The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth


Jordan Maxwell – Derek Partridge – Bill Jenkins

Critiqued By Gary DeVaney

Gary DeVaney’s: personal objectives:

1. To expose religious evil.

2. To meet, face and identify dogmatic evil.

3. To do the most conscious good that I can for the betterment of Humanity.

Gary DeVaney’s claim: “The God of the Bible is not a good God and the Bible is not a good model for Humanity.”

Each religion claims to be the truth which means that the other religions are not the truth.

Each religion claims that their God is real – whereby other gods are not real.

Each Human Ego views that it – categorically – is the value, the authority, entitled.

Believers, by faith, believe that they have “The Truth” and that all non-believers are sinners.

Consequently, if any believer’s claimed and challenged “Truth” does not hold up – that makes them sinners. Faith (nonsense) tricks the believer’s mind into believing that is not the case.

Fanatical believers claim that you will suffer Eternal Torment because you did not believe what they believe.

Millions of Human believers may have wasted and sacrificed their lives by believing in Eternal Life.

Throughout history, more men, woman and children have been slaughtered and tortured due to religious beliefs than any other cause.

Today’s religion still has little concern for basic Human Rights.

Those who practice religion tend to give the rest of the World the most problems.

Awesome evil is committed in the name of religion and God.

The Christian Crusades, The Christian Inquisitions, The Burning of Witches, Arabs and Jews continue to kill each other, Practicing Catholics and Protestants kill each other. Practicing Christians and Muslims are at war. Hindus and Muslims assassinate and massacre each other.

The Burning of Witches

Religion, as it exists, is the cause of all this murder and slaughter. Religion, as it exists, cannot be the solution.

In the USA, there is a higher percentage of self-proclaimed, practicing Christians in the prison system then there are Atheists. Why is that?

How about all the self-centered, corrupt, sex-scandal-reddened televangelists? Money proves to be their God.

Ecclesiastes 10:19 Money answers all things. They truly are believers.

Facts challenge beliefs. Believers tend to hate facts when the facts conflict with their beliefs. Believers give up provable facts rather than their mind-set beliefs.


Beliefs That Created Gods

Mighty “Thor” banged his hammer on his anvil which created frightful thunder.

The God “Pan” created panic.

The evil, fearful “Prince of Darkness” was defeated by the coming of the Sun – God’s morning, life-giving Sun.

The Human Being’s ability to question is its ability to advance. The question is the highest form of thought.

Belief uses faith-based nonsense to answer questions. For believers, facts are irrelevant.

The believer’s ego chooses to believe that its life must have an important, eternal purpose and that it’s all-important ego cannot end at death. Most religious egos are programmed to not accept the reality of it’s expiration.

Supernatural Gods were created by fearful believers to suffice as answers to their fear-based questions.

Because of the evolved Human mind, mankind has become the ruling parasite of the Earth.

Humanity still projects its mighty dogmatic gods to assume authority over the gullible.

Religion is primitive politics. Politics is power and profit over others.

Ego and God is synonymous. Egos invent their personal supernatural god so to better be heard by the superstitious and to more easily subdue gullible egos. Believers do not use their gods on any other life-forms but other Humans. This causes the consistent, discriminatory – “you are either with me or against me” war. All Human authority is assumed authority.

Religions and myths are based on the practice of supporting ignorance. You authoritatively claim things that you do not know – even if it is pure nonsense.

The Catholic Church was once “the” political power of much of Europe. Kings yielded their authority and power to the Catholic Church. At one time, in the Catholic religion, if you did not believe that the Earth was flat, you would be punished by death. Also, if a layman was caught possessing religious Holy-Scripture, it was punishable by death. Ah, what Christian love!

Imposing Christianity Vs. Atheist Free-Will: Human free-will has the right to do anything it wants as long as it lives within enforceable criminal and civil law. To remain free, a Human Being does not use his or her free-will to intentionally hurt another. It is a free Human Being’s right to disobey the imposing “assumed authority” of Christians. If a Human Being lives “free” by unaccountable time, Christians (assumed authoritarians) have no authority nor do they have legal power over them. If Christians (assumed authoritarians) get angry or have hurt feelings from being disobeyed, that is their problem. If Christians (assumed authoritarians) assault your living by your legal free-will, they may account to law enforcement. Christians dogmatically displays fear-based “assumed authority” that Atheists traditionally tend to fearlessly disobey.

A Successful Church

The Christian religion trains you to believe – not to think – to blindly obey just like a soldier, when our Christian Government orders him or her to go kill or die. Can’t you just feel all the Christian love?

Religions traditionally and Governments historically have ordered the same thing: “Go out and kill other Human Beings for me – in the name of God”.


For something to live – things must die. For something to live well – more things must die.

