Joab – King David’s General



Gary DeVaney



II Samuel 2:14-16 Abner said to Joab: Let the young men perform for us. Joab replied: All right! 12 of Ishbaal’s Benjamites and 12 of David’s servants squared off. Then each one grasped his opponent’s head and thrust his sword into his opponent’s side and they all fell down together.

Now that what I call entertainment. Joab, King David’s General, has this kind of mentality. Oh – my – Gawd!

II Samuel 3:1-37 Joab came back from murdering, bringing much plunder. He asked David: Why did you let Abner go? He was here to deceive you. Without David’s knowledge, Joab sent for Abner, privately took him aside and murdered him, in vengeance (for killing his brother in self-defense.) David declared: Before God, I and my Kingdom are forever innocent. Joab is responsible. May Joab’s family never be without suffering a discharge, or a leper, or of being unmanly, or of falling on the sword or of starving.

Death of Absalom

II Samuel 11:1 David sent out Joab and the army and they ravaged Ammon.

II Samuel 11 David told Joab to send Uriah in so Uriah can have sex with his wife, Bathsheba, and think the child to be his. Uriah won’t have sex with his wife while his troops suffer in battle. David sends Uriah back into battle with a letter telling Joab to put him in a killing zone so that he will die. Uriah does die.

Wasn’t Uriah Joab’s personal armor bearer?

II Samuel 18 The King commanded Joab and for all to know: Be gentle with young Absalom, my son, for my sake. Absalom’s mule passed under branches which his hair got caught in and he hung there (alive). Someone saw him there and reported it to Joab. Joab asked: Why didn’t you kill him? I would have given you 50 pieces of silver. The man replied to Joab: If I had 1,000 pieces of silver, I would not harm the King’s son as he told you to protect his son for his sake. Joab replied: I will not waste time with you and taking 3 darts in hand thrust for the heart of Absalom still hanging from the tree, alive. Next, 10 of Joab’s men killed Absalom with further blows.

II Samuel 19 David cried for Absalom. Joab said: You have put all your servants to shame today by loving those who hate you.

David Cried for Absalom

II Samuel 20:9-10 Joab asked Amasa: How are you my brother? With his right hand Joab held Amasa’s beard as if to kiss him and with his other hand stabbed him so that his guts burst out on the ground.

Isn’t Joab the absolute model for all your sons?

Solomon had Joab murdered. Can you define Judeo-Christian ethics? Which of God’s heroes abided by them?

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