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Ecclesiastes 10:19 Money Answers All Things

Did you know this is in the Bible?

Therapy Concerning Time & Money:

If you are indebted to no one and you need less than what your money provides – you are truly a wealthy Human Being.

If you spend less than what you make, you are rich.

True freedom is NOT: “To do what you want to do – with whom you want to do it – when you want to do it”. That is POWER.

Freedom is nothing so glamorous – but – freedom is a thousand times more important.

True freedom is simply “unaccountable time”. Your lack of needs and wants (addictions) mainly determine how free you are.

The less you need and want, the freer you are and the less you can be accountable and manipulated against your will.


How many people – who you are close to – want you to live by unaccountable time?

How many people – who you are close to – would you want to live by unaccountable time – especially accountable to you?

We tend to create our own prisons in which we insist on accountable time. Then, we wonder why we are not free.

Do you account to God? In reality, there is no evidence that the Biblical God exists. There is only evidence that “belief in God” exists.

Money is the only “God of Consequence” on planet Earth.

The international Banker’s money is this World’s one sacred and universal “Messiah”.

Money is the greatest direct and indirect addiction for most of modern adults.

One motivation to be rich is: The richer you are, fewer can tell you what to do.

Freedom is better than wealth because freedom is unaccountable time.

Bart Floyd contributed: Once we are all indebted to the International Banker’s money, we will all, for the first time in history, be worshipping and serving the same God.

 The American Empire

The Corporate / Pentagon / CIA / Missionary Archipelago

December 5, 1998
Written By

S.R. Shearer

Much of the information for this article came from Noam Chomsky’s book, The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism and Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett’s book, Thy Will Be Done.
“We are only in the very dawn of COMMERCE, and we owe that dawn, with all its promise to the channels opened up by CHRISTIAN MISSIONARIES … The effect of the missionary enterprise of the English speaking people will be to bring them the … CONQUEST OF THE WORLD.”
Rev. Frederick Gates,
Baptist Minister
Letter to John D. Rockefeller, Sr.
April 17, 1905
“For the love of money (i.e., COMMERCE) is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.   “But thou, O man of God, FLEE THESE THINGS(i.e., money, commerce and the things related to them); and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.”
I Tim. 6:10-11
“… so-called (American patriots – including much of today’s evangelicals) not only do not disapprove of atrocities committed by … (the United States), but they have a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.”
Adapted from a saying by George Orwell: “Notes on Nationalism,” 1945
“God (Ego) grant us the ability to see ourselves the way others see us.”
Robert Burns    

The New World Order will have established for all the one religion of true consequence.

THE AGENDA: The World International Bankers’ agenda is to get the big International Corporations and “Democracy” (rapid political change) into every and all countries, large and small. It’s an infrastructure. They do this so that controllable / accountable MONEY can be equally circulated, indebted to and depended upon by all people on Earth.

Money Answers All Things!

Eventually, Earth’s territories will become “nationality immaterial” (no nations nor countries) and each governed territory shall ultimately become of equal economic value.

Initially, International Corporations buy into undeveloped countries. With all their MONEY and hiring practices, they will eventually determine the Democracy / Politics of the land being financially conquered.

The International Corporations then set up a financial infrastructure to politically elect only their own people.

The World International Bankers, who control the World’s MONEY, control the International Corporations, and “Democracy”, which is the future changing politics of the entire Earth.

“Democracy” (a rapid, revolutionary force), unlike Communism or Socialism, buys and pays for their ever-changing politicians. These politicians are owned and become extremely wealthy by pocketing lobbyist’s “special interest” MONEY. Usury interest and legally enforced taxes also pay these One World Government politicians who serve the ONE MONEY GOD, created by the relatively new competing World Banks.

Like all Gods of the past, MONEY is a man-made creation of an all-powerful and evolving God that runs this World – on behalf of certain men.

Ah – the few new competing World Banks are the disciples of the One Money God.

Eventually, Democracy, Socialism and Communism will evolve to become interchangeable and synonymous.

Real-property ownership will become history. All dwellings, commercial or residential, will eventually be rented from the One World Government so to maintain indefinite financial pressure on all people who are capable of earning. Inheritance of real estate will eventually cease.

All earners are encouraged to procure heavy debt on personal property and services as it makes them perform harder and sacrifice more for their MONEY / GOD.

Most “useless eaters” shalt be ultimately eliminated through euthanasia.

Prophesy: Through bloody competition, there will eventually be only one MONEY system, a One World Bank. In time, an ultimate One World Bank will buy, pay for, and own the “One World Order”.

MONEY is the one real GOD that all Human Beings worship, focus on, depend on, suffer and sacrifice for.

