The Commander-In-Chief

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The Commander-In-Chief

By Gary DeVaney

Inspiration: Pastor Arnold Murray


Someone Extremely Well Known

Gary DeVaney: “Only someone – who is totally addicted to power, wealth and importance – could want a second term as the President of the United States of America.”

Q: Can you tell me of your earliest feelings about the Commander-in-chief?

As a child, I was told of him by many who strangely feared and respected him.

Q: Did your superiors approve of your feelings toward him?

I never gave them any reason not to.

Q: What did your privately feel?

I was the commander’s favorite.

Q: What did you feel when anyone questioned or was negative toward the commander?

I felt anger because that questioned my commitment, authority and support of him. They were negative, disrespectful and disobedient towards him and me. I felt it was my responsibility to discipline them on his and my own behalf.

Q: Who authorized you to do that?

He did? Everybody is trying to get to where I am. It’s the proper and popular thing to do.

Q: Would you discipline an individual by any means – even illegal means to correct him?

No! Nothing is illegal when serving the commander. He is the law.

Q: What are your duties to protect the commander?

To stand up to any force or threat – foreign and domestic – so that the commander’s will could be fulfilled.

Q: What if the commander told you to murder anyone who he viewed to be against him?

My job is to do what I am told and to follow orders.

Q: What if those orders are illegal orders.

This commander-in-chief is the law. I couldn’t be wrong or prosecuted for following his wishes or his orders. Complaints are enemies and are to be eliminated so to fulfill his pleasure. I would be a hero to eliminate any adversary he chooses.

Q: And, you embrace this agenda?

I take pride in, fantasize about, train for, pray about and practice eliminating any and all adversaries he personally orders and directs me to look for. I live for it! I am fighting for my father, the creator, my commander-in-chief and for all of mankind worthy of our agenda.

Q: Wouldn’t you be destroying much of mankind in the process?

Our agenda is to purify mankind and to reduce them to only the commander’s chosen. It is my job to do that by any and all means or to sacrifice myself in trying. I will get my rewards in the next life as well as this life and I will be with him forever without all these undesirables.

I can’t wait to watch them all go down in flames of Hell-Fire! The commander and I will kick butt for eternity.

Q: Did you ever question the morality of your actions?

As a soldier I am taught to believe, have faith and to fight against those who don’t obey the commander. The better I follow and obey his will the quicker and higher my command in the next life will be over others who believe. Know this – if they defy his will – they defy my will. I will not tolerate that. They must be defeated, humbled, converted or destroyed. Mine is not to question why – mine is to do or die. Our cause cannot be overcome.

Q: Did you ever waver?

Of course! I’m human. He told me that I was chosen, to have faith and that he was in control. He said that with my help his will is getting done. The harvest is close.

Q: If there is anything more discriminatory or prejudice than religion, I haven’t heard it. Don’t you have a conscience? Don’t you see that as cruel and evil?

No! You are the one without a conscience. I’m a committed believer. I believe the same as most of the people that I allow around me. They have faith! I objectively look past our plight and then somehow it seems fair. For some, it only doesn’t seem fair when they experienced pain. The commander needs us to destroy the disobedient – his adversaries.

We are to obey and sacrifice for his will and not seek rewards in this life although they are abundant.

Q: Your feelings tell you that?


Q: You couldn’t escape your feelings?

No. Don’t care to. Don’t want to. They keep me strong. We are more powerful because we are on his side – and there are only a few of us and a lot of those non-worshiping, non-cooperative, non-obedient, evil people. They have to change or they have to go. That is his will. Actually, he will have his way because he has already chosen who he wants. To stand up for the commander is an honor reserved for his true chosen few. I am one of those chosen.

Q: How do you know?

Now, you’re making me mad! I just know it and I’ll take behind the wood-shed anyone who says different – we’ll, me and my army.

Q: What would it take for you to lose your compulsion to serve the commander?

That will never happen.

Q: You can’t be wrong?

Oh yes! I can be wrong and I repent! He can’t be wrong and as long as I have faith, believe and try to serve him, right or wrong, he will take care of me.

I enjoy repenting to him because after all that my commander has done, I’m sure he is amused about what little I have to repent about by comparison. Hitler had more to repent about than I do – but, I’m catching up. Give me time.

Q: Hitler murdered people who he deemed undeserving of life. Hitler killed many due to their race. Pol Pot murdered the more progressive and learned people of his country to reduce competition to his will.

Pol Pot wanted his soldiers to murder every man, woman and child who wore watches or glasses. He killed the teachers and technical people and saved the laborers and slaves. Would you do that to serve like agendas for this commander? Those commanders were weak, small and wrong. My commander is strong, right and correct. His will is being done at any cost. The ones he doesn’t wipe off the face of the Earth he will make suffer for eternity while I bask in paradise. Praise the commander. Besides, even if those commanders were evil, he used them to eliminate people he couldn’t stand. He is the commander. He can do whatever he wants to you, to me and anyone else he wants to. As when the commander killed all the first-born babies of Egypt, he has the right because he is the commander. We, who are duty-bound, do his bidding to accomplish his will to fulfill his pleasure, whatever it is.

