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From: Renate H

Date: 3/3/2007 3:50:09 AM

Subject: The God Murders

Dear Gary,

I loved listening to you on Reggie the other day. You made me laugh….it was so entertaining… What a job you had, getting all those verses etc. from the Bible…. I thought of doing this myself once, but then wondered what for…many Christians are so set in their thinking “inside the box”.. And they don’t want to come out. They simply don’t want to, it’s too scary.

Reggie asked you a few times, “why are you doing this?”

Well, lets hope that it will reach a lot of people and that it will make them think just what it is they do believe….

What annoys me is, that God / Jesus performed all these so called miracles, and today, when you ask God to “show up” something at least… it’s all quiet…There is no God, so don’t hold your breath!

Your views on Prayer being Obedience, you are so right on that one too. I have just started reading your web site and will be coming back for more as my time allows.

Your views on President Bush was also right up to my way of thinking. American’s need to wake up!

Anyway, like I said, I will keep reading your web page… and thank you for doing “all the hard work”… that I once thought of doing, just for my own pleasure.

Best Regards

Brisbane, Australia   

From: Gary DeVaney

Date: 3/3/2007 11:19:26 AM

To: Renate

Subject: Re: The God Murders

Hi Renate!

Thank you so much for your kind commentary on the http://infidelguy.libsyn.Com/ radio show. I’m sharing your specific comments with our panels.

I also recommend C. Dennis Mckinsey’s Biblical Errancy website http://members.AOL.Com/ckbloomfld/ as he is the best at what he does. He also has 2 of the best books could possibly fit your personal library.

Please stay in touch and participate with us as you investigate.

From: Carri

Date: 03/02/07 19:34:21


From C. Dennis McKinsey: Subject: Re: I think what you are doing is great.

Loved your performance on Reg’s show. You really have done your homework on the shortcomings of the biblical god. Your background in the media really helped and I definitely want to thank you for the tremendous compliments you gave to me, my program, and the panel.

Please keep up your fine work and the best to you,


Coming from C. Dennis McKinsey, who is the best – that was awesome!

Regards, Gary

From: simmon@

Date: 2/16/2007 6:31:19 AM

To: Gary DeVaney

Subject: Re: AN EYE TO SEE.

This is Mrs Simon, I am sorry that you have such a deep hatred for God.

Gary: Hi Mrs. Simon. This is Gary DeVaney. I am on a panel of critical thinkers who take issue with Bible C&Vs. I respect your views so much that I shared with the panel your valued e-mail to me. You were specific in your views. I hope you will also value mine with respect. My views of the Biblical God character – real or fictitious – is based on what the Bible says C&V about Him.

My website primarily focuses on your Bible’s C&Vs as to what those C&Vs say about your Biblical God.

Mrs. Simon: Obviously you have gone through some pretty devastating things in your life or know someone who has.

Gary: No. By most, who have known me, I’m a pretty happy individual. I treat others with respect and as the masters of their lives. My “22 Acres” link describes my views. Typically, Christians believers avoid C&V issues and focus an attack on freethinkers to stop us from doing what we do.

When that happens, sometimes I do tend to “lock heels” as I do stand up to assumed authoritative abuse.

Mrs. Simon: And I suppose without God’s comfort and strength, because of your rejection of Him, it would be hard to understand why terrible things happen. I have been through some pretty trying situations myself.

Gary: Thanks for your concern but I love my full and progressive life. I view that some who suffer see others as they view themselves.

Mrs. Simon: But, I can truly say, that I felt God’s hand holding mine helping me through evry time. I guess you would imagine a world where everything is perfect, everyone is perfect, every day is the same, blah, blah, blah, blah…..What a boring world it would be, what a boring life it would be and besides it was our sin that put us into the mess.

Gary: Mrs. Simon, the Biblical God IS the most upset, miserable, angry, jealous and murderous character who is depicted, C&V, in the entire Bible. Can you name just one other character that Bible C&V states to be more upset miserable, jealous, angry or murderous than its God? Take a calm breath and try to answer this question.

Mrs. Simon: This time on earth, you see, is just temporary.

Gary: I agree. Once this time expires, we expire into non-existence. Other than religious feel-good or consequential myth, there is no evidence to the contrary.

Mrs. Simon: If you have a relationship with God and Christ, you have something to look forward to, a hope.

Gary: I don’t think your God would let you do anything in Heaven that He wouldn’t let you do on Earth. I’ve had a blast and never spent one night in jail. In fact, if you reflect on your own personal habits, feelings and thoughts, I’ll bet you could eliminate some things that you like to do now being allowed in what you perceive to be your God’s Heaven.

Mrs. Simon: I have a great sorrow in my heart for those like you who do not have that hope.

