Thoughts of a Social Layman

Thoughts of a Social Layman 

Book Cover Painting 


Thomas Kinkade       

Copywrite 1980 – the first of two books by Gary DeVaney.

I recently read an excellent book – “The God Virus” by Dr. Darrel Ray. It inspired me to put “Thoughts of a Social Layman” that I wrote over 30 years ago on my website.

In my view, this book – which I re-read every few years – has contributed to why I have been a happy “Human Animal” for the past 30 years. I transcribed the book.

I added some perspectives to the book that I have gained as a Hypnotherapist for over 30 years. 

I encourage all Human Beings to write their own experiences, thoughts and feelings. I view that you’re getting to know yourself enriches your confidence and your happiness.

Author’s additional “bold-print” comments are included.

Inside the book cover:

Comments on the pre-book manuscript:

“Thoughts of a Social Layman leaves off where self-help books attempt to begin.”

“It is an encyclopedia of social-emotional terms.”

“It is mind-provoking in that it does make you think.”

“It is the punch line – you provide the joke.”

“It is original.”

“Once you get past the (disconnected) style, it is dynamite.”

“It is refreshing because there are no examples, case histories, or third parties.”

“It made me fall in love with me.”

“Thoughts of a Social Layman made me philosophical.”

“I would have given an eyetooth to have written it.”

“Everybody can identify with it.”

“College students, trying to expand their mind, will love it.”

“I would buy a dozen copies for my friends who need it.”

“I wish my wife would read it.”

“No Ostriches will read this book.”

(Cover inspiration for the second book: “Emotional Surgery”.)

“There are a couple dozen posters in this book.”

(There are 10 posters from this book.)

“Every passage means something.”

“I may not agree, but it sure makes me think.”

“Exposing these truths may get you killed.”

“I may not agree with a lot of it, but when I went back, it made more sense each time.”

“You cannot read it once.”

“It is a reference.”

“A lot of it was true – and it bothered me.”

“You will go back to it repeatedly as things happen – or to re-evaluate something.”

“Moralists will come down on it.”

“The book spanks people.”

“You hate women.”

“You are cynical and antisocial.”

“It encourages / allows you to make your own decisions.”

Cover design by Gary DeVaney.

“Thoughts of a Social Layman” (36 X 24) was painted in 1980 by American artist, Thomas Kinkade.




Thoughts of a Social Layman


Gary DeVaney


Open mind: Having the ability to experience an alien thought without emotionally throwing up.

Cultural standards, over a period-of-time, become traditions. War is a tradition and it is one that will not be changed. War, like survival, is in everybody’s own mind. Traditions and standards are keys to the funny farm. The funny farm is filled with good people whose ideal traditions and standards did not live up to reality. People who work at being their own moral-guilt guardian seem to be the happiest in life. Allowing someone else to sentence your moral guilt is about as intelligent as worshipping Bambi. Guilt can only strike you down in your own mind.

The God Complex: The socially obnoxious person may, in essence, communicate to you: “As the Heavens are above the Earth, so are my ways above your ways. I am wonderful, smart, great, fantastic and powerful.”

Acknowledge his complex. He is great! He is big! He is full of shit.


The purely “platonic relationship” is one absent of giving or receiving emotion. It is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Manikins can watch it forever. Edited

One cannot defeat truth – only camouflage it.

Note: “Thoughts of a Social Layman” was written in Los Angeles, California during the late 1970s and was published in 1980. When bold print appears, a comment was added after the year 2010, 30 years later to the present time, by the author, Gary DeVaney.

Allow people their political, social, and religious views. Their peculiarities and judged abnormalities are peculiar and abnormal only to you. If you have no opinion, you will feel no pain.

Many men get married just so they will not feel weird.

A lonely person has shut out people from his or her life. He or she forgets that the good emotions that he or she gets to keep are the good ones that he or she gives away. Be a friend to have friends.

Many people remain fat so they will not have to outwardly compete in the social world.

The book pages are in accordance to the original book.


Social animals make things happen, watch things happen and wonder what happened. Claim it all good and be happy.

It is normal for people to seek a fuller, richer social life. It is abnormal not to. If they do not, it is usually because of some stone-age hang-ups sold to us as sin.

Ignorance is the source of sin, not man-made laws, creeds, or dogma. The only real sin is ignorance. Apply that to the 10 or 120 sins depending on what part of town or whose house you happen to be in. Those sins can be traced to emotional jealousy, possessive, and the laws of man.

Some women get married just so they do not feel like whores.

A social layman has to work at being happy in society. In any work, proper tools and safety are primary considerations.

A good personality is in a person as oil is in the ground. You have to discover it and then work with the proper tools to get it out.


The social diamonds are out there. All you have to do is dig out your share. But, first of all, make sure make the decision to enjoy society’s riches now.

In the social arena, one must want to be happy, healthy, and successful. Because the only sin is ignorance, the consequence is suffering.

All hang-ups come from misinterpreting life. Knowledge yields proper interpretation, which yields objective, positive principles instead of emotional, negative hang-ups.

A social loser sees society as wicked, immoral, weak, shallow, worthless, and irrational. He feels somewhat entitled – that the world was made for him.

To get back into the flow of society is to forget these ignorant thoughts and proclaim it good. How can a person enjoy basking is shit instead of flowers? Condemn society and you push it away. Respect society and you are a celebrity. Society wants you, so why be lonely? If you contribute to the social success of others, your success is guaranteed. If you condemn their success, you condemn your own. Edited


Social worry is an accumulation of negative conditions. It is anxious, strangled fear. Social worry robs you of vitality, enthusiasm, and energy. It leaves you an emotional wreck. It is caused by apathy, laziness and indifference. The key is obtaining the ability to not think these thoughts. You can replace them with unselfishness, understanding, and most of all, acceptance.

Happiness is having the capacity to accept people, places, and things the way they are. Happiness is not a gift. You will have to work with your own personal social tools to achieve your own personal happiness.

Personal thoughts pull no punches.

It’s your life. When you give of your life, it’s your business. When people take from your life, your life becomes their business.

This is one of 10 full-size posters made at the time of publishing in 1980.

The Abstract Lover: They are shy – afraid to be seen naked – eyes tightly shut – outer head turned away – inner head is separated and removed from what is happening. They completely fake awareness of the other party and show less enthusiasm than they would were they masturbating.

Preconditioned foreplay is necessary. Orgasm is premature or absent. Vacating the premises or crying can be an aftermath. They had no thought or interest in the other party – only a means to an end of (physical or emotional) need. Edited


The causes of becoming an abstract lover are many. One can be fantasizing an ideal rather than the real and practical experience. It makes the partner feel that he or she is the object of a general experience, with routine overtones, rather than a special, shared experience. The mind is the primary sex organ. The abstract lover’s hang-ups produce restricted talents in having sex. The sensuous partner may never return for a repeat performance because he or she did not feel to be the quality lover the abstract lover emotionally demanded.

Don’t be surprised if a person who is completely into himself while dancing is also completely into himself while having sex. Both ways the partner may feel to be a manikin object. He is just dancing or having sex with himself through you.

Laziness: Fear of making a mistake.


Many people are fat because they cannot stand rejection. When I am fat and rejected, in my mind, it’s not really me they are rejecting, it’s my fat. If I were slim and beautiful, as I could be, and I were rejected, I would feel that it was really me they rejected. I could not handle being socially rejected without my fat. It is emotionally more convenient and I feel safer being fat. This is an outcome of ignorance, fear, insecurity and limitation of mind. It may take a trauma to get a person’s self-image out of this condition.

“Falling in love” is a traumatic experience. Personally, I became “love-insane” 4-5 times during my life. Insane? Yes. You often do not know – nor care about – right from wrong when you are passionately “in love”.

The genetic feeling of love, for you, may become a very powerful addiction. However, you are notaddicted to the love-object. You are addicted to your own genetic feeling. Romantics tend to hate that perspective. The love-object does trigger your genetic love-model which, in turn, triggers your genetic feeling.

In my years as a therapist, I learned that clients came to therapy feeling miserable that they were notgetting what they wanted or expected out of life. They felt entitled and angry.

About 30 years ago, this taught me to avoid and eliminate what I did not want in my life. If you are successful at eliminating what you do not want in life, the rest in life is pretty damned good. By my learning this not taught and unusual lesson, I view that it contributed to my being a happy “Human Animal” for the past 30 years.

Genetically, the “Human Animal” is about 98.3% identical to the Chimpanzee. That means that our “Human Animal” genes are only about 1.7% different than a Chimpanzee’s genes.

The “religious” tend to hate that scientific fact.

Fat: Outward trait of inward self-pity. Self-persecution brought on by the stupid, imaginary sins of being alive, and possibly safeguarding themselves from future sin due to lack of being desired.  

Shy: Fear of rejection.

Flaky (fickle): Inconsistent emotions. Edited

The Two Emotion Theory


Gary DeVaney

A “theory” is just another definite, guaranteed maybe.

The “Human Animal” has only TWO EMOTIONS (2) which are: DO WANTS / DON’T WANTS and their INTENSITIES.

We all have numerous, observable, dictionary-defined feelings. Aware individuals have learned to observe and to judge the emotion intensity concerning an identifiable feeling and related feelings.

Specifically: “Emotion” is the do want / don’t want intensity of an identifiable feeling.

You may also identify a group of feelings – and their intensities.

“Attitude”: The outer sign of inner feelings.

The only “poetry” I, Gary DeVaney ever cared to write:

“Emotions are the music of the genes.

Feelings are the identifiable notes.

Attitude makes up the composition.

Behavior presents the performance.”

Only after science proves a theory to be wrong should the theory be disregarded – but still keep the question.

People do not listen to answers because – they do not have the questions.

A specific answer means nothing to you unless you have the proper question.

Even if you have a correct answer, in time, always keep questioning how your answer is correct and more importantly, question how your answer could be incorrect.

In my evaluation, I have reduced the “beliefs” of others to be mere idealism. Ergo, I believe nothing. I perceive and consider their mind-set believes to be ego-attached possibilities. But I admit that I am addicted to reality.

Every separate belief one has is a separate state of hypnosis.


Macho-fat: If I am fat, I feel that I am big and tough. Nobody will pick on me. If I were slim, I would be afraid.

Nervousness is self-consciousness – not sure of self.

People who like you want the best for you. People who love you want the best from you.

Upon reflection, I have learned to want to be loved less and to be liked more. I now confirm that the people who like you, want the best for you, while the people who love you, want the best from you.

Hummm. This lesson has certainly held up for me up over the years. Romantics tend to hate it – but – I personally never took sex serious and I never played well with romantics.

I view romantics to be emotion “Vampires”.

Kissing romantic “Vampires” is not my favorite thing. When you get under their “assumed authority”, they will often suck the independent life out of you.

Love is an addiction. Love is a weakness – a giving up of control. Who loves least, controls.

Romantics do tend to hate certain realities.

Hate is lashing out due to lack of control. Want is denied.

Reality to romantics often appears as cynicism.

Emotional cannibalism: Nobody is indefinitely interested in somebody who has no needs emotionally. In society, we all engage in emotional cannibalism. Neutrality is a lack of effect to another’s emotions – that often yields to frustration and anger. For some, to produce any reaction is satisfactory to feed emotions.


Emotional hunger is the key to most wants.

Your GENES created you.

Your GENES – and their influences – are the only real, active, inherent, instinctive “gods” that guide you through your life.

There is no God and your genes are not supernatural.

Your genes are experienced and they contain gene memory.

“Experience triggers genes to want and to not want. Genes also trigger experiences.”

I perceive that concerning emotions and feelings, the propensity, power, and manifestation is all in the genes.

Genetic behavior can be considered instinct.

Your genes created your specific ability for your emotional intensity and your feelings.

You would have no life, emotions nor feelings without your ever-reactive and your ever-evolving genes. Strong, “lit-up” genes trigger experiences. Experiences sometimes trigger “dormant” genes.

Can you intellectually understand and emotionally accept your ego’s connection with your genes?

We each are the masters of our lives, but authoritative religion has mass-programmed us away from getting in touch and “listening” to our genes.

Religion invented prayer to hijack meditation. Meditation does attempt to connect the individual ego with its genes.

Prayer is geared to seek guidance from an exterior, alien, non-existent, supernatural Biblical God that has a personality profile that is quite different than your own. Your genes contain the potential of your talents and your personality.

Governments want their subjects to be indoctrinated by religions. Religions indoctrinate you to fear, to worship, to serve and to finance authority. When you seek guidance or orders from a fictitious, non-existent God / Authority, an opportunistic, self-serving “assumed authority” (like a dictator) may easily step in and take advantage of you. Often, you end up zealously serving that assumed authority. Insanity is contagious.

If you seek supernatural spirits, you are an opportunist who will, in fact, find nothing. The more entitled you feel to be, the more you will pretend that supernatural spirits guide you. Your genes are your true guides. Yes, we all have some bad genes. Be careful. Do not do to another what you would not have another do to you. If you break this one “law” – you may find yourself in prison and / or suffering emotional guilt.

Some romantics say: “Listen to your heart”. That means: “To get in touch with your feelings”. That is a big step toward “listening to your genes.” Again, we all also contain passed on good and bad genes. Education, experience, discipline and common sense must tip us off when our bad genes have been triggered.

If your feelings desire to damage yourself or another “Human Animal”, your bad genes have been triggered.

Successful people make it a priority to develop a good sense of good and bad, right and wrong.

Why tell the truth? When you tell the truth, you never have to remember what you said.

I personally prefer facts to truth. One’s truth usually has an agenda attached to it. If a stated truth seems to require acceptance it is probably promoting an agenda. You are being manipulated. Facts don’t give a damn who agree with them. Facts reveal reality whereby truths reveal agendas.

Through your “ego-filter”, your thoughts and feelings – with their emotion intensity – is your communication with your genes. Your gene-connected thoughts and feelings are the most “spiritual” things you will ever experience.

You may pass your genes onto your offspring, but when you die, eventually, your personal, life-experiencing genes die. When your genes expire, your offspring live on, but other than in someone’s memory, you, the individual, expire and become non-existent.

Religion has programmed the “Human Animal’s” ego that if your ego obeys the fictional, supernatural Biblical God, and all of this authoritative, tyrannical God’s insane commandments, your ego will be “saved” to live for eternity to serve this God. Typically, a believer’s ego is so afraid of non-existence that it buys into this phony / fantasy “salvation”.

Once you are “converted” to a religion, your ego will never experience your true genetic potential. The potential of those genes was hijacked by religion. Religion is a form of psychological crowd control. “Baa”.

What you consider to be “spiritual” is only a thought, an idea or a feeling.

Try to prove to another that your perception of “spiritual” is more than thought, an idea or a feeling.

“Spiritual” – concerning the religiously dogmatic – mostly amounts to “fantasy”. When someone religious says the word “spiritual” – I hear the word “fantasy“.

Of course, other ego-authoritative, manipulative “Humans Animals” prefer, and even insist, that you listen, serve, and obey the Biblical God on His terms so that you will more easily obey them – on their terms.

They may even insist that you serve and sacrifice your life for their fictitious, authoritative and supernatural God. Your Government prefers that you yield to that idea so that the Government can easily order you to sacrifice yourself for its “interests”.

Your personal “trinity” of ego, feeling and emotion-intensity is to be dogmatically sacrificed for the “Holy Trinity” – God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

If you are a Christian, your ego’s Genetic-powered “Trinity” is to be sacrificed, to die, to be “born-again”, so to serve the fictitious Biblical God’s “Trinity”. When I was pressured to be “born-again” – I chose instead to grow up.

If you find yourself willing to sacrifice your life for this fictitious, authoritative God, your Government may easily and successfully order you to sacrifice your life for it. Is it any wonder why your Government supports God and religion?

The more an authoritative / god-fearing religion controls you, the more your authoritative / god-loving Government benefits.

Religion is authority worship. The worship of God is the worship of authority. Who assumes authority over you more than your own Government? Who gets the benefit of your worshipping authority more than parents, bosses and Government?

Platonic: Response to a sterile atmosphere.

A thought comes when it wishes, not when I wish it.

Thought awareness has been my consistent experience. Mindset believers in dogma  wonder where all this “insane” writing comes from?

Just as much of any animal’s inherent behavior is genetic-driven, many of our human thoughts and feelings – that lead to our behaviors – are triggered by our recycled and recombinant genes.

Recombinant? Yes! You normally have 46 chromosomes. 23 chromosomes from your biological father were combined with 23 chromosomes from your biological mother.

You will re-combine your genes with another’s genes of the opposite sex to produce your offspring.

Your genes are what created you. Your genes combined with a female’s genes will create your offspring. No magic. Nothing supernatural.

Your genes instinctively influence the thoughts and feelings that control your behavior throughout your genetic lifecycle.

One does not scratch one’s ass without a feeling.

Making love: When one person doesn’t know where they end and the other begins. A romantic notion. Edited

Tongue: A most effective concealed weapon.



Social Freedom

(Unaccountable Time)


I like you. I want to spend time with you – occasionally.

I like many others that I want to spend time with – occasionally.

There are going to be new ones in my life and I am going to want to spend time with them – occasionally.

I prefer to reject one and accept many and give space rather than to reject many and accept the mutual confines of one.

It may sound selfish, but only I am responsible for my happiness.

You are not responsible for my happiness and I am not responsible for yours.

Responsibility yields obligations and commitments.

Broken commitments yield pain and create emotional prison.

As long as I am not socially insecure, I must be free and have space to be happy.

If there is a problem concerning this, it is not mine. It’s the problem of whoever wants to change it.

If someone chooses to be unhappy, I have but one life … let it be them. Finis

One of 10 Posters

Outside of legal commitment (marriage) – do you want to be emotionally or sexually loyal to someone just because you want them to be loyal to you? They have the right to live their life by their values – not yours – and just being loyal to you – may not be included.



Gary DeVaney

Governments shall invent, supervise and legally enforce first-line supervision of their male and female peasants in a vehicle called marriage; whereby, each subject, under moral and legal pressure, chooses to enter into a binding contract, based on accountability, responsibility, and commitment to the laws of authority.

Marriage is faith made legal, whereas once chosen, like belief, believers have eliminated their freedom of choice. Binding, legal commitments are the surest way to eliminate free-will. Gods and Governments love that.

The marriage contract shall be between the male and the state – and between the female and the state. Genetic, egocentric emotion shall blind this reality. For traditional believers, same sex marriage shall not be tolerated – even though, if granted, gay individuals could then also be legally supervised, face divorce consequences and be emotionally repressed.

First-line supervision arises as she shall supervise him to the law, social expectations, standards and principles of the state. He, in turn, shall supervise her to the law, standards and principles of the state. They both shall compete in supervising their offspring to the law and authority’s social expectations.

By law, she is to assume authority over his sex life. He is to assume authority over her sex life. Should either fail, the other shall enforce the built-in lawsuit (divorce) and the state shall re-distribute their lives.

Unlike “free-love” – marriage – as an authority controlled social institution, encourages emotional possessiveness along with financial and psychological enslavement.

All “authority” promotes emotional possessiveness and psychological enslavement.

Judges shall act as parole officers concerning alimony and child-support payments.

Authority shall condone sexual inter-action only in a hostage state and Government (authority) shall legally brand / license them to make them hostage two by two.

Personal: I view “marriage” to be a business. For you to get married, you will need a cheap marriage / business license that is issued by the state. This marriage / business license includes a built-in lawsuit called divorce. Many marriages are emotional / financial / business gambles that fail. Often, marriages that do last, are unhappy. I got married one time for 23 days. I “play” with the ladies but I will never again enter into an enforceable contract with “the state” concerning the business of marriage. GWD

Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized

(Inspired by TV’s “Boston Legal”)

It is estimated that legalizing prostitution would reduce the rape rate by 25% in the USA.

Criminalizing prostitution does not make it go away. I just makes it more dangerous – and expensive.

Why not regulate the profession? Employ and insure safety measures to reduce the risk of AIDS, STDs, death and sickness. It could be taxed and given insurance benefits just like any other profession. Prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada. Isn’t prostitution legal in Australia , Canada, Argentina, England, Brazil, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Norway, Peru, New Zealand, Iceland, and Sweden? Again, religious belief gets in the way of Human Rights to their own bodies and common sense.  

For prostitution to be illegal imposes both on morality and normal human desires. Prostitution exists. It always has existed. It always will exist as long as Human Beings exist. Having it illegal is dangerous. It is exploited by organized crime. Child sex-trade and slave   trafficking could be better detected. Governmental judges fining hookers and putting them back on the street makes those judges and the Government their pimps. Being that prostitution is a multi-million dollar industry anyway, why not tax it and use the tax money for health programs? Prostitution tax revenues could better finance AIDS research and sex education. 25% of US females between 14-19 have some form of STD. Concerning school education today, abstinence is all that is officially sanctioned. Religions and schools are against condoms. That is immoral, dangerous and should be illegal. Fewer prostitutes and pay-for-sex customers would end up dead. Fewer homes would become infected by VD. Venereal disease could be more effectively controlled in the United States of America.      

Religions and governments condemn Human Animals who desire variety in sex without becoming a slave to an unwanted or a permanent relationship. These authorities demand that you buy into the relationship and sell out your emotional, sexual and financial lives. Religions and governments are not interested in the Human Animal’s happiness – just his or her submission to their authority. Ironically, many Government officials and judges – who can get it up – tend to illegally employ hookers.

When the love is gone – one great class of hookers can be called wives. GWD

There are “assholes” in the romantic’s world. Male “ass holes” are indifferent, non-dependent, non-caring, cheap, self-centered, roguish, inconsiderate, very much alive and sexy. These “Assholes” seem to have a primitive, genetic magnetism for normal, sexually addictive, women.

“Feral” (Book 2 – “Emotional Surgery”) is a guy who is unsophisticated, undomesticated, and wild. Feral instinctively knows that women do not like “assholes” – but – they are strongly attracted to them. Feral acts out and admits readily that he is an “asshole”. Feral is addicted to variety and shares his “Social Freedom” lifestyle with acres of wonderful, sexually-alive women who happen to be in his atmosphere. (Lucky for me!)


Romance: Emotional fantasy concerning love.

Gary DeVaney’s Genetic-Love-Model Theory:

Love often causes insanity – not knowing right from wrong.  Love is a variable-intense feeling that makes you do predictable and unpredictable things that you would not normally do. When you “fall in love”, which often is an all-consuming addiction, you suddenly sense how categorically alone you are. Only the love-object can eradicate your categorical loneliness. Logic and reason is compromised. “Freedom” (unaccountable time) becomes obsolete. Insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, and dominance may obsess your life. You no longer are who you were. Reproductive risk becomes high.

Your feeling of “love” is simply your addiction to your genetic feeling. I view that we each have a “genetic-love-model” that we never see clearly. Your genetic love-feeling is triggered, on occasion, by somebody you meet. You respond as if you were suddenly “addicted” to that specific person. In reality, you are only “addicted” to your own feeling that is hard-wired to your genetic-love-model, that is / was triggered by that specific individual.

Reminder: A theory is another definite, guaranteed maybe.

Unconditional Love: Many – who are looking for “unconditional love” – end up with someone with unconditional needs.

Chris Rock: Do you know why your woman is always mad and bitchy at you? It is because you were not her first choice.

Chris Rock made this perspective funny, but, I find it to be therapeutically accurate.

Gary DeVaney’s Addiction Theory

Pragmatically, there has never been one “Human Animal” on planet Earth who was ever addicted to cigarettes, heroin, sex, food, gambling or to another “Human Animal”.

Critic: What? The Hell you say!

The only one thing that a “Human Animal” is ever addicted to is a feeling.

Critic: What?

No Feeling = No Addiction!

Can you imagine or suggest an example of an addiction without a feeling?

If you can imagine all of your identifiable feelings as your many children, you may become aware that, as the master of your life, you are responsible for the control of those feelings / children.

Emotionally, it is better to not have what you want than it is to have what you do not want.

A guy can intensely want the woman he cannot have.

He can intensly not want the terminal cancer he does have.  

Which intense do want / don’t want emotion is better in your value system?

The Gary DeVaney Version of the Alcoholic Anonymous 12-Step Program

AA Version First. DeVaney Version Second

1. We admit that we were powerless over alcohol – that our lives had become unmanageable.

1. I now know that I am addicted to a feeling. I admit that I have the power to identify and control my genetic feeling(s) that craves alcohol.

2. We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

2. I now know that my taking control of my genetic feeling(s) can control my sanity.

3. We make a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understand Him.

3. I have no evidence of any supernatural God. I now have decided to take charge, identify, isolate and control my damaging, genetic feelings. I now know that as long as I won’t – I can’t.

4. We make a search and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

4. I now will identify, isolate, control, re-program and shut-down my genetic feeling(s) that crave alcohol.

5. We will admit to God, to ourselves and to another Human Being the exact nature of our wrongs.

5. I now accept my responsibility to identify and isolate my addicted, genetic feelings. Through my habit of drinking, I have reinforced those feelings and they have loyally obeyed my will and my actions. I now will learn and change my will and to change my behavior. I will now command my errant, genetic feeling(s) to stand down. 

