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Exodus “Controversial” Topics

God’s Premeditated Plan

God’s Motive for His 10 Plague Destruction

God’s 10 Plagues

Scenario / Parable – Little Pharaoh


To the honest and realistic Human Being: If you are going to worship, promote, support and finance the Biblical God, at least know what the Biblical God is documented, by Bible C&V, to have done.

Gary DeVaney: To best depict the character of the Biblical God, fictional or not, Exodus is my favorite Book in the Bible.


Moses: 1391–1271 BC?

Exodus 2:12 When Moses saw no one was watching, he killed an Egyptian and hid his body.

Ah, a candidate suitable for the murderous work of the Biblical God.

Azizah Y. Al-Hibri: Moses Killed Somebody. And, if God could choose such people as prophets, we have a chance of being saved, of God blessing us despite our mistakes.

Exodus 2:15-21 Pharaoh heard what Moses did and sought to kill him. Moses fled, met some women at a well and he married Zipporah.

Moses and Zipporah Met at a Well?

Isn’t Moses and Zipporah meeting at a well parallel to, or a re-cycle of, the Jacob and Rachel meeting at a well story in Genesis 29:10-11?

Exodus 3:2 God’s Angel appeared to Moses in the heart of a fire in the middle of a (miracle) bush that burned but was not consumed.

God Spoke to Moses as a Burning Bush

What? God’s Angel appeared to Moses in the heart of the fire? All this time, I thought that God was the “fire” in the “burning bush”! Didn’t you?

Is God “fire”? Is “fire” associated with Hell? Is Satan associated with Hell? If God is in the “Burning Bush” – is God also Satan?

Exodus 3:14-15 God replied to Moses: I Will Be Who I Will Be. This is how I am to be recalled for all generations. Torah

Who, in conversation today, calls God: “I Will Be Who I Will Be”? Aren’t we one of the “all generations” God referred to?

Exodus 3:17 God promised to take Moses’ people out of Egypt into a “Land of Milk & Honey”.

My Torah notes claim that about three million (3,000,000) people came out of Egypt and about 2/3rds of them were Israelites.

Note: Out of the 3,000,000 people that God led out of Egypt, only 2 leaders, Joshua and Caleb, actually got into “The Promised Land”.

That means except for Joshua and Caleb, God murdered all 3 million of them. Why? God murdered them due to God’s disappointment with them. They did not wholly obey God. God’s “chosen” did not murder all the landowners who God wanted murdered. So, God murdered them. Do you realize that God broke His “sacred” promise to each of the 3,000,000 individuals, over 20-years-old, who God led out of Egypt – including Moses, Aaron and Miriam? Knowing this, do you still insist that God did keep His “sacred” promise to all of the individuals who did not make it into “The Promised Land”?

“The Promised Land” was “The Land of Canaan”. Didn’t Noah curse the land named after Canaan, Ham’s son, in Genesis 9:24-28?

Would God or would Satan take His “chosen people” into a “cursed land”? Wouldn’t one think that only Satan would do something like that?

Recorded history has documented that God’s “Promised Land” has experienced murder, theft, and destruction ever since Biblical times. What do you think the never-changing Biblical God’s “Heaven” will amount to? If God is “fire” – as Pastor Arnold Murray preaches – could it be Heaven that is HOT?

Is this God also Satan? Does this God do the murderous deeds that Satan is typically accused of and credited for? Have you noticed that no “Satan” or “Devil” has not been mentioned so far on any page of the Bible? Why?

II Samuel 24: The anger of The Lord was kindled against Israel and God moved David against them to say go number Israel and Judah.

“Satan” is not introduced until the 13th book of the Bible.

1 Chronicles 21:1 A SATAN rose up against Israel and incited David to take a census of Israel.

Satan was accused of ordering the census in 1 Chronicles 21:1 that God ordered in II Samuel 24. Due to King David’s obeying and taking the census, God punished David by murdering 70,000 of God’s own “chosen” people.

The Old Testament is written testimony which documents that a self-confessed angry, jealous and murderous God destroyed 3,000,000 of those whom He chose to bring out of Egypt.

God murdered His 3,000,000 “chosen people”. God murdered them because they did not eagerly kill all of “The Land of Canaan” / “The Promised Land” inhabitants in order to steal their land. Could a “good” God ever do anything like that? 

Battered Woman Syndrome: A battered woman is dominated and controlled by physical, mental and emotional abuse. She must account for her time and all decisions are made for her. Her god makes himself more important by shifting the blame and responsibility for his violent and abusive action on her while he righteously uses abusive means to control her. The battered victim seldom complains or reports the batterer due to fear.

God’s “Chosen” were victims of a Battered People Syndrome. The Biblical “Exodus” proves to be a “Battered People” story.

Exodus 3:19-22 God said: I know the Egyptian King will not allow you to leave unless he is forced. I will demolish Egypt; then, the Pharaoh will let you go. You will not go empty handed of silver and gold. You will drain Egypt of its wealth and give it to yourself and your children. Torah

Ecclesiastes 10:19 Money Answers All Things.

The Holman Bible Dictionary: The Jews robbed Egypt of its wealth and of its first-born.

What? God ordered theft? Does the Biblical God say here: Thou shalt steal – on My terms? Is this what you consider to be moral or legal? If you were an Egyptian, how would you feel about this new God’s morality and His sense of law?

The ultimate Confucius moral: “Do not do unto others what you would not want others to do unto you.”

Can you think of a better moral? If so, please submit it to – gary@gdevaney.com – along with any corrections you may have.

Exodus 4:10 Moses tells God he can’t represent Him to Pharaoh because he is slow of speech, slow of tongue.

What? Moses, God’s chosen spokesman, has a speech impediment?

Exodus 4:11 God said to Moses: Who gives one man speech and makes another deaf and dumb? Who gives sight to one and makes another blind? Is it not I, the Lord?

Is God boasting to Moses that He / God (no Satan or Devil) causes mankind’s saddest afflictions? Is this really a “loving God” that Christians pray to? Who admits, right here, that God Himself, is mankind’s greatest adversary (Satan)?

Adapted from: Paul Winchell’s book: “God 2000, Religion Without the Bible”, 1982.

This book, by Paul Winchell, started me on my study & investigation of the controversial Bible C&Vs in 1982. Gary DeVaney

Exodus 4:21-23 God said to Moses: “Then, I will make Pharaoh obstinate so that he won’t let My people go. Moses, go tell Pharaoh, that by refusing, I will ultimately murder his first-born son.”

