How Christianity Operates

How Christianity Operates


Gary DeVaney

“Christianity / The Cross: To worship the torture and death of a man and to threaten “Eternal-Torment” for others who don’t – is insane.”

Religion Is Mob / Herd Mentality.

Believer: You can take me to school but you can’t make me think.

“Christian Believers Impose their Cloned Wills on All Non-Believers”

The Biblical God and the God-Like believer demands: Serve Me on My terms so I won’t do to you what I will do to you if you don’t serve Me on My terms.

As a former licensed, ordain Christian minister, I now confess that the biggest waste of time for Humanity is the study of religion no matter what your conclusion.

Religion is primitive politics. The Jews wanted to establish religious / political-power against their overwhelming “might makes right” / evil force, the “Republican” Romans. So, the Jews invented Yahweh’s Messiah, Jesus Christ, which was designed to politically organize and rally their tribes. Christianity, today, amounts to a competitive political party. Islam can be considered an opposing candidate. Atheism tends to oppose both. Today, Christians tend to lean toward the Republican’s, heavy-handed, “might makes right”, policies. Power-crazy “authority worshippers” tend to be Christian and Republican.

The Biblical God proved to be flawed to create sinners on Earth. “God Does Not Change” so God will have sinners in Heaven also. God will treat those in Heaven just as God treats those on Earth. It is all nonsense. If you are a good Human Being, you don’t need the threats of a tyrannical God to keep you from doing bad, damaging, murderous things.

Jesus Christ is supposed to come back and be King. Because “Kings Don’t Vote”, the Kingdom will be a dictatorship. Jesus would be the dictator. Who Jesus accepts into His Kingdom will be ruled for eternity. Because “God Does Not Change”, we all know what will happen if we don’t accept Jesus’ rule over us.

Rome, under Constantine, later used this same struggling Jewish organization to their advantage and Christianity became politically promoted, supported and financed, in the service of Rome. This is during the time that Rome was already the most powerful and authoritative force on Earth. The Roman Catholic Church became the political authority of most of Europe. Kings answered and yielded to the Roman Catholic Church – until King Henry-the-8th.

As long as any religion is government promoted, supported, and financed – or vice-versa – it will continue to exist. Governments want religion because religion keeps their masses worshipping power and authority. Religion is politics. Religion, always wants to BE Government.

One word can replace the word “God” in any context – that word is “authority”. Test it. Religion is authority worship. Once the masses are successfully hypnotized and indoctrinated to worship a false authority, an assumed authority can more easily and authoritatively step in.

As an Atheist, I DO obey secular-criminal-civil law. I do NOT obey religious laws or rules. Religion has no authority over me. Hell and Eternal-Torment mean nothing to me.

Christian Insanity: We are all evil in God’s eyes. We are all sinful. We all deserve “Eternal-Torment in everlasting Hell”. Only Jesus Christ’s blood can save us. We are to eat Jesus’ body and drink Jesus’ blood. We are to repent, be baptized, give up living our lives and serve Jesus, God and The Holy Spirit forever – strictly on this “One God’s” terms.

Many people who preach love, peace and compassion show in their thoughts, words and deeds that they support, promote and practise hate, war and cruelty. This is especially rampant in Christian history – yet Christians see themselves and profess adhering to the gospel of love.

Each separate Human belief is a separate state of hypnosis.

The question is the highest form of human thought.

The paradox of belief is: A believer cannot question their own belief – because should they question that belief – they prove not to believe.

Belief is self-imposed mind-paralysis. The believer intentionally paralyzes his or her own mind by becoming incapable of questioning his or her own beliefs. He or she becomes mind-set and incapable of thought. Intelligence is categorical. When an individual cannot categorically question or think, categorical learning cannot take place.

Governments promote prayer because – praying is the practice of obeying authority.

If a Christian believer truly believes that God is in control, that believer cannot feel responsible for anything. They accept this insane God no matter how insane this God is.

Christianity is the most imperialistic religion on Earth. Islam’s Allah is the same “One God Of Abraham” as the Judeo-Christian God. Islam is the second most imperialistic religion on Earth.

Christianity, being the wealthiest religion on Earth, can afford to be more imperialistic by buying expensive media. Christianity promotes might makes right with its wealth just like powerful, might makes right, governments dominate the less wealthy and powerful with expensive weapons.

Christianity is absolutely obedience-oriented and authoritative.

Christianity was primitive politics and still assumes political power today.

Christianity tortured and murdered thousands of innocent Human Beings during the historical “crusades” & “inquisitions”.

