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Religion has always been a major historical force for human enslavement. Religion (primitive politics – power and profit over people) converts human slaves to figuratively and literally wage war on the free-will of other human beings. The Christian religion demands that their Christian converts wage war to break the free-will of non-believers.

Point blank: Those Christian authoritarians, who actively seek believers, seek reliable, mindless slaves for themselves or loyal workers whom they imagine will serve their imperialistic cause on their terms.

Except for the most arrogant Christian authoritarian, denial is automatic.

Military soldiers, who join US military service, give up their free-will and become slaves whose mission is to kill or die for God, President and country.

Soldiers and slaves have no free-will while they are being accountable to and serving their “assumed” authority. With all the gods and human tyrants recorded in history, history proves that all god and human authority is assumed and temporary. Outside of some laws of science, all authority on planet Earth is assumed and temporary.

Converted Christians are to wage a constant “war of will” to convert non-believers by threat of Eternal-Torment.

Unfortunately, nobody has successfully stood up to this dark-age, imperialistic practice and the misery of world-wide religious intolerance still goes on today. To live free and unaccountable to imperialistic authority is anti-religion.

Gary DeVaney: I personally view that “freedom” is unaccountable time to external and internal forces. An addiction requires accountable time. No one is addicted to things like cigarettes, drugs, booze, sex, food or anything else. In conscious time, we all account to our inner feelings. We are emotionally addicted to both our good and destructive feelings. If you feel that you want to smoke, take drugs, get drunk, hurt someone, etc, stop and take responsibility. Identify the damaging feeling and its emotional intensity. Create the agenda and develop the discipline to over-ride it. Each of your feelings are dictionary defined. Once your damaging feelings are isolated and identified, take charge of them. If your damaging feelings remains in charge of you, you will eventually damage yourself and others.

I am personally free as I do not account for my time to any God or religion.

The Christian mentality is a war mentality. Those “Christians”, who do not wage war on non-believers, are also waged war upon by other practicing Christians. Christians wage war on themselves as much as anyone else.

Perspectives: If just one human being truly has free-will on planet Earth, the Biblical God is not in control.

If the Biblical God is unchanging and is the same from the Alpha to Omega, the Biblical God has no free-will.

How does that measure up with: “A high percentage of stupid is stubborn”?

“Power” is: The ability to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, with who you want to do it with. Many tend to confuse power with freedom.

True “freedom” is not as glamorous but is often much more important.

“Freedom” is simply unaccountable time. Only when you truly live by unaccountable time are you truly free. The amount of unaccountable time that you experience is the amount of true freedom that you experience. Unaccountable time is treated as blasphemy by imperialistic, authoritative, god-fearing religions because during that time you are not serving them on their terms.

Freedom IS Unaccountable Time

Authoritative individuals and dominating groups of people try to enslave the rest of us just as we tend to enslave and consume animals for our personal use. Through religion and politics, these individuals somehow feel entitled to compete for power and profit over other people.

The Christian religion wages war to break the wills of non-believing individuals throughout the world. Christianity requires conversion and conformance to the service of the Biblical God and to Jesus Christ.

As a Humanist / Atheist, I put Human Beings over tyrannical Governments, ridiculous unenforceable morals and the insane one Biblical God.

This is to the believer: Would you like to exchange gifts? You pray for me and I’ll think for you. I’m joking. Actually, I would prefer that you don’t pray for me and that you lay off the dogmatic beliefs and start thinking for yourself. When you believe dogma, someone else has done your thinking for you. Tradition is the dead leading the blind.

It appears that your God is man-made and that your God hates all the same people that you hate. We realize that you made up your personal God when your God hates the same people that you hate.

When I listen to your belief – I clearly hear your Ego / God.

Bible Debate

A Debate Focuses on the Topic
An Argument focuses on Control

Bible Debate

A Debate focuses on the topic. An argument focuses on control. I do not argue.

In Bible debate, when I take issue with a specific Bible C&V, I identify the Bible C&V. Then I take specific issue with the C&V.

A believer’s “Fabian” tactic: The avoidance of direct confrontation.

The Fabian agenda is promoting socialism.

The Christian agenda is promoting Jesus / God – eternal life / eternal torment.

The Fabian specific tactic that Christian believers use is the avoidance of direct confrontation.

Believers don’t debate. One has to think beyond an opening statement to debate.

Mindset believers persistently preach their message while stubbornly avoiding, ignoring and delaying the specific issue being confronted.

Consequently, I have no interest in your God-preaching dogma and I tend to quickly lose interest in your Ego. I will not obey your God and I will not obey your Ego. Should that upset you, I humbly suggest that you get over yourself. You have no authority over anyone but yourself. What would make you feel that you are entitled to have authority over another human being?

If here and now thinking proves to be a struggle for you, believe what you like. I have no objections to your beliefs as long as you don’t insist that I, or others, obey your beliefs. I do not want to live by your values in my life – with you or your God – being the center of those values. I do not want to obey you or your God. No Eternal-Torment threats / religious blackmail will make me do so.

