The Promised Land

The Promised Land

Scenario / Parable


Gary DeVaney 

The Jon Bear family was a large family who lived in the wilderness of Feral. The father, Jon, had acquired by miracles, thirty (31) wives and over the past 15 years sired 157 children. Jon was unusually bright and resourceful, yet humble toward God and His Son. No family members had seen any people outside of their homeland except for a few strict missionaries and some influential rulers from a mysterious and large city. The boys were getting bigger, stronger, harder to handle. The girls were experiencing hormonal growth and confusion. Jon, often visited his lovely daughters to supervise their development; but his sons, especially the older ones, were beaten viciously if they dared any advancements towards his girls. Jon had always said that like God, his model, he was a jealous father.

The father insisted the family constantly pray to God and to God’s son Feral, the absolute ruler of the land. When Jon was 38 years old, he claimed to have had a vision from God that his family had been chosen to receive on a judgment day a new land for their home. Jon Bear was shown that the judgment day would take place within the next two years. The family grew excited during formal prayer periods and they all fantasized about how wonderful and how exciting it would all be in the new promised land.

Fantasy Land
The Promised Land

 When the larger boys would become unruly, Jon would threaten them that God would punish them. When that didn’t work, he would give them some medicine to calm them into a non-thinking subordination. It became more difficult for him to keep the boys in line as time went on. He taught them to hunt and to kill animals.

It was written that God ordered them to burn the animal’s flesh, because God loved the smell and then, they were to serve their father, as God’s servant and representative, the prime steaks.

A Burnt Offering

At the time of Jon’s 40th birthday, the local ruler, God’s Son, Feral and five (5) of his soldiers, came to the family. Feral asked Jon Bear if any of his sons had been disobedient. Feral declared to the family that he knew-all; so, if the father lied, he would experience the same punishment as his errant son. Jon obediently confessed all the disobedience of all his sons except one. All the sons were beaten by the soldiers just short of permanent damage. Feral then erupted in anger at Jon Bear due to his oldest son’s disobedience which had not been mentioned and then whipped the guilty son. All in the family got on their knees to pray and beg as the soldiers took Jon, their God-fearing husband and father, away. The worshipful-master and ruler, Feral, then ordered the family to stay put and pray as they may never see their father and beloved husband, Jon Bear, again.

Two days later, their father was dumped and left on the property looking totally beaten, and exhausted, barely with the strength to breath. The whole family closed ranks and supported their poor father pledging oaths and loyalties beyond any before. They, for the next 6 months, were a model and loving family.

Their father, Jon Bear, was frequently absent as he was summoned into the sacred city by The Son of God, Feral, to pay his respects, taxes, tithes and homage.

On the judgment day, Feral arrived with exalted ceremony. With pomp and circumstance, Feral told the Jon Bear family that due to God’s goodness and loyalty, they were chosen to be given a land of milk and honey. They were going to receive The Promised Land!

Land of Milk & Honey

They all celebrated zealously. On the date of departure, Feral’s soldiers escorted them to their Promised Land. After many days of traveling, they came across a land much nicer than they had left and Feral himself came amongst them to dedicate the land. They were all excited; except, all were also confused that there were houses and people already living on the land. Feral called the land Lachish and described the people as docile, easygoing and pleasant. He told the Bear family to not be afraid of them.

Then Feral and his soldiers brought into their midst a strange and modern wagon. One of Jon’s humblest and most subordinate sons, Rizza, escorted the wagon. The slow heavy wagon tipped and Rizza reached to steady it. A soldier approached Rizza, put his hand behind the sensitive and effeminate child’s head as if to kiss him, then stabbed him with his sword so that his intestines fell out onto the ground. He murdered Rizza as he wasn’t authorized to touch the wagon. When they opened it, they all were amazed and horrified. Next, each was handed a machete, a shotgun and other weapons of destruction.

Feral, God’s Son, then addressed the Jon Bear family. This is your land and houses. I give it to you. You will obey my orders and murder every man, woman and child on this land, or I will do to you what you are to do to them.