This was God’s specific confession: Exodus 4:21 proves that all the future murdering, pain and anguish is but the agenda of this wicked, evil God. Do you know anyone who worships, promotes and supports this God?

Exodus 4:23-24 God tries to murder Moses, but, his wife, Zipporah, saves him by cutting off a piece of their son’s (Gershom) foreskin. (Circumcision.)

Why did the Biblical God want to kill Moses? Can anyone trust a “supreme leader” / God of such inconsistency? And, if God really tried and failed to kill Moses, what does that say about this unchanging God? What does this say about what God really thought of Moses?

Azizah Y. Al-Hibri: Muslims circumcise too. Islam has the Qur’an, which one interprets for oneself as Islam does not have “clergy”.

It is interesting that Islam has no clergy. Each Muslim has the responsibility to learn the Koran for himself.

Exodus 4:27 God spoke to Aaron in a straight-forward manner.

Why? How come there was no miracles or magic?

Exodus 5:1-22 Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and stated that their God demanded he let their people go. When God schemed and made the Pharaoh obstinate, God caused the Hebrews a heavier workload which made them suffer and complain.

Exodus 5:22 Moses asked God: Why do You mistreat Your people? You have done nothing to help Your people.

Is Moses admonishing, questioning and teaching God morality? Careful Moses! You’re petting a deadly Cobra.

Exodus 6:2 God told Moses His name was Jehovah (KJV) which Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did not know him by.

Why did God use “I Am” (KJV) earlier stating that would be His name, forever His title for all generations?

G: Could this “I Am” be the definition of “Ego” / “God”? Is “Ego” and “God” the same? Is it Ego that seeks authority when promoting God?

EGO & GOD are behaviorally synonymous: 

1. I am the value

2. I am the authority

3. I am entitled

Personal perspective: Bart Floyd called me once and asked: “Gary, you’ve studied most of the religions of the World, how many Gods do you think there have been throughout history?”

My answer was simple, quick and distinctive: “Almost one GOD for each EGO.”

I’m betting that the human concept of Ego and God is synonymous. I view that although an Atheist has an ego, Atheists don’t promote their authoritative ego through the claim of any authoritative god.

God’s Premeditated Plan

Exodus 6:1 God said: Moses, now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh. He will be forced to let them go. He will be forced to drive them out of his land.

The Land of Egypt

God wants Pharoah to drive His “chosen” Jews out of Egypt. Doesn’t God admit, right here, that it is Pharaoh’s land?

Exodus 6:7-8 God said: I will take you as My Own people and you shall have Me as your God. I will give you the land I swore to give Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I Am God.

Some feel all warm and fuzzy about this passage. Why? Isn’t this God guilty of bias discrimination? What about the Egyptians and other people? Later, this Biblical God claims to play no favorites. One sorry thing is some religious people want God to be discriminatory towards them and adversarial towards others. Is religion just the authoritative voodoo of egocentric monkey-minds?

Moses Is a Product of Incest?

Exodus 6:20 Amram took Jochebed his father’s sister for his wife. She bore him Aaron and Moses (and Miriam). KJV

Now, this is shocking! Moses is credited to have written the Torah / Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Bible).

Leviticus 18:12 God commanded: You shall not have sex with your father’s sister. Torah & Catholic & KJV

Amram and His Father’s Sister Jochebed?

If Moses wrote Leviticus – then Moses did not “honor his father and mother”. Moses exposed their sin of incest. The Biblical God commanded against and forbade this specific sexual union in Leviticus 18:12.

If God does NOT change and God condemned Moses’ father – aunt incest, why was Moses selected as God’s favored hero? Doesn’t that prove that the Biblical God is a hypocrite?

Were you ever taught in Sunday School or during a church service that Moses, another of God’s chosen leaders and models, was also a product of incest? Who would have “thunk” it?

Actually, Miriam, Moses’ and Aaron’s sister is not listed as being born in Exodus 6:20 in either the Torah or the KJV. Rabbis claim that women were considered irrelevant and equivalent to chattel. The Catholic version did include Miriam’s birth along with Aaron’s and Moses’.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton: “The Bible and the Church have been the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of women’s emancipation.”

At this time, I would request that each and every Christian stop for a moment and personally define the word EVIL for himself and for herself. Try to get totally passionate concerning your personal definitions of EVIL!

Exodus 7:1 God tells Moses: I will be making you as a god to Pharaoh. Aaron, your brother, will be your prophet.

Do you think maybe Moses invented his God to get the superstitious to follow him?

What one word defines “god” in every context? How about the word “authority”? Test it.

Exodus 7:3-5 God said: I will make Pharaoh obstinate. He will show his powers; I will show Mine…

God Hardened Pharaoh’s Heart.

Could God’s motive be: “And Egypt will learn Who is God around here?”

Exodus 7:5 The Egyptians will know that I am God.

Yep! Looks like it.

Exodus 7:7-12 At this time, Moses was 80 years old. Aaron was 83. God told Moses – and Moses directed Aaron to throw down his rod. Aaron’s rod become a serpent. Then, Pharaoh’s priest’s rods became serpents. Moses’ and Aaron’s snake ate all the Pharaoh’s priest’s snakes.

7:13 God, then, hardened the Pharaoh’s heart.

What? The Biblical God made Pharaoh into a puppet by changing his feelings and mind so that Pharaoh could not obey Moses?

God documented his evil, murderous agenda: I will make Pharaoh refuse to release My people; then, I will murder, torture, inflict plagues and diseases on all the Egyptian people, which will include the “innocent”, their children and their animals.

Stop! Please! Think about THIS for as long as it takes.

What? The Biblical God would do all of this murderous, heinous cruelty – just to let them (or us – thousands of years later) know Who is God?

What kind of “good”, “loving” and “just” God would do that?

What kind of “good, loving and just” people could or would worship, support, promote and finance such a God – fictional or not?

Are Christians truly “good, loving and just” people?

Do Christians truly know what “EVIL” is?

Is the Biblical God EVIL?

How does this Biblical God and His deeds measure up to your personal definition of EVIL?

God will make Pharaoh do what?

God will make Pharaoh refuse God and disobey Him?

What does that mean? Why would God do that? Then, isn’t the Biblical God saying that this is all premeditated on His part?

