concern here. There is only one God!

Judge: Sustained.

Prosecutor continues: God’s behavior depicts: I am the value. I am the authority. I am entitled. Human Ego behavior also depicts: I am the value. I am the authority. I am entitled. Judge, and ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I submit that Ego and God are synonymous. Without your Ego, no God could exist to you.

Judge: You really are looking forward to some hard jail-time and Eternal-Damnation, aren’t you? Resume.

190. Hosea 10:14 God said: The roar of battle will rise against your people so that all your fortresses will be devastated on the day of battle when mothers are dashed to the ground with their children.

191. Hosea 13:16 God said: They shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed to pieces, their expectant mothers shall be ripped open.

192. Nahum 3:10 God said: She was taken captive and went into exile. Her infants were dashed to pieces at every street corner.

Judge: My God, Man. Do you learn nothing! Humble yourself! Lay off the children!

A pregnant woman in the jury threw up.

Prosecutor: I am truly sorry for God’s documented behavior, your Honor. But is there any doubt now as to why mankind’s history has been so murderous and cruel? This is the God they worshipped. They were fanatic in wanting to become God-like. Again, the God of the Bible is not a good God and the Bible is not a good model for Humanity. 

193. Zechariah 13:3 God commanded: If a man prophesies a lie in the name of the Lord, his father and mother, shall thrust him through.

Prosecutor: If a man prophesies a lie, the God of the Bible demands that the mother and father murder their son for God.  Maybe if US politicians believed this Bible C&V, they would refrain from publicly lying so much to our country and the rest of the world. 

194. Zechariah 14:2 God said: I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it. The city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped.

Prosecutor: This is evidence that God not only murders His own Jews, but that God causes rape. Is this the Biblical God that you worship, adore, praise, promote, support and finance? If so, I ask you – why?

Judge: (Gavel) I’m exhausted. Court will re-convene at 10 AM tomorrow morning.


The New Testament

Bailiff: All rise. Court is now in session.

Prosecutor: Good morning, Judge, ladies and gentlemen.

195. Acts 5:1-10 Ananias and Sapphira sold their land, kept some of the money and gave the rest to the Peter. Peter asked Ananias why Satan filled his heart to retain part of his money. Ananias fell dead. Then, Peter asked Sapphira, his wife: Did you sell your land for this amount? She said: Yes. Then, Peter said: Do you test God? She also fell and died.

Prosecutor: God murdered Ananias and Sapphira – or “Saint” Peter, the 1st Pope and the Cornerstone of The Catholic Church, murdered both of them because they did not give all of their money to the cause. Peter, and or God, wanted, expected and obviously felt entitled to all of their money, so they had to die. If the money belonged to Ananias and Sapphira, how did the punishment of death for both of them fit the crime? Or did God have Peter rob and kill them?

196. Luke 19:27 Jesus Christ said: And, as for those, Mine enemies, who would not have Me be King over them, bring them before Me and slay them. 

Prosecutor: Jesus Christ, who many Christians believe to be the Holy Spirit and the Old Testament God, demands that if you do not make Him King over you, to bring you before Him and to slay you. If Jesus Christ is the Old Testament God, then Jesus Christ is guilty of each count of murder exhibited during this trial.

197. Revelation 2:23 The Son of Man (Jesus Christ) said: I will kill her children.

Prosecutor: Ladies and gentlemen, if Jesus Christ would slay Human Beings who would not have Jesus be King and rule over them – as documented in Luke 19:27 and if Jesus would, for any reason, kill a woman’s children – as documented in Revelation 2:23 – Jesus Christ loses me. Do you absolutely claim that Jesus Christ is the God of the Old Testament? If so, did Jesus Christ do all “The God Murders” that are documented by C&V in The Old Testament?

Prosecutor: Now, ladies and gentlemen, behold the most notorious of all of the Biblical God’s murders:

Matthew 26:39 Jesus cried out to God: “My Father, if possible, let this cup pass from me.”

Prosecutor: It is documented that Jesus Christ begged His Father, the Biblical God, to save Him from death – actually three (3) times.

198. Matthew 27:46 Jesus (while on the cross) cried out: “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?” My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?