6. We are entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

6. I now will consciously order my feelings to re-program my ever-evolving genes to shut-down the addicted feeling(s).

7. We humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.

7. I now will consciously re-program and supervise my genes to shut-down and control my addicted feeling(s). As long as I will change, I can change.

8. We will make a list of all persons we have harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.

8. I now will no longer allow my genetic feeling(s) to damage myself or another. I now will use my “free-will” to avoid bad consequences that I do not want.

9. We will make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

9. I now will take stock of my addicted genetic feelings and I will shut-down any feelings that damage myself or others. I now control my feelings. My destructive, genetic feelings will no longer control me.

10. We will continue to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admit it.

10. When the destructive, (bad) feeling(s) are triggered, I will identify, isolate, control, re-program and shut them down. Those feelings are not the boss of me. I will control my damaging feelings. As the tail does not wag the dog, my damaging feelings will not control me.

11. We seek, through prayer and meditation, to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

11. I now am the master of my life. My free-will, my behavior and my feelings are my responsibility. I now own them. I now have learned to be aware. I now constantly take steps to process and take control over any of my own genetic feelings that tend to damage myself or others.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

12. As the master of my life, I now can and will learn to control my damaging feelings. I now am now aware of the source and of the cure of my genetic feeling(s) and I now will share the “addiction” message to those who need to control their damaging, genetic feelings. If I seek assistance in this matter, it will be in the form of meditation and therapy – not prayer. To be long-term effective, I now must depend on myself – no god and no coach.

My therapy is my desire to change me to better suit me.

Learning to succeed at controlling that specific “problem child / feeling” that controls me is my break-through therapy. Controlling my problem feeling is the only way that I can or will beat my unwanted addiction.

Unwanted? Yes.

Example: Sex is not an unwanted addiction for me. Pass the Viagra, please.

Any relationship / partnership will die emotionally if one’s needs become more than the other can or will handle.

Romantic probing: Methods used to find weakness or hunger in the other, and to feed that hunger and to feel control by feeling needed. Loneliness is fed which yields security and control by the feeder, and a relief of need by the other, thus a cross feeding for both – which is a relationship.

What would a relationship be without needs?

If your emotional life is not good – stop pushing the responsibility on others to fix it. Be your own emotional mechanic. Accepting responsibility for your emotional life is most of the battle.

You are the only thinker in your genetic universe. How do you think genetic animals survive in a world of predators? Their experienced, instinctive genes cause feelings that increase survival awareness, skills and behavior. That genetic communication, through feelings, could be what the “Human Animal” labels “spiritual”. Most give credit to a non-existent, supernatural God rather than to their own, scientifically proven, ever-active-evolving, contributory genes.

You exist because of your genes that make you who you are. Your evolved genes have been successfully re-combined thousands of times in the past. Shit happens. What is important, and determines who you are, is how you deal with it.

This addicted, genetic behavior is easily and accurately perceived, analyzed and cured by those who care to learn to do so. If you deny your cure – you support your disease.  

Concerning other life-forms that we share our planet with, can you predict and describe some of the behaviors of cats, dogs, fish, and birds? How about rabbits, squirrels, horses and cows? They genetically inherit their “diverse” behaviors. Their “different” behaviors, through feelings, follow their inherent, genetic influence. If your feelings are not serving you on your terms, you must learn how to change them. Concerning your therapy, you do not have to be sick to get better.

Would you agree that, by observation, squirrels do inherently “feel” that they can climb trees? By observation, can you also confirm that cows do not display any active genetic feelings / desires to climb trees?

For many, knowing is boring. “Magic” proves that ignorance is the fascination. As we mature, how we deal with our genetic feelings must mature.

Secret: A psychological barrier between you and what you feel can and will hurt you.


Guilt: Emotional poison caught between moral ideals (what I should have done) in immoral reality (what I actually did). Edited

Some people get married simply to have an emotional shelter to return to.

When an emotional system is poisoned, it may become “addicted” to the triggered feeling that the poison produced and the emotional system mistakenly strives to feed on it. It can provide exciting and horrible drama for other people around them who care. Trauma (Emotional Surgery) performed or trauma (emotional accident) experienced may be the solution for the victim. A new relationship can be a cure because “falling in love” is a traumatic experience to the emotional system.

“Emotional Surgery” was / is the title of my second book.

Competition: To take within agreed upon rules, laws, and regulations. Competition is legal theft.

Stealing: To take outside of agreed upon rules, laws, and regulations. Stealing is illegal theft.

Moral / Legal Guides:

Confucius said, about 500 BC: “Do not do to another what you would not have another do to you.”

Jesus Christ said: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Confucius’ guidance is superior, wiser and more legally correct than Jesus Christ’s guidance. Would you have someone who loves to fight, or a pedophile, or a masochist do to you or your child what they like to have done to themselves?

In society, morals change by opportunity and advantage / disadvantage feelings within individuals. In society, romance has no real competition / theft rules really lived by. The tactics are only good as long as they work.

To be “in love” is to be categorically insane. Insanity is not knowing right from wrong. The high statistics of unwanted pregnancy alone proves that “being in love” is categorical insanity. High elevations and doses of Testosterone, Oxytocin, Vasopressin, and Adrenaline often cause insane animal behavior. They, and other hormone chemicals, often compete for control Human animal feelings.


Competition: (mock killing or being killed) The process to make and take advantage of another so to accomplish a goal. To prevent you from obtaining what you want. To willingly stop you, frustrate you, confuse you, and hurt you as to your goal. You can never be frustrated without a goal. During competition, the intent may be to kill your will and to make you concede. During competition prevent you from getting what you want, thus, I get my what I want. Anger (not getting my way and not having control) often accompanies competition, so, when an attack is made, a typical attitude can be: “And, hope you don’t like it!” Edited

Christians compete to steal and convert your will so that you give up your will / life to serve their Biblical God. You are to surrender any “free-will” of your own. Most zealous Christians obviously do not like you the way you are. Practicing Christians preach that you were born with sin and that you are inherently evil. Because practicing Christians can not accept you the way you normally are – they want to head-off the individual whom you were genetically born to become.

Drama: Aggression, retaliation, victory, and defeat – some great vehicles to exercise emotions by.

Emotional gambler / stuntman: One who opens up an emotional stunt that he may not survive.

Some “Human Animals” (mostly men) “subconsciously” (genetically) desire to kill other “Human Animals” in war.

I view that your “sub-conscious” is your genetic activity that – through your thoughts and feelings – influences your mind which – governs your ego which – commands your behavior.

Let’s see now:

Your “subconscious mind” is your genetic activity. Your genetic-based thoughts and feelingsinfluence your conscious mind.

Your “conscious mind” (thoughts and feelings) governs your Ego.

Your Ego commands your behavior. Your Ego must learn to recognize and stand against your destructive thoughts and feelings.

Your “killer genes” tend to activate when your survival is threatened. Because you do exist, your forefathers obviously had successful “killer genes”.

Perspective: If your Great Grandfather died at age 5, you would not exist. Your existence is a genetic “roll of the dice”.

There is “evil” in the world. When they are triggered, we all prove to have evil genes. Because those “evil” genes do not run insane all the time, they are proven to be controlled. If you can control your evil genes, you prove that you can control your addicted feelings.

(Stifling) Commitment: One gives to satisfy the needs of another, but the genes are triggered and the emotion-vampire’s hunger grows for more. The gift becomes a demand and then, by ultimatum, one is ultimately expected to deliver to the level of all or none. Either way, it is usually the end of the fun and unaccountable relationship that it once was. Edited


Morality is the good / bad – right / wrong of things. Sometimes you must forget morality long enough to recognize, understand, and accept reality. Edited

When you ask people how they define freedom, most state: “Being able to do what I want, when I want to do it, with whom I want to do it, with nobody to answer to.”

That is not freedom. That is power. It takes some form of power to achieve that. Freedom is nothing so glamorous, but, in an inter-parasitical, competitive society, freedom is much more important.

Freedom is purely: Unaccountable Time.

Independent is an attitude while non-dependent is a status. You may have a haughty, arrogant house-cat with a snooty, independent attitude – but, in reality, how non-dependent is that cat?

Any animal can reproduce.

Love: Mutual values. The people who stay together the longest are the people whose values stay together the longest. When the values split – people split.

The greatest test of love is the emotional intensity concerning a sense of loss.

DeVaney’s Genetic-Love-Model Theory

Love is a feeling. Like all emotion-stimulated feelings, varying emotion-intensity accompanies the feeling called love. When the feeling of love is triggered, the degree of emotion-intensity determines how addicted we become to the feeling.

We all have a Genetic-Love-Model that we never see clearly. We are “cursed or blessed” to passionately crave our Genetic-Love-Model.

How many people, who claim to be in love, are having an affair with a hallucination. “The Love Virus”?

The romantic ego will hate this, but, we never fall in love with the love-object. We always fall in love with our Genetic-Love-Model – when triggered by a, mostly mysterious, love object. No feeling – no addiction. The ego attaches to and becomes addicted to the overpowering, often insane feeling.

Teenagers often behave as if they just got dumped by the love of their life – their soul mate – and there is nobody in their atmosphere that they claim to love.

Their Genetic-Love-Model is maturing and making itself a behavioral consequence to them. An individual’s confusing mood-swings, manic-depression and other psychotic symptoms may be contributed to their “sacred” Genetic-Love-Model.

“Human Animals”, who “fall-in-love” fall in love with their Genetic-Love-Model. Often, during periods of time that the feeling is insanely intense, insanity flows.

Be honest. If you are over 50, how many times would you admit to being in love? Are you still in love with all the specific individuals that you admit to? Those “Human Animals” just triggered your love-model. If you are young and cannot admit to your love-model ever being triggered, you may be in for some wild, intense and confusing rides.

Behavioral Perspectives: Those who love you want the best FROM you. Those who like you want the best FOR you.

Check yourself. Do you love them with expectation or like them for who they are, as they are?

Ask yourself: Do you know anyone who loves like this?:

1. I love you as long as you serve me on my terms.

2. I love you if you live by my values in your life with me being the center of those values.

Only when you expect can you be frustrated and / or disappointed. Disappointment is always in direct proportion to expectation.

In Human relationships – love survives on mutual values. When the values split – people split.

Jealousy, in a man, can be the fear of another man stripping away the attention and affection of a woman towards him.

Attitude: Outer signs of inner feelings.


Character: Description of emotional (do-want / don’t-want) traits. Edited

Constantly, smooth, methodical dancers may be smooth, methodical, ho-hum lovers.

Dancers who tend not to flow with each other – tend not to flow with each other.

The Problem

I want something that is not or I don’t want something that is. Without want, there is no problem. Selfishness is the key to all problems.

One of 10 Posters

Discipline: Rules and principles that supposedly provide safety in goal achievement.

Etiquette: A social façade, that is recognizable as a role that is an abstraction of the real person.


Emotionally growing up, many children, through family structure, constantly seek parental approval, make constant mistakes, and receive constant reprimands.

Unfortunately, this lack of acceptance and negative attention carries over into adult life. The fact is, upon coming an adult, parental approval is not necessary and should be declared: “As a child, I have always sought your approval and may have never gotten it. Now, within my being, I honestly don’t need it and feel comfortable without it.” If not declared, you may live in a house of emotional disorder forever.

A professional’s documented observation concerning a person’s behavior, actions and attitudes is considered a case history.

A layman’s expressed observation is often considered dogmatic gossip.

If a man and a woman often have social intercourse in public, they are probably having sexual intercourse in private.

Jealousy: To tolerate another to have social intercourse as long as they enjoy themselves and no other besides me.

To learn factual reality, I do not much care to hear people’s truth. Facts have no politics, partiality or agenda. Give me only the facts. Someone’s truth mostly seems to have an ego-motivated agenda concerning the facts. I want to know the reality – the plain facts – so to make my own judgment. Do I make judgments? Yes.

Do you make decisions without using judgment? Let’s test it. Would you have faith that your 4-year-old child should walk across a crowded high-speed 6-lane freeway? It is safer to make decisions by judging facts instead of having blind faith in somebody’s manipulative truth.

People who say they don’t judge others probably also insist that they never lie. Some of us prefer to say: “It’s none of your damned business” rather than to lie.

Some lie rather than allow their life to be put into another “Human Animal’s” influence or control. It’s called protecting your privacy. Predators, who want to control your life, don’t want you to withhold any privacy from them. Therapists tend to learn of such things.


A liar is insecure because he is trying to protect something. A chronic liar is the result of habitual insecurity.

Orgasm: Mindless Ecstasy.

People unhappy with themselves tend to change the future of others with what we call advice.

Personal success: Accomplishing something to go your way.

Personal failure: Things did not go your way.

Bureaucratic success: Congratulations, you made something go our way.

Bureaucratic failure: You did not make things go our way. You’re fired!

A necessary reaction to a persecuted environment is a positive thought that allows sanity.

A secret involuntarily found out, may have the same emotional impact as a caught lie.


If a woman ends up with a man’s money without marrying him, society says the outcome is prostitution.

If she ends up with his money through marriage, the outcome is the will of God.

Vibes: The most honest and purest communication between animals is electro-chemical waves between bodies and minds. Acknowledge them, experience them, and fine-tune them for social accuracy.

Some studies show that a woman knows within a few seconds whether or not she wants to have sex with you. Special awareness to her vibes can be your tip-off. You must be aware and receptive of these cautious vibes. You also must be cautious that you do not feel entitled and misinterpret her vibes, attitude, and signals.

Socially successful people have learned how to handle rejection often. Social failures often become depressed and withdraw their interests and efforts. There are millions of wonderful women, who could and would be “HOT” for you, if you would just give them a chance. Being over-selective is a great cause of loneliness. Experiencing is not writing the script.

Does a writer create thoughts or simply experience and report them?

Jealousy: Somebody who assumed control over another and is afraid of losing it.

Envy: Somebody who does not have control over another and wants it.

Greed: When somebody has a lot of control and wants more.


The greatest overall emotional motivator is fear. Fear is bottom-line ignorance. We fear cancer, which kills millions, because we don’t know (ignorance) its cure. If we knew the cure for cancer, we would have no fear of cancer. Edited

Stimulation of loose scalp may help maintain social hairs.

This statement stands. I have hair. I feel like I am in my 40s. I have always feared losing my hair. For years, I have brushed my head and scalp about one hundred strokes almost every day. I do not not need a hair transplant – yet.

This is 2011. My birthday was on February 12th 1944. I just experienced a new awareness like “The Twilight Zone”. Yikes! Within a couple short years, I’ll be 70! WOW! What a ride!

Masochists and martyrs – they are both categorical characteristics in most of us.

Mental / physical masochism may be caused by our self-condemned, stone-aged sins.

Sin: Without consent of God or man is most of all me.

Intelligence is categorical. Somebody could have successfully earned a PHD in door knobs and is a moron in motorcycle mechanics. Your categorical intelligence, if accurately measured, may prove to be responsible for the rise and fall of your categorical interests.

Jealously: Being sinned against.

Some people feel that they are great lovers just because it feels good.

The only cause of sin is ignorance. All sins are based on feelings like anger, jealousy, selfishness, and greed. I want something other than what you are or what you did.

If you knew how to make things go your way or how to accept things the way they are – you would not feel “sinful” feelings. Take the 613 Old Testament Commandments and trace them to the basis of these “sinful” feelings.

What? 613 “Old Testament” / Torah commandments? Yes. Ask any Rabbi.

(Try to find a Rabbi who won’t charge you for his time or his answers.)


Sex is for fun! To have sex for the purpose of having children only, with the human overpopulation problem of today, is pseudo-quasi stupid.

A man, who believes that every woman is capable of experiencing true orgasm, either is the greatest lover in the world – or fooled a lot.

Moral values may vary within individuals as to their knowledge and attitude. An over-authoritarian, over-dictatorial and over-complicated society, led by inconsistent “Holier Than Thou” teachers and ministers, inconstant leadership of parents and corrupt government, is bound to confuse the average human being who uses 3% of his brain and 97% of his emotions.

Gambling: When you stop asking for abuse, your need for it will probably end.

Prejudice: When a person crosses a racial (cultural, religious, ideological) barrier socially, sexually, and romantically and is not welcomed back. Edited

Doctor of orgasmic therapy: A much needed professional, who expertly assists that high percentage of women – who have never, and without whose help, may never experience true orgasm.


When an animal gets hungry, it grabs anything it can to satisfy it. When a social, “Human Animal” gets horny, it will seek a lover by persistent techniques – unless, it deals in masturbation – which is, by the way, a no-no by dogmatic, stupid moral standards. When socially depressed person finds a suitable lover, he or she becomes possessive so he or she will not have to be thrown back into the social arena to be rejected again. Edited

Jealousy: When you want to be the most important Human Animal in another’s life.

The Human Ego and its supernatural God is synonymous.

The Human Ego assumes and insists that all should worship its “One God”.

Human Egos want other’s belief and commitment in their “One God”.

The Human Ego’s one job is to be – in some category – more than it is.

The Human Ego tries to embellish itself by pretending to coat-tail the phony authority of its personally created, supernatural God.

The Human Ego behaves like it wants to be the value, the authority, the power and in control.

Human Egos tend to feel entitled.

Human Egos use their non-existent supernatural God in attempts to be obeyed by others. It is the authority-worshipping gullible who makes the God-promoting Ego feel successful.

If you think about it – the predatory, dominant animals behave the same way – with exception of their need for any supernatural God.

Fantasy: Emotional masturbation.

An argument takes place when one person gets another person to take up his battle with himself. The issue or topic over a span of time is of no significance. It is just that he is unhappy with himself and he argues to act out his misery. The event can lead to hatred. Although he cannot remember the topic after a few hours or in a few days, the feeling lingers. What he has done is transfer the feelings he had for himself onto you. Now you can feel towards him the same as he feels toward himself. What is the rationality of an argument? If a person is right or wrong about something, it is not your problem. It is his problem.


Your trying to correct him is a waste of time. Your ego will try to correct him to make sure that you are right, that you are the authority, that you are the value.

Debate / Argument: A debate focuses on a topic. An argument focuses on control.

Arguments are performed by competing egos who are struggling to be “the value” and “the authority”. Each ego, like God, is attempting to break the will of the other.

No doctor has yet sliced open a human body and found an ego. Like God – ego does not exist in reality. An ego manifestation is identified by behavior.

Both God and Ego have the reputation to be identical in behavior as both traditionally and behaviorally display:

I am the value”. “I am the authority”. “I am entitled.”

Authoritative egos often try to use their personal, imaginary, supernatural God to supercharge themselves to be more of a competitive consequence with other superstitious egos. Any behavior that claims to be the value, the authority, to be entitled, is a mere ego manifestation.

Great accomplishments are often created or performed by big egos.

Can you imagine Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods achieving what they did with “tiny” egos? Can you imagine any Academy Award actors or Miss Americas without big, self-confident egos? If you know a “billionaire” – does he or she have a small ego?

Once in a debate, my opponent accused me of having a big ego. I said, “Thank you!”

Do not listen to me or any other man. You are the only thinker in your genetic universe. Take the time to think these things over for yourself.

Oral sex is more exciting than eating dead chicken.

What? Let me think this one out! Hummm.


The Emotional Ladder

There are only two reasons in this world why a person is “depressed”.

1. He or she is depressed because he or she is mad or sad.

2. The only two reasons that he or she is mad or sad is because things did not go his or her way and he or she was not in control.

3. This only happens because he or she was selfish. He or she wanted things to go their way and he or she wanted control.

4. The bottom rung of the emotional ladder is ignorance – not knowing – whether things could go his or her way or not. If so – how to do it. If not – how to obtain the ability to accept things the way they are. Edited

One of the 10 posters.

Happiness is having the capacity to accept people, places and things the way they are.

Only if you can change things to go your way or if you can accept things the way they are can you rid your being depressed.

Secret: “Consent” is the cure.

Again: The two animal emotions are “do wants” / “don’t wants” and their intensities. Human behavior is caused by identifiable, dictionary-definable feelings. Their emotion intensities can become a trained judgment call.

Thoughts are thoughts. Thoughts written may become immortal.

Macho men seem to rarely have social questions. They seem to have lots of answers in the form of philosophical speeches. Feminine women seem to have many “probing” social questions and few answers. There would be no “Knight in Shining Armor” nor “Cinderella” if this were not the case.

Apathy: When the fear of failure overcomes wants.


What does NOT cause rapid heartbeat, extreme tension, eyes rolling and shutting tight, sweat pouring, nerves exploding, extreme physical and emotional pleasure and mindless-ecstasy? Eating dead chicken.

The depths of feel appear in shallow philosophers.

Human beings are a product of their environment / society. The first thing a baby girl is handed is a baby doll. By the time she is a teenager, and her maternal genes kick in, she matures and becomes goal-oriented for Mr. Right, future, family, babies, security, home, and (SUVs). Anything short of satisfying her genetic craving would be trauma. Edited

She is, therefore, interested in and focused on finding her (“Genetic Love-Model”) / “Fantasy-Guy”. She is just not interested in any relationship that is not going to grow – to satisfy her genetic cravings. Edited

A “romantic” may require a man who is sensitive, handsome, caring, loving, attentive, nice, dependable and sweet. But, she can not have him. He’s already got a boyfriend.

Prostitution: We all prostitute ourselves daily. We sell our talents to the highest bidder whether they be athletic, labor or by the brainwave. We are prostitutes in every branch of life. Why are prostitutes who sell sex against the law? It is their bodies to do what they want with – isn’t it? Maybe it is because everybody has sex but nobody is supposed to give sex except for the moral purpose of having children.

Someone impotent must have made the insane moral law that the only purpose of sex is to produce children. Maybe it is mostly the jealous and the impotent individuals who try to enforce it.

The authoritative / sexual-impotent” might say: “If I cannot play – nobody should play”. Why does the Pope make the sex rules for Catholics? He doesn’t play the game. Why have Catholic Popes excused and transferred Priests who were guilty of child abuse?


Sharing a lot of sex at any age is probably illegal because, I view that, it is the most fun human minds and bodies can experience. Having sex is the greatest 24 / 7 adult sport on Earth. If you know of activities that are more fun, check your “sexual-quotient”. We seem to have to complicate everything good that we have when it is normally free.

Yes, there is the risk of disease and of pregnancy. Modern, scientific and emotional, reality-based education can help minimize those risks. For most of the animal kingdom, “seasonal sex” is the greatest sport in the world. It is all in the genes.

Most women become prostitutes to lash out against an over-controlling society for some traumatic experience that went against their ideals.

When we go to a job interview, we are asking, “How can you use me in exchange for money?” In the social world, that is exactly what we are doing – except it is, “How can you use me to satisfy your emotional needs so that I can use you to satisfy my emotional needs?” A person who sells himself or herself more – tends to get more. He or she has more imagination and he or she does more.

As a result, he or she is more receptive and can accept more. A person who does not sell himself or herself, doesn’t develop the self-esteem capacity to accept things for himself or herself.

It is an educated reality that women have more sexual power than men do. Most men tend to buy what they want with financial power. Most young women can better achieve what they want withsexual power. Legal or not, moral or not, there is no confusion why prostitution exists. Paradoxically, to make sex illegal or immoral, somehow makes sex more desired. Why is that? Illegal sex attracts some like illegal drugs. Personally, drug dealers and prostitutes would go broke counting on me. Should a lady not be passionate to play, I’ll pass. Next!

I learned what Rodney Dangerfield meant when he said: “I need two women at the same time. That way, if I fall asleep, they’ve got somebody to talk to.”

Sometimes, normally social, people get into a state of mind that they don’t want to sell themselves. They feel low and confused and they don’t feel like taking the steps to get rejected socially. They are suffering from hurt feelings. They are sad, which is the twin sister to being mad. Something happened that didn’t go their way and they didn’t have control.


A person in this state of mind may become selfishness, jealous and possessive.

As a hungry dog does with a bone, when starving, it demands, “what’s mine is mine, don’t transgress”. When the need is half satisfied, it becomes the give and take level. When the need is completely satisfied, it becomes the sharing level.

When the hunger is over-fed, throwing up is the result – or at least a temporary giving-up of the relationship. This is what happens when one person’s emotional needs stifles another.

The cause of a closed mind: Nothing you say is going my way, so I don’t want to listen.

Giving is categorical. One may not be capable of giving what you need. Allow another to give what he or she is categorically capable of giving instead of what you want from him or her. Be smart, sensitive and considerate enough to know the difference.

Your misery is in direct proportion to your expectation.

Dancers with limited dance movements tend to have limited social imaginations.

Rigid dancers tend to have ridged / up-tight attitudes (outer signs of inner feelings.) Edited

Philosophy: Your philosophy is your love of your values in your life.

A truly happy person establishes a philosophy of life that he is accepting, happy and safe with. Individuals talk about, read about and listen to life’s philosophies to discover their social / emotional self.

Our emotions (do wants / don’t wants and their intensities) make up our character and our character best depicts to ourselves and to others who we evolve to be. Edited

Evolution: Who can say that evolution does not exist? Simple learning is evolving. To learn is to evolve. Look at the evolution of human lifestyles with all the evolved ideas that went into inventions. Humanity’s convenience and quality of life is undeniable evolution.

Realists want to get their thinking and feeling systems to become confident in what they think and feel.

Confidence: Knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it.


