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Adam & Eve – Noah


Gary DeVaney


“Intelligence Is Categorical”

“Insanity Is Contagious”

“A High Percentage of Stupid Is Stubborn”

When the Biblical God created the World and said it was “good”, did God lie? What is “good” about God’s World? Good for whom? This World consists of “inter-parasitical survival”, whereby biological species must eat other biological species in order to survive.

For biological beings to live, things must die. For biological beings to live well, more things must die.

For that God-created deadly process to exist in reality, much physical and emotional pain is experienced.

This is the documented Bible C&V agenda that God saw fit to create. Does one know “good from bad / right from wrong” when it comes to the Biblical God? Wouldn’t it take something “evil” to create this painful agenda? Couldn’t the Biblical God have done better?

Q: Would you let your God off the hook from any serious questions or criticisms of God’s deeds, agendas or behavior, especially when those deeds, agendas and behaviors concern the destruction of you and yours?

Genesis 4:11-15 God banned Cain and put a mark on him. Cain said: Anyone may kill me on sight. God said: Not so. If anyone kills Cain, Cain shall be avenged seven-fold.

Genesis 4:23-24 Behold, Lamech, Noah’s father, killed Cain. Noah and his family of 8 were the only Human Beings on the Arc, who survived the flood. God’s avenging Cain seven-fold is suspicious.

Didn’t God put the mark of Cain on him to protect Cain? Isn’t God protecting a murderer here? But God (alas) failed to protect Cain. Lamech, according to Torah notes, killed Cain. Is this a God of blind justice? What do you think will happen to Lamech and his family? Lamech is the father of Noah. Did God fib again – especially about revenging Cain seven-fold? God murdered all the life-forms on Earth except for the family of the person who killed Cain.

The documented Bible is confusing. The mind of God is diabolical. The behavior of God is documented to be murderous and evil. There is no Satan to blame it on. The character “Satan” is not introduced until 1st Chronicles 21:1, the 13th book of the Bible. Surprised?

Chronicles was written about 300 BC after the Zoroastrian religion was exposed to the Jews captives in Babylon.

Click on the topic: Zoroastrianism.

Wasn’t Cain the first natural-born human being getting combined DNA from both a Human father and mother – unless Satan was really Cain’s father. There is no Satan in Genesis. Satan is not depicted on his belly for life.

Wasn’t Cain the first Human Being to make an offering to the Biblical God? Didn’t the “know-it-all” Biblical God’s rejection of Cain’s offering cause Cain to become a murderer?

If measurements of love are hurt, sense of loss, jealousy, an inability to accept rejection, mustn’t Cain have loved God very much?

Didn’t the first religious offering cause the first murder? Didn’t the murder occur because that offering was rejected by God? The first murder grows out of conflict between two worshippers of the Biblical God. Islam. Jew. Christian. Catholic. Protestant. Religion has not changed God’s first murderous model. What did the Biblical God want? If everything is for God’s pleasure, did this “in control” God get His pleasure? If not, did God prove not to be the perfect expert? What if God was in total control and God did get His pleasure? If God’s perfect agenda played out perfectly, wouldn’t the Biblical God be pure evil?

Did Cain have good intentions by making the first offering to God? Isn’t Cain’s choice of offering to God nicer than offering a freshly slaughtered animal? Is Cain ever known for his good intentions?

Don’t most people view “the mark of Cain” as a mark of evil? Didn’t God intend it to be a mark of protection? If you pray for the Biblical God’s protection, might this happen to you?

Sin is never mentioned during the Adam and Eve’s “original sin” story. Sin was first mentioned in the Cain killed Abel story. The “original sin” story must prove to be an after-thought.

Cain Killed Abel

Genesis 4:17 Cain had sexual intercourse with his wife. They had Enoch. Cain built a city.

What? Cain had a wife? Where did she come from? The only woman documented so far was Eve, his mom.

What? Cain built a city? Cain’s city was built by whom and for whom? Who lived in Cain’s city? How do you explain this to your child? Wouldn’t inquiring minds want to know?

Maybe Pastor Arnold Murray’s myth about a “6th day creation” (previously explained) has some merit after all.

Genesis 4:17-18 Documents that Lamech, Noah’s father, was in Cain’s bloodline / lineage. Torah, Catholic & KJV

Hummm. Did Lamech murder his own great, great grandfather, Cain?

That means that God’s Hero, Noah, was in Cain’s bloodline. Oh my!

Doesn’t this conflict with Genesis 5:6-25 & Luke 3:26-38? They both show Lamech to be in Adam’s other son, Seth’s bloodline. Maybe there was more than one Lamech. Believers would insist on it.

Genesis 4:23 Lamech, (the father of Noah?) tells his two wives: I have killed a man (Cain) for wounding me, a boy (Tuval Cain) for bruising me.

Emphasis: Stated by Torah Notes.

According to Genesis 4, didn’t Lamech, Noah’s father, come through Cain? Doesn’t Genesis 5 also have Lamech coming through Adam and Eve’s third son, Seth? Oh, what to believe? Doesn’t the Bible depict it both ways with some very similarly sounding forefathers? If the Lamech of Genesis 4 is not Noah’s father and if he did not kill Cain, why mention him? There also appears to be more than one Enoch.

Lamech, Noah’s father, takes two wives and kills two people; one, the Torah Bible notes claim, was Cain, his forefather. What did God tell Cain He would do if any man harmed him?

While the rest of the world suffers death by God drowning them, Noah, Lamech’s son and his family, were allowed to survive. There is so much to consider concerning God’s character. Could being murderers possibly become the common characteristics of God’s personally and sacredly chosen people? Shall we keep this in mind?

Outside The Arc
God’s flood destroyed every living thing on Earth

In scripture, people live over 900 years for a few generations; then life becomes a mere 120 years or less. How can this be the case? Was it “The Forbidden Fruit“? Has anyone else ever been exposed to this “Forbidden Fruit”? Knowing its effect of knowledge of good and evil, wouldn’t you take a bite? If not, why bother with college or learn to obey laws? The only “Forbidden Fruit” that Adam alone was warned about was the fruit from the tree of “The Knowledge of Good and Evil” in Genesis 2:16. Where, in scripture, does it say that they took fruit from “The Tree of Life“? It doesn’t.

Pastor Arnold Murray has preached that “The Tree of Life” was actually Jesus Christ, whom he said was also in the Garden of Eden.

In Genesis 3:22-23, Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden before they could partake of the “Tree of Life” or eat of it and live forever.

One wonders, if Murray is correct about what Adam did with Satan, how would Adam have eaten from the “Tree of Life” with Jesus?

Btw, the Mormon Religion believes that Satan and Jesus Christ were brothers / both God’s sons.

If you attempt to debate the Bible’s C&Vs, most believers will attempt to stop you. They won’t want you to debate the Bible. They want you to believe (and obey) the way they say things are. Some may preach, argue, get angry, and threaten to become your enemy. Why? It is all written C&V in their own Bible. Most will not look it up. I did not write the Bible. I’m not responsible for what the Bible documents. I read the Bible and did a book report.

No matter how often this is emphasized, people still tend to blame the critical debater rather than the Bible’s content.

Blame is the name of a no-win game.

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