II Samuel

II Samuel


Gary DeVaney

“Intelligence is Categorical”

“Insanity is Contagious”

“A high percentage of Stupid is Stubborn”

King David

King Saul is dead. David again rejoins Israel. David double-crosses his old buddy, King Achish, and the Philistines and with God’s help destroys them. For this, he is eventually rewarded and crowned King of both Judah and Israel.

II Samuel 1:1-16 An Amalekite man reported to David that he saw King Saul leaning on his spear and that Saul begged him to finish him off. Seeing that Saul could not survive his wounds, he finished him. David ordered that man murdered stating that he had testified against himself and killed God’s anointed.

A man did what the King begged him to, and David murdered him.

II Samuel 2:4 The men of Judah anointed David King. About 1000 BC

David is Anointed King of Judah

II Samuel 2:8-9 Ishbaal, son of Saul, is anointed King over the rest of Israel.

Here is more evidence that David was not totally popular.

II Samuel 2:14-16 Abner said to Joab: Let the young men perform for us. Joab replied: All right! 12 of Ishbaal’s Benjamites & 12 of David’s servants squared off. Each grasped his opponent’s head and thrust his sword into his opponent’s side, and they all died together.

Ah – the Humanity. The mentality. Notice our introduction to Joab, King David’s right-hand General.

War takes place when someone, you don’t know, orders you to murder people you don’t know to fulfill an agenda you don’t know. You, and other people, are expendable. The war agenda is all that is important. History will remember the tyrants who orchestrated the agenda, not you or me. As a retired Army officer, I acknowledge this.

II Samuel 2:18-23 Asahel, Joab’s brother, set out after Abner. Abner warned Asahel: Stop pursuing me. Why must I kill you? How could I face your brother, Joab? Abner killed him.

II Samuel 2:26-31 Abner asked for a truce and Joab granted it. The score was: David’s men: 1 dead, 19 missing; Abner’s men: 360 dead.

David murdered brother Israelites so to win domination over them? What a King! What a God’s hero! What a God!

II Samuel 3:1 There followed a long war between the house of Saul and King David with David winning.

II Samuel 3:7-10 King Ishbaal asked Abner: Why have you been having sex with my father’s (Saul’s) concubine? Abner said: I’m doing a kindness by keeping you out of David’s hands and you charge me with a crime involving a woman? God do me, if I don’t take away the Kingdom from the house of Saul and establish the throne of David, King over Israel and Judah.

Wow! Seriously, do you think that could ever happen among our political leaders? The accused is going to change sides and fight for the enemy, David, against his accuser.

II Samuel 3 Abner sent messengers to David to say: Make an agreement with me and I will bring all Israel over to you. David said: Ok, if you bring my wife Michal, Saul’s daughter to me. Abner left in peace. Joab came back from murdering, bringing much plunder. He asked David: Why did you let Abner go? He was here to deceive you. Without David’s knowledge, Joab sent for Abner, privately took him aside and murdered him in vengeance (for killing his brother in self defense.) David declared: Before God, I and my Kingdom are forever innocent. Joab is responsible. May Joab’s family never be without suffering a discharge, or a leper, or of being unmanly, or of falling on the sword or of starving.

King David turned on his General Joab.

II Samuel 3:38-39 David mourned Abner as a great fallen General and said: Although I am anointed King, I am weak today and these men are too ruthless for me. May God requite the evildoer in accordance with his evil deed.

David leaves the revenge of Abner’s death, the punishment of Joab in the hands of God. David must have some further need of Joab.

II Samuel 4 When Ishbaal heard of Abner’s death, he gave up. Two of his own Benjamite company commanders stole into his house while he slept, cut his head off and took it to King David.

David had them murdered, cut off their hands and feet and hung them up near the pool.

II Samuel 5:4-5 David was 30 years old when he became King and reigned for 40 years; 33 years in Jerusalem over all Israel.

II Samuel 5:8 David said: The lame and the blind shall be the personal enemies of David and they shall never enter the palace. Catholic

The Biblical God is David’s model. Do handicapped Judeo-Christian believers know of this?

