Angels: Good or Evil


Good or Evil


Gary DeVaney

“Intelligence is Categorical”

“Insanity is Contagious”

“A High Percentage of Stupid is Stubborn”

Are Angels thought to carry out God’s orders?

Are Angels messengers of God – or – messengers of Satan?

Only 2 Angels are mentioned by name in the Bible:  Michael & Gabriel.

In the Catholic version the apocrypha book of Tobit the Angel Raphael is mentioned.

Satan in some texts a loyal servant of God. In others Satan is God’s bitter enemy.

In beginning Christianity, demon Angels were depicted small to be like flies or gnats. Their image and reputation grew as Christianity evolved.

Angels are go-between messengers between a beyond this world God and mankind.

Angels protect or “save” you from going where you should not go. They could save you from drowning or from evil. They keep you on the path of righteousness.

Righteous: Obeying civil, criminal, moral, human or natural law.

Satan, the serpent was cast out of heaven for rebellion.

Lucifer was cast out of Heaven for pride – and took 1/3rd of the Angels with Him – thus, the fallen Angels.

Fallen Angels

How can the Good, all powerful, in control God allow evil in the world?

Angels and Demons are cop-outs for irresponsible men and women. God or the Devil made me do it.

Believers infer: “I know it’s true because I heard it come out of my own mouth.”

5,000 years ago in Egypt, good and bad supernatural beings were professed. They evolved.

Forces of nature were identified as acts of God.

Have you seen a picture of early male American Indians with a beard?

“I believe” is a tool of manipulation which can mean If I will something, you take it as a command and obey it.

Zoroaster’s God was named: Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord).

Angra Mainyu or Ahriman = destructive / evil.

Many of Zoroaster’s characters evolved into our modern Angels.

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Have Angels Evolved?


Angels of protection, success, healing or particular pursuits.

Ancient Angels faded into oblivion and gave way to new Angels – Michael, Gabriel and an army of fierce guardian Angels.

Your white blood corpuscles have more power against evil / destructive disease than do the fictitious Angels.

Most ancient tribes put faith into many gods.

Your many creative genes could more be valid as gods than these fictitious entities.

Israel and Judah put their faith in one god. One King – one God.

The Hebrew Bible – The Tanakh – was written between 1,000 and 160 BC – about 800 years.

The first Angels were Cherubim. The first Cherubim were stationed by God in the Garden of Eden to keep the exiled Adam and Eve out.

Satan was a Cherubim – one of the 2 Cherubim guarding God’s throne as depicted in The Arc of the Covenant – according to Pastor Arnold Murray.

These Angels are the security agents of God.

The all-powerful, in-control God needs security?

Two places the Angels Gabriel & Michael are mentioned are in the books of Daniel and Luke.

Gabriel is the main messenger of God.

Michael is God’s enforcer Angel.


Nowhere in the Hebrew Bible are the names of Angeles included.

They are not to be considered entities unto themselves but only messengers of God because god does not need assistance nor for someone to do something for God.

In the Hebrew Bible there is no devil. God does it all. There is no biblical Hebrew word for Satan / Devil – the bad Angel – the head of bad Angels.

Satan, nowhere in the Bible is considered an enemy of God. Satan is a Hebrew word that means adversary – job description – not a name.

Satan is an Angel in God’s circle who is an adversary of Human Beings – not God. Satan tempts Human Beings so God can know who to trust to be with Him for eternity.

Emperor Constantine had Rabbis and their scribes meet at the Council of Nicaea about 325 AD. In that and other councils, they voted the books of the “Canon” and also voted for Jesus Christ to be God / Divine.

“Apocrypha” means “the hidden books” / “dubious texts” – not fit to be believed not credible.

Lilith, Adam’s first bad girl wife was responsible for evil in Jewish Apocrypha myth.

The followers of Jesus Christ split off the old Judaism. Gabriel informs Mary she will have Jesus.

The Angel Gabriel?

Christians took on winged creatures to be Angels – the messengers of God.

The Catholic Bible includes the Apocrypha book Tobit – which introduces the Angel Raphael.

Because of Ezekiel Chapter 28, Ezekiel must have been influenced by the book of Tobit.

In the New Testament, Satan is denounced from throughout ending in Revelation. Satan and any evil human judged disobedient to God would spend Eternal Torment in Hell.

Despite some fundamental differences Islam share common ancestry with Judaism and Christianity.

Islam looks upon itself as a continuation of Judaism and Christianity

The Koran has constant references to the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

The Biblical heroes, prophets, Jesus and Mary are major figures in the Koran. Adam & Eve, the Exodus story, the baptism of Jesus are all Islamic stories. Islam also includes Angels.

The Koran is direct communication from the Angel Gabriel (“Jibrael” in Arabic) to Mohammed.

The “Koran” means “The Recitation”. Gabriel tells Mohammed that he is a prophet and he will be the reciter of God’s message.

The Koran recognizes that Jesus is a prophet and that Gabriel told Mary of her giving birth to Jesus.

Islam promotes watchers – beings assigned to each living person – a guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel?

Islam has creatures of evil known as Shayahteen or Satans – as with the Jewish tradition – who are adversaries of Human Beings – not God.

God focuses on spiritual (fantasy) values while Satan focuses on Earthly (real) values. The soul waivers in between.

Jinn or Genies are fire like Angels are forms of light.

“Iblis” is the Islamic Satan.

Iblis is the mythic projection of human bad tendencies, frailties like jealousy, envy, hatred, anger, spite.

One Angel presents a scroll with the good deeds. Second Angel reads of a scroll of bad deeds. God is the judge.



The good go to paradise. In Christianity the condemned go to Eternal Torment with Satan in Hell. Islam’s Hell is not eternal with Iblis. Angels only contact people when the Angels want to – not when people want them. People try to use magic to contact Angels / Spirits on their own terms.

Mae West: When I’m good – I’m good. When I’m bad – I’m better.

Opposing beliefs are exposed opposing wills.

You may buy my will but you cannot demand it.

God’s Angel, Michael, is the most powerful Angel.

Concerns Arch-Angel Michael can address:

Children died.

Male impotence.

Demonic presence.

Animals not behaving well.

Business problems.

Gabriel: Your personal Guardian Angel gives you supernatural powers.

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Guardian Angel?


To me this defines Ego. Ego always tries to be more than it is. That’s Ego’s job. It seems to expose itself categorically. Intelligence and talents are categorical. Your ego can be deemed evil or good – mostly by authoritarians.

Maybe our genes have specific functions and help us live healthy balanced lives. Until the past 200+ years genes were not known of. I view that the study our genes is our final frontier. Genetic medicine is our breakthrough gods.

Maybe the average human being has about 70,000 genes – which could be considered 70,000 angels.

How many individuals consider God and Angels art figures and lost their theological importance.

To thing one had sex with demons and produced demons is simply the random luck of the draw of bad or incompatible genes.

Conclusion: Our genetic influences could have mistaken as “Spiritual Angels”. Could our ever aware, ever evolving genes send our egos messages that could be interpreted to be spiritual or supernatural? We are here only because our ancestors had the strong enough genes to survive long enough to have us. War and other terrible experiences can trigger “evil” genes to kill and destroy. Other genes are predator genes and penitentiary time is in store for many. Nature and nurture is a factor as to how genes trigger experiences and experiences trigger genes.

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Spiritual Angels or Fantasies


God’s Evil Deed’s

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