King Solomon

King Solomon



Gary DeVaney


“Intelligence is Categorical”

“Insanity is Contagious”

“A High Percentage of Stupid is Stubborn”

Was King Solomon the wisest of men?

Deuteronomy 17:17 God commanded: The King must not take many wives nor accumulate large amounts of silver and gold.

1 Kings 10:23 King Solomon surpassed all the Kings on Earth in riches and wisdom.

1 Kings 11:3 Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

I Kings 2:20-25 Bathsheba, King Solomon’s mother, asked him for Abishag to become Adonijah’s wife. Solomon said: I will not refuse you. Solomon lied to his mother, and he had (his brother) Adonijah murdered.

I Kings 2:29 Solomon ordered Joab, murdered.

II Samuel 8:16 Joab was King David’s Army commander.

I Kings 3:1 Solomon married the daughter of the Pharaoh, King of Egypt.

Burnt Offerings

I Kings 3:4 Solomon offered 1,000 burnt offerings “holocausts” (sacrifices).

I Kings 3:25 Solomon’s decision was to divide (cut up) the child, equally.

Solomon gambled that the real mother would save the child by giving it to the other woman. But, what if the 2 women were spiteful and agreed to cutting up the child?

I Kings 8:63 Solomon sacrificed to God 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep. KJV

I Kings 9:20 Solomon conscripted all non-Israelites as forced laborers (slaves).

I Kings 10:1-13 The Queen of Sheba was indeed impressed with Solomon’s wisdom. They exchanged gifts and she gave Solomon much Gold.

Ah, Solomon, the gigolo!

Solomon knocked-up the Queen of Sheba who took her son, Menelik, back to Ethiopia. Menelik became the first Emperor of Ethiopia.

The 3rd century theologian, Origen of Alexander, wrote that The Queen of Sheba was black and beautiful. Solomon did prove to be wise in that he was not a racist.


Matthew 19:24 Jesus said: It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter Heaven?

I Kings 10:23 Solomon surpassed in riches and wisdom all the Kings on Earth.

I Kings 11:3 Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Wow! Solomon the stud! But behold God’s commands concerning wives, gold and silver: Deuteronomy 17:14-18 You may set a King over you that God will choose from one among your brethren, not a foreigner. He shall not multiply for himself wives nor gold and silver.

Solomon did not obey the unchanging, omnipotent God’s rules.

Behold: 1.7% Of Solomon’s Wives & Concubines

I Kings 11:4 When Solomon was old, his wives turned his heart to strange Gods. His heart was not entirely with the Lord.

Solomon ended up worshipping other gods.

I submit that Solomon proved to have wisdom!

Do you like Solomon?

I Kings 11:6 Solomon did Evil.

I Kings 11:9-12 God was angry at Solomon. God won’t deprive Solomon but will take it out on his son.

What? Here it is again C&V! God does punish the son for the sins of the father. Can you spell Bible c-o-n-t-r-a-d-i-c-t-i-o-n?

I Kings 11:11 Solomon failed to keep God’s statutes.

Solomon Wrote Portions of the Bible

Solomon wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and some other parts of the Bible. Did Solomon get to Heaven? God gave Solomon “wisdom”. Solomon ended up serving other gods. Solomon’s wisdom obviously was brilliant – as this God proved to be heinous / insane.

Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 10:19 Money answers all things

Does this Bible C&V, Ecclesiastes 10:19, surprise you?

I Kings 11:42 Solomon reigned over all Israel 40 years and died.

God proved to favor Solomon in spite of all his sins. God murdered others for much less offenses. Does this again prove that God is not just or fair? God does play favorites and discriminates!

Holman Bible Dictionary: I Kings 11:1-8: Solomon’s politically motivated marriages brought many other gods and their worship into Jerusalem:

How is Humanity any better off because of what God has done to mankind? Are we better off in this God’s creation of inter-parasitical survival? Every biological, living thing lives off other living things. For something to live, things must die. For something to live well, more things must die. What a bloody, painful “creation” this “God of Love” has provided.

Can you hold faith and doubt simultaneously? Can you explain the technique? Do they amount to mere EMOTIONS (“do wants” / “don’t wants” – and their intensities)?

Which does God ask for more – love or obedience? Can you successfully be ordered to love? If you were to describe your love for God, would it come across mostly as fear?

If God didn’t care about His holocaust of the flood where almost everybody in the world died why would He care about 6 million Jews or the 35 to 60 million total dead as the result of WWII? Why would God really care if your daughter was hit by a truck, was a suffering cripple for 50 years and then died?

Another of God’s Causalities?

 Is God saying: If you like what I like, you are moral. If you don’t like what I like, you are immoral? Want what I want. Don’t want what I don’t want? Love Me. Support Me, My feelings and agendas – or else?

Jeremiah 15:15-21 Jeremiah cried to God: Why do you treat me like this? You’ve abused me.

During a televised debate a religious authority on the panel announced: You know, God talks to me all the time, and ghosts visit me in my bedroom. A complete invisible world is more real to me than intellect and reason.

When faith, ghosts and other fantasies are introduced, has the quality and integrity of the debate digressed or diminished in any manner? Nonsense can never be explained.


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