It’s Biblical Showtime!

It’s Biblical Showtime!


Gary DeVaney

Debaters! Let’s All Get Ready To Rumble!

So, do you like to debate?

Do you play trivia?

This site contains a plethora of controversial Bible questions and facts that believers tend to find feisty and irritating.

Can YOU handle it?

Some realists, who question, value realistic facts and knowledge over nonsensical faith and belief. Most believers do not question their own beliefs, ergo, they don’t value knowledge over faith. Do you know just one Christian who proves to be a realist? Does he or she believe in “The Virgin Birth” and “The Resurrection”? How realistic does he or she prove to be?

Many authoritative and argumentative believers value control over content. Some believers tend to re-invent themselves by “blessing” (ordaining) themselves into a state of Godliness; thus, they assume power and authority over others.

Some set their divine authority over power, logic and reason.

Many “beliefs” (pretend to know) are based upon “tradition” (the dead leading the blind), ignorance, superstition, ego and imperialistic arrogance.

If you do enjoy debating, try debating these selected Biblical Chapters and Verses (C&Vs)!

Declaration: I did not write the Bible! I am not responsible for what the Bible says. I’m not responsible for how people feel about what the Bible says.

I read the entire Bible and did an intense book report! This work is a report on the character and deeds of Jesus and God as written about, chapter and verse, in the Bible.

Some have said that if one knew these selected passages, one would know more Biblical controversy than 90% of existing clergy.

Logic and reason is focused upon in the pursuit of the facts.

It takes some intelligence to understand, and patience to endure the language and writings of the Bible. Most of all, it takes bold courage to judge what the writings mean. Without judgment, one cannot make decisions.

Is one capable of or willing to find out the raw facts about the Biblical God, as written in His Own diary, Chapter and Verse (C&V)?

Here is a question that started it all: Why does mankind treat almost every living thing so poorly? This research trims down the examination to two basic contributions.

1: The Biblical God-model and God’s C&V Bible.

2: The ever-evolving genetic contributions of biological man.

Don’t most concepts of God parallel human egos? The main motivation to conduct this investigative research is the attempt to understand why mankind behaves the way mankind does.

Is Jesus Christ of the New Testament (NT) and / or the God-model of the Old Testament (OT) responsible for how human beings treat each other?

We have all been preached Biblical “truth” all our lives. Most of that “truth” has been told to us as hearsay by mind-set Clergy and other authoritative believers.

This investigation is about written Biblical facts, Chapter and Verse.

Epicurus, who lived 342-271 B.C.E., logically did away with the gods when he wrote these words:

“Either God wishes to destroy evil and cannot or God can destroy evil but will not or God neither wishes, nor has the power or God both desires and is able. If God wishes and cannot, God is impotent. If God can but will not, God is wicked. If God neither wishes, nor can, God is impotent as well as wicked. If God can and will, why does evil exist?”

GWD: As long as God will not – God can not.

Dr. Paul Winchell’s book: God 2000, Religion Without the Bible brought my attention to selected controversial and contradictory Biblical passages. Paul’s bold findings helped launch this investigation in 1982. Paul also obtained a patent on a mechanical-heart and was a famous ventriloquist on television in the 1950’s. This documentation includes many of Paul’s influences.

C. Dennis McKinsey’s two (2) books:

“The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy” 1995 by Prometheus Books

“Biblical Errancy, A Reference Guide” 2000 by Prometheus Books

Image result for C. Dennis McKinsey books

These two books are the greatest authorities found to date that expose Biblical C&V contradictions and errors.

I was once asked how I compared my work with C. Dennis McKinsey?

If you want to be a High School graduate of Biblical controversy, read my stuff. If you want to become equivalent to a PHD in Biblical contradiction, read C. Dennis McKinsey.

Could our human behavior be attributed by how we perceive The Biblical God, that we were taught, created us?

My selected sources were three Bibles for this investigation:

The King James Version – The New American Catholic (Easy-English) Bible – The Jewish Torah.

The Torah opens back to front. Its text on the right page is in Hebrew. The text on the left page is in English. Otherwise, this Torah Chapter and Verse content just like the Catholic and KJV Bibles.

Investigated are the characteristics, deeds, scenarios, and the attitudes of The God the three Bibles as they are depicted Chapter and Verse. (C&V)

Declaration of Responsibility: These works are paraphrased from these three (3) Bibles. The temperament and the editing is mostly mine. I am Gary DeVaney

Note: This is a work of concentrated facts for study, reference – and entertainment.

“Intelligence is categorical”: One can be brilliant in one categorical and a moron in another. Although I personally view myself to be a moron in many categories, the Bible is not one of them.

A test of intelligence is the capacity to deal with here and now reality. Belief has little concern for here and now reality.

Religions are magic shows. Religion force-feeds faith and belief which disables the believer from focusing on reality. Governments use these religions to establish the habits of believing, obeying, supporting and sacrificing for a current “assumed” authority. The assumed authority that receives the benefit of fear-based religions is the ever-evolving government itself.

Thought is the most powerful force in the universe.

The question is the highest form of thought.

Always question authority – and then question authority’s answers.

Let’s use thought to assist mankind. GWD

Questions? Comments?