The Authority Addiction

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The Authority Addiction

By Gary DeVaney

Greetings! You have been drafted! You have been solely selected via living chip computer and psycho-genetics above all others in this World to be the “assumed authority” for the mission you are about to depart on. A window of opportunity is discovered. Once departed, you shall never again experience this World. You will never come back.

You shall be the ultimate authority over a target planet and its most dominate “beings”.

You are never to be known by name nor address.

The planet’s beings are a biological species which, to them, rationalizes their destructive and consuming behaviors.

On this planet, for one to live, things must die. For one to live well, more things must die.

You shall assume authority because the genetic nature of these “beings” is to conform to authority in hopes of becoming authority by vehicles of reward and punishment.

The more advanced species are highly suggestible and tend to live by “dogma” (pre-set, customary choices / remote control discipline) through “beliefs” (expectations).

They tend to communicate poorly with each other due to conflicting agendas and power struggles.

Fear of authority and its consequences is the means by which you shall conform them.

They are an evolving biological species. Through evolution, they are starting to seek and invent more sophisticated vehicles to control and exploit each other.

Behold how authority shall rule, manipulate, discipline and control the time experienced by the more advanced beings.

Make Them Accountable / Control Their Time

Moral and legal authority must be established to control the two brains the more advanced animals possess. One brain responds to accountability, time, responsibility, consequence, and mathematics. The right brain yields music, invention, visualization and “emotion” (the genetic urge to create and destroy – do want and don’t want.)

Each “entity” is manipulated and controlled by its gene-driven Ego. An Ego is recognized by the behaviors: “I am the value” – “I am the authority” – “I am entitled”.

Capitalize on their Egos for each Ego is the source that gives birth to its own fictitious God / authority.

You shall establish vehicles to blind them from their genetic wisdom which has been passed sexually through their ancestors by creating rules of responsibility, accountability, conformity, obligation, commitment and sacrifice to an assumed authority.

A current assumed authority shall be credited for its construction or destruction – its betterment or worsening of life on the planet.

These Ego-driven animals are easily manipulated due to their genetic addictions to the feelings of pleasure and pain. Ego always tries to be more than it is. That’s why Egos, who want to be obeyed, invent Gods they claim must be obeyed.

If an assumed authority can get other egos to obey a false authority, the assumed authority can better get obedience from the obeying egos. The nature of the Ego is to worship authority over others – in hopes of becoming authority over others.

Authority is to censor and blind each animal’s ego to its genetic knowledge and wisdom in favor of “belief and dogma” (the urge to follow / obey authority.) To control the animal, an assumed authority must control its time. Its right brain has little sense for the accountability to time.

Once you have established authoritative life patterns, call them “traditions” – which will amount to the dead leading the blind.

Each Ego has six sub-lives in its psycho-genetic consciousness.

Psychology, which is a current conscious Ego’s environmental experience, triggers the genes. Genes trigger experiences.

Experiences trigger genes. Throughout the species and life-forms on the planet, their genes contain all their lineage’s past knowledge and instincts. Beings with higher brain development have evolved so that their experiences are stored in what they call the sub-conscious mind. The subconscious mind is simply their evolved gene memory.

The less you need, the less you can be manipulated against your will.

                 The Ego’s Six Sub-lives

Physical – Mental – Emotional – Sexual – Spiritual – Financial

1. PHYSICAL: Electrical, chemical and biological functions, through evolution, that is packaged by genetics and is transferred through the sexual life.

2. MENTAL: Living equipment capable of, in time, recording and creating experience (psychology). An Ego commands the genetically influenced mind, emotions and feelings which manifest through the animal’s predictable psychological attitudes and behaviors.

The assumptions and behavioral manifestations of Ego / God:

“I am the value” – “I am the authority” – “I want obedience” – “I am entitled”.

Categorically, most Egos desire to be special – good – better than others – the best. Most egos desire to categorically be loved, worshipped and adored. The degree of categorical desire is measurable. Through behavior, feelings and their emotional intensity make ego apparent. Inherent genes produce categories that egos attach to.

In this work, Ego and God are both capitalized to introduce the perspective that they are synonymous.

(For believers, denial is automatic.) Behaviors function in conflict.

There Are Only Two Emotions: Do wants / Don’t wants – and their intensity.

