Is God Omnipotent / Omnipresent / Omniscient?

Is God Omnipotent? Is God all-ruling, all-powerful and in control?

Does God always fulfill God’s plans without fail? What does the Bible say?

Does the Bible prove that God was not all-powerful?

Didn’t God repent for making man? Didn’t God repent for His admitted mistake?

Didn’t God prove to be the most miserable character in the entire Bible? Can you name another Biblical character who was documented to be more miserable than the Biblical God? Job was miserable only because God allowed Satan to make Job miserable. Satan tempted, enticed, moved God to test Job. God was ultimately responsible for the killing of Job’s children and all the other pain that Job experienced.

Satan is not the unchangeable God’s adversary – as Satan can do nothing without the Biblical God’s consent.

Is God Omnipresent? Is God everywhere, all the time?

God came down to Adam & Eve and asked where they were.

God came down and Ezekiel saw God in what he described to be a space craft. Ezekiel, along with other Biblical characters – like Abraham, Jacob and Moses – documented that they saw God in a specific place.

Did Ezekiel Describe A flying Saucer?

Is God Omniscient? Does God have complete and unlimited knowledge of all things?

If God is all-knowing, all-powerful and good, how can evil, pain and punishment exist? How can “in control” God exist along with His creation of evil and suffering – unless God controls evil and suffering? So believer, does the Biblical God control evil and suffering? If God is in control of humanity’s evil and suffering, with all the war, murdering and suffering history time has documented, how can God be considered good?   

Believers claim that God is all-knowing, all-loving, all-powerful and good.

Believers, out of groveling fear, spin an ugly, murderous character into something loving and good.

Believers demand that you and I are members of God’s big picture – God’s higher plan.

It’s the old “You’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet”.

Believers insist that even if bad things happen to most people, God’s plan pleases God and that God is good.

But, if God is truly good and all-powerful, God could change His plan for the good of everyone. Why doesn’t God do that – if God is good?

Otherwise, the reality of pain, misery, evil and death must be God’s plan and for God’s pleasure. How, with integrity, could it be any other way? How can a good, loving, all-powerful, all-knowing, God allow evil and sin – unless it is God’s pleasure to punish and bring pain to His creation? Why does God allow innocent people to suffer for the evil that others put on them? Be honest now. If God was truly good, would there be suffering? Suffering, evil, punishment and even “Eternal Torment” must give God pleasure  – if it is truly “all for God’s pleasure”.

Is “The Fear Of God” the Believer’s Greatest Fear?

Believers claim that God makes people suffer so that they become stronger.

If God is all-powerful, why does God need us to be stronger? If God is an adversary to evil, God proves notto be strong enough to eliminate evil. God must need evil – for “God’s pleasure”.

Believers claim that evil makes us know God – which is good.

If God is all-powerful, good and loving and evil did not exist, God could gain a believer’s love instead of having believers fear God’s documented evil, murderous and cancerous agenda.

Believers say that the Devil damages and kills us in the sight of God.

Where in the Bible, C&V, is it specifically documented that Satan or a Devil killed a Human Being? It was the Biblical God who used “Death Angels” to murder Human Beings. If God is good, loving and all-powerful, why can’t God keep Satan or the Devil from contaminating Human Beings? Obviously and honestly, the Biblical God doesn’t want to stop the evil. The Biblical God wants the evil, pain and suffering because – if God is truly in control – evil, pain and suffering is what gives the Biblical God pleasure.

God’s Death Angel?

Believers claim that life is just a test and that God puts us through all the evil, pain and suffering just to see what kind of person we are.

Ok. If God does know-it-all, then, why does God have to test us? If God is in control, we each are doing exactly what God wants us to do. Aren’t we?

Believers claim that God only selects those souls who are to serve God for eternity.

Due to my knowing the Biblical God’s insane, murderous track-record, I don’t care to serve such a character during my lifetime – nor for eternity.

Believers claim that the rest of us – who are not chosen by God – are to suffer “Eternal Torment”.

God is saying, “If you don’t obey Me, I will punish your forever”. I despise such an evil character – fictitious or not.

Believers claim that God gave us “free-will”.

If Human Beings truly have “free-will”, it proves that the Biblical God does not know-it-all and that God is notin control. If just one Human Animal, on planet Earth, truly has free-will, God is not in control. If God didsend our souls to Earth and God did know who would be saved and who would not be saved, then God is sadistic and evil to send us into “Eternal Torment” for the “sinning” that God is claimed to already know that you and I would do.

Believers claim that God is the same and unchanging from the “Alpha to the Omega”.

If the Biblical God does not change and is the same from “the alpha to the omega”, then, God cannot have “free-will”.

If there truly is an “alpha to the omega” (the beginning to the end) – then – there is no “eternal” anything. 

Believers claim that rational, courageous thinkers are insane not to believe in such Biblical nonsense and God-Murderous insanity.

Insanity: Not having the capacity to know right from wrong. Believers prefer blind and ignorant faith rather than to know. Who proves to be insane?

Believers claim that the Biblical God can do anything.

Really? Can God die?

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