The DeVaney Prophecy

The DeVaney Prophecy


Gary DeVaney

I have been a behavioral student and therapist for over 40 years.

Concerning futuristic possibilities: I personally perceive that when, not if, the “living-chip” is implanted into each US citizen; US law-enforcement and prisons may become almost obsolete.

Why? Because each “living-chip” will have a satellite tracking system (GPS) 24 / 7 that the legal system can graph-trace back to the exact time that the “living-chip” was implanted. The individual’s World Identification Number (WIN #) would place all individuals at the time and place of any reported legal infraction.

As an example, when investigated, a suspect can be GPS time-traced 24 / 7 for the past 6 months or longer. Can moral privacy become somewhat diminished? Yes. Due to eminent GPS, time-traced detection, damaging crime could become less likely and also, due to hard evidence, quickly handled. Even “Big Brother” cameras, nation-wide, could be eliminated. US Government law-enforcement detection and prison costs could be greatly reduced.

Mature democracy and public vote could adjust and modernize religious moral codes so that the public could become more permissive, forgiving, feeling less guilty and naturally “Human” concerning their non-destructive moral practices – specifically concerning having Human sexual relations. Jealously and angry destructive feelings could be sensed by the “living chip”; then therapeutically treated and monitored. When major Human life options and choices can be quickly realized, jealousy and guilt usually evaporate in healthy, mental-emotional systems. The hard-wired, jealous, possessive romantic initially will not like this. After a few generations, society could function happier and healthier and with less negative emotional stress. Their diverse passions may be better realized, experienced and enjoyed.  

Another advantage of the “living chip” system could be, every US citizen’s talent and their ever-changing interests may be provided for concerning meaningful employment and diverse recreation criteria. Even social-emotional-intellectual matchmaking could be more effective, as that service has already begun.

Population control and marriage laws may be simpler, more realistic and less consequential. Children may be better protected, supervised and cared for.

Middle-class and sexual equality could flourish. There may no longer be a 1% wealth society. Human health could be constantly monitored and more effectively provided for. Any severity of injury could be instantaneously detected and expertly provided for.

Looking back on Human history, this progressive social system could do a much better job than the Biblical God followers have been documented to have done over a past few thousand years.

These revolutionary / radical perspectives and changes naturally scare almost everybody (mostly Christian Republicans) because, we Human animals are all somewhat mind-set and resistant to change. Can you imagine how Sharia-Law Muslims would react to these radical perspectives?

Don’t worry. All this will probably not be accomplished within our short lifetimes.


Connect the Dots


The top, in TOTAL power and control, International-Bankers are NOT known by name or address. No President or Head of State on Earth is more powerful or has more authoritative control than the invisible International-Bankers (The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson). A few “evolving” International-Bankers have competed for well over a century in running this money-dominated, economically dependent World.

The International-Bankers use “Democracy” which is the most “revolutionary” (rapidly changing) political vehicle ever invented. Like farmers, these Bankers use Corporations and Democracy (“Corporatocracy”) for the seeding of dependent and addictive money. Money was invented and has evolved to become the one and only real “God of Consequence” on planet Earth. Every Country and each individual is becoming directly or indirectly dependent upon and addicted to the International-Banker’s MONEY.

Connecting just a few dots like – Adam Wieshaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati, the Rothschild family, the Rockefellers, Rhodes, Oppenheimers, Carnegies, J. P. Morgan, MI 5, MI 6, FBI, CIA, the Masons, the CFR, the Bilderburgers, the Trilateral Commission, the World Banks, BCCI, the United Nations, the Bohemian (Grove) Club, the Skull & Bones, the World Media, the Mormons, the most powerful International Corporations, the Federal-Reserve-Bank and the top bought politicians can assist anyone with sight viewing the rapidly evolving New-World-Order.

These are a few of the organizations that many view contribute to the New-World-Order. Of course, for others, denial is automatic.

The International-Banker’s agenda is to economically take over and eventually own all sovereign lands by economically owning all the people on those lands. How? Debt! Their agenda is to get every Individual, their State and their Country financed and indebted to the hilt and to make them sacrifice and produce so to repay their debt. The agenda is as simple as child’s-play. Individuals are programmed to perform certain tasks in society to fulfill the, few in number, competing International-Banker’s agendas and to assist in those, International-Banker’s rapidly evolving economic infrastructure.