Gary: I tend to time-date my hopes which turn them into goals and most of my meaningful hopes are happily fulfilled. That formula is very satisfying – for me. You know, Mrs. Simon, if it weren’t for “HOPE”, 90% of therapists and 100% of clergy would be out of business. But, as you know, my website, is not about me. I am not the topic. When Christian believers don’t like the issues – they tend to make those who take issue the topic.

Mrs. Simon: I suppose you think that after you die that’s it, it’s over, there’s nothing more. You are so wrong, if that is what you believe, and as the bible states; Romans 14:11 “For it is written, As I live saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me (including you), and every tongue shall confess to God.” 14:12 “So then every one of us (including you) shall give account of himself to God.

Gary: Outside of Biblical dogma and the myths of some other competitive religions, there is no evidence of any afterlife. The Bible says there is War in Heaven” and that “Heaven Shalt Pass Away”. What is a rational, realist to commit to?

Mrs. Simon: I pray that some day you will see God’s true plan for your life and feel that peace that passes ALL understanding. It’s not too late. But your not promised tomorrow or even the next hour. Please don’t go to your grave rejecting the only one who can truly save you and your eternal soul. I ask, however, that as long as you are still a God hater, that you no longer email my husband or myself.

Gary: I don’t hate. I especially can’t hate something that does not exist. I take issue with what the Bible says about its God. The way the Biblical God treated humanity, C&V, I couldn’t feel good being around such a character. I view that believer’s prayers are an attempt to tell God how to do His business. If I did believe in a self-admitted angry, jealous and vengeful God, I don’t think that I would attempt to do that.

Mrs. Simon: Keep your false beliefs to yourself.

Gary: You obviously don’t support freedom of speech. You, as most Christians and Muslims, usually attempt to stop me from doing what I am doing. Rightfully, the US Senate and Congress are doing that very thing to President George W. Bush right now – because he has been wrong in his leading of the United States of America. The American people have waken up to this insane, murderous and tyrannical President. Someday, humanity will wake up and change their minds about the insane, murderous and tyrannical Biblical God. My quest and the quest of most of our panel is to inform and emphasize the Bible C&Vs that will wake believers up.

Mrs. Simon: It will have no effect anyway, so you are just wasting your time and effort.

Gary: That’s what the President-supporting Senators and Congressmen said before they were defeated by their peers, who accurately supported the voice of the majority of the American people. It turned out not to be a waste of time. The quest to expose the Biblical God for what the Bible C&Vs say He is will not be a waste of time either.

Mrs. Simon: And God doesn’t like you messing with His children. We will remain in prayer for you that your eyes will open to the truth.

Gary: You and I probably won’t live to see humanity wake up. A second “Age Of Enlightenment” is over due. The Senate and Congress is now experiencing awakening and change due to the awakened conscience of the American people. They no longer believe the President’s lies and deception and his tyrannical imperialistic agenda. If you are in mind-set support of President George W. Bush – I am obviously angering you further. Thank the Constitution that I swore to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, for my freedom of speech. As a retired Army Officer I view the Bill Of Rights to be of extreme quality also. I have no “beliefs” – false or otherwise. My views are based on the C&Vs listed in your Bible. I did not write the Bible – did I? I am not responsible for what the Bible says – am I? I’m not responsible for how believers feel about what the Bible says. Most believers do not know the C&Vs that this panel and I point out in their Bible. If they continue to worship this God after knowing what the Biblical God is documented to have done, the panel and I have done our work. Christianity and Islam are at war with the wills of everyone – even themselves. I don’t serve that cause and my will has not been blackmailed into serving the Christian’s God or Islam’s Allah. Both labels are the same God of Abraham. If you disapprove of or have any specific issues on my website, please debate them with me. If you find an error, notify me and if validated, I promise to correct it.

Warm Regards, Mrs. Simon,

Gary DeVaney

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From: simmon@

Date: 2/23/2007 4:51:19 AM

To: Gary DeVaney

Subject: Re:

I am not reading your emails any longer, I am just deleting them immediately. Can’t shake my faith, no matter how hard you try. So you are wasting your time sending them. I hear enough trash from other heathens in the world around me, don’t need it from you. To God be the Glory always AMEN!! Mrs. Simon

Goodbye Mrs. Simon.

Regards, Gary DeVaney

George W. Blye said: What perplexes me is clergy lie to themselves when they say they believe in God. They know its not true and they say it over and over. And what perplexes me further is the clergy who truly believe there is a God and worship the insane God of the Bible. They know what the Biblical God did. How could they worship such and insane character? How can they promote other people to do the same? They can’t have a sense of right and wrong. It’s like promoting Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot. Have they no shame? Shame on them! It’s all insanity.

Some believers’ write-in responses

By Gary DeVaney

1. God is not on trial here, you are.

Gary: Some defenses are often an idiot offense.