A person who listens to another’s philosophy may be only serving as a sounding board for the philosopher. The desire to learn something must be present for all involved. I attend many speaking engagements because I would walk a mile to learn something profound. Edited

Thinkers / Believers: Thinkers tend to lead their lives while believers tend to follow their lives. One survey, I recall about 20 years ago, concluded that 5 % of humanity are leaders and 95 % of humanity are followers. One person lifts while 19 people lean.

The words – “I Believe”: No. I personally think. I never say, first person, the hypnotic words “I believe”. Every “belief” is a self-imposed state of hypnosis. Every time that you say “I believe” you reinforce your state of self-hypnosis.

Outside of enforceable criminal and civil laws, I do not do obedience and I do not tend to follow – especially your beliefs. I also do not take stock in the hypnotic words “I believe” of others because “I believe” could mean hundreds of different things. Examples: “I believe” could mean – “I pretend” / “I gamble” / “I support” / “I commit” / “I obey”. Always, “I believe” means “I don’t know”. If they truly knew, they would claim to know – not to believe. Why would any logical, sane, thinking person buy into others gambles, pretends, commitments and I don’t knows?

Carl Sagan once said, “I don’t believe – I’ve always preferred to know.

Personally, I view that if something is not worth knowing, I’m not much interested.

Believers often become offended because I’m not interested in their dogmatic belief in God. However, when authoritative believers dare to impose their illogical, insane, demanding, manipulative beliefs on others, I do tend to stand up instead of shut up. My bad.

If a person is discussing the negatives in life, he is just complaining.

Complaint: Resisting life. Some can only take so much of the complaining individual because the constant complaints irritate their “beliefs” principles, commitments, standards and hang-ups. Eventually, they tend to blow-off the chronic complainer. Edited

Like a soap opera, some who search for confidence, want to experience the heartbreak complaints of others – because somehow it makes them feel superior.

People projecting positive and realistic philosophies are usually welcome because most considered them no threat.

Liars select words that disguise their thoughts and agendas.

God Complex / Self-Centered: It can be about you as long as it’s all about me.

As Bette Midler once acted: “Well, enough talking about me, tell me, what do you think about me?”

Every ego / authority is self-centered. Every corporation, like god, is an artificial ego / authority.

Confidence depicts authority and trust. Confidence depicts: If I trust me – you will probably trust me.

What you believe – you do not know. When you express / support your belief – you don’t know – you lie. When you commit to a lot of beliefs – things you don’t know – you are a chronic liar.

However, each invention in documented history was given birth by a lie.

When you lie a lot, you learn to distrust yourself and you don’t know why you lie.

What is a hang-up? Hang-ups and principles have different definitions but similar meanings. A hang-up is a negative principle felt by emotional discomfort. People who are cynical usually have many hag-ups. The key to their misery is that they are negative. Negative out equals negative in. Your society is a mirror image of what you think / believe. You are the only thinker in your (genetic) universe. Edited


If you bad-mouth people and condemn society, your emotions will eventually buy the fact that you live among wicked in an evil place. By feeding crap out, you feed crap into your emotional house. And, how pretty a place is that to live in?

A person who lives in that kind of world has got to be awfully uptight and upset.

Again – Ego: Any behavioral manifestation that indicates: I am the value. I am the authority. I am entitled.

An ego’s demand for respect is a demand for categorical obedience.

Rejection: The cause and effect of rejection is selfishness. A man can walk up to a woman and ask her to dance or if he can buy her a drink or to have sex. She looks at him or not, makes no difference, and she says no. She is putting her values and feelings over his. He doesn’t matter. He feels. “Oh, you bitch! Who the Hell are you to reject me?” Now, he is putting his values and feelings over hers. She doesn’t matter.

Only satisfying his desires matter. The further he puts his feelings over her feelings, the more sensitive he was toward rejection. This means he was very selfish.


The solution to rejection is to obtain the philosophy, to have the ability to legitimately feel toward all people this: “I want you to be happy. Concerning you, your happiness is more important to me than anything else. Should it include me, it’s wonderful. If not, I understand and furthermore, I accept.” You are allowing the other person to choose their own values. If you learn the ability to do it, you will not be selfish and as a result, you will not feel rejection. Your feeling of rejection is always in direct proportion to your selfishness.

To claim a miracle is to mis-understand science.

Only a fool will learn from his own mistakes only.

Masters & Johnson were quoted once as saying that after all the years of studying women, they were thoroughly convinced now that they knew nothing about them. If a team of social experts like Masters & Johnson can make this kind of statement, we, who have never clinically studied women, must truly be “Social Laymen”.

Obscenity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.


A description of love: For one person to be totally immersed and involved with another and wants to be with that person 25 hours a day and, if possible, would crawl inside their skin to be content.

How romantic! How stifling! Edited

Love: There are a network of cells, nerves, and electro-chemicals somewhere inside the body that causes the feeling of love. All it needs is a suitable love-object to allow it to over-powering flow.

When you “fall in love” – he or she (the love object) triggered your genetic love-model. You are now addicted to the feeling called “love”.

To have great sex, you must be great sex.

People go to a psychiatrist / psychotherapist / hypnotherapist / MFCC for numerous reasons. One can be: The psychiatrist / psychotherapist / hypnotherapist / MFCC serves as a substitute patent for the patient / client to pay to be open with.


It is not the romance you lost that haunts you so much as the romance in which you felt lost.

One of 10 Posters


Vibes: Emotional language.

The thoughts, suggestions and beliefs offered by other egos have no power over you unless you give them power. Any, why should you give power to a negative, thought, suggestion or belief offered by some other authoritative ego? You are the master of your life. When somebody says something to you or about you, it is in their mind only. It can only hurt if you give them power by accepting it into your own mind. It’s an emotional reaction if it hurts rather than an objective one. He has the power to project poison. You have more power to reject it. Emotional power is the unselfish acceptance of others by allowing them to be who and what they are and to let them think as they wish. An ugly snake eats a little mouse with pretty pink ears. That’s what he does. Accept it. It’s reality whether you accept it or not. Be gentle with yourself.


Suicide: If you are not going to play the game my way, I am not going to play.

If petty things in life bother you, you are suffering from emotional immaturity. People are irate and upset about things at age 70 as well as age 20. There are exercising their emotions and are consumed in negative, low level life.

The key to the solution is unselfishness. Get selfish, you will withdraw. You will get paranoid, you will become shy (fear of man) and then you may become a social hermit. To be happy, you have to work for it. You have to know what the emotional tools are and how to use them. Unselfishness is a primary tool.

Personal philosophies are designed not to influence dead people.

Because dead people have no feelings – they have no addictions.

Selfish, authoritative dominance: I want you to live by my values in your life with me being the center of those values. I will love you as long as you serve me on my terms.


If you find someone who is hostile, suffering from hurt feelings, it is because he (or she) is selfish. He displays grudges, resentful attitudes, negative and obnoxious acts. The cause is that he wraps his (genetic-triggered / emotional) goals around a romance.

Because he was rejected, selfish behavior set in – which led to (emotional) pain and cynical withdrawal. The (genetic) goals were frustrated. He was obviously depressed which means he was mad. He was angry because things did not go his way and he did not have control. The love object who triggered his Genetic-Love-Model was living by her values in her life and not living by his values in her life – with him being the center of those values. Wonderful love can quickly turn into dangerous hate. Edited

The solution is simple. Consent! Don’t be selfish. (No other “Human Animal” was put on planet Earth to serve you.) Think of the other person’s right to choose his or her values in his or her life – and then – wish them happiness. If their life should include you, wonderful! But, if their life should not include you, you intellectually understand it and more so, you emotionally accept it. Happiness is having the capacity to accept things the way they are. If you fight reality emotionally and reality does not conform to your desires, you will continue to hurt. You always have to allow reality the right to be what it is. Edited


In your romantic / sexual pursuit, you’ve got to talk to the person. Lay your cards (your desires and agenda) on the table. Explain what your values are concerning your future. Then listen… Find out what the other “Human Animals” feelings are concerning their future. If it is not in the cards, like in Poker, toss the hand in and look for a new deal. (I live in Las Vegas and I play Texas Hold-em). Edited

Instead of going to the funny-farm, stop being selfish. Give your consent to allow the other the right to choose his or her values. They are going to anyway. Consent is your short-cut back to happiness. Edited

If marriages are made in Heaven, God is screwing up a high percentage of the time.

A trauma gives later but takes away now.

The Emotional Cure – Declaration: “Concerning you, your happiness is more important to me than anything else. Should it include me, it’s wonderful! If not, I understand and more so, I accept.”

Again, your consent is your short cut back to happiness.

Emotionally sick people tend to blame their miseries on everybody else.

Feral: I may have sex with you – but – I going to have sex for me.

Romantic: What?

Thought / Hope / Faith / Trust / Belief

Behavioral Perspectives

By Gary DeVaney

Thought Is The Ultimate Masterpiece

Thought is the ultimate masterpiece for the human being.

Thought is the most accurate perspective of “spiritual”. However, “spiritual” best describes “fantasy”.

Being a serious, critical thinker is  inconsistent  with being a categorical believer.

Religious Dogma: You must trust, have faith, believe in and obey your God with all your heart for your eternal soul to be saved from Eternal Torment. (What a threat!)

Faith, trust and belief are the cornerstones of the god / obedience game.

Faith, trust and belief are the tools / weapons often waged by others against your free-will.

The Tyrant’s fear: “If you don’t trust / believe me” – it means that “you won’t willfully obey me”.

Anyone, who incorporates the words faith / trust / belief, feels entitled to your obedience.

People, who want to control you, want power and authority over you. They want you to commit to their beliefs, values and agendas. They want you to serve them on their terms.

“Faith” & “Belief” are tools of hypnosis.

“Have faith” means “Be Hypnotized”.

To be instructed, by an assumed authority, to “believe” deepens the hypnosis.

“Trust me” means “shut up and do what you are told or what is expected”.

“I believe” means “I commit” / “I obey”. This is why religious people and other authoritarians push you to believe.

Believe be-lie-ve: Lie is the center of believe. For many “I believe” means “I lie”.

An assumed authority wants you to believe in and commit to his or her beliefs, agendas and values. You are targeted to become their slave – to serve them on their terms.

They want you to have faith in – and to be faithful to – their beliefs, values and agendas.

They often want and demand your love, respect and willful obedience.

You must sacrifice your values in favor of theirs – otherwise they will threaten punishment from themselves or from their egos’ fictitious, supernatural God.

Your “faith” is your willful ignorance. Faith is your agenda to not know – to not be responsible for knowledge.

Faith and belief paralyzes and eliminates the critical mind. The mind, once infected, cannot critically question authoritative categories of life. A virus, like a form of love, sets in and defending your declared belief or faith becomes paramount.

Carl Sagan: “For me, it is far better to grasp the universe as it really is rather than persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. I don’t believe. I’ve always preferred to know.”

Religion manufactures and sells mental disease that addicts the gullible to become mind-set believers.

Religions promote and demand hypnotic, behavioral tools. God and religion requires your obedience.

Repentance: To repent is to practice humility – to discipline oneself – to keep oneself in line.

A pastor keeps the pasture full of God’s word for the “sheep” to mentally and emotionally graze on.

We all have egos that we use to control other egos who happen into our atmospheres. Some tend to super-charge their egos by applying and incorporating a fictitious, “supernatural” God.

Insane, authoritative egos evolve to feel that it is their birth-right and entitlement to categorically change the world into their image through the sacrifice of competing egos that are accessible to them. Some attempt to use their fictional, supernatural God on the gullible to accomplish their ego’s opportunistic and imperialistic goals.

People claim to have a spiritual experience or that something special was spiritual.

Other than an unknown-based, difficult to explain feeling, what is “spiritual” to you? Can you – with any logical, reasonable and rational clarity – define what “spiritual” means to you?

God, King and Country: The agenda of the US government is to mass hypnotize its subjects. It’s agenda is to program you, its subject, to become a believer so that you will practice sacred loyalty to God and country.

Praying is obeying.

Believing is practicing obeying.

To “have faith” is to shut-up and do as you are told.

To say “I believe” is to admit “I don’t know”.

Why would any intelligent human being buy into another’s “I don’t knows”?

The paradox of belief: A person who states a belief – cannot question that belief. Should he or she question that belief – he or she proves not to believe it.

A belief is a state of hypnosis. One who has many beliefs, is bogged down with many states of hypnosis. If one cannot question his or her beliefs, he or she is incapable of thinking.

A question is the highest form of thought.

Do God-fearing believers resent that non-believers don’t go through life without dread, panic and fear?

The Ego’s Use Of Belief

Human Ego is any behavior manifestation of: “I am the value” / “I am the authority” / “I am entitled”.

“I believe” often means “I hope to will something I want into my reality.” “I feel entitled to will my desires into reality”. “I want you to believe what I believe and assist me in willing what I desire into reality.”

If you want me to support, adopt or commit to your beliefs – you want obedience – you really want me to obey you – and – denial is automatic.

If you are a religious believer, this website will question and challenge what your are programmed to believe and what you feel you are entitled to believe. 

If you are an Atheist, it will easily validate your being a non-believer.

The hypnotic power and the delusion of belief is strong – as a belief is a state of hypnosis.

I believe often means I pretend.

A belief is often an attempt to “will” something into reality. It is fantasy and invention.

A belief is often “positive thinking” / delusion.

Believers use beliefs to manipulate their desires and their values on others. They want those others to give them free cooperation and support.

There was, a long time ago, something I thought that I liked about the Biblical God. But, after reading, studying and learning about the Biblical God, and the deeds that the Bible documented about its God, I can’t remember what it was that I liked.

Intelligence is categorical. We are capable of learning certain things – and other things – we are not.

The religious teach abstinence  and that sex is a dirty, vile and disgusting act that you are to save sex only for the one you love.

Abstinence: Saving it for the worms.

You impose your beliefs on others as if they were rules and laws. You don’t want others to argue, question or challenge your beliefs, rules and laws. You, like God, expect others to support, promote and obey them.

Believer: “I want obedience because the Bible ordered me to subdue and dominate the Earth.” This is Bible  indoctrination and tyrant training.

The greater the belief and trust you have in the insane Biblical God, the greater your betrayal to other human beings. God has ordered: Go kill every man, woman and child. God will send you into Eternal Torment. How much programmed fear motivates your belief in God?

Each belief is a separate state of hypnosis. To question the belief is to break the hypnosis.

To believe is to obey authority.

To practice believing is to practice obeying.

If you practice obeying a fictitious authority – an assumed authority can more easily step in and control you.

Don’t believe me or any other man. Question everything for yourself.

Enforceable criminal and civil laws you don’t have to believe. You know that you must obey them – or suffer their consequences.

You control your thoughts. Your beliefs control you. You can question your thoughts. You cannot question your beliefs because if you do, you prove not to believe.

Your beliefs control your behavior – not mine.

Your belief that you have power over others has no influence or control over me.

Do you tend to use your beliefs as manipulative tools?

To promote your beliefs is to promote gambling because when you say “I believe” – you are declaring to the world “I don’t know”. Why would you expect others to buy into your “I don’t knows”?

Because the question is the highest form of thought, you have the power to change a belief into a thought by simply questioning it.

If you tell me that you believe, you are not telling me that you know. You are telling me: “I don’t know”.

A belief, like a theory, is another definite, guaranteed maybe.

People say “I believe” because they are trying to change the world to become what they want – and they expect you and me to help them in their agenda. People share their beliefs to invent the world they wish to live in. Beliefs are challenges – and like fictitious people or gods – they are competitive.

In my “The God Murders” debate with believers, this website’s words say what they mean and mean what they say. Often believers debate in a manner that reminds me of the French philosopher, Voltaire, who wrote: “There are some who only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.”

Many believers claim and fight for individual freedom – yet – they practice and promote mental / emotional slavery to their Biblical God. They also tend to restrict the freedom of others. Many believers will go to war for their imperialistic beliefs.

In war, it is the believer who makes perfect canon-fodder.   

Religion / Hope / Faith / Belief

The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions train you to hope, to believe and to have faith in what it is programmed to hope, to believe and to have faith in.

One conflict with hope is – if a Christian hopes, he or she is not happy with what God has dealt them. To hope is to complain against God.

Both the Judeo-Christian God and the Islamic Allah demand death for not being obeyed even concerning their insane, illegal commandments. Some of their documented insane, illegal commandments are: To kill an unruly son, to kill the infidel, to kill non-virgin girls, to kill gay men. Anyone who does not view these commandments to be insane and illegal  – is insane and prone to do insane, murderous things.

Religious training is slave / obedience training.

Believers are often in error but never in doubt. If you prove them to be in error, they will claim that they said they believed – not that they knew. Their beliefs also gets them out of a lot of  blatant lies.

Hope is a meaningless feeling – usually with dramatic, emotional (do want) intensity – because its fruits always lie in the future. By definition, hope is never realized in the now.

To act on mere hope, belief, and having faith is to gamble.

Las Vegas gambling is motivated by hope, belief, and having faith. The agenda is – you are supposed to win often and to lose it all once.

“My belief is” often means “my agenda is.” That is why they want you to share their beliefs.

If it weren’t for hope, belief and having faith, 90% of therapists and 100% of clergy would be out of business. For the chronic hopeful, hope is the fearful, cowardly, do nothing, substitute for confident, responsible and prepared action.

Your hope is like being the second dog pulling a dog sled. No matter how fast you go you never get closer to the one in front – and the view is always the same.

The manipulator’s agenda and tools: The hope, belief, have faith agenda is to persuade you to work harder in the hope that things will change and profit you. Mostly, whoever motivates what you should hope for is usually who also profits if you succeed.

You have to ask yourself, are you encouraged to have hope simply to make you obey and do nothing or to achieve something that benefits the one who encouraged you?

Most things for the better don’t change for you because the greater agendas are designed to prevent change.

The words hope, belief, and have faith are used by the cons and devious – take the crap I am giving you now in the hope that things will get better (but as long as I control you, I won’t want them to get better.)

In other words you are expected to: “Shut up and do as required.”

When you buy into hope, belief and having faith, you usually do shut up and do as required – don’t you?

Is that NOT the way that you want someone that you tell to have hope, to belief, and to have faith to obey you?

What trains you to hope, believe and to have faith more than consequential, eternal-torment religion?

For someone to tell you these things, they are trying to make your decision to do nothing for you and for you to agree to let something or someone have its way with you.

Your “controllers” want you to accept what is going on now in the hope that good times will come. They really just want to con you to agree to let them have their way. Once you agree to hope, believe and having faith, they have made your decision for you.

The words hope, belief, and having faith will attempt to lead the gullible to a false promise. It doesn’t fulfill, but, by the time you realize it, it’s too late.

Hope, belief, and having faith are tools to keep you in the sacrifice mode.

Hope is designed to keep you from rebelling.  

You can’t have hope now / today, only tomorrow. Hope is always for later or for tomorrows.

When hope fails later / tomorrow, we can only hope for it’s the fulfillment sometime later.

Do not be conned. Question and demand fairness, accountability, justice and freedom now and tomorrow!

That’s how hope works – or – more realistically doesn’t work.

When you are unhappy, CHANGE is a motivating word.

When promised CHANGE, always ask from what to what will change take place. HOPE for what? Faith in what? Change what? Believe what? Insist on an answer now!

If the hope promoter does not tell you their view of change now, they have none. They want to influence and control you.

It is crucial for an assumed authority to not specify and detail what is meant by his hope, belief, and having faith.

The con man will tell you that he is for you – but don’t you dare ask him details as to how he is for you. You will expose his manipulative agenda.


Women don’t like hookers because they may entice their husbands or their boyfriends into infidelity. That would be a direct result of the woman’s jealousy because he had sex without her consent. But, I’ll bet if there was infidelity, the wife would have hoped that her man would go to a hooker and pay for sex with, no emotional involvement, rather than for him to go to another woman for sex – which did include emotional involvement. 

The best lovers may have sex with you – but – they are having sex for themselves.

The worst lovers have sex for you because they don’t want to be there.

For many convicted rapists, rape proved to be more of a control / violence agenda than it was a sexual agenda.

Jealousy: Emotional rape.

Men may have a subconscious dislike for hookers because deep down inside, mom is still there. They weigh everything against mom. Mom is purity. Only a few men can picture themselves coming out of their mothers. Mom would not do anything like that. They resent the hooker.


Impotency: Probably the most powerful cause of impotency in a man is simply an overaggressive woman. If she should aggressively demand performance, he cannot respond. Impotence may be the result.

Fear: A negative feeling toward getting what you do not need or want.

A secret: “Familiarity” is a very powerful, under-rated and rarely discussed cause of impotence.

Many times in traditional marriages, after a period of years, (familiarity sets in) and the sex drive seems to have worn off. The wife is frustrated, forty pounds overweight, pin-curlers during sleeping hours, and she has a set routine. He doesn’t have sex with her and she becomes aggressive. She wonders why he is impotent. He wonders why he is impotent. Edited

You are the only “Human Animal” in existence who is responsible for your sex life. If your sex life is poor or does not exist in time, do not blame others. Male or female, you are the master of your life. You were born to be the master of your life. You have always been the master of your life. To maintain your mastership, you must allow all others be the masters of their lives.

Reminder: No other “Human Animal” was put on Earth for you. Play nice.

Encourage each person you meet to become the most whole, complete “Human Animal” they can become. You may be invited back!

Social predators, religions and governments will try to steal away from you your life / will / soul.

To sell your self into religious or human slavery is not what a master-in-charge of his or her life does.

Do not confuse mastership with work, talent and labor. A master does exchange his or her talents, labor, work and trade for compensation.

The Catholic Church did not forbid Catholic Priests to marry until 1139 AD. Before that, Catholic Priests could have sex and raise families. Celebacy keeps Priests from having families and accumulating Church assets for their families. The Catholic Church just gets richer. Being an authority and controlling – by threat of consequence – the sex lives of Priests and Nuns – is a form of misguided and agreed upon slavery. The Catholic Church wants mental, emotional, physical, sexual and financial sacrifice from its believers. These poor, pathetic human beings sacrifice their lives for God, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Catholic Church.

Spiritualism: For most, moral idealism surrounding an abstract vehicle called religion. Edited


Computer Therapy Session In 2062

Imagine that one master computer now exists to assist Human Animals in their mental / emotional therapy. Imagine that no Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, M.F.C.C.s, clergy or any other mental / emotional health institutions exist any longer. Imagine that the master computer has stored and documented every mental / emotional problem, case and scenario in history – and their most probable solutions.

A woman on her computer is connected to “The One-World-Order-Therapy-Computer”.

Computer: What is the problem?

Lady: I came home and found my husband having sex with another woman.

Computer: Is that a fact?

Lady: Yes. That is a fact.

Computer: What is the problem?

Lady: What? I just told you that I caught my husband having sex with another woman.

Computer: You said that was a fact. A fact cannot be a problem. You can only choose to make a fact, in reality, your problem. What is your problem?

This exchange goes on until the frustrated lady yells, cries and screams: I didn’t want him to have sex with another woman!!!

Computer: That is the problem. A problem can only be a don’t-want. A do-want is not a problem – it is a goal.

Lady: (Sobbing) What can I do?

Computer: That is your proper question. A fact is a fact in reality. A fact, like reality, does not care if you approve of it or not. Others are not ill-affected by this reality. What do you feel are your options?

Lady: Well, I could kill the son-of-a-bitch!

Computer: Yes. You could. What then will become of your life?

Lady. Ok. That would not be a good choice. I could leave and divorce him?

Computer: Yes. You could. What then will become of your life?

Lady: I would be unhappy because I love him – and I need his money.

Computer: Is that a fact?

Lady: Yes. That’s a fact.

Computer: If you admit to a love-problem then you are the source of your problem.

Lady: What?

Computer: No love – no problem.

Lady: What? I have the right to love.

Computer: You have the right to keep your problem. Your misery is usually in direct proportion to your ego-driven expectation.

Lady: Ok. I don’t want to leave him. What can I do?

Computer: What can you do?

Lady: Well, I guess that I can try to negotiate with him not to do it again. I can try to forget it. I can forgive him… I guess if he does not stop, I could join in next time.

Computer: Your options are historically realistic. Your therapy is your desire to change you to better suit you. The option you choose for yourself is your responsibility.

Your session is over. Finis.

Emotional Surgery

You only have 2 Emotions: Your Do-Wants / Your Don’t Wants – and their intensity.

You constantly experience hundreds of genetically contributed / dictionary defined feelings. For analysis, you identify the dictionary defined feeling that you are experiencing and – based on a 1 to 10 scale – apply the do-want / don’t-want emotional intensity to it.

Here is a 2-step formula for you to obtain and insure your HAPPINESS:

1. Learn about yourself / your values / your emotional system. Identify and decide what you do NOT WANT in your life.

2. Successfully avoid what you do NOT WANT in your life by separating yourself by time and distance. You take away your time and you distance yourself from what you have decided you do NOT WANT.

If you can successfully avoid what you do NOT WANT in your life, what’s left? Pretty good stuff – if you really think about it.

Can you imagine what it feels like to be successful in avoiding what you do NOT WANT in your life? It may frustrate others, who expect to use you in some time-consuming way, but only you are responsible for your happiness.

This is an intelligent decision process – not an event.

