God Concepts

God Concepts


Gary DeVaney

“Intelligence is Categorical”

“Insanity is Contagious”

“A High Percentage of Stupid is Stubborn”

God Is a Myth that Believers Agree to Believe

To Believe in God is Really a Self-Imposed Condition

The Undetectable and the Non-Existent look exactly Alike

God Loves You but God Created Hell in case God Changes His Mind

Christian Enlightenment?

Men Wrote the Bible.

The KJV contains 31,102 verses.

 The Biblical God was created by the Bible.

This created God was introduced to you by practicing Bible believers.

 Gods tend to behave like the believers who claim them.

The entire Bible has 1003 commandments.

Malachi 3:6 For I am God, I change not.

By Jesus and Mohammed’s words, have we finally figured out the God business?

If “Jesus Christ” is NOT a proper name but the literal title of “Savior Anointed” and “God” is the title of “Authority” and “The Holy Ghost” amounts to God’s CIA are ALL one – but separate entities, with separate missions and responsibilities – then “God” is a merely the oldest, documented political office.

The US Supreme Court legalized the insane nonsense that a Corporation is now a legal person.

Is “GOD” the first Corporation?

Does “GOD” amount to a “Political Office” – a threatening, heavy-handed, might-makes-right “Political Party” that Atheists refuse to serve, to worship or to vote for?

Behold: The Muslims vote for their Allah – the one God of Abraham – whom they serve, worship and vote to rule over them.

And, the Christians vote for their Judeo-Christian God – the one God of Abraham – whom they serve, worship and vote to rule over them.

Can this be the real secret of the world’s biggest religions – the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions?

Believers behave as if the DUTY of Christians and Islamists is to hate other religions and the non-religious.

Islam’s Koran demands: “Kill the infidel”. Fanatical Islamist’s highest honor is to die as a martyr killing Christians, Jews and Atheists.

Jesus Christ said: And as for those, Mine enemies, who would not have Me be King over them, bring them before Me and slay them.

Both Christianity and Islam threaten “Eternal Torment” if not converted and conformed to, served and obeyed. Both religions serve, promote and finance the same “One God of Abraham”.

For these reasons, and thousands of others, I am not religious. Gary DeVaney

William Burns: The Biblical God commands for us to “love our enemies” while He drowns His own. The Biblical God murders Human Beings and then sends their “souls” into Eternal-Torment in Hell. Is that the Biblical God teaching us “morality”? That is like Adolf Hitler telling us to love the Jews while he is murdering and burning to ashes millions of Jews.

Christianity says that by default we are all born guilty. The core concept of the United States judicial system is that all people are innocent until proven guilty. Being that these two ideas are diametrically opposed, how anyone can come away with the idea that the United States is founded on the Christian religion?

Oscar Wilde: Religion is like a blind man looking in a black room for a black cat that isn’t there, and finding it.

Oscar Wilde defined Puritanism as the fear that someone, somewhere, is having a good time.

Arthur Schopenhauer (German philosopher, 1788-1860): All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Socrates: When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. 

The Roman Emperor, Constantine, brought Christianity to Rome. Before his major battle for the leadership of Rome, Constantine envisioned a cross and pledged that if he won the battle, he would accept Christianity for Rome.

The Roman Emperor, Constantine

Constantine later assembled selected Judeo-Christian leaders and their scribes to vote on the books of the Bible (Canon) during “The Council of Nicaea” meetings that took place on and after 325 AD. Selected religious leaders also voted for Jesus Christ to be God.

Selected Bible myths and stories are what created the Biblical God. 

Through faith – practicing Judeo-Christian believers insist that the Biblical God exists – just because the Bible says so.

However, unlike practicing Christians, practicing Jews do not believe that Jesus Christ was God.

To dare to be specific and redundant: For believers with stubborn faith, The Bible created its Biblical God. The Bible does not prove that God exists, or ever existed, any more than the books and movies like “Bambi” and “Godzilla” prove that Bambi and Godzilla ever existed.

Religious Judeo-Christian-Islamic faith is anti-intellectual. In any anti-intellectual category, irrational faith is required. Mindset belief makes it evident that a high percentage of stupid is stubborn.

The “substance” of the Biblical God consists of irrational faith and mindset belief – nothing more.

Religion is an authority / obedience agenda. Religion is primitive politics designed to govern – to rule – to have authority over – and to judge by punishing consequence. Politics is power and profit over people. Practicing religionists are war-hawks. When their faith, beliefs and rules are broken or their “interests” are competed with or defied, they, historically, punish and kill the “guilty” – whether the “guilty” be an individual or another sovereign nation.

Outside of the extremely flawed, controversial and self-contradictory Bible, what solid evidence can you produce that the Biblical God exists? Should you display some evidence, would that evidence hold up in a court of law or a reality test? Or would your “evidence” be written hearsay? If beliefs mostly consist of passed on lies, do you have a conscience concerning your adopted beliefs? If you do have a conscience, a clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

Deuteronomy 4:34 Or hath God assayed to go and take him a nation from the midst of another nation, by temptations, by signs, and by wonders, and by war, and by a mighty hand, and by a stretched out arm, and by great terrors, according to all that the Lord your God did for you in Egypt before your eyes?

This C&V documents, before your eyes, that the Biblical God stole for Himself a nation from another nation by temptation, war and terror.


God IS Perfect?

For the Biblical God to be jealous, angry, deceiving, wrathful, evil and murderous, God is not perfect.

For this God to repent, admit and feel sorry for mistakes that God created, God is not perfect.

For this God to wage war on unknown tribes so to steal their land – killing men, women and children – God is not perfect.

For this God to currently allow thousands of starving children to die daily, God is not perfect – is it?

For this all-knowing God to force people to suffer long-term cancer and other terminal diseases, God is not perfect.

For this God to send most of Humanity into Hell’s Eternal-Torment just for not believing, God is not perfect.

Concerning these documented and evident issues and topics, can you sell anyone on how your God – the Biblical God – is perfect?

Will you personally tend to ignore the topics, avoid the issues, and claim the Biblical God is real but that these issues are not?

Magical Spells and Incantations.

The Fantasy of Willing Things into Reality. 

President Donald J. Trump’s 30,529 public, fact-checked lies during his one term were often his attempts to “will things into reality”.

Should a self-responsible individual meditate to open communication with one’s genes and nervous system, one may decide to experience desired results.

Adolf Hitler burned six million Jews. Hitler couldn’t hurt them once they were dead – yet some would have us believe God is torturing people from death throughout eternity – making God a bigger despot than Hitler! Can you reconcile that with the God of your experience?

United States President George W. Bush claimed to often pray to God. George W. Bush publicly claimed that he received a vision from God to attack the sovereign nation of Iraq. Bush murdered and injured over a million Iraqis to enforce his foreign policy “interests” and to eliminate Iraqi competition, disobedience and defiance. It is the same old God authority: If you do not obey me – I will punish / kill you. Would God-worshipping George W. Bush also send the disobedient defenders of their land and oil into Eternal Torment – if he could?   

Man created God to take advantage of – and to subordinate – other fearful, superstitious, authority-worshipping men. By worshipping a God, a man enslaves himself even before another man can enslave him. To worship a god or another Human Being takes away self-responsibility, confidence and personal power. The practice of hierarchical worship inherently creates the idea and the desire to be worshipped by others. 

