The Atheist Maker

Science learned more yesterday than religion learned in 4,000 years.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste on religion.  

I will not be manipulated nor controlled by Dark-Age religion.

Religion is only primitive politics.

The greatest Atheist Maker on planet Earth is the studied Bible.

The Biblical God has no God – and neither do I. 

The non-existence of God is evidence that God does not exist.

If there was proof of God – there would be only one religion.

Religion is Humanity’s greatest mass distraction from day-to-day reality.

There is an addiction / life destroying disease called religion.

The God Murders website is an attempt to find a cure. GWD

An Interview with God – by Gary DeVaney

I asked God what it is like to be God. God said that it was just a Character He plays – nothing special.

I asked God how it started. God said a group auditioned many and selected Him for the part. Then they wrote the scripts and made God the heavy. They used fear-based advertising and propaganda to promote God and his stories of jealousy, mass-murder and eventually “Eternal-Torture”.

I asked God how He felt about the role. God said that “In The Beginning” it was fun being feared by everybody and often being begged to. But lately, fewer Human Beings believe in, support, promote and finance Him so it is not as much fun. God seems to feel that believers, with critical minds, now are beginning to fear that God is, and always has been, evil. God fears that if He continues to lose fans, He will be out of a job.

I asked God what His plans were. God complained that He was stereotyped and couldn’t find any other work. God has even considered suicide – but God fears that only the god-role will expire and not Him. Who ever thought that God would want out?

We will return after these messages…


As an Atheist

As a seasoned, experienced Atheist, I, Gary DeVaney, do not believe in the Biblical God or the Bible. That is primarily because I know, have captured & documented the insane / controversial C&Vs of the Bible. In debate, that makes me a fundamentalist Bible critic. My best debate for me is with a fundamentalist, ordained, licienced Christian minister. He has no excuse for not knowing the selected, controversial Bible C&Vs that I have chosen to take issue with in debate.

My, The God Murders website, exists so that other critical minds do not have to put in about 25,000 hours of intense study and debate to discover and document those selected, controversial Bible C&Vs.

I personally view that it is dishonest for mind-set believers to support, promote and finance the Biblical God if you do NOT know all the insane, evil, murderous deeds that the Bible documents its God to have done. Three (3) of the main world religions: Jews, Christians and Islam all worship the same “One God of Abraham”.

What I walk away from I have mastered. What I cannot walk away from masters me.

The God of the Bible is NOT a good God and the Bible is NOT a good model for Humanity.
Other than the Biblical God, Christian believers are just as passionate in rejecting “other gods” as the Atheist is. 

In Christianity, the controversial Bible C&Vs are the most important subjects that intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon.

If you are a sane, logical and reasonable Human Being, knowing these selected Bible Chapters & Verses may make you a non-believer in the Biblical God. You could qualify to be an Atheist. 

Each of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions invented its own separate, authority-obedience agenda concerning “The One God of Abraham”. For mass obedience and control purposes, these authoritative, domineering, fear-based religions recruit and convert gullible Human Beings to become their authority-worshipers. These religions demand to be loyally served on their terms. Each religion preaches that their one (fictitious) authoritative God will kill you if you do NOT blindly worship and obey their dogma. The Christian religion further invented “God’s Son” who will, after death, send you into Eternal-Torment if you do NOT obey their, murderous, tyrannical God. Zealous converts of these religions will constantly supervise your worshipful attitude and obedience. For some zealous believers, it can amount to unending servitude / slavery. If you DID obey their non-existent God, you will have obeyed and financed them. That is the purpose of their primitive, authority-obedience agenda.

Atheism: The cure for Human Beings to rid ourselves from The God Virus / Jesus Junkies / Allah Addicts.

Euthanasia: Religion condemns euthanasia. After the funeral, someone dead is of no use to most religions. To religion, it is one less “prayer warrior” to recruit more wallets. In Ecclesiastes 10:19 the Bible claims that “money answers all things”. Money proves to be the only “god of consequence” on planet Earth.

GWD: After your death, you will not exist anymore than you remember existing before you were born.

Thomas Jefferson: Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.

Friedrich Nietzsche: Christianity makes a thousand promises but keeps none.

We Atheists do NOT have to prove that the Biblical God does NOT exist. This fictitious character’s lack of existence proves that it does not exist.

Ask yourself how you could possibly believe in, support, promote and finance the Biblical God (fictitious or not) who is documented in these selected, controversial Bible Chapters & Verses.

As an Atheist, I DO obey secular-criminal-civil law. I do NOT obey religious laws or rules. Religion has NO authority over me. Hell, and Eternal-Torment mean nothing to me.

Mark Twain: It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it is the parts that I do understand.

Mark Twain: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. 

Gary DeVaney: A high percentage of stupid is stubborn.

Catholics are notorious for NOT reading the Bible. Most do not know what it contains. They just claim to believe.

An older statistic: There are 68,293,869 Catholics in the United States, and 1.1 billion Catholics worldwide. 

As of 20:22, about 20% of people, living in the United States of America, claim to have no religious affiliation. Critical minds, concerning religion, are being triggered. Blind, mindset believers are diminishing.

The Roman Emperor Constantine (272-337) ruled Rome from 307-337. Constantine became emperor because the night before the battle to win Rome, he saw a vision of the Christian cross. He fought in the name of Christianity.

In 325, Constantine summoned the Jewish and Christian clergy and their scribes from the Roman-held lands to write what became the canon, the Jewish and Christian books of “The Bible“. This was the result of Constanine’s “The Counsel of Nicaea” which started in the year 325 AD. The Nicaean participants voted on “The Canon” which were the books to be included in the Bible. Books not voted to be included in the Bible became known as “The Apocrypha“. The Catholic Bible does have 73 books. That is 7 more books than the 66 books in the King James Version. KJV

Those voters also voted for Jesus Christ to be Divine. They voted that Jesus was God.

Jesus Christ became God by the votes of clergy at Constantine’s Council of Nicaea. 

Jesus Christ was NOT considered to be God before the Council of Nicaea vote.

Roman Emperor Constantine died in 337 AD.

There were many Counsel meetings starting in 325 to about 394 AD.

How many religions do you belong to?

Is your God the head of your religion?

Is your God the “One God of Abraham”?

The One God of Abraham is the head of the Judeo-Christian-Islamist religions.

God’s C&V behavior: I am the value, I am the authority, I am entitled.

Human Ego behavior: I am the value, I am the authority, I am entitled.

Conclusion: Ego and God are synonymous.

Egos use Gods to supercharge their value, authority and entitlement to influence the fearful, the obedient and the gullible.

If you are a religious believer who claims: “The Biblical God knows it all”, “God is in control” – then, can you explain Human “free-will”?

If just one Human Being truly has “free-will” then God is not in control.

