The Corporate Tyrant


The Corporate Tyrant

Scenario / Parable

By Gary DeVaney

A powerful owner, president and CEO of a vast corporation was approached by his son, his second in command, who informed him that the employees were complaining about their contracts; that, they appealed to his father for better lives. The forceful owner ordered his son to assemble all the employees whereby he dominantly proclaimed: I shall control them! They shalt obey!

Scene: The mandatory assembly was filled to capacity, standing room only. A nervous silence filled the room as the imperious owner sternly walked in. They all stood and with zeal, applauded him at length. He intentionally allowed the applause to continue for an absurd amount of time, until he finally motioned them to be seated.

The arrogant tyrant sat on his throne and glared at the masses.

Tensions rose. It became almost unbearable for the unstable. His son sat at his right hand. Many others on his staff sat below him facing the crowd. A large security force covered the exits.

The tyrant switched on his microphone and bellowed: How many of you in this room do not believe in God? If you do not believe in God stand up! Have courage! Stand up now!

A few quickly and courageously stood; then, some more nervously rose to their feet.

He continued: If you do not believe in the one God, then there is no room for you here! By God, you are fired! Security, remove and escort those standing off my property now!

In frustration, he slipped out the secret of all tyrants. He roared: I am not God. I create Gods for you to serve and obey. If you do not obey the contracts and agreements you have signed with this corporation, you are fired! You and your children will be righteously punished financially for your arrogant disobedience to your agreements. Your sacrifice is necessary to keep my work ethic pure. If things go bad for you, don’t blame me. I am not God. Your fate will be your God’s will, not mine. Pray to your one God to deliver you. You are to have faith and believe in your God. I am ordering you right now to have faith! Believe! Your God will deliver you in a manner that serves His pleasure! Now, go back to work and complain no more. Your God is listening to your every thought and knows your every feeling. Love and sacrifice for your company, for in God’s name, it loves you.

They stood, cheered and applauded as he contemptuously walked out. The most sensitive, fearful and impressionable had to be restrained from applauding and assisted back to their work place while tears flowed down their cheeks. They just had a religious experience.

Years later the tyrant died and left a will, along with a letter of instruction to his son.

This is the essence of the letter:

Son, God was the first corporation. A corporation is a fictitious entity, which evolved from an idea, was invented and put into documented law. It, like any god, has its own rules (bylaws) and an agenda.

A corporation (a bigger god) makes up its own contracts (little personal gods) for its “chosen” individuals to agree to, sacrifice for and to obey.

I, my boy, studied the Holy Bible and its God.

I followed Moses’ model by inventing and marketing a god for people of my choosing to follow. As Moses gave rank to his soldiers, I gave contracts and agreements for my peasants to obey and to serve me. Like Moses, I promised success for success and punishment for failure. Like Moses, I always faked it by pretending to answer to a higher power. I also invented a personal god (contract) for each one of my peasants to obey. A business owner can invent numerous agreements / gods for needy people to conform to. If an employer can create 1,000 contract agreements for his employees to be faithful to and believe in, he has created 1,000 gods or personal saviors for his chosen people to sacrifice for. The believers in the Bible followed Moses’ new God to the death. We appear to be evil only to those who feel they are entitled to be us. We are their competition. We are their evil. Discriminate wisely. Fool those who feel they are “entitled” with promises and hope.

Because these believers are religiously programmed from birth that there is only one God, the business owner is off the hook for being responsible for their lives. The peasants beg for their God’s will to be done, not ours. However, while they pray to their imagined, personal God, they will loyally focus on and serve their personal agreement and the boss gets the benefit. That’s how the mechanism works. Use it as I did and prosper.

No one will ever deny that agreements and contracts should exist. We, who want to be served and compensated by others, create agreements. We use God as a triggered hypnotic model of fearful consequence for the agreements we create. Occasionally, we have to reinforce that model by imposing threats of loss. As long as they believe they need us we will have our way with them. Son, when you create an agreement, you, in essence, create a new god with its own agenda, by-laws, rules and promised benefits. You want your agenda fulfilled and your rules obeyed. Whatever agenda succeeds, that is what reality becomes. That is how you create your own reality – by inventing your own gods – which are your created agreements and contracts.

