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“Intelligence Is Categorical”

“Insanity Is Contagious”

“A high percentage of Stupid is Stubborn”

A Typical Example of God’s Insane Prophets:

Ezekiel 1:1 This whirlwind “vehicle” could be described to be a type of “flying-saucer” somewhat like the “vehicles” described in the first chapter of the book of Ezekiel. Are “flying-saucers” Bible based?

Ezekiel’s flying-saucers

In 586 BC King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem. Ezekiel, like other Biblical prophets, fearfully depicts the Biblical God’s ugly characteristics and attitudes.

Ezekiel 5:10-15 God said: Fathers shall eat sons, sons shall eat fathers. I’ll inflict punishment on you. You have defiled my sanctuary. I’ll cut you down, no pity, no, mercy. 1/3rd shall die of pestilence, 1/3rd will die of sword, I will scatter and pursue 1/3rd with the sword. I will send famine against you and rob you of your children. I have anger, fury and jealousy. I, God, have spoken.

Ezekiel 7:8-16 Soon, I’ll pour my fury and anger upon you. I will look upon you with no pity or mercy. He in the country shall die by the sword, pestilence and hunger will devour those in the city.

Ezekiel 9:2-8-10 Six men come with a weapon in their hands. Mark an X on the forehead of those who moan and groan of the abominations practiced within. Strike without pity or mercy and wipeout old men, youths and maidens. Defile the temple. Fill the courts with the slain. God! Will you destroy the rest of Israel? I will not show mercy, nor pity.

Ezekiel 18:3-4 God said: All lives are mine.

God, My Life Is Yours

Ezekiel 20:8-41 God said: (Israel) rebelled against Me and refused to listen to Me. They did not abandon the idols of Egypt. I gave them My statutes and ordinances. They rebelled against Me. I thought to put an end to them. I swore not to bring them to the land I had given them. But, I looked at them with pity not wanting to destroy them. But, their children rebelled against Me.

God said: I let them become defiled by their gifts, by their immolation (sacrifice) of every first-born. They sent up appeasing odors by making their children pass through fire.

This God let them sacrifice their firstborn child.

God said: As I live with poured out wrath, I swear: I will be king over you. The whole house of Israel without exception shall worship Me. I will claim the first-fruits of your offerings. As a pleasing odor, I will accept you.

Yes! You, the Biblical God, will accept Human burning guts and fat.

Ezekiel 21:8-16 God said: I draw My sword and cut off from you the virtuous and the wicked and against everyone and everyone shall know it shall not be sheathed again. The sword has been sharpened to work slaughter. You have spurned the rod and every judgment. I have put a sharpened sword in the hand of a slayer.

Ezekiel 21:36 I will pour out my indignation and fiery wrath upon you. I hand you over to ravaging men. You shall be fuel for the fire; your blood shall flow throughout the land.

Your Blood Shall Flow Throughout the Land

Ezekiel 22:8-22 What is holy to Me, you have spurned. In you are those who uncover the nakedness of your fathers (have sex with your mother: Leviticus 20:11) and coerce women in their menstrual period; you who do abominable things with your neighbors wives, men who have incest with their daughter-in-laws & take brides to shed blood. I shall allow Myself to be profane in the eyes of nations. Know that I am God. When I have assembled you, I will blast you with the fire of my anger and smelt you with it, just like silver is smelted in a furnace.

Ezekiel 23 God said: Two sisters Oholah (Samaria) and Oholibah (Jerusalem) born of the same mother were young hookers in Egypt. They became mine, bore sons and daughters, and became unfaithful to Me. Oholah, I handed her over to her lovers. They exposed her nakedness and murdered her. Her sons and daughters, they took away. Oholibah saw this and became even a better hooker. I saw her defile herself. The Babylonians came and had intercourse with her on her love couch. She became disgusted with them and I became disgusted with her. But, she played the harlot all the more. She lusted for lechers whose members were like that of an ass. (Hung like a racehorse?) God said: I will stir up your lovers against you from all sides. I will let loose My jealousy against you, so that they will cut off your nose and your ears, will murder you and burn you. I hand you over to those you hate. They will seize all you have worked for leaving you stark naked. Your whoring has brought this upon you. You shall tear out your breasts for God, has spoken. Because you have forgotten Me is the penalty of your harlotry. They committed adultery with their idols.