GWD: The mindset belief in a Supernatural God is a simple diagnosis of Chronic Brain Disorder.

A Psychological Evaluation Of The Biblical God


Gary DeVaney



“The Question Is The Highest Form Of Thought”

Most Christian believers have been preached to and introdoctrinated about the Bible and its God. Some believe just because they want to belong and that it is deemed to be socially fashionable.

When it comes to the selected, controversial C&Vs of the Bible, many believers would declare something like: “I would not believe in Bible controversy even if the controversy were true.”

An expressed belief is a psychological projection. It often is an attempt to will something into reality.

Many expressed beliefs – when measured against reality – are simply lies.

A lie is an expressed attempt to project something that is not real or factual into reality to produce a desired and manipulative effect on others.  

The word lie is actually in the middle of the word believe.

I believe always means I do not really know.

Although the selected, controversial Bible C&Vs exist in the believer’s Bible, believers intentionally remain intellectually ignorant and emotionally resistant to their content and meaning.

The question is why? Way are believers resistant to know the content of these selected, controversial Bible C&Vs?

How about: God can’t be wrong? Believer’s can’t be wrong about their God? But, many stories, like miracles in the Bible, cannot be true.  

The controversial C&Vs are included in their Bible for all to see, aren’t they? Believers believe their Bible – don’t they?

The horrors and murderous deeds that the Biblical God did are documented by C&V throughout The Old Testament.

Young minds receive this “holy” information and are religiously trained that God is good and that all of God’s murdering is righteous, just, fair, necessary and good. It’s God’s will.

To the faith-based, religious believer:

I am an Atheist.

How does my being an Atheist affect your life?

It should not. It does not.

Can you keep your religion out of my life?

Bible Documented Cannibalism:

II Kings 6:29 So we boiled my son and did eat him. And I said to her on the next day, give your son, that we may eat him. But she had hid her son.

What a Holy, God-Inspired Bible!

Abraham Lincoln: No man is good enough to govern another without that other’s consent.  

Socrates: When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. 

Believers personally experience the righteous deaths of millions at God’s hand and then believers praise God for his power and for His murderous deeds. The Human conscientiousness becomes morally compromised. The Human value system unknowingly becomes distorted and biased. The believer consciously and unconsciously learns to praise the murderous God at all costs and to hate what he or she is told to hate. Is behavioral insanity taught and contageous? 

Because of what God did in the Bible, when exposed, believers experience dilemma and psychological trauma.

The biggest source of Biblical “truth” comes to believers from preaching clergy, not the Bible. Most clergy cherry-pick what they preach from the C&Vs of the Bible. Most don’t mention the controversial or the “bad” parts. 

The true source of C&V “fact” comes from contradictory Bible C&Vs, not from “schmoozing” clergy.

For some deep thinkers, who do question the Biblical God and His Bible, it is not surprising they become Atheists. 

An Atheist simply has no evidence of a supernatural God. 

Why do believers resist selected, controversial Bible C&V information, the documentation that what the murderous God did is true?

Collectively, as a nation, we succumb to the peer pressure of zealous, might-makes-right, you are either with me or against me, fear inflicting believers. “If you don’t believe – you will go to Hell!”

As Humans, we each have a world view that is persistently drilled into us by religion, dictated by clergy, parents and other authoritative bosses, our environment and by surrounding believers.

The murderous Bible C&Vs show the murderous God to not be a good God. Yet, believers resist these documented Bible C&Vs as if they were not true. When believers receive information that does not conform to their programmed world view, they respond in denial, avoidance, righteous indignation, hostility. Why?

First the believer is programmed that God is good and perfect in every way. Then, some Atheist exposes Bible C&V evidence that proves that God is murderous and evil. The C&V evidence proves that God is not perfect, not good – in fact – evil.

God’s documented Bible C&V murders make many believers view situational murder to be correct, righteous and good.

Upon being confronted with this blasphemous information, the believer starts to feel confused, uncomfortable and vulnerable.

They resent the messenger who exposed these controversial Bible C&Vs to them. Why? They believe the whole Bible – don’t they?

Fundamental Biblical criticism presents selected, controversial C&V facts that God is not good. For the believer, exposing these controversial C&Vs creates believer fear and anxiety. Instead of the believer debating these C&Vs, this confrontation can lead him or her into lashing out with hostility. Authoritative denial usually kicks in. Confused believers don’t know what to think. They don’t want to think. They want to believe.

Perspective: Left brain and Ego cannot be wrong. When confronted, anger and an irrational attack mode becomes a priority. Many believers feel as if their ego’s mind-set, belief-supported authority has been defiled. The believer’s critical mind, their desire to question and to think shuts down. Believer vengeance becomes a priority. Most believers just deny any deviation from their mind-set belief and move on with their lives. They deny any new evidence and stick to their original story. Believers are conservatives in that they are resistant to change. Believers then wait to when they feel their ego be back in charge. Believers do not want to be open-minded. Believers want to be right.

Believers want their beliefs to be their mental and emotional “home” and they, like vicious junk-yard dogs, will territorially protect their “home” at all costs. Don’t mess with me! Don’t mess with my home! Do not defy my assumed authority! The more well-researched and accurate the debate facts are, the more sick, emotional and angry the mind-set believer becomes. The mind-set beliefs seek clergy support to reinforcement their remaining correct and by disregarding, denying and avoiding any evidence to the contrary.

Many believers have not based their beliefs on the Bible’s controversial C&Vs. They bought into the feel-good dogma of clergy, often followed up by threats of imaginary Hell’s Eternal-Tormnent. Once established and committed to – they don’t feel compelled to seek the Bible C&Vs that would disrupt their beliefs. Most believers reluctantly glance at “The God Murders” website and then run, rarely to return.

They would never educate themselves nor educate others as to what the Bible documents in contrast to their feel-good mind-set beliefs. For the mind-set believer to consider that God is evil causes mental confusion and emotional pain. Righteous denial and avoidance become the pattern. For a believer to allow their beliefs in God to be destroyed severely alters their view of the world they live in. They could emotionally react as if it was frightening beyond their ability to cope. Mindset believers were mentally trained and emotionally conditioned to feel and react that way.  

Feel-good believers do not want to know the controversial C&V truth in fear of an existential experience that they would lose their identity. If the new information would prove to be true, they fear that their world would become too different and too confusing and scary to cope with. Their strength would become weakness. They are fooled to believe that ss long as they have faith and believe – and not know – they cannot be wrong. They fight to not know in fear that the pain would damage them. This may cause the need for professional, mental / emotional therapy instead of being dogmatically preached and lied to.  

Bad beliefs, behaviors and habits keep believers miserable. Like a destructive gambling habit, they sacredly and irrationally protect their bad beliefs, behaviors and habits. They wrongly feel that they do not fit in the world they live in. Behold, the existential experience.