For the believer to pretend that a fictitious God became master over them – and to voluntarily become the phony God’s slave – eventually takes away the believer’s freedom and the capacity to think for oneself.

The Lord’s Prayer includes: “Lead us not into temptation”. Does God allow us to be tempted? Isn’t that the Devil’s job?

1 Corinthians 10:13 says, “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

So, God does tempt and allow temptation. Is God and the Devil the same Character?

Many a man, given a badge, pepper-spray and a gun, and the authority to use them, turned him into a punishing, harassing, murderous Human monster.

Stripped of self-identity and esteem, feeling helpless, powerless and alone, the believer’s desire to serve an assumed-authority manifests. A believer often gives up his or her rights as an independent / non-dependent Human Being in favor of an assumed-authority’s orders, agendas and wishes. Military training best showcases the “you are with me or against me” / “kill or die” / authority-obedience / master-slave agenda. For the indoctrinated / brainwashed, not serving authority – on its terms – often produces a sense of unnecessary guilt.

In the Judeo-Christian churches, groups of practicing believers look forward to being herded. They also tend to compete in righteously supervising each other in serving. Some dress alike in uniforms.

Soldiers and slaves are products of these patriotic, God-worshipping agendas, missions and causes. They tend to bond to and serve symbols and flags. Dictators and God’s hate thinkers who question and prove to think for themselves. They censor and punish questions, protests and challenges. An intellectual, who thinks for himself or herself, is often targeted to become the practicing believer’s enemy. Some god-fearing believers consider free-will thinkers to be terrorists. Some demand obedience to the point they demonize those who do not obey.

The authoritative God / Ego demands: “Stop thinking! Believe in and serve Me on My terms”. This is the practicing rule of the Biblical God and His inspired believer / dictator. Reward and punishment are the tools for dog-training. Gods and believer’s demand: “Have faith, believe, serve, follow and obey Me!” Once a believer is converted, he or she will try to convert non-believers to believe – to be like them – eventually by threat of consequence. They may not like you if you do not.

A converted Ego (I am the value / I am the authority / I am entitled) is God-like. An Ego infected by “The God Virus” categorically sucks-up all this “authority-worship”. 

Thou Shalt Worship Me

Luke 19:27 Jesus Christ said: And as for those, Mine enemies, who will not have Me be King over them, bring them before Me and slay them.

Then comes the ultimate Judeo / Christian / Islamist threat: If one refuses or fails to give up their free-will and to whole-heartedly have faith, to believe and to serve God on His terms – he or she is destined to suffer their loving, Biblical God’s “Eternal Torment”.

With God-Authority, Intellect Is Not Allowed.

Faith-based religionists claim that God is a perfect Being.

Perfect things / beings are usually nonexistent idealizations of real things / beings.

Concerning the Biblical God, everyone may have his or her own opinion, but stubborn facts are made of sturdier stuff. 

Therefore, it is likely that God is a nonexistent idealization of a real thing / being.

Clarity: Because there is no realistic evidence in God, I do not have faith in nor believe in God. I am often asked why I care if people believe in a God while I do not. Do I care if you personally believe in a God? No. That is your personal choice. Do I care if you present this God as a true concept to others? Yes. I find it offensive and detrimental to others to promote myth as fact. Do I care if one religious group overrides the rights of others? Yes. I am aggressively opposed. If you choose to say that you “believe”, I interpret that as you do not “know”. I view that it is wrong for you to impose your “beliefs” / your “I don’t knows” on others. Because perfect things are usually nonexistent idealizations of real things, and God is a perfect thing, it follows that it is likely that God is also a nonexistent idealization of an unreal, supernatural entity.

Although Human Beings can be morally good, we quite often are not.

God, on the other hand, is conceived of as the perfect super person: maximally knowledgeable and powerful, completely unaccountable, fully rational, and morally perfect. Moreover, many people tend to create ideal, unattainable standards and fantasize about how perfect things could have been when reflecting on their flaws, so it is likely that God reflects a nonexistent idealization of a person.

Judges 1:19 God was with Judah. God drove out the inhabitants of the mountain but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.

The Judean Biblical God is obviously NOT all powerful.

So, can the Biblical God build a rock so heavy that God can NOT pick it up?

God is a perfect being that created the universe. If a perfect “Creator-God” exists, then the world is perfect. God would not make the world worse in violation of his perfection. However, the world is imperfect. Ergo, God does not exist.

Is Heaven sin-free, evil-free? The presence of sinful souls, forgiven or not, would not allow Heaven to be perfect.

To learn to care for community, friendship, love and trust between different individuals does make a world better. Human Beings can and do benefit from such things. The Biblical God destroyed more of these relationships than the few Jews that God helped. God only helped His “Chosen Jews” destroy other people.

The “in control” Biblical God imposed deadly and crippling plagues on Human Beings who God did not like. Science has outsmarted some of the Biblical God’s plagues like polio, syphilis, malaria, et al. Science discovered antibiotics to kill deadly germs. Neither God nor Jesus Christ ever offered this life-saving knowledge to Humanity. Science learned about and discovered how to make electricity so that Human Beings could live more comfortably. Know-it-all God and Jesus never bothered to mention such things in the Bible.

This Polio is God’s Will?
This Syphilis is God’s Will?
This Malaria is also God’s Will?

The Bible documents that “there was war in Heaven”. Religionists claim that Heaven is a “perfect” place. They further claim that things will stay that way in Heaven, so there is no worrisome possibility that things will not turn out well. Thus, Heaven’s occupants have no need for hopes nor faith.

Hope would not improve Heaven. It could make it worse – for it would bring with it the worrisome possibility that things may not turn out well.

When believers pray – they attempt to alter God’s “perfect plan” in their favor.

Hope only makes a world better when there are beings that need or can benefit from it.

Is it true that: Nothing proves “spirituality” more than stirring up fear and hate?

Judeo-Christian-Islamist religions believe that the “One God of Abraham” exists! Atheists would not agree.

Faith and belief insist that God is in control, is the kind Being that will always do the right thing, or always ensure that things turn out for the best. It is always irrational to believe something with insufficient or no evidence suggesting its truth.

There is no preaching in Heaven since everyone is already in the presence of God.

G: Earth is not perfect because there is war and killing on Earth. There was war in Heaven. If this is true, Heaven cannot be perfect. So, God’s Earth is not perfect. God’s Heaven is not perfect. Ergo, God is not perfect.

If God is secure, powerful and knows all, how could God benefit from being worshipped?

You can count on one hand how many people you know who is capable to critically stand up to the Biblical God.

The Bible introduced the Biblical God. The Bible described this insane God. Bible C&Vs discredit this murderous God better than I ever could. I just document and present the selected, controversial Bible C&Vs to blind, brain-washed, emotionally charged, mind-set believers.

I did not write the Bible. Don’t blame me for what it documents. If I make an error displaying a selected C&V, correct it – don’t try to make a voodoo threat to authoritatively dismiss it.    

If you claim that you are not a believer? Do you find yourself still attempting to protect the Biblical God? If so, why? Don’t you think that believers should know what their Bible says about their God?

Religion In School: If you don’t want the school teaching your kids that Allah is the only way to salvation, then you already know that you are wrong!

