Model of Immunity

Model Of Immunity


Gary DeVaney

For the non-thinking, mind-set religious believer, “the Biblical God is the model of immunity”. God’s evil, murderous and destructive rap-sheet can be miles long and God-fearing believers will not prosecute. Kings, Presidents and Emperors, through fear, set their politics up for immunity from their subjects. Human believers tend to protect their master’s evil no matter what they do.

Most Human Animals who learn of and understand their God’s evil become Atheists. They are mostly passive Atheists. Few Atheists stand up against the evil deeds that the believers’ God has done.

President George W. Bush had a dream whereby his God told him to attack Iraq. The Bush’s Gang drummed up false charges. They broke God’s 9th commandment as the George W. Bush Government “bore false witness against their neighbor”. Those war-media-pounded charges proved not to be true. As a result, George W. Bush murdered and injured millions of Iraqis. Bush later smugly – and with immunity – admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. The damage was done. Bush severely damaged the United States of America, Iraq, Afghanistan and the world economy. Bush happily and safely retired – immune from prosecution.

Mind-set believers protected him and continue to protect him and his destructive gang. Bush’s evil deeds caused US debt, a crippling loss of jobs and an unprecedented loss of homes. Bush served his corporate masters and the International Bankers and then retired with wealth and immunity.

New President Barack Obama, once in office, essentially turned from being a Democrat to a Republican as he unexpectedly adopted and extended the Bush policies and agendas.

Obama declared that his new agenda would be to “look forward and to not look back” which kept Bush / Cheney and gang out of prosecution and prison. That sealed George W. Bush’s immunity along with his evil doers. Big crime politicians enjoy the same believer-mindset “model of immunity” that the Biblical God does. The wealthy and the powerful are immune from the prosecutions that the middle and the lower income peasants face. Strangely, some drug and sex crime prosecutions do occasionally affect the wealthy.

The refused and unacceptable entitlements of the rich are few and minor.