Why Christians Will NOT Debate The Bible

The Holy Spirit

The God Murders website is the Atheist’s best friend

“Intelligence is categorical”

“Insanity is contagious”

“A high percentage of stupid is stubborn”

Proverbs 23:9 Speak not in the ears of a fool for he will despise the wisdom of your words.
(Occasionally, The Bible Does Have A Gem.)

Some believers claim that learning reality is a sin.

Believers operate as if they have a license to ignore reality.

You are kept in the graveyard of your own obsolete beliefs by the stubbornness of your senselessness programming.

There is nothing more embarrassing than to get caught with an outdated hangup.

Galileo: All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them.

Gary DeVaney: But even if the mind-set believer does discover the truth, being mind-set, he or she, cannot accept the truth. Understanding is an intellectual process. Acceptance is an emotional process. Believing is mostly the programming of the will. Unrealistic belief proves that a high percentage of stupid is stubborn.

“The God Virus”

“The God Virus” was a term used by Richard Dawkins.

Dr. Darrel Ray wrote an excellent book called “The God Virus”.

I, Gary DeVaney, perceive that what Christians call “The Holy Spirit” is the same thing as “The God Virus”.

Why? Christians accuse me that I cannot understand God because I do not have “The Holy Spirit”.

I may have had The God Virus / The Holy Spirit at one time when I was a licensed, ordained minister. Privately reading the Bible and highlighting the controversial C&Vs that jumped off the page for me, cured me. I stopped being a believer. I became a thinking Atheist.

I personally can and will debate any controversial Bible C&V with anybody. Christians, who are infected by The God Virus / The Holy Spirit cannot and will not acknowledge, question, address nor debate selected, controversial C&Vs of the Bible.

Mindset believers protest, complain, criticize, avoid, evade and allude controversial Bible C&Vs. Believers will preach, attack, condemn and threaten Eternal-Torment if you expose, take issue with and debate controversial Bible C&Vs.

Conclusion: Believers are infected by The God Virus / The Holy Spirit that I am not infected by. I can think, question and debate the controversial Bible C&Vs. When believers are infected by The God Virus / The Holy Spirit, the virus prevents believers from thinking, questioning, acknowledging, addressing, debating and / or defending the controversial Bible C&Vs.

The God Virus / The Holy Spirit also affects their normal courage and their willingness to debate these Bible C&V topics. They obviously do not think that they can win a controversial, on topic, Biblical C&V debate.

As Dr. Darrel Ray points out, a virus tries to duplicate itself in the hosts of others. The God Virus / The Holy Spirit operates in that exact manner. It’s called “Christian Conversion”.

Experienced Christian Clergy, will not debate the Biblical God nor the Bible’s controversial C&Vs. They authoritatively, yet quickly, beg-off – usually by threats and in anger – pretending that they don’t have time. This means that “Experienced Christian Clergy” don’t have time to do their job.

Christian believers prove to neither have the emotional courage nor the intellectual knowledge / tools to successfully debate the Bible’s controversial C&Vs.

If you should take issue with the Biblical God’s murderous deeds / the Bible’s controversial C&Vs, believers will totally disregard your C&V topic. Instead, they will “hatefully” attack you, the issue-taker – while claiming that they are not. When they are caught, even in print attacking you, denial is automatic.

Gary DeVaney: Concerning belief, if something is NOT capable of being known, I am personally NOT much interested. Concerning religion, most of what you profess to believe is incapable of being known. Traditional, long-term, dogmatic beliefs mostly turn out to be authority promoting lies and falsehoods. If something proves to be true and is factual, it becomes knowledge in time. It is NOT some insane, timeless belief in authoritative idealism or fantasy. For a brain-washed, programmed, ego-attached, mind-set believer to threaten another Human Being to – “Believe or Suffer Eternal-Torment” – is the ultimate insane, authoritative nonsense.

Authoritatively, they will preach at you or threaten your “Eternal-Torment”. But, the believer will always fail to debate with you the Biblical God’s murderous deeds or the controversial C&Vs that you have taken issue with. Some believers will not attempt to defend a controversial Bible C&V merely because they are afraid that they will be caught changing or correcting “God’s Word”.

Have You Ever Threatened Another Human Being with Eternal-Torment?

The believer is mind-set in that the believer cannot think enough to question what he believes. A question is the highest form of thought. For perspective, if you are a Christian and if you can imagine a believer in Islam’s Allah and see if that perspective fits.

Belief: “I believe” always means “I don’t know”. If someone absolutely knows, he or she would claim to know. Why would a thinking person buy into another’s “I don’t knows”?

