God Versus Satan

God Verses Satan


Gary DeVaney

“Intelligence is categorical”

“Insanity is contagious”

“A high percentage of stupid is stubborn”

God versus Satan is a symbolic eternal conflict between good and evil. It is the deadly struggle between authority and disobedience. It is the insane contest between God and Satan for the lives / souls of man.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all worship the same God / Allah – the one God of Abraham. The Christian and Islamic demand: Obey us and our God / Allah and then your soul will be saved to serve God / Allah for eternity. Disobey us and our God / Allah and your soul will be eternally punished in Hell. Christians promote Eternal Torment in Hell. Islam promotes torment in Hell – but the torment is not eternal. Traditional, orthodox Jews do not promote any afterlife / reward / punishment / Heaven or Hell.

Eternal Torment in Hell
Hell’s Eternal Torment

Later Jews, after being indoctrinated by Zoroastrianism (Zoroaster of Iran) during their captivity in Babylon (Iraq) around 586 – 539 BC, somewhat acknowledged a Satan / Devil – but most orthodox, traditional Jews maintain that God does it all.

Zoroaster of Iran

These three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all promise an ultimate “Armageddon” battle leading to the end-time of all Human life.

All Judeo-Christian-Islamic believers claim that God / Allah is the one “Supreme Being” who is in charge. Who will emerge the winner and how will Human Beings pay the price of God’s and Satan’s contest? If the tyrannical God wins, God will torture, for eternity, whoever did not obey His insane demands or did not choose to be His slave. 

Islamic Symbol of Allah

For centuries, religions have imposed on believers the constant fear-based threat of “the end times” / “the end of the world”. Jesus returns and harvests / slays all Human Beings. Then, after the millennium / 1000 years, God will judge us all.

 The Harvest of Human Beings?

If you are not chosen by God to serve God for eternity on His terms, you will suffer God’s horrible torment for eternity. God, and His worshippers, believers, supporters, promoters and financers, will insist that you alone are responsible for your eternal-pain and torment – not God – and that God is innocent, just, fair and perfect.

And, most of all – as George Carlin reminded us – “God loves you!”

“Apocalypse” / “Revelation” means the unveiling and revealing of hidden truth, the exposing of things kept secret; ergo, God’s horrible, torturous secrets from mankind are revealed.

This means that God has desired to keep hidden His “truth” from His creations. This is supposed to challenge you – to kindle your passion to seek what a fictitious God desires of you so that you will satisfy what your authoritative parents, boss or government demands of you. You are to sacrifice for and loyally serve who you are told is in authority over you – fictitious or not. Does your Government promote religion to get that benefit from its soldiers, servants and peasants? Would your Government order you to kill other human beings or to die for it? It is obvious that the Government also loves you – as long as you serve the Government on its terms.

The Government-Backed Religion Agenda: If the masses can be successfully programmed to worship and serve a false, fictitious authority – then the masses will more easily, successfully and loyally serve an assumed authority – on its terms.

A Concept of Satan

The God Virus” book page 59


Dr. Darrel W. Ray

The God Virus by Dr. Darrel W. Ray

Paraphrased: When the Babylonians captured Jerusalem around 586 BC, they took the Jews back to Babylon (Iraq). During their decades of captivity, the Jews were introduced to and indoctrinated with Zoroastrianism, which then changed Judaism to the religious concept of God and Satan / Good and Evil. Prior to that time in the ancient Jewish dogma, God did it all. As with much of Judaism, the insane religion “borrowed”, adopted and plagiarized the concept of good and evil which evolved into today’s Judeo-Christian-Islamic concepts of God versus Satan.

Note: The first Jewish writings, concerning the battle between God and Satan / Good and Evil, were documented about 200 BC. Of course, the Book of Job is claimed to be ancient and includes the most profound story between God and Satan. Oh, what to believe – as the Bible constantly proves to be controversial and topically inconsistent.

The early writings of the Jewish God claimed that He was a God of love and vengeance. God would punish you if you were sinful and you did not worship God properly. The Biblical God was considered to be the cause of all the evil in the world. People evolved not to like worshipping this one God who brought evil, death, misery and trouble into their lives.