It is not referring to your do-wants, only to your don’t-wants.

After you successfully accomplish ridding your time from all of your don’t-wants, you will find more guilt-free time and freedom to participate in your do-wants.

As a behavioral therapist over 30 years, I will share my perspectives on emotions.   We Human animals experience only 2 types of pain. Physical pain. Emotional pain. Physical pain due to illness or injury is more easily understood.

No animal, including the Human animal, has more than two (2) emotions.

The two (2) emotions are “do wants or don’t wants and their intensities”. “I don’t want something that is” (example: cancer). That qualifies as a problem. “I want something that isn’t” is NOT really a problem. It is simply a goal. One cannot be frustrated without expectation or a goal.  Misery is always in direct proportion to expectation.

There are hundreds of dictionary definitions of feelings. The emotional do want or don’t want intensity is applied to the identified and defined feeling like hate, anger, jealousy, etc. If reality goes against one’s do want or don’t want – emotional pain and it’s intensity is experienced.

Behavioral therapists look for these symptoms to identify their client’s emotional problems. Identifying these problem feelings and their emotional intenisties starts behavioral therapy. By the way, your therapy is your desire to change you to better suit you.

Emotional blackmail: A controlling technique by the one who loves least. If you don’t buy this for me – you are cut off. Little threats like this are completely self-centered, but effective with the emotionally imprisoned partner. Unless a sadist and a masochist are involved, a painful future is in store. Blackmail begets blackmail.

Emotionally disturbed people may not have mental disorder.

A person with an emotion disorder may or may not be insane.

“Insanity” is a legal term. It depicts the condition, in time, whereby an individual does not know right from wrong.

What causes selfishness… Fear / ignorance / false entitlement. Edited

What causes insecurity… Fear / ignorance / false entitlement. Edited

Fear is the cause of everything you do and don’t do to some degree.

Someone is successful because he recognized his fear of failing and works at taking the proper steps not to fail.

Confidence is knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it.

“Ignorance”: The only Devil of consequence in the universe. Fear is this Devil’s weapon against you.

Money is the only “god-of-consequence” on planet Earth.

The Bible claims in Ecclesiastes 10:19: “Money answers all things”.

Ignorance is popular. Humble ignorance is desired and habitually supported by most authoritative believers. Every time you hear the hypnotic words “I believe” which ultimately means “I don’t know”, categorical ignorance is recycled, fortified and supported. Believers, who do not know, are everywhere. Believers take pride in being believers. Ergo, ignorance is epidemic.

“Stupid”: The incapacity to intellectually understand or to emotionally accept factual information.

A high percentage of stupid is stubborn.


Emotion disorganization leads to failure and pain. Emotion organization takes work for success and happiness. People meditate, read a book, see a “shrink” and talk to dad to get their emotions organized.

Mental-emotional therapists are often called “shrinks” because, if effective, we tend to shrink egos.

Visualize a seesaw. “Ego” sits at one end of the see-saw and “self-esteem” sits on the other end. Usually, when one’s ego is up (screaming in rage) their self-esteem is down. When ones self-esteem is up, (happy) the ego is down (quiet). The first word in self-esteem is self. One can not be responsible for another’s self-esteem. Nor can one have any power to improve another’s self-esteem. Only the individual is responsible for and has any power over the health and condition of his or her self-esteem.

The bottom-line to fear is ignorance.

The only Devil in the Universe is ignorance.

Reality is reality. Reality is not positive or negative, right or wrong, good or bad. Only “emotions” (do wants / don’t wants) put right / wrong – good / bad values on reality which the ego reacts to – usually with bias. Edited

A fact is a fact in time / reality. People have agendas. A fact has no agenda. A fact, like reality, does not care if you value it or if you do not value it.

Only an authoritative ego will attempt to sell its truth as a fact to a gullible believer. A manipulative ego’s truth usually has an agenda or a preference concerning presenting a fact. An authoritative ego wants a gullible believer to believe, accept, and obey his or her truth.

Do not tell me your truth. Your “truth” may just be another of your “beliefs”.

You may tell me of a time-dated fact in reality. I will then decide how the fact may pertain to me.

Problems make the world go around. Men like problems. They go out of their way to find problems. If they cannot find a problem, they create a problem. Men like war. That is the biggest reason there is war. When a man feels a gun in his hand and he is stalking or being stalked, the adrenaline is flowing, the nerves are up and he is really living. When he is flying many times the speed of sound, he is really living.


When he is in the sack with a gorgeous lady he has never been with before, he is really living. When he is being unfaithful to his wife, sneaking around and getting away with it, he is really living.

When a wife gives head to a neighbor in the afternoon before her husband gets home, she is really living. Go out kill people, kill rabbits, watch football games … really living. Competitive sports – really living. Soap operas… oh, the emotion! Really living. If people can’t find a problem, they make a problem. They just must have something to live for.

It takes reality-based maturity to accept much of reality. Many, who try to escape from reality, often turn to alcohol and drugs. Booze and drugs are vehicles for people who want to emotionally be some place else. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs emotionally and physically imprison many who turn to them for relief.

Instead of controlling their emotional system and facing their problem, they psychologically imprison themselves or they, in some manner, get sick.

Jealous people do not mind their own business. They tend to poke their noses into other people’s desires. They manipulate: Want what I want you to want – especially concerning me. A jealous person often feels inferior to what they are jealous of.


They impoverish themselves, act childish, and make fools of themselves. They make themselves emotional slaves to what they are jealous of. Hatred can develop. They have fear of rejection, a rejection complex. The whole thing turns out disastrous for them because they are jealous – because, they are selfish. “I want that for me. I don’t want him or her to have it.” Jealousy that proves hopeless drains vitality, energy, and enthusiasm. They can become afraid, introverted and shy. Hopeless shyness is being afraid of anything with a pulse.

Proclaim yourself. Stop leaning emotionally on others. Be the boss of your feelings and their intensities by not giving power to others to manipulate you negatively.

Absorb the positive vibes from people and reflect them. Feed them, with repetition, into your subconscious.

This repetition is how you reprogram your ever-active / ever-aware genes. Your genes / 46 chromosomes are like no other’s. They are your creators and your instinct guides.

They will be with your ego throughout your life-cycle. This is the only way for your ego to perceive, for you, any personal, real god of consequence. Logically, everything points to your genes being whatever real god there is for you.

Be positive and you will be happy. Keep a sense of humor about yourself.

Religion manufactures and sells mental disease that addicts the gullible to become mind-set believers.

Why would you let your ego go into the competing supernatural god business? Is your ego trying to supercharge your “assumed authority”?


If you take the negative crap in / crap out reflections from negative, depressed people, you will become depressed. If you feed on enough negativity and depression, you may become a sadist. An emotionally poisoned sadist feeds is chronic pain out and others react in agony to it. It makes agony for others – thus – satisfaction for the sadist. A trauma may cure the sadist.

Most orgasms are better than others.

Critic: What?

When a person is socially probing you, determine whether they are trying to draw out your strength or your weakness. Doctors probe for weakness and somewhat control you physically.

Where does that put you if someone is socially probing for your weakness?

A relationship equals 5 relationships:

What he wants it to be – what he sees it to be.

What she wants it to be – what she sees it to be.

What overall it is – in reality.


When a romantic chases someone – they fail to be aware or acknowledge the adoring vibes that come their way from others.

A person with an emotional disorder is afraid. He is selfish, prejudiced, filled with ill-will and bitterness. He is resentful and the key of it all is that he is all of these things towards himself. He is afraid of himself, nervous (not sure of self), flaky (inconsistent emotions), selfish, prejudiced and bitter against himself. He is down on himself and does not like himself. How can he go out and emotionally survive with the rest of the world?

He should become aware of and respect his feelings – and their intensity. Not abuse them. He should be loyal, faithful and honor himself. Only then can he feel value so he can give of himself. When you are negative and disordered, you don’t give anything. Solution: Obtain the ability by positive repetition to accept all that is going on around you. Give your consent. Be unselfish and be happy.

A Hypnotherapy Visualization

Imagine that you are 5-years-old. You draw a house like a 5-year-old would on paper. This is your house. Become more mature now. You invite into your house a feeling called Jealousy. Jealously moves into your house and then Jealously takes over your house doing what Jealousy does. The house suffers painfully as Jealousy rages, screams, rants and throws tantrums. The roof lifts and smoke comes out. You try to evict Jealousy but Jealousy won’t budge. Reality sets in. Jealously is in your house for good – for your lifetime. Your house is yours for your lifetime. You will always experience Jealousy’s rage and pain. There is nothing you know that you can do about it. How do you like your future?

Jealousy lives in your house. It will not leave. You do not know how to make Jealousy leave. Nobody you know can make Jealousy leave. Perceive this fact. Jealousy can not be made to leave by anybody you know in this world. The only way that Jealously would ever leave is if Jealousy wanted to leave on its own. Why would Jealously every want to leave once it is in your house? Can you feel your endless pain and your hopelessness?

Then, you think a crazy thought. You get a strange idea. You can not move Jealousy out. But, you can move a roommate in with Jealousy and Jealousy cannot do anything about that. Then, you think: Who would want to or could ever survive moving in with Jealousy?

Slowly now… let the thought come slowly. You knowingly relax and you smile. You move a feeling called Consent into your house with Jealousy. Like Jealousy, Consent always does what Consent does.

When Jealously sees Consent, Jealousy rages in anger, gets possessive and does what Jealousy does. Consent smiles at Jealousy and cheers: “Fantastic! Wonderful! Awesome! What a performance! Can you do that again?” Jealously can’t believe it and rages in unbelievable anger: “WHAT”!!! Consent cheers: “WOW – YOU ARE GREAT!” “Do it again.” Jealousy rages: “What!” This goes on and on – until Jealously leaves your house. Do you know why Jealousy left your house? Jealousy can not live in a house full of Consent. (Finis.)

Perspective: Visualize if this situation or one like it could exist even if you were not part of it. What about (romance) politics and religion? Edited

Exercising unselfishness: Share things of yourself that you would not before without strings. Relax. Take it easy on yourself.

Don’t you hate a book that doesn’t say a god-damned thing?

Some people are emotional masochists. They love emotional pain. They love and cherish the problem that makes them live. They wine and gripe like anyone else. But, you had better not take away their cherished problem. They will turn on you viciously.

Their great, big problem is theirs and look how important they are to have such a great big problem. Do yourself a favor. Turn your emotional back on them and leave them. Your Don Quixote help will not be wanted, needed nor appreciated. Did you ever try to take away a child’s Teddy Bear.

I view that space is not mankind’s final frontier. The study conclusion of genetic-life is the “Human Animal’s” final frontier.

I am personally thankful for these “crazy” thoughts. I am pleased that I captured them in print. I view that by my experiencing these thoughts and perspectives, I’ve had a better life. I don’t think that I would have experienced these thoughts and perspectives without my crazy genes. I view that some of my contributory genes, the ones that allow me to learn, are not such bad guys after all.

Why did mankind go search for some non-existent, angry, vengeful, murderous, supernatural God to guide them when the experiences of their multi-cycled, recombinant genes are there to be tapped?

Our genetic diseases come from the recombined genes of our ancestors.


Many people who are emotional cripples, turn off the world and turn on a crusade. An obsession with a job, sport, a religion (like a nun), or a romance is a form of emotional suicide. Socially, they limit their attitudes like tunnel-vision. Romantics love it.

People , who emotionally hurt themselves, become defensive and they build a wall around themselves. But, can you imagine the impact when you are inside that wall and hate yourself in the meantime? Knock down that wall! Reach out and give of yourself.

Love is a feeling. It is not how important as to how pretty, how big, how sexy, how tall, how much hair, or how anything else you are as long as you give the most wonderful, fantastic, unbelievably generous emotional feelings. Vibes are your thermometer.

Love is a positive feeling, felt by an emotional being, consisting of a desire for a love object or an event complementary of preexisting genetic goals.

For self-responsible, thinking individuals, who lead their lives, meditation / self-hypnosis makes more sense than a groveling prayer to a non-existent entity. Believers, the blind-faith “sheep” who follow their lives, require a “shepherd” to lead them. To examine how you think and feel about issues makes more sense than dogmatically begging to “supernatural” powers that require that you live by blind faith.

The Catholic Church once defended slavery as “willed by God”. It sanctioned and promoted the torture and killing of witches. The Church waged torturous wars called “The Inquisitions” whereby the breaking of human bones and burning people alive was its sacred, God-ordained agenda.

When you are told to “have faith”, you are being told to shut-up and to obey. Faith is designed for you to keep your feet planted firmly in mid-air.


Hate is a negative feelings felt by an emotional being, consisting of an unwanted, undesired object or event, going against its wishes and beyond its control.

During impotency, one can only think of oneself. Solution: Work at having the ability to give and think of someone other than yourself. You may not want impotency but you may not want to give. The greater want will win.

Dancing is an outer sign of inner drama., social exhibitionism and physical expression without words. It is a form of physical, emotional foreplay. It can serve as a vehicle for shy people to feel anonymous in exhibitionism.

In social intercourse, does your partner give you generous emotions, or does your partner put an emotional or financial price tag on them?


Emotions are the cheerleaders of the mind. You can’t win, lose, gain or anything else except in the mind. Poisonous influences cause us to see things as bad – which is in the mind. Without negative influences, we probably would have accepted them and deemed them good.

Prayer consists of emotional cleansing by positive thoughts wished for someone or ourselves. Instead of praying to a fictitious, supernatural god, we should address our genes.

The “subconscious” (lit up genes) pick up the positive seeds and like magic, we become better, happier and more competent human being. Input or prayer, is saying good things about your attitude. Your problems will relax and so will you. The subconscious takes no jokes. What you feed into it, you become. Generous, positive thoughts are the key. Edited


Shyness: An emotional fear – a do want / don’t want disorder. Edited

Close dancing is a great vehicle for determining vibes and the acceptance level of another “Human Animal”. Edited

Virtue is its own reward.

If you claim to be virtuous and you abstain from having sex to be virtuous, that is exactly what you end up with… virtue … and then what do you got? Manikins are virtuous. Edited

Just as fear and ignorance scare people away from guns, so is fear and ignorance responsible for poor and unhappy sex lives. If your subconscious (your ever-aware, inter-acting genes) buys into negative ideas about sex, it is going to lead you to social failure. The answer is to get in touch with and to organize your feelings. Become aware of each feeling’s identifiable, emotion-intensity. Do not turn your back on your feelings – nor their intensities. A feeling, like the desire to breathe (a necessary feeling that you are addicted to) will make itself known to you.

You can meditate on your important feelings rather than praying and begging to some programmed, fictional, supernatural nonsense. Become understanding of your feelings and, by choice, work at reassigning your emotional intensities. Your feelings and their intensities will let themselves be known to you. Happiness is a breath away. Edited


Can you open yourself up to the social riches? Can you accept your social role in life as a means of pleasure? Your social flowing in life is like your blood flowing healthily throughout your body – free of congestion – healthy and happy. 

Did you ever find someone who complains that everyone is rubbing him the wrong way? Did he speak with in an irritable tone? Was his speech absurd? It was all because of his self-condemnation. He thinks angrily of himself.

In social intercourse, you may think that your unhappy experiences are because of other people. These relationships are determined by your feelings toward yourself. If you despise yourself, you cannot have good feelings towards others. If you don’t like yourself, how can you expect others to like you? Vibes are contagious in a social atmosphere and can be reciprocal. If you project feelings of prejudice and contempt for others – that’s exact what you get back.


An answer may be this: I’ll be totally unselfish. I’ll treat others exactly the way I want to be treated. I will respect and admire them and the happy ones will feel that I respect and admire myself. Who wants to socially deal with unhappy people anyway? Unhappy people tend to push responsibility for their existence on other people in their so-called relationships. They mostly turn out to be mutually disastrous head-trips.

Love: Mutual values.

However, when the values split – people split.

If you find yourself getting hung-up with emotional cripples socially, ask yourself, am I here to play the role of the castrated, martyred pope – or to have fun? The emotional cripples will declare you to be shallow and insincere if you elect to have fun.

Work is serving others for compensation. Fun is self-serving. If you are having fun, emotional cripples may quickly realize that they cannot use you to serve them on their terms.

They prefer that you jump into their emotional pit of agony.

Therapy: Your therapy is your desire to change you to better suit you. You do not have to be sick to get better.

Visualize, in your therapy, that you are inside a fishbowl. Your world and your problems are in that fishbowl. Your therapist is outside of your fishbowl looking in.

Do not expect your therapist to join you inside your fishbowl. The therapist must always remain outside the fishbowl to be effective. Your therapist did not create your problem. He or she is not responsible for your problem. As shocking as reality is, your therapist is not there to help you. His or her job is a thousand times more important. Your therapist is there to assist you in helping yourself. Your therapist is not going to be with you over the next 5 to 50 years. If you do not desire to help yourself – no therapist’s assistance will be effective for you.

If you become aware that an attractive emotional cripple is trying to pull you into his or her negative, emotional pit of agony, don’t be a fool. Feed positive thoughts in and with a breath of kindness blow the relationship or acquaintance away. Give complete acceptance and freedom for all to be who they are. That way you feel no jealousy, no need to correct, no feeling for unnecessary obligation, no insecurity.

Unselfishness, consent to reality, and the capacity to accept other human beings the way they are – are your keys to your happiness.

Always remember: You have the capacity to accept other “Human Animals” the way they are without having to emotionally or financially support them.

You were not put on planet Earth for any other “Human Animal”. Romantics – and other emotional / financial parasites – will be horrified, heart-broken and disappointed when they learn that you know this.

Sometimes – effective therapy has to play hard-ball – for the client to win back his or her life. I never call my clients patients. I have always tried to operate as if there are no victims in my therapy practice. What reality deals us – we often have little choice about.

“Your character is not determined by what happens to you. Your character is determined by how you respond to what happens to you.”: Source unknown.

Therapy results when there are issues in the client’s life that they do not want there. I look for those issues, uncover them and expose those issues to the client. The client examines what is uncovered, considers his or her options, and then makes his or her own choices.

I am the master of my life. I view that all other “Human Animals” are the masters of their lives. If I do not treat each of them as the master of their life – I lose my mastership.

Some therapy issues can be remedied. Some cannot. All therapy clients are “going concerns”. Therapy clients must come to the realization that they have intellectually selected bad options and they have emotionally made bad choices. These bad options and choices lead to their disadvantage and to their misery. They intelligently seek assistance in making corrections within themselves so to have a happier, less damaging life for themselves and for others around them.

Visualize that in your world, your problems and your goals are in a fishbowl for all other “Human Animals” to see – without others having to be in the fishbowl with you.

Anyone may happen into your atmosphere but you choose who comes into your world.

Egos want selected others in their world. Egos sometimes erroneously feel entitled to be served, supported, and often financed by those they invite into their world.

The practice of therapy remains outside of your fishbowl / world – to best analyze it. That is why your “therapy” is often called “analysis”.


At a party, I wish fun and success for all the people. I give complete freedom and wish them a good time. If it should include me, it’s wonderful. If not, I understand.

Furthermore, I accept it. Petty things just don’t irritate me. When other’s jealously and criticism come to me, unselfishness opens my mind. I recognize the problem to be in their mind. It is their problem – not mine. It is none of my business to argue and only the insecure will defend.

“Understanding” is an intellectual process while “acceptance” is an emotional process.

When someone complains of hurt feelings, he (or she) is emotionally stating that he wanted something that happened to not go his way. As long as he feels selfish about that want, he will feel hurt.

If he shares his hurt feelings with you, they cannot affect you unless you accept those hurt feelings as your own.

Mad or hurt feelings are initially his problem. If you sympathize with him, they may become your problem. The negative, thoughts, feelings and suggestions of others have no power over you unless you give them power. Why would you give them power over you? Leave it to those who gamble with their emotional systems. Do not sympathize with someone who has a choice and chooses to be unhappy.

People who ask for your opinion are often seeking your approval.


There are two basic ways that “A Social Laymen” handles something – intellectually objective or ego-emotional. Objectivity causes peace-of-mind while ego-emotion often costs you a piece of your mind. When you become an emotional wreck, you some times feel that you are “losing your mind”. You temporarily lose your sense of who you are. When you become aware of this, it may be your time for your therapy.

You’re fired! Career assassination, legal financial theft.

By popular vote in a world survey of “Social Laymen”, orgasm led heart attack for relieving tension. The “holier-than-thou” moral-guilt guardians lost again.

Many people with no answers to issues – disagree and challenge people with answers to issues – only to determine how confident they are with their answers. How can someone initially agree with another’s thoughts if he or she has not experienced them or made time to objectively think them out? We tend to relate and limit another’s answer or perspective to our own current circumstance or experience rather than to expand our thinking to view a more complete picture.

Having “heart” must be deemed good – for without it – you are dead.


Life is that precious time when we have the privilege to experience intellect and emotions before what we call death.

“Death”: The expiration of a human ego’s one and only genetic-life-cycle.

“Eternity”: The absence of time.

When we think a person dies. The “soul”, an electrical blueprint, is released from the body. Actually, the world dies to the soul.

I “believed” this when I was a licensed, ordained minister. I now view that this somewhat dogmatic statement is not valid, in reality. I admit that I now view I was wrong in my perception. I have made mistakes. I still make more mistakes than an ego cares to admit. I do try to become aware of my errors and to correct them.

Just because a perspective is controversial, that does not qualify it to be an error. Dogmatic beliefs – proven over time to be bogus in reality – are errors.

If you view that, by valid evidence, anything written in this book or on this website is a valid error – please submit your correction. If proven valid, your correction will be made – and you will be sincerely thanked:

The God Complex: An Ego delusion of having perfect power, perfect mind, perfect attitude and a perfect philosophy. “I think right! I cannot and will not tolerate wrong thinking or incompetence. My ways are not your ways. Edited

The bully with the God Complex insists: “My Ego / God is great. Your ego / god is nothing. My standards and morals are by which you are live. If I judge that you fail to serve me on my terms, I will destroy your life and if I could, I would send you into Eternal Torment.”

But, don’t forget, “I luvs ya.”

Ah, “Christian Love”! Again, I sincerely acknowledge “The God Complex”: He’s great! He’s big. He’s full of shit!

As the Biblical God proves to be the most miserable character in the entire Bible – so do many of this God’s believers – who push this kind of authoritative, poisonous, and restrictive, dogma on other human beings – have unhappiness behind their masks.

“That’s gross – I love it!” – “It’s morally distasteful and it somehow turns me on.”

Do some tattoos have this kind of diabolical effect on some people?

Another exercise in perspectives:

Most snakes are longer than others … conversely, most snakes are shorter than others. Reality: All snakes are shorter than the longest. Edited

When people decide that something is great, they fail to see how great it is not.


When they decide that something is bad, they fail to se how bad it is not.

Emotional people can only see one side of an emotional issue.

Humor is emotional medicine designed to relax and cleanse the emotional system through a mental / physical release called laughter.

When you do not agree with something – it is because it is not true – or, you do not want it to be true.

US Government Economics

If you want to earn a PHD in economic-over-spending, become a United States Senator or Congressman. The United States Government has proven that its economic policy is not a science. It proves to be a bad form of art. There are super-bad religions, insane god-models, and super-bad economic models. The US Government displays many bad models for its citizens to learn from, follow or to emulate. Do you tend to over-spend your money – just like the US Government over-spends your hard-earned tax money?


Income Tax

We, the Internal Revenue Service, are legal crooks. As an individual, you have no choice but to pay us.

We, the I.R.S., are a protection racket. If you don’t pay up, you will suffer consequences.

We are blackmailers. If you don’t pay, unpleasant things will befall you.

We are kidnappers. No pay means we will put you away in a little box (prison).

We are thieves. If you do not pay what we demand, we will steal your most precious, irreplaceable asset – your “unaccountable time”.

There is no Constitutional law saying that you must pay us. Just pay us – or else.

We, your government, have murderous wars to wage and mistresses to keep. Pay up!

We spend more than we take in – so pay up! Oh please! Please! Please! Please!

In an audit, we may know a code that allows a deduction, but if you don’t know it, we collect. We are your not so silent partners. We happily share in all your profits and we never volunteer to share in your loses. If you know enough or happen to ask the right questions, maybe we will help. If you do not – never! We make it as close to impossible for an individual to ask the right questions. Why do think we call it a code?


Did you ever notice that when you get the best of one of our auditors, we simply assign another one against you? We usually win our bluffs. And, there are always many of us and, hopefully, only one of you.

We have the power. Do not resist! Resistance will be futile. We are highly trained to pick you clean. We are your greatest pimps. If we audit you and find that you have moved, you have lost your receipts and you cannot prove your deductions, we’ll burn you for all of it. If we expect your next year’s receipts are also in those missing files, we will burn you for that too. Should you cop any negative attitude about it – we hope you don’t like it! You serve us. We do not serve you. The costly infrastructure that we, your US government, provide this country is designed so that you can better serve us.

Death Tax

Howard Gould accumulated an estate worth $67,535,386 and died. We, the US Government treasury, collected $49,506,615 as to our share.

If your heirs cannot pay us cash, we will “force sell” your properties to get our cash. If the “forced sale” leaves nothing for your heirs – we could care less.

