Assorted Humor

      Diane’s Pearly Gate’s   Lewes Black: George Carlin Jesus had gate-duty at Heaven’s Pearly Gate. An old man with a long white beard tried to go in. Jesus stopped him and said: You must have done something good and special to enter here. What have you done good and special? … Read more

Angels: Good or Evil

ANGELS Good or Evil by Gary DeVaney “Intelligence is Categorical” “Insanity is Contagious” “A High Percentage of Stupid is Stubborn” Are Angels thought to carry out God’s orders? Are Angels messengers of God – or – messengers of Satan? Only 2 Angels are mentioned by name in the Bible:  Michael & Gabriel. In the Catholic … Read more

An Atheist Manifesto

An Atheist Manifesto Content By Joseph Lewis Many ask what difference does it make whether man believes in a God or not. It makes a big difference. It makes all the difference in the world. It is the difference between being right and being wrong; it is the difference between truth and surmises – facts … Read more

Abraham – To The End of Genesis

Abraham To the end of Genesis by Gary DeVaney “INTELLIGENCE IS CATEGORICAL” “INSANITY IS CONTAGIOUS” “A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF STUPID IS STUBBORN” Genesis 25:13-17 Ishmael had 12 sons who became 12 tribes. Were the upcoming 12 tribes of Jacob / Israel but a counter to Ishmael’s 12 Arabic tribes? Robert Alter Ph.D. Professor of Hebrew: The … Read more

A Salvation Debate

A Salvation Debate by Gary DeVaney “Intelligence is Categorical” “Insanity is Contagious” “A High Percentage of Stupid is Stubborn” Religious debates are no more than rearranging furniture while the house is on fire. Wanna be like Jesus? Be a savior. Choose a sinful death-row inmate to love. Sacrifice your life by dying in his place. … Read more

1st Samuel

1st Samuel By Gary DeVaney “INTELLIGENCE IS CATEGORICAL” “INSANITY IS CONTAGIOUS King Saul The Catholic Bible forward to 1st Samuel: Saul, a Benjamite, was anointed Israel’s first King about 1020 BC. Saul, a handsome man, standing head and shoulders above other men was highly favored by the Lord. But, once he began his reign, Jehovah … Read more

1st Kings

1st Kings by Gary DeVaney “Intelligence is Categorical” “Insanity is Contagious” “A high percentage of Stupid is Stubborn” King Solomon I Kings 1:1-4 King David tried, but was too old and impotent, to have sex with Abishag, a beautiful virgin. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak, so the King got no heat. … Read more


“Free-Will” by Gary DeVaney “INTELLIGENCE IS CATEGORICAL” “INSANITY IS CONTAGIOUS” “A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF STUPID IS STUBBORN” Religion has always been a major historical force for human enslavement. Religion (primitive politics – power and profit over people) converts human slaves to figuratively and literally wage war on the free-will of other human beings. The Christian … Read more

Jesus’ “Transfigured Body”?

Jesus Christ, in front of witnesses, went into His “transfigured body” to talk to Moses and Elijah. According to Bible C&V, this is a fact. If Jesus Christ could do that, maybe Jesus was out of His flesh body while supposedly suffering on the cross. Employing common sense may perceive that probability. But, is it … Read more

Did Jesus Christ Lie?

Did Jesus Christ Lie? by Gary DeVaney Intelligence is Categorical Insanity is Contagious A High Percentage of Stupid is Stubborn Before you claim “blasphemy” please have the courage to check out these selected Bible C&Vs. Did Jesus Christ Lie? The Book of Matthew Matthew 5:17 Jesus said: Do not think that I have come to … Read more

The God Murders Trial

The God Murders website is the Atheist’s best friend. “Intelligence is categorical”. “Insanity is contagious”. “A high percentage of stupid is stubborn.” Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man. Thomas Paine “The God Murders” website put the Biblical God on trial by evidence of Bible Chapter & Verse. “In The Beginning” of this … Read more