2. You can’t try someone who cannot be punished.

G: Why? God doesn’t exist?

3. This is not evidence.

G: What is it then?

4. Whatever you consider to be evidence is planted.

G: But it won’t go away.

5. You can’t expose this for the sake of National Security.

G: Whose National security?

6. Oh! Think of the children!!!

G: Ok. Should they also live the lie?

7. You can’t get away with these misrepresentations.

G: What misrepresentations?

8. Anyone who questions God will be tried for blasphemy and will go to Hell.

G: Oh-oh! How original.

9. God is good regardless of all these “trumped up” charges.

G: Heart-felt or fear-felt claim?

10. Even if there is guilt, nobody will have the courage to banish or dismiss God.

G: Really?

11. You had best be God-fearing.

G: For what purpose would you have me fear anything?

12. God had His reasons to do what He did. Don’t you dare question God.

G: Duh – ok.

13. This is all circumstantial evidence and hear-say, at best.

14. No matter what God did, He’s our God and He deserves our support.

15. God has to kill by accident and sickness or we would be overpopulated.

G: Why do we doctors morally and legally exist, then?

16. Jesus changed all of Gods old ways.

G: Did Jesus die for God’s sins against us humans?

17. Duh, this is all more than I wanted to know.

G: 18. This conversation is over. All subordinates of mine, don’t listen to any of this.

19. Ya don’t know nothin’. Ya gotta read Bambi and Godzilla to get the true picture.

20. You are going to Hell! I’m a Christian. I can’t be around you.

G: Lightweight.

Believers are masters at delays, denials and cover-ups concerning God’s crimes.

II Kings 19:35 documents that God’s angel murdered 185,000 Assyrians.

Check out the tactics of those who believe in Presidents when discussing their crimes.

Their tact of denial, suppression and threats are identical to those who defend God.

Some say that these believers’ defenses are weak but my computer will hold only so many.

A believer often qualifies as a sociopath who blames everyone and everything but God for God’s heinous murdering. Murderers and Kings often blame their victims for their actions.

Believer: You may know God with your head, but, you don’t know God with your heart.

Antisthenes (Greek philosopher 444-366 BC) believed virtue could be taught.

If you feel the same now about this God as you did before, that this God is good, then you prove Antisthenes to be in error. What is God teaching here? If one searches, ponders and non-commits: “Duh, I don’t know”; then, God wasn’t a very good teacher.

Maybe, one is not that slow. Maybe one just has no courage.

It is your conscious that tells you if an act or deed is moral or not. What does your own conscious tell you about the Biblical God’s deeds as depicted in The Old Testament? On one hand we have logic and reason and on the other we have things we cannot explain.

Human egos try to assume authority over unexplainable things by gambling on beliefs. Then they try to present their beliefs as facts. Believers assume power and authority over those who buy into and gamble on their disproved and often ridiculous fantasies. It is what a believer doesn’t know that make him or her up to be who he or she is – a believer. Faith is always a great motivation for a gamble. In passing, ask any believer if these are the characteristics of the God in their heart. In an attempt to be “politically correct”, they would probably get caught denying any such God.

Henry Menchen: “Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable. A man full of faith is simply one who has lost, or never had, the capacity for clear and realistic thought. He is not a mere ass – he is actually ill.

I heard your talk on the infidel guy and went to your site. I just actually listened to the podcast yesterday as I have only recently discovered the infidel guy and such.

Many people seem to define the bible as more than a book, even if they are atheist or of another religion, but the bible is just a book. So, it was quite refreshing to hear you make your arguments from a literary point of view.

I will be hanging around, I am hoping to establish myself as an artist in the free thinking community. I am not quite sure how to go about that but something will come to mind.



Hi Carrie R. Thank you for your kind comments.

Did you hear the http://infidelguy.libsyn.Com/ radio show or did you happen across website? We tend to assist courageous thinkers who stand up so I hope you hang with us for a while.

Regards, Gary DeVaney

Subject: Your podcast with Infidel Guy

Herb here.

Gary, I just listened to your discussion on the infidel podcast. You were brilliant and far outshined the CD presentation on The God Murders.

What you presented, was in line with the comments I tried to give you after receiving The God Murders CD so many years ago. I hope to hear many future presentations because you and your host made me feel like I was in the room with you. Please expand yourself like this and you will have great followings.

