1st Kings

1st Kings


Gary DeVaney

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“A high percentage of Stupid is Stubborn”

King Solomon

I Kings 1:1-4 King David tried, but was too old and impotent, to have sex with Abishag, a beautiful virgin. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak, so the King got no heat. Abishag gave David heat.

Abishag attending to old King David

I Kings 1:5-35 Adonijah, another of David’s sons, displayed ambition to be King. The priest, Abiathar and King David’s own General, Joab, supported him. Many did not. They supported Solomon. Nathan got Bathsheba to tell David that Adonijah was King and that she and Solomon will be considered criminals. David answered: Solomon should reign after me. Nathan, do a ceremony, then put Solomon on my throne. I designate Solomon to be the ruler of Israel and Judah.

I Kings 1:41-43 Adonijah is told that King David had made Solomon King. Adonijah’s guests all fled in terror, each going his own way. Adonijah seized the horns of the altar and said: Let King Solomon swear he will not kill me. Solomon said: If he is innocent, he will live, if guilty, he will die.

This happened in about 962 BC.

I Kings 2:1-11 David turns on Joab, his main General, and ordered his son, Solomon, to kill him. I swore to Shimei, that by God, I would not murder him. Solomon, you murder him. David died after being King of Israel for 40 years.

On his death bed, David talks of God and orders his son, Solomon, the new King, to murder his General Joab and Shimei for him.


1 Kings 2:36-46 Solomon had Shimei murdered.   

Many believers worship the Biblical God and view King David to be God’s hero. David ordered his son Solomon to murder Joab and Shimei on his deathbed. What a hard-core, murderous model David is. The Israelites had no afterlife, no Satan, no Heaven or Hell so David had no fear of last-minute murdering even though he was about to die. David doesn’t view his murdering to be a sin. David feels that he is far above God’s law: “Thou shalt not kill”.

It has become evident that this God’s law was actually meant to be: “Thou shalt not kill except on My terms.”

Note: In the New Testament, both Matthew 1-16 and Luke 3:23-38, with a total discrepancy in names, trace Jesus Christ’s genealogy back through King David. It may surprise you that it was not through His mother Mary, but through His “father” Joseph. Why Joseph? Wasn’t Jesus a “virgin birth”? Believing is such nonsense when contradictory facts do exist.

Matthew 1-16 depicted Jesus’ lineage starting with Abraham, going forward in time through Joseph. An important controversy in the book of Matthew is that King David’s son Solomon is in Jesus Christ’s blood lineage. It ends up going through Joseph which, again, has to be bogus due to the “virgin birth”.

Luke 3:23-38 reverses the blood lineage order from Jesus all the way back to Adam, starting with Joseph again but goes through Nathan, another of David’s sons.

Some clergy spin that this really defines Mary’s lineage, not Joseph’s, because women were not equal and were not mentioned in legal or marriage matters. Some clergy spin that it was Mary’s father who the lineages define. Clergy still has not figured out a plausible spin.

I Kings 2:13-25 Solomon’s older brother, Adonijah went to Bathsheba and said: You know that the Kingdom was mine and all of Israel expected me to be King. But God gave it to Solomon. Would you ask King Solomon to give me Abishag to be my wife? Bathsheba asked Solomon but Solomon had his brother, Adonijah, murdered.

King David

Kings 2:28-46 Solomon ordered Joab murdered in the tabernacle because he had killed some men without his father, King David’s, knowledge. God put blood upon Joab and his seed forever, but upon David’s seed shall there be peace forever from the Lord.

By now, this behavior is predictable. Can’t we already see why Solomon was chosen, by God, to be King?

I Kings 3:1 Solomon married The Pharaoh of Egypt’s daughter.

She was not an Israelite. Normally, God got angry and murdered His Israelites when they married outside their race / tribes.

I Kings 3:4 Solomon loved God and obeyed the statutes of his father David. He offered 1,000 burnt-offerings (sacrifices) at the altar and burned incense.

Isn’t that overkill even for a blood-thirsty and burnt-gut-smelling God? God loved the smell of burnt fat from around the organs.

I Kings 3:7-9 Solomon asked humbly of God to become wise. It pleased God, so, God gave Solomon wisdom, an understanding heart like none before him.

I Kings 3:9 Solomon asked God: Give your servant an understanding heart to judge people and to distinguish right from wrong.

Some people stretch and interpret wisdom in this case to be obedience. Actually here, Solomon asked for wisdom and judgment, to know right from wrong. With all his crazy murdering he could use a dose of knowing right from wrong. Let’s see if any right and wrong judgment takes place. Will Solomon’s wisdom last throughout his lifetime? Remember, in Genesis, God didn’t want people to have knowledge and wisdom. Has the unchanging God changed?

