“Intelligence Is Categorical”

“Insanity Is Contagious”

“A High Percentage of Stupid Is Stubborn”

Numbers 1:3 God orders a census for a military draft system, to count all men over 20 years of age.

The Biblical God wanted to murder selected people in order to steal their lands. “Know-it-all” God didn’t know the count of His troops and needed a census? God was “drafting” from His new “chosen people” to wage preemptive war against landowners.

Numbers 1:45-46 The total number of men fit to fight war was 603,550.

Torah Notes: It was estimated that it would require a population of approximately three (3) million people to produce 600,000 men to soldier over 20-years-old.

Numbers 1:49 The tribe of Levi shall not enroll nor be included in the draft.

Numbers 1:51-53 Any layman who comes near (God’s) dwellings will be put to death. Any deviations from orders and God’s wrath will strike the Israelites. (Stated again in Numbers 3:10)

What? If you are not clergy, you cannot go into God’s dwelling?

Numbers 3:13 God said: Every first-born of man and beast became Mine the day I murdered all the first-born in Egypt.

God’s Angel of Death?

God now chooses the Levites in place of the first-born, prompted by when God murdered all the first-born babies of Egypt. Were all the first-born adult men and women of Egypt also murdered? What was the break-off age of the murdered Egyptian first-born?

Numbers 4:19-20 God stated who may look and who would die if they looked at the “sacred” objects.

Prejudice? Aren’t all men equal in God? Just who are “the elect”? Are you? How would you know? Why and how would you qualify to be one of “God’s elect”?

Numbers 5:1-3 God moves all the sick, suffering people away from the camp as He can’t stand to dwell near them.

God Can’t Stand to be around Sick People!

What? Again, this really breaks a lot of hearts. If you are sick or suffering, get away from God or die. Is this the loving and nurturing God you learned about and carry within your heart? If you were God and they were your children, wouldn’t you use your power to heal them instead of drive them away?

Numbers 6:6-7 As long as one is dedicated to God, he shall not enter where a dead person is, not even for his own mother, father, brother or sister.

The Biblical God even has hang-ups about the dead? Where is the compassion of God and His Bible?

Numbers 7:5 God said: Take the offerings and give it to the Levites, the family of Moses.

Ah ha! That rat smell again! 

Numbers 7:84 Offerings now definitely include silver, gold (money).

It looks like the Moses Levi family got into the right business; high prices, no product and the fear of death whether you buy or not.

Tithes: Malachi 3:8-10 Dare a man rob God? You are robbing Me. And you say: How do we rob You? In tithes and in offerings! You are indeed cursed, for you, the whole nation rob Me. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse (temple treasury: Catholic BN), that there may be food in My house said God…

Then, God made a whole bunch of promises.

Numbers 11:1 The people complained, which was evil in God’s ears. God consumed (burned) them in the uttermost parts of the camp. KJV

God murdered His people just for complaining? God is obviously not interested in “freedom of speech”. What kind of tyrant or monster would murder you just for grumbling? This Tyrant does. Have your eyes glassed over in defense of God, King and Country yet? Are you capable of knowing right from wrong here?

Numbers 11:2 The people cried to Moses. He interceded. God stopped burning them. Torah

Again, God changed His mind. How does anything change its mind, yet be omnipotent? Malachi 3:6 documents God does not change.

Man invents rules for other men to follow and then assigns a fictitious God / authority to supervise those rules.

Man passes laws for others to follow and if they fail to obey them, this fictitious God will then judge them to suffer eternal-torment. What supernatural voodoo and blackmail!

Man invented his supernatural God for all others to obey.

If you simply focus on just rules and their consequences, the “magic” of any supernatural God is gone.

Believing in God is the craziest law man has ever attempted to pass. Why isn’t believing in God enforceable? Do tyrants become poor victims when they have no believers? The Holy inquisition burned millions because of their insane beliefs.

McCarthyism, as late as the 1950’s, tried and did harm some United States citizens for their views, thoughts and beliefs.

Numbers 11:11-15 Moses said to God: Why are You treating me so badly? Don’t You like me anymore? Why do You place such a burden on me? Was I the woman who was pregnant with this nation in my belly? Did I give birth to them? Where can I get enough meat to give all these people? I can’t be responsible for this entire nation. It’s too hard for me. If You are going to do this to me, do me a favor and kill me.