One of the soldiers struck Jon, the father to the ground. He stated loudly: You will remain and observe from here. If your children fail God today, you will be a dead man and your wives and children will be sold into slavery. Jon Bear assembled his horrified, yet eager to serve, sons and daughters for battle. Then, he went to high ground to watch. With few causalities, they slaughtered every man, woman and child, except for one 9 year old boy.

Jon’s 13-year-old daughter, Adrian, through her mercy, had allowed the boy to escape.

God’s Son, the ruler Feral, was furious. Feral assembled the blood-soaked victors and declared He knew that one was allowed to escape. Feral demonized Adrian, stating that she was a traitor; that she had been a satanic problem for her father since her birth; that her name was not in God’s Book of Life to be saved. He condemned her and ordered her examined. Because she proved not to be a virgin, He ordered her to be sold into slavery and prostitution. Feral proclaimed that Adrian will never get into The Promised Land and then, Feral promised that if she should have children, He would kill them.

Over the next few years Jon would be summoned to the mysterious, restricted and sacred city more often. Sometimes, he would come back unscathed and at other times, he would arrive looking near death. He had been ordered to increase his family through his beautiful daughters and he had obediently impregnated them all including one of his 11-year-old’s.

When his sons were rebellious, Jon would secretly arrange for them to illegally procure forbidden drugs so they might medicate themselves to became docile. He robbed them of their thinking processes. Often, soldiers would come and beat the less obedient children and wives. Occasionally, sacrifices had to be made and a wife or a child was called to the sacred altar to appease their loving, righteous, faithful and just God.

The eldest son, Joseph, turned 24 years of age. He loved and worshiped his father more than anything in the world, even more than Feral, God’s Son. One day, while his father was called into the city, his mother was selected for the altar. Joseph panicked and against all his education, moral up-bringing, training, fear of God and respect for the law, he left to search for his father in the sacred city in hopes to save his mother from sacrifice, death.

Divorce, Tyrant Style

He searched the city and was picked up for trespassing. As the soldiers were taking him to the dungeon, he saw his father at a distance go into a mansion. He escaped and avoided the guards. After dark, he made his way into the mansion. As he maneuvered his way, he began to hear voices. Joseph was afraid and moved quietly. He peered into a gentleman’s social room where a dozen elegantly dressed men were drinking, laughing and telling their stories.

There was his father, Jon Bear! Joseph’s eyes focused and his mind sobered as he felt feelings he never felt before. Beautiful ladies pampered the gentlemen with sex and affection. Some were naked in passionate embrace. His father was being romanced by two ladies at once. Joseph numbly sat in the shadows and with tears flowing from his eyes. He watched and listened to the men’s drunken and boastful stories. My God! Feral was there!

Before long, Joseph heard his father’s all too familiar orgasmic roar. Then, Jon Bear put on a robe and rose to address the men who seemed to hold him in great esteem. They all stopped what they were doing and listened with pleasure and anticipation. Led by Feral himself, all the rich gentlemen stood and applauded. The women giggled nervously and vacated the room. To his amazement, his father, Jon Bear, was like a king to them.

Jon Bear said: Gentlemen, knowing God’s will, 25 years ago, I used my inherited wealth to have abducted from parts of this great world 31 of the most appealing women money could buy. They still believe that they were abducted by super-natural, extra-terrestrial or ultra-dimensional beings. They were put into a frightful situation and craved protection, leadership and for someone to love and to care for. They were programmed to have many children. I, like the rest of you, was left “beaten-up” at their entrance.

Thanks to “God Incorporated’s” awesome special effects, stunt coordination and make-up, I appeared to be near death.

Because I invented “God Incorporated” to do my thing, I have had and experienced the most beautiful and zealous slaves in the world to serve me on my terms as only a few men could rarely know. Each of you have paid me a fortune for your own promised land. Those fortunes are in good use as we own our own United Army. We are politics! And! We control the righteous Gods of our worlds! It doesn’t get much better than this!

Joseph, the sad son, cried uncontrollably. Joseph was discovered, institutionalized, and was never seen again; nor was his story ever to be re-told.

Joseph, the Sad Son

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