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This is a 1 hour interview / radio show that I was the guest on. To hear my one hour radio interview with Reginald V. Finley, Sr. Click on:

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Some of the topics covered were:

I was never really religious. I thought God was a good guy.

In the beginning of my research – I was all alone.

Nobody would talk about these controversial C&Vs. Most believers still won’t.

Then I found C. Dennis McKinsey’s news-letter. McKinsey’s books are the best. I’ve been on his panel since 1995.

Why take issue with the Biblical God?

If you are going to promote the Biblical God / Character, real or fictitious, at least know what this God has done as documented by Bible C&V.

Edited in: I was once asked by Bart Floyd: “Throughout history, how many Gods have there been?” My answer slipped out: “Almost one personal God for every Ego.”

Believers defend God as if their Ego and God were synonymous.

Christians always try to convert you to their God.

I take issue with the God / Character as depicted by Bible C&V.

At least know what you are promoting and financing.

At the end of each of my website links, I have, in essence: “If this is in error and you have a valid correction – I will change it.”

The USA is not a country of Gods or men – but a country of laws.

To kill a human being to fulfill a personal agenda is murder.

Take “God” out pf any context and put “authority” in its place, it will fit every time.

God is a divorcee: Jeremiah 3:8

Luke 19:27


Every true Christian is at war. They wage war against your will to convert and to conform your “free will” to God’s will.

Outside the laws of nature and science, all authority on planet Earth is assumed authority.

Prayer: If you can get a person to truly worship authority and obedience to God’s will, then, an “assumed” authority can successfully step in to take authority over you. Kings and Presidents count on your being religious so they can do that. They require your total obedience – often to your death. Ergo, to pray to a false authority gives rise to an assumed authority’s ability to take its place.

The US government gives billions to the churches each year in tax breaks. Why?

Praying is practicing obeying and to actively beg for a superior authority to lead you. You are praying to be a slave and a follower to authority. You then pressure others that you assume authority over to pray as it gives you the benefit of their practicing obedience to you.

Jesus’ family values.

(Edited in): God is the first corporation. A Corporation is a fictitious entity, created by law, with bylaws, and an agenda. As long as the Corporation is financed, it will exist as a control over and a benefit to those who serve, sacrifice for and who finance it.

Job 2-3: God said to Satan: You enticed / tempted Me.

Job: God was tempted / enticed?

The Lord’s Prayer: Lead us not into temptation.

Who are you praying to? Some think temptation was Satan’s job! Is Satan just the Biblical God on a bad day?

Satan has to get permission from God for everything he does with human beings.

Jesus’ attitude is wrong and a bad model for humanity.

My slogan: “The Biblical God is not a good God and the Bible is not a good model for humanity.” They have been ugly models for humanity. They have cause more death and destruction for humanity than any other source. It’s time for them both to be retired from humanity.

All are born Atheists and are programmed to become Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Buddha religious.

Define good and bad:

Jesus: Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.

Buddha: Do not do unto others what you would not done unto you. Legal!

Satan 13 book, Samuel, in OT did same as God did in Kings.

God’s Death Angels killed all the Egyptian first-born, 1 million Ethiopians and others.

God sent lying spirits.

Free-will: If just one person truly has “free-will”, God is not omnipotent. If God does not change, God, Himself, does not have “free-will”.

What? Sitting at God’s feet worshipping, groveling for eternity? I’ll pass.

I am a fundamentalist Bible critic. It is best that I debate a fundamentalist Bible clergy. They cannot duck knowing a specific Bible, C&V. One who does not know the Bible, C&V, is the hardest to debate. Most believer’s faith and their debate is based solely on their ego-filled feelings. They defend God as if their Ego were being attacked.

Jesus’ female blood-line: Tamar sold sex, Rahab the harlot outside Hebrew bloodline, Ruth laid Boaz, Bathsheba adultery, Mary 13 year-old or so, strange conception.

Trinity: Jesus impregnated his own mother to produce Himself.

Regards, Gary DeVaney

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