Moses does bitch, gripe, whine and complain to God and isn’t killed – yet. Do you think God would hold a grudge and deny, His main man, Moses, The Promised Land? Yep!

Numbers 11:20 God made them eat meat until it came out their noses.


How does God murder His human beings? Can we count the ways?

Numbers 11:21-23 Moses points out the 600,000 soldiers around him. God answered: Is this beyond God’s reach? You shall see now whether or not what I have promised you takes place.

Israel’s 600,000 Soldiers

Small hint: God did not fulfill His promise to Moses, Miriam or Aaron.

Numbers 11:33-34 The meat was still between their teeth – they buried people that lusted. God’s anger was displayed against the people…

God’s new game – eat until you die.

A Chinese fortune cookie: “Those who learn to obey will also be able to command.”

Is that what all religions (primitive politics) are about? Are all religions invented and supported by those who wish to blackmail, by fear, others into obeying and serving their authority?

Numbers 12: Both Aaron, Moses’ brother, and his sister, Miriam spoke out against Moses’ marriage to Zipporah, God gave Miriam leprosy for seven days. (Concerning Miriam) God said to Moses: Suppose her father spit in his daughter’s face, wouldn’t she hide in shame for 7 days? Catholic

(Zipporah was a Midianite / a Kushite, Ethiopian, black woman according to Torah Notes. However, Midian was a son of Abraham and Keturah.)

Wow! What a fine example of God’s charm school! This Biblical God is of monkey-mind.

For speaking out against her brother’s, Hebrew Moses’, and Ethiopian (black) Zipporah’s inter-racial marriage, God punished Miriam with leprosy for a week. God seems to have no problem with inter-racial marriages, just obedience. Did you notice that God, again, did not punish His favorite priest, Aaron, for the same “offense” He punished Miriam? The Biblical God proves not to be a “just” God.

Numbers 12:6-8 God said: If someone among you experiences divine prophecy, then I will make Myself known to him in a vision, I will speak to him in a dream.

Does this verse give birth to wizards, fortune-tellers, witches, mediums, and the general supernatural call to clergy?

Numbers 12:8 God said: Face to face I speak to Moses.

There is that “face to face with God” thing, again.

Numbers 13:33 We saw Titans, sons of the giant who descended from the original Titans. We felt like grasshoppers.


There were giants, huge men? Where is the fossil evidence? Could it be that the party who reconnoitered The Promised Land realized they had to murder babies or die for this land?

Did they lie because they were afraid or because they were more decent than God?

Then, the Israelites stood up to Moses and God. Oh-oh!

Numbers 14:2-23 The Israelites complained to Moses and Aaron saying: We wish we had died in Egypt. We should have died in the desert. Why is God bringing us to this land to die by the sword? Our wives and children will be captives. It is best we go back to Egypt. Let’s appoint a new leader and go back to Egypt. Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before them. Jacob and Caleb said: We can do it. God is with us. Don’t be afraid. The Israelites threatened to stone them to death when God’s glory came upon them. God said to Moses: How long will this nation continue to provoke Me? I will kill them! Moses replied: What will happen when the Egyptians hear about it? Now You want to kill an entire nation like a single man? They who hear this will say that God was not able to bring this nation to the land He swore to them, so, He slaughtered them in the desert. Now, God, it is time for You to exercise even more restraint, slow to anger, great in love and forgiving of sin and rebellion. God said: I will grant forgiveness but as God’s glory fills all the world, I will punish all the people who saw what I did in Egypt and in the desert, but who still don’t obey Me. All those who provoked Me will not see The Promised Land that I swore to their ancestors. Torah

Well, there it is. This is the solid C&V evidence that God broke His promise to His “chosen people”. God’s promise was conditional.

This God’s children have had enough. They think it would be better to return to Egypt. Oops! Don’t dare think around this God! Just have faith, believe. Ah, forget all that; just commit, sacrifice and obey!

Obedience is all that “tyrants” (those who follow this God-model) want you to do. Just obey! When you are not actively obeying, then practice obeying by praying with faith and belief in hopes that someday you will obtain the power and are selected by the tyrants to be the one in charge for others to obey, worship and adore.