II Samuel 5:11 Hiram, the King of Tyre, built a palace for David.

II Samuel 5:13 David took more concubines and wives and more kids were born to him.

David, God’s chosen hero, appears to be another sex machine. But just wait for Solomon!

II Samuel 5:17-20 The Philistines searched for David. He asked God if he should attack them. God said: Attack! I will deliver them to you, and David defeated them.

II Samuel 6:1-8 David assembled 30,000 men of Israel to move the Arc of God. Uzzah guided the Arc and reached out his hand to steady the Arc for the oxen were making it tip. That angered God, who murdered Uzzah. David was disturbed because God murdered Uzzah.

God Murdered Uzzah

This God is an insane moron, because obviously, He makes fatal mistakes. If He were a mere man, He would be a petty man with an enormous, narcissistic ego and childish feelings.

Hummm, whom does that remind me of?

II Samuel 6:13-23 David danced in an apron before God. Michal, (David’s wife / Saul’s daughter) saw David leaping and dancing before God and despised him with all her heart. David made a sacrifice to God and the Arc. Michal said: How the King has honored himself today, exposing himself in view of the slave girls and of his followers, as a commoner might do. David said: I was dancing before God who preferred me to your father. I may be low in your eyes but not with the slave girls. Michal was childless to the day of her death.

Who does he kinda remind me of?

Made to be childless is the ultimate punishment for women in the Bible.

II Samuel 7:9-10 God told David: I have been with you wherever you went and have destroyed your enemies before you. I will make you famous like the great ones of the Earth. I will fix a place for My people so that they will live without further disturbance. The wicked shall not afflict them as they did of old.

What? God had nothing to do with the great ones of the Earth? There were always many greater nations than the Israelites throughout all of history and as far as God’s promise: To fix a place so that they would live without further disturbance, through 2023, the Almighty’s pledge has been entirely without merit as Jews have always been persecuted.

II Samuel 7:12-16 I will raise up your heir making his Kingdom firm forever. If he errors, I will correct him with Human chastisements. I will not withdraw my favor from him as I did with your predecessor, Saul, whom I removed. Your house, your Kingdom and your throne will stand forever.

II Samuel 7:22-23 (David kisses buttocks): You are great; there is none like You and no God but You… You cleared nations and their gods out of the way for your people.

Could David be just talking to his own ego? Is that what we all do while pretending it is God?

Define the behavior of GOD: I am the value. I am the authority. I am entitled.

Define the behavior of EGO: I am the value. I am the authority. I am entitled.

II Samuel 7:28 Lord God, You are God and Your words are truth…

II Samuel 8:1 David attacked and conquered the Philistines.

David Conquered The Philistines

II Samuel 8:4 David hamstrung horses.

This heinous act tends to make almost everyone insanely mad; well, those with empathy and a conscience.

II Samuel 8:5 David slew 22,000.

II Samuel 8:13 David became famous for slaying 18,000 Edomites.

II Samuel 8:18 And David’s sons were priests (Catholic) were chief rulers. (KJV)

Did these heroes or warmongers invent their own God? Doesn’t everyone?

Q: How many gods do you think there have been?

A: Almost one GOD for each EGO.

After death, one exists only within the knowledge of documented history. When that is gone, it is as if one never existed. Their immortality is no more. GWD

II Samuel 10:1-18 The King of the Ammonites died and his son Hanun succeeded him. David sent his condolences Hanun was told the men were spies and Hanun shaved half their beards, took their pants off and sent them home. David was offended and sent Joab to fight the mercenary Arameans that the King hired. Then David’s men killed 700 charioteers and 40,000 Aramean foot soldiers.

II Samuel 11:1 David sent out Joab and the army and they ravaged Ammon.

David was insulted and killed over 40,000 men? How many of his own troops had to die just because he felt insulted? Is the exposure complete, the torch passed? Has the myth of this God and the Ego of David shown through? Was there a real Biblical God or only the real Egos of madmen who wanted to document their insanity? And I’m an angry writer? What? Me?