Empirically educated people say: Show me the evidence and, if convincing, I will change my mind.

Believers insist: This is the way God works. What I am told to believe. I believe! The controversial Bible C&V evidence does not fit into what I have committed to and decided. So, I don’t need to look at the evidence because I have decided what I believe is right.

Wishful and fearful thinkers will not believe something different from what they fear to be the truth. That could be a powerful factor in people denying the truth.

Hardball contributions of religion: Religious, programmed beliefs constantly recycle. Some conservative and mindset beliefs of a jealous, vengeful, angry God recycle as unchanging, often imaginaryguilt and misery destroying their existence.

This belief has become their worldview.

Their religion has made them paralyzed with fear and paranoid of everyday life.

They feel that happiness and opportunity cannot be gambled on. They feel that imaginary evil has a grip on them, and that they desperately need their imaginary savior.

They had to buy into the programmed belief that they should fear God and that God would save them.

Ironically, no matter what ill fate might happen to them, many will still figuratively lick the hand that kills them.

When someone says: “I refuse to not believe”, you can be sure that any contradictory evidence coming their way is not bearable and conflicts with their world view and their comfort zone. Denial is automatic and the believers feel avoidance of new information protects their beliefs.

Most Atheists do not fail to see the Biblical God’s flaws by C&V documentation. I see no evidence of the Biblical God’s existence. Now, I have no belief in God, no fear of God nor love for God. I have evolved, by education, to become an Atheist.

What is common in avoiding and denying believer’s is emotional fear. They are afraid of rejection, scorn and loss. They’re afraid of change. They are afraid to be wrong. Some are actually afraid that they will suffer Eternal Torment. Some cannot change their mind so to please their parents and friends. Some can’t change because they can’t be found guilty of passing false dogma onto their children. Some are afraid of becoming helpless and vulnerable. Some are actually afraid of the non-existent Biblical God. Some are afraid they will lose being who they are.

When mind-set believers feel that their beliefs are being challenged and confronted – because they don’t want to feel helpless and vulnerable – they quickly or eventually experience outrage and anger.

When a mind-set believer becomes frightened and angry, they want to avoid the facts as if they do not exist and attack the debater / messenger. Mind-set believers want to censor the messenger. When that cannot be done, angry believers then threaten, condemn, cut and run. They try to erase the experience and deny that it ever happened.

Healing takes place when one faces the truth. To experience the truth, to allow the feelings to manifest and to allow one’s self to explore the new information and facts is the healthy solution. To let the light shine on all the facts begins the healing process. It is painful to admit that you have lived a lie and that you have passed the lie onto others – especially loved ones who trusted you.

Mental-emotional recovery results when documented facts replace false beliefs.

Mind-set believers do not want to be exposed to controversial Bible C&V facts because they do not want to replace their mind-set beliefs. Their authoritative / defensive ego will not allow itself to be wrong.

I prefer facts. Facts don’t care who agrees or disagrees with them. Facts stand the test of time and reality. Truth, like faith and belief, always has an ego attachment. Truth usually demands acceptance by threat. Screw truth. I’ll take my chances with unbiased facts. GWD

Once suspicious, the least painless way to recover from confusion and error is to uncover the truth / facts on you own, your own way. At that moment, do not listen to any other Human Being. Research the documented Bible C&V facts and make up your own mind. In case of the Bible – the truth lies between you and the Bible.

The believer’s inability to see the evil side of the Biblical God can also make them incapable of seeing their own evil side. There are a lot of mind-set Christian believers on death-row who wonder how they got there. Somehow they felt entitled to take another Human life. The Biblical God murdered with immunity – and their gullible ego – whose job is to be more than it is – was programmed to become God-like. Anyone can make a mistake. Doing the right thing has a chance to correct a mistake.

The God of the Bible is not a good God and the Bible is not a good model for Humanity.  

Genetic ego does believe in, support and promote itself – if it’s healthy. The Biblical God’s ego obviously believes in itself. However, the Biblical God does not believe in another God – ergo, the Biblical God is an Atheist.

George W. Blye: Believers, who have faith in god, have no conscious concerning Human decency.

Bill Maher: “When I hear from people that religion doesn’t hurt anything, I say, really? Well besides wars, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, 9-11, ethnic cleansing, the suppression of women, the suppression of homosexuals, fatwas, honor killings, suicide bombings, arranged marriages to minors, human sacrifice, burning witches, and systematic sex with children, I have a few little quibbles. And I forgot blowing up girl schools in Afghanistan.”

God Behavior & Ego Behavior

God behavior: I am the value. I am the authority. I am entitled.

Ego behavior: I am the value. I am the authority. I am entitled.

Ego & God are synonymous.

Competing Religious Practices

I demand that you live by my values in your life – with me being the center of those values.

I trust that you will discard your values in favor of my values and ultimately serve me on my terms.

I demand and trust that you will be submissive to my assumed authority.

If you are not willing to do that – I don’t trust you.

If you betray my trust, my Ego / God will condemn you – even to “Eternal Torment”. 

Religion best benefits con-men at the expense of fools.

Often, in Bible C&V debate, a believer will say: I will ask my preacher what the Bible says. I suggest that you do not check out the Bible with your preacher. I suggest that you check out your preacher with the Bible. Do not believe me or any other man. Read and learn what the Bible documents, C&V, for yourself. If you view that the Bible does not say and / or mean what the Bible C&Vs I have selected state, submit your correction and, if valid, the correction will be made on this website. For your correction, you will also be sincerely thanked.

Believer Challenges To Atheists: 

What? You’re an Atheist? But you’re so nice!

So, why do you hate God?

So, you worship the Devil then… you don’t? But, you believe in Satan… no?

Look, I understand that you are just going through a phase and deep down you really believe.

But, you still believe in Jesus… right?

Come on, you never were a true believer.

But, how can you even love if you don’t believe in God?

Wow, your life must be pathetic and meaningless.

So why do you even bother to live?

So, what exactly do you believe in then?

What you don’t understand is that it takes more faith not to believe in God.

What if you are wrong? It’s really a long time in Hell.

Whoa, stop! The Bible is not meant to be taken literally. Have you even read the Bible?

How can you be a moral person?

If there is no God, there is nobody to tell not to run around and kill people… right?

Well, I think you will change your mind when you have kids of your own.

You are going to go to Hell.

I’ll pray for you.

God’s Jealousy & Love:

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient. Love is kind.

1 John 4:16 – And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. GOD IS LOVE; and he that dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him.

Deuteronomy 6:15 for the LORD YOUR GOD, who is among you, is a JEALOUS GOD and His anger will burn against you, and He will destroy you from the face of the land.

God is love – love is NOT jealous – but god IS jealous. If god IS love, then either jealousy IS love, or god is NOT love.