Roberta Hestenes: Minister, President of Eastern College: You understand God as a God of care, of promise making, Who keeps His promises. That’s the fundamental basis of morality – to give your word and keep your word.

Sorry Roberta. God made promises to be a protector, but Biblical records show God to always to be an adversary – to everybody. What promises did God not break? Want to do a “Ben Franklin T graph” and tally?

Sirach: 46:7-8 Caleb and Jacob were the only two (2) spared out of the 600,000 infantry. Catholic

God broke His promise to all 600,000 of His soldiers, except for Caleb and Jacob.

God throws another tantrum: If you don’t “believe” (serve and obey) Me, I will murder you and break My promise to you on top of it. With one statement behind another, God claims to grant forgiveness, then to murder the disobedient.

Can you define forgiveness? Is it conditional? Aren’t God’s sacred promises conditional? Is this God’s love also conditional? Are your promises conditional? When your family depends on you, is your love conditional? Are you like this God? Your behavior probably proves to be much better than this Biblical God’ behavior.

Numbers 14:26-35 God spoke to Moses and Aaron: I’m angry. How long will these evil people exist complaining against Me? You will not get to The Promised Land.

God Lied to His people.
We will not get into The Promised Land.

Everyone, over twenty years old, who was counted is going to die in the desert. My oath is that you will not come into the land that I (God) swore with raised hand that I would let you live in undisturbed. The only exceptions will be Caleb and Joshua. Your corpses will fall in the desert. Your children will be herded from place to place until the last of your corpses lie in the desert. Since you explored the Promised Land for 40 days, you will be forgiven in 40 years. You will then know how I act. They will end their lives in the desert and here is where they will die. Torah

Here, again, is the solid C&V evidence that God broke His promises to about 3 million of His “chosen” people!

Out of the 603,550 soldiers who left Egypt, only Caleb and Joshua get into The Promised Land. Yes! But only after they were ordered, by God, to steal, murder, torture, mutilate, and slaughter the current inhabitant owners and their babies for the land.

The reputations of prominent people who performed many fine deeds are often destroyed by one bad act. The Biblical God is documented by Bible C&V to have ordered and committed hundreds of murderous and horrendous acts.

Who was the most miserable Character in the Old Testament?

Who was the best documented mass murderer of the Old Testament?

The DeVaney Challenge: Aside from the myth of creation, can you honestly provide Biblical evidence that God did something good for someone without hurting or murdering somebody else?

If you are Biblically, chapter and verse, stuck, to find some good God did for somebody, can you explain why?

Numbers 14:36-38 The men who explored and gave a bad report about The Promised Land were punished immediately. Only Joshua and Caleb remained alive.

Joshua & Caleb?

Numbers 15:32-36 They found a man gathering sticks on The Sabbath Day. God commanded Moses to murder him.

Would you want your chance to be God’s Lieutenant and execute this order on this man? Maybe, it’s no fun being God unless all the people obey.

Numbers 16:28 Moses claims he does the Lord’s work, not his own.

It’s the new: “It’s not my fault. I just followed orders”, excuse.

The goals of competition and of war: To gain objectives for your own pleasure and agenda while at the pain and expense of others.

Aren’t most American religions dollar-driven? Aren’t most religions being promoted by authority-oriented manipulators & supported by the obedience-driven gullible? Doesn’t your religion demand obedience? Does you religion promise Eternal Torment for disobedience? Don’t most religions promote a worshipful / obedient, slave-master behavior / mentality?

When someone suggests that you “have faith” check to see if they are encouraging you to be motivated by or to gamble on something irrational.



Gary DeVaney



The warden stated: You have been found guilty of theft and four (4) counts of murder. By the laws of this state, your life will be forfeited at 12:01 by lethal-injection. Do you have any last words?

Prisoner: Yes warden. I have heard clergy. I am God-fearing and I want to be, what I interpret to be, God-like.

I confess that I went into another family’s home and took their valuables. When the father objected, I murdered him, and his wife.

The reason I murdered his little children too, was so they couldn’t come back on me in later years. In the Bible, God ordered Moses and Joshua to take peoples’ lands and to murder every man, woman and child in the process. I know that I am one of God’s elect. I believe in God’s unmerited gifts. I will be rewarded for doing what I believe God told me to do.