We prefer that you do not plan for the distribution of your estate’s assets and proceeds.

We prefer that you die without a will so that we can control cashing in on your estate.

Keep up the good work! The more you make, the more we take.

The United States Government: Woo the people. Fool the people. Screw the people. Edited

Our secret is: We, the United States Government, are owned by The International Bankers. These (invisible) International Bankers need your money to make US their top terrorist on planet Earth.

Oops! How did that get in there?

Critic: But, you are a retired United States Reserve Army officer. How dare you accuse your generous, loving, caring, god-fearing, righteous Government of such a thing?

My loyalty is to the U. S. Constitution – not an illegal operating rogue government. My bad.


Hung-up people tend to tell you fifteen reasons why you should not or can not do something and not one reason why or how you can. They will tell you when you can’t pick your nose, fart or masturbate; but, they will never tell you when you can. We will impose our values as to what you can’t do and leave to your conscientious what you can do. If you make a mistake or get caught – shame on you. If you feel guilt – that’s your problem. Join the club.

Pure knowledge, honesty and acceptance would make life basic and dull and nothing to be emotional about. Mystery, fear, lies, drama and ignorance are the fascination. They provide emotion intrigue, pain, horror and trauma. People become fascinated when they see assorted ways that human beings emotionally and physically compete.

We “Human Animals” consist of evolved animal genes. Experience triggers genes. Genes trigger experiences. Some of our triggered / lit-up animal genes are active. Some are partially shutdown. Some are dormant.

Our primal, animal-genes may require us to be at war – killing others and dying.

Don’t only tell people that they can’t do something – if you can suggest a time when they can do it. For example: Do not masturbate in public. It is illegal. But, give it Hell in private. The more we seem to advance, socially, the more hypocrisy seems to be a virtue.

Murder: If you are not going to play the game my way, you are not going to play.

Suicide: If you are not going to play the game my way – I am not going to play.

Either way – control – is the motive. The “controller” may say: “I feel that I have lost control or that I am not in control of something I want – so I will be in control of your murder or of my suicide.”

Analysis: Renegade animal feelings / genes and damaged Human egos do damage.

In behavior – we do not even scratch our ass without some awareness of a feeling.

Perspective: We must, each of us, become aware of and take stock or our animal feelings – and the emotional intensity – that were created by our animal genes. Those active genes still direct and supervise those active feelings.

Through repetition, we sensitize and desensitize, turn on and turn off, certain identifiable feelings and consequently the genes that they are hard-wired to. With self-hypnosis / meditation, we re-program our animal genes – which control the feelings we respond to. Self-hypnosis / meditation can become handy.

Don’t be concerned about your ability to achieve self-hypnosis. Every belief you have is a form of self-hypnosis. Select a feeling. With repetition, reinforce your direction of that feeling. You can over-come your addiction to the feeling that triggers your desire – for instance to smoke. After you overcome a negative feeling, you can reprogram other negative feelings. It becomes as easy as child’s-play. You just have to create the will to do so. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A hypnotherapist is simply the operator who assists you in your ability to achieve self-hypnosis at will.

Take a moment to do a short hypnotic process – Ok?

After reading this close your eyes and think back to your younger life when you liked a car – a favorite car. Name the car to yourself. Patiently, look at the car from the front and move around the car. What color is it? Make the paint as pretty as you like. Open a door and look at the seats, the dash. Mentally record what you see.

Now, go back in time and revisit a pet – a favorite pet. Name the pet to yourself. Have the pet look at you as pretty and as happy as you could remember it. Look at the pet’s fir. What color is it?

Open your eyes. Come out of Alpha brainwaves back into Beta. Tell yourself about the car. Tell yourself or to another out loud all the things you saw. Now, the pet. Tell what its name was, what color it was. What else did you see that you would like to describe?

If you were successful at doing this hypnotic process / exercise, you have the ability to feel, isolate and identify a specific feeling or craving that causes a habit. You can kindly talk to your feeling which talks to the creator gene that it is hardwired to. Positive repetition programs both your feeling and the gene so that you are no longer addicted to that feeling. Your unwanted feelings, cravings and behaviors can be eliminated and controlled by you – the master of your life. If successful, your attitude and your health will improve. If successful, you have saved therapy and bad habit money and you may have influenced your ego / self-esteem balance. A master does not require another’s permission or authority to control his or her own life.

As long as you won’t – you can’t.

If you are selfish and it huts you or another – stop being selfish.

If you are selfish and it does not hurt anybody – enjoy it!


Pain is not good unless you are a masochist. Then, it’s wonderful.

A social introvert may get one year’s experience in ten year’s time, whereby a social extrovert may get ten year’s experience in one year’s time.

When I think of all the sinning I have done throughout my entire life, I have to conclude that having sex with a variety of women is my favorite sin. Hummm. Gene trigger! Gotta go. Got some sinning to do.




he rich have no interest being a peer to the poor.

The healthy have no interest being a peer to the sick.

The intelligent have no interest being a peer to the stupid.

The successful has no interest being a peer to the failure.

The superior has no interest in being a peer with the inferior.

The living has no interest being a peer to the dead – except when suffering.

Prejudice is pre-choosing what or whom you will deal with tomorrow. Man is the choosing animal. Inferiors resent prejudice.

“I believe” often means “I hope”. If a person has a lot of hopes, you are probably going to hear a lot of beliefs.

“I believe” often means “I want”. “I believe” often proved to mean “I pretend”.

“I believe” often means I want to will something into reality. (This is a big one that is often overlooked.)

During a debate on “belief”, an individual once said: “I believe in Santa Clause”. I asked: Are you saying that you want Santa Clause to be real?

He said: Of course!

I debated: When you say “I believe”, I now know that what you believe is what you want reality to conform to. Your beliefs are about your ambitions. Your beliefs have little to do with reality. You have no commitment to existing reality concerning your belief. Your beliefs amount to your wanna-be inventions.

Liking or disliking someone is putting a positive or a negative value on them. Having the capacity to put a neutral value on them is emotionally safer than projecting a negative value.


Social happiness is having the ability to accept people the way they are – but – only spend time with the ones who are good to you.

I live by my values in my life – not yours. If while in your home, you insist that I live by your values, I may not be in your home long.

A book is of value only to those who can deal with it.

It is not so hard to learn things in the future, as it is to unlearn things from the past.

Love: Putting another person’s values above your own. A fascinating copout.

Romantic freedom: We may share our bodies; but, if you want my will – my soul – my life or my cash, you will be frustrated.

“Unaccountable time” is the time you do not account to another authority.

As long as I live by – “unaccountable time” – I am truly free.

Society takes your greatest asset “unaccountable time” when it puts you in prison. Be intelligent. Do not gamble and break enforceable criminal or civil laws that can put you in prison. You are the master of your life. Understand that you are a success while you live in your kingdom of “unaccountable time”.

“Street people” may claim to have “unaccountable time”, but they account to poverty – which, like prison, is not freedom.

There is only one human being on Earth who can love you or like you the way you want to be loved or liked. You.


Your “philosophy” is your love of your values in your life.

A typical romantic fantasizes sharing their mind, body and emotions.

Gary DeVaney’s: The Genetic-Love-Model Theory

(A “theory” is another definite, guaranteed maybe. It is absolutely true – unless it is not.)

Nobody really knows much about his or her genes.

The study of genes, what they mean and what they do is a fairly new science. James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the genetic double-helix around 1952.

Most “Human Animals” do not know about their Genetic-Love-Model. Romantics are somewhat aware of their Genetic-Love-Model but most believe that their god-daddy will send their “soul-mate” to them.

We all have a Genetic-Love-Model but we never seem to get a real clear look at it. If we are available, inclined and participating in social / sexual intercourse, many partners can trigger our Genetic-Love-Model at any time throughout our lifecycle. Romantics and most married individuals do not want to hear that. Some “Human Animals” can fall-in-love at age 90 – and some at age 4.

A romantic is usually in a zealous search for Mr. / Miss Right, someone who will trigger them to falling-in-love with their own Genetic-Love-Model. When their Genetic-Love-Model is triggered, the romantic suddenly makes the love-object responsible for his or her newly addicted feeling. The reality is, they are addicted to their feeling – not to the love-object. If the love-object’s Genetic-Love-Model is also triggered, a relationship or even a traditional marriage may develop. If either party does not sufficiently trigger the feeling intensity for the other person’s own Genetic-Love-model, the relationship may be short-lived.

When the relationship crashes, the partner more addicted to his or her Genetic-Love-Model suffers the greater sense of loss. Some romantics become frustrated, obsessed and insane in their quest of finding someone suitable to trigger their Genetic-Love-Model.

You cannot romantically or sexually love another “Human Animal” more than you love your Genetic-Love-Model. You must love your own sex-life before you can love having sex with another.

Most marriages amount to a business venture. Most of these “marriages” fail in intense feeling and / or in reality.

The greatest test of love is a sense of loss.

To the traditional female romantic: The greatest sex partner you ever will have is one who has sex with you but for himself.

Romantic: What?

If your partner has sex with you – for himself – he wants to be there.

If he has sex with you and for you – it’s called a “mercy-fuck”.

Fool: One who follows another’s morals, philosophies and perspectives that are not his or her own.

Dominance: Control of mind, body and emotion.

Philosophical warfare: Capture and destroy incompatible philosophies. A self-centered, authoritative, ego will not compete so much as to try to destroy another’s philosophy. Life is a universe more than your and my philosophy.

ADDICTION. My breakthrough therapeutic conclusion of addiction: Your genes make your nerves that create your feelings. One can only be addicted to a feeling. No feeling – no addiction. Without a feeling you would never notice the effects of alcohol, tobacco, gambling, love, sex, food, heroin or any other drug substance. “Without a feeling” is the key. Granted, you controlling your feeling is the task you either succeed or fail at. Perspective: Dead people don’t have feelings and consequently dead people do not have addictions.

You don’t scratch your ass without a feeling – do you?

You can always tell a believer – but not much.

If something was learned, evolution has taken place. Religious believers don’t much believe in evolution. You, as a “Human Animal”, have evolved from an orgasm-produced zygote and you will evolve into a lifeless corpse in a few short years.

Who? What? Where? When? How? Means Who, what, where, when and how is something of value to them?


Trust: One’s confidence that he or she will be kept secure in their value system.

A brain surgeon performing brain surgery is paying for his dinner. An Eagle that rabbit with the warm eyes is also paying for his dinner. Morals are just traditionally assigned right or wrong values. To feel beneficial science or raw nature to be immoral is ignorant.

Psychosis, paranoia, manic-depression, schizophrenia: I know what the dictionary defines each condition to mean. I know that these conditions are allowed to exist due to ignorance. Like cancer – if you knew the cure for cancer – cancer would not exist.

Have medical caregivers ever allowed curable diseases to exist for profit? Have insane human beings ever waged war on other human beings by introducing them to – or inoculating them with – deadly diseases? Has the United States Government ever done anything so evil? You might check out: “The Killing Winds” by Jeanne McDermott.

Has the United States Government ever assassinated leaders of other countries or topple other governments or to control world politics? If you are mind-set that the U. S. Government has not, then, do not check out: “Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man” by John Perkins or “Overthrow” by Stephen Kinzer.

Religion: The first-class copout in not having to be responsible to ourselves.

For the believer, God is in control and responsible – not their ego nor their evolving, influential genes. Self-responsibility is not a long-suit for the religious believer.

Hate: Emotional diarrhea.

If it were not for ignorance, nobody would do what nobody wants to do.

Rationalizing: The art of disbelieving imperfection.


Dream Of The True American


Oath Of Allegiance Of Sheep

I promise to put “God and Country’s” values over mine.

I promise to fight and die for my “God and Country’s” values, deserting mine – and my family’s values.

I promise to allow “God and Country’s” to determine what part of my earnings I may keep.

I promise to let “God and Country’s” to be the landlord of my life, to live by your values, to obey your rules and to pay you for the privilege.

I promise to be religious, to keep in practice of begging, to practice feeling inferior to a superior authority (fictitious or not) and to not be loyal to myself. Edited

I promise to never complain or to comment negatively so to assure that things will go your way and that you will maintain control.

I promise to live for your approval and to create a substantial estate to leave you upon my death.

I promise to pay maximum Social Security, die before retirement in your service, so that you can reassign my number.


I promise to be in the 95% that accept and do not understand and not to be in the 5% who understand and do not accept.

I promise to be pro US Government and anti-reason, to not question why – and “logic” – I will consider to be treason.

I promise to be insecure in my power, dependent on yours, and pay any price to meet your expectations. Because God does not approve of me, you must, I pray.

I promise to pledge to the death (mine of someone else’s) that my “God and Country” is right, just and fair – no matter what mistakes you make.

Love is energizing while hate is exhausting.



Jaded people are abstract and surly. They wear their personality like rank. They expect “emotional dues” to be paid by another’s’ efforts to figure them out. A maturely jaded person is emotionally short-circuited. They were hurt / disappointed and they will not display interest that can hurt again. They are pessimists. Jaded people seek “saviors” to rescue them from their chronic disinterest.

They appear as a “shell of existence”. They seldom accept an invitation without hassle or a dramatic: “No. I couldn’t”. They truly live in a tiny world. They have shallow and limited interests. They are “flaky” and display inconsistent emotions. They don’t trust their feelings. They are apathetic because they are afraid that they will make another painful mistake. Give them a million dollars or lay them and they will respond like they are doing you a favor.

It is like they suffered an emotional heart attack and the emotions can’t get out of bed. They insist you send them emotional candy, flowers and a get-well card. Their attitude is: “As long as I don’t try, I can’t fail.” Hopeless, jaded people have professional attitudes like seasoned hookers.


Happy people value their happiness and choose not to get involved with the jaded.

If you take a thought and relate it to yourself – you probably limit the thought.

Only if you make life a procedure can complications set in.


Responsible: Accounting to somebody else.

Are you responsible or are you free? Most people feel a stomach pit of fear concerning the insecurity of being free. Religion is man-made.

Religion is designed to condition, brainwash and program your living by somebody or something else’s values in your life. Parents enforced that you to live by their values in your life. Schools and social institutions, enforced that you to live by their values in your life. Human beings, with no identity, tend to live by other’s values 24 / 7. “Thy will be done”. Once you are trained and conditioned to accounting to someone else or taking orders, the easier you are controlled. The most valuable controls.

Other than proven science and gravity – all authority on planet Earth is temporary, “assumed authority”. Certainly the men, who have assumed authority throughout history, were temporary. The Biblical God never existed yet mankind’s animal genes use the Biblical God insanity to cover all the insane genetic guilt.

Why do many authority figures promote God?

Once the “believer” is conditioned, hypnotized and brain-washed to obey a fictitious authority / God, the believer becomes a practiced, disciplined “one who obeys”. Many believers desire to passionately believe. Many seek an authority to believe in, support, serve and even to sacrifice for. It then becomes much easier for an “assumed authority” to step in and effectively control the believer. Assumed authorities want you to believe.

Social-emotional perspective: Anyone may happen into my atmosphere – but I choose who comes into my world.

Bottom-line answers require bottom-line question.

The question is the highest form of thought.

Knowledge is a low form of thought because the heavy-lifting has already been done to acquire the knowledge.

Belief is the stupidest form of thought. It settles for its mind-set “I don’t know”.

A believer dares not question his or her belief for if they do question their belief – they prove not to believe it. If you cannot question, your thought process is paralyzed.

Believers eliminate their thinking processes by constantly reinforcing their beliefs. Their mental / emotional behavior becomes that of an automaton. Their recycled words becomes dogmatic, redundant and robotic.

This explains the paradox of belief: A believer can not question his or her belief – for if he or she does question his or her belief, they prove not to believe it. Each and every belief is a state of hypnosis. The questioning / thinking process is then paralyzed. Figuratively, a believer walks around with half his brain tied behind his back.

Hypnotherapy can de-hypnotize “Beta”. Hypnotherapy gives your mental-emotional system a chance to come out of all the states of belief / hypnosis that you walk around in.

Hypnotherapy brings you to here and now reality which is your starting point to visit your past experiences and to experience your future without it being sabotaged by the past.

Authoritative people, who are in your life, do not want to lose their control over you so they will authoritatively condemn your starting to question and to think. They do not want you to break your belief hypnosis. They want your programmed beliefs to remained intact. You probably do the same thing to selected others in your life. Don’t you?

Religion: An authoritative tool used by “assumed authority” to control the stupid.


A cause for rejection: I feel that your feelings – and their intensities – towards me are not those I would be happy with.

Platonic: the absence of emotion. When one feels that they have lost the ability to feel concerning another.

Turn page quietly . . . reader sleeping.


Intelligence / stupidity: Your timed capacity / your ability to absorb, digest, evaluate, assign a value, make a decision and take an action which proves to be of value to you.


    Human Flaws

One stroke of an artist’s brush may appear distasteful – even hideous. But it, along with combination of others, may be responsible for a masterpiece.

One of the 10 posters.



“Independence” is an attitude while “non-dependence” is a status.

A person, who is truly “non-dependent”, is uncontrollable. If he or she is powerful and non-dependent, he is usually a hero or a villain. If he is independent with no power, he seems crazy or to be a bum of no use to others. People are ultimately not interested in people they cannot use. A “non-dependent” individual may feel toward morality this: I am allowed to make mistakes. Who said so? I did. I account to me instead of others. For an emotional human being to be perfect is impossible. To attempt the impossible leads to frustration.

When I went through the Army National Guard Officer Candidate School (O.C.S.) program, our insane school slogan was:

“Perfection is our standard – the impossible our goal!”

After my graduation, I became the next “Tactical Officer” for the new class of candidates.

I have always considered that idealistic slogan to be a pledge of insanity.

I personally pledge my loyalty to the United States of America and to its citizens. I dislike and feel no loyalty to what the corrupt US Government has become throughout my lifetime. World Wars I and II may have been necessary wars. Since then, I view that US believers have to be insane, gullible and fanatical to give their lives by obeying unconstitutional and illegal orders to murder the competition of our now insane US Government’s corporate “interests”. To wage war by initiating a pre-emptive attack against a country that cannot possible be a war-threat and to broadcast lies to do so – is murderous and insane.

Former President George W. Bush murdered and damaged the lives of over one million innocent Iraqis with his arrogant, pre-empted, oil-driven war on Iraq.

Bush has since publicly admitted that Iraq had nothing to do with the terrorists who attacked the USA on 9/11 and that Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction. Most of the weapons used by Iraq, were previously issued to Iraq by the USA.

Most of the US weapons, that Iraq had possessed, were expended on Iran and on their own Kurds. Bush’s public admission held no regrets for his lies nor has Bush repented for his mass murders.

Bush is videoed to say: “God told me to attack Iraq.”

Talk about bad genes!

Thousands of loyal US believers gave their lives by obeying George W. Bush’s illegal and unconstitutional orders. Many “Human Animals”, on both sides, have been sacrificed for his mistakes. Why do you think George W. Bush and his insane, megalomaniac collaborate, Richard B. Cheney, continue to live freely? The authoritative “might makes right” Biblical-God-Model will remain as long as the believers, who promote and support this Biblical-God-Model, control humanity.

Why does the US Government uphold unreasonable Church law? Religious believers hold validate Church laws while they are unreasonable. The US Government does not hold Church law to the standards of reasonableness. Does it make sense that God got mad and drown all but 8 of the human race including – babies? What about all those drowned animals and other life-forms? Is it reasonable to claim that the Earth and the entire Universe was made in 7 days? Is it Ok to kill unruly sons, non-virgin girls and gay men? It’s God’s law! Is it because it is impossible for sane people to believe in these  unreasonable  laws that other laws are not obeyed? Can sane people take God and His unreasonable laws serious?   


Your physical beauty may attract attention. But, it takes emotional beauty to hold attention. You can somewhat control both. Nature can only shortchange you on one.


Page deleted. It was a little too weak for my seasoned taste. Instead:

Christianity: Who is more Christian and who is not?

Is Christianity dangerous and violent?

Historically, what religion has been the most violent on planet Earth?

Did the Christian Crusades killed millions?

Did the Catholic Christian Inquisitions torture people on the rack, burn them alive, pour boiling water down their throats, boil them alive, drown them, hang them, murder a few million Jews during the holocaust?

Did Christians wholesale murder the American Indians so to steal their lands? Did Christians plague most of Hawaii and South American natives to death?

Did Christians enslave African for service and profit in this new country – the land of the free?

Does Christianity prove to be a violent religion to the aware, thinking knowledgeable Human Animal?

Are good or bad Christians slave-mentality fascists?

Does Christianity fight for freedom (unaccountable time) or time-confining restriction and life-consuming dogma?

Is the Biblical God the insane model for all this?


There is a (genetic) emotion guidance called common sense. Common sense tends to be conservative (not in the Republican sense) directing all thoughts by keeping positive / negative balance control. Edited

Renegade right-brain thoughts, like children, who roam at will, are responsible for invention, fantasy and creativity.

When creativity, a new thought process, is triggered, the two “emotions” (do-wants / don’t-wants and their intensities) pressure the ego to decide. If the ego decides – yes – goals are set and an agenda begins. The ego then begins to experience do-want elation toward the agenda’s achievement or don’t-want frustration toward the agenda’s failure. Edited

Common sense tries to control renegade thoughts when stress sets in by bringing other feelings and their intensities into the mix. Edited

Confusion is many things. One of which is a time of learning and growing. Edited

Should you feel discouraged – cherish your “down-time” – for that is when you get to know yourself best. Edited

Successful people always welcome renegade, inventive thoughts. But, you must work at putting in positive thoughts so that the emotional system will be safeguarded. A mental / emotional injury or accident is called a trauma.

Your misery is always in direct proportion to your expectation.

Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison were wrong many more times than they were right. They tried often. Do you dare try?

To be happy with others, ask but never expect. Allow them to assist you in helping yourself. Expect little assistance and appreciate much. Lift yourself and everyone around you.


Without a positive sense of humor, your genes can take no jokes. Edited

Most of my impotence in writing has been realized during this lifetime.

Sex – a philosophical perspective:

Can you perceive that at the exact moment you verbalized your greatest witticism, about a half-billion people, throughout the world, had their ears jammed between somebody else’s legs? Edited

Many great male lovers do a lot of women – like a lot of men could – if they only would. First, you have to give yourself permission to do a lot of women. If one, of either sex, is not over-selective, one will be kept busy.

Someone imprisoned by an idealistic morality will say: I won’t!

Again, as long as one won’t – one can’t.

For the healthy “Human Animal”, having sex is the most awesome sport on planet Earth. To have great sex, competent birth-control and a clean, enthusiastic partner is the secret.

Jealousy is felt when one person does something without the consent of another.

You can not lose your jealousy without giving your consent.

A person, who feels jealous / inferior, may declare that some people are so spoiled by their beauty that they never had time to develop their characters or personalities. They relate character to adversity.

Emotion vampire: A jealous, possessive individual who wants to feed on another’s attention.


People, who are the happiest and the most fortunate, are the people whose feelings are allowed to flow in life – much like a river flows around the rocks and bends. If life flows without too much friction around the obstacles, its ego is happy. When life gets bogged down, dammed up and the feelings cease to flow freely, confusion and pain set in.

The ego may feel dissatisfied with everything and everyone around it. It withdraws, experiencing fear. Without ignorance, fear cannot exist.

When things go bad, change what you can; and what you cannot, accept it. Acceptance is your confident path back to happiness.

The reality of the universe does not need to serve us on our terms.

Confession: Putting your private feelings, secret behaviors, illegal and immoral events into words.

Taking a vacation is traveling and experiencing people, places and things without becoming committed to them. Some happy people have learned to make the rest of their lives an emotional vacation.

Visiting your family is not taking a vacation.


Knowledge provides fewer emotional impulses than ignorance. People often prefer ignorance because knowledge leads to boredom – which provides limited emotional impulses.

“Flaky” or “fickle” is simply inconstant emotions. The emotions declare something god, flashes a negative and declare it bad. Something is right – no – it’s wrong. Inconsistent emotions are often caused by a trauma. A trauma is often an emotional accident.

Deep sleep: When positive and negative energy compete while roaming throughout the brain in indefinable, unrecoverable corridors, when conscious. Edited

Memory requires an emotion-intense feeling to attachment to a thought for it to manifest.

Many people feel that they have to burn good money to burn good emotions. Sometimes afterwards, they feel burnt.

Hypnosis deals with four stages of basic awareness. Beta. Alpha. Theta. Delta. Consider an elementary explanation of these conditions: Beta: Everyday, conscious, walk around awareness. Alpha: Day-dream, deep-thought / belief, remembering, imagining, fantasying. Theta: Normal REM (Rapid Eye Movement) / dream sleep. Delta:

There is no machine, that I am aware of, yet sensitive enough to measure what happens during Delta waves. Maybe when active gene participation can be measured, Delta will make more sense.

Deep sleep: When positive, negative and neutral charged thoughts and feelings compete by roaming through the mental / emotional system. They are often indefinable and unrecoverable when conscientious. Maybe our animal genes do their best communicating with our human mind during this time.


One reason that men bicker and barter with prostitutes is because of the common remitter called money. Rejection has a safeguard because it is not the man being rejected, it’s the amount of his money.

