Genesis: Noah – Abraham

Genesis: Noah – Abraham


Gary DeVaney


“Intelligence Is Categorical”

“Insanity Is Contagious”

“A High Percentage of Stupid Is Stubborn”


Genesis 6:7-10 God decides, except for (8 people) Noah, his wife, (who?) his sons Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives Who? Who? and Who? and some of each kind of animals, God would murder every living thing on the face of the Earth.

There is no equality with the Biblical God. God does not acknowledge women – even in Noah’s Family.

If the Biblical God is a jealous God and if there is but one God, no other Gods to be jealous of, what is going on here? Insanity? Paranoia? Sensitive ego? Schizophrenia? Is this God good? Moral? Loving? Fair? Sane? Does God perform evil for His own pleasure? Based on selected, controversial Bible C&Vs, the Biblical God is obviously evil, not in control, and seems quite ignorant compared to His reputation.

Did Noah leave any daughters behind to drown in the flood? How come Mrs. Noah has no name and says nothing? Was she angry with Noah, God and the whole setup? How much Human sensitivity and conscience does it take to object to how the “know-it-all, in-control” Biblical God handled the murderous destruction of His creation?

By dealing with these questions and maybe some of your own, do you feel fear? Yes, we have been programmed Eternal-Torment, but we were also programmed that this was a God of love. Do you see any love here? Granted, for you to study this does take courage. I salute those who can do it.

Intellect: The speed and accuracy of perceiving and understanding things. The ability to perceive relations and differences; intellect is distinguished outside of will and feeling.

If one emotionally does “not want” to make sense of things, one’s intelligence can definitely be affected by the feelings that make up his or her attitude and behavior. Some people’s identifiable feelings and emotional intensity simply let them down.

Genesis 6:6-14 The Biblical God said to Noah: Every living substance I have made, I will destroy from off the face of the Earth. Everything that is in the Earth shall die.

What a model! If we are all God’s children, does this not qualify for child-abuse? Isn’t God clearing out “corrupt genes” that He, God Himself, created? Does it not take an imperfect creator to create something imperfect? Haven’t Human fathers murdered their own beloved children due to their egocentric disappointments? 

Genesis 7:2 God ordered Noah: Of every clean animal, take seven (7) pairs each, male and its mate aboard the ark; of unclean animals, take one (1) pair each.

Seven (7) pairs! Surprised? And one thinks one knows one’s Bible.

The “clean” animals are the animals God allows Humans to eat.

Genesis 7:13 Noah, his (1) wife, his sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth and their three (1) wives each entered the ark.

Wouldn’t you think that the God-chosen mothers of all mankind would be important enough to be named? But – Nooo!!!

The Bible documents the total of 8 Human Beings.

God murders the rest of His Human creation. Was “The Sons of God” having sex and children with God’s creation on Earth the reason God murdered almost all the lifeforms on Earth?

Genesis 7:21-23 All creatures, outside the ark, that stirred on Earth God murdered by drowning.

Outside The Arc – God Murdered All Living Things by Drowning.

Who, right here, proves to be Man’s and animal’s greatest adversary? Are these deeds moral, fair, loving? “Good God” drowns all those living organisms. Man, obviously, has the power to give this God of the Universe enough pain to motivate this cruelest of all deeds. Frustrated babies behave better. In your Bible, has there been any mention of an evil Devil or any murderous Satan, yet? The Hebrews of the Torah believed that God did it all.

Revelation 4:11 God creates mankind for His own pleasure than destroys men, women and their babies when He wasn’t pleased. KJV

Wasn’t God’s own pleasure at the expense and the suffering and deaths of others? Is this God’s success model that God left for Human egos to follow and to emulate?

Burt Visotzky: I am a Rabbi and I have a vested interest in promoting rabbinical tradition. I recognize that friendliness to women is not part of our tradition.

Wow Rabbi Visotzsky! That’s a “smoking” dose of reality. 

Rabbi Burton Visotzky: God claims His creation is good then realized it wasn’t so good. God destroys His creation and starts all over again. God was dissatisfied in Himself. God tries something. It isn’t right. He destroys it and tries again.

So, Rabbi Visotzky, are you saying that “Know-It-All” God was experimenting?

So, if God can not error – then – the Biblical God is not God?

Gene Roddenberry: We must question the flood-story logic of having an all-knowing, all-powerful God who creates faulty Humans and then blames them for His Own mistakes.

Thank you, Gene Roddenberry!

I’m still wondering if The Sons of God were responsible for their old man going bat-shit crazy and murdering almost all if His creation.

Schopenhauer alluded to an infant god who walked away from his first infantile creation; a tottering, senile god who later died.

Could the Biblical God, who destroyed His creation, have been ashamed of His performance? Was God’s mind warped to take His Own failure out on His creation? God did repent. Why would an all-knowing and perfect God repent?

Was the Biblical God one of compassion? Did God show that He cared anything about the screaming, horrified mothers or the crying of their babies or the panic of all the drowning animals? No! God just complains about His disappointment, then carries out a murderous vengeance by destroying almost every life-form He had made. The kicker is: With the sacrifice of all those lives, God still failed to destroy evil. Was the Biblical God, Himself, the evil? These Hebrews believed their God did it all. No Satan, no afterlife, no Heaven, no Hell, no sin, no savior, they believed nothing that later Christianity taught. 

Karen Armstrong – former nun and writer: God (in Genesis) is an undeveloped child. He doesn’t know what He is doing. He has got to grow up and learn like the rest of us how to relate to other people.

Thank you: Former Nun – Karen Armstrong.

What kind of God creates this kind of history? Any “animal-abuse” here? So far, God did not prove to play well with others.

Did God not love the other people – the people He drowned? Are believers protective of this God? If yes, why? Isn’t it really due to their fear of Him? Knowing what the Biblical God did, do you love Him? Do you want to obey, worship, promote, support and pay 10% in tithes to this cruel God for life?

Question: There was a Jew, a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Sikh, and a Muslim. Which one did God choose to save?

Christian Believer: Oh! Oh! Me! I’ve got this one: The Christian!

Then why did God create Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims?

Is the Bible story of the flood where God wiped out all but 8 Human Beings just a fictitious myth?

Do you feel that a real god did that or is the writer just inventing a fictitious god for some reason?

