Gary DeVaney

Peter did questionable deeds.

The Catholics canonized Peter to be a saint.

Peter is considered to be the first Catholic Pope.

Luke 5:8 Peter admitted that he was a sinful man.

Matthew 14:31 Peter was rebuked by Jesus for doubting and having so little faith.

Matthew 16:22 Peter rebuked Jesus – accused Jesus of lying – of making a false statement.

Matthew 16:23 Peter was called “Satan” by Jesus.

Jesus Called Peter Satan?

For Jesus to call Peter “Satan”, is this not a disqualification for sainthood?

Matthew 19:27 Peter wanted to know what was in it for him if he followed Jesus. Catholic

John 18:10 Peter cut off the ear of Malts with a sword.

Galatians 2:11-12 Peter refused to eat with converted Gentile Christians.

Acts 2:36 Peter said: God made Jesus Lord and Christ.

What? Jesus was neither Lord nor Christ at one time? Jesus was not God?

Matthew 26:70-75 Peter had said he would never desert Jesus – then Peter denied Jesus 3 times.

Jesus had stated in Matthew 10:33 & Luke 12:9: Whosoever will deny Me before men I will also deny him before My Father in Heaven. How could Peter make it to Heaven? Did Peter make the cut in spite of Christ’s words? Was Peter good enough? What human being who lives a full life is good enough? Is God’s Heaven an empty place. Isn’t there war in Heaven?

Luke 24:10-12 Peter did not believe the resurrection as stated by the women.

Acts 5:1-10 Peter publicly accused Ananias and his wife of lying to God. They fell dead of fright.

Either Peter or God killed Ananias and his wife for not giving up all of their money.

Peter sought to appeal to only the Jews. Paul sought to appeal mostly to non-Jews. Peter and Paul argued and did not agree on much of what Christianity should be. Peter ran Christianity strictly under the law. Paul ran Christianity not under the law but by grace.

II Peter 2:7-8 Peter alleged that Lot was righteous although Lot offered his 2 virgin daughters to a mob.

Then Lot, himself in Genesis 19:8, had sex with and knocked-up both of his very own virgin daughters.

Genesis 19:30-38 Lot even made them both pregnant with his very own sperm.

This scenario of incest is obviously good, righteous and proper to Peter and to the Biblical God. Unfortunately, some fathers throughout history have taken notice.

Peter became “The Rock” – “The 1st Pope” – “The Cornerstone of The Holy Catholic Church.”

Peter = The 1st Pope?

Some question, think and value knowledge over faith. Most who believe – do not question their own beliefs. Believers do not value knowledge over faith. Many believers tend to value control over facts and content. Some tend to re-invent themselves by blessing (ordaining) themselves into a state of Godliness; thus, they assume power and authority over others. Some believers set and ten claim their divine authority over power, logic and reason. Many beliefs are based upon ignorance, superstition, dogma, ego and arrogance.

Many believers “believe” that they can “will” their beliefs into reality.

Many who righteously believe simply get off on righteously lying.

Pater and the Apostle Paul were at odds. Peter pushed the law and was for the Jews. Paul couldn’t get the Jews to convert so he pursued the gentiles and claimed that those who followed himself and Jesus Christ were not under the law but were saved by grace. To give you an idea of Paul’s self-importance and ego:

Galatians 1:8 Paul said: But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.

For any other Godspell preacher to preach anything other than what Paul preached, Paul wanted them cursed. Paul wanted to be followed as the leader of Christianity.

The Apostle Paul

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