Your “tradition” (the dead leading the blind) I am not interested in.

No religion has ever set its followers free from its God. To dump their ridiculous, programmed religious beliefs, people had to think it out for themselves. Nobody can do it for you.

If you are going to promote, support and finance the Biblical God, read the Bible and know what this insane character – real or not – is documented to have done.

To learn and to know what the Bible documents, C&V, about its, insane, tyrannical God is the primary reason why most formerly ignorant believers become Atheists.

I do not hate any God as I can not hate what does not exist. I simply wish to set people free from all forms of religious and authoritative oppression, blackmail, manipulation, extortion and / or exploitation.

I do stand up and oppose any authoritative bully who arrogantly threatens someone that they must believe or suffer Eternal Torment.

I personally do not like it when believers sic their ugly, insane and tyrannical God on other people.

Because the words “I believe” means bottom-line, “I don’t know”, the religious believer is ruled by irrational, faith-based, dogmatic beliefs and not by rational logic and reason. For most believers “I believe” proves to mean “I pretend”.

Religious believers put fictitious Gods over human beings. I put human beings first. Believers expect and demand that other people be ruled by their authoritative, dogmatic beliefs and not by logic and reason. Believers want their God to eternally punish others if they don’t obey their authoritative and consequential beliefs.

If you are a believer, do you figuratively burn at the stake those who disagreed with you and don’t obey you? Do you threaten them with Hell-Fire and Eternal-Torment?

Hell-Fire & Eternal-Torment?

Rational questions to the believer:

Does your God love all of His children?

Does your God know all and everything?

Is your God all powerful and always in control?

If your God created me, why did your God create me the way I am?

Did your God give me free-will?

If so, do I dare not accept the gift of free-will from your God?

Did your God know that I would use His gift of free-will?

By my using your God’s gift of free-will, did your God know what I would become and what I would do with my free-will?

Again, does your God know absolutely everything or does your personal God simply operate as and amount to your own self-centered ego?

Did your God know that I would not obey Him? Are you one of this imaginary God’s self-appointed belief enforcers?

Aren’t you trying to break your imaginary God’s imaginary gift to me which is my free-will?

Or, is it your imaginary God who leads me into temptation?

Is that why The Lord’s Prayer to your God reads: “Lead us NOT into temptation”?

“Lead us NOT into temptation”?


Did your God create me to go to Hell?

Did your God always know that I would go to Hell?

Does your God really know everything?

If so, how does your God prove to love me or anyone else who He sends to Hell?

If I error, how can your God’s creation not error?

Why should I be punished for your God’s creative errors?

Is Hell and Eternal-Torment the same for one and for all who your God sends to Hell?

Is Eternal-Punishment equal punishment for all human crimes?

How could Eternal-Punishment fit any human crime? What crime would you say fits the punishment of Eternal-Torment?

If you agree with and support the insane Biblical God’s Eternal-Punishment, what kind of monster are you?

Is your God in control of every grain of sand on the beach?

If not, your God is not in control.

If so, your God is in absolute control of us – ergo, we can not sin.

If your God gave us free-will and your God already knew what we would do with it, then your God is guilty of our sin.

As a believer, do you use your God to enforce what you want and don’t want on others?

“Heresy”. This word comes from the Greek word “hairesis”, which means “free choice”. “Heresy” is a “bad word” to Christians. Free choice is what the Christian religion opposes when it opposes heresy / free-thinking / free-will.

EARLY HERESIES were also known as “Gnosticism”

Abortion: Imagine God’s way. If a man ejaculates 200,000,000 sperm into a woman, and one (1) sperm impregnates her, then, 199,999,999 of those sperm get aborted. How many million Human eggs does a Human female abort before her first period? If a girl does abort – the earlier the better.

Heretics are people who decide for themselves what to think.

Religion, and its believers, want cloned obedience and does not like free-will, free-thinking or freedom of choice.

During the Inquisitions, when the Catholic Church controlled much of Europe, Catholic believers, for hundreds of years, legally burned heretics to death in the name of your God.

Today, the Christian believer, who threatens Eternal-Torment is just as insane as the believers who, in history, participated in burning those to death at the stake who lived by their God-given free-will.

Believers, today, also don’t like free-thinkers who live by free-choice and free-will. It seems to scare them.

Because believers can no longer legally burn us to death for heresy, they threaten us with eternal-torment / burning forever in Hell. If it were still legal, the believers who threaten us with Eternal-Torment would probably gang-up and burn us to death today.

These believers need to be stood up to.

These extortion threats and these voodoo, blackmailing practices should be made illegal.

Authoritative governments pay clergy to indoctrinate and support this sad, dark-age human condition.

The “God-Game” is the “Authority-Obedience-Game”.

Believers insist on that dictatorial game.

Thinkers tend not to play that life-stealing game.

        Religion = Burning Witches

Regrets, Gary DeVaney


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