Oh, what to believe… What a contradictory and confusing model God and the Bible is for Humanity.

Deuteronomy 11:13 God said: I command you this day to love your God and serve Him with all your heart and soul.

God Commanded: Love & Serve Your God With All Your Heart & Soul?

Is your “love” something that you can be commanded or demanded to feel and give? What if you do not and can not love what you are tyrannically commanded to love? Do you think that you should suffer “Eternal Torment” for that? What if you try to love God but God, on judgment day, judged that you faked it? If we all “fall short”, where does that leave you and me?

After a believer knows all the murderous and insane deeds that the Biblical God is documented C&V to have done, if the believer still believes in, worships, supports, promotes and finances this Biblical God / Character, it doesn’t say much about the fictitious God but it does say much about the authoritative, disciplining attitude of the believer toward other human beings.  

Are these Bible C&Vs “God’s Word” or not? If so, why don’t believers stand up for them when critical Issue is taken with them.

Disclaimer: I, Gary DeVaney am not The Atheist Maker. The Bible itself is The Atheist Maker.  I did notwrite the Bible – did I? I am not responsible for what the Bible documents – am I? I am not responsible for how readers feel about what the Bible documents – am I? I simply read the Bible. I highlighted and dared to share the controversial Bible C&Vs that my human sense of right and wrong took issue with.  

No need to buy a book. This website freely displays what I found so you do not have to commit or spend over20,000 hours to know what I have documented.

Intelligence is categorical. In Biblical debate, ignorance is measurable. Silence and topical avoidance is popular. Specifically – concerning religion – delusion is wrong.

Ignorance Is The Fuel Of Faith  

Knowledge Is Fatal To Religion

Most Christians, especially clergy, will not debate the Biblical God nor the Bible’s controversial Chapters and Verses. They neither have the courage to try nor the knowledge or the debate tools to successfully do so. If you should take issue with the Biblical God’s murderous deeds or the Bible’s controversial C&Vs, they will totally disregard the C&V topic taken issue with and they will hatefully attack the issue-taker. They will authoritatively preach at you or threaten you. But, they will always fail to debate the Biblical God’s murderous deeds or the controversial C&Vs with you.

Experienced fundamentalist Christian ministers will run from a controversial Bible C&V debate as they solidly know what the Bible documents and they know that their defending those selected C&Vs will prove that they are “psychopaths” who prove to be categorically insane.

Typically, Christians and clergy alike, will authoritatively threaten, insult, disparage and do a hostel retreat from someone who challenges them to debate his or her selected and controversial C&Vs of the Bible.

The Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions want their believer’s to have less and less say and control over their lives so that their fictitious God can have more and more control over their lives. Dictatorial governments love that. The United States Government loves that.

Authority Worship


Gary DeVaney

The non-existence of God is evidence that God does not exist.

If you open an empty box, it is evident that the box is empty.

To claim that something exists when it does not is a control and gullibility test. If you prove to believe nonsense – you are more easily manipulated to believe and obey anything.

Religion is authority worship. If you can be made to believe in a false authority, an assumed authority can more easily step in and successfully control you. Authority worshippers love that.

Egos worship authority in hopes of becoming an authority to be obeyed, respected and worshipped.

Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions are fear-based authority / obedience competitions.

Religions are primitive politics designed to control the obedience and the servitude of their believing masses.

The Biblical God’s Evil / Insane Character / Deeds


Gary DeVaney

In reality, there is no evidence that the Biblical God currently exists or ever existed.

There is only evidence that “belief in the Biblical God” does exist.

“I believe” always means “I don’t know”. If one honestly knows, one says “I know”. Why would an honest, questioning thinker buy into the “I don’t knows” of a believer?

“I believe” is not dependable because it could mean a hundred different things like – “I want”, “I hope”, “I pretend”, “I promote”, “I support”, “I vote”, “I manipulate”, “I expect” and most of all “I gamble”.

Why would an intelligent Human Being buy into a believer’s gambles? When push comes to reality shove, a believers usually cops-out when caught being wrong concerning their authoritative belief with: “I didn’t say I knew it, I said I believed it.”

“I believe” often proves to mean “I Lie”. Believe = Be-lie-ve. Lie is in the center of believe. “I believe” exposes the center of belief to be lie. But, when a believer is proved to be wrong, they claim that they only believed. They did not claim to know so they righteously claim that they did not lie. 

To have faith is to blindly trust a predicted, generally positive, unknown. What sane Human Being would do that?

Religious snake handlers have insane, positive faith that they will not suffer snake-bite.

Concerning religion: “I Believe” mostly means “I Pretend”.

Believers attempt to “will things into reality”.

Peter 3:15 (The Bible’s direction to the believer) Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have…

According to the Bible, if you are a believer, you are to answer why you have hope concerning each controversial C&V questioned. Ergo, if you fail to answer why you have hope concerning controversial Bible questions, you fail to do what your Biblical God expects of you. Put it on the table. Get it out in the open. Focus on the topic. Debate the specific chapter and verse issue specified. If you find that your mind and / or your “will” avoids the topic or rushes to vacate or to introduce an unrelated challenge, can you rationally explain why.

Galatians 2: 21 Paul: If righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.

Jesus and Peter supported the law. Paul did not.

Chuang Tzu: “To be truly ignorant, be content with your own knowledge.” 

To be truly stupid is to have blind faith.

These selected Bible Chapter & Verses are taken issue with because many believers have “Biblical Amnesia” concerning them. This is to remind them just how shocking their “Holy Bible” is.

Malachi 1:3 God said: I loved Jacob but hated Esau. Catholic

Romans 9:13 As it is written, “Jacob have I loved but Esau have I hated”. KJV

Don’t these sacred Bible C&Vs document that God does hate and that God does shown favoritism? Check your integrity, now.

Malachi 2:2-3 The Biblical God said: I will send a curse upon you. I will curse your blessings. Yes, I have cursed them already. Behold, I will corrupt your seed and spread dung (shit) upon your faces…

Can you imagine this Biblical God crapping in His hand and smearing it all over your face? Can this truly be your Biblical “God of Love”? Can you explain how?

Many believers support God’s agenda to inflict evil upon a human soul / life in order to prove the Human’s character and the steadfastness of his faith. The “know-it-all” Biblical God cannot know who He will choose to serve Him for eternity without putting evil on Humans to test their sacrifice, love, servitude and willingness to be God’s slave for eternity.  

Deuteronomy 21:18-21 God commanded: If a father has a stubborn, rebellious son, murder the son.

How many men would reach adulthood if this command was obeyed?

Hosea 13:16 They shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed to pieces, their expectant mothers shall be ripped open.