To feed them, they sacrificed the children they bore me. They slew their children for their idols. Men shall punish them with the sentence melted out for adultery and murder. God said: Deliver them to terror and plunder. The assembly shall stone and hack them to pieces and slay their sons and daughters.

Ezekiel 24:15:24 God said to me: By a sudden blow I am taking away from you the delight of your eyes. Do not mourn or weep or shed tears. That evening my wife died. I did as I was told. My sons and daughters were murdered. I shall not mourn or weep, but I shall rot away because of my sins.

Ezekiel 25 God said: I will stretch out My hand against you. I will execute great vengeance on them, punishing them furiously. They shall know I am God when I wreak my vengeance on them. (What an EGO!) Her daughters shall be slaughtered on the mainland by the sword; thus they shall know I am God. I am bringing King Nebuchadnezzar against Tyre and he shall slay your daughters. He will slay your people and pull your mighty pillars to the ground. Your wealth shall be plundered, walls torn down, your houses demolished. I will put to an end the noise of your songs.

(Wow! Tell that to your church choir!) Never shall you rebuild. God has spoken. I will thrust you down with those in the pit. I will make you dwell in the nether lands, in the everlasting ruins, so you may never return to take your place in the land of the living. I will make you a devastation. You shall be no more. You shall be sought, but never found again, so said God.

Ezekiel 28 God said: You say: A god am I! You are a man and not a god however you may think yourself like a god, to have the mind of a god. I will bring against you enemies that will murder you. They shall thrust you down into the pit to die a bloodied corps. Will you say: I am god when you face your murderers? You are a man, not a god, handed over to those who will slay you. I have spoken says God. In Eden, blameless you were until evil was found in you. Violence was your business. You sinned. I banned you. You became haughty because of your beauty. Due to your guilt and sin I profaned your sanctuaries. I have brought out fire to devour you to dust on the Earth. You shall be no more. I am God and inflict punishments to manifest My holiness. I will send much pestilence. Blood shall flow in the streets.

Blood Shall Flow in the Streets

Ezekiel 29 God said Pharaoh, King of Egypt, I am coming at you. I give Egypt to Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar. He shall carry off its riches, plundering and pillaging it for the wages of his soldiers, who did it for Me. As payment for his toil, I gave Egypt to him so they will know I am God, says God.

Ezekiel 30 God said: Egypt shall be the most devastated of lands, her cities the most desolate of all. They shall know I am God when I set fire to Egypt and break all who help her. My command to terrify unsuspecting Ethiopia is coming. I shall put an end of Egypt by the hand of Nebuchadnezzar. He and his most ruthless people shall be brought in to devastate the land. They shall fill Egypt with the slain. Everything I hand over to the foreigners to devastate. I, God have spoken. I will inflict punishment on Egypt that they may know that I am God. I will break Pharaoh and strengthen the King of Babylon by putting My sword in his hand. They shall know I am God.

Ezekiel 39:17-19 God said: You shall have flesh to eat and blood to drink – and drink blood until you are drunk.

Enough of crazy Ezekiel and his insane God…

Note: If you have already read what precedes Ezekiel, you don’t need much commentary to evaluate the characters of these prophets and to make judgments of them. Do you think you could write a more heinous profile of evil than Ezekiel did? From whence, do you think, did the never-ending, fictitious horror films, mostly watched by children, originate?

From the writers depicting The Biblical God! That’s where!

Summary and conclusion of God’s prophets: All God’s major and minor prophets seem to re-cycle fear through redundant praise and punishment scenarios. Don’t they all depict an evil, wrathful, jealous, and murderous God throughout their scenarios?

Why wouldn’t God stop peoples’ hearts painlessly while they slept if He wanted them dead, instead of putting them through all His re-cycling murdering, horror and pain? If the Bible is correct in stating God created evil too, then it is all for His pleasure.

Horror & Pain

God’s Evil Deeds youtube


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