II Kings 9:6-7 God said: I will appoint Jehu King of Israel. You shall destroy the house of Ahab, your master.

II Kings 9:16-24 Jehu drove his chariot to Jezreel where Joram lay ill. Joram sent two drivers to Jehu to ask if all is well. Then, he drove to Jehu, himself, and Jehu put an arrow through his heart.

II Kings 9:27 Jehu then chased King Ahaziah of Judah and murdered him too.

II Kings 9:30-37 Jehu ordered 3 eunuchs to throw Jezebel out of a window to the street below. Her blood spilled. Jehu drove over her body, stopped, ate, drank and ordered her buried as she was a King’s daughter. They found only her skull, hands and feet as the dogs ate her in accordance to God’s prophesy. The corps of Jezebel was said to be like dung in the field.

Throwing Jezebel out of the Window

II Kings 10:6-17 Jehu slew Ahab’s descendants; 70 of them were Princes. He put their heads in baskets and piled them in two heaps at the entrance of the city. He then found 42 more relatives and murdered them all. He then slew all that remained of Ahab’s family.

II Kings 10:19-27 Jehu summoned all the Baal prophets, by lying. He proclaimed he would give a great sacrifice to Baal. Jehu also proclaimed that whoever was absent shall not live. They trusted Jehu and came, without exception, into the temple of Baal. Jehu stationed 80 men around the temple with orders: If any one of them gets away, you will pay for it with your life. After offering the sacrifice, Jehu said to the guards: Go in and slay them. They murdered them all, then smashed down the building of Baal into a latrine. Catholic

Jehu is a liar and a mass murderer for the Biblical God.

Priests are Slayed

Gods Evil Deeds on YouTube

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