Choose wisely because people will sign the stupidest agreements and contracts. Because people want you to fulfill and obey their agreements and contracts, they have little choice but to promote this concept of God, which they would readily accept with all their gullible hearts.

Armed with this knowledge, doing away with this concept of God would be improbable, and any redefining of God would be to our disadvantage. Son, embrace this concept of God. Believers are the interchangeable human machines of industry.

Often, when they think, they break down. A believer is one who is programmed from birth to be capable of and committed to obeying his or her God. Most believers make outstanding employees for almost any authority. When contracted, they perform their agreement for their new god, which is their contract.

“Money Is The Only God Of Consequence In This World”

                     Ecclesiastics 10:19: Money Answers All Things

Money is this man-created god that has been growing and maturing over recorded history. In different parts of the worshiping and sacrificing world, it is known by different names (Dollar, Yen, Pound, etc). It’s all the same god like a “Trinity” and then some. Everybody civilized worships it, adores it, wants it, depends on it, prays for it and sacrifices for it. Some even kill for it. Some invest and try to buy salvation. Many lose their bankrupt souls (their financial lives). What god gets more attention, more groveling, more obedience, more reverence and better treatment than money? What god is taken more for granite than money when they have lots of it? As with other gods, the international bankers who create and control this money / god benefit most from its creation and usage. In human reality, other than money’s creators, money is no respecter of persons.

It is all-powerful. Money moves mountains and often saves lives when called upon. Often, the poor / broke, sick of spirit (without cash) die unsaved. They hadn’t properly sacrificed and weren’t with the true god / money. In Las Vegas, and other venues like inheritance, a lot of money is often obtained by “grace” (unmerited gift). It wasn’t earned. Focus on the god that pays.

My boy, embrace loyal, faithful, obedient believers to become your servants; but do not allow any natural thinkers into your ownership. They want democracy and that means trouble for you and your agenda. Your agenda must be a dictatorship to be successful! Most blind believers will never see it that way and will defend its virtue due to their categorical attachment. “Intelligence” is categorical. Many of the categorical “intelligent” become categorical “morons” for their god. Look for them. They serve well.

Love? Who loves least controls. Love no one more than your agenda, which is your god. However, make love of others and loyalty popular themes for your servants. They are already religious, ingrained with insecurity, humility, faith, fantasy and idealist feel-good. Reality appears as cynicism to the idealist. Expect it!

Pay attention son. Similar to a mini-corporation, an agreement is also a created, fictitious entity with its own rules, directions, responsibilities, accountabilities and performance standards. It exists only as long as somebody promotes, supports, finances or obeys it. When it is no longer obeyed by someone it is as if it never existed. When signed by them, it then becomes a matter of enforceable law. However, my son, the contract is the god, not you, the owner.

Always yield to the concept of God as being responsible for the believer’s fate. If or when they complain, they are not in the mood for the God scenario. Fall back to their plain bad luck, which is totally beyond your control.

It is interesting that when a corporation (often a god over many wills) fails, goes under and disappears, there is no personal liability / costs to the owner – outside the assets of the corporation. Hide your money well, my son, as I did. Many companies, like many gods in history, came and went and eventually, without anyone’s interest, history could deny they ever existed.

For an agreement, corporation or a god to exist, somebody would have to sacrifice and support it. Throughout history, believers, through fear of loss and fear of death, have supported and sacrificed for fictitious entities (gods), whereby, neither the believers nor their gods, nor their companies, nor their countries survived. Son, belief is the virtue of the work ethic. Don’t do it. Exploit it!