Christianity assumes and pretends that it is indestructible.

Christianity is dictatorial. If you don’t comply, thoroughly obey and properly finance its agenda, Christianity demands punishment for sins against God and righteously threatens “Eternal-Damnation”.

 A sheep is an animal that is often fleeced and ultimately consumed for the benefit of the shepherd.


“The Rapture”

The Rapture describes the myth / belief of the “End-Time”. Not all Christians believe in the “Rapture”. The term “Rapture” does not appear in the Bible. In 1830, in Scotland, a sick 15-year-old girl named Margaret McDonald said that she had a vision. A opportunistic preacher, John Nelson Darby, coined the term “Rapture” to describe the “End-Time” doctrine. Darby claimed that I Thessalonians 4:16-17 describes the 2-part “Rapture” event.

Fear of pain, torment and death is the greatest conformer and “will breaker” historically known to man. Christianity insists that you fear its “assumed authority” and to focus on its fictional God’s “Eternal-Damnation”.

Napoleon Bonaparte wrote: Religion is great stuff to keep common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.

More than 5.6 million Americans are in prison or have served time according to a report by the Justice Department released in June, 2007.

Today, about 2.2 million or about 1 in 137 US citizens are currently in the US prison system. This is the highest incarceration level in the world. The USA is the World’s largest Christian nation. Christianity proves to NOT be a good model for the United States of America or for humanity.

James Joyce: There is no heresy or philosophy so abhorrent to the church as a human being.

The Catholic Church once defended slavery as “willed by God”. It sanctioned and promoted the torture and killing of witches. The Church waged torturous wars called “The Inquisitions” whereby the breaking of human bones and burning people alive was its sacred, God-ordained agenda.

The Catholic Church is being sued to prove that Jesus Christ was a real person.

Prior to 1876, only Catholic Priests could have access to the Latin-written Catholic Bible. Not until 1876 was it legal for a Catholic lay-person to own a Bible in Italy. Catholics have never been encouraged to study and to know the C&V content of the Bible. In the USA, the Catholic Mass was spoken only in Latin until about 1967. During Mass, nobody much knew nor cared about what the Priests were saying. Catholics mostly concentrate on Church ceremony and guilt-ridden confession. Within Catholic Church procedure, the study and the preaching of Bible C&V content is still limited.

If the Christian church has adopted the above philosophy and the church has programmed its believers, is it any wonder that about 1 out of 137 US citizens are in the prison system?

Christianity imposes Terrorism on Humanity


Christianity operates as if it represents the supreme ruler, authority, leader, and upon your conversion, you are to subordinate and sacrifice yourself to Christian dogma.

Christianity operates as if it has supreme sovereign rights over all Human Beings.

Christianity operates as if it has supreme rank and that all are inferior and subordinate to its ideological demands.

Christianity operates as if it has the all-authoritative powers of government and that worldly governments answer to it.

Christianity operates as if it has the policy of forming and maintaining an empire.

Christianity operates by blackmail and extortion.

Christianity tyrannically blackmails, threatens and promises pain, death and eternal-punishment if not totally obeyed.

Christianity constantly struggles for control over Human Beings.

Christianity constantly subordinates its subjects.

Christianity subjugates people and territories.

Christianity operates as if it has the establishment of authority and control.

Christianity brings people into danger, the act of endangering.

Christianity is dictatorial, haughty, overbearing, arrogant, domineering, and tyrannical.

Christianity pretends or assumes to be indestructible, in absolute authority, majestic, and the highest power.

Christians inscribe Bible verses as weapons to destroy the free-will of mankind – to convert and conform man to serve their cause by threat of eternal punishment.

“The God Murders” website inscribes Bible verses to counter the practicing Christian’s offensive conversion tactics.

Luke 19:27 Jesus Christ said: And for those, mine enemies, who would not have Me be King over them, bring them before Me and slay them.

Jesus Christ Said
Bring Them Before Me & Slay Them

Revelation 2:23 The Son of God (Jesus Christ) said: “And I will kill her children”.

“Out of context”? No. Each of Jesus Christ’s tyrannical and evil C&V statements has a context and an importance of its own. In what “context” could Jesus Christ’s words be proper or legal?

This two heinous statements, credited to Jesus Christ by the “Holy” Bible are the primary reasons why I would no longer consider being a Christian. I view that only a tyrannical, evil monster would say such things. Why would any decent, thinking human being support, promote and finance such a “Character”, real or fictional?

What is pathetically sad is: Most, decent people, who claim to be a “Christian”, are blind and deaf the these horrible realities – and – denial is automatic.

