The Original Sin


The Original Sin

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Gary DeVaney

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According to Pastor Arnold Murray’s selected C&Vs, the Serpent in The Garden of Eden, who Pastor Murray insists is Satan, seduced Eve sexually and then Eve tempted Adam, who joined in. Ergo, two sperm-seeds provided for two boys. Satan, whose offspring, Cain, was the first-born. Cain’s twin, Able, Adam’s son, was born second.

Adam & Eve / Cain & Abel?

This is The Original Sin according to both Pastor Arnold Murray and his son, Pastor Dennis Murray, by chapter and verse evidence. Both strongly infer that Eve shared “The Forbidden Fruit” with Adam and that Adam performed a homosexual act with Satan. Over the years, they have pondered other options but they always come back to Adam and Eve’s sharing of sex with Satan.

According to Pastor Murray: Satan’s sperm is “The Forbidden Fruit”. Eve shared “The Forbidden Fruit” with Adam and Adam did “eat”. Ergo, Adam had a homosexual experience with Satan.

(I personally view that Pastor Arnold Murray sometimes goes where no man has gone before.)

Pastor Murray preaches the homosexual act on his television broadcasts but begs off going into detail on any one broadcast for he considers it is super “touchy”. Murray also does not want to implicate that God did sloppy work / made errors in God’s so-called “creation”. Being backed by Leviticus 18:22, Pastor Murray is (red neck) adamant that homosexuality is a sin.

That God’s first “created man” had a homosexual experience is far beyond what any traditional Judeo-Christian-Islamic believer could handle.

This heinous “in-total-control” / “know-it-all” God also provided that the Serpent (Satan) be in the garden with His new totally ignorant / innocent Human creations. That’s like putting candy in your two-year-old’s crib and telling the child not to eat it.

Based on hindsight, for the Biblical God to allow the “evil” Satan to be in the Garden of Eden with the innocent, ignorant and naïve Adam and Eve is a heinous agenda in itself. As it turned out, God displayed bad parenting and even worse judgment. God repented! God orchestrated a heinous agenda and a most super-determinable incompetence. If “the buck stops here” with God, integrity would insist that this whole – fall of mankind due to the original sin – scenario is all the Biblical God’s fault.

“Free-will” for these newly created, innocent and ignorant Human Beings can not apply by any stretch of fantasy or integrity. Besides, if just one Human Animal on planet Earth truly has “free will”, God is not in control. If God is not in control – God is not omnipotent.

Thus, the “perfect” God-myth dominos tend to fall. Pastor Arnold Murray often seems to “go where no man has gone before” but, I personally have to admit that all the combined C&Vs of the Old and New Testaments that Arnold selects seem to make his claims accurate.

Murray’s claims surprisingly makes more sense than a non-defined “apple” being considered to be “The Forbidden Fruit” that contributed to “The Original Sin” which lead to “The Fall Of Mankind”

Here is one Bible C&V that Pastor Murray uses to make his claim that Satan was the father of Cain:

John 8:44 Jesus said: You are of your father the devil (Satan) and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning (Cain, the son of Satan, murdered Abel) and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

Twins By Two (2) Fathers?

In debate, some believers quickly get tired, frightened or suspiciously bored when this Biblical scenario is offered. Some just change the subject, preach nonsense, threaten eternal-damnation, arrogantly announce that they refuse to “cast their pearls before swine”, claim a fantasy victory and quit – never to be heard from again. Would you care to invite your clergy to assist you in investigating “The Original Sin“? The more the merrier!

If you want to see clergy squirm in front of believers, ask them: What are the details of “The Original Sin“? “Who, specifically, was Cain’s father?” If you push for specific Biblical answers in public, some clergy may invite you to leave their church.

Could “The Forbidden Fruit” be the reason why scientists and people worldwide experiment with drugs and medicines? Could the craving of drugs, by so many addicts, be due to their genetic memory of that awesome, but forbidden, stuff?

If the Biblical God is perfect and God made Adam perfect, why would the perfect God have to warn perfect Adam not to do something? How can a perfect God make something imperfect?

God’s 1st Sin!

In Genesis 3:13 Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit and gave some to Adam. God asked Eve what she had done. Eve told God that the Serpent (Satan some claim) beguiled / tempted / enticed / moved (depending on Bible version) Eve.

Didn’t Satan (by name) successfully move / tempt / beguile / entice the Biblical God in:

Job 2:3 God told Satan: You (Satan) moved / tempted / beguiled / enticed Me (God) against him (Job), to destroy him (Job), without cause.

Why would the Biblical God accuse Eve of “original sin” and then punish all of future Humanity for Eve’s “sin” when God (Himself) was also guilty of being successfully tempted / beguiled / moved / enticed by Satan? Tempted God, by documented Bible C&V deed, proved to be no stronger or less sinful than Eve, didn’t God?