If someone were to announce that he planned these things against the United States of America today, wouldn’t most Christian Americans accuse him as being evil and possessed by Satan? Is this Biblical God also Satan on a bad day? 

God’s 10 Plagues

God Also Killed Pharaoh’s First-Born Son

After each plague, Pharaoh would have let the Israelites go. But, after each plague, God forced Pharaoh to change his mind. Then, God punished all the Egyptians, including the innocent children, and their animals.

Is the Biblical God insane? Absurd? Diabolical? Psychotic? If you are “God-fearing”, haven’t you shown courage to have read this far? Are you still afraid to judge this insane Biblical God?

Exodus 7:17 God predicted: In this you shall know how I am God.

Once you know the insane, evil behavior of this God, what are your views concerning this God? If you condone this God’s behavior, what does that say about you, the believer?

1. Exodus 7:20-21 The river changed into blood. The fish died.

Exodus 7:22 God made Pharaoh remain obstinate.

Clue: Don’t miss these (God’s C&V) “hardening the heart” motives many times over.

2. Exodus 8:1-10 Aaron / God brought frogs upon the Egyptian people and their land and the (guilty) frogs died and stank.

This is taken from the Catholic version. Sometimes the KJV, Torah and the Catholic version is off a verse or two – but they basically all say the same things.

Exodus 8:11 Pharaoh was still stubborn as God had scripted.

Did you see this one?

3. Exodus 8:12 God brought lice upon the Egyptian people and their animals. Torah (8:16 KJV)

God’s Lice

Exodus 8:15 God still forced Pharaoh to remain stubborn.

How about this one?

Can you imagine for a moment that you are an Egyptian or do you insist that you are a Lieutenant on God’s side – right or wrong?

4. Exodus 8:17 God infested swarms of flies upon the people of Egypt.

God’s Flies

Exodus 8:28 Pharaoh became obdurate, would not let the people go.

Again, God’s doing? God made Pharaoh disobedient and then God punished all the Egyptians for it.

God’s Motive for His 10 Plague Punishment and Destruction:

Exodus 8:18-19 So that you may know that I am God right here on Earth I will make this distinction between My people and your people. Catholic. KJV = Exodus 8:22-23

God proves to prefer, pick and choose and to discriminate concerning Human Beings.

Romans 9:17 God said to Pharaoh: The purpose I raised you up was to show My power so My name might be declared throughout all the Earth.

Note: Romans 9:17 documents that God is inflicting all these plagues and doing all this murdering just to let everybody know who is God around here. Who and where is “evil” Satan, so far, according to these (selected and controversial) Bible scriptures?

5. Exodus 9:6 God killed all the livestock of Egypt; none of Israel.

God Killed All the Livestock of Egypt

Exodus 9:7 Pharaoh was still obstinate under God’s spell.

What? Whose spell? God casts spells? Aren’t “spells” cast by evil entities? Are “The Gospels”, God’s-spells?

6. Exodus 9:10 God caused festering boils on man and beast.

God Caused Boils on Man and Beast

Exodus 9:12 But, God made Pharaoh obstinate, and he would not listen to Moses just as God had foretold to Moses.

Exodus 9:14-16 God will send torture and murder on the Egyptians – so that they will know that there is none like God on Earth – and that God’s name be declared throughout all the Earth.

No! Not our loving, perfect Christian-worshipped God! Tell me it’s not true!

God Murdered Egyptian Human Beings and Animals by Hail

7. Exodus 9:23-25 God murdered, by hail, every man and animal that was outdoors.

Why? What did those men do?

Why all those innocent animals?

God’s Christian believer’s defense: Those animals were sinful, damn-it!

Exodus 9:27-28 Pharaoh cried: I’m guilty, God is just. We have had enough. I and my subjects have been wrong, we have sinned. I will let you go!

Exodus 9:29 Now, you may know how the Earth is God’s.

Exodus 9:34-35 Pharaoh became stubborn, yet again, as God had foretold.

Exodus 10:1 God said to Moses: I have made Pharaoh and his advisors stubborn so I may do what I have done. Torah

God, again, told Moses that He made Pharaoh stubborn so that God can torture and kill Egyptians.

Exodus 10:2 God said: You will be able to tell your children how I made fools out of the Egyptians. You will then fully realize how I am God. Torah

What? The Biblical God wants you to tell your children about the torture and mass-murder God committed on the Egyptians?

Sorry believers and defenders, but the Torah, Catholic and King James versions all show this Biblical God to be one sick, sick puppy.

Believer: Never! God is great! God is good! Praise God! You can be saved in the blood of Jesus Christ!

Can’t a believer stick to the topic? If you condone all this murder, pain and torture, what does that say about you?

8. Exodus 10:12-19 God covered the land of Egypt with locust. God drowned all the locust.

God Covered Egypt with Locust

Exodus 10:20 God again, made Pharaoh obstinate, so he would not let the Israelites go.

9. Exodus 10:21-22 Magic: Three days of thick darkness.

God Caused 3 Days of Darkness

Exodus 10:27 God made Pharaoh obstinate so that he would not let them go.

Exodus 11:1-2 God ordered Moses: To ask of the Egyptians for their gold, silver, jewels, and clothes (before God lays “the big, murderous one” on them).

The Holman Bible Dictionary: In leaving Egypt, Israel ROBBED the most powerful nation of their time of its first-born sons and of its wealth.

This is a redundant, and an official, reminder that the Israelites robbed Egypt of its wealth.

Exodus 11:4-5 Moses said: Every first-born of this land shall die from the first-born of Pharaoh to the first-born of the slave-girl in the hand-mill.

What? Would the Biblical God target and murder children to fulfill His agenda?

What responsibility does an innocent first-born baby and his mother have concerning God’s documented insane and murderous intent?

What did that baby or his mother do to the Biblical God to make Him so heinous, evil, insane and murderous?

By designing this cruel, sadistic, murderous agenda, how does the Biblical God prove to be a God of love, fairness and justice?

What kind of evil agenda or model is God trying to teach Humanity? What is God’s “moral” in this case? Would God ever personally confess to do such an insane thing?

Exodus 11:9 God told Moses that Pharaoh would not listen to Moses so that God could torture and murder Egyptians.

What? So, if Pharaoh gets stubborn – it is not Pharaoh’s fault? It is God who makes Pharaoh stubborn.