Sincerely, Herb Pelton

From: Paul Newman

Date: 03/01/07 10:49:54


Subject: Your website

Dear Gary,

Thanks so much for your website, it should be essential reading for all bible classes, we might end up with a few more “freed” enlightened ex-christians!! lol

Keep up the good work,

Regards Paul

From: otakursed@

Date: 3/2/2007 6:36:17 AM


Subject: God Murders DVD request

Good day! I just recently heard your interview on the Infidel Guy’s show, and was greatly intrigued by the concept. The whole matter of murder being right in the name of god has been one of the main reasons I lost faith in the christian church, and finally I’ve learned that no matter how violent or docile an imaginary being might be, it’s still imaginary. So I was hoping you could instruct me on how to acquire your DVD / CD / manuscript package. Would it help if I sent a self-addressed stamped envelope your way? Give me the info, and I shall comply, no worries.

I hope Reggie will have you back on at some point . . . perhaps getting Robert Price to consult on the case you’re building. Just an idea, anyway.

Keep up the good work, in contrast to “good works”, donchaknow.

Mike Lee

Hi Gary,

Allow me to add my voice to all of those on the panel thanking you for making this podcast available to us. I enjoyed listening to all the participants, and especially you.


Reg Reid

From: GB Singh

Date: 2/26/2007 2:58:31 AM


Subject: Re: request


Last night I heard your interview. Absolutely great. Save a copy. I am thinking of using it down the line in the future projects.


Debate With Richard

(From India)


Richard: Dear Gary, To fear God is wisdom. Fear is an attitude of anxiety or unrest.

G: Hi Richard. Correct! Do you know how many billions of therapy and clerical hours of counselling has taken place due to the propaganda you just expressed? Hello! Anxiety and unrest cause pain and miserable lives. Myrtyrism and sacrifice is a rotten standard in the Judeo-Christian-Islam religions.

Leviticus 26:27-31 God stated: If you persist in disobeying and defying Me, I will punish you until you begin to eat the flesh of your own sons and daughters.

R: Some fear protects us from harm…

G: Education teaches us what to fear and what not to fear in reality. Psychological / voo-doo fear in designed for fear-based authority to psychologically control its peasants. I am a free man. Outside of realistic, enforceable criminal and civil law, there is no “supernatural” authority over me. Many try to assume authority over me – but they do not have it. Do you assume that your ego or your God has any authority over Atheists, Richard? About 14% of human beings on Planet Earth are practicing, self-proclaimed Atheists. Another 30% are quiet Atheists. Another 30 % are moving toward Atheism. Christian Churches are folding – especially in Europe. The USA supports the Biblical God as its flag as it tries to take over the World. Islam – in defense – does the same thing – with the exact same God – whom they call Allah.

R: but fear’s only proper spiritual use according to the Bible, is to open us to a deepening faith in God.

G: Which only provides the victim / believer a deeper fear – as there is, in reality, no God to fear. The Biblical God is as fictitious as the ancient gods Zeus, Apollo, Isis, Hermes,  Poseidon, Mercury, Thor, Odin et al.

R: Amazingly fear of God enables us to cope with anxities.

G: Oh contraire, Sir Richard! In theraputical practice, evidence indicates that fear of God causes anxiety – not peace – in most Human Animals. Even you admitted above that to fear God causes anxiety. Peace is good. Anxiety is bad. You just can not have it both ways.

R: Along with our love for God we need to mainrtain respect and awe of God.

Hosea 13:16 (KJV) or Hosea 14:1 (Catholic): Samaria, who rebelled against God, will fall by the sword. The little ones shall be dashed to pieces, expectant mothers shall be ripped open.

G: Why Richard? God is documented to be an insane murderer by Bible C&V. God turned on his own Jews numerous times and God arranged for more of His land-stealing Jews to be killed then were killed by any other agenda.

Judges 10:7 The anger of God was hot against Israel and God sold them out.

Numbers 21:5-6 The people spoke out against God and Moses. God sent poisonous snakes against his people. They were bitten and they died.

G: These are the real reasons that you fear the Biblical God, Richard. No one can truly love a character like that unless they are as insane and murderous as the Biblical God was documented to be. Your ego, Richard, is probably a much better character than the Biblical God was documented to be. You are also stuck with your ego so you tend to defend it like you would God. Don’t confuse your ego with the Biblical God as your ego proves to be a much better character.

God said to His Jews: You go down there and kill every man, woman and child or I will do to you what I thought to do to them.

Numbers 33:55-56 God said: If you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, I will do to you what I thought to do to them.

R: The functional atheists live and behave as if God did not exist.

G: Absolutely, Richard. Especially the Biblical God! The Biblical God, fictitious or not, is no model for Atheists.

R: Ultimately their character is determined not simply by dispensing with beleif in God, but more specifically by dispensing with the concepts and precepts of morality and justice, which presuppose existence of God.

G: What morality do you find – in the Bible C&Vs – that I included on this post?

R: And it is the absence of morality which makes functional atheist dangerous.

G: What Atheist has ever harmed you, Richard? We do not obey you. That does you no harm – does it?

Regards, G