Religious texts portray God as needing worship so much that he threatens Human Beings with severe punishment for not worshipping God. This projects insecure, psychologically dependent, cruel, and unjust behavior from God.

Why would an infinitely good, absolutely perfect God – who knows how excellent He is – destroy those who don’t care to worship Him? You wouldn’t do that to your children – would you? If you answer is no – then – you are more perfect than the Biblical God.

If you could not have both – which would you prefer – worship or money?

On the other hand, maybe churchgoing and God-worship have nothing to do with any God but is all about you – your ego. Do you do it because you fear? Are you insecure? Do you want more. Has God short-changed you? Are you dissatisfied with God’s blessings? Do you need to beg for more?

Graven-Image Hypocrisy

Deuteronomy 5:8 The Biblical God commanded: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

The Biblical God twice broke His own commandment.

1. God ordered Moses to build The Arc of the Covenant.

2. God had poisonous snakes bite and kill His own Hebrews. God then ordered them to make a rod with a snake wrapped around it so that any who saw it would not die of snakebite.

What “graven-image” hypocrisy!

Ego: “But, I Am Entitled & I Want”

Simple Problem: God is perfect? God created everything? How can a perfect God create things that prove to be imperfect?

Possible answer: Perfection, even for Human Beings, is many things – one of which is boring. God was bored with His perfection. So, God created evil and sin for His own pleasure and entertainment. Evil and sin exist so isn’t this reality as possible as any other reality? Life on Earth consists of inter-parasitical life-forms. It’s called the food-chain. Earth’s life-forms are God’s evil and sinful war-games.

The world in which we live is full of flaws and blemishes; there is a plethora of suffering, injustice, immoral actions and terrible individuals, conflict and war, and plenty of misperception and intentional deception.

Only if – suffering, murder, theft, injustice, immoral actions, terrible individuals, conflict and war, and intentional deception is perfect – can the Biblical God be perfect.

The God Murders website gives Bible C&V evidence that God was guilty of all those things, Himself. And, because God does not change, just imagine what Heaven will be like having to live forever with such a “it’s all about Me and My pleasure” character.

If the “just & fair” Biblical God hides Himself from modern Humanity and then God sends you into Hell’s Eternal-Torment for not believing in Him – doesn’t that proves that the Biblical God loves you?

Epicurus (341 – 270 BCE)

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

Religionists claim that God is the greatest thing conceivable. I claim that things like oxygen and electricity have proven for mankind to be some of the greatest things ever experienced. Think about it. If you had to choose, which would you prefer to give up for yourself and your family – God – or oxygen and electricity? Be realistic now. If you are willing give up oxygen, you, like Abraham, will be willing to sacrifice the lives of your own children.

A unicorn is described as a horse with a horn coming out of its forehead. Most claim they do not exist. Of course unicorns exist. They are everywhere. They just don’t have a little horn coming out of their forehead anymore.

A perfect God is like a perfect marriage ending up in a perfect divorce. Such is Atheism.

Isaiah 43:10 You are My witnesses, said God, and My servant whom I have chosen. That you may know and believe Me, and understand that I am God. Before Me, there was no God formed, neither shall there (a God) be after Me.

Well, that doesn’t make much room for Jesus Christ being God – unless they invent “The Trinity”.

In myth, a man called Abraham invented the one office of the one God.

God is a man-invented office of one authority over all men.

Throughout history, in many countries, many men have assumed the one office of their one King.

The one God is a one office nomenclature – a position of one power and one authority over all who believe in, support, promote and finance the office.

God / Bible / Rape

God (The Authority) Can Do Anything God Wants

Because of the Catholic religion’s delusion concerning the common belief in a perfect, supernatural, moral authority (God) – illegal, immoral sexual rape within the Catholic ranks / hierarchy is protected. There are thousands of cases of Catholic Priests raping children. The Catholic Church hierarchy quietly transferred or retired their Priest without legal or public consequence. In days of old, they quietly and confidentially paid off any complaints.

With immunity, many of God’s Biblical heroes committed rape. Lot had sex with his 2 virgin daughters. Legally, that’s incest and rape.

Abraham impregnated his wife Sarah’s servant, Hagar. Hagar had no choice. That’s rape.

David had sex and impregnated one of his military officer’s wife, Bathsheba. That was rape or Bathsheba was an adulteress. Then, David ordered Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, killed.

“The Holy Ghost” knocked-up “The Virgin Mary” to produce Jesus Christ.

If you believe “The Trinity” – Jesus Christ was “The Holy Ghost”.

If so, Jesus Christ knocked-up His own mother to produce Himself.

All these women were sexually raped by these righteous, God favored “authorities”. The Bible and religion are models that protect rapists. Due to these Biblical God-models, other positions of authority like teachers, coaches, and bosses in the work-place have raped with immunity. Would you want to know if someone was being raped? If you did know, would you speak out and accuse? Religion demands that its God-fearing believers do not question or take issue with those in authority. Thus, most rapes are covered-up by authority-worshipping rape enablers.

In US history, men invented the one office of the one President.

The one office of the one President functions as the one top authority of the country.

When human beings describe the one God, they describe the one office of the one God.

Is “The Office of God” – “The Trinity”? Was Jesus Christ The Holy Spirit? Who impregnated “The Virgin Mary”?

God does not exist, in reality, but in some believer’s minds, the authoritative “one office of God” does exist. The “Spirit of God” is Authority.

People worship and serve the throne of the one King – and Whoever happens to be sitting on it.

“The King is dead. Long live the King.”

As long as the office of the King exists, the King exists

Throughout history, there have been thousands of gods to fulfill the one god office.

Exodus 3:2 The Angel of God appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.

Did an Angel or God appear in the burning bush? What is the truth?

Judges 2:1 The Angel of God said, “I brought you up out of Egypt and led you into the land that I swore to give to your forefathers.”

Did an Angel or God lead the Hebrews out of Egypt and into “The Promised Land”?

“The Trinity” displays the one office of the one God that is filled by 3 equal entities.

The office of God exists as long as authoritative agendas to be obeyed are assigned from it.

The titles King, Emperor, President are all artificial offices set up to govern separate groups of Human Beings.

The title God is an artificial office designed, by fear of consequence, to govern all mankind.

A believer’s ego tries to govern and discipline all others in his or her atmosphere by threat of the authority of their one God’s office.

A belief is a psychological projection, often an attempt to will something into reality.

A lie is a psychological projection, often an attempt to make someone believe something false is real.

The Names of God in Judaism

























There are others?

The one Biblical God has more aliases than Jesse James.

The Bible and its “Apocrypha” (scripture not selected) is modern-day man’s main source as to the real or fictional existence of the Biblical God.

Test your integrity: Other than the myth of creation, list by Bible documentation, where the Old Testament Biblical God did something good for someone without hurting another.

If your list proves to be short and weak, can you explain to your child why?

Have you ever used this feared, angry, jealous, murderous and wrathful God to intimidate your child because you are afraid you cannot control your child without doing so?

If so, are you trying to use the wrathful Biblical God as your personal voodoo authority enforcer? Do you attempt to authoritatively bully and control other people with your God?

Having faith is blindly trusting the unknown.

