Pastor Fred Phelps

Pastor Fred Phelps

By Gary DeVaney 

Christians try to convert non-believers to Christianity by using blackmail and extortion. If a non-believer does not conform and obey the Christian, the Christian tends to condemn the non-believer to “Eternal-Torment”. Pastor Fred Phelps is the poster-child – without the mask – that blatantly showcases this imperialistic, authoritarian, Christian agenda.


Pastor Fred Phelps is an extreme Judeo-Christian clergy. He is an obvious sociopath and a psychopath. What is obvious is Fred’s religious insanity and / or disease is full-blown. He accurately equates himself with Old Testament “Fire & Brimstone” prophets.

Fred Phelps preaches “Fire & Brimstone” just like Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Hosea and others. He condones and supports all of the Biblical God’s Old Testament murders. He hopes that God will murder more human beings today to teach them their obedience lessons.

Average Christians, who try to convert and intimidate non-believers with “Eternal-Damnation”, are fledging amateurs by comparison. They would become the absolute best at it – if they became clones of Fred Phelps.

I have watched Fred Phelps’ YouTube videos for some years now and I realize that he best exposes the theme and agenda of obedience-demanding fundamentalist clergy and their followers. Fred demands obedience to all of God’s commandments – especially the insane ones like to kill gay men, which he loves to call “fags”.

Gay Men


Fred Phelps is the most extreme Judeo-Christian that I have experienced in the past 30 years. His fanaticism competes well with the most extreme and insane fanatics of Islam – well – maybe just short of those who blow themselves up. One of his family-members may become so martyr-programmed that he or she may do something sensationally destructive some day.

When zealous Christians threaten you and me with Eternal-Torment, it is the obedience demanding Fred Phelps in them coming out.

Fred Phelps accurately show-cases the monstrous and insane Biblical God as documented by Bible Chapter & Verse. Phelps is a “super-fundamentalist”. He accurately preaches exactly what the insane Bible documents C&V. Phelps, like a brain-washed cheer-leader, promotes and supports the murderous God’s evil C&V deeds and insane requirements.

To understand Fred Phelps’ accurately depicting God’s insanity in society is to best understand my work – and I think C. Dennis McKinsey’s, too. By Bible Chapter & Verse documentation, the Biblical God proves to be as insane and hates the average human being as much as Fred Phelps does. Both Phelps and the Biblical God (fictitious or not) play at the top of the obedience / domination game – by the blackmailing consequence of Eternal-Torment.


In reality, this insane man, Pastor Fred Phelps, is no more insane that the insane Bible he is drawing from. He is crazy – yes. But, so are the Bible C&Vs he accurately quotes. “The Biblical God is NOT a good God and the error-ridden Bible is NOT a good model for humanity”.

For the Christian public to condemn Fred Phelps while not condemning the Bible he quotes is pure hypocrisy.

Remember, as it cannot be stressed enough: This clergy truly knows the Bible and its God. He does preach the heinous Bible honestly and accurately. Click below and to round out your knowledge and perspective of Fred Phelps. See other Fred Phelps YouTube videos. Phelps is never boring.

“Democracy Now” News Flash!!! March 31st 2010

Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, was killed in Iraq in 2006.

The Westborough Baptist Church publicly demonstrates its disdain for homosexuals at military funerals.

Albert Snyder, Matthew’s father, sued the homophobic Westborough Baptist Church for demonstrating at his son’s military funeral.

The Westborough Baptist Church (headed by Pastor Fred Phelps) claims that military deaths are God’s punishment for homosexuality in the United States.

Westborough Baptist Church

At Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder’s funeral, The church carried signs that displayed: “God Hates Fags” / “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” / “God Hates Your Tears” / God Is America’s Terror” / God Crosshairs The US Government” / God Is Your Enemy” / “God Hates You”.

The case was tried and the court ordered the Westborough Baptist Church to pay Albert Snyder $5 million dollars.

Last week, The Federal Appeals Court reversed the $5 million judgment. The court determined that the Church’s first-amendment rights were violated. Then, the court ordered Albert Snyder to pay The Westborough Baptist Church over $16,000 to pay for the lawyer costs of the Church’s successful appeal.

What a country! What an insane God supporting US Government we have governing us. Insane clergy like Pastor Fred Phelps are US Government assets in getting believers to worship and obey authority. The Government is legally saying: “Go for it, Pastor Fred Phelps. Keep America praying and obeying to authority – so that we, the US Government, can better have our way with them.”

Sara Phelps, granddaughter to Pastor Fred Phelps

What one clergy do you know would be impacted if sent to this site?

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