Cathy O’Brien

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Cathy O’Brien

By Gary DeVaney

I consider her, Cathy O’Brien, to be my friend. She was in Las Vegas about 1995. I heard her on a radio talk-show while driving. I went to see her lecture. I heard her story. I wanted to further investigate her super-controversial comments. I bought 10 of her books so fellow investigators could be informed.

I never met her husband, Mark Phillips. I do appreciate what he has done for her and their work together.

I was always impressed with Cathy’s demeanor, her confident, polite, realistic character. Cathy and I kept in touch by e-mail for a few years. Due to a computer virus, I lost my e-mail addresses, including hers. That was a few computers ago.

Cathy O’Brien’s first book is: “Transformation of America”.

The Book’s “shocking” essence:

As a child, her father sexually abused Cathy.

Her father sold her to Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd to become a White House / Pentagon sex-slave.

Cathy was subjected to MK Ultra mind-control.

She wrote that she had sex with Presidents: Ford, Reagan, George H. W. Bush – although Bush was more interested in her little daughter.

Dick Cheney was “hung” and he broke her jaw to accommodate him.

Hillary Clinton had sex with Cathy O’Brien. (Page 155)

She was “sport” hunted to be killed.

Cathy has 1-7 short videos on…0.0…1ac.u3VwM1cZhL8

Cathy O’Brien opened “Pandora’s Box”.

Cathy O’Brien, assisted by CIA de-programmer, Mark Philips, wrote the books:

“Trans-Formation of America” & “Access Denied”

Boldly, Cathy wrote how she was used by the White House as a “Mule” (carried illegal drugs) and as a “carrier pigeon” (carried top-secret messages to other world leaders).

I’ve tracked her progress over the years and I do consider her to be a truly courageous friend.

Her story is unbelievable to idealistic believers. They will not want to hear it. The religious, consertative Republican may not like it.

Thinkers, who have the capacity to question, will more likely find her to be credible.

Google: Cathy O’Brien.

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