There is one word that you can erase the word GOD and it will fit 100% of the time. That word is AUTHORITY. Test it: May Authority be with you. Authority damn you.

Is the intent of the flood story to make Human Beings God-fearing? Don’t Tyrants, Authoritarians and bullies want their inferiors to grovel and serve them on their terms? The flood story, real or not, serves this agenda. Rulers and leaders of countries get the benefit of their subjects worshiping Authority. If they can get a subject to worship and pay tithes to a false authority, then an assumed authority can more easily step in and receive the benefit of all that practiced worship and sacrifice.

Religion is the training and practice of worshiping authority.

That is why authoritative governments, parents and bullies want religion to exist.

Why would wannabe authoritarians create / invent an evil, murderous Authority who demands obedience? Maybe “Religion” is just Primitive Politics? And clergy were the wannabe bosses? Did clergy become the “Assumed Authority” to invent a “feared” God?

After the flood, did Humanity, Noah’s family, have to practice incest?

Isn’t everybody Hebrew? Where did Gentiles originate? Were there oriental and black Human Beings on the Arc?

Was “The Creator” psychologically and / or morally impaired?

Do these basic questions have answers? Can or will you answer them if your child asks you? 

Genesis 8:3-4 At the end of 150 days, the waters diminished, and the ark landed on Mount Ararat.

Our feelings – we sometimes can’t really control – but behavior – under the law – we must control. For believers who worship the Biblical God, hurt feelings, due to knowing God’s behavior /character, are understandable. However, murderous behavior is criminal, illegal, immoral and unacceptable. Did the Biblical God’s feelings let Him down to do such heinous things to mankind? Did you ever make serious mistakes because your feelings let you down? You don’t scratch your butt without a felling, you know.

O harken and behold: Gary DeVaney’s one and only attempt at poetry.

“Emotions are the music of the genes.

Feelings are the identifiable notes.

Attitude makes up the composition.

Behavior presents the performance.”


Genesis 8:20-21 Noah built an altar and chose one from every clean animal and clean bird to sacrifice to God. God smelled the sweet odor of burning flesh and said to Himself: Since man’s desires are evil from the start, never again will I doom the Earth because of him.

Here is absolute evidence that Noah could not have taken only one pair of animals each aboard the arc. If there were only one pair each, any sacrifice would eliminate a species.

Can’t this God’s desires and behavior be judged evil from the start? Why are people afraid that this God will end Earth due to them. It says right here – God will not. Don’t they trust “God’s word”?

Mind-set believers usually declare: I don’t want to talk about the facts. I believe. I have faith and I want to only talk about the way I feel the facts should be. I want to have faith, to pray, to believe which are my ways to “WILL things into reality”. Most clergy – under the influence of the Apostle Paul – sell this irrational faith and belief model. Have you ever tried to “will things into reality”? Donald Trump does it all the time. 

The Bible is a guidebook that comes across as often in error – but – never in doubt.

Donald Trump does that too.

C. Dennis McKinsey: If apologists can have running commentaries on each Bible chapter by chapter; verse by verse, why can’t we?

Dennis was my mentor. I was on his panel fielding Bible questions from write-ins world-wide during the 1990s up to his death in 2009.

Later, as we shall see, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, with whom God covenants (forms partnerships) practice incest, adultery and polygamy. They murder, steal, lie, deceive, deal in slavery, and impregnate their slaves. Suddenly, there are people-a-plenty. Cities and nations are everywhere. For “sins”, the Biblical God punishes innocent Humans and has the most flawless and perfect animals sacrificed to Him. God murders others by war and disease.

Question: When you pray for something, are you telling the Biblical God that you are dissatisfied with God’s blessings? Aren’t you trying to tell God how to run His business to better suit you? Aren’t you also really trying to “will things into reality”? 

In accordance with the words of the Bible, the God of creation seems “most intelligent” to be able to make the Solar System, including Earth and its life-forms. But, considering the very words that make up the stories, does the Biblical God’s attitudes, characteristics, and deeds show intelligence concerning His ability to run the business of dealing fairly or successfully with the life-forms that He supposedly created on Earth?

The Biblical God Created the Solar System?

In the book of Genesis, was the Biblical God incapable to get creation right the first time, or was God sinister by doing all this destruction “all for His own pleasure”? Was this God “evil” by creating, enjoying, and feeding on the physical and emotional pain, horror, and terror. Wasn’t God guilty of all the murdering and the sacrifices depicted in these Torah / Old Testament stories?

God, to have the flood that murdered all but a few life-forms, had to be frustrated. He couldn’t control things so like a child with a temper tantrum He destroyed everything.

Is this a God who rules by trial and error? By what merit does the myth that God is infallible, omnipotent, all-knowing competent God come from? Certainly not from these Bible stories. God seems Human, deeply flawed and unsure of what’s happening. When things consistently do not go God’s way – God consistently murders.

What kind of Human Beings likes the fact that the Biblical God drowns almost all of His creation and their babies?

Karen Armstrong: I’m sorry. I can’t see the rainbow without also seeing the bloated bodies and the animals and the mud. I take away from the story the idea of a developing God. We start off with an infantile God knocking down His sandcastles – a regretful God Who learns maturity and, in the process, brutalizes Humanity – which then passes on the burden of suffering to other people.

Carol Gilligan, PhD. Professor / Psychologist: This is an imperfect God because God makes the same mistakes, again and again, like people do.

Genesis 9:1-3 God said to Noah and his sons: Be fruitful and multiply. All the animals, birds and creatures will dread and fear you. Every creature that is alive, I shall give you to eat.

God said: All the animals, birds and creatures will dread and fear you. 

God wants His other creations to dread and fear you? Would something good or something evil promote dread and fear? Is the Bible – God’s terrorist handbook? 

Genesis 9:21-27 Noah got drunk and was naked. Noah’s son, Ham, saw Noah and told his brothers Shem and Japheth. They walked backwards and not looking at naked Noah, covered him. When Noah awoke, he cursed Canaan (Ham’s son) to be a slave.

Ham Uncovered Noah’s Nakedness?

Noah cursed Ham’s son, Noah’s grandson, Canaan to be a slave? What? Would righteous Noah’s “loving” God condone slavery? So, whose idea was it to create slavery? No Satan nor devil has been invented nor mentioned yet.