There are numerous feelings that are easily identified. The emotion is the intensity and / or the motivation of the feeling. Left brain is stubborn, often stupid, as it is resistant to change. Right brain provides thought, invention, ideas and change. Beyond survival, the right brain, through its two emotions (do wants / don’t wants), creates agendas that compete and conflict with the reality, interests and agendas of other egos. Egos have the capacity to create agendas to imagine, deceive and lie. Lies are the mothers of invention. Lies give birth to things that weren’t. Lies also provide change which the left brain often responds poorly to. Left brain serves its psychological and genetic past while the right brain creates the “new”. The complex Ego / God mechanism often manifests “territorial” (aggressive and defensive feelings) that they often consider sacred.

3. EMOTION: The system that psycho-genetically motivates the Ego. It creates and copies the two emotions (I want / I don’t want) intensity that manifests identifiable feelings that create and destroy.

4. SEXUAL: Ego (I am the value) drive challenged, motivated and addicted by genetic feelings with the desire to genetically clone. It inherently harbors an undisciplined desire to achieve sexual feelings of ecstasy shared within the five internal sub-lives.

5. SPIRITUAL: The acceptance quality. The capacity of the Ego’s will (soul, spirit) to, in harmony, psychologically and genetically accept, without following, things the way they are. Spiritual qualities, through perspectives, are not addicted to the behaviors of knowing, believing, creating nor destroying.

6. FINANCIAL: The beings only external sub-life for survival level and comfort. A financial system is the Ego’s most civilized means to exchange do wants and don’t wants by authority accepted criteria.

TIME is their sixth sense, for without life (a sense of time), there is no sub-life awareness (consciousness). Death (eternity) is the absence of time.

To control this species left brain, authority must create and maintain civil and criminal law, by consequence and enforcement. Its right brain’s two emotions (I want / I don’t want) shall be controlled by esoteric vehicles such as religions and other dogmas based on phobias (genetic based fears) and faith (blind, irrational motivation). Religions, faith and beliefs compete as catch-all conformers by consistent “be like me” pressure with the projection of fear-based eternal consequences. Peasants are not to question authority.


Addictions are genetic feelings attached to time consuming behaviors. Addictions are the tools of authority. Authority’s capacity to addict (fixate / bond) the peasant’s feelings to religion, family, training, finance, law and the ego’s fear of death shall conform the masses. The peasants must practice belief (the seed of addiction). An Ego’s (“I am the value” – “I am the authority” – “I want obedience” – “I am entitled” addicted feelings to create, serve and / or destroy another authority shall be in hope of becoming that authority, or to have that authority serve it. Some Egos are obsessed to be worshipped and adored while others are addicted to feelings triggered by financial praises.

An Ego’s narcissism (center of attention) shall be discouraged unless an authority can profit by it. One, assuming authority by positional status, power and control, may become addicted to the feelings of manipulation. When no vehicle is found to vent high and low feelings, an ego may crave unauthorized chemicals to resolve the addicted feelings. It will believe it is addicted to the habit, drug or behavior, but, as in love and hate, it is only addicted to a feeling, which will often let them down. Hypocrisy will declare only an unauthorized pattern of behavior to be an addiction. Religions will promote addictions. To forsake an addiction is to forsake another false authority.

Only an ego’s acceptance of a stubborn feeling can release it’s stubborn feeling. Competitions shall formulate basic standards and principles to conform the animals to be one with authority.

Encourage poets to project reality through idealism and virtue. Allow the subjects to call their esoteric authority (God) any name they choose, for, that name and authority shall be synonymous. When their “will” (Ego) is controlled, their “spirit” (soul) is harnessed, lost to them and owned by that authority. They shall worship and serve while believing they trust, but, they shall trust only while they conform. Their society shall consist of inter-parasitical society; territorial and aggressive. By praise and punishment, authority shall train, create and supervise believers for believing is the desire to “serve” (follow authority).

Time is the sea they swim in. Time experienced is what life is made of. Authority shall turn the Ego’s time into the glue of it’s own reality. Freedom (unaccountable time) shall be sin (without consent of authority). The socio-economic network shall keep each Ego’s time accountable on all six sub-lives. An Ego will believe it is addicted to a behavior (habit or stimuli) while it is addicted only to its genetic feelings that are triggered by a behavior. Some Egos will use forbidden drugs in attempt to know freedom which isunaccountable time. Ironically and paradoxically, they shall become addicted and accountable to what they escape to.