Many believers support God’s agenda to inflict evil upon a human soul / life in order to prove the Human’s character and the steadfastness of his faith. The “know-it-all” Biblical God cannot know who He will choose to serve Him for eternity without putting evil on Humans to test their sacrifice, love, servitude and willingness to be God’s slave for eternity.  

Without the Koran and these Bible / Apocrypha sources of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic God / Allah character, Judeo-Christian-Islamic believers would not believe what they claim to believe today.

There are no other sources of God other than the Islamic Allah’s Koran – and the Judeo-Christian God’s Bible / Apocrypha. The Koran’s Allah and the Judeo-Christian God is the same Character – the same “One-God of Abraham”.

There is no historical evidence of any supernatural Biblical God or of any other supernatural mythical gods. They’re all myths. In reality, there is no evidence that the Biblical God exists. There is only evidence that “belief in God” exists.

I agree that religion is primitive politics and that politics demand control, authority, power and profit over people.

The mystery of a supernatural god lies in our ego’s relationship with our ever-evolving genes. Assuming that our human gene-banks (46 chromosomes) light up and shut down as we evolve (age) and that feelings are the vehicles of communication between our conscience ego and our programmable genetic hard-wiring / software, maybe the mysteries of a supernatural god can be resolved and formulated. Assuming that – experience triggers genes and those genes trigger experiences – our genes may be the mysterious gods that we claim to be so personal. Our ego, by interpreting these mysterious feelings / god-like influences, bring all these gods down to one god.

Belief in God?

Unfortunately, for our fragile (I am the value, I am the authority, I am entitled) egos, this theory gives our illusive, on-again, off-again genes credit of much of our conflictive, do-want / don’t want emotions and our observable attitudes and behaviors.

What is a theory? A theory is simply another, definite, guaranteed maybe.

Until the capacity for “critical thinking” – for some exploring minds – religion has been spread as dogma to be protected rather than a complex set of hypotheses to be tested.

Concerning “The potter and the clay” nonsense: If one paints an ugly painting, is the painting at fault for being ugly or the one who paints it? Conversely, “One stroke of an artist’s brush may appear distasteful, even hideous, but it along with a combination of others, may be responsible for a masterpiece.” GWD

Solomon Asch’s Conformity Experiment


Religion / God attempts to place a fictitious Authority / God over an “obedient” you.

“Repentance” is a psychological tool used to get you to confess your disobedience to authority / God and to assume your agreement not to disobey authority / God again – under the phony threat that you will suffer Hell and Eternal-Torment.

Religion attempts to place and keep you, the individual, in an immature, dependent state instead of a mature state of self-responsibility.

I view that if a man talks to God – he is religious. If God appears and / or talks to him, he is delusional and / or psychotic.

The problem that believers have with Atheists is, Atheists don’t do obedience to supernatural / false authorities. That disturbs believers as they demand all obey their mind-set dogma. They use God as their enforcer and punisher to get there way.

Mind-Set Dogma

Atheists rightfully claim that there is no evidence of any supernatural gods. Sadly, that’s where atheists usually stop. Most atheists are not equipped to, nor are they interested in debating the heinous deeds of the Biblical God to any depth. Atheists don’t care to know the selected C&Vs of the Bible that prove their disobedience to the Biblical God to be correct. They don’t seem to care or want to know how their concept of atheism is logically validated. They operate simply as the authority over their Atheism.

Believers claim that the Judeo-Christian God is supernatural and real. Believers claim that if you don’t obey the Biblical God, He will torment you for eternity.

Most Christian believers prove not to be realists. What? How realistic is a “virgin birth” or the dead coming back to life? Most also prove not to be honest concerning controversial Bible issues. They usually play the authority – obedience / eternal-torment card as they exit most Bible debates.

I support every human being’s right to have their own views and beliefs – as long as they do not imperialistically or authoritatively infringe them on others.

To the honest and realist human being – please be just and fair: If you are going to promote, support and finance the Biblical God, at least know what this God is documented, by Bible C&V, to have done.

Regards, Gary DeVaney

“The God Concept” demands conformance and obedience to authority, control, laws, rules, and obedience. If you don’t willingly obey, punishment / eternal-torment are your fate.

It seems that each time a Christian says, “I believe”, they get caught trying to supervise others. Christians are always authoritatively telling other people how to live their lives.

If your god happens to hate the same people that you hate, your ego turns out to be your god.

Robert Frost wrote: I turned to speak to God about the world’s despair; but, to make bad matters worse, I found God wasn’t there.

Did you ever hear: Because God is NOT allowed in to protect our US schools, shootings happen and kids die.

A Perspective of God’s Murderous Behavior

I am God. I cannot die. I impose My will on others. I punish and kill others who do not obey Me or My will. I do not kill them in self-defense. I kill them for My pleasure and to serve Me on My terms. I really have no empathy, compassion or regret. If I shoot someone – I feel nothing – but the recoil.


Genesis 6:6 God Repented


1. To feel sorry, self-reproachful, or contrite for past conduct; regret or be conscience-stricken about a past action, attitude, etc. (often followed by of ): He repented after his thoughtless act.

2. To feel such sorrow for sin or fault as to be disposed to change one’s life for the better; be penitent. 

3. To remember or regard with self-reproach or contrition: to repent one’s injustice to another.

4. To feel sorry for; regret: to repent an imprudent act.

Exodus 32:14 God repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.

Judges 2:18 For it repented God

I Chronicles 21:15 God sent an Angel to Jerusalem to destroy it: as he was destroying, God looked and repented the Angel of the evil…

I Samuel 15:35 God repented that he had made Saul King over Israel.

II Samuel 24:16 When the angel stretched out his hand to destroy Jerusalem, God repented him of the evil, and said to the angel that destroyed the people, it is enough: stay now your hand.

Jeremiah 26:19 God repented him of the evil which he had pronounced against them?

Amos 7:3 & Amos 7:6 God repented for this: It shall not be, said God.

Jonah 3:10 God saw their works, that they turned from their evil way; and God repented of the evil that he had said that he would do to them; and he (God) did it not.

If the “unchanging” God repented – did God change His mind?

“The Trinity”
God – Jesus Christ – The Holy Ghost

The Trinity Dogma: Jesus Christ is The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is God. God is Jesus Christ.

Matthew 1:18 / Luke 1:35 documented that The Holy Ghost impregnated The Virgin Mary.

If a believer claims that to be true, then, Jesus Christ impregnated His own mother to produce Himself.

A fact, unlike truth, does not care who agrees or disagrees with it.

John 1:19-36: John-the-Baptist baptized Jesus Christ claiming twice not to know Jesus. Jesus Christ was John-the-Baptist’s cousin.

For believers, the Biblical God is the assumed authority over everything. In the Jewish Torah, “God’s word” has documented 613 laws / rules to be obeyed by “God’s Chosen Jews”. The New Testament’s Apostle Paul changed that to include all believers. Many of those 613 Biblical laws, if obeyed, would place you in a court-of-law and on death-row.

Each time you say, “I believe” you have announced an authority that you have committed to follow, support and obey. When you preach your beliefs, you are establishing your rules and your values. Your ego then expects others to follow, conform to, support and obey your announced beliefs / values.

The Holy Ghost” is with you only if and when you are willing to be obedient.