John D. Rockefeller

The International Bankers?

            Dylan Ratigan                            Jacob Rothschild(son)–>           Amschel Moses Rothschild                        Paul Warburg  

                  Michel David-Weill (Lazard)                      David de Rothschild                            Lloyd Blankfein                       Warren Buffett (Goldman Sachs)

            Goldman Sachs Chairman & CEO Lloyd Blankfein                                                  John D. Rockefeller / Andrew Carnegie / Cornelius Vanderbilt / J.P. Morgan

The International-Bankers buy and pay for their politicians. Millions are spent in the process of “electing” their “Presidents”. Only the International-Banker’s chosen candidates participate. The “chosen” have to be “on the team” and “with the program”.

Occasionally, the International-Bankers get frustrated and are disappointed because their bought and still paying for credit infrastructure is somewhat weak – but it is strengthening. Can you see how the power of money and credit has evolved worldwide over the past 150 years?

According to bold and courageous John Perkins, author of the exposing book: “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, a college economics graduate with certain tested strengths and weaknesses, is recruited by the U. S. Government’s National Security Agency (NSA). The new Economic Hit Man’s “job” is employed through a public economic consulting corporation.

His job is to contact a newly elected President or head of a country and to make him an offer he cannot refuse.

John Perkins clearly describes in his book that he would congratulate the new President and tell him that in his pocket he has millions of dollars for the new President to modernize his country.

The money is used to make the President rich and to build up his country’s infrastructure and bring the country into the modern age. He then tells the new President that in his other pocket he has a gun and a bullet with the new President’s name on it. If things go well, The World-Bank makes the loan of millions for this new President’s country.

World Bank

World Bank Building, Washington, DC                                        World Bank decision making.

The borrowed money typically goes to some often “no-bid” US corporations like Halliburton and Bechtel, who are contracted to do the work. Then, the Economic Hit Man comes back and orders the President and his country to pay up. When they cannot pay up, deals are made to fulfill the International-Banker’s interests.

The deals could be “Oil Concessions” or the “drafting” (legal kidnapping) and sending of that country’s young people to fight to their death in the International-Banker’s wars – just as the United States of America’s young men and women loyally and obediently volunteer to kill and die. American troops do not know that they are killing and dying for the International Banker’s American led wars. Why? America, its corporations, and most of its citizens are heavily in debt to the International-Bankers.

The few International-Bankers compete for control of the 6 major currencies on planet Earth and they are ever-struggling to take over and convert the minor currencies.

If the newly “elected” President will not or does not willfully fulfill the International-Banker’s agenda, John Perkins says a “Jackal” (CIA – FBI – Mob – 007 assassin – mercenary hitman) will assassinate the new President like they did before with Jaime Roldos in Ecuador, Allende in Chile, Omar Torrijos in Panama, many others – and what they are still trying to do to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. John Perkins said: The “Jackal” will overthrow him or assassinate him. If that doesn’t work, the U. S. will send in the troops to capture or kill him like we did with Noriega and Saddam Hussein. (How did Fidel Castro survive?)

Reverend Pat Robertson, a wealthy, former U. S. Presidential candidate, recently announced while preaching on public television that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela should be “taken out”. Pat Robertson, a licensed, ordained Christian minister, wants Chavez dead! He obviously knows how the International-Banker’s agenda works. To Hugo Chavez’s credit, he has publicly stood up against the imperialism of President George W. Bush and to Reverend Pat Robertson, both who want Chavez dead. Denial is automatic.

As a side note: I’m betting that if Pat Robertson and George W. Bush were thoroughly interrogated, under intense pressure, as to what their own personal God looks like – as typical, each of their personal Gods would ultimately look very much like them.

Pat Robertson 
George W. Bush


Obviously, President John F. Kennedy would NOT “play ball” with the powerful International-Bankers. President Kennedy produced United States notes and put them into circulation in order to circumvent and ultimately eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank. President Kennedy was assassinated. New President Lyndon B. Johnson quietly had those U. S. notes retrieved and destroyed.

The Federal Reserve Bank remains in business and still controls U. S. currency today. How many U. S. citizens are even vaguely aware of how the International-Bankers function?

Organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded under President Woodrow Wilson in 1921, have drawn all but a few United States Presidents out of its membership pool. If they weren’t already members, they became members or at least affiliated. The now over 4,000 member CFR provides much of the talent pool for corporate decision making, media control and exposure, banking executives and the most agenda-useful politicians money can buy.