Exodus 11:10 God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that Pharaoh was stubborn, obstinate and would not let the Israelites go.

God Murdered the Egyptian Firstborn

Exodus 12:12 God said: I will murder every first-born in Egypt, man and beast. I will judge against all gods of Egypt. I alone am God.

God showed intent to murder every firstborn in Egypt. God’s intent qualifies for the definition of murder. God intends a mass-murder and when God succeeds at doing the mass-murder – God proves to be a mass-murderer.

God said that He will judge against all gods of Egypt – but – He alone is God? Does God’s statement qualify to be somewhat contradictory?

Are you conscious and sensitive as to what is going on here? Are you on God’s side? Can you explain your attitude concerning God’s agenda?

What do your feelings tell you? Do you approve of God torturing and mass-murdering Egyptians – just to let everybody know who is God?

An Egyptian First-Born Son


Gary DeVaney

A DeVaney Parable:

Imagine, in a hand-mill, an Egyptian slave-girl’s first-born son looks adoringly into his mother’s proud eyes and he says to her, “Mother, thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me my share of nurturing and gentle words. Mother, should I have to leave you, do not grieve for me; for, my happiness has been the greatest gift you have given me. And hopefully, in the time we had, I have returned happiness to you. Remember, I love you, mother.”

10. Exodus 12:29 God murdered all the first-born of Egypt.

God Murdered One Human Being in every Egyptian House

Exodus 12:30 God murdered one Human Being in every Egyptian house.

Today, many religions celebrate “The Passover”, the night that God murdered all first-born Egyptians. The Israelites were directed to slaughter young lambs, without blemish, and spread their blood on their doorposts so God could determine who to murder – and who not to.

“The Passover” was what Jesus Christ was celebrating when Pilate took Him away to be crucified. How can anyone “sane” today celebrate this insane absurdity called “The Passover”?

“The Passover”

Jesus Celebrated “The Passover”: God’s Mass-Murder of Egypt’s Firstborn

Wouldn’t only a racist celebrate “The Passover”? Who was documented to be the Egyptian’s adversary? The Biblical God was.

Albert Einstein: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

Isn’t it immoral to inflict pain on helpless creatures? If so, the Biblical God proved to be immoral – illegal – and insane. What kind of Human Being would worship, support, praise and finance such a murderous model?

This God has Moses make a request for His people to leave Egypt. Pharaoh agrees, then God forces Pharaoh to disagree. Then God punishes and tortures all Egyptians, murders all their first-born and destroys their livestock; all, just to let everybody know who is boss (God) around here.

Are you promoting this heinous God to be your child’s model of morality?

The Age of Enlightenment became established in the 1700s. Biblical consciousness and sensitivity for the herd-mentality has not yet become a reality. Believers still stupidly & stubbornly obey, worship, support, praise & finance this documented to be insane Biblical God.

Check out, Bible C&V, the heinous cruelty the Bible and its God spews out. Somehow, the believer’s herd-mentality re-cycles this cruel legacy as virtue throughout generations. Can believers wake up and get a conscience?

The Biblical God is not a good God and the Bible is not a good model for humanity. GWD

Gary DeVaney I cannot accuse the Biblical God to be any more insane than the Bible proves its God to be insane – by chapter and verse evidence. 

Exodus 13:17 Pharaoh releases the Israelites.

Pharaoh Releases the Israelites

Exodus 14:4 God said: I will harden Pharaoh’s heart so that he will follow the Israelites.

Exodus 14:8 God hardened Pharaoh’s heart and then forced Pharaoh and his army to chase them.

Exodus 14:17-18 God said: I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians and I will get Me honor over Pharaoh and his army. And, the Egyptians will know that I am God.

This is the egocentric, narcissistic reason that this evil God punished the Egyptians with his torturous, murderous 10 plagues. You cannot claim that Satan did it.

Exodus 14:21-28 God parted “The Red Sea” for Moses and His people, then God collapsed it over the Pharaoh’s Army who had followed the Hebrews into the sea.

So God had made Pharaoh stubborn again so he would chase the Israelites. Then, God used supernatural power to crash the parted Red Sea over the Egyptian army – drowning them all.

Exodus 20:5-6 God said: You shall not bow down to them, nor serve them. For I am a jealous God; I visit the iniquity of the fathers upon their children unto the third and fourth generation of those who hate Me / God.

Can you explain why Judeo-Christian-Islamic believers support this God?

Psalm 136:15 But swept Pharaoh and his army into the Red Sea. Catholic

God Murdered Pharaoh’s Army

Psalm 136:15 But overthrew Pharaoh and his host into the Red Sea. KJV

So, did Pharaoh die with his army?

Most believers presume Ramses II to be the Pharaoh of this story – but history does not have any of the Ramses / Pharaohs dying with his army in the Red Sea.

Can anyone verify if history claims there was a Moses or an Exodus – as the Holy Bible defines.

Do you tend to believe history or the “infallible” Bible?

C. Dennis McKinsey: The Bible contains more errors than holes in a screen door. “The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy”

Again, God’s only motive to inflict all the plagues and murdering was just to let them all know “who is God around here”?

Does anyone else sense an ego here?

Fictional or not, was this God: Loving? Moral? Fair? Or: Insane? Obsessed? Psychotic? Evil?

Any mention yet of any Satan or Devil?

Does this God deserve worship? Why?

What kind of sentences would “World Courts” give this God / Character?

Were the Marquis de Sade, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Cambodia’s Pol Pot “The Biblical God” incarnate?

What is the lesson God is giving everyone here?

Do the people, who do Passover and still support this God, know what He did?

If the Biblical God is perfect and this is His track record, what kind of perfection lies in store for those who are chosen to serve God for eternity?

Any debate won’t change the Chapters & Verses and the words of the Bible. Those words just won’t go away. Check yourself to see if your argument will attempt to discipline or control opposing debaters, to demand that they conform to your values – even by threat of consequence.

Attitude check: Are you defending this Father / God or just defending your feelings?

Has your EGO taken the place of your GOD? Is it really your ego you are defending?


Little Pharaoh


Gary DeVaney 

I Am the Authority
Me Boss – You Punk!