The “Savior” focuses on your willfully trying to obey, failing to obey and repenting. If you don’t repent or try to obey, you will not be saved and you will be punished or destroyed. Employment operates this way. If you don’t obey and serve the employer – on his terms – you will be financially crucified.

Your salvation is based on your willingness to conform, support, promote and obey the “assumed authority” that you serve.

This “God Concept” is easily described:

Perceive that God was / is the first corporation.

A corporation is an idea, a fictitious entity, with by-laws and an agenda.

As long as this corporation is supported, promoted and financed, (believed-in) it exists.

Example: Trans World Airlines (TWA) did not exist 200 years ago. TWA did exist for many years in the 20thcentury. TWA does not exist today.

When people stopped supporting, promoting and financing TWA, it ceased to exist. Such is the fate of most of the mythical gods in mankind’s authoritative history. When the collection plate dried up, these gods ceased to exist.

Your genes created you as a million life cycles created the evolved genes that created you. GWD

Ego and God is synonymous. Neither is tangible in reality. Both God and Ego behave as if:

I am the value.

I am the authority.

I am entitled.

Most animals have these behaviors. Dogs are probably the easiest to compare. They worship, obey and try to please their god / master. They also disobey. Dogs often feel guilty and show remorse when their assumed master / god corrects them. They seem to whine and worship, beg and pray to their god / master when they want something.

How many gods are there on planet Earth? There is at least one god for each ego – as each big or small ego privately operates as if it were a god.

7 Billion Human Egos?

Epicurus: Why should I fear death? If I am – death is not. If death is – I am not. Why should I fear that which can not exist when I do?

We all assume authority over some things. We often feel entitled and behave as if we are “gods / assumed authorities” over those things we feel entitled to.

We are not known by nor are we identified with what we think. We are known and identified with what we do or what we have done.

Belief often does not promote truth. Belief often promotes self-serving authority.

Thomas Jefferson, letter to John Adams, January 24, 1814: The whole history of these books [the Gospels] is so defective and doubtful that it seems vain to attempt minute enquiry into it: and such tricks have been played with their text, and with the texts of other books relating to them, that we have a right, from that cause, to entertain much doubt what parts of them are genuine. In the New Testament there is internal evidence that parts of it have proceeded from an extraordinary man; and that other parts are of the fabric of very inferior minds. It is as easy to separate those parts, as to pick out diamonds from dunghills.

Religion is the competition of egos. One “converted” ego, claims to have no will of his or her own and claims to live by God’s will. That ego tries to break another’s will to serve their God. That “conversion” would satisfy their ego. The other ego either commits to convert to God’s will or stubbornly claims to live by his own free-will. Religious people tend to angrily condemn those who choose to live by their own free-will and their own values in their lives. “Assumed authorities” demand: “I want you to live by my values in your life with me being the center of those values.” God wants it that way. Your boss wants it that way. Your spouse, parent and president all want it that way. Religion is the training of the masses to serve, sacrifice and to submit to other “assumed authorities” on their terms.

Reality is often a problem for believers / authoritarians.

The real source of bad Human behavior is our Human Animal nature. It’s all in the genes. The Biblical God’s documented insane and murderous behavior reinforces and triggers those insane and murderous Animal genes.

The International Bankers are the “gods” over all the money on this planet. Money is the only “god of consequence” on planet Earth. Everybody worships, sacrifices for and depends on whatever form of money they are addicted to. You are not addicted to money, you say? Try living without money and what it does for you. If you cannot live without the benefit of money, you are addicted.

                                      The International Bankers

  Amschel Moses Rothschild      
Mr. Buffett (of Goldman)
    David de Rothschild   

Michel David-Weill (Lazard)  
Lloyd Blankfein    


 Paul Warburg

John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie,  Cornelius Vanderbilt, and J.P. Morgan

Confucius stated a legal principle:

“Do NOT do onto others what you would NOT have them to do unto you.”

The United States of America, without legal cause, did a pre-emptive attack on Iraq and has killed almost a million Iraqi people. The USA has injured millions of Iraqis.

In your value system, would you have Iraq do an pre-emptive attack and kill millions of US citizens? Would you have Iraq occupy the USA?

If you say “yes”, you prove to be insane. If you say “no”, then our Christian-lead nation is wrong – for that is what The United States of America has done to Iraq.

President Thomas Jefferson said: The Christian God can be pictured as virtually the same god as the many ancient gods of past civilizations. The Christian God is a three-headed monster – cruel, vengeful and capricious. If one wishes to know more of this raging three-headed beast-like God, one only needs to look at the caliber of people who say they serve Him. They are always of two classes – fools and hypocrites. Finis

Today, about 1 out of every 138 Judeo-Christians in our United States of America is behind bars in our prison system. That is hard evidence as to how “good and righteous” our Judeo-Christian country is.

President George W. Bush is the most powerful “god / assumed authority” on planet Earth as of this writing. Bush, Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were some of the worst “gods / assumed authorities” in modern history. Why are American “believers” still obeying, supporting, promoting and sacrificing our youth for this heinous tyrant’s murderous agenda?

Oil: Black Gold
Oilman: George W. Bush


Praying is practicing obedience. Believing is willfully obeying. It is time for this insane, “assumed authority / god” and his staff-support to be impeached and jailed.

It is time for the “might makes right” god-obedience game to cease. Congress must dry up Bush’s military collection plate and the troops will have to come home.

President George W. Bush, this heinous, insane god, will probably provide the American blood necessary for the International Banker’s wars.

Parents promote God, a false authority, to brainwash and program a child to worship, adore, serve and obey. They program children that God is good, but that if the child is bad, God will be mad and will punish the bad, sinful child. The authoritative parent tries to get the benefit of an obedient, serving, authority-fearing child. The parent often displays that he or she is a model of serving and obeying God – so that the child will learn to serve and obey the parent.

Kings and Presidents claim to serve and obey their “good” God so that their peasants will grovel and serve their “good” authority.

Peasants Verses a King’s Authority

Consequently, the parent programs himself to serve his President, King or Tyrant in sacrificial war. The tyrannical Government promoting religion (the worship and servitude of God) gets the benefit.

Religion is primitive politics. Secular politicians use religion as an immoral back up to their assumed authority. When the peasants have “The Holy Spirit” and are willing to obey, tyranny will have its way. War is waged and the Biblical God’s appetite for blood and death is satisfied.

Religious believers are easily dominated due to their programmed addiction to authority, power and control. They seek authority and then they dispense it. It’s called “the chain of command”.

Many businesses and social organizations use religious prayers and oaths of allegiance to draw workers and members. The social organizations want participants who worshipfully, obediently and dependably contribute their time, talent, assets and money.

Clergy has modeled this profitable tactic for centuries. Clergy are con-men who pedal a false authority so an assumed authority can easily step in. Worshipful believers pray for an authority to follow and obey.

President George W. Bush promotes churches and clergy who pedal a false authority so that he, an assumed authority, can attempt to rule the World.

The God Game

Gary DeVaney: “The God Game” is the authority / obedience game. You can put the word AUTHORITY in the place of GOD and it will fit 100% of the time.


Fundamentalist Believer: Faith in God is not a game as God is real and God is the true authority!

G: Nobody is above the truth – and “faith” in an invisible, supernatural God presumes, in reality, to be above truth.