With God, through Jesus, I am forgiven and innocent. You are a man who cannot understand the wonderment of God and the spirit of the Holy Ghost. Although, you may kill me, my spirit will live in the house of the Lord, through Jesus Christ, forever.

You now will have to live with what you have done to me, God’s saved-elect servant. God and I will deal with you warden!

Warden: Proceed with the execution.

How The Masses Perceive God

A Burning Bush?

Judeo / Christian / Islamic dogma: God / Allah is a superman Who sees, hears, knows all, never to be changed and is infallible. God makes stern judgments and punishes all those who transgress.

What they want: People want a personal relationship with God or any superior authority around them for security and to exploit that God or authority into doing their bidding. Their ego wants that authority to him or her and to prefer and promote him or her over others. They play “The God Game” to become one with God / authority, “believing” (pretending to want) what God / authority wants of them, for personal gains.

Prayer: If you check out people’s prayers, you may see they fall into 2 basic categories.

1. To flatter and feel in favor with God.

Why? For what purpose?

2. To exploit God to do their bidding by exercising their two (2) emotions – their “do wants” and “don’t wants”.

Could or would you dare question the fairness of an authority, God or Ego?

Do you feel God is all-powerful, or is God inept and powerless? Isn’t life on planet Earth a devouring, blood thirsty, inter-parasitical survival? Is God a monster for creating it? Or, is God powerless? Are Earth’s life forms just randomly condemned to face their own destruction? Is there any real evidence (not myth or fearful hearsay) there is a God?

Numbers 16:1-35 Korah and 250 Israelite leaders stood up to Moses. Dathan and Abriam also stood up and disobeyed Moses. God opened up the ground and sent Dathan, Abiram, their wives, sons and their little ones down to the nether world. God, then, burned alive, by fire, Korah’s 250 men, who had just made an offering of incense to this very same God. KJV

God burned alive Korah’s 250 men!

Catholic Bible Notes state: This is one narrative covering 2 different events.

These were God’s Israelite Levites? Isn’t this more Human sacrifice? Someone please, get a net!

Once, assumed authority, Attorney General Janet Reno, with immunity, toasted 84 men, women and children along with David Koresh in Waco, Texas. And, the beat goes on.

Numbers 17:6-14 The next day the whole Israelite community complained against Moses and Aaron. God appeared and told Moses: Depart, that I may consume them at once. God murdered 14,700 more of His own, in addition to those who died because of Korah. Catholic (The KJV does not have Numbers 17:14)

Numbers 17:25-27 God said: If their grumbling does not cease, they shall die. The Israelites cried out: We are perishing; we are all lost! Every time anyone approaches the dwelling of the Lord, he dies! Are we to perish to the last man? Catholic

Numbers 18:7&22 God ordered: Any layman coming near the meeting tent will deserve death.

Did Satan say this? Hmmm, is this God also Satan? No Satan has been introduced yet. This “unchanging God” does it all.

Numbers 18:23-24 God said: It’s an eternal law for future generations, that the Levites not own any land. I give to them in Israel the tithes of Israel, a separate and elevated gift.

The Levites are the Israelite’s clergy. Modern clergy can own land. In fact, they own billions of dollars in land, homes and churches.

The Bible teaches:

1 Timothy 6:10 The love of money is the root of all evil.

But, do they know that the Bible also teaches:

Ecclesiastes 10:19 …money answers all things…

Numbers 18:32 You will incur no guilt as long as you contribute the best tithes; or bring death upon yourselves.

Sort of like the IRS, isn’t it?

When you discuss, explain or define God, do you define the Biblical God or “the God in your heart”? If the God in your heart is the Biblical God, do you have a good heart?

Tithes, bribes and con-charities. What was the purpose of ancient religious human and animal sacrifice? It appeased a savage God concept by blood sacrifice and death. Today, clergy still con people out of their assets by blackmailing them to dutifully / systematically give religious tithes.

Did you ever view tithes to be insurance premiums for salvation / bribery for a better life? Is it clergy robbing from the hopeful, the vulnerable, the stupid, and not necessarily from just the poor.

In modern day, when a single politician is caught at this, it is considered crime; but, when a government steals by taxing assets to build awesome weapons of mass destruction, again, it’s the old fear-based insurance policies. Charities? Actuality, a small percentage of charity donations, even under the law, goes to the actual charity. The greatest portion goes into the pockets of unscrupulous politicians and other con-people

Malachi 3:8-10 Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed Me in tithes and offerings. You are cursed for you have robbed Me. Bring all your tithes to the storehouse that there be meat on My table.