God’s Murdering of Egypt’s Firstborn  

A DeVaney Parable

A huge, tyrannical father came home one day and grabbed his small son, whose name was Little Pharaoh. He ordered: Do not move from here to there! If you do, I will severely punish you. Then, the insane father grasped the back of the child’s neck and pushed him from here to there. He, then condemned the child for disobedience and angrily cut off one of the child’s toes. The small, helpless child cried. He did this to his son 10 times until all of the child’s toes were gone. Then, the child continued crying because his father forced him to limp painfully after him. Then, the angry father put his child’s head in a ditch and drowned him.

Some have called me an angry writer.

Concerning the Bible and Its murderous God, what possibly could I get angry about?

Ok – I do have my moments. GWD

Romans 9:17-18 (Paul wrote): Pharaoh, this is why I (God) raised you up, to show My power through you that My name may be proclaimed throughout the Earth. God has mercy on whom He wills and God hardens whom He wills. Catholic

So, Paul confirmed that the Biblical God murdered all of Egypt’s firstborn and Pharaoh’s army just to let everybody know who is God.

What an ugly, evil, murderous God! Who me – an angry writer?


Exodus Explained

A DeVaney Parable

Based on Numbers chapter 14

Imagine you have no home of your own. A “stranger” authoritatively tells you that he has chosen you and that he will give you a home of your own. You want to believe him. He takes you to a distant land and points out a house to you. He now says, “There is the home I give you.” You look and you see people in the house. He says, “Now, you go into that house and kill every man, woman and child in that house, or I will do to you what I thought to do to them.” Except for Joshua and Caleb, the Biblical God murder all of His own people over 20-years-old that God led out of Egypt.

Might Makes Right / Just & Fair?

This is the end of Exodus story. So, do you like the Biblical God?

A Just & Fair God?

What if the Biblical God gave your, your wife’s and your children’s house to His new chosen?

Is your concept of God based on the facts about God as written in the Bible or have you created a God in your own mind based mostly on selective hearsay? Do you remember God as depicted in the words of the Bible or have you made up your own God to suit yourself? Is idealistic feel-good a large part of your meaningful or sacred formula?

A mind-set believer would not seek out the truth (facts) when the credibility of their God, Jesus and the Bible is at stake. Some believers tend to demonize and distort what doesn’t serve them? Is your being loyal to a belief more important than your being correct and honest? During slavery and exploitation, potential victims formulate a master / slave relationship without questioning whether their masters are worthy of obedience, worship and /or kiss-butt. Parents, bosses, business-owners, Generals, Captains and Sergeants love it.

You show me a good religious believer, and I will show you a good human-sacrifice.

There is one word anyone can put in the place of God, and it will fit perfectly 100% of the time. That word is authority. Why not get out a Bible and prove this to yourself? Find the word God and put authority in its place. Does it fit?

The genetic Ego (I am the authority) is built to worship itself and to obey its own genes while masquerading as a God.

You are created by your genes. You genes (46 chromosomes = 23 from mom + 23 from dad) are your real and only creator.

Human Beings Have 46 Chromosomes

Other than nature and the laws of physics, all authority is assumed authority. Don’t parents, wives, husbands, educators, employers, supervisors, Gods and all other “assumed authorities” assume that you are to account for your time; that your behavior requires their approval?

The ultimate meaning of freedom is unaccountable time.

Test it. No authority: Boss, parent, General, Captain, Sergeant, husband, wife, clergy nor God wants you to have freedom (unaccountable time). They all want you to account for your time to them, obey them and serve them on their terms.

Slavery may consist of many distasteful elements, but one thing must be present for it to qualify, accountable time. Our genes are so conditioned to slavery that we become addicted to substances like alcohol, drugs, and other sensory and time-consuming addictions.

Buzz’s, a prison warden’s criticism: Try to stop making the Bible say what you want it to say. It’s always been and always will be a question of faith. You will see after you believe; not before.

“I Believe” means I don’t know, I gamble, I pretend, I lie, I have no hard evidence, I’m closed-minded, I’m mind-set, I project, I try to will things into reality. 

As long as I am committed to my belief, I am not capable of learning. As a believer, I assume to be the authority over an agenda I’d like you to follow and obey. Commit to follow me, show respect and obedience and serve my authority on my terms. Subordinate your feelings to mine, trust me, shut up and do as I expect. Be a sheep and allow me to satisfy your quest to follow. 

“I believe” is the vocabulary of manipulative conmen. Faith, hope and belief are the tools for commitments, conscription oaths, employment agreements and marriage licenses / wedding vows. You cannot be legally divorced, with all its legal trappings, if you never got a marriage license – which is a binding contract between you and the state. Some beliefs are “I don’t really know” binding commitments. Be careful what your mindset commits to as it may return to you unwanted consequence. 

Be-lie-ve. Lie is in the middle of believe.

Fact / reality: A fact is something impartial, not political, has no consideration for any agenda. Facts are the tools to best understand reality – for those who prefer to understand and deal with reality. Facts are the essentials tools in determining illegal deeds upon which judgments are based concerning the fate of criminals.

Truth: Something expressed that generally has a more personal agenda. When a truth is expressed by someone concerning a topic or event, in time, usually it is their feelings being explained, not the facts nor the topic. Their committed feelings amount to their truth.

Faith: When others insist you have faith, they insist you commit to terms not your own. They expect you to prefer their committed feelings and agendas over fact. People wishing for you to have faith are those wishing for you to shut up, to do what you are told and do what’s expected. You are expected to accept and obey what the assumed authority desires without disturbing his agendas and goals.

People, who go comatose with faith, are either afraid to rock the boat or are just looking for a free ride. Salvation, maybe?

No Israelite in the Old Testament believed in an afterlife, Heaven, Hell, salvation or Eternal Torment. Jesus Christ, which means “Savior Annointed” plagiarized Zoroastrianism to create Christianity.

Exodus 20:17 You shall not covet your neighbor’s house or wife.

Under Biblical law, men have legal rights that guard against theft and property damage. This includes damage to their women. Coerced sex (rape) is considered wrong only when it occurs outside of the contractual agreements / rules that men have with other men.

The punishment for rape has no compassion for the woman. Rape punishment is caused by honor, tribal purity, and a sense that a “used woman” is damaged goods. A rapist can be forced to buy his victim.

A woman who willingly gives up her virginity may be killed (honor-killing) because she has transformed herself from being a family asset to being a family liability.

Obviously, Islam adopted the legal rights of the Bible’s Exodus 20:17.