Would and / or could any modern politician go to war merely to protect his image?

II Samuel 11 David spots Bathsheba, the wife of his officer Uriah in her bath. He took her, seduced her and made her pregnant. David told Joab to send Uriah in from battle so that Uriah could have sex with Bathsheba, his wife, and think the child to be his. Uriah won’t have sex with his wife while his troops suffer in battle. David sends Uriah back into battle with a letter telling Joab to put him in a killing zone so that he will die. Uriah does die.

David & Bathsheba

Bible Notes suggests: Uriah was Joab’s personal armor bearer.

It’s the old “My God, King, and Country, right or wrong.”

This story kinda gets my fists in a bunch! Angry writer? GWD

Gary W. DeVaney’s personal declaration:

If my country, The United States of America, is ever attacked, as a retired U. S. Army Officer, I will fight to defend it and its citizens to the death, mine and / or the enemies. But never will someone I don’t know pick an enemy I don’t know for me to kill for reasons I don’t know.

II Samuel 11:27 David sent for Bathsheba, married her and she bore him a son. David had displeased God.

Conflict? Contradiction? I Samuel 25:28 David fights the battles of God and evil has not been found in him in all his days.

In all his days was obviously before the David, Bathsheba, Uriah thing.

II Samuel 12:7-11 Nathan told David: I, (God) gave you Saul’s house and wives for your own. I gave you Israel and Judah. You took Uriah’s wife and had him killed. Because you have despised Me and have taken the wife of Uriah to be your wife, and killed Uriah, I (God) will bring evil upon you out of your own house. Your neighbor will have sex with your wives in broad daylight in the presence of all Israel.

What? The Biblical God causes adultery and voyeurism?

King David probably thought: Ho hum, another orgy.

Bathsheba was rumored to have stopped attending orgies.

Too many thank-you notes.

Do you think that the neighbor, who God forced to have sex with David’s wives, will be punished for it? Did David’s wives have any say in the matter? Did God arrange rape for these women? What’s God’s teaching point? Will David or God punish them for adultery? Isn’t it voyeurism for all Israel to observe these sex-acts? And how did that take place? Israel didn’t have TV.

II Samuel 13:1-18 David said: I have sinned against God. Nathan answered: God on His part, has forgiven your sin. You shall not die. God instead murdered (innocent) David’s and Bathsheba’s (guilty) baby at (the grand old age of) seven (7) days.

Ezekiel 18:20 The son shall NOT be charged with the guilt of the father.

God sends evil to David’s innocent, no name child, murdering him only 7 days after he is born. Wake up, oh comatose believer, who stubbornly, steadfastly and righteously remains in denial of the Biblical God’s evil! What is wrong with these pictures? God shows favor to David, who disobeys most of His sacred commandments: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not steal and thou shalt not murder. David does them all, but this God forgives his sins, by punishing others who are treated no differently than sacrificial animals. God spared David’s life by sentencing his innocent son, the product of David’s adultery, to death in his stead. God punishes the innocent child for his father’s sins. Do you really love this God or just fear Him?

This God supposedly wrote the 10 commandments in stone but, His own Biblical heroes, like Himself, broke most of them over and over. If some Devil’s heroes did that, it would be more understandable. But no, there’s only this Biblical God. Aren’t evil deeds what they are regardless of who does them? Why a capital D for Devil? Because this Devil depicted in the Torah and this God are proving to be the same character.

II Samuel 12:24 David comforted Bathsheba, had sex with her again and she bore Solomon. God loved Solomon.

Solomon, a son of an adulteress mother, became an even greater King than his murdering, thieving, adulteress, madman father, David. Isn’t it time someone pointed out the facts?

II Samuel 12:29-30 David captured the city Rabbah, took the crown that weighed a talent of gold & precious stones from King Milcom’s head and placed it on his own head. David took immense booty out of the city.