Prosecutor: By Jesus Christ’s personal testimony, the “in control” Biblical God intentionally forsakes His only begotten Son, by having Jesus tortured and crucified which fulfilled God’s pre-meditated and murderous agenda.

Defense: Objection: The prosecutor cannot possibly know the mind of God!

Prosecutor: “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?” / My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Judge: Enough! You are done, sir! The prosecution will conclude and sum up on the charges.

Prosecutor: But Judge, there are so many more!

Judge (Gavel): This court orders you to sum up, now!

Prosecutor: Judge please, there are so many more remaining Bible C&Vs  that also depict “The God Murders”. One written statisitical testimony submitted: 399,933 Human Beings were directly murdered by the Biblical God plus 2,017,956 murdered by God’s followers which equals 2,417,889 plus unknown millions of Human Beings murdered by God in Noah’s flood. How many millions of Egypt’s firstborn did God’s “Death-Angle” murder on God’s orders? God’s “Death-Angel” also murdered 1 million Ethiopians, 500,000 Israelites. God murdered every man, woman and child in over 60 entire cities at the time of Moses and Joshua! I request more time. Some writers have estimated God’s murders to be over 25 million within the pages of the Bible.

Judge: (Gavel!) (shouting) Request denied! Your time is up. Proceed with your summery now so we can dismiss this sham of a trial and get down to some humble, much needed prayer! We will take a 10-minute recess. When we come back, you will cut it short and sum up.


The Prosecution Summary

Prosecutor: Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. Is it not time to retire the Biblical God and His Bible to the Smithsonian Institute Library? It belongs alongside the artifacts of other historical murdering and land-stealing criminals like Moses, Joshua, David, Alexander The Great, Ganges Khan, Attila the Hun, Hannibal, Caesar, Nero, Caligula, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, the US Government murders of millions of native Americans, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon and George W. Bush, to name a few.

Defense: (jumps up!) Objection! George W. Bush was a great President and God told him to attack Iraq! God chose President George W. Bush to rule over The United States of America. George W. Bush is not guilty because he was justified by God!

Prosecutor: Jeremiah 49:19 states that the Biblical God said: Who can call Me to account?

Jeremiah 50:44 states that the Biblical God said: Who calls Me to account?

I, Gary DeVaney, call the Biblical God, fictitious or not, to account based on the Bible documented C&V evidence.

Yes, should the Biblical God not exist, it will be impossible to punish this God under US criminal charges. However, under US civil charges, if the preponderance of the evidence proves that God is over 50% guilty of the wrongful death charges, according to US civil law and documented evidence, God is liable. If the Biblical God is responsible for unlawful Human deaths to satisfy His own sacred feelings and heinous agendas; then, couldn’t God be banished from Humanity by Humanity further rejecting God’s murderous influence?

If believers stop supporting this Biblical God’s myth, and stop filling the collection plate, the Biblical God, like so many other myths and gods of old, will also eventually fade away. The learning of and the supporting of decent, unbiased civil and criminal laws can reasonably, logically and successfully replace this ancient, corrupt, insane and murderous God-model. For justice to be true, justice must be blind as to who is put on trial for their criminal deeds. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, justice must not recognize favoritism. Isn’t it time that humanity outgrew this voodoo God, and these dark ages?



A Dreadful God

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, what more can be said about a dreadful God? A God who duplicates God’s evil within the genetics God creates. This is a God who takes pleasure in the sacrificial destruction of innocent animals and who demands no-prisoner-war between Human Beings. An unchanging, in control God who feasts upon the bizarre entertainment of their destroying one another while sitting amused and with immunity.

Blood and burning guts appear to appease God’s savage passions. The Biblical God seems to enjoy bizarre pleasures and to occasionally become intoxicated by His angry wickedness of murder. With each event, God’s mind appears more addicted and sicker, passionately craving to sternly top the previous holocaust of horror, torture, anguish, death; the physical and emotional pain which feeds His ecstasy.

This is the God of the Bible, who people still worship today for His “wonderful plagues”. A God, who invents new and less boring ways to slaughter and torment His creations on Earth and then, after death, God sentences them into “Eternal Torment”.

God proves that His insanity was and is contagious. What more can be said?


Judge: The jury will adjourn to decide the guilt or innocence of God. (Gavel)


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