Clergy’s blackmail for money!

It never changes. 

Socialism is funded by taxes and donations. Retirement benefits are products of socialism. Do you realize that all politicians, law enforcement and other social services are beneficiaries of social programs – which is socialism? Clergy is a beneficiary of billions of dollars in tithes, every year under socialism. Even the President of the United States of American’s income and retirement is a beneficiary of socialism. Why do, mostly Republican politicians, claim that the USA is not a socialistic country?

Again, God’s created reality: For something to live, things must die. For something to live well, more things must die.

In the movie “The Associate”, Whoopi Goldberg’s character made up a fictitious partner the financial world believed in, which in turn, gave her some awesome attention, power and control. The greatest success story ever was when Moses invented his partner – God. The difference between the Moses and Whoopi stories is that in the end Whoopi admitted that she had been her invisible partner all the time.

Numbers 19:11 Who ever touches a dead human body shall be unclean for 7 days.

Don’t Touch The Dead.

God’s got hang-ups about crippled people, the blind, deaf, sick, female sex-blood and dead bodies?

The Lord’s Prayer says: Lead us not into temptation.


Is it the Biblical God, who the believers are praying to, who leads them into temptation? Isn’t it Satan, who is considered to tempt people? Of course, Satan does not exist in the holy Bible until 1st Chronicles 21:1 – the 13th book of the Bible. For Old Testament Jews, Satan did not exist. Their “One God of Abraham” did it all. Later in the New Testament Bible a new Rabbi, who preached the dogma of Zoroastrianism, taught afterlife, salvation, Heaven and Hell’s eternal torment. The Israelite Priests had Him crucified for His “blasphemous” teachings. These plagiarized teachings formed a new religion – Christianity.

God: This study, this investigation, has become a prosecution…

For some thinkers, this work serves a declaration of religious non-dependence and a freedom from religion.

Scroll down quietly – reader sleeping.

Would a beautiful, good, fair and just God do these things?

Some debatable questions influenced by Paul Winchell:

Who allowed children to die at birth? Crib death? Starve to death?

Who allowed the crippled, blind, deaf, tormented, persecuted, starved?

Who allowed cancer, leukemia, aids, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc.?

Who allowed animals to be slaughtered, steamed alive, killed for sport?

Who allowed wars, allowed man’s ego to, like God, demand peace on his terms?

Who allowed nature’s wholesale destruction of life forms and property?

Who allowed suffering and misery in infinite categories?

Who allowed earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes killing thousands?

Who ordered Homo-sapiens to war and to destroy masses of its own species?

Who destroyed all human life on Earth sparing only a favorite family?

Finis: Paul Winchell

Are Earthly calamities “Acts of God” against man? Why do religious nuts and insurance companies call natural disasters “Acts of God”?

Is “The Creator” of all this destruction and pain worthy of respect, adoration, tithes, love, worship? If you feel so, have you dared to question your own value system / beliefs?

What would a human tyrant, if found guilty in any world court of law, be sentenced to for committing any or all of God’s heinous deeds? What if you were a juror at this man’s trial whereby you learned, by undeniable evidence, that he killed your child after 7 days of life; blinded another, crippled another and injected a targeted group with Aids? Would you be experiencing any hypocrisy?

If it takes an ideal God to create an ideal world, what kind of God do we have? Either God wants to help His children but cannot, or He can, but does not want to. In either case, what virtue is this God to us?

If your name was Doubleday and you had invented the game of baseball and it’s rules, and 12,796,374,826 games were successfully played by your rules, would you really care who won or lost?

Why would you pray to Doubleday or to God?

Numbers 20:1 In the desert, Moses’ sister Miriam died and was buried.

Moses’ Sister Miriam Did Not Get To “The Promised Land”.

No one can say that Moses’ and Aaron’s sister, Miriam, received God’s Promised Land.

Numbers 20:23-29 Aaron, Israel’s head priest, and Moses’ brother is denied The Promised Land and died, because he and Moses had rebelled against God.