Again, the first Old Testament mention of Satan was in its 13th book: 1st Chronicles 21:1 Satan stood against “God’s Chosen” Israel. Satan proved to be an adversary but also a partner serving God as evident in Job 2:3. Did you know that Satan succeeded at tempting God?

Is this the Bible’s first example of a cover-up to protect someone who is in authority? Noah is naked and drunk. Ham sees this and reports it to his brothers. They literally back in, not looking, and cover-up Noah’s condition and nakedness, as it is written.

Believer: This model demands: Don’t ever say anything negative against authority! You, Gary Devaney should take this advice!

Some believers do not like my taking issue with the controversial C&Vs of the Bible. My bad.

Genesis 9:24-28 Noah woke up from his drunkenness and said: Cursed be Canaan, the lowest of slaves shall he be to his brothers. Let Canaan be God’s slave. Catholic

Wasn’t Canaan Ham’s son? Why would Noah curse Ham’s son – Noah’s own grandson?

Guess what! Later, “The Land of Canaan” ultimately become “The Promised Land”?

Did not the Biblical God later order His “chosen” Jews to murder every man, woman and child of the inhabitants of The Land of Canaan / The Promised Land so to steal their land?

There is no evidence of any curse of Ham. Why is there any curse at all?

Oops! Check this out:

Pastor Arnold Murray preaches that according to Leviticus 20:11 Ham had sex and impregnated his own mother – and that produced Canaan. Noah cursed Canaan because Canaan was Ham’s son by Noah’s wife, Ham’s mother.

Wow! Leave it to Pastor Murray. However, Murray is correct. Leviticus 20:11 states: To uncover your father’s nakedness is to have sex with his wife, your mother. It is one of God’s 613 commandments of what not to do.  

Ah, Pastor Murray had some unusual preaching moments, and they are all on tape. You can still buy them from Pastor Dennis Murray.

Genesis 9:28 Noah died at 950 years of age. 

Was the Biblical God’s agenda: Obey Me – which you can’t – so I can punish you with murder, pain, deception, the flood, and sacrifice? Didn’t God’s agenda eventually evolve, for Humanity, into after-death “Judgment Day” and “Eternal Torment”? Didn’t the Biblical God orchestrate the torture and crucifixion of His Son, Jesus Christ, so that “Judgment Day” and “Eternal Torment” could become the future for lost souls? Didn’t Jesus use the threat of “Eternal-Torment” to demand obedience to God and Jesus? 

Was God a sadist who, throughout the Old Testament, inflicted pain and death upon helpless creatures?

Didn’t God repent for creating mankind?

Didn’t God then insist that His creation brought all it upon themselves?

Hummm. A political tactic: Blame the opposition of exactly what you are guilty of.

Did God really create us Human Beings in God’s image?

Is murder, theft and deception our God created Human nature?

If yes, did God, in all His wisdom, create our genetic nature? 

Does God punish or save those of us who succeed at becoming like God?

Why was it God’s plan / agenda to have His Son, Jesus, tortured and murdered? Oops, that jumps ahead into The New Testament.

If God punishes those who become like God, do you think God likes Himself?

You have already been tipped off – but – do you believe that this Biblical God would ever order the murder of Human Beings so to steal their land? That’s the story of The Promised Land.

Can you have a healthy, happy and confident relationship with a God who would punish you or your loved ones throughout eternity?

One Mennonite lady’s child asked her: Mommy, why did God create people that He could not love?


Another stated: Many, whom God supported, disappointed Him and He turned on them.

Was Donald Trump ever like that?

(Joke) Noah’s was a bad drinker. A bad drinker. When Noah got drunk, the next day he had to do two (2) things. He had to come back to pick up his arc, and he had to bring back the arc he took.

Remember: God put an “evil serpent” in the garden of his new, innocent / ignorant creation called “man”.

Then, before the flood, God found evil and corruption in His new creation of mankind.

God could never make a mistake but, God did repent for creating mankind.

Genesis 3:14 God said to the Serpent: You are cursed and put on your belly all the days of your life.

Some believers claim and insist the Serpent in the garden was Satan. But, that cannot be. God put the Serpent on its belly for the rest of its life. Later, Satan is not depicted to be on his belly and the Serpent’s life was said by God to be limited. And, if the Torah / Bible was honest, it would have documented that the Serpent was Satan.

“All knowing God” decided to murder, by drowning, every Human Being and animal on planet Earth minus 1 & 7 pairs of each animal.

But, did God’s brilliant, “know-it-all” action correct God’s problem?

But, did God’s brilliant, know-it-all action correct God’s problem? No! History, including Bible myths have showcased evil, murder and destruction throughout history.

And, don’t forget: Authority worshipers insist that God is in control!

The brilliant, all-powerful, know-it-all Biblical God still found evil and corruption in his creation of mankind after the flood. Did “know-it-all” God know that evil would survive the flood? If so – what was the “just and fair” purpose of the flood?

Instead of killing the whole world again, all at once, God imposes on Human Beings murderous wars, plagues, sickness and usually a painful death.

Then, after death, the Biblical God gives all the Human souls – who God does not want to grovel, worship and serve Him – Eternal Torment. What a perfect and loving God! Somebody, get a net!

Pastor Arnold Murray teaches the Bible, chapter and verse, on television. Here are some of his, out of the mainstream, answers to questions written in:

Pastor Murray: Cain was not Adam’s son. Cain resulted from Eve having sexual relations with Satan, the serpent.

Some preaching can certainly qualify as strange. Note: This is not what the Bible says in Genesis 4:1. Satan is not mentioned. Adam knew his wife and made her pregnant.

Q: To Pastor Murray If Abel was good seed and Cain was bad seed, doesn’t that eliminate the possibility for Cain and Abel to be twins from the serpent’s (Satan’s) seed?

Murray: No. Human women, like dogs, can have twin births by different fathers.

Murray: Ham’s sin was Ham had sex with Noah’s wife, his mother. That is what Noah cursed Ham for.

Did Noah Curse Ham or Not?

Doesn’t Murray admit here that Noah did curse Ham? 

