God’s Perfect Laws

God’s Perfect Laws


Gary DeVaney



Is the Biblical God “good and perfect”? Did God give human beings “perfect” laws to obey? Did this “unchanging” and “in control” God stand by and honor His own laws?

Let’s put to the test one of God’s Bible-documented perfect laws:

Deuteronomy 24:16 Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children for their fathers; only for his own guilt shall a man be put to death.

God had His Son, Jesus, Tortured & Crucified?

In my value system, this law does seem just and fair. How about you?

Jeremiah 31:30 … through his own fault only shall anyone die…

This also seems just and fair.

Ezekiel 18:20 Only the one who sins will die. The son shall not be charged with the sins of the father, nor shall the father be charged with the guilt of the son.

Good job, God (fictitious or not). I agree that these laws are just and fair.

But, does the Biblical God truly prove to be just and fair? Does God truly stand by and honor His own documented Bible C&V laws?  


Exodus 20:5 & Numbers 14:18 & Deuteronomy 5:9 all document that God said: I am a jealous God inflicting punishment on the children for generations for their father’s wickedness…

Exodus 34:7 The sins of the father will be punished upon his future children and grandchildren to the 3rd and 4th generation for their father’s wickedness.

What? Well, this disgusting Bible C&V can not be much clearer or better understood. In my sense of right and wrong, this law is not just and fair.

Reader, do you dare to take a stand on this law being just and fair?

Has anyone noticed that by observing these selected Bible C&Vs, the Bible clearly contradicted itself? Can anyone refute, with integrity, that within these Bible C&Vs their lies contradiction? God’s “perfect” law is perfectly contradicted by God’s own perfect, flawless, God-inspired Bible. It becomes obvious that one must believe because one cannot know the inconsistent and contradictory will of the Biblical God.

An astute, honest, questioning thinker may conclude that this inconsistent God character is fictional and that the Bible consists mostly of mythical and supernatural hoaxes.

In reality, the Bible documents in Exodus 34:7 that God’s perfect law does condemn the innocent children for the father’s sins. Many victims in the Holy Bible do pay for the sins of another. Here are some selected, controversial examples:

God broke His own perfect law by imputing the sin of Adam on all of Adam’s descendants – with the exception of Jesus Christ – of course.

How can that be considered to be fair and just? 

God broke His own perfect law when God was not pleased with the flawed and sinful mankind that He had created. So, God murdered all but 8 human beings as documented in:

Genesis 7:21-23 All creatures, outside of Noah’s ark, that stirred on Earth the Biblical God did murder by drowning.

This included men, women and babies.

God Killed all Life except for

1 Boatload of Humans & Animals?

One must question how “guilty and sinful” all those newborn babies, who drowned, must have been. As the “father” of all those destroyed men, women and children, God must not have taught them very well. How good of a father-model was the Biblical God?

How do believers define perfection concerning their God? God also murdered His creation in vain as the Bible documents that mankind has continued to be evil and sinful ever since the flood. This poor, frustrated and miserable God just cannot seem to get it right – and – this insane God always takes His own failures out on His creation.

That, somehow, is claimed to be good, perfect, fair and just – by delusional, anti-human, social-dyslectic minds. Do zealot God worshippers simply hate other human beings? God obviously hates and destroys human beings that He cannot get to serve Him on His terms. Is that the delusional model that zealous God-worshippers learn and adopt?

God broke His own perfect law by murdering about 3,000 of His own “chosen” Israelites because Aaron, Moses’ brother, made a golden-calf for them to worship.

Really? Where is that written – you might say?

Exodus 32:27-28 Moses (Levi) ordered all the sons of Levi to slay their own family, friends and neighbors. Moses murdered about 3,000 of their own relatives. (God’s own chosen people.)

Moses Murdered 3,000 of God’s “Chosen” People?

Exodus 40:13-15 God then said: Anoint Aaron and his sons as My priests for all future generations.

What? Aaron, the maker of the golden-calf, was not punished? Aaron was promoted to become the head of God’s priests? Those poor, murdered people could not have worshipped that golden-calf if Aaron had not made it. What unjust and unfair hypocrisy! By this example, how can you consider the Biblical God (fictitious or not) to be just and fair?

God broke His own perfect law by murdering all of the “first-born” of Egypt due to Pharaoh’s consistent disobedience.

Actually, God forced Pharaoh to be disobedient during God’s 10 plagues.

What? You say you don’t believe that? Really! What part?

Look – don’t believe me or any other man. Check out the selected Bible C&V evidence and know for yourself. When you are tested in school, you are not graded on what you believe – you are graded on what you know. When you say that you believe – you admit that you do not know.

The Lord’s Prayer is praying TO the Biblical God. Right? The prayer includes: “Lead us not into temptation”. Right? The Bible claims that God does NOT tempt us. Right? Christians claim that the Devil / Satan – not God – tempts us. Concerning God’s bet with Satan, didn’t God tempt and test Job? If all-knowing God already knew the outcome, why did God allow the deaths of Job’s children and servants? Is Satan just the Biblical God being nasty or in a murderous bad mood? Can any believer straighten out this confusion?

Blind Justice

Justice is an inter-relationship / consequence form that exists in a society of Human Animals. Humans evolved to make documented laws in which Humans have accepted norms of behavior that require each Human to treat other Humans with fairness and equality. These documented civil and criminal human laws – equal for all – provide law-enforcement, the right to be heard and tried in a legal court-of-law and the appropriate punishments for the legal judgment for infraction of those documented laws.

Blind justice disregards who committed the legal infraction. Blind justice focuses only on the evidence of innocence or guilt of the infraction.

Justice exists because no civilized human animal wants to be treated unfairly by another human animal in relationship, trade, court or his or her right to be heard. “Moral Laws”, that are not documented civil or criminal laws, can not be judged in a court of law. One can not legislate morality.

Warning! You may become totally sick of the Biblical God if you truly understand the Bible-documented scenario – “God on Trial” – The God Murders website. It does focus on the legal “just and fairness” of God.

Apply your personal moral-litmus-test after you have experienced “God on Trial” at The God Murders website:


The “Just” Biblical God’s Angel of Death?

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