To believe that you are so important that Jesus had to die to save you and that you have to bathe yourself in His blood, is totally sick. Do you fantasize that anybody else should also readily die for you? Well, maybe some romantics do – who are capable of murder.

Exodus 21:1-11 God gives His rules concerning slavery.

Exodus 21:7 When a man sells his daughter as a slave . . .

Exodus 21:13 If he did not plan to kill his victim, but God caused it to happen, then God will provide a place where the killer can find refuge.

Sadistic believers don’t care what Human Being dies as long as they believe his or her death to be “God’s Will”.

Is Death God’s Will?

Isn’t this how God handled the Cain murdered Abel case?

Isn’t this also how God handled the Moses murdered an Egyptian case?

Are murderers, who plan their crimes, just puppets or victims of God and His criminal agendas? How does this perspective effect the justice system if the murderer claims or admits that his or her God made him or her do it?

Exodus 21:17 Whoever curses his father or mother shall be murdered.

Exodus 21:20-21 If a master hurts his servant or maid and they die immediately, the master will be punished. But if the slave lives a day or two, then dies, the master will not be punished because that slave is his own money. King James Version

Here is The Good Book’s license to murder one’s slave as long as the slave dies slowly over a day or two. Who is the slave’s adversary?


Exodus 22:17 God directs to murder witches. Catholic KJV = Exodus 22:18   

Millions of innocent people were hacked to pieces and burned to death during the inquisition due to this “sacred” verse.

Exodus 22:27 You shalt not curse the ruler of your people.

Exodus 22:28: God said: Give me the first-born of your sons.

Really? For what purpose? For sacrifice?

Exodus 22:29 A first-born animal may Me. stay with its mother for 7 days, then you must sacrifice it to Me.

Sheep are Fleeced Often and Ultimately Consumed

Is Jesus the Shepherd and are you, the believer, the sheep?

Do you think God figures mother and baby have emotionally bonded long enough?

2 Samuel 12:18-24 God let King David’s and Bathsheba’s baby live 7 days before God killed the boy.

Why? To punish the parents, King David and Bathsheba, for their sins.

2 Samuel 12:24 David comforted Bathsheba, laid her again and she conceived Solomon. God loved Solomon.

1st Kings 1:28-34 Solomon becomes King.

Solomon became King after David died. The Biblical God murdered one child and made the other child King. God sure works in strange ways.

Exodus 23:15 Do not appear before God empty-handed.

Could this be more the clergy’s idea?

Rene Descartes alluded that the proposition of belief is a matter of will.

David Hume holds that belief is an emotional condition.

If one believes, then one is unjustified in claiming to know. Are most people’s beliefs just what they are programmed to want or to not want?

Are committed beliefs but committed feelings?

Exodus 23:22-32 If you obey Me and do what I say, I will hate your enemies and attack your foes. I will annihilate them. You will serve your God. I will banish sickness from among you. No woman will suffer miscarriage or remain childless. I will make you live out full lives. I will cause the people in your path to be terrified of Me and make your enemies run from you. I will send deadly wasps ahead of you to drive them out. I will give their land to you. You will not make a treaty with them. They shall not live in your land.

The Biblical God was a hateful thug, bully, tyrant, Who often displayed a street mentality. He was a con God Who dealt out lies and false promises.

The Promised Land: The Hebrew God’s agenda was to murder Human Beings and to take their land for His chosen people. This agenda would not be correct today; nor was it moral, legal or correct thousands of years ago. Gawd! What a model for Humanity!

Ancient gods, or more accurately, those who pretended to serve them, competed for power and profit over the people of Earth just as most politicians and clergy do today. If, back then, your god couldn’t compete by providing promises, miracles and / or consequences, your god just wasn’t much. What’s sad is, that’s the same god many believers would require today. Why?

Test: God created a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Buddhist and a Jew.

Q: Which one is going to be “saved” to serve God (and Jesus) 24 / 7 in Heaven? Your answer is _____.

Q: Then, why did God create the others? Did God want to be entertained by throwing “the others” into Hell’s Eternal Torment”? 

Exodus 24:5 Moses sent men to slaughter oxen as burnt offering to God.

Exodus 24:6-8 Moses splashes blood on altars, people and everything.

Exodus 25:3 God said: These are contributions you (the Jewish priests) will accept: Gold, silver, bronze…

What would God want with gold, silver, or anything else?

Exodus 29:10-18 God directs: Bring the young bull. Have Aaron and his sons place their hands on the bull’s head. Slaughter the bull before God. Take the bull’s blood and place it on the altar with your finger. Spill all the remaining blood on the foundations of the altar. All the fat that covers the inner organs, the fat that’s on the liver and 2 kidneys, you shall burn on the altar. Do the same to the ram. Cut the ram to pieces. Wash off its intestines. Burn the ram on the altar. It is a burnt offering, an appeasing fragrance to God.

 Burnt Fat is pleasant to God’s Nose?

Hummm, so that is why God demands burnt offerings.

Do you think that this Biblical God would ever require or allow a father, who does His murdering for Him, to do a burnt offering procedure on his 13-year-old little girl, even if the girl loved her father? See if you can stomach this “Jephthah’s daughter” scenario. 

Judges 11:1-39 The judge, Jephthah, a son of a harlot, smote 20 cities. Jephthah vowed to God that he would offer to God a burnt offering. He offered God the first thing that came out of his house. Jephthah’s daughter, his only child, came out of the house celebrating his coming home. Jephthah had to tell her that he had to sacrifice her as a burnt offering to God. She said to her father: Do to me what you made an oath to God. Let me go for 2 months to the mountains to mourn my virginity / to mourn the fact that I cannot live to have children. Two months later, she came back, and Jephthah sacrificed her to God as a burnt offering. This was a custom in Israel.

See God’s Biblical Heroes on this, The God Murders, website. The Biblical God and God’s Heroes really suck. Check out their rap-sheets as documented by Bible C&V.

Reminder: I didn’t write the Bible. I just read it, took notes and dared to share them. GWD

Exodus 29:25 (God said to His priests): You shall burn the sweet-smelling oblation to the Lord. The rest shall be for you (to eat).