Pastor Murray points out in the English written Genesis to support his claim:

Leviticus 18:8 The nakedness of your father or mother you shall not uncover. KJV

Leviticus 20:11 The man who lies with his father’s wife uncovers his father’s nakedness. KJV

Another related question – Rusty from California: Pastor Murray, please explain the curse of Ham?

Pastor Murray: You’ve been listening to preachers, because there was no curse put upon Ham and you’re mistaken. In Genesis 9, the curse was placed upon Canaan, not Ham, by Noah because Canaan was not Noah’s child. Ham uncovered the nakedness of his father which means, according to Leviticus 20:11, Ham sexually seduced Noah’s wife (his own mother). Canaan wasn’t Noah’s son, but Ham’s. Noah didn’t want to face Ham and drove him away and said he would be a servant to others. Some preachers amaze me. Ham was black? An act of intercourse changed his color? That’s the height of ignorance. My black brothers (Murray is white) are many times told that they are part of this curse and that’s also idiocy and a lie.

Murray: God created that (black) race on the 6th day, He liked it. It was good. He created all races on the 6th day. Then, God created Adam on the 8th day because He didn’t have a tender of the garden. Adam and Eve began the blood-lineage of Jesus Christ. But there wasn’t a curse on Ham and it’s the traditions of men that make you ask the question and don’t feel bad. But may all preachers that teach it feel bad and do their homework before they teach.

Q: So, Adam was not the first man on Earth?

Murray: There was a first Earth Age and people. (Men only)

God’s People of the First Earth Age?

Does that explain the millions of years that science claims before Biblical events?

Scientists claim that the Earth is about 4.54 billion-years-old.

Anthropologists claim that over 99% of all life forms that ever lived on Earth are now extinct.

What does that say about the Biblical God’s creation plan? That scientific fact is a good debate / argument for evolution.

Murray states that Genesis supports, in the original manuscripts, that the Earth is millions of years old. He insists that there was a 1st Earth age prior to the Human Beings created on the 6th day of creation – long before the popular story of Adam and Eve. Murray states that Adam and Eve were specifically created on the 8th day so to tend God’s Garden of Eden and to provide a womb / blood-lineage for His pre-destined plan of Jesus Christ’s torture and demise. God is credited for murdering His “only” son, Jesus Christ in The New Testament. The Bible documented: There were many “Sons of God”. Don’t believe me or any other man. Genesis 6:1-4 and Job 1-2:3 may convince you. Some say The Sons of God were angels. Was Satan a son of God? Satan was credited with killing of Job’s children in the entire Bible. Otherwise, the Biblical God did all the murdering.

My Q: Pastor Murray, just how can we know that there was a 1st Earth age prior to creation?

How did Noah’s sons provide all the races including Gentiles?

Check out this little known or preached Bible C&V. It documents that Gentiles survived the flood in Genesis. How can that possibly be?

Genesis 10:5 The Isles of the Gentiles were divided. (KJV)

This Bible C&V documents that Gentiles survived the flood, and that land was provided for them. The descendants of Japheth (KJV Bible Notes) later spread to maritime nations, each with its own language. So, Gentiles have existed ever since the flood? How did Gentiles survive the flood? Where Gentiles on Noah’s Arc? Or did Gentiles continue to exist through Japheth’s bloodline? If so, how? Who were the origin people on Noah’s Arc that begat the Caucasian, Oriental and Black races?

Pastor Murray claimed, that in the Hebrew manuscripts, Noah took 2 of each animal / flesh aboard the arc which included other Human races. The Adamic souls Noah, his wife, his 3 sons and their wives apparently the only ones who star in the Bible at this time.

Pastor Arnold Murray (1929-2014) did preach some unusual stuff. Because Murray, a former Marine sergeant, who shed blood in Korea never backed down from controversial Bible C&Vs, I studied, in depth, what he preached.

Christian dogma would have only Noah’s family to survive with no scientific explanation as to how the other races came into existence. Evolution for the Judeo-Christian-Islamic believer, of course, would be out of the question.


Genesis 11:1 At this time, the whole world spoke the same language.

Genesis 11:6-7 God said: If the whole world speaks the same language, they will be able to do what ever they want to. Let us go down and confuse their language so they will not be able to do what they want to do.

Isn’t it generally your enemy, your adversary, your competition who stops you from doing what you want to do? Don’t we prevent our food animals from doing what they want to do so that we can better control an orderly killing and consume them? Who is shown here to really be mankind’s adversary? No Satan is mentioned yet. 

War / competition: To prevent others from doing to you exactly what you are trying to do to them.

Abraham / Sarah / Hagar

Genesis 11:26-28 Abraham was born in Ur. (Around 2150 BC)

Ur was modern-day Mesopotamia, near Bagdad, Iraq

Based on Abraham being born in Iraq, wasn’t Abraham of Arab genetic stock? If so, did Arabic genes branch off and evolve to become Jewish, through Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Judah?

Genesis 11:31 Terah established that Sarah was his daughter-in-law.

Abraham’s father, Terah, worshipped other gods and idols.

Genesis 20:12 Abraham states: She (Sarah) is in truth my sister, but, only my father’s daughter, not my mothers, and so, she became my wife.

Bible Note: Sarah was indeed Abraham’s relative based on the Hurrian custom of wife-sister marriage.

Abraham and Sarah’s marriage is incest!  

Leviticus 18:9 God said: Do not have sex with your sister, your father’s daughter nor your mother’s daughter.

So, why are all of Genesis’ God’s Heroes guilty of incest? There are plenty of people all around them.

Leviticus 20:17 God commanded: If a man takes (has sex with) his sister even a half-sister, who is the daughter of his father or mother, they will be cut off from their people. Since he committed incest, he shall bear his guilt. Torah                        

What? Abraham, the father of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions – is guilty of “incest” – which God specifically forbid more than once?

How many conflicts, debates and arguments does this important contradiction expose?

Isn’t it a fact that for God’s heroes, God is a hypocrite.

Hummm. Wait until you read Exodus 6:20 and realize that Amram, Moses’ father, married Jochebed, his father’s sister to have Aaron and Moses. Moses’ sister, Miriam, was not mentioned because, you know, to God women aren’t that important – yet. But, that’s incest. Remember God forbid incest.

God gave 10 commandments. Then scholars claimed that God gave 613 commandments. Then Scholars claimed that God gave 1,003 commandments throughout the KJV including the New Testament.

