Marriage & Adultery

A Pragmatic View of Marriage and Adultery


Gary DeVaney

To Death Do Us Part
Life Sentence?
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Joke: Two girls went to a movie. Halfway through the movie one girl turned to her friend and said: Don’t look, but the guy next to me is masturbating. Her friend said: Just ignore him and he’ll stop. I can’t, she said: He’s using my hand.

Marriage & Adultery

(A Parable from “The Authority Addiction”)

By Gary DeVaney


From: God (as if God were real)

To: The U.S. Government legislation

Subject: Marriage & Adultery

You shall invert, supervise and legally enforce first-line supervision of your male and female peasants in a vehicle called marriage; whereby, each subject, under moral and legal pressure, chooses to enter into a binding contract, based on accountability, responsibility, and commitment to the laws of authority.

Marriage is faith made legal, whereby once chosen, like belief, believers have eliminated their freedom of choice. Binding, legal commitments are the surest way to eliminate free will. God and authoritative Governments love that.

The marriage contract shall be between the male and the state – and between the female and the state. Genetic, egocentric emotion shall blind this reality. Same sex marriage shalt be tolerated. It is granted so that gay individuals will also be legally supervised and repressed.

First-line supervision arises as she shalt supervise him to the law, social expectations, standards and principles of the state. He, in turn, shalt supervise her to the law, standards and principles of the state. They both shall compete in supervising their offspring to the law and social expectations.

By law, she is to assume authority over his sex life. He is to assume authority over her sex life. Should either fail, the other shall enforce the built-in lawsuit and the state shalt re-distribute their lives.

God, do I really need this!

Authority shall condone sexual inter-action only in a hostage state and government (authority) shall make them hostage two by two.


If adultery is successfully prosecuted by the US courts – intelligent, thinking people will eventually decide not to get married and divorces will increase.

Single individuals will continue to have a lot of sex with single and married people. Most married individuals eventually won’t have much interesting sex in their lives due to redundant familiarity. Meanwhile, terrified of legal consequence, smart single individuals may seek married individuals.

Familiarity is probably the biggest cause of the diminished Human sex drive.

Enforced adultery laws can also greatly contribute to abortion and birth control.

George Walter Blye commented: The U.S. Government is reluctant to enforce adultery laws against rich, tax paying men. Here is why: If all the talented US professional sports figures, who pay billions of dollars in taxes to the US government were imprisoned for adultery, the government would have to finance their children and lose all their hard-earned tax money.

Hummm. Could the U.S. Government not want to cut their financial throat by not enforcing the “so-called” adultery laws?

Personal: I view marriage to be a business. Too many marriages / businesses fail. Many marriages that do succeed are unhappy. Ladies, I may play with you, but I don’t want to go into business with you. GWD

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