Imperialistic predators coattail this “Pan-Money-God” (money is to be everywhere) in hopes of becoming lesser Gods (governors) over various people. Each competitive predator’s ultimate hope is to be promoted, by election, and to ultimately become the one and only God of this World – then – God of the Universe.

All human “authorities” on Earth are “assumed authorities”. Their “assumed authority” is also temporary in time. Check out all the United States Presidents. Only one President wields any temporary power and authority of consequence.

MONEY is the only real and lasting authority of consequence on planet Earth.

MONEY is the most powerful force on Earth that determines or allows what a person can and cannot do with his or her time.

The invention / concept of money for exchange does reduce the violent theft of things. Money saves lives.

Agenda recap: Control the MONEY and be in power to control the World.

Just think! What if Adolph Hitler had become the One World International Banker? What if his organization had owned all the MONEY used on Planet Earth? Imagine that Hitler’s organization was constantly being paid for the use of all his MONEY worldwide. Hitler could then afford all the weaponry, technology, mass-media and advertising his organization needed for absolute dominance and mind-control. He, or one like him, could not be stopped – especially if he were not known by name or address.

Prophesy: We will have a new, more powerful and a better organized God coming. MONEY has been evolving to be in control over all peoples’ material possessions and their costly services and agendas. MONEY is to be in total control of all the people on planet Earth.

Do you know anyone alive who is not directly or indirectly affected by this growing, evolving force called MONEY?

THE MONEY GOD is still evolving to dominate the total population of the World. Before long, all other “Gods”, real or fictional, will become obsolete.

Death, by old age, of programmed “faith-based” believers will assist this “Changing of the GOD”. Once reality has set in and the one Money system is accepted, religious “faith and belief” will no longer be necessary to “obedience train” the masses. Media and advertising will mass-program what the people are to like, want, accept, have faith in, belief in, support, serve, sacrifice for and promote.

Eccl 10:19 Money Answers All Things

Perception: The two biggest categories of problems for the average individual are money and family.

This planet’s mass-media can then earnestly and honestly deal with exposing controversial news – because anything that “God” does has to be considered legal and accepted to be morally correct. All qualified Judges will be paid for by the New World Odor, One World Government.

The one MONEY / credit system will ultimately be the only God standing.

Computers and robots will assist this reality.

Undesirable territories, leaders or individuals will be policed, precision targeted and eliminated by space satellite weapons. Wrath and correction shalt come from above. Monitored individual living-chips will enable this reality.

Except for human evolutionary study, most prisons will be eliminated.

Relax. This generation will never see it all come to pass.

Eventually, electronic credit transfers, through living-chips, will produce cashless users. The ONE MONEY GOD and his organization (government) will get his prime cut of every credit transaction.

Armageddon is when the MONEY GOD is acknowledged to be the only God of consequence – in reality.

He (God) Has Favored Our Undertakings
A New Order of the Ages

Ergo: In reality, who ultimately controls all the MONEY is the one real GOD who controls the whole Earth – and then the Universe.

Afterthought: Competitively, it will take a lot more war, pain, blood and elections for the successful imperialistic predators to accomplish their agenda.

Realism: Ego, by nature, always tries to be more than what it is. That is the prime reason why people borrow money and why they find themselves in debt. The secret to multi-level “freedom” (unaccountable time) is to not owe money.

Money is a good servant but a bad master.

IQ & Religion


Gary DeVaney

Intelligence is Categorical

This article on IQ / Religion is important, eye-opening and informative for any thinker.

For study results, go to:


Myth: Intelligent people tend to be more religious.

Fact: Intelligent people tend to be more secular.


The broad consensus of research shows that people with higher IQs tend to be less religious, not more so.


Is it more logical to be a Christian? Is religion the natural choice of a smart person familiar with more of the evidence? Not according to a broad consensus of studies on IQ and religiosity.

These studies have consistently found that the lower the IQ score, the more likely a person is to be religious.

To place these studies in perspective, it is helpful to know the general religious attitudes of Americans today.

According to a February 1995 Gallup poll, 96 percent of all Americans believe in God, and 88 percent affirm the importance of religion. However, the degree of religiosity within this group varies considerably.

Only 35 percent can be classified as “religious,” using a definition that requires them to consider religion important and attend religious services at least once a week. And a March 1994 Gallup poll found that only 20 percent of all Americans belong to that politically active group known as “Christian conservatives.”

The following is a review of several studies of IQ and religiosity, paraphrased and summarized from Burnham Beckwith’s article, “The Effect of Intelligence on Religious Faith,” Free Inquiry, Spring 1986: (1)

For specific study results click on:

Christopher Hitchens: “Religion is violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children.”

Thank you, Christopher Hitchens!

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