Many men gain the power to have sex with beautiful women that they would never get close to without a required amount of money. Some men have “money-power”. Some women have “pussy-power”. Both get what they want and win in the prostitution game – unless the law busts them. Then, the court fines the hooker and sends her back into the streets. Court is one of the prostitute’s most costly and demanding pimps. Because of the courts, prostitution prices are high. The legal system makes the poor man struggle to pay for – in some cases – the best sex he will ever get.

Without money, how could an ugly, old man have sex with a beautiful young woman when he wants to?

Often, when a judge successfully fines prostitutes, his own mistress’s career is secure for another day.

Bars are where lonely people find lonely people and their inhibitions can be drowned by the same vehicle. If you drink, you may dull your hang-ups, morals and inhibitions. But, you will also dull your senses and sex drive. You cannot heighten sex by drinking.

You may dull your hang-ups and feel that you are sexier. In a young man, booze may dull his senses so that he lasts longer. For an older man – probably not. For some uptight ladies, it may help drown any guilt.

The mind, through healthy feelings and emotional intensity, is the primary sex organ. Impotence or premature-ejaculation is caused by not having the ability to accept what is currently going on. Sometimes fantasies that we saw on the screen or read in books are now being lived out. The excitement can be so intense, we cannot relax enough to perform. Like during an accident, we may be perfectly calm, but, really we are very excited.


Most men feel that performance is a must. You gotta perform! You gotta perform! The commitment that you must perform can freeze you up emotionally so that you cannot relax enough to flow with and enjoy what’s going on. A man feels incapable within himself and goes into an emotional downer. He may choose liquor instead of lick her to be his escape. With liquor – he may find his “downer” worsened.

Drunks are always victims in their own minds.

A woman who behaves like an alcoholic gets none of my social / sexual time.

A positive sense of humor is the emotional system’s best ally.

Romantically, some men turn off to women who think like men – and vice versa.

Having sex is giving physical, sexual and emotional pleasure. During sex, hookers fake the emotional. Hooking focuses on trading or selling. Her time is money: “Get it up, get it in, get it on, get it off and get out!” True giving of anything is without expectation. Trading and selling always demands expectation. Illegal hooking is trading sex for un-taxable dollars. If sex was a taxable service – surprise! – sex would be legal. Check out Nevada, USA. Legal hooking is trading for social gratuities, a legal contract, and a committed life-sentence.


Regardless of the macho image for men of: “He makes it with every woman he wants” and the: “I would never do anything like that” southern bell image, for every (heterosexual) man, there is a woman. Sexually healthy human beings need sex and do have sex physically and emotionally. People who complain about sex should see a doctor or have an affair. Edited

Morality (the attempt to control what’s right and what is wrong) of selfishness is only in the eye of the beholder. Reality is reality. Reality makes no moral judgment; only people do. Edited

Many things that we are brainwashed by and have shoved down our throats ate taught by the Bible. We are also programmed by creeds, traditions, oaths, marital and parental jealousy, school idealism and dogma.

A puritanical, prudish mother may share her programmed dogma: “I only want my daughter to have sex with her husband for marriage, future, family and babies and old age security. Actually, she is to engage in sex only for the purpose of having children. Surely, my daughter would never do anything so rude.” Edited

This old fashioned, idealistic, fantasy-prone mother still lives in the dark ages, believes in bad dogma and probably worships idols and saints.


However, many cultures, religions and social customs still have these hang-ups and stupid morals.

Chances are, the young girl’s mother’s mother quoted the same dogma that she does – and – in reality, neither she nor her mother lived by that dogma. Often, that “blessed first-child” was so eager for life that it came out of the vagina-express months pre-mature.

God does not exist – but, the belief in god certainly does exist. After my research, my short time as a licensed, ordained clergy, and my human behavior study, I honestly have no evidence of any supernatural, know-it-all, Hell-judging God. If you buy into one of a person’s beliefs – what the Hell – you may as well buy them all.

It’s my judgment that most religious believers, concerning reality, have their feet planted firmly in mid-air.

Do you know even one Christian who proves to be a “realist”? Does he or she believe in virgin birth or talking snakes and donkeys or that many dead corpses rose out of their graves in a town? Can you or will you define “realist”?

To live up to another’s expectations of you is to allow them to somewhat live their lives through you.

Real people respond to real vibes.

All religions are man-made. Most morals are made and valued by selfish, jealous and possessive people.

If a person is to be happy, he or she has to feel emotionally free (unaccountable time). Free alone or free with a partner. Free to love, to have confidence in his or her freedom. Love is not truly given if it is expected – or demanded. It is taken. The giver may feel robbed. Edited

Moral pressure forces dumb mistakes towards marriage.

If you believe that “marriages are made in Heaven”, then, your know-it-all, in control, God’s batting average really sucks! Edited

Marriage is the first legal step toward divorce.

When their father is absent, young girls are often attracted to older men.

What are the differences in a modern-day marriage contract and an 1840 bill-of-sale that identifies who owns a slave.

Mississippi was the last US state to ratify the United States anti-slavery law in – would you believe – 1995?

Don’t believe me or any other man. Check it out for yourself.

Do modern marriage contracts impose legal forms of human possession and slavery within them; whereby, in the United States of America – one human being is legally owned by another? What would the US Supreme Court decision be on this legal issue?

Hummm. I personally thought this over. I decided that I would never sign a long-term legal contract requiring my accountable time.

Las Vegas, where I live, claims to be the marriage capital of the United States.

Fiction: “George” took a table and two chairs downtown where couples get their marriage licenses. While a bride waited in the long line, the groom was summoned to be interviewed at the table. The groom was presented and explained the legal contract to be signed there and then. Once signed, George could legally sue the new groom for half of the possessions he accumulated from this day forward and the agreement made George legally entitled to half his future income for life. The groom jumped up and angrily announced that he would never sign such a stupid deal.

That is exactly what all agree to when they sign their marriage license.

Doesn’t every legal marriage license contain a “built-in lawsuit” called divorce?

Statistically, targeting men and women from 20 to 30 years old, during those 10 years, who do you think are more social – married or single people? Who has more sex? “Forsaking all others” restricts social and sexual intercourse.

Marriage is probably the most prejudice and discriminatory legal institution in existence.


If an individual is a 10 on a 10 scale appearance-wise and has the vibes of 3, a rocky road and a cliff lies ahead. 10 on a 10 scale vibes will be remembered and valued for a much longer time.


I am the master of my life. I have developed a personal mental-emotional system toolbox. I adjust my mental-emotional system with my accumulated tools. I am my own “emotion mechanic”. I perform my own “Emotional Surgery” (the title of my second book). Even as a therapist, I do not carry anyone else’s toolbox. I do encourage that individuals perceive, invent and build their own mental-emotional tools for their own use.

The tools that I put and keep in my toolbox are emotionally “lighter-than-air” as they do not socially restrict me or anyone else. They are designed to lift me and all who are around me.

I like and value my “unaccountable time”. I conform, adhere to and obey enforceable laws and restrictions.

“Unaccountable time” is what makes me King of my world. Someone who resents your being King or Queen of your world, probably will prove not to be a friend.

Rank can not exist between true friends.

Life, as we perceive it, exists. Your life, in reality, exists. Your self-awareness proves to you that you exist. Life owes you no happiness. You must learn to be happy. You must work at being happy. You must earn your happiness. You must have knowledge of your social tools so that you can work effectively at being happy. If you know what you do not want, if you successfully avoid what you do not want, this assists in your being happy. Your choice of social / emotional tools is decided by you and for you.

Like it or not, upon becoming an adult, you are legally the master of your life. Your deciding to like your mastership / adulthood is an important tool. As a master / adult, your law-abiding behavior does not require another’s approval. If somebody tells you that, your behavior does require their approval; they are telling you that they want to control you. They may try to control you but the best they can do, in reality, is to assist you in controlling yourself.

Free Will: One’s attempt to get something, in reality, that one wants or needs. As long as it is readily available, and you are willing to exchange and / or pay the price for what you want or need, it is not illegal nor is it immoral to get it. Concerning sex, if another wants to have sex with you as you want to have sex with them – that is mutual consent – nothing is illegal nor immoral about it. If a third-party protests, they prove to feel entitled to a master-slave relationship.

If you decide to have a doctor perform surgery on you – you control your health – the doctor just assists you in controlling your health.

Accept others the way they are because you are the master of your life. Careful now. If you do nottreat others as the masters of their lives, you automatically lose your mastership – just another perspective / lighter-than-air tool, for a toolbox. Whether or not you put tools that you perceive in your toolbox is nobody’s business but yours – proving that it is your life and that you are the master of it.

However, a high percentage of stupid is stubborn…

Music: Positive, negative and neutral effects on the nervous system that effects each receptor individually. A popular piece of music may provide a reaction like a common denominator.

“Making Love”

If a man makes love to a woman physically, he just might end up with a tired woman.

If he makes love to her physically and sexually, he may end up with a tired woman who s no longer horny.

If he makes love to her physically, sexually, and emotionally, he just might end up with a tired, no longer horny, and an emotionally satisfied, happy woman.

One of the 10 posters.

Halleluiah! Got some sinning to do! Where’s my Levitra!


Sex becomes to you what your mind projects it to be. You may get 100% on a sexual philosophy exam and fail drastically in performance. Work sharing sex emotionally and you may become and awesome lover – not a moving manikin.

Ladies, if you give your best and he doesn’t get it up, relax, it’s not your fault.

Guys, if after giving your best, she grabs her vibrator, relax, it’s not your fault.

Blame is the name of a no-win game. You were not put on planet Earth to please even one other “Human Animal” – and as sure as Hell does not exist – you can not please everybody.

Tradition: Commitment patterns, evolved in highly persecuted societies, by insecure, fearful people, reacting together against their environment. In a free society, it is like living in a cave. Ideologies, religions, morals, and cultures push commitments to the death as a way of life. Traditional groups react to a free society as labor unions do to independents.

“I can’t” is due to physical incapacity.

“I won’t” is do to emotional restriction. Many times socially when a person says “I can’t” they really mean “I won’t”. “My mental-emotional condition will not let feel comfortable in doing it.”

As long as you won’t – you can’t.

Test it.


Fat, like any large ownership, has to be maintained. High maintenance! Eating, sleeping, hot, cold, comfort, relaxation, apathy and laziness may become a very big part of a fat person’s lifestyle. Perceive all the “accountable time” a fat person has to sacrifice by being fat. As a high-powered salesman has little time for administration, so do socially creative people have little time for maintenance. As long as an individual has in his or her mind a self-image of being fat, they will remain fat. Happy, fat people have had the ability to accept the fact that they want to be fat.

Over a lifetime – fat can be a large-ass prison of accountable time!

The best proven and successful tool for me is: I “FAST” for a few days when my tolerance to be fat fails. I know: You’ll probably say: It’s not safe! It’s not healthy! It’s not easy! It’s not fun! It’s not acceptable.

I agree. But, I also have learned: You cannot defeat what you defend.

Reputation: Judged habits that make up a person’s moral and legal character.

Prison incarceration requires accountable time 24 / 7. In society accountable prisons exist in the minds of restrictive believers.

Morals seem to be more plentiful among poor people – because, poor people tend to have more fears. Poor people’s morals are mostly hypocritically compromised by money – or other tangible advantages.

If you give an asshole a million dollars – you will probably end up with an asshole with a million dollars. Don’t become discouraged, he probably won’t have it long.

Should you get a large sum of money, you won’t keep it. Why?

Every emergency possible will happen to every family member, friend and neighbor you have.

Your feeling could include:

“I am over due to have fun!” These urges will eliminate wealth fast- especially when you take along family and “friends”.

“I don’t feel rich unless I show that I have the power to blow it.”

“I’ve got to gamble or invest all of it so I can really get rich!”

“I didn’t feel that I should pay taxes on wealth – after all how did they help?”

“I needed a new airplane and my dog needed dentures – because his dentures didn’t fit the first time.”

People who scream for “equality” feel inferior.

Jealousy is feeling that another can take what you emotionally have from you. One cannot lose what one never owned. You cannot own nor possess another human being. The best one can do is rent feelings with an emotional lease that can become too expensive and that can always be broken.


When you think hate and murder, society enjoys a soap-opera and you are the only one who suffers. When you act out your hate with murder, social law punishes you. In prison, you may account to your government 24 / 7 for the rest of your life.

Suicide: Some people commit suicide when they realized they have freedom (unaccountable time) from sickness, horrible beliefs, bad authoritative models and being frustrated by not getting their way.

When your US Government claims that all the men and women who died in war died for your freedom, that’s a lie. They all died to maintain the US Government’s freedom, (unaccountable time) and power to control you and me. Have you noticed that the government is building social and legal infrastructure that keeps restricting it citizen’s unaccountable time? The government does not want you to live by unaccountable time. Time is the sea we swim in. You are to account to and pay the government throughout the time you exist.

All authority outside of nature is “assumed authority”.

Presidents, in and out of office, prove that.

When you understand a person’s emotional fears, you may better understand his or her emotional motives.

Sexual athletes, like other great athletes, have some fear of being inadequate and practice to continually improve themselves. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. You don’t have to be perfect to have great sex. You do not have to be the best. What goes on in their mental-emotional mind while having sex with you is their experience. Just be you. Having great sex is a mental-emotional-physical art-form.

“Psycho-Bitches from Hell” often make memorable sex partners. Talk about wild rides! Experiencing is not writing the script.

Sex is for fun. Sex is the most fantastic adult sport in the world. If you are going to play, you must learn the game and how to play it safely. Try to pick partners who will provide a win-win outcome. People, who only take sex serious, are not the most fun partners. Save knocking up a woman for after you are married. Vasectomies and getting tubes-tied are controllable safeguards in the sport. The genetic “need” (the addiction to a feeling) for variety is a powerful one and a dangerous one.

Select carefully – as some sexually transmitted diseases will kill you. That is a reality. Like playing poker, there is no crystal ball as to what the results of the game will be. Yet, players love the game. One successful poker rule is: If while playing, you feel that you have been dealt a bad hand – toss it in for another. To avoid certain realities is wise and necessary to remain happy. In sex, like war, tactics are only good as long as they work. Knowledge is mandatory but, having successful and safe sex is an art form, not a science.

When you feel that you are the best, you are under a lot of pressure. When you are no longer expected to perform, you can relax. Most pressure is self-imposed.

Insecurity is fear, due to lack of knowledge and understanding. Insecurity may be responsibility for the inability to accept things the way they are, which leads to emotional discomfort.

An attack is hostile action designed to eliminate what I don’t want or to change something to the way I want it.

Ah “emotions”: do wants / don’t want and their intensities. What would human life be without them? How much of the “Human Animal’s” emotional system do you think is influenced by its genes? When an animal behaves based on its instinct, what does that mean? What is old-fashioned instinctive behavior? How does an ally cat know that it wants to eat mice. How does a bird know how to fly? How does a woman’s body know when to ovulate? Hummm, could our active and shutdown genes have something to do with how we live our lives? If so, how do we figure out what our genes are telling us? Could our genes communicate with our conscious minds through our feelings? Na! God rules us with His will. Thy will be done. But, because we only have one ego to interpret God’s messages, what if our one ego misinterprets our many animal genes to be our onegod?

If space is considered man’s final frontier, I view that the study and understanding of life’s genes is mankind’s most important frontier. I view that mankind’s next major genetic and medical breakthrough will be – Genetic Medicine!


Confusion: Not having enough information about something to know how you feel about it. Not having the ability to accept the information you have. Confusion is many things – one of which is – a time of learning.

Cherish times that you are confused. It is the time best capable of learning.

An answer means nothing without the specific question.

A good lover gives off good vibes, has a high sexual IQ, intense emotions, high sexual aptitude and most of all the desire to help you get off every physical and emotional way you can.

Respect: An expected payment of emotional dues.

Respect should be earned – not assumed nor expected.

Eyes absorb physical beauty. Vibes absorb emotional beauty. Store-manikins and most skinny runway models, display physical beauty only.

“Emotions”: Do wants and don’t wants are the sources of all goals and problems.

Emotional Goal: I want something that isn’t.

Emotional Problem: I don’t want something that is.

Love problem? No love – no problem.

Secret: To separate yourself from your “problem” – by time and distance – is an effective solution to your problem.

Depression: Emotional paralysis.

One’s social world is a reflection of his moods, hang-ups, principles, and attitudes.

Because mutual and compatible feelings stay together the longest, you can tell – and others can tell – much about you by who you share your time with.

Some people find themselves bored – because they’ve been around themselves all day.

Are you bored? Get out! And socialize.

Most marriages are over-rated.


Divorce may be a traumatic parting of the ways. Traditional divorce may consist of two scavengers, and maybe their teams, digging at each other’s shortcomings. Divorce from love and good feeling first comes in the mind. Then, it is a matter of time for it to become legal. It is better to divorce than to live a lie.

Children need 2 parents who are married – to each other.

The human population of the Earth looks like maggots eating a rotting celestial body. It is past time to reduce the rate of production of children. Your “genetic”, maternal instinct / paternal instinct drive to reproduce yourself, if not controlled, will eat up the planet. You may not care but your future generations will ultimately suffer when the Earth’s resources are dried up. Could a vasectomy after one child begin a successful future for mankind on planet Earth? If you are pissed at this perspective, you might consider that your desire to spread your genes over the planet may promote the “Human Animal’s” – and other animal’s – potential demise on planet Earth.

For something to live – things must die. For something to live well – more things must die.

Fat people probably “love” this one. They dare not realize that more things must die for them.

People sometimes feel that they can succeed with emotional abstractions. Bullshit! True abstractions cannot be recalled nor reproduced. Absolutes are the emotional diamonds. Their substance weathers emotional storms. Abstract sand blows away with every emotional breeze. Scientific absolutes make electrical products, space vehicles and it is because you can recall unchanging principles, in time, that work. Concerning reality, social absolutes, not faith, provide smooth running a emotional system.

Obeying the 613 Biblical commandments – today – will put a believer on “Death Row”. When is the last time you killed a non-virgin girl, an unruly son, or a gay man. You are not on “Death Row” – because you have not obeyed these insane Old Testament / Torah commandments.

To write those insane commandments and to obey them is mankind’s BAD animal genes at work. As wild-dog genes have been domesticated, so has the “Human Animal’s” genes slowly becoming more civilized.

I don’t know, though. George W. Bush, a genetic animal, did recently attack, kill and injure about a million Iraqis based on his lies and deception. Like, Pol Pot and Adolf Hitler, did Bush give in to the temptation of his animal genes? Did our animal genes try to stop him?

The “best” relationship with an emotional sadist does not exist.

When you love something. It is special.

When you are truly in love with someone, it is sacred.

It all depends on how intensely you are addicted to your “love” feeling.


Exposure dilutes any tradition, thought or theory. Love can be diluted, also.

“Familiarity Impotency”

Familiarity impotency is a genetic condition whereby a man or a woman shuts down sexually with a familiar partner due to variable levels of sexual frequency. A variety of infrequent sexual partners seems to provide the most potent sex life for males and females who have this genetic condition. Religious morality and legal consequences have little to no tolerance for this genetic / animal condition. Moralists and romantics hate this concept as they have no consideration for the genetic condition of the Human Animals who happen to occupy their self-centered, emotional and sexual atmosphere. Even if one individual is passionately in love with his or her partner, familiarity impotency may take its toll. If those variety-needed genes are lit up – it’s all in the genes. Most individuals – willfully ignorant of genetics in favor a of an authoritative God – will deny, with passion, that any animal’s genes contribute anything to their conscious moment by moment passions or to their lives in general. They ignore that we are Human Animals and that instinct is a genetic contribution.

“Centerfold Syndrome”

Many men, all over planet Earth, have stopped having sex with women. They expend their sexual energies on preferred vivid pictures, videos, and stories about their taste in beautiful women. Over time and conditioning, these men may no longer be sexually successful with a mere flesh and blood woman because their mental and emotional systems have become addicted to the feeling of perfection-fantasy. Behold – the “Centerfold Syndrome”.

Their reasoning:

There is no rejection.

Their sexual imagination is unlimited and can run wild.

They don’t require another’s approval.

Their timing is convenient.

It is cheaper than dinner and flowers.

Their impotence can be somewhat managed and conquered. 

They tend to take matters into their own hands.

There is little maintenance. 

There is no sex-object complaining.

It is basically disease free.

It is private and discreet.

And – the biggest reason of all – through imagination, it provides sex-object variety.

My “true confession”: I have been single and legally unaccountable to women all but 23 days of my life. I got a vasectomy early in life. I am healthy. I admit now, after looking back, that I have always been addicted to the feeling of desiring real sex with a variety of passionate women. It’s gotta be in the genes. Ah, to do it all over again. Hummm. All that great, memorable variety! And – best of all – I ain’t dead yet!

When your country is defending in war, you love your country. When your dog is in the hospital, you love your dog. When your dad wakes you up to feed the ducks, you hate the damned ducks.

The difference between rape and seduction is giving consent or not. You may spoil a rapist whole day should you say yes.

Most veteran truck drivers are probably the most courteous drivers in the world.

Aerobatic (stunt) pilots are probably the most aware pilots in an air-show.

(Many of my flying hours in the Pitts S2-A were spent inverted.)

Brain surgeons are probably the most courageous – yet the most cautious – of all surgeons.

Courteous, cautious, and aware emotional systems produce the happy veterans of the world.

People, who live in a fantasy world of faith and belief, often become traumatized when confronted with reality.


Commitment: A pledge / contract / crusade to contribute or account to an agenda for a period of time.

Parasites love to be committed to.

The Love Parasite: “I’ll love you as long as you serve me – on my terms”. “If you really love me, you will obey me.” “I want you to live by my values in your life with me being the center of your values.”

A wealthy televangelist and his wife were flying in their private jet at 28,000 feet when he turned to her and asked, “Would you still love me if I weren’t rich?” Tears came in to her eyes and as her makeup began to run, she took his hands in hers, looked sadly into his eyes and said sincerely, “Of course. I would always love you … I’d miss you.”

If you don’t see humor in some of this stuff – you’ll hate it.

Even though a person is emotionally happy, he or she is going to get pissed off on occasion. With their social tools – they may quickly dig out of their emotional pit.

Why people lie. We are all selfish. An admitted selfish may be a turnoff. A hidden selfish cannot be judged. A hidden selfish found out may be judged a lie.

Rather than lie to someone, tell him or her: “It is none of their freakin business.”

When the US government lies and / or withholds facts and information from the American public, they use the – shut up and do what’s expected code words – “National Security”. That is supposed to make you and me cringe in “might makes right” fear, and to let the insane heads of the US government do whatever they want to us or to the rest of the planet.

As a retired reserve military officer, I am a patriot to the United States of America. As per my oath to the Constitution, I stand against all enemies foreign and domestic. I tend to stand up against our own rogue US government when it does not operate in accordance to the US Constitution, domestic or international law. President George W. Bush lost my support, patriotism, and loyalty when he made a pre-empted attack on Iraq. He has ordered assassinations in other countries. He has imprisoned people without charges. He has violated the privacy or US citizens. Those violations broke many US Constitutional laws, domestic laws and international laws. The US Constitution does not allow those illegal acts. Slick government lawyers have tried to spin those insane – might makes right – atrocities as being legal.

Now, President Barak Obama has done a 180, and slipped right into Bush and Cheney’s shoes – assassinations and all.

Arlen Specter has now publicly turned from Republican to Democrat. Barak H. Obama has, in action, turned from Democrat to Republican. The campaign speeches that got Obama elected and won him the Nobel Peace Prize have turned out to be mostly lies. “National Security” my ass. I’m mad as Hell and I dare to publicly protest.

When a good surgeon sees a cancer, he tries to cuts it all out.

Maybe, eventually, a properly programmed, humanity first, computer could best run the leadership of planet Earth. Human – “God guided” – leadership has produced an incredible body-count throughout recorded history. As long as the all-powerful International Bankers cannot own, program or control the one-world-leader computer, humanity may experience a more peaceful existence.

I am glad that I am getting old. Pass the “Depends”.

I am obviously more categorically insane now than I was 30 years ago – but – I still feel more like I do now than I did before!

Divorce: Love at first sight – hate or neutrality at last sight.

A hassle can be insecure, negative emotions designed to seek a wanted, positive reassurance.

An insecure romantic may cause hassles often to reassure himself or herself as to their importance. Their insecure self-image makes them a hassle looking for an opportunity to happen.

It is obvious that the US Government triggers my “hassle” button. One can know a lot of this stuff and still be guilty of it. Nevertheless, concerning my Government protest, I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. To object to wrong things that damage many is never wrong.


When a lady smiles and says that she does not trust you, could she mean that, with you, she does not trust herself?

Offer a feisty proposition to someone not attracted to you and you may feel rejection. Offer the same proposition to someone attracted to you and you may get lucky. Vibes! In the social arena, what would we do without them?

Experience religions. Put into your emotion bank the positive riches and with the spade of common sense, bury the cancerous guilt, greed, envy, hate, possessiveness and jealousy the god of that religion depicts.

The more you commit to one thing, the less you experience. Experience the emotional trip of life instead of being bogged down to committed traffic.



The bottom line to war is combat.

Combat, purely, is no more than kill or be killed.

The armed forces’ sole purpose is to train people to kill or die.