Farm your people by dogma (customary disciplines, values and choices). Those who believe (have already committed, decided) shall become cloned to follow their lives, while those who think shall lead their lives and the direction of their planet. The thinker can further create or destroy their species by exercising their two emotions, their do wants and don’t wants. Occasionally, a thought will surface and attempt to grow. Ripe thoughts not selected by authority, will tend to be smothered by jealous, non-flexible, non-changing, stubborn believers. Anxiety also may manifest when a believer attempts to think.

Other believers may experience comatose, mind-set, for they can’t or won’t awaken to meaning.

 “Emotions are the music of the genes.


Feelings are the identifiable notes.


Attitude makes up the composition.


Behavior presents the performance.”


Emotion attached to thought creates memory. Learning only takes place by change of behavior.

“Unconscious behavior” can better be classified as “genetic behavior”. The source of your unconscious behavior is your genes. Your “gene-pool” pre-determines much of your life experiences.

An authority’s mission is to clone an Ego to serve it on its terms, values and agenda. An authority shall attract, assume control and manipulate. Egos shall believe in authority. Paradoxically, the more intensely an Ego believes in a false authority, the more efficiently assumed authorities shall exploit it.

I agree that religion is primitive politics and that politics demand control, authority, power and profit over people.

The mystery of a supernatural god lies in our ego’s relationship with our ever-evolving genes. Assuming that our human gene-banks (46 chromosomes) light up and shut down as we evolve (age) and that feelings are the vehicles of communication between our conscience ego and our programmable genetic hard-wiring / software, maybe the mysteries of a supernatural god can be resolved and formulated.

Experience triggers genes. Genes trigger experiences. Our genes may, in reality, be the mysterious gods that we claim to be so personal. Our ego, by interpreting these mysterious feelings / god-like influences, bring all these gods down to one god. Unfortunately, for our fragile (I am the value, I am the authority, I am entitled) egos, this theory gives our illusive, on-again, off-again genes credit of much of our conflictive, do-want / don’t want emotions and our observable attitudes and behaviors.

What is a theory? I perceive that a theory is another, definite, guaranteed maybe.

Once assumed leaders of economy are exposed to authority’s tools, they shall promote authority under different and competitive flags, to manipulate those who successfully conform to serve them.

Competition, at high stakes, is a most extreme motivation. Sport shall be taught, which will establish behavioral feelings to passionately, fanatically and addictively serve an assumed authority, cause or agenda.


Only those in the know, know that except for the laws of nature and science, all authority is assumed authority. Their Egos shall conform and presume to be one with their assumed authority. They shall zealously worship and pretend to follow a false authority just to keep in practice. This practice may make them tolerant of an authority who is often in error but never in doubt.

Addicted Egos are to serve their assumed authorities, right or wrong, to the death.

Have censoring dogmas confine their minds and emotions to “belief”, the virtue of the work ethic.

The peasants are to humbly approach authority in fear of authority’s intentions. They shall seek security in blind faith and belief by yielding to a higher power.

To vent left brain / right brain conflict energies and to develop concentration within the mind, create devils (adversaries, challenges, sacrifices and competitive goals). Authority shall project devils (paralyzing fears and horrible pain) to those subjects who are to serve it. An authority shall become the devil to those subjects who fail to obey or conform to authority’s supervision.

People are not to think while serving. They are to believe / follow only that which serves the assumed authority’s wishes. Insure that they never know that “ignorance” (not knowing) is the only devil in the universe; for, if they should know how to avoid addiction to authority, then authority would be powerless over them.

Incite warlike natures in greater nations to subordinate, by fear of killing capacity, inferior countries. Wars shall occur only after politicians fail. Competitive feelings shall easily conform addicted, blinded believers into war. It is a re-cycling genetic condition, as is most of the species behavior.

Wars result when two assumed authorities want peace, on their terms.

In war, an assumed authority shall select and enemy that his or her peasants shall self-destruct for. Blasphemy occurs when a subject knows its authority’s Ego to be its true enemy. There will be at least one authoritative person on the target planet that will feel his or her soul (will) stripped and viciously violated should these perspectives be exposed to his or her Ego which behaves as: I am God, the authority.