II Samuel 13 David’s son, Absalom, had a beautiful sister named Tamar and David’s son Amnon loved her. (Tamar and Amnon were half-brother and sister. They had the same father, David, and different mothers.) Amnon wanted Tamar and pretended to be sick so to get her into bed. She made cakes and brought them to him, and he seduced her. He seized her and said: Come lie (have sex) with me, my sister. Tamar said: No my brother, don’t shame me. That is an intolerable crime in Israel. Please, speak to the King. He will not keep me from you. Amnon overpowered her, had sex with her (raped her) then hated her.

He probably ordered her to: “Get it up – get it in – get it on – get it off – and get out.”

Amnon & Tamar

Tamar cried: No brother, to drive me out would be far worse than what you have done. Amnon ordered his attendant to put her out and bar the door. Tamar tore her dress, put ashes on her head and cried loudly.

Her brother, Absalom asked: Has your brother Amnon been with you? Be still my sister; he is your brother. Don’t take this affair to heart. But, Tamar remained in grief. David got word of it and became angry. He did not show resentment toward Amnon, because, he was David’s first-born. Absalom said nothing but hated Amnon for what he did. After two years, Absalom threw a banquet and invited all the Princes. Absalom instructed servants: When Amnon is merry with wine and I say murder Amnon, put him to death.

Absalom Ordered Amnon Killed

They did kill Amnon. A report reached King David that Absalom had killed Amnon because Absalom revenged his sister. Absalom then fled to Talmai for three years.

II Samuel 14 Joab observed how King David felt about Absalom. He coached a woman, with a story, to get David to bring Absalom back home. It worked. David told Joab to bring back Absalom. Absalom was the most beautiful man in all Israel. He had 3 sons besides a beautiful daughter he named Tamar. Absalom then lived in Jerusalem for 2 years without appearing before the King. Then he summoned Joab twice to send him to the King, but Joab would not come to him. Absalom set fire to Joab’s fields. Joab asked Absalom why he set fire to his fields? I summoned you to go to David to ask why he brought me back. I would be better off if I were still there. If I am guilty let him put me to death. Joab reported to David, who then called Absalom in, who fell on his face and David kissed him.

David Pardoned Absalom

Absalom was obviously pardoned. This displays that evil is corrupt.

I Samuel 15 Absalom began politicking roadside, shaking hands and kissing people to steal the loyalty of the men of Israel to declare Absalom the King of Hebron. King David was informed that the Israelites had transferred their loyalty to Absalom. David fled the city taking his entire household except for 10 concubines he left behind to care for the palace.

Much of Israel had turned against the great King David?

II Samuel 16 Shimei, of the same clan as Saul, cursed: Away (David) you murderous and wicked man. God has requited you for your bloodshed of the family of Saul. God has given your Kingdom to your son, Absalom. You suffer, because you are a murderer. David said: Let him curse. It is probably God doing it. Absalom entered Jerusalem with the Israelites. David’s spy, Hushi, won Absalom’s confidence and he asked him what he should do. Hushi said: Have sex with your father’s (10) concubines, that he had left behind. Absalom had sex with them in view of all Israel. Ahithophel, at that time, was divine counsel for both David and Absalom.

II Samuel 17 Ahithophel told Absalom: Let me choose 12,000 men to pursue David tonight. I shall cause him panic and when he flees, I shall murder the King alone and bring back the rest to you as a bride returns to her husband. It is the death of one man you seek; then all the people will be at peace. The plan was agreeable to Absalom and all the elders of Israel. Hushai said: This time Ahithophel has not given good counsel, as your father and his men are warriors, as fierce as a bear robbed of her cubs.

I counsel: Let all Israel be called up for combat. David nor his followers shall survive. God undid Ahithophel’s good counsel in order to bring Absalom to ruin. Ahithophel saw that his counsel was not acted upon, so, he saddled his ass, went home to his city, and hanged himself.

A God-fearing believer’s world is one of fear and paranoia. The believer tends to promote fear even when it is not prevalent. Fear, to them, is a vogue addiction. Preaching his fear, attempts to altar and shrink the world of the non-addicted. Although, the fearful believer is miserable, he claims his misery to be righteous, God-like sacrifice. He wants to save your soul, for you to sacrifice your world, to adopt fear and be like him, or else.