James 2:10 If you break just one of God’s laws, you are guilty of breaking them all.

What about Abraham’s character, his integrity, his courage, his having incest with his half-sister? What traits do the father and origin of the Hebrew race, and the Jewish, Islamic and Christianity religions show here?

Abraham is God’s Hero! What a model!

The Bible introduces the origin, description, documentation of deeds and the essence of the God who Christian’s worship. Why is it that most Christians don’t want to know many selected Bible C&Vs that describe the behavior of their God and their God’s heroes? The Biblical God is the Christian God – isn’t It? Believers do believe each and every one of the Bible’s C&Vs – don’t they?

Genesis 12:1-3 God said to Abram: I will make you a great nation, make your name great. I will curse those who curse you. Catholic

Isn’t cursing somebody considered evil?

From Cathy, a former Mennonite: Mommy, why did God create the Devil?

Baby, God is the Devil. He’s just schizophrenic.

Thank you Cathy.

Genesis 12:12-20 Abram (man of greatness) said to his wife, Sarai (princess): You are so beautiful, we will tell the Pharaoh that you are my sister, so they won’t kill me. Pharaoh took Sarai and paid Abram flocks and wealth. God struck Pharaoh’s people with disease and death because of Sarai. When he found out Sarai was Abram’s wife, Pharaoh asked Abram why he did that to him? Then, Pharaoh forgave them both and sent them along their way with all the wealth.

The Catholic Bible: Genesis 12:19 Pharaoh asked Abraham: Why did you say: She is my sister, so that I (Pharaoh) took her (Sarah) for my wife?

Unlike the KJV and the Torah, this Catholic version documents that Pharaoh said: I took Sarah for my wife. In law, a marriage is not a marriage, and a wife is not legally a wife – unless the relationship is consummated by sex.

By Jewish Law: Marriage is Consummated by Sex 

Oh, what to believe! What would a fundamentalist – who claims that the Bible says what it means and means what it says – say? Do you claim that Pharaoh had sex with Sarah?

Genesis 13:2 Now, Abram was rich in livestock, silver and gold.

Was Abraham our first Bible documented pimp? Do you think that Abraham and Sarah would ever try this pimp and hooker act again? Yep. They did it with King Abimelech (Genesis 20) – and – they got even richer.

Genesis 13:5-6 Lot, Abram’s nephew, and Abram grew so rich, they could not live together, their herds were so large.

Genesis 13:12-13 Lot moved near Sodom and Gomorra. The inhabitants of which were wicked in God’s eyes.

Oh oh! Look out for God! Those wicked sinners are gonna git it!

Genesis 14:8-16 There was a battle with 4 kings against 5 kings. The victors seized the spoils of Sodom and Gomorra and took Lot with them.

Abram took 318 of his own people and defeated them at night. He recovered Lot and all the possessions.

Hummm. Exactly 318? This took place over 4,000 years ago. Well – 318 has to be true and accurate because, after all, the Bible is God-inspired.

Genesis 14:18 A priest, Melchizedek, (a type of Christ: Catholic) blessed Abraham & Abraham gave Melchizedek 10% of what he had.

Abraham giving Melchizedek 10% of what he had could have been the origin of tithing.

Genesis 32:28 Jacob also pledged 10% after wrestling with God all night.

Could Melchizedek be the clue as to who sold Abraham on becoming a worshipper of the one Biblical God / the One God of Abraham? Abraham’s father, Terah, worshipped other gods. Abraham broke with his family’s tradition.

Abraham’s One God of Abraham was worshipped by Jews, then later by Christians, then later by Islam. Yes, Muslims worship the One God of Abraham – the same God as Jews and Christians. Disgusting, isn’t it?  

Believer: No, he didn’t!

Yes, he did. Would you like to debate controversial Bible C&V with me? I’d luv that. Although, I’d prefer a seasoned Baptist minister. He knows the Bible, warts and all. If he debated my selected, controversial Bible C&Vs, he would lose by having to admit he did not believe those C&Vs as documented.

I submit that a seasoned Baptist minister, with full knowledge of the Bible, would not debate me. He has a livelihood to protect.

Joshua 24:2 Terah, Abraham’s father, served other gods.

In Hebrews chapters 5-7, the Apostle Paul better explains Melchizedek.

Here are some conflicts concerning Melchizedek and Jesus.

Pastor Arnold Murray has preached that Melchizedek was Jesus. Aaron became the head of God’s chosen Levite priests. Melchizedek was not of Abraham’s bloodline. Jesus was not of the Levite tribe of priest’s bloodline as Jesus descended from the tribe of Judah. If God chose the Levite tribe to be His priests, why didn’t Jesus Christ descend from the tribe of the Levite Priests instead of the tribe of Judah?

Genesis 15:13-14 God said to Abram: Your descendants shall be aliens in the lands not their own where they will be slaves oppressed for 400 years. But I will bring judgment upon the nation they serve, and, in the end, they will depart (Egypt) with great wealth. God planned out the EXODUS! You know that included “The Killing of Egypt’s First Born”. 

A wealth contradiction? In Mark 10:25 Jesus said: Its easier for a camel go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter Heaven?

However, Ecclesiastes 10:19 documents: Money answers all things.

So, what is the real message concerning wealth? Would you agree that something “God-Inspired” is not consistent here?

Genesis 16:1-4 Sarai nags Abram about being childless and gave Abram her hand-maiden, Hagar, to be his wife for sex and children. Hagar conceived her son, Ishmael.

Abraham / Sarah / Isaac / Hagar / Ishmael 

Genesis 16:3 Sarai, Abram’s wife, gave Hagar to her husband Abram to be his wife.

This is emphasized for any who would debate, in error, that Hagar was not also Abraham’s wife.

Genesis 16:4-10 Abram had intercourse with Hagar, the Egyptian, and she became pregnant. Hagar looked with contempt on her mistress Sari, so Sari abused Hagar and she left. An Angel of God said to Hagar: Go back to your mistress and submit yourself to her abusive treatment and I will multiply your children.

What? Accept pain and abuse & God will make you many descendants? Catholic

How can a good, unchanging, loving, fair and just God possibly approve of this wife and child-abuse?

