Women In Jesus Christ’s Blood Lineage


Women In Jesus Christ’s Blood Lineage


Gary DeVaney


Eve – Sarah – Rebekah – Leah – Tamar – “Rahab-the-Harlot” – Ruth – Bathsheba and “The Virgin Mary” were the names of the women who the “Holy Bible” documented to be in the lineage / bloodline of Jesus Christ. The “Sacred Bible” describes these women to be liars, tricksters, hookers, adulterers, and participants of incest, pre-marital sex and supernatural nonsense.

Two women, Rahab-the-Harlot and Ruth – who genetically contributed to King David and Jesus Christ – were definitely out of God’s “sacred” Israelite lineage / bloodline. Rahab-the-Harlot was King David’s great, great grandmother. Ruth was King David’s great grandmother. This applies if King David is in Jesus Christ’s bloodline / lineage.

Let’s take this opportunity to visit some named women in Jesus Christ’s “sacred” bloodline / lineage.

Any legitimate corrections to these “truths” will be appreciated.


Adam’s wife was Eve.

According to Pastor Arnold Murray, Eve, who God made from Adam’s rib, had sex with both Satan and Adam.

Murray claims that Eve conceived Satan’s son Cain and Adam’s son Abel.

See Pastor Arnold Murray’s eye-opening account of this unpopular fiction:


How do you tell the Adam & Eve story?



Genesis 20:12 Sarah (Sari) was Abraham’s (Abram’s) wife and half-sister. They had the same father and different mothers.

Such unions were forbidden in Leviticus 18:9

Twice, Abraham sold / pimped his wife, Sarah, to two different Kings and as the result the couple received great wealth.

Because God had made Sarah barren, Sarah suggested and then gave to Abraham (her half-brother / husband), Hagar, her Egyptian handmaid, for sex and children. Jealous Sarah then cruelly had Hagar “female circumcised” so that Hagar could not enjoy sex with Abraham.

Some Islamic circles ritually tell the “female circumcision” story of Hagar. This female mutilation ritual goes on in Islam today.

Sarah gave birth to her only son, Isaac, at age 90 – long after her documented menopause. Abraham was 100 years old.

Genesis 23:1 Sarah died at 127 years of age.

Genesis 25:1-7 Later, after Sarah died, old Abraham married and impregnated Keturah with 6 sons. Abraham also knocked up some concubines with numerous kids. Abraham died at 175 years of age.

For a good link on Sarah:



Rebekah was Isaac’s wife. They had Jacob.

For a good link on Rebekah:



Genesis 29:25 Leah was Jacob’s wife.

Leah, Jacob’s first wife and his first cousin, had Judah. Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah. Leah was not Jacob’s favorite. Rachel, Leah’s sister was. Jacob also married cousin Rachel and 2 others – who produced the incest-laden 12 tribes of Israel.

Leah Biblically introduced the use of “Mandrakes” – the Biblical version of Viagra. This is evidence that Biblical women in Jesus Christ’s lineage were horny. Leah traded Mandrakes with Rachel in Gen 30:14 so that she could have a night of sex with Jacob.


Genesis 38:11-30 Tamar was Judah’s one-time hooker and his unbeknown daughter-in-law. Tamar sold Judah sex one time. Judah knocked-up Tamar with twins. Judah was going to kill Tamar for her “sin” until Tamar proved, by producing Judah’s items of payment, that Judah was the father. Judah then let Tamar live. Judah never married Tamar. Did that make Judah a “dead-beat dad”? Tamar had “illegitimate” twins. One twin, named Perez was in Jesus Christ’s “sacred” bloodline / lineage.

For a good link on Tamar:


Dictionary: A “harlot” is a prostitute – a woman who sells sex.

These are words associated with “harlot” in formal and non-formal usage:

Prostitute – Whore – Pro – Slut – Hooker – Fallen Woman – Working Girl – Lady of The Evening – Tramp – Lady of Pleasure – Streetwalker – Call Girl – Tart – Sex Worker…

Concubine – Floozy – Hussy – Loose Woman – Nymphomaniac – Painted Woman – Strumpet – Hustler – Jezebel…


“Rahab-the-Harlot” was not an Israelite.