II Samuel 18 King David said to the soldiers: I intend to go with you myself. (If all Israel is with Absalom, who are these soldiers?) They replied: You must not come with us. If we should flee, we do not count. Even if half of us should die, we do not count. You are equal to 10,000 of us. It is better you help us from the city. David said: I will do what you think best.

Does this one particular Biblical Scripture give Government heads the privilege to wage war at the expense of the troops without fear of loss of their own life or limb?

The King commanded Joab: Be gentle with young Absalom, my son, for my sake.

A hypocrisy of war: Let the innocent people who are forced to soldier and any unfortunate civilians die, but, try not to kill the one who waged this war against me, because he is special to me, they are not. Doesn’t David’s “ego” (feelings and emotional intensity) sound awful God-like?

David defeated Israel with 20,000 casualties. The thickets consumed more combatants than the sword. Absalom’s mule passed under branches which his hair got caught in and he hung there alive. Someone saw him there and reported it to Joab. Joab asked: Why didn’t you kill him? I would have given you 50 pieces of silver. The man replied to Joab: If I had 1,000 pieces of silver, I would not harm the King’s son as he told you to protect his son for his sake. Joab replied: I will not waste time with you and taking three darts in hand thrust for the heart of Absalom still hanging alive from the tree. Next, 10 of Joab’s men killed Absalom with further blows.

II Samuel 19 David cried for Absalom. Joab said: You have put all your servants to shame today by loving those who hate you and hating those who love you. You have shown that officers and servants (soldiers?) mean nothing to you. If Absalom were alive and we were dead you would think that more suitable. Go talk to your men or I swear by God, none will stay with you. So David did. David won over all Judahites and swore to Absalom’s General, Amasa, that he would replace David’s general Joab. Judah asked King David to return with all his people.

Almost everybody brown-nosed David and he forgives them. Because Absalom, David’s son was his enemy, is that where the distorted Biblical quote: “Love your enemy” came from? Jesus used it. Let’s pursue this: Here is a paradox maybe overlooked.

Jesus said He would turn “father against son”, “mother against daughter”: Matthew 10:35-36, and to “love your enemy”: Luke 6:27. If this verse isn’t Jesus’ “love those who hate you” and “hate those who love you”, what is? If Jesus got this idea from Joab, Jesus should also realize that Joab called it a shame.

Do you realize that since Moses, God, no longer speaks directly with His Biblical heroes? He’s using questionable – no murderous, madmen called prophets, to communicate His sick and destructive ambitions. This God had similar effects on people that the nuclear threat had on the World during the cold war; except, nuclear bombs are real.

II Samuel 20 Sheba, a rebellious Benjamite, called for Israel to leave King David and they followed him.

Sheba, a rebellious Benjamite,

Here is more evidence that there are Israelites who still don’t think much of King David.

King David came back to the palace and placed the 10 concubines in confinement until the day of their own (natural) deaths.

Why? Do you view they initiated anything wrong? Does this, in your value system, seem fair? Could you still be stuck in: My God; my King, my Country, right or wrong? Why should these women have to suffer confinement until their death? They, seemingly, had no choice in the matter.

The King said to Amasa: Summon the Judahites in 3 days. Amasa did, but was a little late. David said: Sheba may do us more harm than Absalom did. Pursue him. Joab marched out and met up with Amasa. Joab asked: How are you my brother?

Have you noticed that as much as Joab has hurt and disobeyed King David, because Joab is a badass, David still has use of him.

Donald Trump has kept his turncoats close as long as he feels a need of them. When he no longer needs them, he throws them under the bus like he never knew them.

II Samuel 20:9-10 With his right hand, Joab held Amasa’s beard as if to kiss him. Since Amasa was not on guard, Joab stabbed him in the belly so that his intestines spilled out on the ground. Joab thrust him again and Amasa died.

Ah! The Holy Bible is such a beautiful children’s book, don’t you think? What? You don’t read this sacred and holy Bible chapter and verse to your child before he or she goes to sleep?