B: God is everything, in reality, and God is truth. Now you listen to me – through The Holy Spirit – I represent God.

G: Have you ever doubted or been critical of your beliefs?

B: Yes, in the beginning, like you, I was a low-life sinner. Then – through The Holy Spirit – I committed to my faith and to my beliefs. I still sin. I pray and repent. Unlike you, I am a saved soul!

G: Have you ever doubted or been critical of your beliefs since?

B: Never! I now realize that I have always been one of God’s “elect”.

G: Do you consider your belief to be rational?

B: God and the belief-in-God is beyond the rationale of man.

G: Do you seek other’s conformity or obedience to your belief?

B: Yes.

G: Why?

B: God and Jesus Christ ordered it in the Holy Bible.

G: Do you believe in superstition?

B: No!

G: Then, how do you believe in a God?

B: Because, the Biblical God is true reality.

G: Reality?

B: Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a reality.

G: Are there any human beings you blindly follow and obey?

B: Yes. Those who preach God and Jesus Christ.

G: Do you want other human beings to blindly follow and obey you?

B: Yes.

G: Do you consider yourself to be an authority over other people?

B: Yes.

G: If so, what is your authority?

B: God – through Jesus Christ and The Holy spirit.

G: Who, besides yourself, enforces it?

B: Any saved, god-fearing believer.

G: Do you use God as a threat to enforce your authority?

B: Yes. The Holy Bible tells me to.

G: How do you feel that I don’t obey you or your God?

B: I feel that you are going to Hell! Praise God!

G: Would you send me to Hell?

B: I don’t have to – but if God didn’t – I would if I could.

G: Why?

B: For disobeying God – and me in God’s stead.

G: You would send me into “Eternal Torment” for that?

B: Yes.

G: Do you view that the “Eternal Torment” punishment fits the “disobedience” crime?

B: Yes.

G: Really? Why?

B: God set that criteria – I didn’t. God is perfect. I just obey God.

G: Have you ever killed non-virgin girls, gay men or disobedient sons like God’s Old Testament commands?

B: No – I don’t have to as God eliminated all those Old Testament commandments with the coming of Jesus Christ.

G: But, the Bible documents that God does not change and that Jesus said that He came to fulfill God’s law – not to change it.

B: You can only understand the Bible if you have The Holy Spirit. I am right and I am saved. You are wrong and you are going to Hell. You are persecuting Jesus Christ – and us Christians – when you don’t believe in, sacrifice, unify, conform and obey us. God knows everything. God already knows who will be saved to serve Him for eternity. I will no longer sow my pearls before swine. Goodbye and go to Hell!!!

God Formula

In reality, there is no evidence that the Biblical God exists. There is only evidence that “belief in God” exists.

The Belief in Allah Exists
Image result for clouds
The Belief in Heaven Exists
Believers Claim Pictures of God 


All babies are born atheists.

You were born an atheist.

The first meaningful thing a baby gets from others, after mother’s milk, is a formula.

A baby has no language skills to formulate thoughts.

A baby reacts to its genetic feelings.

A mother feeding a dependent child becomes a child’s nurturing and saving God.

A father’s fearful and punishing authority makes the father an authority or God over the child.

The words “God” and “authority” are synonymous. Test it. Find “God” written anywhere – replace the word “God” with “authority” and it will fit 100% of the time.

The Question is the Highest Form of Thought

Parents introduce and create the one god for their child so that the child behaves when not supervised by the parents. The child is lied to by his or her frightened / insecure parents. The child is indoctrinated / trained / brainwashed to pretend to be supervised by the invisible God.

Behold: The God-fearing child – later to be – the God-fearing adult.

This is why people, normally not religious, get religious when starting a family. Religious, praying adults don’t outgrow the pretend. They continue setting the example for others to conform to. It gives them a sense of authority.

When a child learns words, thoughts then become organized and remembered.

Parents, schools, media, church and religious believers all reinforce “God” to a child.

To a child, god starts as an introduced thought – which amounts to the most “supernatural” human experience.

A child ponders the reinforced thought of God – which then becomes an idea.

Fears and pressures force a child to commit to the idea of God – which then becomes a belief.

A child develops an observable “Ego” – which is only observed during its conscious hours.

Ego / God both display the behaviors: I am the value, I am the authority, I am more important, and I am entitled. When a child cries, he or she is resisting authority or demanding to be the authority over his or her current reality. Ego and God are synonymous.

Through imagination, a child’s Ego attaches to a committed belief in God. After ego attachment, God becomes “sacred” to a child.

God becomes a reinforced, sacred imaginary character that the child’s Ego claims to be real.

Both ego and God tends to select categories in which both Ego and God try to be more than what they are.

Formula Conclusion

Whether a child grows up to be a believing Christian, a Jew, a Hindu or a Muslim, their Ego and their God have become synonymous.

A God-Fearing Child?
A Growing Up God-Fearing Adult?


That’s why they get angry when you question or take issue with their God. If you take issue with their God, they react as if you took issue with them.

Perspective: If any believer were severely tortured while demanded to describe their God, by the end of the torture, their description of their God would look just like them.

The concept of God is purely a psychological manifestation. Outside of an Ego-attached thought, idea or imagined belief, there is no evidence of any God existing in reality.

What one person, who you know, would be impacted if sent to this site?

The words “God” and “authority” are synonymous. Test it. Find “God” written anywhere – replace the word “God” with “authority” and it will fit 100% of the time.

Parents introduce and create the one god for their child so that the child behaves when not supervised by the parents. The child is trained to pretend to be supervised by the invisible God.

This is why people, normally not religious, get religious when starting a family. Religious, praying adults don’t outgrow the pretend.

They continue setting the example for others to conform to. It gives them a sense of authority.

When a child learns words, thoughts then become organized and remembered.

Parents, schools, media, church and religious believers all reinforce “God” to a child.

To a child, god starts as an introduced thought – which amounts to the most “supernatural” human experience.

A child ponders the reinforced thought of God – which then becomes an idea.

Fears and pressures force a child to commit to the idea of God – which then becomes a belief.

A child develops an observable “Ego” – which is only observed during its conscious hours.

Ego / God both display the behaviors: I am the value, I am the authority, I am more important, and I am entitled. When a child cries, he or she is resisting authority or demanding to be the authority over his or her current reality. Ego and God are synonymous.

Through imagination, a child’s Ego attaches to a committed belief in God. After ego attachment, God becomes “sacred” to a child.

God becomes a reinforced, sacred imaginary character that the child’s Ego claims to be real.

Both ego and God tends to select categories in which both Ego and God try to be more than what they are.

Revelation 2:10 Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.

This infers that one should not fear God imposed suffering and that suffering is a virtue for God’s promise of an after-life crown. It indicates that God is being responsible for all of mankind’s suffering, tribulation, affliction, trouble, anguish, persecution, burden, and distress.

Deuteronomy 7:7 The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, (the Jews) because ye were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people.

This is documented C&V evidence that God does pick and choose favorites.

God: The First Corporation


Gary DeVaney

God is the First Corporation?

A Corporation is a fictitious entity, with an agenda and bylaws. God is the first corporation. Like any Corporation, as long a people finance and support this fictitious entity referred to as God, It will continue to affect and control Its supporters as an assumed authority. Gary DeVaney

In God’s creation: Life is cannibalistic. Life devours life.

