Judges 11:1 Jephthah was born of a hooker.

Ah, another prime candidate to be one of God’s Biblical heroes.

Judges 11:30-39 Jephthah vowed to God: Give me victory and I will give to You, by burnt offering, whatever comes first through my door. Jephthah murdered 20 cities for God. (Always in control) God apparently arranged for Jephthah’s daughter, his only child, to come first through his door, who was happy to see her father. Jephthah gave his little girl two months to “mourn her virginity” because she couldn’t bear children before she had to die. He then sacrificed his only child, a virgin daughter by burnt offering to your Biblical God, as was the custom in Israel.

God’s Human Sacrifice?

What a prime Biblical model of this insane God and His insane followers. How insane are you or will you be for this God?

Judges 12:6-7 Jephthah murdered 42,000 Ephraimites and judged Israel for 6 years.

Weren’t the Ephraimites Joseph’s tribe? In law, the elements of crime are means, motive and opportunity. The law is civilized man’s attempt to model safety and decency. Can you compliment this God on any decency or fair treatment based on His deeds? Is there any Biblical, chapter and verse, evidence? Can you produce it? Please do so and make history.

Believers tend to run from this material due to a fear of God (fear of death or loss) that over comes them. Courage is having the capacity to face what you fear. Believers cannot learn for they have little courage concerning change or facing facts. Believers don’t expect to debate the Bible. They tend to preach it. They don’t even expect to argue its content. They expect obedience and feel-good cooperation to their own egos.

Death is the Ultimate Journey

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