King Saul

Saul, a Benjamite, was Israel’s first King. Saul was a most handsome man, standing head and shoulders above other men, and was highly favored by the Lord. But, once Saul began to reign, Jehovah begins to despise him.

1st Samuel 16:23 God continually tormented Saul by sending “Evil Spirits” to trouble him. David drives away God’s “Evil Spirits” by playing his harp.

David Drives Away God’s “Evil Spirits”
By Playing His Harp

How can something NOT “Evil” send Evil? To send Evil, God must be Evil.

Later, David (supposedly) kills Goliath for Saul.

I Samuel 10:1-9 Samuel tells Saul: God appoints you to govern God’s people, Israel. God will change you into another man. God gave Saul another heart.

What do you think “God gave Saul another heart” means? God changed Saul to be what God wanted Saul to be? What if Saul doesn’t please God? Would it mean or prove that God was not so smart, powerful or in control?

I Samuel 11:6-7 God caused Saul to become angry. Saul cut some oxen to pieces and said: If anyone does not follow Saul, the same will be done to his oxen.

Saul Cut Oxen Of Disobedient Men To Pieces

I Samuel 12:18 All the people dreaded God and Samuel. Catholic

I Samuel 14:36 Saul said: Let’s pursue the Philistines to kill them all.

I Samuel 14:42 Saul said: Cast lots between me and my son Jonathan.

What? Saul ordered gambling? Oh sin!

I Samuel 14:47 After becoming King of Israel, Saul waged war on all their surrounding enemies.

I Samuel 14:52 When Saul saw any strong or brave man, he took him into his service.

This sounds like US draft / conscription.

I Samuel 15:3 God ordered Saul to not spare them; to go murder men, women, children and infants…

I Samuel 15:7-8 Saul murdered people.

  Saul Murdered People


I Samuel 15:8-9 Saul killed all the rest of the people; but, Saul spared King Agag, alive.

I Samuel 15:11 God said: I regret having made Saul King. He has not kept My command to murder all…

God admits here that He, not the people, made Saul King. This also proves that God’s “changing Saul’s heart” failed. This God fails at everything He tries to do and Human Beings suffer as the consequence. What a God!

I Samuel 15:18-19 Samuel, Gods prophet, said: Saul, go exterminate them. Why have you disobeyed the Lord?

I Samuel 15:22 Saul asked: Does God delight in holocaust and sacrifice as in obedience to the command of God?

I Samuel 15:23-28 Samuel said: Because you have rejected the command of God, He has rejected you as ruler. Saul asked to be forgiven. God has torn the Kingdom of Israel from you and has given it to a neighbor of yours who is better than you.

This means God changed His mind to have David anointed King. Who said God never changes? He fails in what He attempts so often, He has to make changes.

Samuel Anointed David King

The reason God wanted Saul out was because God commanded Saul to murder all the Amalekites. Because Saul spared King Agag’s life, he had to be eliminated.

I Samuel 15:35 God regretted having made Saul King of Israel.

This is hard evidence that God regrets His actions and that He is imperfect and fallible.

I Samuel 18:7-11 The women sang: Saul has slain his thousands; David his ten thousands. Saul was jealous of David. An Evil Spirit from God came upon Saul and he tried to nail David to the wall with a spear. David got away.

An EVIL SPIRIT came from Whom? God has to BE Evil to send Evil. Spin how it could be otherwise.

I Samuel 18:20-21 Saul used his daughter as a bribe to get David to kill for him. Saul wanted to let the Philistines kill David.

I Samuel 18:25-27 David is given a task to deliver 100 Philistine foreskins for a dowry. David murders 200 Philistines, circumcises their corpses to win Saul’s daughter, Michal.

David Delivered 200 Philistine Penis Foreskins To King Saul 

Bart Floyd: This is crazy. How can anybody believe or come to terms with this stuff?

I Samuel 19:1 Saul discussed his intention to murder David.

I Samuel 19:15 Saul said: Bring him up to me in bed that I may kill him.

I Samuel 19:20-24 Saul stripped himself naked and acted crazy.

I Samuel 22:17-19 Saul commanded: Kill the priests of the Lord and 85 priests were killed that day. Saul murdered the city of Nob including men, women, infants and animals.

Saul Had 85 Of God’s Priests Killed

Saul murdered 85 of God’s priests? Then Saul murdered women and infants? Maybe God did change Saul’s heart and does control him. Whatcha think?

I Samuel 25:43 Saul gave David’s wife to another man.

This sounds a lot like the Samson story, doesn’t it?

I Samuel 28:3-18 The Prophet Samuel dies. Saul drove out the mediums and fortune tellers from the land; then, Saul consulted God who refused to answer. So, Saul consulted The Witch of Endor. She conjured up old, dead Samuel, who was cranky. Samuel said God was angry because Saul didn’t destroy Amalek and God will destroy Saul by using the Philistines.

The Witch Of Endor Raised Samuel’s Spirit for Saul

I Chronicles 10:13-14 Saul broke God’s law by consulting a medium.

Can one tell the difference between a prophet, a psychic, a clergy or a medium?

I Samuel 31 Saul was hit in the abdomen with an arrow. He ordered his armor-bearer to finish him off. He refused so Saul fell on his own sword. His armor-bearer did likewise and died with him. The Philistines cut off Saul’s head and cremated him.

King Saul

Religion affects as an abstract, yet a romantic art form, meaning that it’s a paradox based on ignorance that promotes mind-set feelings over facts.

A manipulator’s intention, when telling you to “have faith”, is to terminate your capacity to question – or to think for yourself – or to obey – and to change your life more to his or her liking. When someone tells you to “have faith” – they are telling you to “shut up and obey”. I usually stand up, look them squarely in the eye and inform them that: “I obey enforceable criminal and civil law. Outside of that, I don’t do obedience.”

Many view these investigative results and their commentary to be brutally honest. Some feel too honest. If anyone can prove that any portion of these works is in definite factual error, in context to the over-all Biblical depiction, inform us. Embarrassment will be felt and it will definitely be corrected. But, it has to be based on Biblical evidence not hear-say bias, unrelated material or a feel-good agenda to protect God just because He is God. Considering all the Biblical contradictions makes for the toughest debates.

People primarily support the Biblical God simply because it was sold to them that He was the authority in charge of Biblical events and people. Maybe it’s time to reconsider the facts and determine that He wasn’t in control.

Is God Remote Control?

The Biblical God was constantly ineffective in holding His people together. As a General, the Biblical God lost so many battles and so many wars that He Himself often turned on His Own people. The Biblical God failed often in almost everything He attempted to do. That is the reality. Outside of a believer’s fear of death and eternal-damnation, which the Biblical God promised in The New Testament, why would any thinking person waste time and respect on an entity with such a poor and evil track record concerning all God’s “supposed” creations on Earth?

Do You Think God Created The Multi-Verse?

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