Branches and elements may be in support of the role of killing and dying.

That is the reality.

The morality lies in politics.

War results when the politicians fail.

The politicians determine how, where and when we kill or die.

War is the result when the politicians want something that is not – or they do not want something that is.

Politicians want things their way and they want control.

We, the armed forces, are the power that through “might makes right” forces things to go their way.

If we kill, we are heroes. If we die, we are banished to an abstract place called Heaven or Hell. (Finis)

One of the 10 posters.

In war, the most authoritative (might makes right) ego demands: Surrender your will and obey me – or I will kill you.

Surrender your will to my interests or I will punish you.

I am sorry to say that this is what I view that my “God-Fearing” country, The United States Of America, is using this war / competition model to kill or subdue the rest of the world.

WAR: Except for WW I and WW II, over the last 12 decades, our US Government has waged war on countries that would not obey US on our terms and serve our “interests”.

Question: What has been the historical agenda of the Abrahamic Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions?

Answer: War. Obey us or we will kill you. This is modeled after the documented Chapter & Verse threats and murderous deeds of the Old Testament Biblical God.

But, that wasn’t enough for the New Testament Jesus Christ. Jesus introduced Eternal-Torment in Hell if He wasn’t accepted, worshipped and obeyed.

Although Islam does not obey Jesus Christ, Islam has adopted Jesus’ demand: Obey me, or I will kill you and send you to suffer Hell’s Eternal-Torment.

Behold: The Judeo-Christian-Islamic authority / obedience agenda.

War is one or more egos wanting peace – on their terms.

War is the Old Testament God demand: You will obey Me and serve Me on My terms – or I will kill you.

Competition: Minor fantasies of killing or being killed.


In society, there are leaders and there are followers.

Followers can relate to puppets.

Leaders project energy, power and control.

Followers respond to energy, power and control.

Successful people face rejection and continue. Failures withdraw / quit.

It is far better for you to quit than to have a feeling that is addicted to the wrong game.

Intelligence is categorical. Genetic talents are categorical. If you fail at a game long enough, you may realize that you are playing the wrong game for you. Find another that is more suitable. Failure is an excellent opportunity to better get to know yourself. Not everyone can genetically be Michael Jordan, Bill Gates or Tiger Woods.

Who’d like to have Tiger’s sex-life. If Tiger were not married, committed exclusively “until death do they part”, would his multi-faceted sex-life be ok with you? If not – why not? Take a moment to better know yourself. Is what you think compatible with how you feel?

Stuttering: Could your stuttering result when – what you think can not be expressed effectively – due to how you feel?

Does your stuttering occur when your mental / emotional systems are competing?

Does your stuttering occur when your thoughts and feelings are not in sync?

Do you stutter while you sing? If not – why not?

Does following music help you or make a difference?

Do you stutter when you speak while “under” hypnosis?


One may see his success a god-blessed or his failure god-damned, no in between. But, isn’t that reality, the way he wants it? Neutrality is like non-existence. It pledges no identity.

The good or the damage you do today can be forgotten tomorrow. What did you do good or bad 5 years ago?

Experiences are mostly forgotten. Experiences written about last as long as they are read. Will any benefit by your experiences after you are gone?

The Writer

Before I was 36, I had no interest to write or in becoming a writer. Confusing thoughts started coming to me and I wrote them down to see if they had any meaning. This website contains most of what that amounted to.

So, you don’t think that you are a writer – or that you ever could be a writer? I vaguely recall a story about some famous writer back in the 1800s. He went to a famous university to publicly-speak about becoming a writer. It was raining. He stepped down from his horse and carriage. He entered the building. He stepped up to the podium on the stage. Hundreds of quiet, eager students had their note-pads ready. His coat was soaked and his hat was dripping rainwater. He paused. There was dead silence. He looked down at his audience and he said: “So, you want to be a writer? Go home … and write.”

He turned and left the building. (Finis)


Success may yield false friends and true enemies.

Honesty and frankness makes you vulnerable. Everybody takes shots at giants. People favor the underdog, but they follow the top dog.

In a dog-sled race, every dog behind the lead-dog has the same view.

Love is a special feeling of an imagined fulfillment of emotional needs.

Loyalty: Depriving many for the sake of one. Romantics love it and demand it.

Romantics and other social-vampires in life demand that you become tender and sweet – so that they can better consume you.

Reality appears as cynicism to the idealists.

A social recluse has no place to go because there is no place he or she wants to go.

“Let’s just be friends.” A friend is someone who is close enough to use you when he or she wants to.

Socially, you may remain happier if you accept another’s “maybe” as a “no”, and move on.

“Maybe” always means: “No now, but, concerning your offer, I’ve now got the option, and you don’t.”

Socially, when I want a “date”, I owe it to myself to ask for it. If her answer is “maybe” it means “no now, and that she’s got the option and I don’t.

Ergo, I have personally learned to take a “maybe” as a “no” and to move on. I will not tie up my time on another’s “maybe”. If they cannot decide in a few seconds, I inform them that the offer is withdrawn.

I must intellectually understand and emotionally accept that others do not have to conform to my ambitions. This is an example of another “emotion tool” that I have accumulated in my lighter-than-air mental / emotional toolbox.

Confusion is not knowing or accepting your own thoughts and feelings or the thoughts and feelings of others. Life is a mystery because of your confusion concerning your future. Ignorance is the fascination. If the outcome of a relationship was fully known, understood, and accepted – the relationship could produce a dull period of time.

Your boredom is mostly located between your ears.

Many marriages and relationships fail due to familiarity.

Actually, familiarity may be responsible for why most of the passion has past.

Platonic relationships are mostly relationships without emotion.

Some emotional problems amount to self-abuse-games.


Often, people who cry and bitch about a problem, really do not want a solution to their problem, because they feel if they knew the outcome of the game, there would no need to play it.

Did you ever wonder what “and, they lived happily ever after” meant?

I could suggest some feisty scenarios but they may shock the kids.

Romantics hate it when the one who cries about the problem proves to be the source of the problem.

The DeVaney Challenge: Other than “The Myth of Creation”, can you think of one thing that the Old Testament Biblical God did good for someone without hurting someone else? I’ll bet that your list is short and of debatable quality.


People who cannot handle reality prefer to deal in abstractions. Absolutes are the tools of reality. Good judgment and confident decisions seem to clear up most problems.

Competing wills: If an authoritative ego tries to break your will to make you obey his or her will, there may be a simple solution. Take away the game by taking away their time. To successfully separate yourself, by time and distance, from the controlling ego, may be an effective solution. It is more important for you to be “non-dependent” than it is for you to be “independent” concerning another’s controlling ego.

Many characteristics of an ego and a god are strikingly synonymous. “I am the value” – “I am the authority” – “I am entitled”. An Ego created its supernatural God to supercharge itself – to make itself more effectively heard and to become more of a competitive consequence.

Superstitious and fearful believers are gullible enough to be hypnotized to do the Ego’s / God’s bidding. To worship any Ego and / or his or her God (fictional or not) is to be a slave. If you do not want to be a slave, do not behave like one.

An individual who is depressed, hung up and uptight, will continue to be so as long as he or she reinforces it. Bitching is a habit. One has to stop bitching to one self and others to break the habit.

An individual who is emotionally disordered with bitterness will always claim justification for his bitterness, Bitterness leads to social vengeance. Miserable people often do not know nor care if they make others miserable.

By the way, who was the most miserable, jealous, angry, vengeful and murderous “character” (fictional or not) in the entire Bible? God.

Believer: What? You are going to, Hell!

There exists Biblical C&V evidence – if you believe what the Bible documents.

Believer: Oh yeah! Where?

I’ll bet that you will not check out: “The God Murders” at:

Believer: I can’t. The title frightens me.

If you disagree, who do you view to be the most miserable, jealous, angry, vengeful and murderous character (fictional or not) in the entire Bible?

Can you produce any Bible C&V evidence to prove / support your claim?

I view that the God of the Bible (fictitious or not) is not a good God and that the Bible is not a good model for humanity. It is time that mankind became civilized enough to retire this insane God model to the Smithsonian Institute Library as the worst model in history for mankind.

Do you think that I just won over the “Bible-Belt” with that view? Ok, don’t believe me or anyone else. Read the Bible for yourself and see if any of the controversial C&Vs jump off the page for you. When I first was a licensed, ordained minister, I did not see them either. Then I came across a book: “Religion Without the Bible” by Paul Winchell.

Because I had met Paul once, I read it. My Gawd! All those controversial Bible C&Vs! I was hurt, shocked, depressed! My God could not be wrong! I could not be wrong! I bought a huge, big print Bible. I read and highlighted the Bible cover to cover. I did a book report and shared my findings on: website. I cross referenced the Torah, the KJV and the Catholic Bibles. All the Bibles basically documented the same horrifying facts. I stopped being a licensed, ordained minister. Would you rather I were a hypocrite?

Rejection: Refusing to acknowledge or accept another’s identity or his desires.

The Sniper

“One Shot – One Kill”. A US military sniper is trained to kill other “Human Animals” for our United States Government. The training motivation is: “If you kill him, you are preventing him from killing your buddy. By killing him, you are saving our troops.”

The triggered / activated sniper’s animal genes shout-out in murderous rage: “I’m gonna git some!!! I can kill another maggot human being. I just need permission and they are all dead men.”


As a child of 4, my young, animal genes raged to kill things. I got my first Bee Bee gun and murdered a Godzillion birds and frogs – well anything alive, small and that moved. I felt elation with each shot – disappointment with each miss and no conscience nor regret when I saw each target go through its death-throw. The dead were trophies. I played army – good guy / bad guy – cowboys and Indians. Those “injuns” never had a chance! And, I single-handedly, won the war against the “Krauts” and the “Japs”. I demonized them as I fantasized killing them while shooting trees. We lived in the country. My addiction to my feeling to kill things grew and I got shotguns and rifles. During the 1950s I killed bushel-baskets full or ducks, geese, rabbits and in 1961, I stopped after killing 61 squirrels. Stopped hell! The season was over.

When I was 13, I shot my first Bambi. He ran from me. I shot my 16 gauge shotgun slug through him and he dropped. I was elated! I ran up to see him lying there – with his head held high and proud. He looked at me with kindness, understanding and forgiveness. I bawled. I shot him again to get him out of his misery. His head dropped. Then, it rose again. My Gawd, I saw love in his eyes. I bawled and bawled. Then, with each heartbeat, his head jerked slowly and gently to the ground. He lay there, stopped breathing and his eyes turned cloudy. I bawled. My dad yelled Did you get him, son? Yes, I bawled.

I killed my second Bambi 20 years later near Solvang, California. I was at a higher elevation when Bambi walked into a clearing following his doe. Using my 8 mm German Mauser, it was about a 300-yard shot with open sights. At that distance, the deer’s silhouette was much smaller than the front sight. The first shot, the bullet hit the ground behind Bambi, just over his back. He just stood there. I dropped the sight-picture slightly, lightly squeezed the trigger and put him down. After running the 300 yards, down hill, I pulled my 357 Colt Python Magnum and rapid-fired 3 bullets into his brain. I did not want to watch him suffer.

I joined a Los Angeles combat pistol team. We shot human silhouettes for score. With assorted shotguns, I shot trap, skeet, bunker-trap and duck-tower.

Once actor, Robert Stack, and I were shooting bunker trap. The clay pigeons go out about half again as fast as regular trap. Stack, when younger, had been a national skeet champion. When he saw my Browning Auto-Five, he lit up. “Gary, you have got to let me shoot your gun. I cut my teeth on an Auto-Five. Here, shoot either one of my guns.” Bob had a $16,000 Beretta and an $18,000 Parrots. He loved shooting the Browning. Due to his superior gun, I loved beating Robert Stack for the round.

What’s my killing point? As a hypnotherapist, I have become sensitive that my genes have evolved, changed, lit up and shut down throughout my life. One does not scratch his ass without a feeling.

I view that our feelings are our two-way communication with our instinctive, inherent, influential, behavior molding genes. I view that we all have the same animal genes and that when certain genes are active / lit up – our feelings rage with emotion intensity. When our others genes become weak or dormant – the intensity of those feelings shut down.

I view that during my genetic life-cycle, my triggered, lit-up-genes strongly influenced my feelings and I behaved as I did.

My “Genetic-Love-Model”, my sexual appetite for a variety of ladies, my lack of paternal instinct and other factors, I attribute to my genetic makeup and its evolution.

Yes, there is nature and there is nurture. Environment does trigger genes.

Many of my genes are shutting down as I age. I no longer lust to murder animals. In fact you could not pay be to kill another deer.

Hummm, but, then again…

My intense desire to kill animals is gone. I now personally feel negative towards killing much of anything.

However, I still love to shoot any weapon available. I own many.

I know that we must eat. But, I am not killing them. I recognize now that my genetic nature had the killer profile to become an excellent assassin, a sniper.

Now, I would not kill another “Human Animal” unless we were on the defense and at war. Then, I would willfully activate those genes / feelings and I would become the professional killing machine that I was militarily trained to be.

I joined the Army National Guard in 1961 when I was a senior in high school at age 17. Viet Nam kicked up about 1964. Johnson lied about “The Gulf of Tonkin” attack to get the US into a shoot and bomb war.

Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex was starting to play out. Most of the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve were not activated for Viet-Nam because the US Government had all the willing “cannon-fodder” it needed due to the existing military draft.

I was a sergeant E-5 in 1965 and I volunteered to go active for Viet Nam. The recruiter said that because I was a National Guard / Reservist, they would have me go active as an E-3 PFC. My ego was used to leading men. I passed. I got my commission in 1969 and retired in 1983. If my killer genes had their way in 1965, there probably would have been a lot more Viet-Nam causalities – including myself. How do Americans feel about the Vietnamese today? Why did the United States of America kill so many Vietnamese? Why are we still killing Iraqis after we have killed and injured over a million Iraqis? This is 2010. After 8 years, knowing that we attacked Iraq based on our trusted Government’s lies, why are we still there?

“Thoughts of a Social Layman” contains a collection of thoughts, experiences and perspectives of a career member of the US military reserves, a licensed-ordained-minister (turned educated Atheist) a hypnotherapist, a writer and a SAG actor. I know what some might say: “What combination could be more messed up?”

In 1977, I joined the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG). After I graduated from high school in 1961, I flunked out of college twice.

I did get an associate degree from the University of Delaware in 1965 in agricultural engineering.

I never used the degree. I sold life and health insurance and was in management for a large life insurance company from 1965-1975. During a company reorganization, an agency I was to manage, merged with another agency.

I quit! I had not taken 2 vacations in 10 years. I did not realize how much I hated the business until some time after I left it. I had some money saved.

A friend, in Hollywood, offered me a chance to be an extra in a major motion picture. I did it and I got hooked. I did it mostly to meet exciting women. Man, did it work!

By signing with a couple non-union extra casting companies. I did 26 films as an extra. While playing a cop on “Man from Atlantis” (Solo Productions) the director gave me some lines. I got my SAG card. Due to SAG regulations, I could no longer do non-union extra work.

So, I got a theatrical agent, a commercial agent and attended acting workshops to learn how to act. My biggest motivation was to stop being terrified every time I performed a script or improved on camera.

I don’t think I had a profound thought until I was about 32 around 1976. Then, a flood-gate opened.

Suddenly, profound thoughts were overwhelming. I wrote many, which became the texts of my two books: “Thoughts of a Social Layman” and “Emotional Surgery” that I published in 1980 and 1982.

In attempts to determine where these “thoughts” were coming from, I tried to be hypnotized a few times. I went to The Hypnosis Motivation Institute in 1980 to learn how to BE hypnotized. Nobody could get me under. I did not understand hypnosis. I enrolled in the H.M.I. training to become a hypnotherapist. During the first class, we observed some hypnotic inductions. The instructor requested a volunteer to hypnotize another classmate. With my acting workshop and on screen experience – naturally – I quickly volunteered. The subject dropped like a lead pipe. Over the next few years of schooling and internship, I became a registered hypnotherapist. As a hypnotherapist, I have now assisted select clients for almost 30 years.

In a 1982 audition, I was selected for a California Bank commercial with Gary Grubbs as my scene partner. The commercial won a “Clio” – the “Oscar” of commercials. It surprisingly launched my public recognition to a point of personal discomfort. Gary Grubbs went on to do some fine and memorable work in Los Angeles. Upon seeing his performances, I would call him on occasion and tell him how proud I was of him.

I was invited to an awards ceremony because someone put me in for an award. A video company had us say a few words on camera with a hand microphone. After I spoke my sincere gratitude for my statue, the actress behind me said she would be more comfortable if she were interviewed. The producer asked me if I would interview her. I was hired to be the interviewer for a variety of shows over the next few years.

“Gary DeVaney Celebrity Photo Gallery”

After Clicking on above Celebrity Photo Gallery link – click on Lucy’s picture.

The sleight taste of “celebrity” was enough for me. I left Los Angeles to live in Las Vegas and became much happier being anonymous. I had tasted the “prison” that celebrities were in.

Actors like Clark Gable, Paul Newman, Brad Pitt and others could never live by “unaccountable time” while in public. Neither could the President of the United States. He is probably in the biggest social prison of all as he has little to no “unaccountable time”. They cannot move around freely without fans and curiosity seekers picking at and demanding of them.

In public, celebrities have “power” but they have no “freedom”. For me, it was fun for a while. The women were awesome! But, I got over myself and preferred anonymity in Las Vegas.

I have taught acting workshop and on occasion, I still attend one because I still love to act out cold-readings. But, to memorize and to act them out – – – forget about it.

On occasion, I am asked to speak on topics that are on my “The God Murders” website. Some that were videoed are on YouTube. Because, it is my material, I do it … on occasion.

When attending class reunions or other public forums, I am often asked about my acting career. My usual comment is, “I am no actor and I have 50 films to prove it.” I may have heard that somewhere. Due to the approximate number of 50 film and TV shoots, I have used it.

Enough! I do hope that book II is better.

Gossip: To speak of a questionable moral event; to seek out a reaction to weigh against your own.

Society is purgatory or paradise for the impressionable.


Love: A consciousness of illogical feelings. If another’s feelings binds and holds you without your consent, his or her love is called your sacrifice.

The difference between rape and seduction is consent. True rape cannot take place with consent. While married, does law consider that consent is assumed?

Absolutes can shatter fantasies and dreams.

Throughout history, love has made certain women lose their heads. How about the wives of Henry the VIII? Without “love”, certain women could have kept their heads.

As the body has a fluid called blood, the mind has an energy called love. How do they continually seem to replenish themselves?

Could it all be in our “animal” genes?

Learn to give what affection you have without expectation and watch it grow. If you give it freely and not trade or sell, you will be free.

A one-man dog who acknowledges his master only, and will deal with no other, has little value to others in society. In society, a completely loyal individual to one person, especially of great attraction, may not be too positively popular due to the jealousy and envy of others.

Concerning Reincarnation

I perceive: Your life was born thousands of years ago. Through your inherited, evolving genes, you evolved into the life-cycle you experience today. As long as you procreate children, you reincarnate yourself and your basic, mainstream, genetic life will continue. Your personal ego and experiences expire – except for the experiences and talents your genes tend to remember in your offspring. Gary DeVaney


How to handle a masochist: If a person is truly happy in being miserable, sincerely rejoice I his misery.

Neutral, low intensity feelings are bore. Social intercourse seems to be enjoying or abusing the mind and body.

When a woman tells you that she wants a “platonic relationship”, it means that she wants to be neutral about you rather than be emotional with you.

In essence, she does not feel or want to feel emotions towards you. It may be because you are not black, you are not tall, you are not rich, you are fat, you smoke, you smell. Whatever her reasons are, they are her reasons and she has a right to them – and you don’t.

There are numerous wonderful women on planet Earth who would want you and love you exactly the way you are – if you would only – get over yourself – and give them a chance.

Some will be attracted to you because – it is all in their genes.

Confidence, again is: Knowing what I am doing and why I am doing it. It is a feeling that things are going my way and that I can handle things that are not.

An extrovert feels there are no strangers in his life.

An introvert feels that all are strangers.

Some forms of power are: Physical (strength / beauty), mental (intellectual), political, financial, sexual, and emotional. Edited

A Favorite Story

I lived in a 670 unit apartment complex in Los Angeles in the 1970s. I bought the Squirrel Monkey for about $300 at a pet store. I would let him play outside in the trees within the complex knowing he could not resist beer and milk to retrieve him.

One day my friend Ron Shanan who produced the movies African Safari and Rivers of Ice and Fire was in his apartment editing when he noticed my monkey up a tree. A 20-pound mean Morris type cat was crouched between 2 trees stalking the monkey. Ron reported that the monkey caught the cat day dreaming, ran down his tree, ran over and slapped the cat on the ass. The cat jumped up and did a 360 in the air and then chased the monkey up the other tree all the way to the top. The 20-pound cat was pissed and determined to get the little 2-pound monkey. At the top of the tree where the branches tapered to small twigs, the monkey turned around and went face to face with the cat. The thin branches were bending and the cat was suddenly panicking. The monkey shook the tree branches expertly and the cat cried out the essence of: “Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! slipping all the way down the tree to the ground and ran away.

About 15 minutes later I came out with beer in a Champaign glass. The little guy came out of the tree onto my shoulder and back to my apartment. Ron told me the story later that day.


Apathy is the response to boredom. Boredom is neutral interest.

Courage is to face your fear and adversity.

When you are dealing with an individual with hidden jealousy, remember that he or she is wearing a mask between you and their tears. Their tears are inside because they hurt, they are mad. Things are going their way and they are selfish.

Jealousy sees no threat in old fossils.

An easy-going person prevents matters from going to extremes.

Thought: An abstract picture in the flow of time.

All inventions start off as a lie, a belief. Once successfully invented into reality, it was no longer a lie because it became real.

People who say: “I believe” are people who lie in their attempt to invent their own reality.

“I believe” often means “I pretend”.

A believer tries to invent his (or her) reality to suit himself. The believer wants to be the authority over the belief. The believer wants you to conform, support, promote and obey his belief. Most personal beliefs, when tested, prove to be lies. Most believers have their feet planted firmly in mid-air.

Prostitution verses marriage: Is she interested in the man or his cash box?

Loneliness: Being the only passenger on the train of life.

At the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (H.M.I.) on Monday nights, we Hypnotherapists would have meetings with the Staff Psychologists to discuss our cases.

Once, I recall writing:

Loneliness: An attitude – of putting yourself on a pedestal or in a pit – armed with principles – surrounded by a mote of standards – head hanging in self-pity – watching others above or below – intentionally veering away.

Somehow, to me, that still seems very descriptive. What would you write about “loneliness”?


A person who loves you will leave something in your possession just to feel attached.

“The God Complex” is for one to say that he is superior and that you have no right to have your own way. “The boss is never wrong and right or wrong, I’m the boss”. “I may not be always right but, I am never wrong”. “Me boss – you punk”. “It’s my way or the highway because I have more power than you – and hope you don’t like it”.

Separating yourself from this “boss” by time and distance may be your best solution to your “problem”.

An insincere dieter cannot wait to lose weight when he or she has a full stomach.

Women are going to continue to face unwanted pregnancies. That proves to be a reality. The choice is to have it or to abort it. Anti-abortion people should give their address and receive the un-aborted children as they come, without choice, because that is exactly what they are demanding of the pregnant woman.

To demand sexually healthy “Human Animals” to abstain from sex is about as insane and realistic as worshipping Godzilla.

Flowing vibes may cause someone to say that he or she has known you forever – after just a few minutes.

It could be in the genes.


A social crutch for happiness: I’m only three days away at any time from my mistress.

The fastest way to come out of social depression is to allow anybody to be anything they want to be.

Being positive about hassles: At least I am getting plenty of practice handling them.

Suicide is performed by people so failure-ridden as to their goals, they feel they must be successful at something.

People pay entertainers and dramatic actors to make them laugh and make them cry, make them mad and happy. Accepting the fact that they have these needs to be fulfilled, isn’t it understandable why they make society a constant soap-opera?

A sadist tries to promote fear, pain and hate in others to compliment the fear, pain and hate in himself.


Poisoning others’ emotional systems feeds his poisoned emotional system. He wishes for others to drown in sorrow and pain as he has.

By allowing him to tear you down, you are allowing him to keep himself torn down. Help a sadist. Ignore him.

Your morals are only as consistent as your feelings towards them. Fear is the primary enforcer. If you abnormally hold the fear after maturity, you may experience an unhappy married or unmarried sex life.

Humor is a cure for tension.

Orgasm: Physical humor.

Confidence. The battle banner: Confidence is emotional strength and control. The more confident sometimes conceals his emotional weapons so the opponent puts his emotional weapons away.

The lesser confidant usually backs down unless his torn emotional system desires further punishment. A confident opponent may cause fear in an insecure, emotional person.


Most thinkers don’t like to be given answers. They like to be mind-provoked to find their own answers.

Most believers don’t like to be given answers for most believers are already mind-set.

Guilt: Feeling liable for penalty or persecution. Nobody has the power to make you feel guilty. It is the condition of your own thoughts and many times false beliefs. Blame is the name of a no-win game.

Social-paths and psychopaths rarely feel guilty.