Should a corporation be taken to court and be defeated, the contract is what will or won’t hold up in court, not the corporate owner. Corporate owners use contracts as gods over their servants. Governments use laws as gods over their subjects. Parents use the fear of pain, denial of privileges and discipline as gods over their children. Believers cannot get away from supporting agreements, not realizing: That is their practicing concept of God.

Don’t fraternize with subordinates without a contract suiting your terms even in marriage. Know the law. The law is all that really has authority and controls man, by consequence. Always protect your assets and your agenda as there are other predators who know well the tools to take advantage of believing fools.

Think for yourself! Be self-responsible! Believe nothing! If it is not worth knowing, it is not important. For believers and other gamblers, faith and ignorance is the fascination. That is what keeps them where they are. Remember, all authority is assumed authority, and that includes yours. Assume well, use the law, but know when to cut your losses.

When you were young and I was found guilty of family abuse, your mother was granted a divorce. When she got half of what I owned at the time, I learned how effectively the law could be used to gain profits. So, like a marriage license, I used legal contract agreements that included a built-in lawsuit that I could enforce at any time, even for no reason.

Son, money buys corrupt politics and corrupt politicians. Democracy is quick change. Do not allow democracy in any business you control. Elections are auctions. Money is speech. Use your money to shut-up others who compete for power. Insist that corporations are people – to have the rights of people – to better control people. Public offices are commodities to be bought and sold. Buy the politicians who best serve you. Use your wealth and political law-enforcement will forgive your sins as you are profitable to them.

I learned that when agreements are made and broken, gods are born and die. Realistically, they are invented and they expire. Most believers are pretending to deal with the Biblical God whom they know nothing about. They are heavily programmed to have faith, not to question. This makes it easy to get them to enter contracts they know little about. Due to blind faith, they are easily exploited and cheated. Most of them take no recourse because they actually feel they are guilty of failing God. Many will remain loyal to the very god (contract) that destroys them. Mind-control (religious faith) is the drug of the gullible.

If a lawyer should point out the terms of a contract that allows believers to be hurt, with owner immunity, their eyes would just glass over with comatose, disbelief or remorse. They will continue to have faith, to believe, to learn nothing and to go look for another opportunity to be saved which opens another opportunity for them to be totally fleeced. Many are convinced they are destined for sacrifice. Have no mercy on them for they believe, by virtue, that is to be their own God-ordained lot in life, and for profit’s sake, you would not want to disrupt their belief or predictable, mind-set behavior.

Beware of philosophers for they dare to diagnose society and to expose the tools of authority. A philosophycan bring change to flexible thinkers while believers will resist or adjust any philosophy or change and remain their stubborn selves. The reason we need for them to believe in God is so they will allow us to set rules for them to obey in our world. The wise men of government and their tax systems have used: “Agree to support your God’s agenda” to fleece their peasants of their hard earned cash throughout history.

Son, I’m gone and cremated by now; but, I capitalized on the concept that allowed me to create gods to serve me and for fools to blindly obey. The masses will never forsake this agenda. If exposed to them, they would angrily deny it and each would righteously erase it from his or her mind. They will zealously fight for your right to destroy them, because inherently, they would do the same to others; if, they knew how to. They don’t want to stop or prevent the exploitation. They ultimately want to become the exploiters. The very agenda we use to exploit them, they paradoxically make a joke of, deny, yet diabolically support. The concept of God (religion) was invented to serve as mind-control, to establish the obedience, service and sacrifice of soldiers and slaves. Knowing this simple formula, only a fool would not take advantage of it and only fools would be subject to it.

When you identify those who believe best, bribe them by promoting them to leadership over others. You will have invented another mini-god that you control. Should they out-think you, set them up for termination without legal recourse. This formula provided for me maximum profits, with minimum problems while the obedient sheep settled for what they believed I sacrificed for them. Governments do it. Parents unknowingly do it. So did I knowingly do it. I was confident because I believed absolutely nothing. I was confident because I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it.