Instead of being “Born Again” why not grow up and become who you are meant to be?

A young boy while playing football got hit by lightning. Thousands gathered to pray to God for the boy.

So, God knows-it-all, is unchanging and you dare pray to tell God to change and how God should run God’s business?

If God is in charge, this lightening-strike proves that God often tortures and kills.

If you pray to change what God has done – then you are against God’s will?

Then, believers worship this God as if God’s torture is ok.

Even if the victim dies of the torture – praise God!

Do your senses determine that to be righteous, sound, rational or realistic?

Well maybe, to a mindset, unthinking, groveling, authority-worshipping believer.

Do you really believe or just pretend to believe?

Why believe, in either case?

If it were not for “HOPE” 90% of therapists and 100% of clergy would be out of business.

Adolf Hitler was a Catholic

What lying / ignorant Christian believer dares to claim that Adolf Hitler was NOT a Christian?

At one time the Catholic Church executed clerics and laymen for owning scripture. That could be one important reason that most Catholics do not read or know the Bible. They consume their church time practicing their ceremonies.


The Council of Tarragona of 1234, in its second canon, ruled that:

“No one may possess the books of the Old and New Testaments and if anyone possesses them he must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days after promulgation of this decree, so that they may be burned lest, be he a cleric or a layman, he be suspected until he is cleared of all suspicion.”

During the “Dark Age” (5th – 14th centuries) any layman (not clergy) caught with scripture was a capital offence. One was sentenced to torture and death.

“The Biblical God” is the focus of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions. All have Abraham being the father of each religion. All worship “The One God of Abraham.” I personally do not believe in this God or any other God, as other than myth, there is no evidence of any God in reality. As a therapist in Los Angeles for many years, I also perceive that for the religious, there is almost one god for each ego.

Practicing Christian / Islamic believers are in practice of using their fictitious God in pulling some form of authoritative rank on others.

It becomes a power-play as to who assumes to be in charge of you.

Practicing Christians / Islamic believers are authoritative predators seeking weak “sheep” (wills) to dominate.

War results when 2 egos want peace – on their terms.

Here are 2 egos:

1 ego: A Christian believer, whose terms are, he or she wants others to serve his or her God.

1 ego: A non-believer, whose terms are, he or she wants to live his or her life as he or she chooses.

Are you like the Christian believer or like the non-believer?

“The Biblical God” is the focus of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions. All have Abraham being the father of each religion. All worship “The One God of Abraham.” I personally do not believe in this God or any other God, as other than myth, there is no evidence of any God in reality. As a therapist in Los Angeles for many years, I also perceive that for the religious, there is almost one god for each ego.

Supernatural miracles do not exist in the natural world. Honest magicians have admitted that magic is designed to deceive fixated observers.

Supernatural miracles do not exist

Bart Floyd: “A Miracle is an event described by those to whom it was told by men who did not see it.”

The word “Trinity” appears nowhere in the Bible.

Neither does “Rapture” – nor “Second Coming” – nor “Original Sin”.

You will not find in the Bible the words:

“Abortion” – “Advent” – “Apostasy” – “Afterlife” – “Atheism” – “Bible” – “Capital Punishment” – “Capitalism” – “Catechism” – “Catholic” – “Chastity” – Child Abuse” – “Christianity” – “Christmas” – “Conservative” – “Dead Sea Scrolls” – “Decalogue” – “Deity” – “Democracy” – “Divinity” – Dogma” – “Doubting Thomas” – “Education” – “Epiphany” – “Ethics” – “Eucharist” – “Evangelical” – “Excommunication” -“Fairness” – “Fundamentalist” – “Funeral” – “Golden Rule” – “Good Friday” – “Homosexual” – “Immaculate Conception” – “Inerrancy” – “Incarnation” – “Infallibility” – “Last Supper” – “Lesbian” – “Liberal” – “Logic” – “Methodist” – “Missionary” – “Monogamy” – “Monotheism” – “Moral” – “Morality” – “Omnipresence” – “Omniscience” – “Palm Sunday” – “Patriotism” – “Penance” – “Pope” – “Pornography” – “Purgatory” – “Republic” – “Sermon” – “Sunday School” – “Supernatural” – “Sermon On The Mount” – “The Lord’s Prayer” – “Theology” – “Transcendence” – “Transubstantiation” – “Triumphal Entry” – “Unpardonable Sin” – – – –



Richard Carrier

“Are Christians Delusional?”

The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat His flesh (and drink His blood) and telepathically tell Him that you accept Him as your master, so He can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

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