Like the good God idea that they invented and dogmatized, to resolve their emotional conflict, the religion later got the idea to invent or adopt an evil Satan as their good God’s soul-stealing adversary. It was a logical, rational attempt to take the heat off their now re-ordained “perfect” God.

Satan was first described to love God and to be in the service of God. Satan later dared to disobey God. The “all-knowing” God did not destroy Satan. For God’s pleasure, God kept Satan around for a Chess-like competition with human lives and souls at stake.

The US Government has adopted that God model as evident when it orders its soldiers and citizens to kill or die to protect its interests and to fulfill its self-serving agendas.

Throughout their insane, evil competition, as first documented in JOB 2, God maintained authority and control over Satan. God has remained in charge and responsible for any destruction and evil that Satan may have carried out on mankind. The true evil, behind the scenes, is God Himself.

Isaiah 45:7 I, the Lord, make peace and create evil.

Micah: 2:3 God said: I am planning against this race an evil…

God Plans Evil Against a Race?

Is God a Racist?

Satan tempted / moved / enticed / God:

Do you know any Christian who displayed even one second of reflection, compassion or sorrow for Job’s children having to violently die. They died because the Biblical God was successfully tempted / moved / enticed by Satan in Job 2:3. They did a competition, a wager, a bet. Nor do Christians seem to display any concern or pity for those children. Nor do Christians feel or acknowledge the pain that those children’s dying caused poor Job and his wife.

Is it because God did so much murdering throughout the Old Testament – Christians have nothing but numbness for all those who died? How many Christians would be eager to have done some of God’s murdering on God’s behalf?

I personally get a little sick of Christians who prove to have no conscience when it comes to their tyrannical God’s murdering of Human Beings.

Concerning the Christian mind-set, it is no wonder that when we, the USA, killed about 1,623,000 Vietnamese and Cambodians between 1965-1975 and, more recently, President George W. Bush killed and injured about a million Iraqis. US Christians hardly say a word.

Who do you know practices and displays true Christianity?

Malachi 2:2-3 The Biblical God said: I will send a curse upon you. I will curse your blessings. Yes, I have cursed them already. Behold, I will corrupt your seed and spread dung (shit) upon your faces…

Hosea 13:16 Samaria has rebelled against God. They shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed to pieces, their expectant mothers shall be ripped open.

Lamentations 3:38 Is it not from the most high that good and evil come?

Amos 3:6 Shall there be evil in a city; the Lord hath not done it?

The Bible documents C&V that God creates evil and imperfection. You do believe what is documented C&V in the Bible – don’t you?

God’s cheerleaders / Biblically ignorant believers insist that “evil” Satan spoils “good” God’s perfect world.

Insecure / frightened people wanted hero-models to save them. The Judeo-Christian religions created / invented a fictitious “good” God and later a fictitious “evil” Satan to become slaves to. Believers tend to run their “emotional” (do want – don’t want) lives in the same manner. Believers impose themselves on others to support and assist them concerning their do wants and don’t wants.

To be a believer in this God-Satan insanity, you have to be in agreement with what you believe. I personally do not believe in nor am I in agreement with the Biblical God character – fictitious or not.

Jerusalem is claimed to be God’s holy home on Earth. It is where Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac. It is where Jesus was crucified and later floated up in the air to Heaven. (Do Christians really believe that?) It is where Mohammad ascended up to Heaven on his horse. (Do Christians believe that?) According to Ezekiel and Revelation, human-soul eternal-afterlife Heaven will be located on planet Earth in Jerusalem.


If Satan is truly an enemy of God and can hurt God, then God is not truly all-powerful nor in control – is He? If you and I truly have “free-will” and we can disobey God and hurt God’s feelings, God is not in control. If God is the same from the Alpha to the Omega and does not change – then God, Himself, proves to have no free-will.

Some believers claim that Satan tries to destroy God’s relationship with mankind. I rationally view that God’s heinous and murderous Biblical C&V deeds against mankind understandably destroys the relationship.

With all the murdering the Biblical God did and ordered others to do in The Old Testament, how can anyone define God as “righteous”? Murderers on death row, had their own self-serving agendas and reasons for being there. Like God, they insanely felt entitled to take the life of another to fulfill their personal agenda.

A virus seeks weakness and vulnerabilities in a host in order to infect it. The only reason a normally rational individual cannot judge the Biblical God is because he or she is infected with “The God Virus”.