Well, there dies out God’s chosen leaders Miriam and Aaron. They, by Biblical evidence, lost out on God’s promise. Would God fail Moses too?

Numbers 21:5-9 The people spoke out against God and Moses. God sent poisonous snakes against His people, and they were bitten and they died. Moses intervened. God ordered Moses to make a fiery serpent of brass and put it on a pole. Anyone seeing it would live.

What? God ordered a graven Image.

Do you think that people wouldn’t worship a graven image if it saved their lives?

Exodus 20:2-17 & Deuteronomyb5:6-21 The 10 Commandments.

The 2nd of The 10 Commandments, God said: You shall not make any graven images.

God commanded His people not to make a graven image. Then God ordered Moses to make a “graven image”.

Did you ever see a caduceus, the modern doctor’s medical symbol? How can it not qualify as an idol? It’s a strange choice to have an “evil snake / serpent” wrapped around a pole. Hermes, in Greek mythology, was a God, the son of Zeus and Maia, the messenger of the Gods. Hermes carried a staff around which Serpents coiled. He was identified with the Roman God, Mercury.

Isn’t this just another example whereby the Jews stole (excuse me, borrowed) from the myths of other more ancient pagan religions to make up their own?

Again, most importantly, God’s second commandment is to not make idols and sacred images. God actually ordered this brass snake on a pole for those who see it would live. God ordered the breaking of His Own second commandment.

Numbers 21:33-35 God ordered Moses to do to King of Og as he had done to others. Moses struck down the King’s sons and all his people until none were left and took possession of his land.

God ordered Moses to murder Kings in order to steal their lands.

Numbers 23:19 God is not a man that He should speak falsely nor human that He should change His mind. Is He one to speak and not act, to decree and not fulfill?

Excuse me, please! But, this God has lied / changed His mind a few times and has broken some super-whopper promises!

President Donald J. Trump, during his 4-year Presidency, was fact-checked to have publicly lied 30,529 times. For years, he lied without much Republican complaint nor consequence. I’m confident that Trump would condone all of the Old Testament God’s lies but there is little “Christlike” about Donald Trump. Well, Jesus did lie quite a bit too. See topic: Did Jesus Christ lie?

Numbers 25:1-15 The Israelites had illicit relations in the city of Shittim (and their shit) God.

These pagan’s “scatological practices” involved fecal turds. (Torah notes). That made God angry so God told Moses to take the leaders and impale the idolaters publicly before God.

Numbers 25:6-9 An Israeli man (Zimri) and a Midianitish woman (Kazbi) came within view of Moses and the Israeli community at the entrance of the meeting tent. Phinehas (KJV) or Pinchas (Torah), a grandson of Aaron the priest, taking a lance in hand, drove the lance through both the man’s and the woman’s groin, killing them both. That pleased God, so, He stopped His murdering. Yes, after He had murdered 24,000 more of His Own chosen.

Numbers 25:16-17 God said to Moses: Treat the Midianites as enemies and crush them.

Oscar Wilde: “When I think of all the harm the Bible has done, I despise of ever writing anything to equal it.”

Holman Bible Dictionary: Zipporah, Moses’ wife, was a Midianite.

A Jewish marriage was performed by a ceremony at an altar; then, by going into an inner chamber and having sex to consummate it. Did this young priest murder the couple while they were coupled, consummating, by sex, their marriage vows? (Torah).

Moses, being married to (T)Zipporah (Ladybird), a Midianite / Ethiopian black woman, is ok with God; but, this mixed religious couple, God wants dead.

Solomon had sex with and married the black Queen of Sheba and nothing bad happened. Obviously, genes and skin color doesn’t matter. The religion (who is to be obeyed) is all that matters to the Biblical God. Wasn’t one of our first-ladies named Ladybird?

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba’s wedding

In Numbers 25:11-17 Phinehas, by murdering Kazbi (Cozbi) and Zimri, turned God’s jealous wrath away from the Israelites. God then ordered Moses to murder the Midianites.

The people took issue with Phinehas for wrongful deaths. God then declared Phinehas a hero because he had saved (Israelite) lives by murdering the couple. Torah notes

More: Moses married (and probably divorced: BN) a Midianite woman (Exodus 2:16-21), yet he murdered Midianites? The Midianites were who sold Joseph into slavery: Genesis 37:36.