So, if you are a practicing believer, is this the God you hold sacred in your heart? Yes or no? Would you dutifully obey and rip expectant mothers open and dash their little ones to pieces? Can you dare visualize this? How would you respond if God ordered others to do this to your family?

George Bernard Shaw: “No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says; he is always convinced that it says what he means.”

Believers, typically, do anything and everything to resist topically debating the Biblical God or the Bible, C&V. Some authoritatively and arrogantly behave: Can’t beat them? Rewrite the rules of the game and after threatening and demonizing the opponent – call it a success.

When a Bible critic takes issue with the Biblical God’s murdering thousands of people at a time to fulfill His personal agendas, zealous believers respond: So what? He is God. No, mister believer. Without your evidence of a God, that’s your own programmed, covert, imperialistic, egocentric and murderous attitude.

           Pat Condell’s “God – The Psycho”   

In the Bible, did Satan or the Devil order anyone to kill children or to rip open the bodies of pregnant women?

No! Even though the Biblical God admits, C&V, that He is responsible for all the evil Bible C&V murdering, believers claim that Satan does all the murdering. Believers are programmed to be so afraid of God, they will righteously blame anything and everything but God.

But, the Biblical God did all the murdering. Based upon the deeds depicted C&V in the Bible of God and of Satan, which one would you be more afraid to baby sit your kids or to be educated by or cared for? If fair and just laws, and their consequences, were in place, known and supported by all, and death were known and accepted to be the end of the line, then, for what rational purpose would there be this God?

Isaiah 45:7 I, the Lord, make peace and create evil.

It Is God Who Creates Evil?

Who? What? God creates evil? Did you know that the Holy Bible states C&V that Its God creates evil? Shocking! However, if you create evil – like by murdering someone -wouldn’t you prove to be Godlike? Yes. 

Have you noticed that believer’s behave as if they were oblivious to controversial C&Vs?

Charlie Chaplin: “By simple common sense, I do not believe in God.”

Thomas Jefferson: Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, then that of blindfolded fear.

Bart Floyd: “The reason there are so many religious beliefs is because there is NO religious truth.”

Believers claim that God can do anything. Can God forgive Satan? As long as one won’t – one can’t. Or – is God Satan – in an evil mood?  

Micah: 2:3 God said: I am planning against this race an evil…

So, obviously God is a racist by documented Bible C&V and God plans evil. Did you know that your favorite God was a racist?

Deuteronomy 22:28-29  If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl’s father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.

Behold, according to the “Good Book’s” direction, rape a virgin in public that you want to marry, pay the fine, or buy her as you would a slave and she is yours. The woman has no say in the matter. The “Good Book” and Its “great” God certainly prove to be righteous models – don’t they?

Sirach: 46:7-8 Caleb and Jacob were the only two (2) spared out of the 600,000 infantry. Catholic

To have 603,550 troops over 20-years-old, Moses took about 3 million (Torah Notes) of God’s “Chosen People” out of Egypt. So – all but Caleb and Jacob survive out of the 3 million! That means God killed almost all of the 3 million human beings that He lead out of Egypt. Because God marched His “Chosen People” around to die in the desert, of those generations, none but Caleb and Jacob made it into “The Promised Land” according to C&V scripture. That would prove that God broke His promises to millions of His “Chosen People”. Because God’s “Chosen People” refused to murder all the people in order to steal their land, God murdered His Own people in the desert. Obviously, “The Promised Land” was not God’s gift to His “Chosen” as they had to obey God by murdering all “The Promised Land’s” owners. The Biblical God also denied Moses, His chosen leader, to enter “The Promised Land”. Moses, died.

Would you want to work for this kind of insane God?

Thomas Jefferson: “Religions are all alike, founded upon fables and mythologies.”

Isaiah 66:2-4 God said: The one I approve is the lowly, afflicted man who trembles at my word. Merely slaughtering an ox is like slaying a man; sacrificing a lamb like breaking a dog’s neck.

The Biblical God requires that you to fear and tremble. That obviously makes God happy. Sometimes this God comes across as an egocentric little Ego who wants to come across as a fearful monster. This God rules through jealousy, wrath, murder, fear and intimidation. Some believers are so fearful of the Biblical God that they call their fear love. That’s first-degree dyslexia.

Lamentations 3:38 Is it not from the most high that good and evil come?

Again, the Biblical God, “the most high”, is targeted to be behind the evil that happens. Does God have a split-personality and an altar-ego? God seems to be the heads and tails of the same coin.

II Chronicles 21:14-15: Behold, with a great plague will God smite your people and your children and your wives and all your goods. And you shall have great sickness by disease of your bowels until your bowels fall out by reason of sickness day by day.

God Smites People With Plague?

G: The Biblical God proves to a sadistic terrorist concerning wives and children.

The DeVaney Challenge

“Other than the myth of creation, what “good” did the Biblical God do for someone without hurting another?”

Get out a notepad and see if you can list just a few good things that the Biblical God did, C&V, for people without hurting some one else. Bet you can’t. If that be the case, how do you claim the Biblical God to be a “good” God?

Currently, in the year 2010, the United States of America – a self-proclaimed “Christian nation” – 1 out of about 137 Christians are incarcerated in the prison system. As sacred models, that is the success that the Judeo-Christian God, His Savior, Jesus Christ and their Bible have produced. As models for Humanity – it is time for them to go.

   Is Hell Unwanted Accountable Time?

Don’t prisons “quarantine” those individuals whose harmful feeling had proven to let them down so that those uncontrolled feelings could no longer harm society? What about God’s jealous, vengeful, hostile, murderous and harmful feelings? God proved, C&V, to be the most miserable and violent Character in the entire Bible.

Karl Marx: “The first requisite of the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.”

Religion: An authoritative tool used by “assumed authority” to control the stupid.

Do you know all the real Atheists?

Do you insist that there is there only one God?

Do other people claim that there are other gods?

Are you an Atheist to all those other Gods?

Is Jesus Christ God?

Is Jesus Christ the “One God of Abraham”?

Can you logically explain how Jesus Christ and His father are one God? 

Did Abraham know about, worship or speak about Jesus Christ?

In a survey of the belief in 100 Gods, Jews, Islamists and Christians proved to be 99% Atheists.

If Jesus Christ is “The One And The Only God Of Abraham” and because the Jewish and Muslims religions deny that Jesus Christ is God, then, the Jews and the Muslims all prove to be Atheists.

From David Armstrong (Australia): Another useful verse, which serves to indict Yahweh rather than Satan, in the story of Job, is the following verse:

Job 42:11 Then came to him all his brothers and sisters and all who had known him before, and ate bread with him in his house; and they showed him sympathy and comforted him for all the evil that the LORD had brought upon him; and each of them gave him a piece of money and a ring of gold. RSV

This verse plainly reveals that Satan was merely being used by God as a servant, or instrument, to inflict all the violence and suffering on Job, his dead children and servants. It further strengthens the case that it was God, rather than Satan, who bears the responsibility for all the suffering in this disgraceful story.