In God’s creation: For something to live – things must die. For something to live well – more things must die.

The following is linked, edited and commented on:

Theists insist that we can not “judge” God. Because God is so much greater than we are, it is inappropriate for us to try to use our puny human reason to evaluate whether God’s actions are good or bad.

Do theists understand the implications of this position?

God does not exist in reality but – yes we can judge what God is said to be – just like we can judge history. The courts, made up of a jury of human beings, insist, by law, that we are to judge selected deeds.

How do you list “existence” as an attribute of God? Of course, believers think that their God exists.

Image result for universe
The Laws of Nature – Not Gods – Control Everything in the Universe


What is at issue is how God exists.

According to philosophical theism, God exists in a very special and unique way.

Can you personally define that way?

God’s existence is necessary rather than contingent.

Nonsense. The God facade is only used to fulfill one’s ego-driven, self-serving, obedience-demanding agenda.

Can you define what is meant by the concept “God”?

Does your personal concept of God boil down and amount to an indefinable feeling? Without that indefinable feeling, would you have any concept of God? Yes? No?

You can’t debate the existence of something unless everyone is clear on what it is they are talking about. Otherwise, people might be talking about completely different things.

It’s common for Christians to compare the relationship between humanity and God to that between husband and wife.

God’s Behavior Towards Humans

1st Corinthians 11:3 The head of every man is Christ. The head of the woman is the man.

Paul said: Jesus is above a husband
as a husband is above his wife

God is “the man of the house” to whom Humanity owes obedience, respect, worship, humility and honor. Usually, this relationship is idealistically portrayed as one of love and caring, but in far too many ways, God is more like a tyrannical, abusive spouse Who only knows how to love and care through intimidation, violence and murder. A review of classic signs and symptoms of spousal abuse reveals how abusive the “relationship” people have with God.

Theists believe in some sort of God while Atheists do not.

If believers are going to debate the existence of any gods, it’s critical to understand and accept just what it is they are talking about – and why they are talking about it.

What’s the point of debating the possible existence of God if no one has tried to come to an agreement as to what they mean by God?

If it is all a matter of faith, what does faith is God have to do with reality?

Discussing the nature, attributes, and character of a supposed God doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless there is some reason to think that this God exists in the first place.

Isn’t discussing whether or not a God is omnipotent or omniscient just a waste of time – if we have no good reason to suppose it even exists?

Gods is of our creation – our universe, our world, and indeed our very selves.

We owe our existence to creative acts of God.

The existence of everything is owed to a single creative act by a single perfect God.

If God created something and it went extinct, did God error?

Over 99% of all species that ever lived on Planet Earth is now extinct. Concerning the unchanging God, how is this explained?

God is perfection and worthy of our worship.

These are reasons why the existence of God is the subject of so much debate.

Omnipotence, all-powerful, refers to God’s ability to do absolutely anything God wants.

This characteristic is implied from God’s characteristic as absolute creator.

The most absolute sense of omnipotent has been found to be incoherent.


Omnipotent: All-powerful: Possessing complete, unlimited, universal power and authority.

Omniscience: All-knowing. Refers to God’s ability to know absolutely everything.

God exists either outside of time, or God exists as part of time. This appears to be another definite, guaranteed maybe.

This sense of omniscience has been found to be incoherent.

The concept of Omni benevolence stems from two basic ideas of God:

That God is perfect and is morally good. God must possess perfect goodness.

Being perfectly good must entail being good in all ways at all times and towards all other beings.

There stirs the questions.

What is the content / behavior of that goodness?

What is the relationship between that goodness and God?

If something is good – good for who?

If something is good – can the same something be bad for someone else?

If so, how can it be considered perfectly good?


Perfectly Good

Is God Good & / Or Evil?

Inspired By Laci Green

Does the “good” Biblical God really exist?

Does “evil” really exist?

Why does good God and bad evil both exist?

How can both good God and bad evil exist?

If the Biblical God exists and God is good – how can and why does evil and suffering exist?

If the Biblical God exists – is good and is all-powerful – how can evil and suffering exist?

If the Biblical God exists – is good and is all-knowing – how can evil and suffering exist?

The obvious answer must be: Evil exists because the Biblical God wants evil to exist.

If the all-powerful / all-knowing Biblical God wants evil and suffering to exist – then God is not good.

If the all-powerful / all-knowing Biblical God wants evil and suffering to exist – then God is evil.

If the Biblical God has to “test” us – then, God is not all-knowing.

Is the Biblical God “all-loving”?

The Biblical God is described to hate, to be jealous, to be damning, to give curses, to send evil, to send Death Angels, to murder, to send plagues, to do mass genocide and God threatens to send you and me into “Eternal Torment” if we do not totally love God and obey His insane tyranny.

The practicing Christian insists: But, God gave you “free-will”.

How does your “free-will” effect the myth that God “knows all”?

“Lacigreen” is one awesome Human Being. She explains religion and sex so well.


For some, God is a “person” as a necessary and fundamental part of their beliefs.

That God might not be a person is almost inconceivable for that would render them unable to adequately explain their religious history and their own religious experiences.

I support every human being’s right to have their own views and beliefs – as long as they do not imperialistically or authoritatively infringe them on others.

To the honest and realist human being – please be just and fair: If you are going to promote, support and finance the Biblical God, at least know what this God is documented, by Bible C&V, to have done.

Regards, Gary DeVaney

Image result for Richard Dawkin's FB Page
Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins: In many religions throughout history, gods have been portrayed as male and female, embodying important masculine and feminine attributes.

The tradition of philosophical theism has had difficulty with the issue of gender. Many people act as though God is male rather than female or genderless, but theologians argue that God is genderless. Why does this difference exist?

God is absolutely and perfectly free. There are no constraints, forces or limitations on God whenever God acts. God’s freedom is absolute.

God is eternal, everlasting, which means that God has existed through all of time.

If Jesus is to sit at the right hand of God, how can God sit next to Himself?

God is “timeless”. God exists outside of time and is not affected by cause and effect.

Image result for clouds
God is “timeless”

God is “provident”, which requires God to become involved with humanity and causes the course of human history to be aligned with God’s ultimate desires and purposes.

God has no body, is not constructed from matter or energy – both of which are features of the “created universe” rather than the “uncreated God.”

God is “immutable”. God cannot and does not change. Whatever God is like now is the way that God was for all of the past and the way God will be for all of the future. It doesn’t matter what happens elsewhere, God always and inevitably remains the same.

Why do people believe this? Does it make sense to say God cannot change?

God changes His mind and actions often in C&V scripture. Is this the same God?

A transcendent God is one who is beyond perception, independent of the universe, and wholly “other” when compared to us.

An immanent God is one which exists within – within us, within the universe, and much a part of our existence. How can these qualities exist simultaneously?

Conclusion: No God exists in reality.

The fantasy that Jesus is / was god is baseless. To believe that is to ignore a number of passages in the scriptures that say the opposite.

God cannot be tempted – the idea is absurd. Yet, Jesus was tempted in Matthew 4:1

God was also moved / tempted by Satan in Job 2 when God admitted to be responsible for the deaths of Job’s children and servants.