When a believer believes, his or her mind eagerly accepts anything that pretends to support their mind-set belief while automatically shutting out and discarding anything that disproves their mind-set belief.

Evolution: Science claims that over 99% of all species that ever lived on planet Earth are now extinct. If God does not change, it appears that God could not maintain His creation and evolution did take place. God does change because it is documented that God repented that He had made man. God murdered all life-forms on Earth – save one questionable boat-load – which included only 8 Human Beings. Can you scientifically explain how the 6 races on planet Earth evolved in about 6 thousand years?

The evolution model I learned requires no more faith than does basic arithmetic. Math makes sense without faith. Furthermore, unlike religion / myth, math does not lie. You only need faith when things do not make sense or when you choose to gamble. Remember, I live in Las Vegas. All those huge, beautiful hotel / casinos were built by losers with faith. Try to make sense while denying that.

Christians are afraid to focus on the evil murdering of the Old Testament Biblical God and they will not address the Bible C&Vs that document them. It does not take faith to address those C&Vs. It takes personal integrity and independent moral courage.

Christians go to great pains to deny and protect the documented murdering of the Biblical God. With this God-Model, when it comes to the Christian’s time to murder, murder comes easy. They fall into that God model quite easily and without conscience. Ask President George W. Bush. He shows no remorse nor conscience for his selecting, attacking, killing and injuring a million Iraqis, Afghans US troops and allies. Now, in the middle-east, young Islamists are using “democracy” to get rid of from their countries all the bought and paid for US puppet leaders – to rid the middle east of the political, military and financial imperialism of the USA. They are kicking the USA out of their countries. And rightfully so. The International Bankers are going to have to figure out another way to keep power in those countries. They have all the money. They are now making their power-move to dominate planet Earth. The primitive politics of religion could easily produce Armageddon in such a hostile climate. 

When President Barack Obama was asked if he would prosecute former President George W. Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney for attacking Iraq, which was an innocent country that they accused for attacking the World Trade Center on 9-11, 2001, using torture on prisoners and lying to the World to start the war, Obama said that he was “looking forward and not looking back”. George W. Bush killed and injured well over a million Iraqis. Because of Obama, Bush and Cheney would get off for their murderous and torturous war-crimes. What if this “looking forward” precedent was used in all criminal court cases?

President Barack Obama has now enhanced his own private global war on terrorism by issuing a “license to kill” to selected, murderous troops and technicians. Authority worshippers, just like in the case of the Biblical God, believe in, allow, support, promote and finance these evil actions to take place.

Believer’s Psychological Evaluation Concerning God


Gary DeVaney

“The Question Is The Highest Form Of Thought”

Most Christian believers have been preached the Bible and its God. Some believe just because they want to belong and that it is deemed to be socially correct / fashionable.

When it comes to the selected, controversial C&Vs of the Bible, many believers would declare something like: “I would not believe Bible controversy even if the controversary were true.”

Although the selected, controversial Bible C&Vs exist in the believer’s Bible, believers intentionally remain intellectually ignorant and emotionally resistant to their content and meaning.

The question is why? Way are believers resistant to know the content of these selected, controversial Bible C&Vs?

How about: God can’t be wrong? Believers can’t be wrong about their God?

But many stories in the Bible cannot be true.

The controversial C&Vs are included in their Bible for all to see – aren’t they? Believers believe their Bible – don’t they?

The horrors and murderous deeds that the Bible God did are documented by C&V throughout The Old Testament. In the New Testament God planned and executed the murder of His Son, Jesus Christ. As advertised, Jesus’ suffered and was executed to save you and me from all of our sins. If we do not believe and are not “saved”, when we die, we will spend eternity in Hell’s Eternal-Torment.

Would a Good God or a Sane Creator do this?

God’s “sacred” creation: For a life-form to live, lifeforms must die. For a lifeform to live well, more lifeforms must die.

Encyclopedia: Over 99% of all lifeforms species on planet Earth are now extinct.

What grade would you give God’s Creation?

Young minds receive this “holy” information and are religiously trained that God is good and that all of God’s murdering is righteous, just, fair, necessary and good. It’s God’s will.

Believers personally experience the righteous deaths of millions at God’s hand and then believers praise God for his power and for His murderous deeds. The Human conscientiousness becomes morally compromised. The Human value system unknowingly becomes distorted and biased. The believer consciously and unconsciously learns to praise the murderous God at all costs and to hate what he or she is told to hate.

Because of what God did in the Bible, when exposed, believers experience dilemma and psychological trauma.

The biggest source of Biblical “truth” comes to believers from clergy – not the Bible. Most clergy cherry-pick the C&Vs of the Bible.