Would that make her a gentile / pagan – outside of the Biblical God’s sacred Jewish bloodline? God killed thousands of His “chosen” Israelites for marrying outside of their “sacred” bloodline. Rahab, a non-Israelite, was a definite exception and she was specifically included in Jesus Christ‘s sacred bloodline. If the Bible (God’s word) is true, then, King David and Jesus Christ had a “Harlot” in their bloodline.

Judeo-Christian dogma claims that God does not change. Is this documentation that proves God doeschange? Rahab was also a traitor to her own people – the people of Jericho. With Rahab’s traitorous help, the people of Jericho were all killed by God’s “chosen” Israelites – every man, woman and child – except for Rahab and her family.

An Israelite priest, Salmon, then married Rahab-the-Harlot. Salmon and Rahab-the-Harlot had their son Boaz.


Ruth, the Moabite, married Boaz.

Ruth was also not of God’s “sacred” Israelite bloodline.

Ruth 2:2 Ruth seduced and had sex with Boaz before marriage.

Ruth and Boaz had Obed – who was the father of Jesse – who was the father of King David.

For a good link on Ruth:


Two women, Rahab-the-Harlot and Ruth – who genetically contributed to King David and Jesus Christ – were definitely out of God’s “sacred” Israelite bloodline.

Rahab-the-Harlot was King David’s great, great grandmother.

Ruth was King David’s great grandmother. This applies if King David is in Jesus Christ’s bloodline / lineage.

Obed’s wife (no name) was King David’s grandmother.

Jesse’s wife (no name) was King David’ mother.

Tamar, who sold sex to Judah, Rahab-the-Harlot and Ruth the Moabite, were in Jesus Christ’s “sacred” genetic Israelite bloodline. Jesus’ “sacred” genetic bloodline was compromised, before King David.

Of course, if King David’s lineage and genetic bloodline went through Joseph – as documented – and Joseph was not Jesus’ genetic father – none of this matters. Naturally, apologists would then weaken integrity by insisting that one or both lineages illustrated in Matthew and Luke are The Virgin Mary’s.

Either way, the Jews do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as their savior / messiah. All the men listed may have been Israelites, but, as we have documented – definitely not all of their wives were Israelites. The “sacred” Israelite bloodline was documented C&V to be compromised.


Bathsheba married King David – along with David’s many other wives.

Bathsheba first committed adultery with David.

2 Samuel 11:5-27 David knocked-up Bathsheba. After their son was 7-days-old, God killed the baby due to the sins of the parents.

1 Kings 1:1-1 & 2:19 Bathsheba later had her son, Solomon, with King David.

King David either raped an unwilling Bathsheba or he seduced a willing, adulteress Bathsheba.

1 Chronicles 3:5 & 29:28 Then, David arranged to have Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, killed while in battle. Uriah served in King David’s army.

As a retired reserve US Army officer, I view that this proves – David was definitely evil. However:

I Samuel 25:28 David fights the battles of God and Evil has not been found in him in all his days.

Maybe “Evil” is “The Biblical God’s pleasure”. Think about it. How bored would God get without evil to entertain Him? Maybe it takes evil for God to feel that He is alive. If evil is God’s “drug of choice”, it’s not going away.

Bathsheba did not complain, C&V, about King David having her husband, Uriah, murdered.

Jesus Christ’s lineage certainly has some disgusting people in it.

For a good link on Bathsheba:


The Virgin Mary

Matthew 1:18 “The Virgin Mary”, who some claim to be about 13-years-old (nobody knows) supernaturally got impregnated by “The Holy Ghost”.

Believers in the “Trinity” must have Jesus (also as the Holy Spirit) impregnating His own mother, “The Virgin Mary”, to produce Himself.