Religious wars will amount to two (2) or more evil Egos combating against each other.



You shall invent, supervise and legally enforce first-line supervision of your male and female peasants in a vehicle called marriage; whereby, each subject, under moral and legal pressure, chooses to enter into a binding contract, based on accountability, responsibility, and commitment to the laws of authority.

Marriage is faith made legal, whereas once chosen, like belief, believers have eliminated their freedom of choice. Binding, legal commitments are the surest way to eliminate free will. God and Governments love that.

The marriage contract shall be between the male and the state – and between the female and the state. Genetic, egocentric emotion shall blind this reality. Same sex marriage shall not be tolerated – even though, if granted, gay individuals could also be legally supervised and repressed.

First-line supervision arises as she shall supervise him to the law, social expectations, standards and principles of the state. He, in turn, shall supervise her to the law, standards and principles of the state. They both shall compete in supervising their offspring to the law and authority’s social expectations.

By law, she is to assume authority over his sex life. He is to assume authority over her sex life. Should either fail, the other shall enforce the built-in lawsuit and the state shalt imprison the guilty and re-distribute their lives.

Unlike “free love” – marriage – as an authority controlled social institution, encourages emotional possessiveness and psychological enslavement.

Authority promotes emotional possessiveness and psychological enslavement.

Authority shall condone sexual inter-action only in a hostage state and government (authority) shall legally brand / license them to make them hostage two by two.

Does the Catholic Church reject, condemn and excommunicate women who take steps to become a Priest? Does the Jewish religion forbid women from becoming Rabbis? How much stricter is Islam against the rights of Islamic women? Many of them get stoned to death if caught driving a car. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions proves to be morally unjust, selectively bias, structurally corrupt, culturally illegal and mentally insane in the treatment of their believers. It is insane to believe the authority of these man-made, imperialistic institutions. They compete in taking over everyone.

Does the US Government condemn gays and give tax breaks to Religions that condemn homosexuals?  

Money: The Real God Of Planet Earth

Money is the ultimate “God of Consequence” over the masses on planet Earth. Authority has established a financial infrastructure that the masses has become dependant upon and addicted to. Worshippers of God / Authority have arranged for all individuals and nations to be in debt. Money makes us account for our time and to their authority. Believers are committed to fictitious gods so they will not realize that money is the only “God of Consequence” on planet Earth.

Euthanasia: The authority who proclaims that a person shall not control his or her own death is the same authority who demands that person is to have no control over his or her own life.

Euthanasia, not in the interests of authority, shall be discouraged until genetic engineering manifests. The birth / death cycle of the human animal is merely the creation and expiration of a merged 46 chromosome / genetic / Ego cycle.

An authority shall discourage its subject from seeking “perspective” (a view of something that could prove meaningful) in favor of censored knowledge, what authority deems profitable.

What an animal believes (assumes to know) becomes its strongest addiction. Authority is to command what people are to believe (pretend to know).

They shall maintain the belief addiction by always practicing on themselves. They are to learn to lie to each other so much that faith becomes their automatic, conditioned mechanism.

This keeps a loyal, Ego stupid and stubborn when exposed to reality, facts, perspectives, invention and wisdom. An authority is never interested in its slaves being wise or knowledgeable.

Authority is only interested in sacrificial obedience.

Establish vehicles known as humor and drama so your victims can vent mental and emotional pressure by harmlessly mocking authority.

Authority shall discourage philosophers (those who dare diagnose society and expose the tools of authority) and encourage competitive religions that demand: Conform yourself to be like me, serve me, obey and follow me (authority) by virtue of eternal consequence.

Human Egos shall compete for “progress” (I want more and better). They shall become bias, vain and prejudice about their species, race and family. Being self-centered, they shall eventually over-populate and self-destruct.

They shall destroy their planet’s environmental balance should their politicians, scientists and the peasants themselves follow profits alone.

Many human Egos tend to be addicted to deep feelings of “narcissism” (over-exaggerated self-importance).

The Timeless Intention of an Ego / Authority:

“I want you to live by my values in your life with me being the center of those values.”