Council On Foreign Relations Logo

As a World power, the President of the United States and the CFR’s “movers and shakers” are all second string to the International-Bankers. This is often viewed as a blasphemy by the religious, arrogant, ego-driven, God-worshiping, President-backing believers of the U S of A. “My God / My Country / My President – right or wrong” is their ignorant, stubborn and murderous mindset.

The CFR will send anyone a free annual report including its membership list upon request. Check it out and see how many you recognize to be the World’s most prominent “movers and shakers”.

Chain of Command For the CFR

   Adolfo Nicolas                     Pope Benedict XVI                              James E. Grummer  S.J.                 Thomas H. Smolich               David S. Ciancimino, S.J   

 Joseph M. McShane, S.J                 Edward Cardinal Egan                Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J.                 John J. DeGioia                             Richard N. Haass  


 Zbigniew Brzezinski                         George Soros                           Rupert Murdoch                        Joseph R. Biden                    Barack Hussein Obama

John Perkins: “Saddam Hussein accepted our weapons and our deals. He gassed Curds and fought Iran. (Hummm. Iran must NOT be cooperating with the International-Bankers.) Saddam did NOT wholly obey, completely accept, agree to and cooperate like the corruptible Saudis DID, so we sent the troops in to get him.

If Saddam had agreed to keep oil prices low, sell oil for US Dollars and not Euros, he would still be President of Iraq today”.

The International-Bankers want to – but do NOT yet economically own all of the World’s countries. They want “economic parity / equality”. They want every country and each individual sorely in debt to them. So, they must constantly produce and build the World economic infrastructure the way their economic agenda has designed it to evolve. Mexico City is to be as productive and vulnerable as Somalia, New York City and Kiev. Ultimately the International Bankers want “parity” (equal economic strength, equal productivity and equal vulnerability) for all the lands and for all the cities on all continents.

Once the economic infrastructure is successfully in place – no more cash. A tiny “living chip” imbedded in each of our bodies will replace cash and we will become a cashless society. The chip transmits to a Global Tracking System so that our body’s location is known, and our paths can be traced back in time 24/7.

Eventually these chips can be altered, enhanced and used by the technical expertise of the New World “Odor” / International Banker to discipline, disable and destroy the human-being who the International-Banker’s “living chip”, in essence, owns. Who knows, the chip may be programmed to perform selective sterilization and determine lifespans to the specifications of World authority. That may resolve their “population-control” problems. Scientific genetic matches concerning intelligence, talents, labor, athleticism and servitude are already included in dating matchmaker’s profiles.

Prisons may become limited and almost obsolete. “Useless eaters” may be eliminated as firmly suggested in Dr. John Coleman’s fine book: “The Committee of 300”.

The International-Bankers use “Corporations” (fictitious entities made legal, with bylaws and specific agendas) to develop their financial web and all human being’s economic dependence.

God was the first Corporation – a fictitious entity with bylaws and an agenda. The God concept will continue to exist as long as the concept of God is supported, has an authoritative agenda, with bylaws, and is financed. No God has ever existed or could exist – in human minds – without these ingredients.

10 Commandments

    Bylaws                                            Financing

Once the International Corporations “seed” less affluent, third-world countries / populace, they hire the locals who will become economically dependent. They then, with some media brainwashing, will go through the mere formality to democratically appoint (elect) the bought and paid-for politicians that temporally best suit the International-Banker’s current agenda and needs.

“Democracy” is the quickest and most revolutionary political force ever used. Most Democratic elections take place every few years. The naïve peasants think that they have a say concerning their leaders.

Most believers religiously obey and support whoever is put in charge of them. Thinkers are always full of questions that the believers turn a deaf ear to. A few thinkers and believers do crave to become part of the elite.

God-training and fear-based religion continues to brainwash most of the peasants of Earth so that they practice being fear-based and focused on “red-herrings” like God and religion. God and religion takes their minds off reality. They will not be conscious of what goes on around them or become aware of what is in store for them. Many pray for a sign from God. They eagerly cooperate when an “assumed leader” calls them to service believing that God provided them a sign.

Tradition is the dead leading the blind.

Traditionally, believers establish and maintain an arrogant, stubborn, Biblical God-like “US against them” disposition and attitude.