The true source of C&V “fact” comes from contradictory Bible C&Vs – not from clergy.

For some deep thinkers, who do question the Biblical God and His Bible, it is not unreasonable to become an Atheist.

Why do believers resist selected, controversial Bible C&V information – the documentation that what the murderous God did is true? Collectively, as a nation, we succumb to the peer pressure of zealous, might-makes-right, you are either with me or against me, believers. “If you don’t believe – you will go to Hell!”

As Humans, we each have a world view that is persistently drilled into us by religion, dictated by clergy, parents, our environment and by surrounding believers.

The murderous Bible C&Vs show the murderous God to not be a good God. Yet, believers resist these documented Bible C&Vs as if they were not true. When believers receive information that does not conform to their programmed world view, they respond in denial, avoidance, righteous indignation, hostility. Why?

First the believer is programmed that God is good and perfect in every way. Then, some Atheist exposes Bible C&V evidence that proves that God is murderous and evil. The C&V evidence proves that God is not perfect, not good – in fact – evil.

God’s murders makes many believers view situational murder to be correct, righteous and good.

Upon being confronted with this blasphemous information, the believer starts to feel confused, uncomfortable and vulnerable.

They resent the messenger who exposed these controversial Bible C&Vs to them. Why? They believe the whole Bible – don’t they?

Fundamental Biblical criticism presents selected, controversial C&V facts that God is not good. For the believer, exposing these controversial C&Vs creates believer fear and anxiety. Instead of the believer debating these C&Vs, this confrontation can lead him or her into lashing out with hostility. Authoritative denial usually kicks in. Confused believers don’t know what to think. They want to believe. Perspective: Left brain and Ego cannot be wrong. When confronted, anger and an irrational attack mode becomes a priority. Many believers feel as if their ego’s mind-set, belief-supported authority has been defiled. The believer’s desire to question and to think shuts down. Believer vengeance becomes a priority. Most believers just deny any deviation from their mind-set belief and move on with their lives. They deny any new evidence and stick to their original story. Believers then wait to when they feel their ego be back in charge. Believers do not want to be open-minded. Believers want to be right.

Believers want their beliefs to be their mental and emotional “home” and they, like vicious junk-yard dogs, will territorially protect their “home” at all costs. Don’t mess with me! Don’t mess with my home! Do not defy my assumed authority! The more well-researched and accurate the debate facts are, the more sick, emotional and angry the mind-set believer becomes. The mind-set beliefs seek clergy support to reinforcement their remaining correct and by disregarding, denying and avoiding any evidence to the contrary.

Many believers have not based their beliefs on the Bible’s controversial C&Vs. They bought the feel-good dogma of clergy. Once established and committed to – they don’t feel compelled to seek the Bible C&Vs that would disrupt their beliefs. Most reluctantly glance at “The God Murders” website and then run – never to return. They would never educate themselves nor educate others as to what the Bible documents in contrast to their feel-good mind-set beliefs. For the mind-set believer to consider that God is evil causes mental and emotional pain. Righteous denial and avoidance becomes the pattern. For a believer to allow their beliefs in God to be destroyed severely alters their view of the world they live in. They could react as if it was frightening beyond their ability to cope.

Feel-good believers do not want to know the controversial C&V truth in fear that they would lose their identity. If the new information would prove to be true, they fear that their world would become too different and too confusing and scary to cope with. Their strength would become weakness. As long as they have faith and believe – and not know – they cannot be wrong.

Beliefs keep believers from looking at the evidence that destroy their beliefs.

Empirically educated people say: Show me the evidence and, if convincing, I will change my mind.

Believers insist: This is the way God works. What I am told to believe – I believe. The controversial Bible C&V evidence does not fit into what I have committed to and decided. So, I don’t need to look at the evidence because what I already believe is right.

Wishful and fearful thinkers will not believe something different from what they fear to be the truth. That could be a powerful factor in people denying the truth.

When someone says: “I refuse to believe”, you can be sure that the contradictory evidence coming their way is not bearable and conflicts with their world view and their comfort zone.

Denial and avoidance to new information protects believers from this kind of anxiety.

What is common in avoiding and denying believers is emotional fear. They are afraid of rejection, scorn and loss. They’re afraid of change. They are afraid to be wrong. Some are actually afraid that they will suffer Eternal Torment. Some cannot change their mind so to please their parents and friends. Some can’t change because they can’t be found guilty of passing false dogma onto their children. Some are afraid of becoming helpless and vulnerable. Some are actually afraid of the non-existent Biblical God. Some are afraid they will lose being who they are.