Some unrealistic, faith-insane Catholics claim that “The Virgin Mary” maintained her “virginity” throughout her lifetime. This is impossible for if Jesus Christ was born of natural childbirth through Mary’s vaginal cannel, Mary’s “virginity” was definitely gone. 

For the realist, that ends that scientific debate.

Furthermore, consider this: If Mary did maintain her virginity, she was just living with Joseph and they were never legally married.  Under Hebrew law – marriage had to be consummated by sex.

Some Catholics claim that Jesus’ brothers and sisters were Joseph’s kids from another marriage. Do you have Biblical documentation that Joseph had kids by a previous marriage? I do not. Is there any documentation that Jesus’ brothers and sisters were younger or older than Jesus?

By the way, what ever happened to Joseph and Mary? Do you know anyone who claims to know their fate by documented evidence?

Alexander-The-Great was a man in history who lived over 300 years before Jesus Christ was born. History documented who Alexander’s father and mother were – by name – by where they came from and by how each of their lives ended.

Jesus Christ was not a historical character. Outside the miracle-laden Bible, no history-bearing country documented any history of Jesus Christ. What happened to Jesus Christ’s parents, Joseph and Mary, apparently was not important enough for the original writers to be concerned with. Did all four of Jesus’ Jewish grandparents ignore Baby Jesus? Even cousins Elizabeth and her son, John the Baptist, never visited Jesus. Only if Jesus, Mary and Joseph were fictional characters could this be rationally thinkable.

For a good link on The Virgin Mary:   


“Immaculate Conception” – From Webster’s International and Oxford American Dictionaries:

The “Immaculate Conception” is a doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in that the Virgin Mary, from the moment of her conception by her mother, was and remained free of original sin. This was proclaimed as dogma by Pope Pious IX in 1854.  It is often confused with Mary giving “virgin birth” to Jesus Christ. 

“Immaculate Conception” – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Immaculate Conception is, according to Roman Catholic Dogma: Mary lived a life completely free from sin. Her immaculate conception in the womb of her mother, through sexual intercourse, should not be confused with the doctrine of the virginal conception of her son Jesus, known as the Virgin Birth.

The Virgin Mary’s cousin, Elizabeth, who was John-The-Baptist’s mother, was Biblically documented by name. But, where is The Virgin Mary’s mother’s name documented? Mary’s mother is also not documented to have had anything to do with her “precious” grandson, Jesus Christ. How strange!

Hummm. Was Mary’s mother embarrassed or ashamed of Mary? Did she not believe that Jesus was the Son of God? Was she a dead-beat grandma?

Does anyone have any more names of women in Jesus Christ’s lineage?

The Trinity

According to “The Trinity” – Was Jesus Christ The Holy Ghost?

Did Jesus Christ “knock-up” His own mother to produce Himself?

“The Trinity” dogma claims that Jesus Christ is God and that Jesus Christ is also “The Holy Spirit”. If that is correct, then Jesus Christ impregnated His Own mother to produce Himself. How can a believer be upset with that if he or she claims to believe in the Trinity?

When a woman gets pregnant – especially out of wed-lock – a common term is that she is “knocked-up”. Have you ever heard that term concerning that situation?

“The Holy Spirit” is documented to have impregnated “The Virgin Mary”. Right?

If you believe in “The Trinity”, Jesus Christ also is “The Holy Spirit”. Right?

Ergo, Jesus Christ “knocked-up” His own mother to produce Himself. How “logically” could it be any different?

Even if you are philosophically opposed and emotionally resistant, what is your “intellectual understanding” concerning this honest, straightforward and irrefutable logic?

Personally, I believe none of it. GWD


Concerning “The Virgin Mary”, who else, in Bible myth, could possibly stand before a class of young girls and honestly claim: “abstinence doth not worketh”?

What happens when YOU take the time to scientifically question, ponder, evaluate and think about this?

Na, I don’t believe it either. GWD

“The Trinity”: If Jesus Christ Was The Holy Ghost – Who Knocked-up The Virgin Mary?

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