The timeless secret of an Ego’s / authority’s depression, anger and hurt:

“Reality did not serve me on my terms.”

The rarest honesty of an addicted Ego:

“My feelings let me down.”



The Ego (I am the value – I am the authority – I am more important – I am entitled – I want obedience) shall become addicted to feelings of love (you are the value, you are more important) as long as that Ego is satisfactorily served on its terms.

Religions are to demand (be like me or else), love me (make me the value / more important) and obey my authority (serve me on my terms). These are all Ego / God manifestations.

You are to promote love and loyalty for an individual or group which produces prejudice, rejection, inequality and discrimination toward others who are different.

How many people, who claim to be in love, are having an affair with a hallucination – “The Love Virus”?

Love, by genetic appeal, will inherently promote society to select ethnic groups and simply those with other persuasions for persecution. An addicted animal shall conform righteously, jealously and passionately to all of these heinous, oppressive behaviors in the name of the personal authority he or she serves. When the addicted preach, they are not describing their God, they are vicariously describing themselves.

Mankind shall instinctively crave to seek its creator. Logic shall exercise their curiosities until they discover that authority has commanded a religious veil of ignorance.

Scientists shall eventually seek communications with their creators, their genes. They shall find that everything in nature, even human behavior is mechanical.

Human Behavior?

The human mind strives to preserve ignorance, for that is where the fascination is. That is how their emotions and egos inherently prefer to perceive life.

Through sex, mixed genes evolve their lineage of life. Egos expire.

Fear-based, authoritarian religions shall train their peasants to believe in ever-lasting life so that they can invent eternal hell to be the ultimate punishment for non-conformance to their exploitation.

Eternity is the absence of time.

Religious and educational attitudes shall not emphasize sharing logic, reason, information, experience and facts. It is through beliefs (symbols of conformance) that religions demand the righteous obedience, performance standards and motivations that are exploited by an assumed authority to serve its own purposes.

Authoritarians, to draw awesome power to themselves, shall define spiritual to be of external authority. “Tradition” (the dead leading the blind) shall be promoted. What a person feels that he or she most profoundly knows shall be the feelings he or she shall become most addicted to. The practice of belief shall be the source of your discipline (the power to control the feelings) that cause the behavioral choices that creates your success or causes your “problems” (do wants / don’t wants).


The human animal’s addiction for authority is endless. They shall attempt to duplicate themselves by mechanics, then electronics and finally through the engineering of genetics, all in the spirit of authority.

A brain is a survival organ. The sources of thought, feelings, belief, physical and behavioral traits, addictions, inherent wisdom, talents and diseases function within their ever-evolving genes. Various genes are activated, often triggered by an experience, while other genes remain dormant during each Ego’s genetic life cycle.

Gene awareness will become apparent to the species when the genes manifest the cloning and duplications of themselves within the technology of sophisticated computers.

If they don’t genocide first, their ultimate ego goal shall be to genetically engineer future perfect replicas of themselves from birth, through service, to programmed obsolescence (death). Terminal withdrawal shall be genetically timed by exception of financial appeal (profit).

The animal’s saddest afflictions shall be, by virtue, eliminated first. Then through progress, authority shall engineer genetic consciousness, talents, personalities and the service crafts of its empire and populace. To exploit the animal, a gene or its alteration, shall be inserted into the genetic make-up in such a manner, that when the animal reaches certain stages of maturity, desired and predictable occurrences take place.

The planet’s ultimate pollution, overpopulation, shall be promoted by ignorant religions and controlled by exploiting politics (wars).

Once all of the nations on the target planet demonstrate accountability and responsibility, financial equality among the servants shall be ordered. Wealthy nations shall sacrifice their wealth to lesser nations.

Nationalism shall be re-defined separating the authority elite from the selected servitude.

Spiritual: The mystical connection / feeling between you and your influential genes that produces your choices and determines who or what you become. GWD

This species final frontier lies within its genes. Should they engineer and duplicate genetic diseases, genocide shall be highly probable.

Should the target planet survive beyond your Ego’s expiration, but before its genocide, insure sufficient knowledge whereby the planet’s elite survivors colonize quickly and infest the galaxy. The human species shall re-cycle the spirit of authority, the authority addiction.

You are the only thinker in your entire universe. For you, the ultimate authority is you, and you are alone…



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