The Biblical God loves to smell and to savor the smoke from the burning fat around a sacrificed animal’s (or a Human’s) organs. The priests get the prime cuts from the animals to eat, so it is barbecue-time again for the Moses and Aaron Cohen family of priests. This is a disgusting bunch who worship an even more disgusting God. Moses and Aaron Cohen were brothers, you know. Aaron, the head priest, made the Golden Calf that resulted in 3,000 dead Jewish family and friends because God got pissed about His people worshipping the Golden Calf. Strangely, God kept Aaron on as His head Priest.  

Can you picture, today, yourself drawing a crowd by placing a living animal on a grate, only to take out a knife and slit its throat? Then, you all cheer in its death struggle. Next, you slit open the belly of the quivering animal, so that its guts pour out on the grate ready for the flames to scorch. You will do that so your Biblical God can smell the gross odor of the burning fat around the poor animal’s guts; that God so awesomely craves.

These are some of the requirements of your personal God.

Genesis 8, Exodus 29, Leviticus chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 17, 23, Numbers 15, 18, 28, & 29 all claim how your God craves the smell of burnt fat.   

Exodus 31:15 Anyone who dares work on the Sabbath day shall be put to death.

Oh my?

Exodus 31:18 God gave Moses two tables of stone written by the finger of God.

God’s Finger-Written Stones?

Exodus 32:1-5 (Meanwhile): The Israeli people asked Aaron to make a God for them. Aaron replied: Have your wives, sons and daughters take off their gold earrings and bring them to me. Aaron accepted their offerings, made them into a Golden Calf – and an altar.

Moses’ Brother, Aaron, built the Golden Calf

Exodus 32:7-14 God goes ballistic again and tells Moses not to stop Him when He unleashes His wrath to destroy them. Moses began to plead to make God stop: Egypt will say You took us out with evil intention, to kill us in the country, to wipe us off the face of the Earth. Moses begged God to withdraw His anger and refrain from doing evil to His people. God refrained from doing the evil He planned for His people.

The Holy Bible documents here that God planned evil? Again? God changed His mind / plans? As with Abraham, God received moral guidance from Moses.

Here is a God with the emotions and the temper tantrums of a spoiled, evil child. God orders Moses NOT to try to stop Him which Moses disobeys. God intends to destroy His people. Moses tells God to stop being angry and to not do evil to His people. God changed His mind. Here is more evidence of the inconsistent behavior of God.

Unfortunately, for the pious believer, as long as Bibles exist, this evidence just will not conveniently go away. In all of this God’s trust there is the potential of betrayal. The mechanism of blind belief tends to ignore that. Believers are never prepared for betrayal. It is not feel-good. Irrational denial is the believer’s automatic response.

Exodus 32:19 Moses, who just calmed down angry God, became so angry himself, he threw down and destroyed God’s finger written sacred tablets and they broke into pieces.

Boy! Is Moses going to catch it for this? Actually, Abraham gave God a moral lesson too in Gen 18:25. And wow! What about that Aaron, Moses’ brother, the head of the priests? Aaron made The Golden Calf. Is his fat going into the fire, or what? Nah – Aaron is an insider.

Exodus 32:27-28 Moses Levi ordered all the sons of Levi to slay their own family, friends and neighbors; Moses murdered about 3,000 of their own relatives, God’s Own chosen.

Moses killed 3,000 of God’s Chosen?

Is this insane or what? Are you still an accomplice and a cheerleader to God’s insanity and treachery; or are you now going to insist that it wasn’t God’s but Moses’ tyranny? You do recall that it was Moses’ brother Aaron, who made the golden calf from the peoples’ earrings? Aaron is allowed to live! Isn’t this hypocrisy multiplied by twice the speed of light? 

You could argue an absurdity that it was Satan’s doing. But remember, these Jews had no afterlife, no Satan, no Heaven, no Hell. Their God did it all.  Christianity introduced the Afterlife, Heaven, Hell and Salvation. Hummm, where did Jesus Christ, a Jew, get these teachings. Check out Zoroastrianism on this “The God Murders” website for a real, life-changing shocker.

Now that we know what this God did to all the Egyptians, is this “loyal and loving” God – worthy of Egyptian worship? How about Hebrew worship? What kind of God would require your servitude and blind obedience to His “supernatural” power, control and murderous manipulation?

Don’t big businesses, courts, churches, child-abusers, thieves, rapists and the warped egos of man find virtue in this kind of behavior? Think of all the pain, murdering, anguish, lies, torture, deception, annihilation and destruction, that is required by this insane character we refer to as God.

How could the Bible be considered “sacred” by governments, businesses, armed forces, courts, clergy, and parents – if they knew the C&V truth about them? 

When one questions this Biblical God, many believers defend Him with similar statements that Caligula and Nero shouted: I am the emperor (God). I can do whatever I want to whomever I want to! The peasants live and die for me, for my pleasure!

Hitler said that the German people did not deserve to survive if they cannot give him victory. How Godlike!

Insanity is contagious.

Exodus 33:11 God used to speak to Moses “face to face” as one man speaks to another.

Exodus 33:20&23 (God confessed): I show favors and I grant mercy to whom I will. No man can see my face and live.

Whoa. Talk about a Bible Contradiction! 

And, if are still a believer, your God proves to be guilty of Human discrimination.

Judgement Day

God: Surprise, I do discriminate! Ok, who’s up? You know that you are all sinners. Ah, I choose you to go to Heaven. Next. I choose you to go to Hell.

Two pieces of hard evidence: This God does play favorites and any character who claims he has seen the face of this God is a liar. Doesn’t Exodus 33:11 and Exodus 33:20 contradict each other? If one supports either passage, the Bible itself makes one out to be a liar to another who knows of the other passage. “God’s Biblical Heroes” must be liars, too. But “Did Jesus Christ Lie? See: The God Murders website. 

Exodus 34:1 Jehovah calmly volunteers to re-do His “finger-written” tablets.

There is no punishment for Mr. Moses Levi’s crime of destroying God’s “sacred” finger- written tablets nor for his killing 3,000 of his and God’s own people.

Again, “Obey Me of I will kill you” / “thou shalt not kill, except on my terms”.

And, that Aaron? He made The Golden Calf and got off unscathed. WHY? Oh, yeah. God discriminates. 

Exodus 34:7 For the sins of the father, his future innocent children, and their children will be punished.

Taking on the Sins of the Father

Somebody, please, get a net! Some Christians, today, claim religious persecution. When examining their claim, it often boils down to: We set values for you to obey. If you display any resistance to our values and disobey us, we will righteously claim that you are persecuting us.