Hummm. Did any of God’s Biblical heroes have more than one wife before Abraham had both Sarah and Hagar for his wives? After Sarah died, old Abraham-the-stud, later in Genesis 25, took Keturah for his wife. And, he also collected some concubines. They all had old Abe’s children. Well, God did want Abraham-the-swinger to populate the planet.  

But, doesn’t the “just and fair” Biblical God also show tolerance, forgiveness and virtue in Sarah’s sexual abuse of Hagar?

How moral was Abraham to send Hagar and his own son, Ishmael, out into the desert to die.

Aren’t prisons full of righteous, God-like wife-abusers and child-beaters?

Today, more women are murdered in the United States of America by domestic violence than by any other single means. (Internet news.)

Azizah Y. Al-Hibri PhD. Law professor, Islamic: One commentary says: Sarah was so mad at Hagar because of Abraham’s attention that she decided to mutilate her in some way to make her less interesting. And, that’s how female-circumcision started.

Female-Circumcision / Insanity

Whoa! What? Really? That’s despicable! Sarah, are you really the mother of the Judeo-Christian religions? Is mutilating a woman’s sex organs part of your Judeo-Christian ethic? If so, Sarah, shame on you – big time! Abraham and Sarah started the Judeo-Christian religions. Abraham and Hagar started the Arab lineage through Ishmael. In 610 AD it became the religion of Islam. Muhammed was born in 570 AD and started Islam at age 40 in 610. Today, parts of Islam are still performing female-circumcision.

Genesis 16:11-12 God tells Hagar: You are pregnant with a son you will name Ishmael. He will be a wild ass of a man; his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him.

Did the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God want and pre-ordain an on-going 4,000 years of war between these religions? How many Christians realize and will acknowledge that all three religions worship the exact same God – The One God of Abraham? 

(The Arabic word Islam means “submission”. Islam is a monotheistic religion based on revelations received by the Prophet Muhammad: Born 570 – Died at age 62 in 632 AD.  Islam’s sacred text is the Qur’an / Koran. Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Christianity is the largest with 2 billion followers.

Genesis 17:4-6 God said: You will no longer be called Abram (man of greatness), but Abraham (Father of Nations).

Genesis 17:15 Sarai (princess) was changed also to Sarah (Queen).

Do you recall Genesis 20:12? God’s “holy-man” and his wife are half-brother and half-sister by the same father and different mothers. God forbid incest. 

Genesis 17:8 God said to Abraham: I will give to you and your descendants the whole land of Canaan as a permanent possession. Catholic

Abraham had Isaac. Isaac had Jacob. Jacob had 12 sons who became the “12 tribes of Israel”.

God later took these “12 tribes of Israel” out of Egypt by promising them “The Promised Land” which was “The Land of Canaan”.

God gave Egypt 10 plagues – including the murdering of all of Egypt’s firstborn – in the process of taking the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Then, for the most part, God ordered His “Chosen Hebrews” to murder every man, woman and child in Canaan so to steal their land. God gave them nothing. They had to kill all the men, women and little ones for their land. (Redundant emphasis intended!)

The mind-set of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic believer who insists that the Biblical God is good, loving, perfect, just and fair will never admit that:

The God of the Bible is not a good God and the Bible is not a good model for Humanity.    

Genesis 17:9 God says: You and your descendants must obey My rules.

Genesis 17:12-14 You must be circumcised – or else.

Genesis 17:24-25 Abraham was 99, Ishmael 13, when they were circumcised.

Owie! Owie!


Genesis 18:11-12 Sarah, (89) who no longer has her period, is told by God she will conceive. She says: I’m old, my husband is old (99). Am I still to have sexual pleasure? Catholic

Whew! Change the rating of this book! Sarah admitted that sex, for her, was pleasure! Cool!

Would holier-than-thou Catholic nuns dare call Sarah a slut?

Actually, after Sarah died, about 37 years later, our old, holy stud, Abraham, had 6 more sons with his wife Keturah (Genesis 25 ) and even more kids with some concubines. Do you think that Abraham, God’s hero, may not fit the Catholic nun’s model of Holy Virtue. Hummm. Does he?

Genesis 18:13-15 God said to Abraham: Why did Sarah laugh? Sarah said: I didn’t laugh. (Sarah lied to God’s face?) God said: Yes you did. Catholic

Did Sarah get caught lying to God? Maybe, by this Bible C&V documentation, lying to God is not a sin. Whatchathink?

Genesis 18:17 God wonders if He should hide from Abraham what He is about to do.

God planned the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Genesis 18:22 The Lord remained standing before Abraham.

Really? Face to face?

Exodus 33:20 God states: No man sees My face and lives.

Can this possibly be a contradiction – or – did God lie and make a holy exception in Abraham’s and Sarah’s case?

An authoritative Christian apologist will demand that he can have it both ways.

A believer, with his feet planted firmly in mid-air, will insist that it is all a matter of faith.

Gawd, I despise that “Faith” crap. Having “FAITH” is simply an attempt to WILL THINGS INTO REALITY.

Former President Donald J. Trump by Washington Post & New York Times fact-checked to document 30,529 public spoken lies during his one term Presidency. Trump was trying to WILL things into reality 30,529 times. Insanity is the incapacity to know right from wrong. The evidence is in. Donald Trump is insane. Authoritarians and bullies will lie and deny that.

Genesis 18:25 Abraham asked God about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra: Far be it for You to do such a thing, to make the innocent die with the guilty? Should not the judge of all the world act with justice?

Nah – God destroys them all anyway. Sarah lied to God’s face and lived.  Abraham questioned the morality, fairness, and decency of God, and lived! Did Abraham – like Moses did twice later in Exodus 32:11-14 and Numbers 14:13-20 – attempt to teach God morality?

Genesis 19:5-26 Two human-looking Angels arrive at Lot’s house. Lot lets them in, washes their feet, feeds them and prepares for bed. The entire townspeople come to his door and tells Lot to bring the two men out so they can have sex with them. Lot said to take his two daughters instead, that they have never had sex with a man. Do what you want to do with them; but, don’t do anything to these men. They threatened to have sex with Lot too. The two Angels struck the mob with a blinding light and told Lot to take his wife and daughters away for they were about to destroy this place. Lot also warned his two proposed sons-in-law, but they thought Lot was joking. Lot took his wife and two virgin daughters, and with warnings not to look back, they fled. God destroyed the cities and all the people, even the innocent children. When the killing started, the noise and fire was so great that Lot’s wife turned to look at the carnage and was turned into a pillar of salt. She died. God murdered her. 