Numbers 26:51 God’s census numbers of soldiers now registered over 20 years old were 601,730.

Numbers 26:59 Moses’, his brother Aaron’s and his sister Miriam’s parents were: Mother, Jochebed and their father, Amram.

(Moses’ sons were Gershom and Eliezer Exodus 2:21-22; 18:4).

Numbers 31:1-35 God told Moses: Take revenge and kill the Midianites; then, you (Moses) must die. God declares war on Midian and murders every male including its 5 kings. They took captive all the Midian women, their children, animals, wealth and their possessions. They set fire to their cities, taking all the booty and plunder. They brought captives back to Moses.

File:Moeyaert, Claes Cornelisz. - Moses Ordering the Slaughter of the Midianitic - 1650.jpg
God Ordered Moses:
Kill the Midianites.
Then, you must Die.

Numbers 31:14-17 Moses was angry at the Generals and Captains of the army and asked: Why have you kept all these women alive? Now, kill every male child as well as every woman who has had sex with a man. But, the young girls who have not had sex with a man, you may keep alive for yourselves. God’s army killed every male child and kept only the 32,000 virgin girls for themselves.

Moses had ordered the execution of thousands, including mothers and babies. Have your eyes glassed over with comatose? Aren’t you numb with all God’s murdering, yet?

Numbers 31:32-35 (Recap) As booty, the soldiers kept 32,000 girls who were still virgins.

God is love? (Lie!). God is good? (Lie!) God is great? (How?)

Praise God? (Why?)

Let see what Mark Twain writes about the topic:

Letters from Earth


Mark Twain

Letter XI

Human history in all ages is red with blood, bitter with hate and stained with cruelties. The Church is credited with having spilt more innocent blood than all the political wars put together. When The Lord God of Heaven and Earth, adored Father of man, goes to war, there is no limit. He is totally without mercy – He, who is called the Fountain of Mercy. He slays, slays, slays! All the men, beasts, boys, babies, also all the women and girls, except those that have not been deflowered. He makes no distinction between the innocent and guilty. The innocent had to suffer with the guilty. What the insane Father required was blood and misery; He was indifferent as to who furnished it.

The heaviest punishment of all was melted out to persons who could not have deserved so horrible a fate – the 32,000 virgins. Their naked privacies were probed, to make sure that they still possessed the hymen unruptured. They were then sold into the shamefulness slavery, the slavery of prostitution to satisfy any buyer with their bodies, be he a gentleman or a course and filthy ruffian.

It was the Father who inflicted this ferocious and undeserved punishment upon those virgins whose parents He had slaughtered before their eyes. And were they praying to Him for pity and rescue, meantime? Without a doubt of it. Would you expect this same conscienceless God, this moral bankrupt, to become a teacher of morals?

Finis: Mark Twain 

Mark Twain did request this work not be published until after his death. Probably wise.

It’s certainly refreshing to find another’s observations as critical as my own. GWD

Numbers 32:10-13 Because the Israelites didn’t want to kill and die for any more land, angry God (again) swore: None of the men, who came out of Egypt, from 20 years old and older, shall ever see the land that I swore to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, because they have not wholly followed Me. God displayed anger against Israel and made them wander for 40 years in the desert until they died out.

Instead of God fulfilling His promise, it is obvious now that God had made His promise conditional. Being true to what’s become an evil character, God made His chosen people wander in the wilderness until they died.

If: Every promise God made turned out to have an if in front of it which believers who have faith tend to ignore. If means conditional. God’s promises proved to be conditional as they were not fulfilled and then lied about by stating they were.

God’s promises proved to be conditional as it was recorded that He failed to keep them or to fulfill them.

Numbers 33:53-56 God demands more war. You shall take the (conquered / stolen) land and settle it. I have given you this land as your property. God said: If you don’t drive My enemy out, who remains shall be pricks in your eyes, thorns in your side and I (your loving God) will do to you, what I thought to do to them.

God said: Kill them or I will do to You What I thought / plan / intend to do to them. (Different Bible versions.)

Ah, God’s beautiful voice of impeccable love, logic and reason.

Are these the words of a love-model or the ravings of a God with impaired mental-health?

Could God and Satan have become reversed through bad translations or on purpose?

Mark Twain: “It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand.”

God’s Evil Deed’s

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