Pol Pot

Q: Didn’t the Nuremberg trials prove that soldiers could not commit heinous crimes under the plea that: “I was only following orders.”

Yes, but they were following flawed, weak men. I follow the commander.

Q: Isn’t a heinous, evil, vile deed what it is regardless of who is doing it?

No, not when the commander wishes it!

Q: Is the commander-in-chief, in your opinion, above the law?

No! The way I see it, the commander is the law. You fool with the commander-in-chief and you too will be severely punished – if not by me then by him at a later time.

Q: Is your agenda and feeling based on free-will or are you programmed to feel and behave this way?

Free-will! I am free! I’m no puppet! You are the slave! You sir, are not going to be one with the commander. I wouldn’t want to be where you are going. Become one of the troops in my command and I, and my commander, will take care of you. I’ll discipline you and put you through a rough time. You will feel much better about everything. We will cheer when those who don’t measure up fall. Trust me! Believe me! You’ll be much better off.

Q: Do you agree with the agenda of destroying people for your commander who disagree with your agenda of destroying people for the commander?

Of course! He is my commander. He is good and right. I will serve him to the death – mine or others.

Q: Are you, in your mind, in the military and waging war on others?

Yes! I am high ranking in my commander’s service – and also in reality!

Q: What if your family disagrees with this agenda?

That can’t and that won’t happen. But, if it did, the commander will take care of them in his own wisdom. I’m on his side. If you have a rotten family-member let him go his way. Be warned, if you don’t believe me, you don’t believe the commander and he will take care of you for that.

Q: Hasn’t this same egocentric agenda gone on for thousands of years?

Yes, human beings are stubborn and the commander has to remind every generation who is boss. When the final harvest comes, which is close, that is when the score is tallied. I sir, pledge to duty, honor and country and with honor it is my duty to conform the entire world to the commander’s will and to eliminate and destroy all who oppose his will.

Q: Aren’t people who are inventing, evolving, diversifying and experimenting just looking for a better world?

If the commander wanted them to have a better world, he would have issued it to them. He conditionally promises to provide a better world for those who conform, worship and obey him – in the next world. It’s His feelings that are important. This world is just a test to see who he wants in his next world to serve him. You’d best love the commander-in-chief! He needs your love. He wants your love. It makes his day.

Q: But Sir. You are George W. Bush, the Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America, the most powerful nation on Earth. What is your real agenda?

I expect – NO – I demand that the “faith-based” believers of the USA obey, serve, sacrifice for and love me for my pleasure just as I zealously do for my Commander-In-Chief.

Q: You promote “faith-based initiatives” – don’t you?

Of course! The more “blind faith” you have – the more power you give to what you have faith in. Fortunately, I am the authority who gets the benefit when people have faith in God. If you can get people to believe in God – then any “assumed authority” can easily step in to be served on his terms. It’s been this way for human beings since the beginning of human history.

We will convert the World and assist God and myself of being rid of undesirables. The Bible I believe in orders it. Thank you and God bless.

Q: Sir! One more question! Do you have any conscience concerning the 1,000,000 people who have died and / or have been physically and mentally damaged due to your pre-emptive war on Iraq?

We are who we are. They were who they were. God is on our side and we do His will. On both sides, they’re attitudes should be to die with a smile. Good day.

Q: To the rest of the World, who serves as “the standard of sanity” of the United States but the President?

Q: Who, in the rest of the World, sees the United States as sane today?

The Commander-In-Chief

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3-Way on the Steps

Barack Obama was then elected President of The United States of America.

When President Barack Obama was asked if he would prosecute former President George W. Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney for attacking Iraq, which was an innocent country that they both accused of attacking the World Trade Center on 9-11, 2001, using torture on prisoners and lying to the World to start the war, Obama said that he was “looking forward and not looking back”. George W. Bushkilled and injured well over a million Iraqis. Because of Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would get off for their murderous and torturous war-crimes. What if this “looking forward” precedent was used in all criminal court cases?

President Barack Obama has now enhanced his own private global war on terrorism by issuing a “license to kill” to selected, murderous troops and technicians. Authority worshippers, just like in the case of the Biblical God, believe in, allow, support, promote and finance these evil actions to take place.

Much of the World views the USA to be the main, evil terrorist of the World – just like the Biblical God was.

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Good Human Beings do not enjoy speaking negative things against other people nor against their God. We do enjoy speaking positive things about people and things of value. And yet, no man, no servant of God is above reproach – and by C&V documentation – neither is the Biblical God above reproach. We can personally have an inner peace that what we have done was what we should have done. Something needs to be done to wake mankind up before mankind fulfills the Bible’s voodoo prophesies and destroys itself.


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