Isn’t this the sinful / beguiled Biblical God’s unjust / unfair hypocrisy!

Be honest, now. What does the Bible document C&V? How would you spin it differently? God being God is no legal / ethical / moral excuse.

Our United States Government is a government of laws – not of men nor gods. Historically, it’s mostly been men and their fictitious gods who have tried to be above the law. Do you personally promote equal justice for all under the law? Do you privately believe that you and your God are above the law?

Suggestion: Teach law and its consequences 1 hour per week in public school – grades 1 thorough 12.

Eve & The Serpent?

Does the serpent ask the Bible’s first questions and initiate the first conversation?

How confusing are these Bible C&Vs:

Isaiah 45:7 God said: I, the Lord, make peace and create evil.

Micah: 2:3 God said: I (God) am planning against this race an evil…

Lamentations 3:38 Is it not from the most high (God) that good and evil come?

Is it because wisdom belongs to God alone? Then, why did God give Solomon wisdom. What did Solomon do with God’s gift of wisdom? Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Solomon ended up serving other gods.

I personally view that anyone having 700 wives and 300 concubines to be down-right criminal. But, if Solomon’s ended up serving God’s other than the Biblical God – knowing what is described C&V to be the Biblical God – maybe Solomon’s wisdom took.

The 1st “Ménage A Trios”?

Why did this all-knowing God ask questions? Isn’t that more of a human quality?

Adam & Eve Are Ashamed?

Was it fair of God to reject Cain? Couldn’t know it all God foresee that this would happen? Was it because Cain did not sacrifice a living animal? Point blank” Why did this God reject Cain’s gift? When you freely give something within your means, does it have to measure up to the recipient’s standards?

First, humans are disobedient. Next is an offering to God. Then – next is murder.

Genesis 4:9 Cain asked God: Am I my brother’s keeper?

God created Abel. Cain was not responsible for that. Was “creation” God’s project or was it Cain’s? Why did God create Cain the way he was? Was Cain Satan’s offspring? Why did this jealous, “in control” God allow that? How did Abel, by faith and God’s grace, make out? Was God’s will done all for God’s pleasure? Didn’t innocent Abel get killed on God’s watch. Based on this, how can God be considered to be the protector of the innocent? Did God make a mistake? What is God’s track record so far? Do you know any authoritarians who won’t admit God’s mistakes – or their own? In Hebrew – the name “Abel” is “Hevel” – which means nothingness or futility. Ouch! Abel, the innocent victim, is erased. Isn’t the Biblical God instrumental in this story – whereby people become evil?

Note: Abel has no dialog, nothing to contribute – except his life. Cain is the star of the show. Was Abel the 1stsacrificial lamb to the Biblical God? Didn’t God then reward Abel’s murderer, Cain, with a wife, and a city? Didn’t God make Cain a promise of protection – which God broke? Didn’t all of God’s broken promises prove to be conditional promises? Can you be critical enough to acknowledge when the Biblical God broke His promises?

Romulus killed his brother Remus, yet Rome was named after Romulus. Why would Romulus, the murderer, be honored the city’s name and not his brother, the innocent victim?

The New Testament mentions Adam and Eve, but the Hebrew Old Testament Bible never again mentions Adam and Eve after the Book of Genesis. Why? Wouldn’t you think that Adam and Eve would have had a more sacred status – especially in the Old Testament? Maybe they were never mentioned again because later authors considered the Adam and Eve story was all a fraud.

God proves to be jealous and punitive in relations with the species He had made. God proves to be deficient in understanding and low in tolerance. Is this and accurate picture of God or not? Is this depiction of God the same image you carry within your heart or your head? It is very doubtful. Adam and Eve were not created immortal. God asked: What if they eat from the tree of life and live forever? How could God be in conjecture and know it all?

For more on my favorite: Pastor Arnold Benjamin Murray

Gary DeVaney: I am an Atheist. Personally, I view that sin has been the most interesting force in Humanity. Without sin, little progress would have been accomplished by Humanity. Mankind is a sin-loving species. I sin. I even have some favorite sins that I often still enjoy. My sins mostly hurt no one – but that’s just me. Think of it: If Jesus died for my sins, Jesus will not have died in vain. How dull and boring is Heaven to have no sin? Wouldn’t to piously or zealously worship the Biblical God 24 / 7 for eternity be a sin? A paradox for me is, I view the Biblical God to be the Creator of Sin. I don’t much care for the Biblical God due to His insane and murderous rap-sheet. But, for me – sin is in. If life is about making mistakes, death is probably about wishing that you had made a whole lot more. Are the people who fear death most the ones who fear that they missed out on living their lives?

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