Jesus’ “Transfigured Body”?

Jesus Christ, in front of witnesses, went into His “transfigured body” to talk to Moses and Elijah.

According to Bible C&V, this is a fact. If Jesus Christ could do that, maybe Jesus was out of His flesh body while supposedly suffering on the cross. Employing common sense may perceive that probability. But, is it possible? 

Does each Christian believer insist on and prefer that Jesus felt every painful heartbeat while being tortured and while on the cross and that Jesus suffered for him, or her?

Does each Christian believer like and prefer this insane idea? Christianity has a very sick salvation scenario. Would you believe that most Christians actually praise, preach and promote this bloody scenario? Christians must feel that they are so important to have their “perfect” God arranged for the torture and murder of Himself / His Son / Jesus Christ. Most mind-set Christians would, without conscience, tell you they would not have it any other way. How many of those Christians have sent their own sons and daughters off for their Government’s (often illegal) wars – to go kill and die for them?

Matthew 17:1-9 & Mark 9:2-9 Jesus took His disciples, Peter, James and John to a mountaintop. Jesus transfigured into His “transfigured body” in front of all three (3) of them. Elijah and Moses appeared and talked to Jesus. A cloud appeared and the voice of God said: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased; hear ye Him.” Jesus ordered them to tell no man until Jesus was risen from the dead.

Who, in the whole Bible, had a “transfigured body”? 

Who, in historical reality, has ever had a “transfigured body”? 

Is Jesus Christ’s “transfigured body” simply a fictitious ghost story? 

What’s the difference between a “transfigured body” and a flesh body?

When and how did Jesus use His “transfigured body”?

Were (long dead) Moses and Elijah both also in “transfigured bodies” when talking with Jesus?

Did Jesus have the ability to transform into His “transfigured body” at any time?

Could Jesus have transformed into His “transfigured body” while on the cross?

Jesus met with Elijah and Moses

Do you believe that a “transfigured body” can feel pain?

If we are in our “transfigured bodies” when we are in Hell, will we feel pain?

Did Jesus go into His “transfigured body” during His crucifixion? If so, was it cruci-fiction?

Did Jesus resurrect from the tomb in His flesh body or in His “transfigured body”?

If it was only Jesus’ “transfigured body”, is that a true Human resurrection?

Can anyone you know logically and reasonable explain the resurrection of the body of Jesus Christ?

Are Bible faith and spiritual stories, in reality, just fantasy and fiction?

Peter, James & John SAW Jesus’ Transfigured Body

Why didn’t Jesus allow Mary to touch Him after the resurrection?

Was it because Jesus was in His “transfigured body”?

How did Jesus enter and exit the closed off room of His disciples when Thomas examined His wounds?

Did Thomas examine Jesus’ flesh body or His “transfigured body”?

Was Jesus ever Bible documented to have passed through walls during His lifetime?

If Jesus came through the walls, was He in His “transfigured body”?

Thomas examined Jesus’ wounds

Did Thomas examine Jesus’ flesh body or His “transfigured body”?

How does a “transfigured body” survive?

Did Jesus eat fish after His resurrection? 

Was Jesus Christ always and only in a “transfigured body”?

Outside of myth and the imagination of “Casper, the friendly ghost”, can anyone truthfully produce, in reality, any evidence of a “transfigured body”?

The Biblical Version(s) of Easter

If all these conflicting versions of “The Resurrection” were given during under-oath testimony in court, how many of these written testimonies would be guilty of “perjury”? How much of this “perjury” was God inspired? If perjury was proved, how would the practice of swearing-in on the Bible be affected?

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