When a social-path or a psychopath comes to therapy, the result can be that they become a better social-path or psychopath.

If a person is bad, declare him selfish and see if it fits. If a person is good, declare him selfish and see if it fits. Selfish people perform great accomplishments.

If you fight like Hell of us, you are a hero. If you fight like Hell for them, you are a crazy fanatic.

Sometimes the simplest perspective gives the most profound meaning to the seasoned emotional system.

Two kinds of leaders are those who worry about their image and those who get the job done. One constantly looks over his shoulder, the other never does. One concentrates on looking good, the other concentrates on responsibility down through his subordinates. The latter experiences more success.


A social success becomes independently happy through courage and wisdom. A social failure becomes independently obstinate through fear and ignorance.

I expect the best in life to come to me because, although I am cautious to avoid what I know I don’t want, I am open and receptive to what I do want. Because I declare money and other riches good, every time I turn around, they come to me.

The amount of money another has may be an insult to your ideals. But, if they are content with their money, your ideals don’t much matter to them.

Every rope has two ends; everything you own is tied to you. Big ownership requires high maintenance. High maintenance eliminates unaccountable time.

Hoarding is one’s addiction to a feeling that one must accumulate selected things. Hoarding becomes a hobby or religion to some who are obsessed with maintaining their accumulation. Hoarding and other hobbies take up unaccountable time. When an unrelated opportunity comes up, the redundant habit of hoarding often strips the individual of the new opportunity. On some level, the hoarder expects you to feel the same as they do concerning their accumulation, but they are possessive of it. If you threaten to take their junk to the dump, they will take it as if you threatened their very existence.

Love lifts, gives and frees, not restricts and condemns.

When somebody loves you, their love for you is all in self-interest. They are interested in you only while they are interested in their feeling of love for you. They are not addicted to you. They are addicted to their feeling for you.

It is good to have emotional downers. Cherish your “down-time”. That is the precious time that you get to discover yourself.

Morals are man-made rules designed to protect and safeguard what he wants.

Time: Thoughts and experiences of places and events. Time is the sea we swim in. Without experiencing some intensity of emotion concerning a thought, most thoughts are not remembered.

Past: Time thoughts have experienced with enough emotion intensity to be remembered.

Your memories of an event may be different from other’s memories of that same event because your emotional intensity was different from theirs.

Future. Time that your “mind” (your mental-emotional-genetic system) has not yet experienced. Edited

“Idiot-savant” talents have proven that gene (past life) memory contributes to current human behavior. In hypnosis, “Past Life Regressions” (PLR) may simply be the activation of gene memory. Feelings and visions surface for the client to experience and interpret.

It has always amazed me what comes out of a PLR session. Sometimes a solution to the client’s problem surfaces for the client.

I view that the hypnosis process can put “Beta” (belief) on the back burner long enough for “Alpha Expansion” (thinking) to take place. Some come out of “Alpha Expansion” totally refreshed because their belief-mind came out of its mind-set trap. I view that every belief is a separate state of hypnosis. Just to de-hypnotize “Beta” is very mentally and emotionally therapeutic.

Many of the client’s mind-set beliefs were not built over-night. A hypnotherapist can watch a client come out of their session with a calm, peaceful, relaxed look and while coming back into BETA, they again begin feeling the traps of their beliefs. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. If the client learns to put himself or herself into the Alpha realm, they can eventually break the hypnotic beliefs that are keeping them miserable.


(I was not going to do this – but it may assist someone who finds that he or she can.)

“Therapy” is like popping a boil. “Hypnotherapy” does it without the pain.

“Hypos-anesthesia” is an hypnotic induction process for someone who desires to control his or her pain.

Perceive that there are four observable brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Perceive that in Alpha, one has abilities that they do not have in Beta. Perceive that we do not have the same powers when we are asleep as when we are awake. I view that in hypnosis, the only ONE thing that somewhat goes to sleep is one’s strong-willed ego. Everything else mentally, emotionally and probably genetically, actually wakes up to an amazing awareness.

Ok, here goes for those of you who have not tuned-out. I have personally succeeded in my pain-control with “hypos-anesthesia”. I will mechanically take you step by step through a recalled experience.

I met a very high-strung, successful lady at a LIFESPRING seminar in Los Angeles California in the early 1980s. She became a hypnotherapy client. Her husband, a former marine, I will call L, appreciated my services and invited me to go fishing in his boat off the coast of Santa Monica.

It was about 6 AM on a Sunday morning when we trolled for Bonita. I hooked one about 12 pounds and got the fish in the boat. The bent pole was secured as the fish flopped around the deck. I reached down to retrieve the hook, which was the size of a small gaff-hook, and the fish spit it out. The tension of the pole snapped the hook up into my right hand, and buried it, barb and all, into my first-finger palm-knuckle. About an inch of the huge hook and barb was imbedded to the hilt into my knucklebone.

L noted the bloody situation and calmly asked me what I wanted to do.

I considered my options. Hummm. Go back in and ruin the fishing trip. Go to the emergency room on a Sunday morning for a large expense, shots and probably stitches.

I asked L for his pliers. I tried to remove the imbedded hook – which produced excruciating, unbearable pain. I put the pliers down. I considered trying to push the hook through the knuckle, but severe pain made me quickly realized that was not the best idea.

I said to L, “Give me a few minutes.” He bottom fished, smoked his cigarette, and watched quietly. I went into my practiced self-hypnosis process – which I will describe.

To process, you may create an imaginary center. Your center. Some processors typically pick a mountain-top, a meadow, a cabin – anything that you care to fantasize. It is your process and you may visualize anything you choose, the more unrealistic and improbable the better, to relax reality and to activate the process. This is designed to help you control getting out of your Beta and into your Alpha brain-waves.

In my fish-hook incident, I processed. I closed my eyes and I visualized that I stepped onto a 5-step down escalator. I rode it underground as I slowly counted down 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – 0 and I stepped off.

I walked to a huge double-door elevator. When I pushed the button, it opened and it was like a tornado of smoke, trash, papers and confusion swirling around. I always seem to experience this. A simple wave of my hand stopped it.

The elevator was round and all glass. I pushed the top floor # 25. The first # 1 floor that I counted launched me and the elevator up leaving the Earth, passing the Moon and the Sun. Counting number 2, I passed some galaxies. The colors are as vivid as any painting possible. I slowly counted up, passing entire Universes to 25. At 25, the elevator stopped and opened up to a small, luxurious room in the vastness of space.

As the elevator door opened, again a tornado of smoke, trash and papers seemed to fly around the room. (I don’t know why that always happens.) A deliberate wave of my hand calms it. I am in control. The room is perfect. If I choose to change anything – it takes a simple wave of the hand. There is a bed that I have never used. There is a strange chiropractic looking table / chair and most of all there is “Gornig“.

The Sutphen Seminar Training (SST) was another $300 / weekend hypnosis training that I attended. Let me try to recall now: Friday evening was from 7 pm to about 2 am – 7 hours. Saturday was from 8 am to about 2 am Sunday – 18 hours. Then we started again about 8 am to about 9 pm – 11 hours. Wow! That was a 36 hour weekend! It went quickly! Actually, I attended it twice because during the first seven (7) hypnotic inductions – I went nowhere. I could not understand how to be hypnotized. Everybody else (300 people in the room) dropped like flies. I could easily hypnotize others, but, I could not be hypnotized. During the second $300 weekend and after another 4 hypnotic inductions – I finally broke through.

During one of the processes, we were encouraged to get in touch with our “guides”. After many attempts and frustrations, there finally appeared “Gornig”. It took some patience to get the name “Gornig” or is it “Gornic” out of him.

What is a “Gornig”? So, I settled on “Gornig”. “Gornig” was surprising in that he was small, aged, wrinkled, always smiling, maybe Irish, with awesome eyes of humble wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He always smiled lovingly no matter what my crisis was. He never spoke when I expected him to. When he said a few words, or asked a question, it usually ended up having a simple, yet important meaning to my concern.

Sometimes I willed “Gornig” to look like Sissy Spacek when I gave him a hug.

Also, there was Doc Virgil Hudson, my childhood family doctor. He died when I was about 25. His smiling, all-knowing demeanor was likable and effective. I have always like Doc Hudson.

Back to the small “gaff-hook” in my hand. I gave my hug to “Gornig” and Doc Hudson emerged through the wall.

Outside the large picture windows was the most spectacular vision of space that I could imagine. This was my “chosen” center. I can get work done here. I was home.

Doc had me sit in the disfigured chair-table – which, once situated, strangely seemed to fit me perfectly. I was totally comfortable. He smiled knowingly while examining my hand. A large TV screen suddenly appeared and it showed my hand from all angles with the huge fish-hook deeply imbedded into the knuckle.

Doc said: “Imagine your hand, palm and finger lighting up around the fish-hook.” The monitor showed the area getting brighter with a white light. Imagine putting horizontal strings across the problem area. Now put vertical strings in the area. Have all those strings ooze Novocain, Zylacain, Fartocain, endorphins – and any other pain killers you can imagine. He said, “Make it brighter.” I willed it to be brighter. “Brighter”, he said. Then it became so bright the room was totally lit up and it hurt my eyes. Doc said: “Now, shut it off”. I said, “What?” Suddenly, there appeared a simple light switch. I reached over and switched it off. The entire treated area went onyx black. He said, “You see, there is no pain. Now, take the pliers and take the fish hook out of your hand.” I got anxious and I thought, “Man, this can’t work! What if I’m fooling myself.” Doc just smiled, knowingly and said, “Take the pliers and take it out.” “There is no pain”. I started saying, “There is no pain! There is no pain!” I opened my eyes, took the pliers, and grabbed the hook. I started to pull. “There is no pain, there is no pain.” It was like picking up a 30-pound barbell. I kept pulling. “There is no pain.” The hook did not budge. I pulled harder, and harder. Finally, the tip of the barb ripped through the skin and surfaced farther from the hook than I had anticipated. I continued to pull. “There is no pain”. I pulled harder. The bone, meat and skin released the hook.

I put down the pliers and bloody hook. I closed my eyes. Doc said, “Imagine that your healing, infection-fighting white blood-cells flood the treated area.” I did. “There will be no infection.”

I opened my eyes, turned to L and said, “Give me another moment.” I closed my eyes. I thanked smiling, know-it-all, Doc Hudson and gave grinning “Gornig” a big, long hug – and entered my elevator. I pushed 0 and slowly began my count back to Beta consciousness. The universes were flying by as I counted down. At 0, the elevator stopped, and opened with no tornado. I calmly walked over to the escalator to finish counting myself up to beta conciseness. I counted to myself, “One – coming up now, two – remembering absolutely everything, three – feeling good about myself, four – there is no pain or infection, five – eyes open wide awake, wide awake.”

I gave myself another minute to fully regain Beta consciences then, I put my hand over the side to wash the blood off. Then, I beat on my chest and made like Tarzan.

I remember L said that if he had not seen that, he never would have believed it. Neither would I. The fishing trip turned out great.

Another time, I processed myself while competitively shooting at a police range. The awareness was awesome. I had the highest score for the day with 3 different handguns – including a stub-nose 38 caliber, lightweight 5-shot, model-37 Smith and Wesson revolver.

When I had most of my teeth capped – about $14,000 – I processed myself for about 8 straight hours of tooth-grinding. The dentist saw, in shorter sessions, that I had felt no pain so at my request, he agreed to take a day and do the 8-hour experience. He claimed that normally after a couple hours, the pain-killer repeatedly injected into the gums tended to wear off – but we were successful.

So much for my Hypno-Anesthesia experiences. It is like learning anything else. I am confident that with sufficient motivation and proper guidance almost all who try to use and practice at Hypno-Anesthesia may succeed.

Naturally, there will be those who will try and not be successful. Again, many times, I had tried to be hypnotized and failed. I didn’t understand it. Most mind-set individuals will not be successful simply because they will not try. If you find yourself alone and in pain, as an option, you might try your own guided process of Hypno-Anesthesia.

Remember, all hypnosis is ultimately self-hypnosis. I wonder if our genes assist us in our self-hypnosis.

Skeptic: Ah, you’re lying. Your fish-hook story was all in your head.

No. I experienced it as I described it. I agree that the process was in my imagination; but, the process did get the fish-hook out of my hand.

Skeptic: I don’t believe it.

Believe nothing. Perceive much. Most pain is a lonely experience. For some thinkers – Hypnosis Anesthesia – may serve as a lighter-than-air tool that they may find useful in their one-and-only lifetime.

Skeptic: One lifetime? I am going to live forever with God.

Now, who is fantasizing?

I once heard a story that Orville Wright, in about 1905, was getting ready to fly is first airplane. He was doing his pre-flight check in a meadow along side of a public dirt road. An old farmer came by and stepped off his worn-out horse-drawn wagon. He slowly and silently walked around Orville’s airplane – inspecting every part of it. He then walked up, stood nose-to-nose with Orville Wright and announced: “You can’t fly that thing.”

Orville Wright knowingly smiled at the old farmer and said: “No … you can’t.”


Thought: Energy experiencing conditions and events against assumed standards. We think many thoughts at any given time. Only the most powerful are concentrated on.

Idea: A conscious, motivated thought.

Happiness: Having pleasant thoughts and feelings in time.

Unhappiness: Having unpleasant thoughts and feelings in time.

The simplest, most obvious, things – that do make sense – should be documented.

A socially inert man would hang on to a woman about as long as an impoverished beggar would hang on to a hundred dollar bill. They would both spend it quickly. As the beggar thinks he is poor, so does the socially inert man feel unworthy.

Divorce is often the reaction to a persecuted environment.

A writer is often a thief of other’s experiences.

Socially there is a time and place for everything. The place is where the opportunity arises and the time is when the vibes say it is right.


The social success thinks only of reasons why he should, The social failure thinks only of reasons he should not.

God Complex: When things go wrong – it’s your fault. When things go right – it’s my fault.

Anything short of death, earthquake, hurricane, or any other natural phenomenon, is due to lack of control and ignorance. Sometimes people cannot control current situations because their morals restrict and confuse the problem.

Emotionally persecuted people become moralists. It is a form of guilt / sadism toward others.

War causes a persecuted society. The insecurity of life may cause fear of facing the maker. A socially inhibited person may now seek roots with a mate and live a moral life in the eyes of man. A romantic may feel, “Thank God for war!” As long as we put value on war we are going to have the frustrated goal of banishing war.


While we remain in the form of a biological animal, we can pretty much guarantee there will be war. Trying to break the wills of others is a form of war. Kill or be killed survival is the highest form of war.

The crusade of a practicing Christian is to wage war and to kill the will of any free-thinker and to convert the will of the infidel to the will of his or her God. Practicing Christians constantly wage war on the free-thinkers of the world.

Islam, another huge religion, that worships the same “One God of Abraham” as do the Judeo-Christians, encourages its mind-set believers to “kill the infidel”.

A lasting affair may happen between a single and a married person because they feel that it is emotionally safer. No commitment or responsibility leaves them with a feeling of freedom that one or both can live with.

An individual, who goes to prison, may feel that emotionally he or she has been there all of his or her life.

When a person – caught of wrongdoing says he is sorry – but immediately makes excuses, the only thing he was sorry about was being caught.

A person gets better at a skill or talent the more he studies, practices and thinks about the talent. The same is true in studying, practicing and thinking about having sex.


Argument: Declaring independence.

Freedom may be seen as sin to an insecure moralist.

Ladies and Gentlemen. If you believe, the Biblical God knows and controls all; then, you must believe all of the controversial Bible C&Vs in “The God Murders” . . .

War, sex, divorce, and prostitution – they are in society and they always have been. They should be considered normal.

The God complex: This is the way it is going to be because I said so. The boss is the name and control is the game. It is going to be my way with or without you.

Masochistic goal. A day that goes by that I do not catch Hell about something is a day lost forever. It could be the child in us that received most of its attention while receiving pain.

Single “swingers” do not pay the price of an exclusive relationship. The price being the responsibility and maintenance of the relationship. Liberated women assist this reality.


Thank God for sin. Without it, it would be a very dull life.

Combination of ego and humility: You are so lucky to have an asshole like me.


The Hassler

A hassle may develop when an insecure romantic is frustrated due to a neutral emotional effect from his or her romantic partner. The identity suffers lack of attention and an attack is made to receive strong emotions. They hope eventually apology and good feelings follow. Periodic success in this method of demanding emotional dues gives birth to the emotional blackmailer.

The other side of the coin is if the emotions aren’t cross fed the relationship becomes platonic and nothing to the emotional system. It you value the hassle enough to respond to it, you value the hassler. When it is successful, the hassler is reinforced.

Because of these successes, the haussler may become an agonizing head-trip to others. If the haussler feels emotional pain, due to failure, it is latently satisfied because positive / negative, good / bad, right / wrong emotions make the balance for really living. Neutrality and indifference provide vegetating boredom, which is the ultimate frustration to the emotional system.


Marriage: A possession contract.

A lover may not care. They may put the burden of caring on the love object. The more you have to care, the less I have to.

If you chase others, it means that they are running from you. If they run, their attitudes, hang-ups, preferences and commitments do not include you. If it is a game with them, they are trifling with your emotions and demanding an emotional price tag. Hassles and head trips are emotional price tags. If you commit your emotional system to a chase, failing may yield pain.

Unfaithful: Embezzling trust.

When someone says “I trust you” concerning sex, they expect you to forsake any sexual ambitions or feelings you may have towards others for their sake. They are trying to become responsible for and in control of your sex life. If you commit, you have put your entire sex life into the control of one other human being on planet Earth. If that other human fails concerning your experiencing a satisfactory sex life, how does your restricted status differ from slavery?

Drugs and booze are vehicles for people who emotionally want to be someplace else.

Flaky: Emotional stuttering.


Competition: A vehicle that allows us to exercise our sado-masochist emotions in an acceptable way without creating permanent damage.

Ego: This is my way. I demand you be this way too.

Memory: Thought-emotion records.

Independence: I control me, you don’t.

Leaders with personal goals as to where they want to go often fail in their responsibility to their subordinates.

During an affair, one wants the spouse, dumb, happy and away.

Outrage: A means of communication where language seems impossible.


Motivations of Sex

Romantics have sex for emotional satisfaction.

Lovers have sex for sexual satisfaction.

Hookers have success for financial profit.

Small-time hookers expect a financial payday first by a mass clientele.

Big-time hookers expect larger financial paydays forever by a limited clientele.

When the love is gone, one great class of hookers can be called wives. (Finis)

One of the 10 posters.

Emotions separate humans from computers. Ignorance is the key to emotions, so hoping to understand is much more exciting than understanding.


Experiencing is not writing the script.

If something is logical and true, it is nothing to be afraid of. Not having the ability to perceive logic and truth is something to be afraid of.

Romantic cohabitation by law has evolved to be a business. Buying a romantic license is like paying a tax. Moral law taxes romantic cohabitation without a license.

Repulsive: A hang-up multiplied by twice the speed of light.

Marriage: Legal emotional captivity in which it is illegal to break emotionally free.

A basic fact, like a continent, is only new to a discoverer.

Social success is being smart enough to be dumb enough to recognize social-emotional basics.


Many are affected by the social, cultural, religious and moral pressures of today. They religiously pick a team, become selfish, territorial, possessive, and jealous. It becomes a give-and-take thing instead of sharing. They become obsessed with a pattern of future rather than objective. They become ignorant, not knowing that their primitive social pattern is unreal and doesn’t survive today. In their mind, they hang on to what they call standards and principles.

God-filled standards and principles go into a child’s head and later in life come out as hang-ups. Honest parents are precious and hard to find. They believe their child’s mind can handle and crave truth and that their emotions deserve respect. How many parents are honest with their children concerning the topics of religion and sex?

Hypocrite; Privately, I believe none of it. Publicly, I believe all of it.

“I don’t care” may mean, “I don’t have control, so, why bother?”

Loyalty: People tend to be loyal to a portion of the Earth rather than to the Earth. They tend to be loyal to a chosen portion of another rather than the entire being. We are loyal to the portion that does for us.


Courtesy: Giving up social expectations.

People get mad at you when you do something without their consent. If you are curious as to why they are mad, ask them how you could have “puppeted” for them.

One of the tragedies of life is when people cannot see what is in front of them.

To be emotionally free, stop being the jailer of your emotional prisoners.

Someone being completely true to another is giving up their identity.

The people who have the ability to accept you for yourself are the precious people of the world.

Inferior animals seem to live by fewer abstractions.


No longer look to others to be responsible for your happiness and you won’t be unhappy anymore.

People who do not want to read mind-boggling head stuff will not read this shit.

Fantasy: Reality to the subconscious – miracles to the conscious.

Abstinence makes the hard grow fonder.

Religious fanatics run from the realities of this world to the bizarre abstractions of the next.

Casual affairs: Wonderful temporary relationships that can only be enjoyed if you experience minimal fear and insecurity.

Without a feeling for Hell, Heaven would hold no value.

Loneliness is caused by over selectivity, which is caused by insecurity, which is caused by ignorance.


“Freedom”: Absence of commitment.

If you write a book concerning reality, don’t feel bad if it doesn’t go. You might feel bad if it does.

Romantic’s Goal

To find a beautiful dove with a broken emotional wing with soft, pleading eyes to fix it.

Romantic’s disaster: When the dove with the mended emotional wing flies away. (Finis)

One of the 10 posters.

Country music provides value to people whose emotional systems live with both empathy and sympathy for heartbreak drama.

Country-Western music / drama. “If you look at him, I will tear your arm off and beat you over the head with the bloody end of it – because I love you”.

God: “If you don’t obey Me, I will send you into Eternal Torment forever – because I love you”.

A cure for “apathy”: 2000 CCs of give-a-shit.

People divorce when the loss of heartache becomes more important than the loss of economics.

Progressive jazz is abstract, flaky music designed to compliment an abstract, flaky emotional attitude.


Emotional trivia: Majoring in minors.

Social success patterns: Assist people in their goals and they will make room and even push you in yours.

Everybody stutters. Some people stutter when emotions concentrate on something other than what the mind thinks should be said.

A cause for rejection: I could love you. Leave me alone. I could get hurt again.

Frigidity: My sexual hang-ups overcome my sexual drive. But, when someone comes along who can overcome my sexual hang-ups, I am no longer frigid.

Struggle and strife: Necessary for a romantic’s lovemaking – except after a trauma.

“Falling in love” can be a traumatic event.

Romantics, when enjoys emotional highs, don’t want to know why things feel good.


They just want to bury their heads and enjoy it forever. They are afraid that if they break it down, they will lose the wonder feeling.

Don’t put expectations on others and magically you won’t respond in agony when others put expectations on you.

In time, romantic needs have to coincide to be of value.

Bad relationship: Emotions going in different directions together.

Floundering: Not having the ability to think what you emotionally want or to emotionally want what your think.

Many times people confuse positive thinking with idealism.

Reality is traumatic “Emotional Surgery” to the idealist.


Emotional life theory: Emotions are the key to human life.

Without emotions, human life would have no value.

Ignorance is the key to emotions. Without ignorance, we would have no emotions.

If we became knowledgeable enough to completely control our emotional system, after a few generations they may die.

Heaven forbid I ever experience an original thought and be alienated from the huma…


Exceptional experiences:

Once, I rented a Cessna 172 to fly from Las Vegas to Glendale Arizona’s new airport at the time. Al lady-friend and I took off about 10 PM for the night flight. Whether was clear, no moon. Mountains were over 8,000 feet en route and it was pitch black outside the cockpit. After midnight, I’m cruising over 11,000 feet when I noticed that I instinctively had the wheel / “stick” pulled back into my gut. I checked my instruments and saw that I had been going down 2,000 feet / minute. I couldn’t believe it. As an aerobatic pilot, I tested it. I pulled the wheel back the extra inch and sure enough, I stalled and started spiraling to earth. My lady asked if we were in trouble. I said I didn’t think so. Instinctively I lowered the nose, got airspeed and faced the direction by compass I came from. I was below 8,000 feet, seeing nothing outside and started climbing at the normal 700 feet / minute. When I got back to over 11,000 feet, I turned and headed to Glendale Airport again by instruments. About ½ hour later, I landed. There was no tower but someone was manning the airport Unicom.  Turned out he was one of President Ronald Reagan’s fired Air Traffic Control employees. He was moon-lighting for free because he loved what he did. I told him my story. He said: Let me make a few calls. He found out that at the time I experienced my freak happening, a flash flood took place behind me in Kingman Arizona. I rode a wave down. Never heard of that before or since. I know that my aerobatic training and practice saved us – and not any supernatural God.

Once in the desert about 1 AM with some friends, I went off to take a leak – beer, you know. The wind was strong. Off in the distance on the moon-lit night, I saw a bright light flickering in an “all over the place” fashion. It was weird. I refused to take my eyes off of it and began to walk toward it not knowing if it was near the ground or in the sky. I did not know how far away it was. I thought this was as close to a supernatural mystery as I have ever encountered. I walked about a thousand yards and the light was flashing brighter and more erratic. I really thought I was on to something. It was a heart-shaped aluminum balloon about 2 feet across whose 20-foot string had wrapped around a bush. The wind swung it in wide arcs in the sky lit by the moon. To date, nothing I have ever seen has proved to be supernatural.

We are not the center of all things:

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