I Kings 3:14-15 God tells Solomon: If you keep My statutes and commandments as David did, God will lengthen your days.

Murder? Theft? Adultery? Coveting wives and property? Which of God’s commandments did David keep? No. Really. Which ones?

I Kings 3:16-27 Two harlots (prostitutes, hookers) came to the King, each with stories of one living, one dead child. One mother had made a mistake and her child was dead. She took the other mother’s child claiming it to be her own. Solomon had to decide who was truthful. Solomon said to divide (cut up) the child equally. The real mother said: Give to the other mother the living child. Solomon gave it to the real mother as she could not stand to see her child die.

Wise Solomon said to cut up the child equally

But, what if these monkey-minds had blindly obeyed King Solomon? There would have been another sliced and diced child.

I Kings 8:63 Solomon sacrificed to God 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep.

I Kings 9:20-21 Of the children that Israel was not able to destroy, Solomon conscripted all non-Israelites as forced laborers / slaves.

God, again, saw no problem concerning slavery.

I Kings 10:1-13 The Queen of Sheba was impressed with Solomon’s wisdom.

Solomon was so obsessed by the Queen of Sheba that he wrote the greatest love poem of all time: “The Song of Songs”. Solomon, our God’s-chosen Biblical hero, had God condoned, sex with a black woman who was not a Hebrew, Jew, Israelite. Solomon proved to have some virtue in that he was not a racist. This woman, the Queen of Sheba, is recorded evidence by Assyrian 8th century B. C. inscriptions, that at one time, there were women rulers in the Arab world in what is now called Yemen and Ethiopia.

Back in the Book of Deuteronomy 17:15-17 God had said: You may set a King over you that God will choose. He shall not multiply for himself wives nor gold and silver.

I Kings 10:23 Solomon surpassed in riches and wisdom all the Kings on Earth.

I Kings 11:3 Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

Image result for cartoon bellie dancing girls
Multiply X 1,000

Solomon multiplied his wives and wealth against God’s command. This validates questioning the Biblical God’s powers, control and integrity. Also, this again, questions God’s ability to choose well concerning His chosen heroes. If modern-day governments are corrupt, check to see if they are following, obeying, worshiping, promoting and financing this God-model.

1 Samuel 10:9 God had chosen Saul to be King, God changed Saul’s heart. God’s change of Saul’s heart failed. So, God had Saul killed.

God failed and drowned Human Beings. God failed and killed Saul.

1 Samuel 16 God chose David to be King.

David became a mass murderer, and adulterer.

1 Kings 15:5 For David had done what was right in the eyes of the Lord and had not failed to keep any or the Lord’s commands all the days of his life – except in the case of Uriah.

King David had ordered his loyal soldier, Uriah to be killed in battle so that David could have Bathsheba, his wife, whom David had committed adultery with and knocked-up.

David’s disobedience: David broke most of the Biblical God’s commandments and he did many heinous deeds. But God was forgiving and very pleased with David.

1 Samuel 29:3 I found no fault with David since he defected to Me. New KJV

Wow, I found no fault with David since he defected to Me! This New King James Version has an interesting new twist.

James: 2:10 Whoever keeps the whole law yet breaks just one is guilty of breaking them all.

Before God chose Solomon. God had murdered his earlier brother after 7 days of life. God murdered the baby so to punish David and Bathsheba’s for their sin.

1 Kings 11:1-4 Solomon married and had sex with many foreign women. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines!

Solomon was a wise man? Wow! Just think of all that alimony, child support and kept mistress fees. And, what about God’s “chosen” King Solomon concerning his having 700 wives and 300 concubines? King Solomon’s also possessed much gold and silver in disobedience to God documented commands in Deuteronomy 7:17?

God was not pleased with Solomon. What a God! What a Bible! What corruption. What continued insanity!

Perspective: Other than the myth of creation, when did the Biblical God do something good for someone without hurting or destroying another?

Well, maybe God allowing Sarah, Hannah, and some other old women, to have a child in their old age was good. But didn’t God make them barren in the first place? What did their children do that was good? How about Solomon’s getting wisdom? Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines against God’s orders. Solomon’s wisdom didn’t last, you say.

I Kings 11:4-6 When Solomon was old, his wives turned his heart to strange Gods. His heart was not entirely with the Lord. Solomon ended up worshiping and serving other Gods. Solomon did evil in God’s eyes as did David, his father.