Thank you, David Armstrong!

Amos 3:6 Shall there be evil in a city; the Lord hath not done it?

This Biblical God appears to be of hideous intelligence – whose deeds prove to be mostly aggressive and destructive. Could this God be, in modern slang, considered to be a “sicko” or a “wacko”?

Abu Ala Al-Ma’arri: “There are two classes of men: intelligent men without religion and religious men without intelligence.”

Evil refers to bad or immoral deeds. Why else, in the dictionary, would the word evil be placed opposite the word good?

Jeremiah 26:3 & 36:3 God says redundantly: That I may repent of the evil, which I purpose to do to them because of the evil of their doings.

Obviously, this indicates that evil must be included in God’s plan. How come the responsibility of committing sins lie with the imperfect creature and not with the imperfect creator? Chapter and verse, what evil role did “Satan” play anywhere in the Bible? The Biblical God did it all. In Job 2:3, God took the hit for Job’s misery concerning the murdering of Job’s children and his servants. And, God proved to be enticed / tempted by Satan. Can you document anywhere else in the Bible, C&V, where any character called “Satan” is even accused to have taken (by name) any individual’s life? Do so and you will make history as God reserves that hideous “pleasure” for Himself. God did use “Death Angels”. One reason people worship God is because they are successfully programmed to fear this heinous creature – fictitious or not.

I Samuel 16:2 (God orders a lie): Samuel says: How can I go? If Saul hear it he will kill me.

God said to Samuel: Take a heifer and say: I came to sacrifice to the Lord.

Could You Slaughter This Animal for God?

Behold: God actually tells Samuel to lie and what words to use in the lie. Samuel’s true agenda was to meet David, a son of Jesse, and anoint him King of Israel. It was not to sacrifice a heifer to God.

Believer: “He did not! God would never lie or suggest for another to lie on His behalf.”

Henry Mencken: A man full of faith is simply a man who has lost the capacity for clear and realistic thought.

This typical attitude proves that believers’ minds do deceive them. Categorically, believer’s avoid being in touch with reality.

Believer’s tend to attach their egos to their God, President, company, team or love-object. When criticized, believers blindly defend those criteria as if they were defending their own egos. Have you ever been shocked by or have you taken offense with anything God is reported to have done as documented by these selected Bible C&Vs? If someone other than God had done these evil, insane, murderous deeds, would you have taken offense with him or her? Can you explain your fear-based attitude even to yourself?

“Faith”: The programmed effort to believe that which your common sense tells you is not true.

Insecure people tend to promote guilt in others in an attempt to improve their own security.

“Jesus Christ” means “Savior Anointed”

Jesus Christ is a title – not a proper name.

God” is the title of the first corporation. A corporation is a fictitious entity with bylaws and an agenda. Is Jesus Christ / The Holy Ghost titles of fictitious board-members? Satan serves as a fictitious adversary to gain emotional, financial support and power through committed strength in numbers. The consequence of not believing in, worshipping, promoting, supporting, obeying and financing this corporation is death, and after death, eternal-torment.

Is Jesus Christ the Old Testament Biblical God? Jews, Christians and Islamics believe their Biblical God is “The One God of Abraham”. Is Jesus Christ “The One God of Abraham”? Jews and Islamics do not believe that Jesus Christ is God / “The One God of Abraham”. Obviously, no one claims that Jesus Christ IS “The One God of Abraham”. Then, how can Jesus BE the Old Testament God? If Jesus Christ is NOT the Old Testament God, then Jesus Christ is NOT God. 

A corporation is a Human invention, a fictitious entity with “bylaws” (like 613 commandments), an “agenda” (to control all believers) and “legal” (with assumed authority and pretended consequences). The US Supreme Court has given the corporation the same rights as the Human Being.  

Trans World Airlines (TWA) was once a legitimate Airline corporation. TWA did exist but it does not exist today any more than the Biblical God – not that the Biblical God ever existed in reality.

Human Beings tend to lead others by first demanding a leader. Once that is successful, the master / slave agenda becomes contagious. It is easy to claim your “sacred” leader to be anything you want your leader to be when your leader is fictitious. An authoritative agenda, with demanded consequences, does prove to be successful when that authoritative agenda is feared by frightened believers and obeyed by motivated authority worshippers. GWD

Ernest Hemingway: All thinking men are Atheists.

Ernest Hemingway

If, to know the distinction between good and bad is what it means to be like God, then to choose destructive and evil choices against human-beings and other life-forms is also what it means to be like God, as evidence in Biblical documentation. I don’t care if the Bible is historical, literature, fantasy, or fiction, it is the evil God-model toward humanity that I focus on and expose, C&V, for all to see.

I did not write the Bible. I am not responsible for what the Bible says. I am not responsible for how people feel about what the Bible says. I just read and studied the Bible and did an accurate C&V book report. As long as just one copy of the Bible remains; the evidence, Chapter and Verse, will not go away and this criticism will stand and will prove to be integral. GWD

Would the Biblical God be evil? Which, Good or Evil entity, would do the following things:

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity order a father to sacrifice his son?

Pause and reflect: Even your war-waging U.S. Government does that.

Did the “GOOD” Biblical God or the “EVIL” Satan plan and actually orchestrate His agenda to torture and sacrifice His Own Son? 

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity create a species then condemn that species to Eternal-Damnation, suffering and punishment for disobedience to criminal / murderous demands?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity play favorites and provide an unfair playing field when lives are at stake?

Homer Simpson: “Suppose we’ve chosen the wrong God. Every time we go to church, we’re just making Him madder.”       

Homer Simpson

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity have people born with a painful disease only to suffer and die of it?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity create plagues, holocausts, wars and famines to murder It’s creations?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity order the murder of men, women and children in order to steal their lands?

Karl Marx: “Religion is the opium of the masses.”

Karl Marx

Tom Robbins: “Religion is not merely the opium of the masses, it the cyanide.”

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity require human and animal sacrifices because It liked to smell the burning fat around their guts?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity create more evil?

John Adams: This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it.

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity lie and break promises?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity promote and sanction slavery?

Would the Biblical God punish children for their fathers’ sins.

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity punish innocent children for the sins of their fathers – and then lie about it?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity strike people blind?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity degrade deformed people?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity punish many for the acts of one?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity punish one for the acts of many?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity turn against His own people when things didn’t go His way.

Thomas Paine: Of all the tyrannies that inflict mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst.

If just one person on planet Earth truly has “free-will”, God is NOT in control. If God truly does NOT change, God has NO free will.

