Gary DeVaney’s Collection Of Scenarios


Gary DeVaney’s Collection Of Scenarios


Gary DeVaney

A First-Born Baby



Imagine, in a hand mill, an Egyptian slave-girl’s small, first-born son looks adoringly into his mother’s proud eyes and says to her: Mother, thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me my share of nurturing and gentle words. Mother, should my time come to leave you due to accident or sickness, do not grieve; for, my happiness has been the greatest gift you have given me. And hopefully, I have returned happiness in the same manner to you. I love you, mother.

10. Exodus 12:29-30 God murders all first-born babies of all Egyptians and kills all of their first-born animals. There was not a house without its dead.

Little Pharaoh




A huge tyrannical father came home one day and grabbed his small son whose name was Little Pharaoh. He ordered: Do not move from here to there! If you do, I will severely punish you. Then, the insane father grasped the back of the child’s neck and pushed him from here to there. He then cut off one of the child’s toes, while condemning him for an act of disobedience. The small, helpless child cried. He did this to his son 10 times until all of the child’s toes were gone. The child continued crying because his father forced him to limp painfully after him. Then, he put his child’s head in a ditch and drowned him. Since his death, the child has suffered eternal-damnation till this day and shall forever.

Some have called me an angry writer. Concerning the Bible, what possibly could I get angry about? Ok – I do have my moments. GWD

Exodus Explained


Imagine you have no home of your own. A “STRANGER” authoritatively tells you that he has chosen you and that he will give you a home of your own. You want to believe him. He takes you to a distant land and points out a house to you. He now says, “There is the home I give you.” You look and you see people in the house. He says, “Now, you go into that house and kill every man, woman and child in that house or I will do to you what I thought to do to them.”

This is the Exodus story. How do you like the story? How do you like the Biblical God now?

What if the Biblical God gave you, your wife’s and your children’s house to His new chosen?



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The warden stated: You have been found guilty of theft and four (4) counts of murder. By the laws of this state, your life will be forfeited at 12:01 by lethal-injection. Do you have any last words?

Prisoner: Yes warden. I have heard clergy. I am God-fearing and I want to be, what I interpret to be, God-like.

I confess that I went into another family’s home and took their valuables. When the father objected I murdered him, and his wife.

The reason I murdered his little children too, was so they couldn’t come back on me in later years. In the Bible, God ordered Moses and Joshua to take peoples’ lands and to murder every man, woman and child in the process. I know that I am one of God’s elect. I believe in God’s unmerited gifts. I will be rewarded for doing what I believe God told me to do.

With God, through Jesus, I am forgiven and innocent. You are a man who cannot understand the wonderment of God and the spirit of the Holy Ghost. Although, you may kill me, my spirit will live in the house of the Lord, through Jesus Christ, forever. You now will have to live with what you have done to me, God’s saved-elect servant. God and I will deal with you warden!

Warden: Proceed with the execution.


Richard wrote: Dear Gary, To fear God is wisdom. Fear is an attitude of anxiety or unrest.

G: Hi Richard. Correct! Do you know how many billions of therapy and clerical hours of counseling has taken place due to the propaganda you just expressed? Hello! Anxiety and unrest cause pain and miserable lives. Myrtyrism and sacrifice is a rotten standard in the Judeo-Christian-Islam religions.

Leviticus 26:27-31 God stated: If you persist in disobeying and defying Me, I will punish you until you begin to eat the flesh of your own sons and daughters.

R: Some fear protects us from harm…

G: Education teaches us what to fear and what not to fear in reality. Psychological / voodoo fear is designed to assist fear-based authority to psychologically control its peasants. I am a free man. Outside of realistic, enforceable criminal and civil law, there is no other lae including “supernatural” authority over me. Many try to assume authority over me – but they do not have it. Do you assume that your ego or your God has any authority over Atheists, Richard? About 14% of the Human Animals on Planet Earth are practicing, self-proclaimed Atheists. Another 30% are quiet Atheists. Another 30% are moving toward Atheism. Christian Churches are folding – especially in Europe. The USA supports the Biblical God as its flag as it tries to take over the World. Islam – in defense – does the same thing – with the exact same God – whom they call Allah.

R: …but fear’s only proper spiritual use according to the Bible, is to open us to a deepening faith in God.

G: Make people fear so they will obey. There is, in reality, no God to fear. The Biblical God is as fictitious as the ancient gods Zeus, Apollo, Isis, Hermes, Poseidon, Mercury, Mars, Thor, and  Odin, to name a few.

R: Amazingly fear of God enables us to cope with anxieties.            

G: Oh contraire, Sir Richard! In therapeutically practice, evidence indicates that fear of God causes anxiety – not peace – in most Human Animals. Even you admitted above that to fear God causes anxiety. Peace is good. Anxiety is bad. You just cannot have it both ways. Authoritarians use voo-doo fear to get their way. Believers yield to that voodoo fear. Non-believers do not.

Hosea 13:16 (KJV) or Hosea 14:1 (Catholic): Samaria, who rebelled against God, will fall by the sword. The little ones shall be dashed to pieces, expectant mothers shall be ripped open.

G: Why Richard? God is documented to be an insane murderer by Bible C&V. God turned on his own Jews numerous times and God arranged for more of His land-stealing Jews to be killed then were killed by any other agenda.

R: Along with our love for God we need to mainrtain respect and awe of God.

Judges 10:7 The anger of God was hot against Israel and God sold them out.

G: The Biblical God “sold-out” His chosen people numerous times in the Old Testament.

Numbers 21:5-6 The people spoke out against God and Moses. God sent poisonous snakes against his people. They were bitten and they died.

G: These are the real reasons that you fear the Biblical God, Richard. No one can truly love a character like that unless they are as insane and murderous as the Biblical God was documented to be. Your ego, Richard, is probably a much better character than the Biblical God was documented to be. You are also stuck with your ego so you tend to defend it like you would God. Don’t confuse your ego with the Biblical God as your ego proves to be a much better character.

Murderous God said to His murderous Jews: You go down there and kill every man, woman and child or I will do to you what I thought to do to them.

Numbers 33:55-56 God said: If you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, I will do to you what I thought to do to them.

R: The functional atheist live and behave as if God did not exist.

G: Absolutely, Richard. Especially the Biblical God! The Biblical God, fictitious or not, is no model for Atheists.

R: Ultimately their character is determined not simply by dispensing with beleif in God, but more specifically by dispensing with the concepts and precepts of morality and justice, which presuppose existence of God.

G: What morality do you find – in the selected, controversial Bible C&Vs – that I have included on this post?

R: And it is the absence of morality which makes functional athiest dangerous.

G: What Atheist has ever harmed you, Richard? We do not obey you. That does you no harm – does it? Regards, G

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