The question is the highest form of thought. You cannot think and question what you believe – for if you do question what you believe – you prove not to believe it. It’s a paradox that produces an awesome dumb-down effect.

The Question IS the Highest Form of Thought

For the most part, one cannot cure a virus. One can only hope to outlive it’s sickening and life-stealing effects.

Fortunately, not all of us are susceptible to all viruses. Most of us, who were infected and somehow outlived or overcame “The God Virus”, become immune and rarely get totally infected again.

Reinforced, irrational fear is what keeps “The God Virus” alive, infectious and contagious among the Biblically ignorant, fear-based gullible. Many just use the dogmatic “god-game” to genetically fulfill their predator / animal desires to damage or control the lives of others.

Knowing the controversial C&Vs of the Bible is the greatest Atheist-maker on planet Earth.

Ernest Hemingway: “All thinking men are Atheists.”

Authoritative religionists claim that Satan is at war and in a constant battle with God. Battles produce death and either God cannot or God will not kill Satan. Millions of souls would be saved if God killed Satan – but God does not. God is not beyond killing so what does that mean? That means that God wants Satan alive. That means, as the Bible says, it is all for God’s pleasure.

Revelation 4:11 God created mankind for His Own pleasure then God destroyed (murdered) men, women and their babies when He wasn’t pleased.

God wants Satan battling with God for the souls of mankind. This just, fair and loving God has no problem sending our souls into Eternal Torment if we do not live up to God’s demands concerning God’s and Satan’s insane contest.

Satan successfully tempted Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden to eat the forbidden fruit. For their disobedience, God punished Adam and Eve and then all Humans Beings who were born since for their sin.

Believers claim that The Garden of Eden is where Satan (the snake) started unleashing his evil and destructive powers on mankind. Satan is not mentioned, by name, until I Chronicles 21:1 – which is the 13th book of the Bible. There, Satan is credited with doing the same deed as God did in II Samuel 24:1. Are Satan and God but heads and tails of the same coin?

God condemns us with sin when we are successfully tempted by Satan to do something – yet the Biblical God, Himself, – was successfully moved / enticed / tempted by Satan in Job 2:3.

Why would an all-knowing, fair, just and loving God send us into Eternal Torment for being tempted by Satan if God, Himself, is documented by Bible C&V to have been successfully tempted / enticed / moved by Satan?

Satan’s form and appearance comes from many religions that the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions stole (borrowed) and adopted.

Satan’s pitch-fork is from the sea-god, Poseidon’s, trident.

Satan’s red color comes from the evil Egyptian god, Set.


Satan’s horns come from the Greek god, Pan.


Satan’s horns and the tail come from the Canaanite god, Habayu.



Isn’t this evidence that religions and cultures just make it up as they go? If so – is not this evidence a form of “evolution”?

Did God, Himself, come to Earth as Jesus Christ?

Or is Jesus Christ “The Son of God”?

If Jesus Christ is also God and “The Holy Ghost”, did Jesus Christ impregnate His own mother, Mary, to produce Himself?

The Bible claims that “The Holy Ghost” impregnated Mary in Matthew 1:18&20 – does it not? Of course, you would also have to believe in the “Trinity” which claims that God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost are all one and the same.

Did Satan enter into Judas Iscariot so to have Jesus Christ crucified? If so, how could Judas be judged guilty for Christ’s crucifixion?

Did Satan defeat God / Jesus Christ by arranging for the Jews and the Romans to crucify Him?

Did Satan have Jesus tortured and crucified for not bowing down and worshipping Satan in the desert just like God demands that we bow down and properly worship Him? If we don’t properly bow down, worship and praise God, doesn’t God judge us and then send us into Eternal Torment?

If so, which is worse – Satan’s arranging for 12 hours of Jesus’ / God’s torment, crucifixion and death – or – God’s arrangement of billions of souls going into Eternal Torment? Eternity is not a long time – it is eternal / forever. And the horrible, consistent torment is supposed to be real and beyond anything imaginable.

 Eternal Torment

Or, if Jesus Christ was the Old Testament Biblical God, did humanity judge and execute God for all of God’s documented murdering of humanity since Adam & Eve?

God’s Evil Deeds YouTube


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