II Samuel 20:16-23 A wise woman learned Joab wanted Sheba, as he had rebelled against King David. She saved Joab’s destroying her city when she had the head of Sheba thrown over the city wall to Joab. Joab was in command of the whole army of Israel.

II Samuel 21: God put 3 successive years of famine on David’s reign. God was mad because Saul had wronged the Gibeonites. David asked them: What can I do to make atonement? They said: We make no claim against Saul’s house. David said that he would do whatever they wanted. The Gibeonites said to David: As for the man who was exterminating us, that we would have no place in Israel let 7 men from among Saul’s descendants be given to us that we may dismember them before God. David said: I will give them up. David took 7 descendants of Saul and gave them up so they were dismembered before God.

Do you remember in I Samuel 24:22-23 when Saul said to David: Swear to me, by God, that you will not destroy my descendants. Didn’t David swear to Saul his oath? Wasn’t that oath to God? Yes, and here, David broke it. What do you now believe concerning King David’s integrity, by God? David’s promises prove to be no better than God’s promises. Is this an example of the Judeo-Christian ethic?

Pardon my naivete for asking such questions, but, it seems the hypnotized, conditioned and brainwashed cannot ask them. GWD

David gathered the bones of Saul, Jonathan and those who had been dismembered and buried them with Saul’s father Kish. God then granted relief to the land.

If human-beings went to war against non-human-beings, which side would you be on? Would you sell-out humanity to a force, a God or an enemy who plans to destroy you and your species? What if that God promised to save you but to destroy all who don’t become Its mindless, fearful, worshipful and obedient slaves? Have you bought into the re-cycling mentality that the Christian Europeans used while exterminating the American Indians?

Brainwashed: A condition which prevents critical thinking. Believers, especially in public, are incapable of questioning the Holy Bible or to be critical of Its God. They are brainwashed. They, like most addicts, do insist that they are capable of change – just don’t feel like it – don’t want to. A brainwashed believer can not change his or her condition by themselves. It takes an outside force, a fear of loss, incarceration, or a reward by bribery, to change a stubborn, brainwashed mind-set or will-set. Prisons often change mind-sets and / or delay the acting out of will-sets. Addicts and believers emotionally defend their brainwashed mind-sets and / or will-sets. The supporting of a criminal deed is a heinous mind-set. One, who perpetuates faith and ignorance instead of courageously acknowledging and objecting to God’s crimes, is also a projecting a brainwashed mind-set.

II Samuel 24:1 The anger of The Lord was kindled against Israel and God moved David against them to say go number Israel and Judah. David told Joab to register the people for their number. Joab asked David: Why do you order this? David over-ruled Joab and so they did it. Joab, after 9 months and 20 days, reported to David the number of people registered: In Israel 800,000 men fit for military service; in Judah 500,000. (God had moved David to count his people, by census, and when he does, God goes berserk.) God gives David the choice of 3 punishments: 7 years of famine, 3 months being pursued by enemies or 3 days of pestilence.

Does this God have a multiple-personality disorder? Can’t you remember (short term) that this very God ordered the numbering?

Anger note: Emotional rushes sometimes allow memory to linger longer.

Behold: One of the greatest contradictions and conflicts in the entire Bible, little noticed:

I Chronicles 21:1 And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel. (KJV) (A Satan rose…) Catholic

What? Who? The book of I Chronicles 21:1 and II Samuel 24:1 cover similar ground. Is there any “Satan” mentioned Bible C&V before this verse in I Chronicles 21:1?

Q: Could this evidence show the Biblical God and Satan to be the same character?

Believers (all together now): No, damn it! Because, we don’t want them to be!

II Samuel 24:15 David picks pestilence, and God (or was it Satan?) murders 70,000 more of the people.

Were these people not David’s and God’s own people? What did they have to do with David’s / God’s / Satan’s deals?

II Samuel 24:17 David asked God (not Satan): What have they done? Punish me and my kin. Gad, on behalf of God, told David to build an altar to God. David built an altar and offered holocausts (sacrifices) and peace offerings.

God stopped His murdering at 70,000 dead.