God murdered Lot’s wife, the mother of Lot’s 2 virgin daughters, for looking back at her home and her neighbors being destroyed.

Genesis 19:30-36 Lot went up from the city of Tzoar. Since Lot was afraid to remain there, he decided to live in a cave – alone – with his two virgin daughters. They got Lot drunk, had sex with him and Lot got both of his virgin daughters pregnant.

Weren’t these the only 3 “righteous” people that the Biblical God spared from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Didn’t God let Lot and his two daughters survive because God deemed them to be righteous? Should the “God-selected” father, who offered his two virgin-daughters to be raped by all the men in his city, and who later “knocked-up” both of his virgin daughters – be considered to be “righteous and good” in your sacred and “Holy” value system? What does this story really say about Lot – and about the Biblical God – and about the believers of Judeo-Christianity? Btw, Lot’s knocking up both of his daughters was incest. God forbids incest. 

Where is any tempting Devil during this scenario? Even during the “original sin” – no Satan nor Devil is ever mentioned – only a talking serpent.

According to His own track-record, the Biblical God does it all. So, does any Satan exist? Could religion be but fabrications and myths engineered by the egos of power-hungry men? Like God, don’t egocentric and power-hungry men expect to be obeyed by believers and to be served by dutiful slaves?

Bill Moyers: Lot offers his daughters to strangers. God makes judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah but not on Lot. Throughout Genesis, God is the father, the patriarch of a dysfunctional family.

Thank you, Bill Moyers.

Lot Offered His 2 Virgin Daughters for Sex to Strangers

In Genesis 20 Abraham and Sarah, again, pass themselves off as brother and sister to King Abimelech.

The same, pimp and hooker, con-job scenario again takes place. The King catches the con in time, yet he still pays off Abraham with herds, gold, and land. God’s wrath punishes the King by making him impotent to stop the King’s bloodline. Abraham interceded and God changed His mind and restored sexual health to the King so that his maidservants and wives could bear him children. 

What? Abraham changed God’s mind? Did the unchanging Biblical God change His mind? Isn’t God documented to be unchanging from the Alpha to the Omega? What the ….?

Believer. No! God has all the right in the world to change His mind or anything else that God wants.

Malachi 3:6 God said: I change not.

Incorrect, Mr. believer. Tell me, do you insist that I believe you or should I trust my C&V knowledge of scripture?

Believer: You are going to Hell, and I will not spread my pearls before swine.

Ah, Christians often prove to be such nice, friendly Bible debaters.

Did God condone sex with many wives? Maidservants? Concubines? Slaves?


Genesis 20:12 Abraham said: She (Sarah) is in truth my sister, but only my father’s daughter, not my mother’s.

Exhibit E: Abraham and Sarah are documented to have incest sex. Incest is in truth a fact or Abraham is in truth a liar.

Furthermore, Isaac – Abraham and Sarah’s son – is a product of their incest.

Again, did you know that Moses was also a product of incest? Exodus 6:20.

Didn’t Abraham sell his wife, Sarah, into the Pharaoh’s harem and to King Abimelech by saying to both that Sarah was his sister? If not, how do you account for Abraham and Sarah gaining great wealth form both Pharaoh and King Abimelech?

Doesn’t the same Biblical God condemn incest in Leviticus 20:17?

Didn’t Abraham pimp Sarah to Pharaoh and King Abimelech and in both cases get paid off? Did these ends justify God’s means?

King Abimelech

Did Sarah sacrifice herself for Abraham, her half-brother / husband? Or did Sarah have her own agenda to get pregnant by Pharaoh, to help Abraham become a father? If Sarah had become pregnant by Pharaoh, could she had possibly become the Queen of Egypt? What was God’s plan? How would you explain this documented incest, pimping and hooking to your curious and questioning sons and daughters?

Didn’t Abraham get rich? The offense had to be big to get such a big pay-off.

Rabbi Burt Visotzky: Rabbis don’t normally ask questions about women.

Do Rabbis – like Islamists – continue to treat women as second-class citizens? If so, why?

Pastor Eugene Rivers III: What would have happened to Abraham if he had not lied about what his relationship was with the woman? Listen, I can imagine lying. Here’s a black dude in the inner city. He’s got a white wife. A couple Egyptian brothers roll up on the brother with a white wife. Now this guy’s not a complete fool “Yo baby, we work together, right? Pretend you’re my boss. You’re not my wife right, because if you’re my wife, you may be a widow by the end of the day.

What? Pastor Eugene Rivers preaches that Abraham was black? Really? And, that Sarah was white? Well, they did have the same father and different mothers. Does Pastor Rivers believe that Abraham and Sarah had a “mixed marriage”?

Genesis 21:10 Sarah demanded Abraham drive Hagar and her son (Ishmael) out. No slave is going to share the inheritance with my son, (Isaac).

Isaac means laughter. The Bible should be called Isaac.

Genesis 21:20-21 God was with Hagar and her son. Hagar got a wife for Ishmael in Egypt.

Hagar was Sarah’s slave girl. When Sarah was beyond menopause, she had her husband Abraham have sex with Hagar so that Sarah could have a child by Hagar. Sarah “abused” Hagar by female-circumcision so that Hagar could not have pleasure when having sex with Abraham. Islam provides more detail of Hagar’s abuse than the Judeo-Christians.

Ishmael means “God has heard”. Wasn’t Ishmael chosen, by God, too? Through Ishmael, wasn’t the Arabic-Islamic religion founded on Abraham, a Hebrew father? Ishmael fathered and evolved what became the Arabic race / bloodline. Isaac fathered and evolved what became the Jewish race / bloodline.

Azizah Y. Al-Hibri: In the Qur’an, Abraham and Ishmael build the first house of God on Earth, the Ka’ba, that is in Mecca.

Genesis 22:1-2 God told Abraham to sacrifice his son (Isaac) as a burnt offering. KJV

Genesis 22:11-15 The Lord’s messenger (Angel) calls it off and then (the Angel) seems to turn into God himself.