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity murder a whole nation’s first-born babies?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity drown all life forms, sparing a chosen few?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity rip pregnant women open and dash their unborn babies to pieces?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity hate one child and love another?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity torture and murder people just to show them whose boss?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity murder someone who tried to prevent a wagon from tipping over?

Would the Biblical God or an evil entity tell you to murder every man, woman and child or He would do to you what He thought to do to them? 

What kind of God or Satan – Lord or Devil does these things?

Hint: Only an evil entity would say and do these things.

Probably, you would have been a better God.

Here are a few more Bible facts for you to explain your hope. If you fail to respond, according to the Bible, you fail the Bible.

God created evil. Evil came from the Lord.

God deceived and God told people to lie.

Thomas Paine: “The greatest miseries that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called religion.”

Thomas Paine

Zora Hurston: “God’s always behave like the people who create them.”

Zora Hurston

Upon Elijah’s request, God had 2 she-bears tear 42 children to pieces.

Mark Twain: “Faith is believing in something you know ain’t true.”

Mark Twain

John Stuart Mill: “The time appears to me to have come when it is the duty of all to make their dissent from religion known.”

John Stewart Mill

Jesse Ventura: Religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers.

Jesse Ventura

So mote it be with God and the C&V claims of His Bible….

Titus 1:2 Says: God never lies.

What? Shall we believe Titus or our own lying eyes? Titus obviously lied by stating this. He must truly be one of God’s inspired writers.

Practicing Christians want obedience. They try to supervise and discipline all who are in their atmosphere. They usually threaten God’s vengeance and “Eternal Damnation” for those who do not conform to their imposed Christian dogma.

Islamists are obligated to attack those who insult Allah, Mohamud and their religion. Islamists tend to react more violently than Christians.

H. L. Mencken: “Theology: An effort to explain the unknowable by putting it into terms not worth knowing.”

 H. L. Mencken

Jeremiah 51:20-23 God said: You are My weapon of war. With you, I shatter (murder) nations, kingdoms, horse and rider, chariot and driver, man and wife, old and young, youth and maiden, the shepherd and his flock.  

Religion is a pack mentality. It’s like a pack of groveling dogs licking their chains.

Are Human Beings but slaves to their genetic feelings? When a persons feelings cause things to go wrong, bad or hurtful for themselves and / or others, didn’t their feelings let them down? Don’t psychiatrists “shrink” egos by using drugs and therapy for feelings-management? This God needed therapy.

Most religions prove to be of a master-slave / authority – obedience mentality.

                                                                          Believer / Atheist

You might emotionally accept anything and intellectually understand nothing. Doesn’t that mostly define a believer?

Doesn’t much of “I believe” mean “I obey”? Is that why an authoritarian demands that someone – whom they want authority over – believes?

A reason that authoritative religious believers don’t care for Atheists is because Atheists believe little and obey even less.

Lucretius: “Fear is the mother of all Gods.”

By law, a rich man can not intentionally destroy his own ship out at sea knowing there are people on it. Should they die, the owner would be guilty of murder. Nor can God murder people by selfish agenda and have me support Him in a moral or legal debate. I will agree with you when it does not compromise my integrity. My loyalty is to reality – not some heinous God.

When you tell the truth – you don’t have to remember what you said.

Jean Anouilh: “Every man thinks God is on his side. The rich and powerful know He is.”

Jean Anouilh

The United States of America is NOT a country of Gods. It is NOT a country of men. It IS a country of laws. Under the Constitutional laws of the United States of America, the God / Character would be tried for the heinous crimes He is documented, Chapter and Verse, to have done.

II Chronicles 18:22 The Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of thy prophets.

Jeremiah 20:7 Oh Lord, Thou hast deceived me, and I was deceived.

Faith is the shallowest and the most nonsense answer to the most meaningful questions.


Job 2-3 God said to Satan: Have you (Satan) considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that fears God, and resists evil? and still he holds fast his integrity, although you (Satan) moved / enticed / tempted Me (God) against him (Job), to destroy him (Job) without cause.

This is Bible C&V evidence that the Biblical God was moved / enticed / tempted (depending which Bible version you use) by Satan.

Isn’t the Biblical God a tyrannical hypocrite to send you and me into Hell’s Eternal-Torment for being tempted by Satan when God, Himself, is guilty of being successfully tempted / or being moved / or enticed by Satan?

Sigmund Freud: “Religion belonged to the infancy of humanity. Now that humanity has become of age, it should be left behind.”

 Sigmund Freud

II Thessalonians 2:11 God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false.

How could the Bible be “God’s Word” when it admits, chapter and verse, that God was a deceiver and a swindler of people? By these acts, God is the perfect model of a liar, which teaches followers to lie in direct violation of His Own 9th commandment. Maybe that is the sacred model and the permission for a Government’s lying to its people.

Does the Catholic Church reject, condemn and excommunicate women who take steps to become a Priest? Does the Jewish religion forbid women from becoming Rabbis? How much stricter is Islam against the rights of Islamic women? Many of them get stoned to death if caught driving a car. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic Religions proves to be morally unjust, selectively bias, structurally corrupt, culturally illegal and mentally insane in the treatment of their believers.

Does the US Government condemn gays and give tax breaks to Religions that condemn homosexuals?

Isaiah 14:21 Make ready to slaughter his sons for the guilt of their fathers…

The “God-inspired” book of Isaiah documents that God orders children killed for the guilt’s / sins of their fathers.

“The God Murders” website exposes and debates the controversial C&Vs of the Bible. Believers attempt to stop Bible critics from doing that. The practicing believer will not acknowledge, nor attempt to debate the controversial Bible C&V that are taken issue with. Most believers will instead preach indignation and threaten Eternal-Damnation.

Practicing Christian believers assume that they have the right and the authority to discipline and supervise others – and that means you and me. Believers, in essence, demand: “Be like me or else”.

Religion is primitive politics. Authoritative religion is popular today because primitive  religion once successfully governed mankind with a heavy God-fearing hand. During the murderous Inquisitions and Crusades, the Catholic Church ruled and slaughtered godzillions of non-believers in what is now Europe. Even secular governments have used and today still use religion to program their peasants to discipline and to supervise others – by threat of voo-doo, supernatural and pain-oriented consequence. Praise and punishment are the tools of dog-training. That is what competeting authoritative religions bring into practice today. Governments love it when religions supervise and discipline their peasants for them. Governments actually pay religions to do this. In the USA, licensed religion-clergy and their churches are tax exempt. Faith-based organizations are Government supported, promoted and financed. George W. Bush enhanced faith-based institutions.

If God was not created, does God believe in a creator? If God does not believe in a creator, is God an Atheist?

Marcus Aurelius: Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: He who begins by loving Christianity better than Truth will proceed by loving his own sect or church better than Christianity, and end by loving himself better than all.