Christian Prayers:

Thank you, Lord, for shedding this animal’s blood for me to eat.

Thank you, Jesus, for shedding your blood and dying for me.

Higher education teaches you to think and to learn – by threat of “pass or fail”.

Fear-based religion authoritatively teaches you to believe and to obey – by threat of “Eternal Consequence”.

Religion is the greatest invented device to make men stupid.

Are the churches full of thieves, mercenaries and wolves?

The practice of Christian Conversion is the vampire’s need to feed.

Does Christianity get immunity from breaking civil-criminal law and from moral sin? With all the Catholic Priests charged with illegal and immoral homosexual activity with young boys, why hasn’t the Catholic Church been sued out of existence?

Why can’t Judeo-Christian believers see, acknowledge and debate selected, controversial Bible C&Vs?

Islam actually beheaded 9 women – who dared to drive cars. They wanted to behead any man who did not wear a beard. Like Christianity, Islam insists: “Be like me – or else”.

Jews, Christians and Islamists all worship the same “One God Of Abraham”.

Both Islam and Christianity have Hell. Christian’s Hell is eternal. Islam’s Hell is not eternal.

Religious beliefs lead to and promote violence, intolerance and murderous behaviors. Secular law-abiding societies condemn those religious beliefs and actions.

Do you dare ask: Is something wrong with religion?

Religions and their Gods are not above the law. That is why I wrote “The God Murders” and put the Biblical God on trial. By the way, the evidence is all Bible Chapter & Verse.

Judaism and Christianity was “born” in Egypt.

Pharaoh Amen-Ra established the worship of one God in Egypt. Amen-Ra was then considered to be and worshipped as the son of God. Amen came at the end of prayer.

Amen-Ra / Horus was also symbolized by a single eye as displayed on the pyramid capstone on US currency. Horus had an adversary named Set. Horus – Set. Jesus – Satan. A familiar story? Horus and Jesus had more than numerous written similarities.

Jesus Christ is called “The Good Shepherd”. Egyptian Pharaohs wore “shepherd’s crooks” and were call “The Great Shepherds”.

Egypt was God’s Kingdom and God’s son, Pharaoh, was Egypt’s god and King of the Kingdom.

God’s lamb takes away the sins of the world. A scapegoat takes the blame of others.

Did you know that Buddha and Chrishna were born of Mary without carnal intercourse?

The Sun worshipping Egyptians believed that if the Sun came up every day it meant eternal life. Thus, they believed in the Sun.

They believed that if you had a son, when you died, your son will carry on. Genetically, your life can become eternal.

Winter – Summer

The Egyptian sundial showed the Sun to bring life (crops) for life and the crops died in winter. The Sun would die still for 3 days and come back to life. The Sun died and came back to life for us.

Many church crosses have a circle on it. It represents the Sun. It dies on the cross of the zodiac. It dies every night and is brought back to life every morning. The Sun to return in the clouds and every eye will see Him. The crown of thorns are the Sun’s rays.

Any religious authority who restricts another’s reading or learning – has something to hide.

In Egypt, the goddess, Isis, was the female personification of wisdom.

Akhenaten was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled Egypt for 17 years and died about 1336 BC. He changed the Egyptian many god worship from Isis to Amen-Ra. When the Hebrews went to Palestine, they adopted El, the ancient Semitic God known as Saturn. As a result, the Jews worship on Saturday. Combining the Isis worship with Aman-Ra worship and El worship, the Jews named their new conquered land “Israel”. Hummm, a Hebrew “Trinity”?


Why do Jews worship on Saturday? The Jews worshipped El which was Saturn.

Why do Christians worship on Sunday? Christians worshipped “The Sun” on Sunday.

The myth of Samson was equated with the myth of Hercules. Was Samson also a “Son of God” whose strength was in his hair? Was Samson’s hair simply the rays of the Sun?

Moses’ “Golden” Calf: The Golden color represented the Sun. The calf represented Taurus. It also “The Sacred Cow” that the Hindus worship.

Israelites blew “The Ram’s Horn” which was the Sun in the age of Aries – the sheep of God.

In the astrological calendar the month of spring is Virgo, “The Virgin”. God’s Sun came to life in the Virgo spring.

The myth of Moses drew on the story of King Nebo who came down from the mountain (top of the pyramid) with tablets: The Law Of Hammurabi and gave “the law“ to the Babylonian people.

Egypt had the same story but their great law-giver was called Mesis. Mesis came down from the great pyramid, saw the Egyptian people did not respect his law broke the tablets.

Moses’ throwing down and breaking God’s finger-written stone tablets was symbolic of his disapproval of the Israelites breaking God’s law. Moses was Mesis was Nebo. It’s all the same story.

To pray is to inform God that He has been lazy concerning you.

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