This Bible and Its God in no way qualifies as a model for a society that wants to survive. Considering Moses and Aaron, God’s agendas are being carried out by psychopaths. 

Exodus 40:13-15 God said: Anoint Aaron and his sons as my priests for all future generations.

What? God rewarded Aaron, the high Priest, for screwing up and causing 3,000 of his family and friends to be murdered? Again, what utter hypocrisy!

If this insanity keeps up, I’m going to begin to feel sad for this God’s mindset worshippers.

Don’t people, even today, who do their best to obey God, still get driven into wars whereby they destroy or are destroyed in the name of God? We must fire this God to break the pattern. History has factually shown us that while we are attempting to serve this God, we have always been attempting to destroy portions of our own mankind. Today, how do you fire this all-powerful God? You dry up the collection plate. You will retire Him. 

Who was the Egyptians’ evil? Who was the Israelites’ adversary? It is the notorious: “One God of Abraham”. 

What, you might say! No Satan, no Heaven or Hell, no afterlife has yet been mentioned? Those beliefs won’t come for about 1,500 years. 

To “have faith” is to blindly and irrationally support something although it is nonsense. One cannot explain nonsense; ergo, one cannot explain faith. Do people, who influence you, want you to think and to learn or to believe and to obey? Those who promote faith want you to maintain your ignorance for their own control for their “assumed authority” over your blind obedience. Learning does not take place without a change of behavior.

Truth: The dedication to what is real and accurate. Shouldn’t we support the reality of proven facts, even if they are not what we want?

Samuel Clements aka Mark Twain: All that it takes for great lies to continue is for honest people to do nothing.

Well, that also proves that those people are not truly honest. And their moral courage? “Forget about it”. (Best spoken with a New York accent).

Feel-good believers compromise: To them, when the truth is ugly, only a lie can appear beautiful. Believers tend to compromise reality in favor of beautiful fantasies and falsehoods. 

Sometimes believers will stubbornly double down concerning their unlikely belief: “I just know it!” They know nothing. But now you know that they desire to become an authority, superior to you, to control you and to be “respected” (obeyed) by you.

You know, when you complain, half the people don’t give a damn. But the other half are glad you are complaining because it makes them feel superior.

Wisdom cannot be taught. For some thinkers, this material triggers enlightenment and knowledge. But, for the mind-set, God-fearing believers, it is like facing a lobotomy – without anesthesia. These rational questions, perspectives, thoughts, theories and discoveries do tend to lie outside the dogmatic, mainstream of religion. Science learned more yesterday than all the religions have taught in 4,000 years. 

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States assures that questions are “free speech”. The question is the highest form of thought. Critical questions of a crooks claimed “truths” best determines their guilt in the justice system from the street cop to the supreme court. “Knowing” is a low form of thought. Believing is the dumbest form of thought. The question gets to the facts, in reality. Facts, unlike subjective truths, do not seek others approval, acceptance or support. A documented fact in time can stand alone not giving a damn who agrees with it. I prefer to know an objective fact in time rather than believe a subjective truth that always has an attached, manipulative agenda to it. Considering that facts can change in time, they will rarely let you down whereby believing subjective truths can often turn out to be intentional lies designed to manipulate, cover up and deceive. Lies are the defense of the guilty. 

Free speech is conditional: If you lie under oath to a Judge, Congress or the FBI – you will be punished.

President Donald J. Trump was fact-checked by the New York Times and the Washington Post to have stated about 30,529 public recorded lies during his 4 years as President of the United States. He’d dare not testify under oath without taking the 5th. Free speech is not always free or without legal consequence.

The Biblical God’s main theme throughout the entire Old Testament is: Obey Me or I will kill you. There was no believed “afterlife” for the followers of that time so death was all that the Biblical God could threaten the gullible with.  

The Declaration of Independence 

 Clergy of certain faiths have people praying for “the harvest” which is the death of all Humanity. Don’t people know that they and their children all must die to satisfy “the harvest”? Do they hate life on earth so much that they would willingly sacrifice all mankind to get off, they think, safely? What if their faith was misplaced and they found out that they were not chosen? Would they still sacrifice all mankind for their gamble? Clergy spin sick scenarios based on sick, fear-based scripture.

The Bible has stories that people are told to live by. Can you pick just one that you would like your child to live by if the child had to fulfill the story in its entirety? Which one?

Q: Other than the myth of creation, where in the Bible did the Biblical God do something good for someone without hurting another?

Make your list. See your list’s importance and quality to Humanity. Become aware of how long your “God did good” list is.

Again, can you consider that: The God of the Bible is not a good God, and the Bible is not a good model for Humanity? Today, by popular Christian dogma, if you piss God off for any reason, He will sentence you into Hell’s Eternal Torment – with no chance for parole.

Have you noticed that in The Old Testament, The Biblical God’s documented murderers, adulterers and thieves had more combined time on the world stage, in the spotlight, in the headlines, than anyone else?

God is temperamental? Isn’t that Satan’s job? How angry and evil would you have to become to do the horrible, murderous things God is documented by C&V to have done? Could you do those things? If yes, is that why you worship, admire and wish to serve this insane and murderous God – on His terms?

Do you like people who attempt to change the facts you have discovered with irrational faith (non-sense) with a straight face and denial? Nobody likes to be proven wrong, but one often learns something when that happens. Often, it’s the painful lessons about God or ourselves, that we refuse to learn.

When people can’t effectively see anything but themselves, their Ego invents a personal God to focus on. If you asked someone to define the characteristics of their God, it would be doubtful you would recognize any God of the Bible. You would probably recognize a fair description of themselves.

Could the biggest moral force in the universe be that which leaves natural things alone?

Natural evolution tolerating the acceptance of differences and diversity, may be the second greatest moral force. Destructive revolution with no tolerance of differences may be the greatest evil force.

How many times does the God of The Old Testament display, by deeds, a sense of morality? How many times does He not?

If God is our moral model, how well or far has it developed according to history and the current newspaper? It seems gun size and military strength determines morality if you listen to the testimonies of moral cowards and sheep.

Does your clergy preach for you to look forward to another world by forsaking this one? Does your clergy tell you that you don’t have to die to get there? Does he or she promote Santa Claus?

Did the Hebrews of the OT believe in an afterlife? Do most Jews today believe in an afterlife?



God’s Evil Deeds 


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