Santa Claus

Santa Claus


Gary DeVaney

Stephen Hawking says it best:

Saint Nicholas of Myra in Lycia (C. 270-343) was a real person who is now mythologized into Santa Claus, an obese old man who miraculously keeps track of the moral character of children, travels around the Earth on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, visits millions of houses in one night without opening any door or window, and leaves presents for millions of children.

Could parental lies concerning a supernatural Santa Claus contribute as to why the world sometimes appears so insane? Catch your urges if testifying, under oath, about your knowledge of Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. Your urge would probably perjure yourself for the sake of feel-good and tradition rather than admit they aren’t real.

Oh, you would probably declare the lie as just a harmless, fun game to hype up, excite and control the kids because they had best obey and be good or else.

When you lie to children about Santa Claus et al, some attach strong feelings to the lie. Later, when he or she learns that the parents had lied to them, some get the loud and clear message that occasionally it’s ok to lie about extremely meaningful things. Could a few feelings become imprinted so strongly that they cannot discern right from wrong throughout their lives? Some find themselves in prison for being over-zealous in the act of grabbing or receiving unmerited gifts.

To promote faith often motivates belief in a lie. To believe is often to support a lie. To live in a world of lies can nurture insanity, not knowing the difference between right and wrong. Aren’t you going to continue the Santa Claus agenda by further perpetuating the lie.

Believer: Of course I am and how dare you!

Evolution of superstition: Dear Easter Bunny – Dear Santa Claus – Dear God.

Bart Simpson: “Dear God. We paid for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing.”

Bart Simpson


Does your having faith mean you don’t question? I am confident that if the God of the Universe truly exists, He is big enough to endure my questions and criticism. But can you?

Everyone who is called one of God’s Biblical heroes turns out to be flawed just like their boss.

Did the Old Testament God justify wars? Do insane egos justify the Old Testament God?

Do any or all of these negative Biblical facts affect your beliefs? Have you shut yourself off from logic and reason? Are you truly a sheep? Are you afraid?

If God had not done any of these documented deeds, would your faith be as strong? Stronger? Why or why not?

What Could Satan “The Anti-Christ” Preach?

When Satan “The Anti-Christ” comes to Earth at the end-time, what possibly could Satan preach that could sway the souls on Earth away from God?

What if Satan preached and verified that the Bible was correct – as documented Chapter and Verse – and that the Biblical God actually did all the evil, heinous and murderous deeds the Bible claims?

What if Satan verified all God’s sending of evil, confusion and delusion?

What if Satan pleaded and begged the souls to wake up and realize what they have been supporting?

Prosecution – defense perspectives / Shapiro – Bailey dialogs on Larry King:

Robert Shapiro: “Defense attorneys are not interested in the truth.”

Robert Shapiro

F. Lee Bailey: “Lawyers find witnesses who say whatever they want said.”

1st degree murder: To intentionally and maliciously terminate another’s life to fulfill a personal or selfish agenda.

Manslaughter: To intend to do something innocent and to kill someone by accident.

Concerning Uzzah, did God commit negligent homicide? Did God kill Uzzah by accident, which is manslaughter? Isn’t manslaughter still a punishable crime, under criminal law? Manslaughter is negligent killing, not pre-meditated, non-intentional murder.

Complaints Against “The God Murders” Prosecutor:

The Prosecutor has a big ego; over-charges God, the defendant; did an insufficient investigation / homework / research / job / study; Is ignorant / incompetent / corrupt / prejudice / hostile; had a bad childhood; transfers his personal psychological aggressions onto the defendant. Poor God! God has feelings, you know.

Wouldn’t a reasonable person agree that if a murder was planned-out (intended) and the victim died as a result of that attempted murder, that the murder was guilty?

Where did I charge God with any crime that the Bible C&Vs didn’t depict God being responsible for? If a man were charged with these crimes, in evidence, wouldn’t he be guilty? Can you determine guilt?

Would you acquit God due to your fear of His status and your fear of Eternal-Damnation?

If you do know right from wrong and you still acquit the guilty, are you corrupt?

I, the prosecutor, am really guilty of under-charging the Biblical God of all His C&V crimes against mankind. GWD

Former believer – awakened skeptic: I am mad at you! You ruined my treasure chest. My grandmother told me stories about the Bible when I was a child. She portrayed God as being loving and wonderful. You made me curious by projecting horrible things about God and terrible claims as to what God did. When I looked them up, what you said was there. What I saw to be gold in my treasure chest turned out to be plastic. Diamonds turned out to be glass. I loved my grandmother. I’m sure she didn’t deliberately lie to me. She merely passed on to me what was told to her. And yes, I passed it on to my kids. I don’t know if I can ever trust again. You ruined my treasure chest.

Growing pains lead to maturity or resisted self-responsibility.

You may get old and wrinkled, but the best face-lift you can have is a smile.

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