In a successful corporation, democracy does not exist. You are either on board or you are gone. The Biblical God is successful because God is a tyrant with no empathy. In a democracy – fools think that they elect their leaders to represent them – not to rule over them. Once elected, their leaders will rule over them. If you hire someone, they no longer have a vote. You pay them to be your slaves. Judeo-Christian-Islamic believers believe that they are slaves to their God. Hire those mind-set, God-fearing, religious believers. Their irrational, religious belief is the greatest gift you can take advantage of for the stealing their zealous souls. If they don’t sacrifice and serve you on your terms, slay them financially. Like the Biblical God, have no pity on their women and children.

Employment is an agreement that becomes a god who recruits you and restricts you to perform a desired action. It has assumed rules to punish you if you don’t perform. A lawsuit may take your money for non-performance. Beware of the IRS, a strange god used by other gods. When it strikes, you serve accountable time in what amounts to Hell.

All believers defend God because they want others to enter into agreements with them – that will serve them. Believers want others to obey their agreements. They also want an excuse, the right and the means to punish those others, if they don’t obey the terms of their agreement. They also invent their own gods but just don’t know it.

Without a means to enforce their contract, what power do they have to assure its satisfactory completion?

How could they provide consequence should the other party fail to perform? The god game is all authority, commitment, control, power and obedience. The gullible are the most profitable and least likely to complain when they are cheated. Beware of a thinker for you may be in for a lawsuit. Always set aside money for bribery (fines) and retain knowledgeable lawyers to ensure minimum consequences when we get caught failing to perform our agreements.

Throughout history, the fear-based believer best served the tyrant and numerically most of the Biblical God’s “chosen” experienced the lives of slaves and murdering soldiers. God’s chosen never got their promised rewards, just broken promises. Most of them, including their leader, Moses, didn’t even survive. Believers do not know that and insist, like crazy people, not to want to know. They never personally studied the Bible, never got to know its tyrannical God. I did! The Bible isn’t hesitant in projecting what its God amounts to.

God is an authority that demands for an agreement to be made and obeyed, by threat of consequence. That is why anything outside of an agreed concept concerning God cannot be agreed upon. Believers, who seek to be an authority of God, will compete and argue over the concept of God. It amounts to a power and control struggle. Let those little egos play out their genetic agenda. It is a wondrous waste of time. Should you get one of them to sign one of your agreements, he or she would become obsessed to serve it – and you.

Son, competition is a situation where you try to prevent them from doing to you exactly what you are trying to do to them. What makes it totally legal is that the agenda and its consequences have been agreed upon. You make the agenda and its rules!

The human behavior’s practicing concept of God

1. To invent an agenda, agreement or contract.

2. To establish (and assume authority over) the rules of the agreement.

3. To establish (and assume authority over) the consequences for disobedience.

4. To find a God-fearing believer to agree to, perform and obey the agreement.

On November 10th 1770, Voltaire penned: “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him.”

Son, believers are programmed to follow a god. They then invent a fantasy and find an authority they attach their ego to. Through programmed faith and commitment, they and their authority become one. Because they are to serve their God at His pleasure, they forgive Him when He fails them. Our peasants shall not be considered slaves as we employ them. Although they are needy, they are volunteers.

You shall formulate and issue to your servants laws and performance standards that they shall accept as contract agreements. Put consequences for undesirable behavior in writing and have them sign their acceptance of your terms. If they fail, they have already chosen their consequence. No agreement means no job and no food for their children. I, in turn, award them financial survival. They are not to believe they can exist without me. I zealously defended the God concept because I defended my right to make agreements that I insisted others fulfill, perform and obey. I professed to believe in God because I promoted and supported the gods (agreements) I invented.

My son, we are not gods. We invent gods to do our bidding – because without a sense of fearful, painful and consequential loss, we are nothing to be reckoned with.

Praise and punishment are the tools for dog training. They shall obey and profit us or they shall accept punishment and / or dismissal. You shall be careful to compensate them only at the level of dependent survival for their labor. For certain positions, should someone procure more profit for you than do others, you shall reward them with a small portion of that profit. Tell them one thing while doing another; for, they prefer to have faith and belief to knowledge or fact.