Believers will keep faithful, intentionally dependent and they will trust. With mass coordinated news media spin and propaganda, the believer’s leaders can get away with almost anything. With these tools in place and functional, assumed, appointed authorities will easily have their way with most fear-based individuals and the passive, unknowing, uncaring masses.

News, sport, commercial, religious and entertainment media are industries owned by the financial, corporate moguls who, themselves, are totally dependentt on the International-Bankers. They motivate, mold, discipline and pacify the citizens who tune into them. These moguls are kept rich and happy as long as they conform to and support the International-Banker’s program.

President Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” program, which is known in some circles as “Space Command”, currently knocks out of space any satellite that the International-Bankers don’t want there.

 “Star Wars”

Armed nuclear smart bombs are a remote button away for any country that doesn’t want to “play ball” with the behind the scenes International-Bankers.

Oil-rich countries may be exempt from nuclear attack, because the International-Bankers don’t want to contaminate usable oil fields.

Once the “living-chips” are in place, by his or her own World Identification (WIN) Number, an individual may be surgically taken-out by laser from space.

Eventually, when the economic infrastructure is totally in place worldwide, the International-Bankers will impose “eminent domain” and they, over time, will buy and own all land and real estate. Then, they will rent all land and real-estate properties. No citizen will ever again have real-property ownership. One may rent at the level that he or she earns. All vehicles will be leased. Personal products and services will be purchased by chip transactions in a cashless World.

Through your personal, credit-card included, “living-chip”, The International-Bankers will get a financial piece of every computer-generated transaction – large or small. No exchange of value will escape them. If they wish to discipline and correct you, they will simply take away your “allowance”. You would become as hopeless, helpless, powerless and desperate as they wish you to be.

Communism and socialism will have the economic infrastructure they always needed to be successful, as outside of personal property, the International Bankers and its New World Government will own everything. Capitalism will still flourish, as the one winning International Banker left standing, and his board of directors, will control the entire planet Earth.

There will be no longer any “sovereign” Countries – but NEW redistributed States with Governorships of equal power, equal vulnerability and of equal economic value.

These renamed, nationality immaterial, States all are headed by the elite (bought and paid for) Governors who are appointed by the one and only God of consequence in this World. That one real still evolving God of consequence will be the one remaining, all-powerful, computer friendly, International-Banker.

If Chancellor Adolph Hitler had taken power over an in place, Earth encompassing, New World Order economic infrastructure, Hitler would have easily ruled the World. Much of the human race may have ceased to exist.

Unfortunately, due to strict “parity” (the equality of economics, power and vulnerability) the collapse of the United States of America will eventually be part of this New World Order agenda. Just think of what your children and grandchildren will be looking forward to. The debt we leave to them is just the springboard to their future. The believers won’t care – for they believe that God will “End The World” before all this happens. What if God doesn’t end the World before all this happens?

Can you apply any part of this prophecy and agenda to how the United Sates of America is run today? Do you think that any of the United States of America’s recent and current Presidents have truly worked for the U.S. citizens?

Will mankind stubbornly and arrogantly use his nuclear weapons to blow his species back into the Stone Age? With a World economic infrastructure firmly in place, for those conscious enough to see, how else can this prophecy turn out?

Earth’s Future?


Gary DeVaney

I perceive the successful evolution of a One World Government – once the Earth’s infrastructure is reorganized and set in place.

The Judeo-Christian-Islamic “One God of Abraham” is already the planet’s One World God. Religion will eventually retreat to mere hobby-status with no power or effect on politics. Racial, tribal, religious and political significance will fade into history. We will live and operate as one Human race.

Earth’s One World Government will be secularist – run by a peace-programmed computer.

Parity / equality of power and assets will have to take place in the new divided up World so that no territory will have more power than the next. Computer shuffling of assets, resources, leaders and talent will be spread equally among all reorganized One World Governed territories.

Once the constructed infrastructure and Human birth-rate control is in place, the planet Earth may then experience peace.

Patriotism is to support the Country all the time – and the Government when it deserves it: Mark Twain

David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in a private Bilderberg meeting June 1991 said: “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years… It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards world government. The supra-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surly preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

David Rockefeller, Memoirs, Page 405 wrote: “For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents… to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are a part of a secrete cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me “internationalists” and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it”.

    David Rockefeller

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