Jeremiah – God’s Prophet

Here’s selected excerpts and a profile of Jeremiah, one of God’s prophets, so to better examine the insanity of God’s prophets. It depicts the recycling manic-depression and schizophrenia of the prophets. The re-cycles are also depicted in the book of Psalms.

Jeremiah 20:7-18 You duped me, God. Whenever I speak out, violence and outrage is my message. The word of God has brought me ridicule and blame. I say to myself: I will not mention Him or speak His name. But then it comes like fire. I cannot endure it. I hear the whisperings of many: Let us denounce him. My friends watch for any misstep of mine. Perhaps he will be trapped then we can take our vengeance on him. But, God is with me. My persecutors will fail. Praise God! Cursed be the day I was born. May the day my mother gave me birth never be blessed. Cursed be the man who said to my father a son has been born to you. Let that man hear war cries because he did not dispatch (murder) me in the womb. Then my mother would have been my grave. Why did I come out of the womb to see sorrow and pain, to end my days in shame.

Isn’t this parallel to the dialog of Job?

The Jeremiah profile is strangely similar to God’s other prophets. They’re all insane.


Insanity: A legal term describing mental incompetence. One must be unable to tell the difference from right and wrong and to be unaware of the consequences of their actions.

This is a prosecution of The Biblical God’s insane treatment of the living things on Earth. His documented deeds fragrantly flaunt His being above His own supposed laws. People, who wish to be like this God, operate insanely in like manner. They fragrantly break laws and codes of decency and then shift the target of insanity onto the prosecutor, insisting he is insane, wrong and bad. They bestow God’s vengeance and wrath on him for daring to speak out.

Justice and facts are inconsequential. God, like themselves, they declare to be above the law. Believers, for the most part, are limited to their own often-insane fantasies.

The concept of God is a fantasy world. Reality is an adversary to the fantasies of egos.

This work is information based upon Bible C&V facts. How you deal with, progress and grow with information is your individual and private responsibility. You cannot expect others to learn as you learn. The investigative ability may lie within the genes.

The greatest players in every competition learned things that other players could or did not learn as well.

Q: Do you not want to read this stuff because you take a position so weak it cannot stand debate? Is it information you want, or control? Would you resist replacing misinformation with legitimate facts, especially if the facts are advantageous to mankind?

Believer: We have kept quiet about the things we do not understand and cannot accept concerning God. Why do you expound on these things we can’t handle? Are you trying to damage His reputation? If you have to write about God, write about all the positive things.

Q: Behavior, character and agenda-wise, what positive things?

There are those who are deeply and fearfully concerned about what is discovered here. This exposure is of God’s crimes against humanity and the further perpetuation of those crimes. This prosecution of God is based upon written Biblical evidence, not suspicion.

Believer: I’m 70 years old. I believe our souls live on for eternity.

Q: Does that apply to all life forms on Earth?

Believer: I have to think about that…

How does your personal God resemble the God of the Bible?

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