Be a commercial. In line with their faith, exaggerate their fantasies and minimize their reality. They, not you, shall create production pressures for others. Those, who cannot withstand will fail and suffer. That alone motivates others. Its all God’s will, not yours. Again, some will work harder and perform better than others. You shall compensate the best somewhat better than the others.

When others can do what your best can do, reduce the compensation and keep more of the profits. Always make them compete harder. When you are done with them, there should be nothing left. It is better their energies be used to profit you than someone else. Supervise your servants for some are thinkers, not doers. Some are genetically lazy. Your mind-controlled, mind-set believers are your best dutiful doers. Constantly harp on integrity, loyalty and self-image, for these tactics enhance the image of the agenda. Your loyal believers become your commercial. Keep God heavily imprinted on their minds. For your lesser thinking laborers, stress discipline, obedience, family, God and country. Higher volunteer retention also leads to enhanced profitability. But, always fire them before they fire you as an employer.

Personal beliefs amount to a blend of fact and fiction. For those who think (are wise, in the know) it tends to expose the believer’s personal vulnerabilities and agendas. It measures how far the believer will buy into gullible absurdity for exploitation purposes. Believers, through the addiction of faith, have lost the sense to recognize exploitation. Many actually have a burning desire to become a sacrifice.

Recognize them, use them and exploit them, for if you don’t, the opportunity will be lost to another predator. You be the best predator out there! I was! Believers constantly go to churches and temples to re-enforce their faith that a super-natural being is looking out for them. It maintains their mind-control. It is important you don’t identify with this supernatural being as being you. You do not want any responsibility for their fate. They will misread your tact and declare you as being humble. Then, when their disappointment hits, you can humbly remind them that it’s between them and God. With a true believer, you are safely out of the loop.

Belief is a state of hypnosis, a power of suggestion. Believers are hypnotized and are already gambling for what they believe are eternal stakes. Don’t break the hypnosis! They, hopefully, will handle their loses as sacrificial sheep with minimal complaint. They seek God to restrict their evil agendas in favor of His service and readily accept whatever God befalls upon them. It is all a matter of mind-control faith. Exploit it and benefit!

My boy, because believers are programmed and disciplined not to think, your knowledge of their tiny worlds and limited agendas is of much significance and importance. They crave, as we all do, for power and profit over people which is the definition of politics; but, they being God-fearing, lack the courage necessary to assume the authority to achieve it. Our employee’s desire to serve and please us must become an addiction to last. Most will substitute alcohol and drugs to handle their frustrated importance cravings.

Privately, not publicly, allow your peasants their alcohol and drug outlets so that they can take out their frustrations and anger upon themselves and their families rather than bothering you. By the way, smokers are doers. They have to constantly be doing something. Get their attention and exploit them. They will also die younger so you can replace them with new servants for lesser wages. Identify and eliminate useless eaters immediately.

Understand that most behave only a cut above monkey mind.

You have to know how to align to and promote the god model that has been dropped into our lap. They feared me, obeyed me and I benefited! By this formula, I assumed authority, created an agenda and as a result, held power and profit over my people. My successful corporation is proof that in my time, I, as all great tyrants, impregnated history with my own agenda and conceived a slice of reality in my own image. I used “the one true God” and many personal gods to do my bidding. Son, don’t ever forsake this practicing concept of God. It can only help you compete.

In my view, in the fictional parable, The Garden of Eden, God did not want Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of knowledge because God did not want to be exposed for the tyrant that He was. Mind-controlled, mind-set believers righteously avoid knowledge and are wholly incapable of questioning themselves or their beliefs. Tyranny succeeds, because no one can defeat what he or she defends. Denial is their righteously indignant banner.

You have a choice, my son, to be wise or to believe. But, remember, only those who set the agenda, its rules and play the game best, succeed!

Your wisest father,


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