Wow! How astute!

Some report to view: Whether the gods exist or not is of no importance to me. I just don’t care. But I do care about the effect and influence of religion on society.

Although the U.S. Constitution expressly prohibits submitting candidates for office to a religious test, people who do not believe in God are currently barred from holding office in seven (7) states: Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Mississippi, Texas and Tennessee. A 2012 Gallup pole found that Americans are more likely to vote for Mormons, Muslims and gay people than Atheist candidates.

Why are you religious?

Sweden is the least religious country in the world.

It is low in poverty, low homicide rate, low infant mortality.

Its income per capita is among the highest in the world.

The least religious countries enjoy wonderful lives, social equality and longer life expectancy.

They have better healthcare systems.

Finland, Norway, The Netherlands and Denmark also score highly.

Religion is not the answer for a healthy, prosperous, happy and peaceful society.

Religious countries are the most murderous and war-like in the world.

So to the Judeo-Christian-Islamic believer – why are you religious?

More Believer – Prosecutor Debate

Believer: No believer will ever acknowledge your claims. Most believers would flatly deny your claims and simply state that God didn’t do it.

Prosecutor: Wouldn’t that amount to conspiracy to cover-up crime?

B: No!

P: Was your God even there?

B: Of course God was there! How dare you! God is love! He has the right to do anything He wants with us. God is everything. Humans are evil. Jesus is our master. He owns us! Praise God!

P: Isn’t that a slave mentality?

B: Of course not. Why are you doing this?

P: Why are you changing the subject by directing it toward me? This book consists of my constitutionally protected opinions and my freedom of speech to address some typical tactics concerning the defense of God. Human-beings have the right to know the facts.

B: No! Not at God’s expense! How are you going to convince believer’s, when believer’s are already convinced, even without reading it, that the Holy Bible is “The Good Book”?

P: The Biblical God committed hundreds of heinous crimes against human-beings. If you cover-up the facts concerning a crime, aren’t you guilty of being an accessory?

B: I am! I am an accessory to anything my God does! And, I’m mad! Praise God! You don’t know Who you are dealing with, do you?

P: I think I’m dealing with you.

B: This is Almighty God you’re dealing with. You should be discrete (cover-up) turn your eyes away (ignore) protect (defend) deny (pretend it didn’t happen) and support (lie for) Him. God is perfect and can do no wrong!

P: Then, obviously to you, your God and your ego are the same. I now realize that finding unbiased jurors in this God Murders case will be improbable. (Understated.)

B: This is no investigation. It’s a witch hunt. The facts are inconclusive. We need more testimony and faith, not criticism of God’s word. You’re going to Hell! Praise God!

God is the heavy throughout most of the Bible’s ugly stories. Cowards don’t see heavies as heavies. They cower to heavies and serve them as if they were Gods.

War is a battle of wills to the death. It amounts to us against them. The concept of God has proven, by evidence throughout history, to be mankind’s greatest adversary.

Robert Ingersoll: “The inspiration of the Bible depends on the ignorance of the person who reads it.”

Robert Ingersoll

Primitive people were often terrified by nature. They tried to personalize nature to better understand and deal with nature. They perceived nature as a powerful god. Ergo, an invention of god. They were afraid of nature / god so they begged / prayed for nature not to hurt them. Atheists view that there is no supernatural Biblical God – but there is evident nature. Nature is no a respecter of persons. Nature does what nature does and to best intellectually understand and emotionally accept nature, it is best to know when to get out of nature’s way. Atheist scientists accept nature to do what nature does and scientists invent technology to have nature serve mankind by harnessing nature’s energy.   

“Out of Context!” I submit that the controversial C&V that I take issue with has not been taken “out of context”. I submit that the C&V has a context and an importance of it’s own.


Gary DeVaney: End-time believers – those looking forward to the imaginary “harvest” and the phony promise of “eternal life” – are symptomatic of not giving nor getting much love nor positive attention from others. They are disappointed with their lives.

I personally do not want to obey the Biblical God.

Luke 19:27 Jesus Christ said: And, as for those enemies of mine who would not have Me be King over them, bring them before Me and slay them.

I also refuse to obey Jesus Christ.

In reality, your character is not determined by what happens to you. Your character is determined by how you respond to what happens to you.

These believers do not value their own lives nor do they much value the lives of others. They are frightened of and display little interest in day-to-day reality. They are products of “escapism”. These believers are hypnotized and brainwashed to believe that they have no use for life’s reality because their frightened / disappointed / converted / distorted / morbid imagination focuses on the imaginary “Life After Death”.

Some believers use alcohol. Some use illegal drugs. Many use prescription drugs. Some use religion to escape from reality. Life-destructive believers have adopted and developed a crusade in insanity. When their end-of-life does come, most dying believers wake up and tend to fearfully cling to precious life because they regretfully realize that they were misled / distracted and that they missed so much of their life.

Some withdraw – even to the point of suicide. Sick, infected, delusional egos cannot be wrong. Most egos cling to life by taking an authoritative stance to get others to become like them. That is religion: “Be Like Me – Or Else”.

Like vampires, these “undead” believers want to bite / convert others into their insane existence of the categorical undead.

As a behavioral therapist, my main, consistent job has been to always be on the side of reality. To trade in your real life by believing in Heaven and Hell – a preferred and dreaded afterlife – is the purest and most common religious insanity.

As a behavioral therapist, mostly in Los Angeles for 30 years, I discovered that the question IS the highest form of thought.

When a mind-set believer cannot question his or her belief, he or she loses the power to think. Thinking causes change. Mind-set believing causes no change and that leads to mental, emotional and behavioral paralysis.

Bottom line, “I believe” always means “I don’t know”. If an honest person knew something, they would say “I know it” – not “I believe it”. Believing is gambling. Why would an intelligent Human Being buy into another’s “I don’t knows”?

For over 20 years, I personally have not said the words: “I believe” – because those 2 words do paralyze the normal, functioning mind.

Atheists dare to question. Mind-set believers dare not. For a healthy, thinking mind, question everything!

An Atheist movement is progressing – especially in Europe. Believers threaten. Atheists threaten nobody.

Atheists do not do religious, dogmatic obedience. Only religious “assumed-authorities” are offended by that fact.

Believers, nor their God, have any authority over Atheists any more than Allah has any say over Christians – although, Allah is the same “One God of Abraham” that Jews and Christians worship.

And, here comes the same old, tired religious punishment and threats…


The History Of The Bible

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Atheism 1:

The Probability of God

Power Corrupts: The Use Of God

God’s Murder Count

Why I’m Angry: An Anti-theist’s 78 reasons by Peter Mosley

The Sexist Bible:

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Gods Evil Deeds

The Shocking God 

Jesus’ Family Values