So, God / Satan tells David to do something, David does it. God / Satan murders 70,000 innocent people for David’s doing it, but not King David, himself. Exactly, what is one’s faith being put into? Is religion itself evil? By Biblical evidence, was Satan male or female?

Recap: In I Samuel 17:51, David killing Goliath of Gath conflicts with II Samuel 21:19, which states El-Hanan kills Goliath of Gath, so Chronicles 20:5 claims that El-Hanan killed Lahmi, the brother of Goliath.

Q: Wouldn’t it be something if David really didn’t kill Goliath? It would really be something if, in reality, there was no King David.

Could it be that the book of Chronicles was post-written to smooth-over some Biblical contradictions and conflicts such as the introduction of Satan to take credit for what was initially deemed one or all of the Biblical God’s heinous acts. Does the book of Chronicles serve as a Biblical and political spin doctor?

Believer: No! We want David to have killed Goliath and God never killed nobody!

The Bible has shaped the ethics of governments and their criminals. The Biblical God plays favorites at the expense of others. So do governments who follow the Biblical God model. It’s called politics. The ignorant and the innocent are the ones who tend to suffer.

Did God create Satan? Yes / No?

Is God in charge of Satan? Does Satan account to God?

Is Satan just a competition for God’s amusement?

Is the result really “Eternal-Damnation and Torture” for Human Beings? Would a decent God create this kind of reality?

The authoritarian claims that obedience is the essence of wisdom.

Again, some people view these writings as the writings of an angry author. Granted, this God does often make me angry by the horrendous things He does, but mostly, I think that the bottom line words and choices I capture and get down on paper bothers them. I tend to cover acres in a sentence and my view don’t seem to be easily compromised. That tends to disturb some. Others feel to debate these perspectives would accomplish nothing simply because they couldn’t win. However, my views aren’t mysterious. My cards are all face up. I am honest and I don’t hold back. GWD

After thousands of hours of Biblical study (just me and “the Book”), my case rests with these writings. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying tapes of prominent clergy spinning yarns about chapters and verse that have little to do with what is actually written. Strong pro-God egos with an attitude of superiority, will tend to demonize and dismiss these writings. They won’t get caught debating them to any depth. Some do counter and when countered back, disappear stating a debate with me is useless and a waste of their time. Most, if they can’t save my soul, give up. Debating the topic or the facts is not interesting to them, only changing others to be like them to serve their agendas pleases them. How God-like. How can questions, observation and perspectives concerning their Biblical God, upon whom their entire spiritual and financial lives are based, be a waste of their time?

These Your

The best, most knowledgeable debater I have found concerning Biblical Errancy is C. Dennis McKinsey. (Deceased) I could not argue for control with Dennis as he produced undeniable chapter and verse evidence. Those chapters and verses just won’t go away. In competition, I would readily yield to his knowledge and debate skills. I did debate topics and questioned Dennis. I learned much from him. He was my mentor. I do get the privilege to trek through his mind as he wrote 2 book and he printed a monthly newsletter.

Dennis Mckinsey books are the best in my library:

Biblical Errancy & The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy

It was after my personal study of the Bible that I came across Dennis’ Biblical Errancy.

C. Dennis McKinsey

It provided a whole new depth of study for me.

If you go into your Biblical study with a skeptical, critical and an investigative agenda, aren’t you more apt to recognize the Biblical facts?

Why are most Biblical stories concerning God stuffed full of war, murder, adultery, theft, violence, criminality and suffering? God orders people not to do these things – then orders all these things to take place. Many clergy say that God pre-ordained it all. He is in charge and it’s all part of His plan. What a sick scenario. What, I sound like an angry writer?

Who was it that said: Oh God, I feel heart-felt repentance. I am deeply grieved and so – so sorry You are the way You are and that You created me to be what I have become. Please, when I die, just leave me alone to sleep in non-existence, forever and ever without You or that other place. Amen.

Somebody must have said it.


David fait passer sur les Ammonites
des chars armés de faux.
Gustave Doré (ci-dessous : détails)

Abishaï sauve la vie à David

C. Dennis McKinsey