When mind-set believers feel that their beliefs are being challenged and confronted – because they don’t want to feel helpless and vulnerable – they quickly or eventually experience outrage and anger.

When a mind-set believer becomes frightened and angry, they want to avoid the facts as if they do not exist and attack the debater / messenger. Mind-set believers want to censor the messenger. When that cannot be done, angry believers then threaten, condemn, cut and run. They try to erase the experience and deny that it ever happened.

Healing takes place when one faces the truth. To experience the truth, to allow the feelings to manifest and to allow one’s self to explore the new information and facts is the healthy solution. To let the light shine on all the facts begins the healing process. It is painful to admit that you have lived a lie and that you have passed the lie onto others – especially loved ones who trusted you.

Mental-emotional recovery results when documented facts replace false beliefs.

Mind-set believers do not want to be exposed to controversial Bible C&V facts because they do not want to replace their mind-set beliefs. Their authoritative / defensive ego will not allow itself to be wrong.

Once suspicious, the least painless way to recover from confusion and error is to uncover the truth / facts on you own, your own way. At that moment, do not listen to any other Human Being. Research the documented Bible C&V facts and make up your own mind. In case of the Bible – the truth lies between you and the Bible.

The believer’s inability to see the evil side of the Biblical God can also make them incapable of seeing their own evil side. There are a lot of mind-set Christian believers on death-row who wonder how they got there. Somehow they felt entitled to take another Human life. The Biblical God murdered with immunity – and their gullible ego – whose job is to be more than it is – was programmed to become God-like. Anyone can make a mistake. Doing the right thing has a chance to correct a mistake.

I Peter 3:15 Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asks you a reason of hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

Colossians 4:5-6 Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.

This Bible C&V gives documented evidence that believers, who will not answer or debate questions and issues of Bible C&Vs, go against God’s order.

If in debate someone shouts you down, they are a coward. They are afraid for you to get your point out. I like internet debate as you can cut and paste what they said and then take issue with it. They cannot shout over you in print. They usually just insult and run.

Teachers, by example, teach you how to think.

Believers, by example, tell you what to believe.

The question is the highest form of thought.

A believer cannot question his or her belief. If they do, they prove not to believe.

Believers can question other religions but they cannot question their own.

The cause of religious wars: I don’t believe in your religion. I am right. You are wrong. You had better believe in my religion – or else!

Concerning evolution: Some believers claim that learning reality is a sin.

War results when two egos want peace – on their terms.

Even an experienced, fundamentalist, Baptist minister will run away from a controversial Bible C&V debate. The fundamentalist minister solidly knows what the Bible documents. He knows that if he publicly defends those selected, controversial C&Vs, he will easily prove that he is a “Psychopath or a Sociopath”.  A preacher knows that, if exposed, his “assumed authority” over others will not continue. If he publicly debates enough controversial Bible C&Vs, he also fears that he will prove to be categorically insane. Traditionally, Preacher’s sermons are monologs and not exposed to questions.

Q: If fundamental Preachers do know the controversial C&Vs of the Bible, why don’t they debate them or logically explain them.

A: Because they don’t want to lose their authoritative position nor the money that it makes them. Their guidance is simply for you to have faith. God judges. If you don’t have faith, it’s your fault, not theirs. Preachers will threaten: You must have faith and believe, or God will send you into Hell’s Eternal-Torment.

Preachers preach the Bible. They won’t debate it!

Typically, a Christian believer – and clergy alike – will authoritatively threaten you, insult you, disparage you and do a hostile retreat from you – if you challenge them to debate your selected / controversial C&Vs of the Bible. Sad but true – it will almost always end up this way. The delusion is the believer thinks he has won the debate because he threatened and “blew-off” the issue taker. Does any believer have another rational reason why he or she never addressed a specific Bible C&V that was taken issue with? There are thinkers and there are believers. Do you lead your life – or – do you follow?

Many Christian believers threaten that you will go to Hell and suffer Eternal torment if you don’t agree to believe what they believe. When challenged, mindset believers demand that there is no truth outside of their belief. The nonsense of “faith” serves them as their evidence.

Mr. Believer, would the Biblical God send me to Hell if I do not believe what you believe?

Mr. Believer, if you had the power and authority, would you send me to Hell if I do not believe what you believe?

Bill Maher: So, it’s about (believers) ignoring the book (Bible). I think they (believers) are realizing that is what they have to do. It’s to be able to have that sort of cognizant dissidence to say: I am a religious person but I’m going to forget what’s in the book because, after all, it was written by, you know, ancient desert-dwellers who were probably nuts.

Sheep are to be Fleeced Often and Ultimately Consumed

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