What proved to be Solomon’s wisdom? It looks like God’s gift of wisdom wore off – or Solomon truly got wisdom and left the Biblical God for other, better, more worthy gods. Behold! Solomon, himself, ended up worshipping other Gods!

I Kings 11:9-12 God was angry at Solomon. God won’t deprive Solomon but will take it out on his son (Rehoboam).

Does anybody worry about the Biblical God’s mental health?


Exodus 20:5 The sins of the father will be passed on the 3rd & 4th generations.

Exodus 34:7 Fathers will not suffer death because of their children, nor shall children suffer because of their fathers. Each will be put to death for their own sins.

Remember there was no afterlife. God could only threaten His people with misery and death.

Later, Jesus Christ introduced, after death, Eternal-Torment by creating a new religion – Christianity. Actually, Jesus plagiarized afterlife, Heaven, Hell, salvation and Eternal Torment from Persian Zoroastrianism. This was an attempt to gain more obedience to God. History has proven that didn’t succeed either. Everything God attempted to do to gain obedience from Human Beings has failed.

Ezekiel 18:10-20 The son shall not suffer the sins of the father nor shall the father suffer the sins of the son.

II Samuel 12:1-18. On the 7th day, King David and Bathsheba’s baby son died. God made the child pay for the sins of his parents.

Believer: The Holy Bible has no contradictions. You’ve misinterpreted! It’s out of Context!

Documentation of the Bible’s Chapters and Verses prove that they are absolutely true – unless they are not.

I Kings 11:11 Solomon failed to keep God’s statutes.

What proves to be shocking to the Believer is Solomon failing God and actually ending up serving other gods, Solomon wrote the books of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs and other accepted parts of the Canon / Bible. How can Solomon, who served other gods and who did not please God, be a writer in God’s holy, sacred Bible? Matthew has Solomon being in Jesus Christ’s lineage / bloodline right along with two women who sold sex: Tamar and Rahab-the-Harlot.

I Kings 11:42 Solomon reigned over all Israel 40 years and died.

I Kings 19:18 God would leave only 7 thousand in Israel, The Promised Land.

As compared to other history bearing nations during this time: Syria, Greece, Babylon, India and others; this God was a wimp and a loser. He turned on, betrayed and destroyed His own Israel just as Adolf Hitler turned on and helped his enemies destroy his own Germany. Hitler had said: If the German people could not give me victory, they do not deserve to survive. Hitler was a chip off the old God.

I Kings 20:29 Israel’s King Ahab killed 100,000 Aramean soldiers in 1 day.

I Kings 20:35-36 God caused a prophet to say to his companion: Strike me. The companion refused. God’s prophet said: Since you did not obey the voice of God, when we part a lion will kill you. When they parted a lion killed him.

God used animals to murder Human Beings?

King Ahab

The 7th King of Israel

I Kings 21:1-29 King Ahab said: Naboth, sell me your vineyard. Naboth said: No. Ahab sulked to his wife, Queen Jezebel. She wrote letters directing leaders to have a feast, with Naboth at the head of the people. She wrote: Get two scoundrels to accuse that Naboth cursed God and the King. Then, take him out and stone him. Naboth was stoned and died. Angry God has dogs eat Jezebel in the streets, then, declares that all of Ahab’s bloodline, when they die, will be eaten by dogs and birds.

God decided to bring evil upon Ahab. Ahab humbled himself which impressed God, who changed His mind and decided to bring evil upon Ahab’s son instead. The one God of Abraham is so righteous.

Here is Bible C&V evidence that it is God who brings evil on people.

The immoral Queen Jezebel, who was a killer of God’s prophets, was eaten my dogs as prophesied by Elisha.

Ah, another children’s bedtime story from “The Good Book”.

I Kings 22:19-23 God, after holding counsel with His angels, permits His prophets to lie and deceive others on His behalf. God put a lying spirit in the mouths of all these prophets of yours and decreed evil against you.

This is awesome! God seeks advice from a staff of angels. God uses a staff to make corrupt decisions.

God has His prophets lie and deceive others on His behalf. And again, it is God who decrees evil. Except as a scapegoat, what need is there of a Satan?

Mindset believer: Where’s the evidence that God is evil?

Well, it’s all right here, Bible C&V.

When it comes to absurd, stupid mindset beliefs, it is evident that: “A high percentage of stupid is stubborn.”

I Kings 22:34-40 Ahab, shot by an arrow in battle, bleeds in the bottom of his chariot and dies. Dogs lick his blood as God prophesied.

Ahab Shot by an Arrow

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