In “The Lord’s Prayer” believers pray to God by saying “lead us not into temptation”. Is it God or Satan that leads God-fearing believers into temptation? Why do believers pray to God to lead them not into temptation?

Yummy Temptation

God would not need to pray. Jesus not only prays privately, but fails to get what He wanted: Matthew 26:39-42-44.

A single unified God cannot forsake itself. Yet Jesus is forsaken: Matthew 27:46.

If someone wants to argue that he is quoting Psalm 22, fine, that Psalm also has the character it is about say that Jesus is less than a man, a mere worm. Would God refer to Himself as a worm?

God is the source not the receiver of authority. Jesus said He received authority: Matthew 28:14.

Jesus talks about God: Mark 3:35

Jesus said only God was good: Luke 18- 19

No one has ever seen God, but many saw Jesus: John 1:18

Jesus said the Father was greater than him; contrary to the trinity doctrine which clearly teaches that all members of the God-Head are coeternal and co-equal: John 14:28

Jesus admits he has a God: John 20:17

Paul did not believe in the Trinity because he said he served the same God as his Jewish ancestors and they did not believe in a God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: Acts 24:14

Paul states Jesus is between God and humans, therefore Jesus is not God: I Corinthians 3:23

Paul says the Father is God, and Jesus is a separate being: I Corinthians 8:5-6

Paul says Jesus has a God: II Corinthians 11:31

Paul again states that Jesus is the MEDIATOR between God and humans: I Timothy. 2:5-7

John says that no one has ever seen God if Jesus was God this would make no sense: I John 4:12

Taking certain passages out of context created the trinity doctrine.

One can see from John’s writing that Jesus is distinct from God, that Jesus has a God, and that no one ever saw God.

The verses taken out of context and even mistranslated are John 1:1, can be more accurately translated, in context, with this ending: and the Word was God’s. That translation places everything that follows into context compared to what a mistranslation said. IMO, the early Christians were so obsessed with the mystery religions that Jesus was invented to go along with it.

John 1:18 is mistranslated to make it appear that God begot God. If that is true, then Jesus was not coeternal and the whole Trinity doctrine comes crashing down.

John 8:58 is the most common verse taken out of context. In John, Jesus merely says: “I Am”, but when one goes back to check what is actually written in Exodus, one gets far more words:

Eheyeh asher eheyeh, translated it is I will be who I will be, or I Am that I Am. Jesus did not say in John, “I Am that I Am”. Therefore the apologetic is based on pulling a half sentence out of Exodus.

I Am That I Am

John 10:30 only means that Jesus and God were in agreement, this makes sense if he was doing the will of another and giving the message of another – something the New Testament asserts.

One need only look at John 10:30 in light of John 17:20-23 – are we supposed to believe that God now includes the apostles!

Col. 2:9 is made clear with Col 1:15-16; some people say I am the image of my father – but that does not make me my father.

There simply is no Trinity and to believe in one, one must ignore at least 15, in context, quotes from New Testament to the contrary.


God was not created. Jesus Christ is not God.

Colossians 1:15: Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation…

Jesus Christ was created. Jesus Christ is not God.

The Trinity doctrine grew out of Asia, or more accurately the Roman province by that name. In II Tim 1:15 Paul complains that “all those in Asia turned away from me” and in Romans 1:21 that these heretics invented foolish notions about God. The Trinity easily is one of those foolish notions.

I Samuel 15:29 (GOD) The Strength of Israel will not lie nor repent: for He is not a man, that He should repent.

This Bible C&V claims that God never repents. The following C&Vs claim the opposite:

Genesis 6:6 It repented the Lord that He had made man on the Earth, and it grieved Him at His heart.

Would you agree that this Genesis C&V contradicts Samuel? If God is NOT a man, why would God need a heart?

Exodus 32:14 The Lord repented of the evil which He thought to do unto His people.

God does evil on people – even His chosen? How can a “perfect” God repent or be sorry about anything?

1 Samuel 15:35 The Lord repented that He had made Saul king over Israel.

1 Samuel 15:11 The Lord said, It repenteth Me that I have set up Saul to be king.

Jeremiah 26:3 That I the Lord God may repent of the evil, which I purpose

to do unto them because of the evil of their doings.

This C&Vs indicate that the Biblical God is often a sorry individual and an emotionally out of control Character.

Jeremiah 18:8 If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do to them.

Jeremiah 42:10 For I repent of the evil that I have done to you.

This C&V concludes that after being sorry for thinking to do evil, God did the evil and was still sorry. This God cannot be credited to be in control of Himself let alone the entire World.

Also see: Deut. 32:36, Judges 2:18, 2 Sam. 24:16, 1 Chron 21:15, Psalm 106:45, Jer. 15:6, 18:10, 26:13, 26:19, Amos 7:3, 7:6, Jonah 3:9-10, Joel 2:13, and Hosea 11:8.

Sandra wrote: Here is the thing you do not understand, Gary.

Gary: Hi Sandra. OK. Let’s take a shot of trying to understand you.

S: and my hope is that one day will experience it for yourself: If I am asked, “how do you know God is real?” My answer is too simple to satisfy a man who refuses to consider the existence I know He (God) is real because I can feel Him.

G: Yes Sandra. Your “feeling” concerning your ego-attached God is all there is in reality.

S: Does that make me crazy to a man like you?

G: I was a licensed, ordained Christian minister for a short while and have been a therapist for over 30 years. No, you are not crazy in a dangerous way. You cause and reinforce your feeling because you want it. Nobody else is responsible for your feeling nor should they have to respect it, feed it nor worship it.

S: Probably… but there it is. I have seen His miracles in my life and the lives of others.

G: Can you describe one of these “miracles”? Is it supernatural or is it defined only within your feeling? Why do you find it necessary for others to feel your feeling? Don’t you find yourself insisting on it? We do.

S: I have witnessed firsthand the presence of the Holy Spirit and I have very literally felt the hand of God on my life.

G: Is there any evidence of this “presence” outside of your feeling? Other than your feeling, can you describe it?

S: I know this to be fact.

G: In reality, do you think that your fact / description would stand up in a court of law? Would a judge and jury in a court of law believe you?

S: As sure as I am breathing right now, I am that certain that God is with me.

G: We all accept that you can have a feeling. It’s the reality of your claims that we question. Do you realize that your expectation and desire that non-believers pretend to feel what you feel is not reasonable? You do know that you cannot make non-believers feel your feeling – don’t you. Do you believe that threats of consequence like Eternal Torment will win them over? Do you believe that Christians should threaten non-believers?

S: Your problem is that you are looking for proof in the wrong places and unless and until you begin to search for Him with an open and willing heart, then you’ll continue to be without Him…. just you and your books. And that’s a very sad existence if you ask me.

G: Open Heart? Typically, that is the romantic’s notion of feeling. Heart transplants prove that hearts are just pumps. Are you bias against Human Beings who do not share your feeling? Do you feel disrespected, not loved, when they don’t share your feeling? Do you lecture them and get angry at them when they honestly don’t feel it and they refuse to pretend to feel it just to please you? Do you also tend to put that obligation on men concerning your feeling of love? Did you say: And that’s a very sad existence if you ask me. I, for one, may agree with that, Sandra.

God / Ego is in Me!

Spiritual: The mystical connection / feeling between you and your influential genes that produces your choices and determines who or what you become. GWD

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