An Angel called it off when it was obvious that Abraham would sacrifice murder, slice up and cook Isaac in about 2000 BC? Never again does the Biblical God or any of His angels call off Human sacrifice, even with Jesus. So, was the messenger God, Himself, or just a nicer Angel?

If it was an Angel, how could a subordinate messenger / Angel countermand the Almighty Biblical God’s order? If God appears as the angel wasn’t that deceptive? God has His reasons, you say? Every caught and convicted criminal had personal motives / reasons for his immoral / illegal / murderous agenda.

Genesis 22:4 Abraham said to his servants: Stay here. We (Isaac and I) are going up to worship. We (Isaac and I) will be back.

If Abraham knew that we (Isaac and I) would be back, what’s going on here? If Abraham planned to sacrifice Isaac, then Abraham lied to his servants, again, making Abraham a liar.

In Genesis 22:1-2, God spoke to Abraham ordering him to sacrifice Isaac.

But then in Genesis 22:15-18 I swear by myself, declares the Lord, that because you acted as you did not withhold from Me your beloved son I will bless you, all because you obeyed My command.

Abraham & Isaac

Catholic Recap: God promises Abraham, age 75, that he will be the father of nations. When Sarah is 76, she sends Abraham (then 86) in to have sex with Hagar, her Egyptian handmaid. Abraham consents which produces Ishmael – and over 4,000 years of war in the middle east. Sarah hears God say that she will have a child and laughs at God’s words. She lies to God by denying that she laughed. Still, when Abraham is 100, God rewards Sarah, 90, for her role in His plan and gives her Isaac (laughter) whom Abraham later almost sacrifices. After Isaac’s “called-off” sacrifice, never again is there any Biblical talk between Isaac (or Sarah) and Abraham. Some parents are horrified by this story of God’s child-abuse.

What is a dysfunctional family? What is a dysfunctional god?

If God said to you: Only I deserve your love. Show me you love Me more than your son. If God then wanted you to personally sacrifice / murder your own son, would you do it? If you say no to God, would you expect to suffer “Eternal Torment”? If you say yes, are you nuts? How about sending your child off to kill or die in some political struggle on behalf of a corrupt Government? Does that God-like murder / sacrifice tradition turn you on?

Bill Moyers: That story (Abraham’s sacrifice) presupposes that the nature of God requires something to suffer in order for God to be satisfied.

Wow, Bill Moyers, that is an awesome and accurate perspective!

What is child-abuse? Isn’t one’s putting a knife to his child’s throat child-abuse? Then, why wouldn’t it be if Abraham and God were doing it? Bad, ugly, criminal and heinous deeds are what they are – regardless of Who does them.

James 2:21 Was not Abraham justified by works when he offered to sacrifice Isaac?

The Bahia religion insists that it was Ishmael, not Isaac, who Abraham tried to sacrifice.

Islamic traditions hold that the Kaaba, originally built by Adam, was rebuilt by Abraham and Ishmael.

When Sarah let Abraham have sex with Hagar, did God reward Sarah by then giving her Isaac?

If you were asked this question by your own kids, how would you answer it?

For Hagar, the slave girl, wasn’t having sex with Abraham a great career move? What does this model teach? Was Hagar’s not resisting having sex with Abraham due to Sarah’s suggestion? If asked, what will you tell your daughter concerning Abraham and Hagar?

Nothing? You would avoid the subject, you say? Why? It is Biblical. The Holy Bible is “The Good Book” – isn’t it?

Genesis 22:12 Being feared pleased God. KJV

The Biblical God’s consistent theme throughout The Old Testament seems to be: OBEY Me or I WILL KILL YOU!

That’s all God had at that time. The threat of Eternal-Torment after death was Jesus Christ’s contribution. Thanks, Jesus.

Genesis 23:1 Sarah lived to be 127 years old.

The Burial of Sarah

Genesis 5:27 The oldest Human Being recorded in the Bible was Methuselah who died at 969 years of age.

Is the genetic effect on age wearing off?

Genesis 24:9 So the servant put his hand under the thigh of his master and swore to him in this undertaking.

Genesis 47:29 Jacob had Joseph place his hand under his thigh (grab his balls) and to swear that He would not bury Jacob in Egypt.

In those days, one man grabbed another man’s testicles (balls) and sacredly swore that he would or would not do something – thus comes the words testify, and sacred testimony.

I told a girl that personally will pass on “testifying” in such a manner. How about you?

She just giggled.

Genesis 24:35 God granted Abraham slaves and slave-girls. Torah / Catholic

What could be better Bible documented proof / evidence of this God’s attitude concerning slavery?

Some southern slave-owners used this Bible C&V (Genesis 24:35) as their legal right to procure slaves.

Joel 3:8 God said: I will sell your sons and your daughters into the hands of the children of Judah, and they will sell them to the Sabeans. KJV

Genesis 24:34-66 A man said: I am a servant of Abraham, a wealthy man who has given everything he has to his son. I am here to get a wife for my master’s son. Laban replied: Here is Rebekah (Laban’s own sister) ready for you. The man gave gold, silver and clothes for Rebekah and gave costly presents to her brother (Laban) and to her mother. They said: Let’s see what Rebekah says. Rebekah said: “I do”. Rebekah later saw Isaac and asked: Is that my master? “Yes”. She covered her face with her veil. Isaac (age 40) took her into his recently departed mother Sarah’s tent and “married” her. Torah

Isaac and Rebekah did “the sacred wild-thing” because without their consummating the sex act, there legally was no marriage.

Genesis 25:1-7 After Sarah died, Abraham married another wife, Keturah and had 6 more sons.  

One of Abraham’s sons with Keturah was Midian. This is important because later Moses’ wife, Jochebed, was a Midianite.

 Later, Moses waged war on the Midianites in Numbers 25 and 31.

Genesis 25:6 Abraham had more sons by concubines that he gave grants to. Then, Abraham sent them away from his son Isaac.

This documents that Abraham, the stud, had more sons by concubines. He gave them grants and sent them away so that Isaac would receive all of the inheritance.

Abraham died at 175 years of age. It was emphasized that Abraham was too old for Ishmael, his first kid. Yet, many years later, Abraham the swinger / stud, had another wife, Keturah, who had 6 kids and even more kids and other concubines.

Abraham – The Old Swinging Stud


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