The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth by Jordan Maxwell – Derek Partridge – Bill Jenkins Critiqued By Gary DeVaney Gary DeVaney’s: personal objectives: 1. To expose religious evil. 2. To meet, face and identify dogmatic evil. 3. To do the most conscious good that I can for the betterment of Humanity. Gary DeVaney’s claim: “The God of the … Read more

The God Business

Concerning Jesus and Mohammed, have we finally figured out “The God Business”? If “Jesus Christ” is NOT a proper name but IS the literal title of “Savior Anointed” and if “God” is the title of “Authority” and if “The Holy Ghost” amounts to God’s CIA and all are one, but separate entities, that have separate … Read more

The Epilogue of Retired Gods

The Epilogue of Retired Gods By Gary DeVaney Influenced by Jack Nicholson Scenario Once, long ago and far away, there was a story that went around about a powerful God with an ugly attitude. He was powerful and He thought that men were only interested in Him because He was powerful. But, He wanted men to … Read more

The Devil (1899)

The Devil (1899) By Robert Green Ingersoll “If the Devil Should Die Would God Make Another One?” A little while ago I delivered a lecture on “Superstition,” in which, among other things, I said that the Christian world could not deny the existence of the Devil; that the Devil was really the keystone of the … Read more

The DeVaney Prophecy

The DeVaney Prophecy by Gary DeVaney I have been a behavioral student and therapist for over 40 years. Concerning futuristic possibilities: I personally perceive that when, not if, the “living-chip” is implanted into each US citizen; US law-enforcement and prisons may become almost obsolete. Why? Because each “living-chip” will have a satellite tracking system (GPS) 24 … Read more

The DeVaney Challenge

“Other than the myth of creation, what “good” did the Biblical God do for someone without hurting another?” Get out a notepad and see if you can list just a few good things that the Biblical God did, C&V, for people without hurting some one else. Bet you can’t. If that be the case, how do you claim … Read more

The Corporate Tyrant

The Corporate Tyrant Scenario / Parable By Gary DeVaney A powerful owner, president and CEO of a vast corporation was approached by his son, his second in command, who informed him that the employees were complaining about their contracts; that, they appealed to his father for better lives. The forceful owner ordered his son to … Read more

The Commander-In-Chief

The Commander-In-Chief By Gary DeVaney Inspiration: Pastor Arnold Murray & Someone Extremely Well Known Gary DeVaney: “Only someone – who is totally addicted to power, wealth and importance – could want a second term as the President of the United States of America.” Q: Can you tell me of your earliest feelings about the Commander-in-chief? … Read more

The Biblical God’s 10 Plagues

Exodus 7:3-5 God said to Moses: I will make Pharaoh obstinate (harden his heart: KJV) and despite my plagues, he will not listen to you. I will take My (new) Israelite army out of Egypt. I will plague the Egyptians so that they all may learn that I am God. These selected C&Vs are paraphrased … Read more

The Bible’s Oldest Men

The Bible’s Oldest Men By Gary DeVaney Old Age In The Ages Of Old Genesis 5:5 Adam died at 930 years of age. *Torah table. Genesis 5:8 Seth died at 912 years of age. Genesis 5:11 Enosh died at 905 years of age. Genesis 5:14 Kenan died at 910 years of age. Genesis 5:17 Mahalalel … Read more

The Bible Confirms Other Gods

 Thor                                              Isis                                                 Zeus The Bible Confirms Other Gods By Gary DeVaney  “INTELLIGENCE IS CATEGORICAL” “INSANITY IS CONTAGIOUS” Psalms 95:3 For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods. Alphabetical Bible C&V Listings: Acts 7:40-43 Make us gods to go before us: and offered sacrifice unto the idol, and gave … Read more

The Authority Addiction

The Authority Addiction By Gary DeVaney Greetings! You have been drafted! You have been solely selected via living chip computer and psycho-genetics above all others in this World to be the “assumed authority” for the mission you are about to depart on. A window of opportunity is discovered. Once departed, you shall never again experience … Read more

The Atheist Maker

Science learned more yesterday than religion learned in 4,000 years. A mind is a terrible thing to waste on religion.   I will not be manipulated nor controlled by Dark-Age religion. Religion is only primitive politics. The greatest Atheist Maker on planet Earth is the studied Bible. The Biblical God has no God – and … Read more

The 22 Acres

Earth Creation? Perspective: Each Human Being is born inherently with 22 ACRES. Their 22 ACRES consists of their personal world. Through self-responsibility, each person is inherently the master of his or her own genetic world, nobody else’s. One may be invited onto another’s 22 ACRES – I may be invited onto yours and you may … Read more

The 10 Commandments

Intelligence is Categorical A High Percentage of Stupid is Stubborn Insanity is Contagious Idol? Graven Image? Religion: Intellectual Castration To Worship God is to Worship Ignorance The Torah has 613 commandments: 365 positives (thou shalt) + 248 negative (thou shalt not). 10 Commandments are in Exodus 20:1-17 & Deuteronomy 5:6-21 KJV 1. Deuteronomy 5:6-7 I … Read more

Special Treats!

Special Treats!   Some experiences are just plain beautiful! Highly recommended YouTube VIDEOS selected by Gary DeVaney Click on below: Paul Potts Want to see me cry? Catch me watching this video of Paul Potts. Next: Gin, the Dancing Dog – Freestyle Elephant Artists: The GREATEST magic trick ever! Jackie Evancho Beautiful! … Read more


Slavery  by Gary DeVaney “Intelligence is Categorical” “Insanity is Contgeous” “A High Percentage of Stupid is Stubborn”   Ladies & Gentlemen: The Catholic Bible – and other older Bibles – mostly use the words “slave” & “slaves” where the KJV and other newer versions use the words “servant” & “servants”. Family Bibles became “watered-down” – some say to protect the … Read more

Satan – The Fallen Angel

The in-control, perfect, just and fair Biblical God created Satan. The in-control, perfect, just and fair Biblical God put Satan in The Garden of Eden with ignorant / innocent Adam and Eve. God since has punished every Human Being because Adam & Eve by disobeying God and obeying Satan. Some Christians claim that the Biblical God … Read more

Santa Claus

Santa Claus by Gary DeVaney Stephen Hawking says it best: Saint Nicholas of Myra in Lycia (C. 270-343) was a real person who is now mythologized into Santa Claus, an obese old man who miraculously keeps track of the moral character of children, travels around the Earth on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, … Read more


Samson by Gary DeVaney “Intelligence is Categorical” “Insanity is Contagious” “A high percentage of Stupid is Stubborn” Judges 13:24 Old Hannah bore Samson and God blessed him. Judges 14:1-4 Samson wanted a Philistine wife, outside his religion, to give his God an opportunity to murder the Philistines. Judges 14:6-9 Without weapons, Samson tore a lion … Read more